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Children Live and Uncut
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2017 6:15 pm    Post subject: giraffe women Reply with quote

The Kayan women of the Karen hills in Burma traditionally wore multiple neck rings. They would start wearing a few at the age of eight or nine. A few would be added annually. At first the rings made eating and swallowing difficult.

The small girls don't look too bad. But there are old ladies who have elongated necks like giraffes. Apparently their voices sound as if they are speaking from the botton of a well. One rationalisation is that it is to prevent tiger bites. A tiger would grab its victim by the throat.

It may really be that the function was to keep women compliant. As punishment for adultery in the past, a giraffe woman would have her neck rings removed. Her head would flop forwards and she would probably shortly expire.

A quiet revolution has spread. Younger women generally refuse to wear neck rings. There may be fewer than a hundred giraffe women left across the whole of Burma itself.

But some Kayan people have fled as refugees to Thailand. Some of them make a living as a tourist attraction with their giraffe women villages. This poses a problem for people who want to be ethical tourists.

Is it really right to go and gawp at giraffe women? Isn't it a bit exploitative?
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2017 8:52 pm    Post subject: drumming Reply with quote

Several sources mention the celebratory aspect of FGM in Africa. Loud rapid drumming drowns out the victims' cries, so the guests don't have to think about their suffering. In 'Daughter of Isis', Nawal El Sadaawi mentioned that in Egypt, loud drumming was used to drown out the cries of a child bride who was being initiated into sex at too young an age, so that the guests wouldn't have to worry about it.

With infant male circumcision, there is no need even for this. The guests can tell themselves that babies cry all the time anyway, so it doesn't mean anything. Sometimes, they will say defensively that a given baby didn't cry when he was circumcised. Critics answer that this is because he was in traumatic shock.
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 19, 2017 5:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Reminds me of The Democrats cutting various pounds of sterling out of The Life of The People - ignoring The Distress in The People in Poverty because after all they are always crying like babies about being hungry ... and of course we smell and scream and are incapable of looking after ourselves because of our poverty ... So they keep sticking some gin or whiskey or white lightning into the milk of their inhumane kindness to stop us griping ... and switch the television on as a baby-sitter ...

... Actually an idea comes out of that for me : how widespread a phenomena is it for human beings to contempt babies as well as women and is there an association between the two - after all women mostly perform FGM whilst claiming that it is to please men either by keeping wives unlikely to be sexualy interested in other men or visually pleasing to men or more suited to providing men with sexual pleasure etc ... But this also sounds a lot like women claiming that they wear high heels and cosmetics and push-up bras and sexy lingerie and have to constantly buy new fashions to please men.when men in general are either puzzled by this or indifferent to these things : is FGM being driven by female peer pressure ? Is circumcision akin to being given a tear drop tattoo in prison to denote which gang you are being forced into ? ... In which case the person who first introduced such practices is effectively violating subordinates in order to subdue them and order them around e.g. " If you really love us you will want our name tattooed on your forehead - or ( better still ) - you will have the words ' WI LURV INGERLARND ' planted into your DNA so that it is written right through every cell in your body and you are utterly enslaved to us."
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 04, 2017 2:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear Marianne,

I wonder if this fits in with this thread : previously we have discussed cutting the body for various cultural and often sexual reasons e.g. I think that I have probably complained already about men getting bigger breasts on the NHS ... but normally we have taken legitimate medical interventions to be beyond question ... now here is one to question : is this a legitimate medical procedure or one driven by some kind of cultural norms e.g. in the past medical fashions have included beating and closely restraining people, burning and scalding them, pouring mercury into their bodies not to mention bleeding them and forcing them to watch endless episodes of " Come Dancing " whilst drinking inordinate amounts of tea without a bedpan in sight ... but one of these mesh implants could absolutely stop any of us from taking the piss ...


'Vaginal mesh surgery ruined my life and should be banned'

... Hundreds of women across the UK say the procedure - used to treat incontinence and prolapse after childbirth - has left them physically and mentally scarred. ... A report by the NHS England-led Mesh Working Group, published last week, said the use of mesh was still "a safe option". ... Karen Preater, a member of the Welsh Mesh Survivors group, said the surgery ruined her life. Here, she tells her story. ... Before I had this operation, I had a good job in sales. I was a happy, active mum and I had a great relationship with my partner of 12 years. ... Now I'm in constant pain, I walk with a stick, I lost my job and the intimate side of my relationship is ruined. ... My life has changed beyond recognition and I struggle with depression ... ... I'd never heard of it before but they said oh it's just a little sling to pull you up and help with the incontinence'. ... ... 'As soon as I came round from the anaesthetic, I was in excruciating pain with my left hip and thigh. ...



