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2018 RALI CILMERI RALLY 2018 - Saturday 8th December
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 3:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

From: [ dai repwblic's personal political email ]
Sent: 06 December 2018 04:20





From: [ dai repwblic's personal political email ]
Sent: 06 December 2018 03:10
To: David

Dear Friends of Y Repwblic,

if you would be so kind as to consider writing a note over these sentiments to - catrin.pascoe@xxxx xxxx - steffan.rhys@xxxx xxxx

We really must try to get The Western Mail in The Rally in Cilmeri in 2018 - in order to get them to report the diverse opinions of those who go there ...

... you could write to them and say - " I am The Republican in XXXX Party " - or - " I am not political at all - I go because it is an historical commemoration "

You could send it " REPLY ALL " - original sent from The Administration Email in Y Repwblic - removed, so if you do want to send an email there - look for it !

I reminded them of my contact details in this email but I am going to remove them from this copy so that you can forward it - WITHOUT MY EMAIL ADDRESS

Yours Faithfully,

David B Lawrence = Dai Saw = dai repwblic


From: Y Repwblic Yng Nghymru [ http://www.repwblic.org/ ]
Sent: 06 December 2018 02:35


Administrator - David B Lawrence XXXX XXXX XXXX ETC

Catrin Pascoe - Editor of The Western Mail ; Steffan Rhys - Editor of Wales On Line ;

Dear Catrin and Steffan,


as you can see I wish to write to you again and from our administration email this time - in the first instance to complain about this -


- in the first instance to complain about this - again : yourselves and others have been told about this being defamatory several times -


I was telephoned about the publication of this around 01.00 am on the morning of its publication and wrote a refutation of that story and emailed it to The Western Mail within hours. I have pointed out its failings to you several times before but I do not think that this was a mistake but a mischief because otherwise you would either correct the misrepresentations which it contains or at least add a comment to that web page recording my own and other people's criticisms of it. This was published a long time after the events which it purports to describe and fails to do so because - to the best of my knowledge - no journalists attended that event despite both The Western Mail and The Guardian being invited to do so. Peter Tatchell was supposed to be the main speaker and when he chose not to attend apparently The Guardian chose not to attend also despite the fact that Y Repwblic's " Yr Ardystiad " was addressing their newspaper's campaign to rid us all of the insinuation that The Treason Felony Act 1848 makes advocating Republicanism into a crime : it does not. If it did then how come two MPs in The House of Commons in the 1870s were advocates of Republicanism ? Please read about two famous " Civs " -



- or if you prefer to misreport it - " two infamous Civs " ... Journalists however should not be expressing their own opinions in their news articles - save those in your editorials - or at least that is what I was taught on a short course for press officers run by The Eastern Daily Press ... You should be attending meetings such as Cardiff Bay Republican Day when you are invited to attend them - or if you have not attended them and hear of something which happened in them you should be sure to interview the persons involved for their comments and to read what they have written about the event - both before it as they lay Open their intentions in what they propose to happen - and after it when they lay Open their reactions as to what did happen. My policy is The Open Conspiracy - i.e. " there is no conspiracy " - which is what H. G. Wells advocated in the book by that same name as the best policy to adopt as the basis for The Republic in The World of Letters ... Which is basically what our business is in Y Repwblic : you will find a mine of useful materials to employ there if you ever wish to write about us properly : you could seize upon all of our foolish mistakes to publish for your entertainment purposes and so at no risk of being sued for libel ... Alternatively you might be entertained by my formula for an evening's entertainment in reading an article, culling a few facts to make an argument and decorating it with one of my humorous tall stories, cartoons, jokes and " proems."

http://repwblic.informe.com/declining-democracy-by-refusing-registration-dt689.html - THIS COULD BE A FOOLISH MISTAKE ?

