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1001 - Y RepWblic is finally into FOUR FIGURE MEMBERSHIP

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 26, 2015 10:58 pm    Post subject: 1001 - Y RepWblic is finally into FOUR FIGURE MEMBERSHIP Reply with quote

1001 - lavernegh11 Derbyshire, UK 26 Feb 2015

1000 - marcellauk4 Corvallis,Oregon,USA 22 Feb 2015

0999 - SoniaPlathyibu Maassluis 15 Feb 2015

0998 - scfwlgmj - New York University 06 Feb 2015

0997 - bannetaeivanovay7945 - Italy 04 Feb 2015

The THOUSAND & FIRST of damnations_
Of the UK's contaminations_
Now that can't be bad_
Nor am I all that mad_
Scribbling RepWblican " self-conversations."

I wish however that more people understood the nature of a " Gweriniaeth o Geiriau " - the phpBB format was chosen for its ability to facilitate contributions by many to conversations held over years : ' Y Repwblic ' was not supposed to be a blog ... neither academic respectability nor journalistic ability are required - but this is a writing not a reading project, for us to display for others how ordinary Republicans in Wales see, feel, think and act within the context of what we are and the hopes and fears of what we might become. The Republicans in the World are invited into our conversation as well in order to encounter us and understand us and to pierce the propaganda that has been made against us over the past two hundred or more years and which is blindly believed in by the ignorant prejudiced bigots who continue to support the non-political system which many of us would call the Dis-United Kingdom : this is an Aristocracy which overthrew its restored Monarchy in the 1688 ' Glorious Revolution ' and then subsequently in the 19c learned to disguise itself by indulging The People by allowing them to vote for " representatives " who compete here for the opportunity to serve those proprietors of the United Kingdom : those who claim to represent us are clearly in the role of the management of UK plc in their manipulating the The People enslaved here on behalf of the shareholders who own the enterprise, many of whom are now not even known to the UK Inland Revenue let alone to ourselves. The People in Wales sincerely believe that they live in a ' Democracy ' because the standard of political education required of a citizen in a real Democracy does not exist in Wales, rather there is a policy of deliberately mis-educating The People in Wales in all matters which pertain to those communities whose interests will be harmed by the practices of real Democracy.

The People in Wales are continually subjected to the United Kingdom's propaganda which claims that the United Kingdom is ' Democratic ' and in the lead up to the 2015 UK General Election this has recently risen to an almost frenetically screaming assertion that the political system which they call the United Kingdom is a Democracy : this is a desperate attempt to head off the demands for political reform which are being made by The People of Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England in the light of the number of scandals being discovered by a very small number of campaigning journalists who have successfully reached out to touch only a small number of the elusive shadows which are still to be found within the labyrinthine darknesses of the only slightly changed 18c political system which was bequeathed to us by those 19c real Democrats known as ' Chartists ' and ' Suffragists ' who in 1838 mutually agreed upon a simple six-point plan - ' The Charter,' five of whose points were secured by their successors with ' one person, one vote ' finally being introduced by the Attlee government in 1946, but not the sixth one ...

" 6 -Annual Parliament Elections, thus presenting the most effectual check to bribery and intimidation, since as the constituency might be bought once in seven years ( even with the ballot ), no purse could buy a constituency ( under a system of universal suffrage ) in each ensuing twelvemonth; and since members, when elected for a year only, would not be able to defy and betray their constituents as now. "

... The Chartists were not fools, they were not encountering a separate political system from the United Kingdom in which we now live in - the ' Dis-Uniting Kingdom ' through which The People in Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales try to make our laws is almost exactly the same political system whose corruption was not ended by the 1832 ' Great ' Reform Act whose defects The Chartists set out to remedy ... do you know why they called themselves " Chartists " and why the " Suffragists " otherwise agreed upon every point in their shared political programme except that dangerous word " Charter " ? Many of The Chartists had been soldiers or sailors in the Napoleonic Wars to defeat that hideously supposedly un-British creed of Democracy, which they finally did in 1814 and celebrated the restoration of the French Monarchy as another ' Glorious Revolution ' - yet that reactionary regime was so bad The People in France rose up in rebellion against it a third time and once more followed Napoleon Bonaparte into battle to defeat their foreign anti-Democratic enemies. The outcome of Waterloo was that the original Democratic settlement peacefully made in 1789 with a constitutional monarchy was supposedly restored in order to prevent the United Kingdom having to fight Napoleon or his successors ever again : this peace settlement with the Kingdom of France after the Battle of Waterloo established ' La Charte ' as the definition and guarantee of the Democrats' rights in France - guaranteed by the same United Kingdom's Aristocratic politicians who denied exactly the same Democratic rights to The People in Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales and indeed about a quarter of the rest of The People of The World.