Vaginal mesh implants: Hundreds sue NHS over 'barbaric' treatment

By Victoria Derbyshire - 18 April 2017

More than 800 UK women are taking legal action against the NHS and the makers of vaginal mesh implants, the Victoria Derbyshire programme has learned. ... The implants are used to treat pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence after childbirth, but some can cut into the vagina - causing severe discomfort. ... Some women have been left in permanent pain, unable to walk, work or have sex. One called the implants "barbaric". ... ... The surgeon who first examined her, she explained, "could see the [mesh] tape had come through my vagina - protruding through. ... "The mesh had cut its way through - like a cheese-wire," she told the Victoria Derbyshire programme. ... Other women, reporting similar symptoms, have said the perforation was so severe their partners had been injured by the mesh during sex. ... ... When the pain continued, she said a GP told her she was imagining it. ... Between April 2007 and March 2015, more than 92,000 women had vaginal mesh implants in England, according to NHS data from the Hospital Episodes Statistics, obtained by the Victoria Derbyshire programme. ... About one in 11 women has experienced problems, the data suggests. ...
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 23, 2017 8:21 pm    Post subject: mesh Reply with quote

It does sound like torture. Unfortunately, the womb and bladder are so close that if you are a woman, and you've had a few children, you are likely to have less control over urination than formerly.

I'm surprised about the mesh vaginal implants though. They are not only uncomfortable, but it's doubtful they could do any good. I became a bit hoity toity when Dafydd told me the following limerick:

There was a young maid of Aberystwyth
Who went to the mill to get grist with
The miller's son Jack laid her flat on her back
And united the organs they pissed with.

I said, ''If he did, it must have been very painful. It's the wrong orifice.'' Perhaps not everyone knows that women do not urinate out of the vagina but out of a separate urethral opening.

The idiot Burmese girl mentioned earlier in this thread asked me at the age of 20 if it was necessary to remove a tampon in order to urinate. And she had been using them since she was 15!

And she was a doctor's daughter. You would think that doctors themselves knew something about anatomy.

I know doctors often behave badly. My aunt by adoption had problems with too frequent menstruation as she zoomed in on peri-menopause. So she had a hysterectomy which might seem a bit drastic today.

The surgeons took part of her bladder away too. She was seriously incontinent after that of course.

Medical ethics are not what most of us would consider very ethical at all. They involve covering up for incompetent colleagues.

The professionals closed ranks. According to them, she should have been gald to have had two for the price of one! I'm afraid that that's how things are. It's extremely disillusioning.

We do need the NHS. But sometimes, doctors need to be taken to the cleaners as it were.
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 23, 2017 8:59 pm    Post subject: j r Reply with quote

Rabbi Jonathan Romain was approahed by a person with a problem. Sammy was now happily married to Josie, and they had a son. But the son was a mamzer as they had been told.

They had begun their relationship when Josie was married to someone else. She had been divorced with a dishonourable discaharge as it were, and forbidden to her paramour. But Sammy had been her paramour.

Rabbi Jonathan dismissed the scare tactics of the Beth Din which had dealt with the case. As he saw it, their son was a Jew with full rights. Josie had received her get before she married Sammy or had her son.

In his view, only a child of incest or adultery was a mamzer. And even that was not right.

It was 'monstrously' unfair that a child should be penalised for its parents' sins. In Jonathan Romain's opinion, an unfair ruling should ipso facto have no place in Jewish law.

Another time, he was approached by a woman I will call Michelle. Her problem was about her husband Barry who was dying of cancer. She was dutifully nursing him.

To all outward appearances, they presented as a devoted couple. But she revealed to the rabbi that the marriage was a sham.

Barry was an abusive husband, a brute. He was minimally bearable now as he was too weak to beat her up.

She was only 50, and had hopes of a long decent life ahead of her. Her question was about whether she should go through the motions of mourning for Barry when the time came, considering that she was actually looking forward to his death.

The rabbi's considered opinion was that she might as well do so, to avoid upsetting his relatives and causing acrimony. But in his opinion, she had come to him too late with the wrong question.

He was appalled that she had stayed in the marriage at all. If she had come to him with the same revelations when Barry was healthy, he would have advised her to get out straight away.

Loyalty to a spouse was great. But if the husband was a wife beater, he had broken his side of the contract. The marriage should have been seen as terminated from the moment it first happened.

Another punter came to the same rabbi with the following query. He fantasised about other women during sex with his wife. Was this considered a sin in Judaism?

Jonathan Romain had to tell him that Maimonides had considered it a sin, indeed as adultery. The guy's face fell.

Romain laughed. In his view, Maimonides was wrong. He must have been for he was being irrational.

You might be expected to have some self control when it came to behaviour. But thought crime? That was ridiculous!