" Civ " properly promotes personal political participation i.e. collecting facts, making arguments and writing letters - not voting : from a " Civ " point of view voting is an anti-political act - especially when representatives cast their votes according to the will of their leaders without subjecting legislation and policies to proper scrutiny - but it is even worse when people believe that when given a vote to cast in an election they are being given The Power in The State. They are in fact casting away what little power they do have to give their elected representatives by opting out of personal political participation by not promoting to council, assembly and parliamentary representatives the facts and arguments which empower them to exercise their responsibilities properly and successfully. I am fed up with being told to cast my vote when along with one in five other people in The United Kingdom we identify with Republicanism and yet there is no party to represent our political opinions for us - why ? ... This is not a matter of apathy on behalf of those who identify themselves to be " The Republicans " - whatever they mean by that - but of an active and entrenched hostility towards Republicanism which those privileged by the existing non-political system maintain whilst paying lip-service to the ideas of " Democracy " and " The Public Interest." Well surely even The Western Mail can understand that it is not in The Public Interest to subvert Democracy by deliberately depriving one in five people of opportunities to vote for the kinds of political representatives which they want - and this is why I describe The United Kingdom as a " non-political system." I am talking here from my personal experience since I started to publicly identify myself as a Republican.

http://repwblic.informe.com/plaid-y-repwblic-dt1327.html - MY BIG IDEA : MICRO-PARTIES DOING POLITICS NOT ELECTIONS

I have been doing politics - collecting facts, making arguments and writing letters - since I was sixteen years old and like many teenagers I found Tolstoy, Kropotkin and other Anarchists who advocated communities based upon mutual consent to be very appealing. Of course modern states - however they describe themselves - are not based upon consent but coercion ... We can hardly avoid this - which is why it is of such vital importance that political protest against being coerced to conform to The Will of The People ( as some Democrats would have us believe really exists when it merely amounts to majorities coercing minorities ) is not made illegal, censored - or ignored ... I live with The State in The United Kingdom - I pay my taxes and I comply with all of those laws which I consent to on the grounds that they are in The Public Interest ... I comply with laws which I find irksome and which I object to because The Rule of Law is De Res Publica : it is our only agreed account of those moralities and ethics which we subscribe to as being necessary to enforce with various sanctions ... It should not be otherwise - The Public Interest should not be defined in favour the private interests of those who have gained influence within or control over The State - because The Rule of Law is The People's Defence : that we can obtain a legal remedy which delivers us from injustice - which means that The Judiciary in The State must be able to provide us with The People's Defence against The People in The State in The Government. This then is the touchstone of Republicanism - I see it in terms of " The Rule of Law V Sovereignty " - in the sense that even " The Sovereignty in The People " is dangerous because it licences majorities to make capricious arbitrary laws and policies which oppress minorities. A more standard formulation is that " The Sovereignty is in The Law " because it is The Rule of Law which enables a civilised society to be governed through mutual consent. The Crown, The Parliament and The People were all created by The Rule of Law which is Sovereign : those are historical facts and this is not a political fiction - Republicanism is not Anti-Monarchism.


I am very unpopular as an auto-didact for having pointed out such things as that de facto The United Kingdom is a Commonwealth i.e. that in order to break free from The Catholic Church people like Thomas Cromwell argued that England was an empire i.e. a successor to The Republic in Rome and separate from and not subject to The Holy Roman Empire. They argued that The Kingdom in England was not subject to The Laws in Rome but that instead The Church in England was subject to The King of England : they recreated The Tudor State as The Commonwealth in England i.e. as a Monarchic Republic akin to that in Venice and Florence. This instituted The Rule of Law in The Kingdom of England - and they promptly extended this into Wales which became subject to and had representatives in The Parliament in England but The Principality in Wales remained a separate realm until 1624 - which was The Odd State in Affairs. The trouble with The Constitution in The United Kingdom is not that it is unwritten but that it is a sprawling mess of self-contradictory paperwork : nobody can make coherent sense of it any more and in constantly adding new laws to it ridiculous things keep happening e.g. technically - as I understand it - The National Assembly in Wales is making laws which are also made to be The Laws in England but are mutually agreed not to because in this crazy non-constitution created by " Devolution " de facto nothing is devolved. Y Senedd and Y Repwblic regard each other with mutual incomprehension : both think the other crazy ! ... What is crazy to me - and offensive - is the business of stealing names by ransacking records of all sorts in order to register electors who are deceased, departed - and disgusted : I want my name to be entered in The Electoral Register by my consent - and I do not consent because my name is my property and I am not The Property in The State. I have several legal arguments ready - I really do not fancy being prosecuted for refusing my consent to have them put my name on their register - but fundamentally : if our names can be subscribed without our consent to things which we do not subscribe to then a whole series of consequences will ensue which will not only destroy laws but destroy The Rule of Law - see ?

