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Browsing the Internet in Welsh - by The Light of a Pale Moon

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 24, 2015 8:58 am    Post subject: Browsing the Internet in Welsh - by The Light of a Pale Moon Reply with quote

Subject: ( Pale Moon supports Yr Iaith Gymraeg ! ) - Google Chrome is driving me nuts : I want a new browser ... what shall I choose ?
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2015 08:40:18 +0000

Dear Folks,

did you know that Google took open source browser ' Chromium ' & then added closed source to it - just to torment me ?

I am fed up - I want to find a web browser that is not one of the big five openly sauced ones and ...

.... supports Yr Iaith Gymraeg ? ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCE26-8cAiQ ... ( I think that his accent is from Llyn.)

David B. Lawrence


There are only three web browsers which support Yr Iaith Cymraeg - Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox and Pale Moon - but I don't like the first two - and Pale Moon scores quite highly in the tables on that web page - but it is actually based on the others.

DOWN LOAD FROM - http://www.palemoon.org/ - http://www.palemoon.org/langpacks.shtml - 16th in that list - Czech, Kashubian, Welsh, Danish, German - ?

Pale Moon supports more languages apparently than any other web browser freely available - 96 and counting - see below.


Pale Moon is a free and open source web browser based on Mozilla Firefox, available for Linux, Windows andAndroid, developed and distributed by Dutch developer M.C. Straver.[5][6][7][4] Pale Moon builds on Firefox, optimizing for efficiency of code and aimed at current and modern microprocessors.[8]
Being based on Firefox, most of the available Firefox extensions and plugins are compatible with Pale Moon.[9]

Pale Moon is a fork of the Firefox web browser with a number of different features:
Uses a user interface similar to the one Firefox 28 and earlier used (not Australis)
Adds 64-bit computing support and hardware acceleration[10]
Exposes additional configuration options such as scrolling, status and new features specific to this browser
Support for Pale Moon exclusive extensions and themes (ex: Adblock Latitude[11])
Functional status bar and more freedom in customization
Uses the IP-API service instead of Googles for Geolocation
Google was replaced by DuckDuckGo as the default search engine
Use the codecs Opus and VP9 in WebM
Offers a personalizable start page in cooperation with start.me[12]

The browser used to follow Mozilla Firefox's rapid release schedule before 12.0 was released. Subsequent versions were released sticking to the ESR versions of Firefox with additional and independent development on top. The current (version 25 and above) versioning scheme of the browser is completely independent from other Mozilla-based browsers as the Pale Moon browser has fully broken its previous ties with the Firefox rapid release schedule and Firefox as a product.[25] Pale Moon supports mobile Firefox extensions, but Firefox does not support mobile Pale Moon extensions. Pale Moon also uses Pale Moon Sync instead of Firefox Sync. The application is built upon the Gecko source code for the desktop version.[29]Pale Moon for android was first released on August 3, 2014 as an APK on Pale Moon's own servers, beginning as version 24.7.1.[26] Version 24.7.2 could be downloaded from either the Google Play store or the Pale Moon servers.[27] Although Pale Moon originally supported all devices running Gingerbread (2.3) or later, the developer announced on November 7, 2014 that the minimum requirement would be android 4.0 for the future versions.[28]


Acholi (ach), Afrikaans (af), Akan (ak), Albanian (sq), Arabic (ar), Armenian (hy), Assamese (as), Asturian (ast), Azerbaijani (az), Basque (eu), Belarusian (be), Bengali (India and Bangladesh) (bn), Bosnian (bs), Breton (br), Bulgarian (bg), Catalan (ca), Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) (zh), Croatian (hr), Czech (cs), Danish (da), Dutch (nl), English (Britain, South Africa, and US) (en), Esperanto (eo), Estonian (et), Finnish (fi), Fula (ff), French (fr), Frisian (fy), Friulian (fur), Gaelic (gd), Galician (gl), Georgian (ka), German (de), Greek (el), Gujarati (gu), Hebrew (he), Hindi (hi), Hungarian (hu), Icelandic (is), Indonesian (id), Irish (ga), Italian (it), Japanese (ja), Kannada (kn), Kashubian (csb), Khmer (km), Kazakh (kk), Korean (ko), Kurdish (ku), Latvian (lv), Ligurian (lig), Lithuanian (lt), Luganda (lg), Macedonian (mk), Maithili (mai), Malay (ms), Malayalam (ml), Marathi (mr), Northern Sotho (nso), Norwegian (Bokmål) (nb), Norwegian (Nynorsk) (nn), Occitan (oc), Oriya (or), Persian (fa), Polish (pl), Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal) (pt), Punjabi (pa), Romanian (ro), Romansh (rm), Russian (ru), Serbian (sr), Sinhala (si), Slovak (sk), Slovenian (sl), Songhai (son), Spanish (Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and Spain) (es), Swedish (sv), Tamil (ta), Tamil (Sri Lanka) (ta), Tatar (tt), Telugu (te), Thai (th), Turkish (tr), Ukrainian (uk), Vietnamese (vi), Welsh (cy), Zulu (zu)



WATERFOX - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waterfox

To date Waterfox has over 3,000,000 downloads, spanning 180 countries.

Waterfox is an open-source web browser based on Mozilla Firefox for 64-bit Windows and OS X systems. As there is no official 64-bit version of Firefox for Windows, Waterfox may be used as an alternative.[1] It is compiled using the Intel C++ Compiler, and uses Intel's Math Kernel Library, Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 and Advanced Vector Extensions. It is compatible with Firefox add-ons and 64-bit NPAPI browser plug-ins.[2] Although Firefox outperformed Waterfox inPeacekeeper browser benchmark tests run by TechRepublic in 2012,[3] Waterfox showed a mild improvement over Firefox in tests run by Softpedia in 2014.[4] Benchmarks are also available on the developers website run on the system Waterfox is built on.[5] Waterfox was presented at an event called “Pitch at the Palace”[6] at St. James Palace for HRH The Duke of York.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 24, 2015 9:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I chose to download the Pale Moon browser from Files River - http://www.filesriver.com/app/249/pale-moon -

- but there are several other servers to download it from listed on - http://www.palemoon.org/palemoon-win32.shtml

O ! Porwr hwn yn llawer gwell na fy Nghymraeg ! Mae Pale Moon wedi lawrllwytho mewn dau funud a Google Chrome dylai fod â chywilydd !
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