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'16 10 31 Halloween Caerlion

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 29, 2016 11:57 pm    Post subject: '16 10 31 Halloween Caerlion Reply with quote

Monday Ffwrwm Caerlion (sculpture garden, just South of the Baths) Halloween Shenanigans 6-8 pm

Face the dread spirits of the Celtic Underworld ifn you dare... Evil or Very Mad Twisted Evil Cool

It is way easier to get to Caerlion from Abergavenny than Caerdiff. Political correctness gone sane.
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2016 10:20 pm    Post subject: Oh bugger! Reply with quote

Caerllion is easier to get to from Abergavenny than Cardiff - in the morning or the afternoon or if you have a car. There is no bus service after the very early evening - at least not for Abergavenny which is extremely poorly served by public transport.

I would have been stranded. I couldn't have gone to stay with Moritz as I have an important session in the CAB office in Abergavenny tomorrow. I didn't want to say anything before as Roger does have a car. But I didn't really think he'd be up for it, and he wasn't.

It's just occurred to me, I might have been able to go from Caellion to Newport by bus and from thence to Abergavenny by train. It would be a bit hit and miss though. Oh buggeration!

Instead of enjoying Beltane and happily chewing on a bat's wing straight from the cauldron, I had to listen to unfair people moaning that Hallowe'en is about the Devil. There have even been Christians about collecting money for a festival of light to oppose this celebration of darkness.

I find this positively disturbing. It's as if they are trying to split their personalities in two, denying all their negative qualities. This is generally a precursor to persecuting other people who are then designated evil, unlike themselves.

On woe is me! I am an unhappy mortal!

But frankly, I'm so tense and anxious about Trump's surprise come back in the polls, that there isn't that much room left in my heart to fret about ephemeral frustrations.

As a matter of interest,people have been asked to tell some data base on witch beliefs, if they have traditional carvings in their vintage houses to keep witches away. My real sister has some in her house in Barrowford which is in the notorious area where the so called Pendle witches hung out. But it was not just a local obsession.

Apparently, they can also be found in the Tower of London and also in the house where Shakespeare was born. Sorry to miss you, Moritz. May the danger of Trump be a retreating memory when we do next meet. Otherwise, it'll be a case of 'Open up those pearly gates! Whoopee! We're all going to die!'
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