You couldn't help it if involuntary visions came into your head, could you? I agree. Leave damn fool concepts like 'adultery in the heart' to Christians and other poor saps!

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 23, 2017 9:44 pm    Post subject: ro Reply with quote

Jonathan Romain keeps up the Talmudic tradition of interpreting the law through the filter of logic and individual thought. He thinks that irrational and cruel rulings are simply not to be endured.

In the old days, some rabbis actually considered it a sin to give a baby boy an anaesthetic before he was circumcised. If it didn't hurt, you weren't doing it right. Pain was part of what it was about.

Some authorities disagreed on the grounds that it was a sin to inflict unnecessary suffering on anyone. Romain is a great guy but he takes the stance that 'it didn't do me any harm', remarking jovially that his own genitals were reconfigured by the same mohel who mutilated Prince Charles.

Romain calls it 'the snip.' It's as if he's not taking it all that seiously.

He has noted how controversial it has become. Back in the day, expectant parents might have said they hoped they were having a boy, for that was a universal preference. More recently, they would say they didn't mind what it was as long as it was healthy.

Now nervous expectant couples generally tell rabbis they are hoping to God they are having a girl, or more precisely, that they are not having a boy. They don't want to face the dilemma of deciding whether or not to circumcise him if it is a him.

Jonathan Romain mentioned that he had discussed the issue with a couple who didn't yet know the sex of the child they were expecting. He believed he hadn't put pressure on them, but it was a boy and he was subsequently circumcised. Rabbi Jonathan was happy with their decision.

He says that it is usually the parents who suffer more than the baby at a circumcision. Of course, they suffer more in advance. They know what's going to happen.

Romain mentioned a father who had been in the front line of battle without turning a hair but had nearly passed out at his son's circumcision.

It sounds to me as if the barbarous nonsense should be ablolished for the sake of the parents too, But that is not how the good rabbi sees it.

He has a little joke about how the baby is given a drop of kosher wine afterwards to stop his bawling. No wonder Jews are usually abstemious with alcohol. It has such painful associations.

It doesn't sound particlarly amusing to me. Presumably as FGM is not practised in Judaism - except by Ethiopian Jews of course - women are exempt from the revulsion for booze. If Della doesn't drink herself to death, it will be because some other crazy predicament finishes her off first.
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 29, 2017 8:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Just having breakfast with BBC's breakfast news show on where the director/producer of Horizon was on together with a psychologist discussing Psychopathy - nature v nurture etc - she was claiming it to be genetic, that some children are just incapable of recognising the emotions of others ... which sets off alarm bells for me because that potentially creates a category of people who can automatically be pronounced to be known to be potential criminals e.g. " Taffy was a Welshman, Taffy was a thief " etc summoning up the spectres of The 33 Penal Laws, The Welsh K/not and Bills of Attainder ...


... For this forthcoming programme Horizon wrote to a number of suspected psychopaths but only one replied : Ian Brady the paedocide - one of " The Moors Murderers " and what they reported him to be saying is very interesting ... Brady argued that when in jail aged seventeen he resolved that he would adopt the same morality and ethicality of those who had prosecuted him : he perceives the rich and powerful to commit crimes with impunity so his own crimes are not crimes at all in terms of the morality and ethicality of The English Law which permits such acts against the poor and the powerless ... Brady argued that he was waging war back against society in exactly the same way that society had waged war against himself ... Which is a very good Kantian sort of argument which can be applied to your " Children Live and Uncut " because surely if I were to take a knife to an adult and cut off bits of his or her body without consent - or even with the consent of an adult who was incapable of giving it - I would be committing a crime. Since The Rule of Law demands no exceptions then surely parents are not licenced to be privileged to be exempted from laws such as wounding with intent etc ? Likewise therefore it is illegal to start a pre-emptive war ...


Trail - What Makes a Psychopath?

Psychopaths have long captured the public imagination. Painted as charismatic, violent predators lacking in all empathy, they provide intrigue and horror in equal measure. But what precisely is a psychopath? What is it that drives them to cause harm, even kill? And can they ever be cured?

Presented by psychologist Professor Uta Frith, this is an in-depth exploration of the psychopathic mind including one of the most notorious of all, Moors murderer Ian Brady. Through an ongoing correspondence between the Horizon team and Brady, the film features some of the very last letters he wrote. The film also features a series of candid interviews with prison inmates who not only describe their crimes but why they think they committed them.

Horizon explores not only how each individual's crimes were shaped by their own life experiences, but also gives an insight into how these people think and behave. Working with the world's experts in the field, the film sheds light on the biological, psychological and environmental influences that shape a psychopath. And it looks to the future, with groundbreaking research that suggests a lifetime of incarceration is not the only option to manage violent and dangerous psychopaths.
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