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Cilmeri 2011

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 17, 2011 1:07 am    Post subject: Cilmeri 2011 Reply with quote

I am told that the Cilmeri rally this year is on the 10th December, with the usual run of events I presume, assembling 10 am if you want to go to hear the church service, lunchtime otherwise.

Gethin is advertising a Welsh Nationalist Rembrance Sunday in his posts of 9th and 13th November for the 11th December, inviting people to take in the service at Abaty Cwm Hir the same day and mentioning events at Llanganten, Rhosterig, Parc ar Irfon, Aberffraw and Llys Roshir - http://cofiwn.blogspot.com/
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2011 6:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

A bit late, better late than never I guess, I turned to some other sites to check tomorrow's plans by different people.


10.30 am meet - motorcade to church service for 11.15 am - return for lunch at Prince Llewelyn pub 12.30 pm - parade to stone 2.30 pm - and back to pub - 5.00 pm folk session in pub


10.00 am gather - 12.00 pm socialise - 2.00 pm parade - dusk : torch lit procession


10.00 am arguing about why we are late - 1.45 pm still queuing at the bar - 2.30 pm complaining about having rushed to finish our pints and being stood in the cold for half an hour - 3.45 pm still queuing at the bar - 4.30 pm complaining about having rushed to finish our pints and being stood in the cold for half an hour waiting to collect the box of stuff that we are carrying back - 5.00 pm curse the fact that we missed the moon rising on this very unusual conjunction of the events at Cilmeri and a full moon.


Moonrise in Cilmeri will be about 4.00 pm on Saturday 10th December 2011.

Moonrise in Cilmeri will be about 5.00 pm on Sunday 11th December 2011.

With a bit of luck, the moon will shine brightly at the right moment and somebody will be around to get a nice photo of the stone - if they are really lucky it will be a cloudless, star-filled night that the moon floats upon.

The weather forecast is for cloudy weather in general but with occasional breaks in the cloud.
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 10, 2011 11:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ah ... I see that I never posted last year's photos, oh well ... the trip up to Cilmeri was promising at first, this was the top reservoir in the Brecon Beacons as we approached the Storey Arms pass on the A470 :

... and we actually got there in good enough time to get a place in the car park and at the bar, but since I was the driver I decided to take a walk up to the monument and try to capture it on film ( can't say that now really can we ? ) when the sun was still showing in fleeting moments ... but it was also a bit cold and windy and my little project to take a photo with the stone dressed in a similar way to the way we dressed the David Williams memorial in Caerphilly proved to be difficult : the gum in the tape froze so that I could only tear off narrow slithers to hold the corners to the stone, and meanwhile the poles teetered and the photos had to be taken more because I thought that the whole thing would fall over than because I had captured a couple of seconds sunshine ...

After the photo above, which is a good use of the photo-frame for the stone, I felt that the shape of the tree behind made a better sort of frame for the stone rather than be peeking around its edges, as if about to engulf the stone like some monster triffid, and so I took several from further back whilst hoping to catch the light ( perhaps I could do something with photo-fixing some other time, when I have time, to compensate for the weather ... and crop this or do something to remove that yellow boning stake or whatever it is in the background ) ...

[ If you not getting why I want to pair a ' nationalist ' flag with an ' internationalist ' flag* yet, the point is that the struggle for our national freedom is not divisible from other nations' struggle for self-determination, they are one and the same cause - unless somebody decides that ' nation = geography ' instead of ' nation = people,' as in Ireland where Sinn Fein have forgotten what self-determination means and are arguably merely fighting a turf war ... there is otherwise absolutely no harm in encouraging those campaigning for the independendence of Yorkshire or indeed the People's Republic of Walthamstow ... not to mention the United and Confederated Soviet Socialist Republics of Rhondda-Cynon-Taf.]

[ * the 1792 republican red, white and green tricolour used to be seized by the authorities wherever it was flown in the UK : apparently in Wales some joker in the early 19c came up with the idea of reviving the red dragon flag of Henry VII because it used the same colours, and thus declared the red, white and green colours associated with the international republican cause to be Wales' national colours : this neat trick severely annoyed the magistrates, because the radicals professed themselves to be carrying a symbol of the monarchy in Wales - so they could hardly seize Y Faner Draig Goch, but because of this radical origin the monarchy refused to recognise it as the ' national flag of Wales ' for over a hundred years ! ]

Now this would have been a good opportunity to have performed Yr Ardystiad ... but everybody else had headed straight into the pub and was not so daft as to be stood in the cold messing about with flags, so I then went back and hovered over a radiator where I thawed out the tape to try to secure more tightly the joints in the telescopic curtain poles used for the staves of these flags. The march to the monument finally got under way after more standing around in the cold, Daf carried the 1839 Chartist blue, white and green triband, Marianne the 1949 WRM Nationalist green, red and white tricolour and I carried the 1792 Internationalist red, white and green ... fairly obviously we were marching rather than posing for photos with these. The ceremony began with David Peterson and Jon Davies making speeches ...

... and Jill Evans MEP made a speech ...

... this was the view from the side ...

... and this was the view from the rear ...

... and then Roger Williams MP made a speech ...

... and I must have failed to take a photo of the male voice choir that were new to the event, some of which either got bored later or walked off in disgust but are in the foreground here, but this photo was taken when Cor Cochion were singing ...

... two black flags were carried by the colour party, I'm not entirely sure why ... but speeches included references to recent deaths ...

... busy and forgot to make a note of the poet's name ...

... Jonathan Edwards MP made a speech ...

... a poem by Harri Webb about Cilmeri was read by Thomas Evans ... note the black star added to WRM's 1949 tricolour at the left hand side of the picture ...

... Adam Philips made a speech ... later there was applause for the band ...

... wreaths were laid to the lament of the bagpipes, well played too ...

... I tried to capture an image of the variant WRM flag with a black star on the white pale, and missed ( It is all the fault of the guy with the black flag, he moved ... surely that is not camara shake, is it ? ) - the origins of this flag were later debated ... I believe that it originated in the USA, designed by a sympathiser, but I have no proof ...

... then we broke up after singing ' Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau ' and went back to the pub where I got embroiled in a heated discussion and decided to try to win the argument rather than go back out into the cold to take photos of the torchlit procession - sorry !!! - and lost the argument to boot ...
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