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Cilmeri 2009

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 23, 2009 3:12 pm    Post subject: Cilmeri 2009 Reply with quote

It is on December 12th and 13th, http://www.gurfal.com/Cilmeri/index.htm

Gethin's blog says that he will be there December 11th - http://cofiwn.blogspot.com/

here are some other web pages :


John H Davies site seems to be dead http://www.cilmeri.org/eng/ but a typical programme before was http://www.cilmeri.org/eng/?page_id=6 or http://www.cilmeri.org/eng/?m=200811

What I wrote last year

" Weekend 13-14 December 2008

Saturday 13th December - Cilmeri

10.30am rendevous The Prince Llewelyn, then proceed in convoy to -
11.15am memorial service Llanynys Church ( track to this is often muddy )
01.00pm lunch / drink The Prince Llewelyn
02.30pm band leads procession to Llewelyn's monument, speeches etc.
07.30pm 'Noson Cofio' short talk followed by singing, dancing, wenching...well drinking and fantasising anyway

Sunday 14th December - mid Wales

10.30am Builth Golf Course wreath laying commemorating Llewelyn's host
11.30am Aberedwy Castle visit
01.00pm Cwm Hir Abbey ceremony & short address ( by a cleric ? )
02.00pm Abbey Trust Annual Lecture - ( by ? )
03.00pm Abbey Cwm Hir Trust AGM

Some people are arranging to stay overnight in a bunkhouse, in bed and breakfast etc, perhaps some brave ones will camp out again ?

If you haven't been before do not worry it is all very relaxed, nobody jumps on you to question your business being there. Bring a Welsh flag of some sort to wave, and pin a bit of ivy on or drag a length off a tree to make a circlet / wreath to wear / to leave at the monument afterwards. "
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 28, 2009 11:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

John kindly answered an email that I sent to him asking him what plans there were that were not yet published by cilmeri.org -

Dear Dai

Hywel, my son and I created the web site originally, but have not had chance to get together to up-date it.

The programme is as follows:

Traditional Weekend to Commemorate the death of Llywelyn Prince of Wales 1282

Llywelyn was killed at Cilmery near Builth on 11 December 1282, and since the 1960s people from all over Wales and beyond have met in the village of Cilmery [Cefn y bedd] to commemorate his death.

This year, as each year since 1996, events fill the whole weekend.

10.30 on Saturday 12th December
The place of meeting is the Prince Llywelyn Inn in Cilmery and from there a motorcade progresses 7 miles to Home Farm Cefnllysgwyn. The congregation then walk across the fields [wellingtons needed] to Llanynys Church [by 11.15]. Llanynys - reputedly the places where Llywelyn heard the Mass for the last time before his death. There is then a commemoration including the sung Mass, poetry and accounts of the events of his final days.

[Other commemorative events organised by other groups of people, take place at the monument at Cilmery mostly whilst our congregation is in Llanynys Church.]

We then find our way back to the Prince Llywelyn Inn in Cilmery for lunch.

At 14.20 a procession with pipers and drums forms up out side the Prince and walk to the Memorial in the village. Usually Richard, Lord Livsey of Talgarth, and Roger Williams MP., and other prominent people give patriotic speeches. There is music and poetry and flags and bunting, giving a memorable experience to all those who attend.

There is usually folk music, and storytelling in the evening in the Prince Llywelyn and occasionally, the Llanganten Church Hall.


10.30 Sunday 13th December
A commemoration is held on the roadside next to the Golf Club at Parc, Builth, with kind permission of the Club Committee, to commemorate the death of the Welsh army on the site of what is now the golf Club. There will be music and commemorative poetry to remember those who died and their families at home.

11.30 Sunday 13th December
Those who wish, drive down the Wye valley to Aberedw to arrive by 11.30 and walk to Llywelyn’s castle behind the Church and Severn Stars Inn in the village. There, more of the story of Llywelyn’s death is related.

13.00 Sunday 13th December
A congregation meets in the ruins of Abbey Cwmhir abbey and a commemorative service is taken, this year for the first time by the new Vicar of Abbey Cwmhir, Rev. Andrew Loat, Rector of Llandrindod, and the homily will be given by Rev. Aled Edwards, Chief Executive of Cytun [Welsh Council of Churches]. Usually members of Llandrindod Secondary School also take part.

Lunch is available at the Phillips Hall in Abbey Cwmhir.

14.00 Sunday 13th December
Rev. Aled Edwards will give the annual lecture of the Abbey Cwmhir Trust on the significance of the words written by Llywelyn to Archbishop John Peckham in November 1282; “You treat me worse than the Saracen or Jew”

15.00 Sunday 13th December
The annual general meeting of the Abbey Cwmhir Trust open to all who attend.
Contact; Dr John H Davies 01559 362429, and over that weekend Geraint Roberts; 07875418812

Best wishes, John
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