I could write a lot more - you know from past experiences with me that is true - so if you want to publish stories about me : just ask ME !


The Truth is more interesting than The Libel - please attend to and report on - The Truths in The People in The 2018 Rally in Cilmeri !

Yours Sincerely,

David B Lawrence = Dai Saw ( my fiction tag ) = dai repwblic ( my non-fiction tag - in trying to " BE THE REPUBLIC " - i.e. to live it )


From: [ dai repwblic's personal political email ]
Sent: 05 December 2018 22:15
Subject: It appears that somebody has designed another " Republican " flag - and again associated it with the legacy of The Free Wales Army.

Dear Friends in Y Repwblic - and The Journalists in Media Wales - WHO OUGHT TO BE OUR FRIENDS : PLEASE REPORT CILMERI 18 !

[ POSTSCRIPT - I would not normally be so anti-social as to display journalists' email contacts : please write to them to confirm this ]


It appears that somebody has designed another " Republican " flag - and again associated it with the legacy of The Free Wales Army.

Please let me remind you that those perpetrating the legacy of The Free Wales Army are not advocating Real Republicanism which is


" Civ " is not to be confused with " Mil " - we object to " Mil " associating themselves with " Civic Republicanism " in their literature.

Republicanism advocates The Rule of Law and it strictly disapproves of pursuing political ends through criminal acts however trivial.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_philosophy_of_Immanuel_Kant - who strictly forbids insurrection against The State as a crime.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philip_Pettit - and read his co-writer - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Braithwaite_(criminologist)

The most influential " Civ " Republican theorist is Emmanuel Kant - but Philip Pettit is our living example of an advocate for " Civ."

Read about Philip Pettit - https://www.princeton.edu/~ppettit/papers/2015/Republicanism%20Across%20Cultures%20preprint.pdf

Or read Philip Pettit's book - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Republicanism-Theory-Freedom-Government-Political/dp/0198296428

Yours Faithfully,

David B Lawrence - The Western Mail etc have had my contact details for THIRTY FIVE YEARS - you know that I am not a " terrorist."
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THE LIFE OF A REPUBLICAN IN WALES ... I stagger in drunk from a discussion with Jolex ... I put the computer om ...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hw3pWWQaHTo - Bob Marley and The Wailers - Revolution

... gosh ... what happened in the last three days ? ... Dave Petersen trotted out that old saw about water wearing away stone rthis thiadgfyternionn ... ugh ... I oiuytftt tou sbhrtor uiop tou weritre thjids ... fgyuhbvghcjk tyudse bsasdrtersds ... irty donhtr ghihved avft7uyhfvcvghjk agnjy moutre ... oknmnbb Thursaday I went to a houuse audction - thids isside goesxc back thrity five yearssdf - frim whgfe the thed Labur and Ciopiritive Parti firs taertgheteed outr communiuytyu fior theirv purposeds - toiu wijn voted in theytrt cored comunitiesz ovber in Grasdtowwedn an Adamstyon ad Splotrt etcs - theytr ruijneed owrt comuniuyt buys ellingfd its foooooooooooooofr voytres inbvfuc ink theirew thierd counciol wardsd byt serfdfing awl th omertlesas heres ands thiuytre druhg adicted anhgd prosdtrtited andyt therfn impotrted evdern morwd fromk Brirmkingimam an Brtyuiyddsytol anf Lonfdionn an ...

