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2012 Cardiff Bay Republican Day : 7pm June 5th 2012

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 04, 2012 11:26 am    Post subject: 2012 Cardiff Bay Republican Day : 7pm June 5th 2012 Reply with quote

Cardiff Bay Republican Day event will be held this year at various locations and dates but mostly 7pm on Tuesday, June 5th at Mischiefs café-bar, James Street, Cardiff, CF10 5EY.

( & 28th September 1872 was the date that the original Cardiff Republican Club opened - and was affiliated to - ? - the Republican Brotherhood ? - i.e. before the Fenians blew everything up ... " it is our 140th anniversary ")

Late posting about this because vague about this year's event, probably much like last years : got his email yesterday about launch of Cymru Sofren / Sovereign Wales campaign at CBRD 2012, so this will be part of it :

Cardiff, Wales - June 5th, 2012

A new organisation to campaign for full Welsh sovereignty

A new organisation is officially announced today to campaign for the establishment of a free and sovereign State of Wales under the written manifesto and constitution of Cymru Sofren/Sovereign Wales. We believe
there is a huge need for the robust defence of Wales, Welsh rights and Welsh resources as recognised by UN Charter and natural law. The new organisation will move towards the republican concept of the defence
of all society and citizens of Wales under a written constitution and against the soft power takeover of our natural resources and rights by any unaccountable groups outside or inside Wales. A Welsh Fightback
campaign group will push the agenda through on many platforms, to bring attention to the future needs and rights of Wales and its people.

In the meantime we will fully scrutinise our current devolved Welsh Government, hold them to account and ensure that they are always fighting in the best interests of Wales and its people. This new non partisan
organisation will move the political agenda in Wales away from the tired charade of the left/right paradigm and concentrate on our fundamental rights as citizens of Wales. Within this remit we will be mainly focusing
on three main areas: ‘ELW JHE’ composes the three fundamental issues that will allow Wales and all its citizens to become a self sufficient and prosperous country:

ELW JHE : Energy, Land, Water for Jobs, Homes, Economy

... ...

All of these three main areas will bring real jobs, good homes and a stronger self sufficient economy for Wales and give us the effective means to deal with all our educational, health, infrastructure, business, and all other national and international aspirations that countries have. We offer the hand of friendship and co-operation to all the citizens of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and all the nations of the world, and recognise the common struggle that we all face in view of governmental economic mismanagement and unjust
immoral foreign policies.

The Sovereign Welsh fight back campaign will start with the protest against the building of the inefficient and exploitative windmills at Mynydd y Betws near Ammanford on June the 9th. All citizens are invited to take part and to send a message to the Welsh and Westminster Governments that this is Wales’ land and Wales’s energy and we will not be bought.

We are Sovereign / Cymru Am Byth

sovereignwales@hotmail.co.uk / 07880804453

Notes: Launch and first public speeches from Cymru Sofren to be held at the second annual Cardiff Bay Republican
Day event, held this year at 7pm on Tuesday, June 5th at Mischiefs café-bar, James Street, Cardiff, CF10 5EY.

Cymru Sofren chair Gruff Meredith is available for interview.

sovereignwales@hotmail.co.uk / 07880804453
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