That hideous hypocrisy by the Aristocratic rulers of the United Kingdom which still hide behind the throne of this enslaved contemporary Royal family ( not to be confused with the real Monarchy, the prosecutors of the Napoleonic Wars ) was the issue which burnt upon a slow fuse for twenty three years before it finally exploded into " Chartism " in 1838. This was a very watered down and simplified version of Democratic Republicanism, and yet we still haven't even secured the sixth point of the Charter - because the theory was that those conscientious Democrats which the Chartists intended to get elected would then volunteer to create the means to limit the possibilities of them abusing their access to power - as The Suffragists predicted to The Chartists how the latter's implementation of their common plan would fail, quite apart from the fact that The Suffragists correctly anticipated that The Chartists were enamoured of the words ' The Charter ' because they intended to re-stage a version of the violent events in France in 1830 which toppled the restored French king and when the supporters of ' La Charte ' gave the crown of France to a cousin of his ... to avoid the United Kingdom waging war upon the Republicans in France a third time.

The political system called by the Democrats in England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland - ( and indeed the southern ' Republic of Ireland ' where the same political system still persists, only now in a nationalised form - basically ruled a very small but very powerful self-appointed community of self-interest pretending to be Republicans in Ireland who are also pursuing their private objectives through what I pun as ' Demockery ' or indeed ' Demoncracy ' ) -the so-called " United Kingdom " is still rife with the same corruptions and chicanery which Liberal politicians originally claimed to Democrats that 1832 Great Reform Act would remedy - ha-ha-ha-hard to accept, I think given that The People in the Islands of Britain and Ireland and indeed The World have been set at each others throats for centuries by this corrupt political system. These arrogant advocates of the United Kingdom, who have betrayed All of The People All of the Time and yet have not deceived All of The People All of The Time, continue to insist that those who have come to an awareness of the crimes of the Democrats in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland - are the criminals !

They insist that they are ' Democrats ' and that all who oppose them for whatever reasons must be enemies of the Democracy ( as if in any Democracy there could be such a thing as an illegitimate way to reason in our contributing to a political discourse which is supposedly consulting with The People.) Now that their political system which they call the ' United ' Kingdom is falling apart, for want of their being able to successfully conceal the harm which they are doing, their ' Democratic ' solution, devised in their Democratically agreed Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013, is to intimidate, harass, prosecute, fine and jail The People who refuse to vote for their political system. This subtle piece of Democratically devised legislation enables the Democrats in Wales and England to prop up their teetering political system with the corpses of dead voters, who names are apparently the property of the United Kingdom and thus enslaved to it forever, even after they have been buried or cremated.

Apparently it is now our patriotic duty in Wales to vote for those Democrats who have all their lives ever been driving us forwards to our premature deaths ( the suicide rate in Wales is nearly half as much again as that in England, and within England there are indeed worse suicide rates than in Wales' average in their very many deprived areas.) These penalties are potentially for something as trivial as one of us just failing to put our names on their electoral register ( yes - you can be prosecuted in the United Kingdom for ' opting out ' of enslavement to this supposedly ' Democratic ' political system by making a simple mistake on a form - and you can not escape the penalties for this being imposed by those who proclaim themselves to be Democrats - not even by dying ! ) - and they are especially directed at those amongst The People in Wales who are refusing to put their names on the electoral register in protest against the political system called the United Kingdom whose consequences are clearly not in our public interest - which is identical with the public interest of The People in England and The World - i.e. those of us who are advocates of political reform in favour of the ' Res Publica ' - those whom we can truthfully and respectfully name as the Republicans in Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland - both North & South - whether they like name or not.

This is why I have now - since 2013 - been advocating that we should begin to make a very severe distinction between " Democrats " and " Republicans " - to assert our need for political reforms in ' The Public Interest ' ( ' De Res Publica ' was a book by the Roman political writer Cicero which is the origin of the Welsh term ' Y Repwblic ' ) against those who claim that we are living in a Democracy and who strenuously and stridently support this corrupt political system which they call the " United Kingdom " and who insist that is founded upon " The Rule of Law " ( which it is not - the sovereignty of the United Kingdom is officially defined to be " The Crown in Parliament," and what is more such phrases as John ( ap ) Adams' " The government of laws not men " refer to the Republican theory that " Sovereignty can only be located in Just Laws " which is definition of sovereignty which all Republicanisms have in - and thus is what defines a political system as being " Republican " - and thus is also what defines all theories of Democratic political systems as ' not Republican ' because the definition of sovereignty used by Democrats is that " Sovereignty can only be located in The People." The word ' Sovereignty ' can be translated to mean ' The Power To Do Things,' hence ' Demo-cracy ' can be translated to mean ' Power to The People ' which in the United Kingdom is definitely not allowed : the United Kingdom is, by its own definition of sovereignty, not a Democracy.