... and they destroyed the life of my community and destroyed my life too ... and turned me into a Republican ... because my life is full of court cases and legal issues in a legal system designed to privilege those who have acquired political power and can use The State and all of its resources to rob people like me of our lives, our property and our humanity : the endless spiral into prejudice, unemployment, poverty, social isolation, mental illness, prejudice, unemployment, poverty, social isolation, mental illness, prejudice ... but at least I have a roof over my head ... for the time being ... until the end ... and the house auction brings that end creeping ever closer ... not quite fifty houses in the street originally ... several destroyed by The Luftwaffe ... many more destroyed by The Labour and Cooperative Party ... or you might claim that it was Cardiff City County Council ... no - it was The Labour and Cooperative Party - The Gombeens in Cardiff ... who think that they own The City in Cardiff - that it is their property to do as they please with ... that The People in Cardiff are The Property in Cardiff : theirs to dispose of as they wish ... that we do not belong to ourselves ... that The People in Cardiff are their chattels ... that The People in Wales are The Slaves in Wales ... No - we are not !

What do The Republicans in Wales do with themselves on a daily basis whilst not overthrowing The Government in The United Kingdom on a daily basis ? ... On Thursday night I was standing in the lobby of a dead-beat hotel on the phone to Ex-ex-ex who implicitly understands me - the person to ring when I need the moral support to sympathise with me about the circumstances which I live in ... the destruction of my community - which she understands within her understanding of the destruction of her community where she lives in England ... mine taken over by politicians for their purposes ... hers taken over by politicians for their purposes ... both of us Quaker but not like ordinary Quakers who are comfortable and secure middle class people - we are lower working class Quakers whose lives are insecure and vulnerable and fraught with that existence on benefits and basically beggars concerned with those around us drawn into even more insecure lifestyles bordering upon the criminal ... we do not have to explain each other to ourselves in the way that we have to explain ourselves to other Quakers : our religious convictions are our political convictions - there is no separation between our religious and our secular lives ... but of course we do not agree with each other ...

... Quakerism ... that weird left-over from The Revolution in Britain ... which rejects voting as the basis of decision making ... which was the touchstone of The Revolution in The United States of America ... not Democratic but like The Democracy in The Republic in Heaven : oriented towards The Truth but not The Popularity ... only a thousand of us or so left in Wales ... Christians and Jews - and there ought to be more Muslims ... Religious Atheists and too many Agnostics within The Religious Society of Friends ... people who refuse to be political yet keep on doing politics ... and she and I once joked about being The Bonny and Clyde in Quakerism - yet are scrupulously law-abiding ... how do we do our politics ? ... The way that we do our religion : we are easy-going yet stubborn - willing to listen to others yet not willing to agree with anyone ... not even with ourselves ... She is from North Wales - and every inch The Gog ... I am from South Wales - and every centimetre The Hwntw ... She has the measure of everything and gets the length of it wrong every time ... She wants everything pushed far away and I want everything brought very near ... She is very serious with it and I am very silly with it ... The Corsican Twins : she senses my pain - and then rings me up to make it worse.

The Political System in Wales is incestuous - we know all about this because we come from two families deeply involved in The Politics in Wales for over a hundred years ... we are both rebels within our families : we do not accept it ... There is something wrong with The Political System in Wales and this was not changed by The Devolution in Wales but rather accentuated by it ... both of us sense the same thing but she will not describe it this way - yet ... The Political System - whatever it is - is The Decision Making System : it rests upon facts and arguments - whether it is Monocracy, Aristocracy, Democracy or Hierocracy ... but those corrupt politics by refusing to allow into The Political System certain facts and arguments which they do not want to hear ... only Republicanism is eager to incorporate diverse ideologies into a single political system using Meta-ideologies - every other political system excludes diverse ideologies according to the private interests of those who have historically gained control of The Political Systems in Wales and The World ... Ex-ex-ex is all for blaming men for excluding and exploiting The Women in Wales and The World ... I think that it is about excluding and exploiting The Poor in Wales and The World ... as it happens The Women in Wales are The Poorer than The Men in Wales and The World ...

