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Annual Elections for THE WELSH ASSEMBLY

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 29, 2015 11:07 am    Post subject: Annual Elections for THE WELSH ASSEMBLY Reply with quote

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-34357942 - " Five-year assemblies too long, says Welsh Tory leader " - 27 September 2015

I started with these thoughts of ART - but Mr Davies is not arguing what I would favour : I think that annual elections are good for several reasons.

But ... should I campaign on behalf of those who want to vote more - when I have decided to become an advocate of Pure Republicanism and so want to remove voting from the political system entirely ? I myself am asserting the rights of individuals to refuse to have their names of the electoral register i.e. I strongly object to the Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013 - stealing names to puff up the Electoral Register, which utterly destroys the whole basis of Democracy as " government by consent " - and so I am at present preparing to be summoned to court to be fined or jailed for refusing to endorse their political system called " The United Kingdom " - I oppose it : it is setting The People in Wales and The World at each others' throats.


I sort of doubt that I am about to rush out and campaign for annual elections for The Welsh Assembly given that in 2013 I finally lost my temper and ripped up The Social Contract between Republicanism and Democracy in Wales because of the lack of proper constitutional arrangements here which licence every abuse. Above all we need a proper modern political constitution to at least restrain The Democrats in Wales if not to be able to teach them correct behaviour - and I want a Republican Democratic constitution which would ensure that they could not pass laws independently of the thing which is presently entirely missing : The Welsh Court ... Time and again things are happening which years before they happened we argued would happen if the Labour & Cooperative Party went ahead with their plan of " Devolution " to create these utterly abnormal - absurd - constitutional arrangements in which The Welsh Government is unique in The United Kingdom - if not The World - in creating a jurisdiction without any court to independenty examine the laws which they are making.

Here in possessing a bare majority in The Welsh Assembly the Labour & Cooperative Party have in effect declared themselves " Prosecution, Defence, Judge, Jury and Witness ( and Executioner ? ) " in prosecuting The People of Wales for the crimes which the Labour & Cooperative Party have devised to constantly distract themselves and others with their constant stream of shadow-plays ... and the trouble is that these are so insubstantial - and boring - that they are swiftly replaced by further ones and the earlier ones replaced : few people can clearly remember - let alone understand - what they fleetingly saw last week let alone last year ... and this is a well known phenomenon in Democratic politics - that as an election approaches all that the electorate remembers is what just happened recently : they are easily deceived and bribed ... and this was the reason why when The Chartists sat down to decide upon the bare minimum of political demands necessary to deliver the means to embark upon a slow steady progression through Democratic means - through " Reformation not Revolution " - their sixth point was " Annual Parliaments."

There was already a long history of stretching the existing point of how long was a string of legislations by The Democrats in Westminster ... and we can talk of " The Democrats in Westminster " in the 1830s because even before The Great Reform Act 1832 their political practices had been well established for centuries i.e. that although they had not yet figured out how to operate in a fully enfranchised society they had fully mastered all of the skills necessary to subtly - sometimes less subtly - bribe and threaten those who did possess votes to elect them, knew how to make the most out of their opportunities in Westminster in bargaining with others, and how to handle the media of their day and smear opponents etc and how to present themselves at the next election complete with halos, wings and attendent choirs ... The Chartists as witnesses to this were also fully experienced and their remedy was drawn out of their own practices : they belonged to all sorts of clubs and associations in which they regularly elected officers - often changing them on a quarterly basis where money was concerned, even electing different chairmen each meeting - and they were therefore confident that Annual Parliaments were a good remedy for the abuses of The Democrats in Westminster. Their main argument was that nobody was rich enough to bribe the voters annually ...

... if we cast our eyes across the Atlantic to the amount of money swilling around in American politics we can immediately see that not even Annual Parliaments would be able to defeat that amount of cash ... We ought to be grateful in a way to the Labour & Cooperative Party that nobody is interested in investing such large sums of money into political persuasion in Wales, although I suppose that this also demonstrates their abiding lack of ambition ... or perhaps just their lack of imagination ... however I think that the major advantage of Annual Parliaments lies in sharpening up the legislative process itself, especially if it is arranged that no Bill - besides budgetary measures and other matters which require immediate attention - can proceed to becoming an Act except in the following parliamentary year ... the object of this is both to prolong the existence of a bill before public scrutiny and to make its success independent of the electoral success of any particular party : to ensure this - that any piece of legislation can survive an election - it has to have several sponsors from different parties ... what this does is to put a brake on " Pendulum Politics " in which one party passes extreme legislation which is then torn down and replaced with equally extreme legislation when their opponents win the next election : the USA's political system does this better I think, and their legislation seems to be more stable, serviceable - sturdy.
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