Thus however loudly those claiming to be Democrats in Wales and The World protest that the United Kingdom is a Democracy it is most certainly not - and in terms of the theories of various Republicanisms, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland are clearly identifiable as both being Aristocracies - indeed, they are one contiguous Aristocracy - because sociological studies of The People living on these two sociologically bankrupt islands demonstrate that they have the predominant characteristics of societies in an Aristocratic stasis - power within these two states lies in the hands of people who determine the contiguous political systems of these two states through their use of wealth, and both of them are characterised by the accumulation of vast fortunes through these same political means. I want however to draw attention to the fact that historically The People in Ireland and Britain have produced a vast variety of Republicanisms which reflect the circumstances of their own communities of interest and how vast numbers of them responded ideologically to how they were and are being effected by the events within this Aristocratic stasis : there never can be one definition of the ' Res Publica ' other than that of a working compromise developed through efforts at mutual care and understanding for each other, a constantly shifting consensus that is rather Earthly rather than Heavenly. What Republicans seek is an approximation in the laws that we wish to make to ' The Nomos ' - ' The Law of the Cosmos ' or ' The Law of Nature ' - ' The Unbreakable Divine Law ' which severely punishes those who think that they can ignore the consequences of their actions, who think that politics is the pursuit of self-interest and that the ' Res Publica ' is simply the sum total of all conflicting interests - nil, which is the consequence of the pursuit of Democracy unless it is restrained and moderated by being practiced within a Republican political system based on ' The Rule of Law.'

Until certain ( either unreported or mis-reported ) events in Wales in 2012, I used to be a conventional advocate of political reform in conformity with the norms either of the American traditions of ' Democratic Republicanism ' or the European traditions of 'Republican Democracy,' of which I myself prefer the latter. After those events however, in order to make in Wales the commonly confused meanings of the terms ' Democracy ' and ' Republicanism ' clear once more, I decided in 2013 to rip apart those now unhappy compromises and I have now become an ' extremist ' in terms of Republicanism in Wales, an advocate of ' Pure Republicanism ' i.e. ' Nomocracy ' - but I will talk of that another time ( search repwblic.informe.com for explanations made earlier.) - what the casual reader must understand is that I have finally come to agree with the that same political conclusion which Socrates came to, whose latter half has lain unreported for centuries due to the misreporting of that hack journalist Plato, which - after a lifetime's studious research - I am now able to once more restore to our public political discourse, at least in Wales - " I do know that I don't know nothing much - but what I probably know, on the balance of the evidence, taking into account all of the facts and reasonings available to me - is that Democrats are XXXX * - ! "

* As you can see, after all of these years of dedicated research, I am still unable to exactly translate Socrates' very last words about his own contemporary Democrats - perhaps other Republicans in Wales and The World will be able to make your own suggestions in the light of your recent experiences ? Please write your answers to this timeless question onto un-stamped post cards and send them to your own governments.


This bit ? ... I forgot that it was there - to be honest !

made by the new Hireling Hierarchy created in the 20c to replace the ' Established Churches ' of England and Scotland who had lost so many of The People in Wales to the ' Non-Conforming ' i.e. anti-establishment do not know that the definition of Democracy is ' The Sovereignty of The People ' and not ' The Sovereignty of the Crlown in Parliament " which is a late 19c idea contrived to prevent the Irish from obtaing home rule by making it impossible to vote for succession on the Democratic principle of self-determination i.e. the labrinthine pile of paper which is our supposedly celebrated ' unwritten ' constitution was heaped up in order to bury the 19c Home Rule for Ireland / Scotland / England and - possibly - Wales, which may finally only obtain independence by everybody else opting out of the Dis-United Kingdom, leaving us with that rotten borough calling itself a ' parliament ' applying en-masse for political asylum with that last bastion of general ignorance and therefore political chicanery : the Democrats in Wales who do not even know the meaning of the words Demockery, Demoncracy, or even Democracy ...
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 29, 2015 2:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

On 23rd November 2015 Repwblic's " membership " of those who sign up to monitor a thread quickly reached 1100 - an increase of 10% in nine months - in the ninth year.
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 09, 2016 2:39 pm    Post subject: SURELY " 1111 " IS BETTER THAN " 606 " A Reply with quote

Who is Online - 09/02/2016 - 14.35

Who is Onlin - Our users have posted a total of 2546 articles - We have 1111 registered users