... The Political System in Wales is predicated upon money - and even The Political Alternative in Wales is predicated upon money : participation in an event like Cilmeri is predicated upon money and it is predominantly a male event and characterised by male values ... Cilmeri is normally quite a macho event : the commemoration of a male hero, a warrior and his retinue ... the slaughter of his army ... The Men in The Cambria Band and in Y Teulu - it is The Men giving speeches and The Women ... being wives and girlfriends who tag along ... It is not a family-friendly event : children do come occasionally but last year we were standing in snow ... one reason why I keep arguing for The Event in The Summer in The David Williams Memorial Park in Caerphilly ... Where is The Money in Wales - apart from in London ? - in The Wallet not The Purse ... Cilmeri is not only inconvenient for The Women in Wales in terms of The Money in The Purse and The Children in The Back Seat but also for - The Family in Wales : it does not address The Bread and The Cheese in Wales ... The Women in Wales do not want to replace The Military in Wales with The Milinery in Wales : they want The Bread and The Cheese - in Wales ... The Women in Wales are simply more future-oriented than The Men in Wales ...

... Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that The Citizennes in The Republic in Wales are more immediate-future oriented than The Citizens in The Republic in Wales : that their private interests are more firmly fixed in terms of The Goal in The Public Interest - in childcare, in education, in health care, in income, in - The Family in Wales ... The Citizens in Wales concern themselves with all of The Big Decisions like which G?d to believe in, which P?rty to vote for, which Sp?rt to support ... whilst The Citizennes in Wales concern themselves with all of The Small Decisions like shopping for food, paying the bills, clothing the children, caring for parents, keeping the house, cooking the food, walking the dog, weeding the garden, cleaning the car ... Yet The Citizennes in the Republic in Wales are not being listened to whilst they shoulder these daily tasks of keeping The Society in Wales functioning on a daily basis ... The Political System in Wales is not The Friendly Politics of Republicanism but The Enmity Politics of The Non-Political System of The United Kingdom where The Women in Wales find themselves in conflict with The Men in Wales who assume that as The Citizens in Wales they concern themselves with all of The Big Decisions and The Citizennes in Wales are but a decoration within The National Assembly in Wales - invited into Y Senedd on the basis of male largess - not female competence ...

... Now I have discussed this before : why not firmly plant The Equality of The Sexes in Y Senedd by having The Women in Wales vote for The Female Representatives in The National Assembly in Wales and The Men in Wales vote for The Male Representatives in The National Assembly in Wales - why not have a bicameral constitution in which the entirely different agendas of The Sexes in Wales are clearly separated ? ... In other words no laws or policies could be passed without a severe scrutiny according to these two different sexes' agendas and the bartering and compromises necessary between the two until there is but one a-gender ? ... An end then to women pretending to be interested in men in order to get The Male Vote - an end to men pretending to be interested in women in order to get The Female Vote : all of the advantages of two-chamber scrutiny with the added psychological advantage of The Equality in Society of Women and Men being set out at the very heart of Welsh Political Society ? ... W.P.S. ... The interesting result that I anticipate is that The Women in Wales are notoriously more grounded in The Reality in Wales than The Men in Wales : women are on the one hand less given to idealism than men but that does not necessarily lead to more Right Wing politics - or to more Left Wing politics : women tend to anchor themselves in moderate Centrist politics ... The Women in Wales and The World are more instinctively cooperative and conciliatory - i.e. " Republican." ... The Public Interest in The Family is The Female Interest ...

