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Art as Politics : Fourth & Coming Republicanicanism ?

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 25, 2014 11:11 am    Post subject: Art as Politics : Fourth & Coming Republicanicanism ? Reply with quote

" Art as Politics : The Fourth & Coming Era of Republicanism ? " was my first title for this thread, but the hardware turned soft on me, or vice versa, and it di-rifio'd that title ...

“Imagination governs the world.” http://www.goodreads.com/author/quotes/210910.Napoleon

I was about to set out to spend an hour or so knocking out something about ' Imagination as the basis of Republicanism ' - because not only is this more hopeful for most but it has often been said e.g. by Napoleon Bonaparte - and I sincerely believe it. I think that most foreigners will note that we do indeed use a very creative approach to Republicanism in Wales ... mostly because of the very specific nature of the arguments that we involved in with our politicians rather than to the very general nature of the politicians in which we are involved with in our arguments. I am indeed the greatest of all Welsh creators, modest beyond measure and all-powerful in my own extraordinary ability to create almost anything out of nothing, having simply the will to recreate the world according to my own will ... in other words in order to be myself I order myself to be in other words ... in recreating the world through ourselves we are truly receating ourselves through the world, and in thus discovering ourselves through our relationships with each other we not only change the world we are changed by the world : in other words, politics is a vital aspect of our lives and those who are opting out of doing politics are choosing not to live.

Equally, what the Democrats in Wales are doing by excluding most people from participation in their political system is that they are choosing not to let others live : they are not only deliberately killing off the political life of the Welsh nation and also destroying our religious life - very effectively and ever increasingly - by suppressing all of those moral and ethical debates which they can not control by using the media to insinuate that those who oppose them are criminals ( which means that once they have manipulated public opinion to get a majority on their side they will start passing ' laws ' against Republicans and others once again - as we can see with this present strategy being used against Muslims.) As we can see in the most blatant case, where in manipulating the information presented to the Welsh Assembly by the Welsh Government they conned them into passing the policy to cull badgers when the scientific advice given to them ( in secret of course, because Wales is a Demockery ) had actually advised against it. The scientific life of the Welsh Nation has now simply been subverted by Democrats in Wales to the point where nobody either in Wales or outside of it can decide whether our scientfic communities are truly trustworthy.

The Democrats in Wales of course do not want to know about how the consequences of their behaviour, having now discredited the Welsh scientific community internationally, will effect the rest of ' The People ' of Wales in the severe repercussions that this is having for our only remaining functional economic enterprise : they do not ' understand ' economics because they have difficulty in raising their votes by being photographed in front of columns of figures ... Democrats in Wales as far as I am concerned think that ' economics ' means giving away tax-payers money to a man ( or woman ) ( or person of indeterminate gender - always good for a few votes, provided the public do not suddenly turn against queers - in which case Democrats in Wales always have Plan ' B ' - for ' Bashing.' ) ( Well, Democracy in Wales solely consists of ' Plan B.' ) - such an individual or individuals such as they might meet down a pub with a plan to let a local Democrat in Wales get photographed in front of something eye-catching like ' a work of art.' Throw in a cheque from the tax-payers and then for Democrats in Wales this then becomes an ' economic ' enterprise ... well, I don't think that these behaviours have anything to do with either Art or enterprise or economics, albeit those who pull off these scams are indeed artful and enterprising - and taxing us.

Is there no hope then ? The Democrats in Wales are just going to be left to ruin everything whilst blaming the rest of us for not being able to concede to their demands to fulfll their fantasies ?

There is more than a little hope left : there is an awful lot of imagination left in Wales and all of it is Republican - and none of it is Democratic - in Wales.

There is a big difference between the fantasies of Democrats and the imaginations of Republicans, because the former are like little children who throw tantrums because their parents ' The People ' can't fly them to the moon and refuse to provide them with an endless supply of sweeties. In many respects, all that an election amounts to is those few minutes when your child has been badly behaved all day long and then transforms themselves into a vision of the beautific in order to charm you. Like little children, Democrats are devoid of memory - or rather would have us believe so - " Johnny Liberal, not again - I had not even finished drying off your pet policy after the last time that you tried to flush it down the loo - again - and NO Carol Conservative I am not going to play ' Happy Families ' again with you for money ever again, do you not remember what happened last time ? It will all end in tears - and YES Larry Labour I am NOT fooled that you ever felt sorry for any of Carol's cardboard characters, if you have forgotten let me remind you that all you ever wanted to do was to collect the set - and - YOU ! - SPIT IT OUT !!! - Pollyanna Plaid !!! - GIVE IT TO ME !!! - Diolch - yn - Fawr - DON'T MUMBLE ! - Don't you dare !!! " ... " DON'T - STOP - all of you - NOOOOOO !!! " ... " Not again, not AGAIN - NOT AGAIN !!! - DON'T YOU EVER REMEMBER - CAN'T YOU EVER LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES ? " ... " When your mother Democratia gets home I am going to have some serious words with her, I am sure that I am not your father."
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