The newest registered user is iwigov

In total there are 4 users online :: 0 Registered, 0 Hidden and 4 Guests [ Administrator ] [ Moderator ]

Most users ever online was 177 on Thu Nov 01, 2012 8:39 pm

Registered Users: None

This data is based on users active over the past fifteen minutes


1111------iwigov-------------Bełżyce---07 Feb 2016
1110------WilliamnusA------Panama---30 Jan 2016
1109------Michaelsa---------US---------29 Jan 2016
1108------Thomaski---------Morocco---22 Jan 2016
1107------adaaspittay9646--Italy------18 Jan 2016
1106------Robertrom--------Bulgaria---17 Jan 2016
1105------Fibromialgia------Nicaragua-14 Jan 2016
1104------olgadark276------Russia-----05 Jan 2016
1103------Loussy------------utifyinue---20 Dec 2015
1102------Stanleydiom-----Slovenia----03 Dec 2015


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04.30 on 08-03-17 :

Our users have posted a total of 4201 articles
We have 1200 registered users
The newest registered user is Fernizwicky
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Most users ever online was 177 on Thu Nov 01, 2012 8:39 pm
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EARLIER from - http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?p=4829#4829


Well at least you did take a look at it : my brain has been mashed by Lil'Sis.

As I told you earlier I was psychologically hoping to reach 1200 membership : hurrah !

1200 : Fernizwicky --- Malaysia ..... 07 Mar 2017
1199 : Billiegisee ----- USA ........... 07 Mar 2017
1198 : Gilberzhainc -- Cambodia ... 05 Mar 2017
1197 : Wendejgrio --- Poland ........ 04 Mar 2017
1196 : Lorrinepr ----- USA ............ 01 Mar 2017
1195 : Juztinjouff ---- Bahrain ...... 28 Feb 2017
1194 : Delmezfap --- Portugal ...... 26 Feb 2017
1193 : ZachezyCes -- Nigeria ....... 26 Feb 2017
1192 : Jorgelixas ---- Cameroon ... 25 Feb 2017
1191 : tonyajx69 ---- UK .............. 24 Feb 2017

Although we have a " Member List " of 1200 how meaningful is this kind of membership ? Many people have not signed up but just dip in casually : those who do sign on as " members " do so in order to have the threads that they are interested in monitored so that if we add to that thread then they get an email { TICK THE LAST BOX below the dialogue box " POST A REPLY " } This kind of silent sleeping membership tends to remind me of what happened in the Community Cooperative where the Self-Styled Trotskyite ####s signed up a load of other ####s who were not activists and not involved and understood nothing but at a given Trot signal turned up like ants pouring out of holes in the ground and suddenly stubbornly stung us .... We really ought to start reviving that 17c symbolism and extending it so The Ants / Soldiers / Democrats / War / Devolution are in contrast to The Bees / Workers / Republicans / Peace / Revolution ... I thought that you would be in favour of The Bees because surely we are both admirers of Napoleon but in differing qualified ways ... anyway I do not want the Community Cooperative fiasco to happen all over again by giving non-contributing members a vote in our affairs in exchange for a nominal cash contribution ...

... Hence the reason for not giving " Y Repwblic " a bank account : if there was anything in it this passive membership might suddenly be organised behind the scenes through the messaging system to materialise and grab every penny which we have - I mean all of them : both of them - and those grimey centimes at the bottom of your drawers ... the idea behind " Cock Aid " was that we might sell some advertising on " Y Repwblic " and enough might trickle in to raise $120 or so a year to pay off the annual domain registrations for repwblic.org, repwblic.cymru and repwblic.wales which I presently pay ... If we start receiving donations rather than just pay these bills out of our private pockets these can not go - for propriety's sake - into our private accounts nor get chucked into the bottom of your drawers : both for the sake of banking convenience and to lay the foundations of our future greatness - let us be a bit more professional ... we can of course still keep the funds for the revolution in the jam jar on the shelf - if we remain sober enough to repay the beer money we borrowed back into it every Monday ...
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 19, 2017 8:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Our users have posted a total of 5087 articles
We have 1401 registered users
The newest registered user is Johnbright
In total there are 4 users online :: 0 Registered, 1 Hidden and 3 Guests
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Most users ever online was 177 on Thu Nov 01, 2012 8:39 pm
Registered Users: None
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 18, 2017 11:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

1501 members today 18-11-17
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1800 registered users today - 03-11-18 - but the problems accessing this bulletin board are probably strangling our stats … we have a severe problem with either the code not being recognised or possibly the code becoming outdated or it having been deleted leaving the front index page collapsed giving the appearance of the forums all locked.
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