... De Res Publica in Wales in 2019 - 2029 lies in the hands of The Women in The National Assembly in Wales : even before Brexit has happened The Family in Wales is already coming under increasing pressure from so many directions related to the private interests of The Women in Wales that a convergence of their private interests into The Public Interest is obvious - but how will The Democrats in Wales respond to this ? ... It also equally obvious that The Communities in Wales will be contesting against each other in The Political System in Wales for public expenditure and The Democrats in Wales are not likely to distribute this equally if The Men in The National Assembly decide the policies of The Democrats in The National Assembly ... The Women in The National Assembly in Wales will be placed under tremendous pressure to please The Man in The National Assembly whereas to serve The Women in Wales they need to assert The Public Interest in The Family in Wales : in other words if The Women in The National Assembly are to be loyal to The Women in Wales they will be compelled to think and behave like Republicans - whether they own that description of themselves or not ... Otherwise The Women in The National Assembly must serve The Democrats in The National Assembly and obediently submit to The Male Agenda in The Democratic Party in The National Assembly which they agreed to be elected to serve ... It is a fascinating scenario : The Civic Republicanism in Wales which played such a prominent part in The National Life in Wales prior to World War One and which laid the foundations of The Political Ethos in Wales might finally restored to health by the greatest of all political catastrophes in Wales since The White Plague and The Black Death : The Brexit in Wales ...

The Women in Early Medieval Wales in The Laws of Hywel Dda were made not merely notionally equal in legal rights with The Men in Early Medieval Wales but had definite economic rights accorded to them in terms of their needs as women : women and men may be legally equal under The English Law but the differences between women and men are not recognised by it - The Women in Wales have more complicated lives than The Men in Wales yet no account is made of this by The Government in Wales ... It is not merely a matter of The Female Income being lower than The Male Income but that The Women in Wales have less disposable income than The Men in Wales due to The Female Life being different to The Male Life : both are in one sense complimentary in that The Family Life contains both - providing that a woman is living in some sort of partnership with a man - but they are never " equal " but " different " ... Think less in terms of income and more in terms of The Female Life and it immediately becomes obvious that even when women do have the same amount of income The Female Life in Wales is impoverished in terms of its quality compared to The Male Life in Wales ... The Brexit in Wales will proportionately impact upon both equally but The Female Life is already being lived upon low incomes and especially in the case of single mothers neither extra work - paid or unpaid - nor creativity is going to compensate for the deficits involved : from 2019 onwards The Female Life in Wales is going to be ( #### ) ?

However ... instead of thinking in terms of The Female Life or The Male Life or even The Family Life - let us be future-oriented and think of The Baby : the advantage of thinking in terms of The Baby in The Family in Wales is that we are not referring to sex or gender or indeed anything but - The Unborn Child ... What kind of Wales is The Unborn Child - conceived say ten years hence - going to be born into ? ... If you were The Unborn Child - waiting to be conceived - what would you want The Society in Wales to be like that you are born into ? ... Would you want your life to be determined for you - before you are even conceived - as if somebody rolled a dice and on that basis decided that you would be born as a girl destined to be one of The Women in Wales living The Female Life in Wales as we know it at the beginning of 2019 ? ... What if the genetic dice decided that you were destined to be one of The Homosexuals in Wales ? ... one of The Disabled in Wales ? ... You are waiting to be conceived : you have no way of knowing what you will be - yet you know that you are The Unborn Child in Wales ... Perhaps this is much too intangible for you - that The Unborn Child is the focus of Republicanism : but every child is born into The Family in Wales - and its welfare is the only tangible way to measure De Res Publica ... And what defines a " nation " ? ... not language ... not culture ... not demography ... not geography ... not the imagined past ... not the imagined future ... not the imagined present ... but a stream of births ...

... The People in The Nation are like The Members in The Family - they do not necessarily agree with each other - or even like each other - yet they still have a concern for each other's welfare : they are a Commonwealth i.e. a Republic - whilst they have their private interests they recognise that The Public Interest is like The Shared Interest in The Family ... The Welfare of The Family in Wales is The Public Interest in Wales : The Unborn Child is De Res Publica ...

... The Nation which does not provide for The Unborn Child has no future in The World ...

... What is The Nation in Wales presently providing for The Unborn Child in Wales ? ...

... The Unborn Child in The Family in Poverty in Wales is aborted - because it is not being provided for ...



On reflection ... I might put that a bit more forcefully : the legacies of the destruction of virtually all of manufacturing industry in Wales - the country which arguably provided the basis of The Wealth in The United Kingdom - include ( amongst so many other things ) a birth rate which indicates that The Family in Poverty in Wales is sacrificing its own children in order to pay off the debts incurred by The United Kingdom in pursuing the private interests of those who - either by winning control over this non-political system - or by gaining influence within it - have re-defined The Public Interest in terms of their own private interests e.g. in privatising shipbuilding, railways, vehicle manufacturing, steel, coal, water, gas, telecoms, banks, building societies, insurance companies, pension funds etc : the whole legacy of 19c Civic Republicanism by pouring scorn upon it as " Socialist " ... Ransacking the infrastructure of Wales in pursuit of swift profits whilst investing nothing here and investing it in stocks, shares, bonds, hedgefunds, to again make a fast buck but losing thousands of billions of the nation's wealth in bad investments before turning to the real money-spinners of currency speculations, arms dealing and wars being conducted through The United Kingdom as the provider of mercenaries etc and whilst the tax burden rises ever higher the number of wealthy people not paying any taxes decline and the whole crazy thing spirals - well is it up or down ? ... Can anybody tell the difference any more ? ...

... The Non-Political System in The United Kingdom might not be ordering The Family in Poverty in Wales to murder their own children in order find the money to pay its taxes but The Economy in Wales is distorting The Family in Wales by treating The People in Wales as commodities to be consumed not as communities to be conserved : human beings have a life-cycle whose natural rhythm is to start having babies around fifteen and ceasing to have babies around thirty five - yet to accommodate the economic demands of The United Kingdom The People in Wales are now frequently delaying having babies until after thirty five ... This is how far the whole crazy spiral has now got : that the non-political system in The United Kingdom refuses to acknowledge the reality of the human life cycle and is trying to legislate to extend it by providing medical interventions to compensate for disregarding it ... profitable medical interventions in favour of the corporations and paid for by the taxpayers who are not having babies because they are impoverished by those taxes ... In terms of The Female Life in Wales : women are being coerced to not be women - they are told that they are making choices in their contraceptions, abortions, fertilisations but they are not ... When a woman does not say " no " to sex that does not mean that she is saying " yes " ... it means that she has not voiced her positive assent : economically The United Kingdom rapes The Women in Wales ...

Offensive ? Crazy ?

My words can be ignored - but their offensive crazy words can not be ignored : they will be enforced ...



From: Y Repwblic Yng Nghymru
Sent: 09 December 2018 09:18
Subject: FW: ... I would like The Women in The National Assembly in Wales to save us all from The Men in The National Assembly in Wales - please !!! ...

Dear Women in The National Assembly of Wales,

I find it perplexing that The National Assembly in Wales does not have a " Committee for Women " and that the issues which mostly concern women more than men are scattered incoherently across the board of other committees : in a way which men share less in common women share more in common and I think that such a committee would be very useful to establish the connections between things which women do. I have been debating the likely consequences of Brexit in Wales and suggesting that the North Wales economy will be much harder hit than the South Wales economy but I have also thinking about how women will be much harder hit than men because of their lower incomes and more insecure employment. Therefore I have indeed decided to forward this piece of writing to you - you may not like my recreational style however - and urge you to disregard your party allegiances in favour of considering yourselves as " Y Merched yn Y Poblachieth / Repwblic / Weriniaeth " and at least forming an informal committee to ensure that the particular problems which women will be facing in 2019 are being considered.

I did not have a good time at Cilmeri this year but when I got home I pushed it out of my mind by writing all night and this theme to do with women emerged and I thought that it would be a pleasant thing to forward it to you if you have the leisure and inclination to read a spikey Republican argument for recreation : this particular post is part of a " selection box " which I made to drum up more support for Cilmeri rally i.e. there is hopefully something for everybody in this thread ... however Y Repwblic has been under constant pressure and may disappear soon because of the blind hostility being directed at it by ... well : I have been given two male names in The Assembly who think that the way to deal with Republicans in the non-political method of denouncing us to the police ( who find nothing illegal in our activities ) and criminal methods.


I do not normally send such emails other than to a small circle of my friends - who also protest about the length of them ... At the bottom is a copy of a sort of omnibus thread which I began to write to encourage people to turn up in strength to The Rally in Cilmeri which seems to have had the opposite effect. I also wanted The Western Mail to report this for a change and to accurately report what I anticipated they would find there : a diverse range of political opinions and information being brought in from all corners of Wales so that they might hear of stories which otherwise they might be unaware of. I have had an argument running with The Western Mail for more than six years over a photograph of myself with Leanne Wood AM performing a little piece of political theatre called " Yr Ardystiad " ( which was a protest about The Treason Felony Act 1848 continuing to be on The Statute Book when The House of Lords had declared it to be contradicted by The Human Rights Act 1998 but they could not strike down that law themselves but had to leave this to Parliament - so it is still on The Statute Book but debated as to whether it be alive or dead until somebody is prosecuted.) The opinions of Balchder Cymru were printed below this photograph as if Leanne and I shared them - we do not - and Y Repwblic was not mentioned or differentiated from Balchder Cymru who were not involved nor listed as speakers but turned up unannounced and asked to speak and were given a platform by the chairman of Cardiff Bay Republican Day. Nor does Leanne Wood share or like my particularly hard-line version of Civic Republicanism which is radically different from both Plaid Cymru's and Balchder Cymru's political stances - and most people find it difficult to comprehend my Civic Republican stance ... so I advise you to not bother doing so either ...


I am very frustrated by The Western Mail refusing to amend that page to dissociate Y Repwblic's from Balchder Cymru's and Plaid Cymru's political stance : both of the latter have a right wing political stance and I strongly object to Nationalism and Anti-Monarchism being thought of as " Republican " - Republicanism is an argument about The Rule of Law, about how political and legal systems are constructed and conducted : it has nothing to do with either of those and certainly nothing to do with criminal conspiracies or terrorism. The United Kingdom is de facto a Monarchic Republic created to justify Henry VIII's break with Rome - the present confusion as to what Republicanism is about is due to black propaganda made by The United Kingdom where Civic Republicanism was perfectly normal and acceptable until the events of the 1790s. Here in Wales we had a particularly wonderful Civic Republican tradition which flourished c1550 - 1800 and I would dearly love The National Assembly in Wales to rediscover it - especially in 2019 because Brexit is clearly going to demand that your political parties work together and collaborate in The Public Interest i.e. De Res Publica : Republicanism gets its name from the book written by Cicero the famous Roman jurist. My version of this politics is Internationalist, Pacifist and Centrist : traditionally denoted " White " because " the candidates " means " The Whites " and because it has all sorts of other " White " associations e.g. " The White Flag of Parley " as in " Parleyment " ( i.e. " talking " not " surrender." ) I asked The Western Mail to come to The Rally in Cilmeri and talk to the diverse people there and describe their political opinions accurately and something odd happened which I will describe on this thread later but I did not come home and write about that but instead wrote this ...

... I would like The Women in The National Assembly in Wales to save us all from The Men in The National Assembly in Wales - please !!! ...

The post is actually at the end of the thread and starts with some mock-drunk writing ... you can skip that ... I will paste it in below my names.

Yours Sincerely,

dai repwblic = Dai Saw = David B Lawrence


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