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Cilmeri 2015

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 15, 2015 7:50 pm    Post subject: Cilmeri 2015 Reply with quote



The Scottish forbid everything & permit nothing_
The English forbid nothing & permit everything_
The Irish forbid nothing & permit nothing_
The Welsh forbid everything & permit everything_
& all of these governments are ... something ...

... Cilmeri ? Just because we drink together_
Doesn't mean we think together_
Repwblicanism is based on friendship_
Not upon some daft discipleship_
Which means that in inclement weather_
We naturally tend to stand together ...

dai repwblic - Dai Saw - David B Lawrence - the author asserts his moral right - not to sue for copyright !

I see that I have been failing to advertise the Cilmeri rally in recent years or to publish any photos of the event afterwards - of which I have a few - which probably goes to show how I have had a heap of more pressing matters to deal with ... which remain as a heap of paper piled on one of my desks since 2012 ... I shall try to do better in future ...

I have a person pressing me to self-publish a collection of these poems ready for Cilmeri 2015 but to be honest I do not see that coming to pass - I may knock them off in my coffee break like crosswords but to get them out of the phone into a wordprocessing programme is a time consuming business. If you like my " proems " or " textericks " please feel free to copy them - but it is a kindness to me to name me as the author - " dai repwblic - Dai Saw - David B Lawrence " ... The legal bit about " the author asserts his moral right not to sue for copyright " is about my not wishing to see somebody stick them in a book and making money off the back of them - if I put them into a book it will be sold to raise money for a good cause if not " The Good Old Cause."


Post Script - after the above I had a conversation in which I asked to be reminded of the date this year - Saturday 12th December 2015 ... The usual pattern will follow as described in previous years I suppose so you can refer to previous years' postings ... Something which some people find a little odd because they conceive of Cilmeri as solely a political event is that it usually begins with the assembly of a convoy to go by a roundabout route to the church where Llewelyn Olaf is thought to have been directly before he set out on his fateful journey towards Cilmeri ... There is no need to be up tight about joining in with this - it is a simple service and some treat it as an historical re-enactment rather than a deeply spiritual event - and it is a very pleasant way to start the day ... As for my day today I have been having proems like kittens ... or should that be measles ? ... Mittens ? ... For our overseas audience : a taste of pieaty from Wales ...


Let's all stand up for God's comedians_
The Christians, Jews & Mohammedians_
Let's give them all our warm applause_
For standing up for their lost cause_
Before this hostile audience ..

Religion's not a joke you know_
It is a serious thing - & it helps you grow_
Into the oar of The Almighty_
So that with a greater piety_
You can in deed get stuck in & row ..

About God I've heard a rumour_
That He lacks a sense of humour_
That He will not stand for any joke_
About Him told by any bloke_
Like me - but let me tell you more ..

God unmysteriously moves away_
From those who grimly sit & pray_
About the things which spoiled their day -_
What offended them & who should pay -_
& when they meet them - what they'll say ! ..

So please stop being reasonable_
& waiting for the seasonable_
Day appointed to be jolly_
Carry your humours like a brolly -_
& send them up when you are able ..

Now I think that I just heard God snigger_
& surely since She's that much bigger_
Than we small creatures here below_
Then above all others She will know_
That we are but joking - so : go figure ! ..

dai repwblic - Dai Saw - David B Lawrence - the author asserts his moral right - not to sue for copyright !


Before I go to bed a thought occurs to me : usually speeches from the mound are all about advocating for The People in Wales but given the present situation after the attacks in Paris giving Cameron the opportunity to argue that The United Kingdom's interests lie in waging war against The People in The Middle East - surely our duty lies in our loyalties to them ? ... Furthermore Cameron's poisonous covert racism spewing out over Wales is creating a climate of paranoia and fear which is corrosive to our communities - yet none of The Democrats in Wales have - to my present knowledge - opposed this yet. Cilmeri 2015 would be an excellent opportunity as a national rally of those of us who care about our communities' welfare and safety to speak out against The Democrats in Wales and Westminster and expose their hypocrisy.

Ever since the 2010 UK general election I have been muttering that Cameron can not get the economy started again without injecting money into it and that he would be looking to start a war to excuse a departure from his austerity economics - and to understand that he had already started it in Syria before the 2015 UK general election but did not tell anybody because nobody would have wanted to vote for it made me very angry indeed because The Democrats in Westminster actually voted not to go to war in Syria. Think of it this way - there have been rail disasters in recent memory with comparable casualties to the recent attacks in Paris - yet nobody rushed to spend billions fixing the derelicting rail network because it was not profitable. The instability and consequent wars in The Middle East over the past hundred years are nearly all to do with the behaviour of The United Kingdom there - and both WW1 and WW2 had root causes in this behaviour too.

Perhaps if Cilmeri 2015 were explicitly an anti-war rally then it would reach a wider audience even if this did not result in a bigger attendance.


Since I am having yet another sleepless night I thought that I would search out another poem which illustrates my foreboding mood in the months before the 2015 UK general election - shared with several others on 18 / 02 / 15 but something weird happened on the 19 / 02 / 15 when a text sent to me by a friend sitting opposite me in the pub arrived with somebody else's number attached to it. Presuming that my number had been passed to a stranger who wanted to insinuate that I am insane ( that was the gist of the remark sent to me ) I tried to elicit the author of the text by entertaining them with this poem. Clearly the recipient did not like this and reported the content of my texts to the authorities. Several days later my friend asked me whether his joke had offended me because I had not commented upon it. So - for the record - as far as I am concerned the whole world is insane except for myself and my god - only to be honest I am not so sure about the sanity of my deity either ...

2015 : Y DAROGAN ( 1/2 )

Let's face it : the world is now broke_
& the dangers involved are no a joke_
If it's nuclear weapons which they desire_
To wage these wars of fire with fire_
We'll find ourselves ashes & smoke ...

A storm is now gathering out in the East_
For those bred in Hell have now found their yeast_
A vast communion - no longer divine_
Will burst out of old skins with more bloody wine_
This will not be A Holy Feast.


2015 : Y DAROGAN ( 2/2 )

" Proffwydes O'r RepWblic " preaches_
Only what her scripture teaches_
The Republic is not dead_
It sleeps within The People's head_
& will awaken to our speeches ...

Democrats have had their day_
Republicans have yet to sway_
The arguments about this fray_
Perhaps events will make a way -_
To finally end the damned UK.

" dai repWblic " - " Dai Saw " back in the 1980's - DAVID B LAWRENCE - the author's right is asserted to not sue for ?


To whom this may concern

If you continue to send 'erroneous' messages to unsuspecting individuals,
your privileges, constraints and restrictions will be monitored and referred to us for investigation.

Police Scotland


It may well be that a poet fails_
In the reasonings of these rhyming tales_
But whilst poets may be idiots then surely it is a moron -_
Upon this we all agree and we think you can be sure on -_
Who prosecutes a poem - especially in Wales !

dai repwblic - Dai Saw - David B Lawrence - the author asserts the moral right not to sue for copyright !

It may well be that the poet fails_
In the reasonings of his rhyming tales_
But whilst poets may be idiots then surely it is a moron -_
Upon this we can agree and we think you can be sure upon -_
Who prosecutes a poem - especially here in Wales !

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 21, 2015 11:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

For the as yet uninitiated - the proems / textericks are basically a game - instead of exchanging dull comments like " lol " - or in my case having nothing happy and positive to say and so no uplifting conversation to offer - the original challenge was to write a limerick that fits into a single text ... hopefully a topical one that raises a laugh which is then shared around to go wherever it goes to ... e.g. Scotland ... Actually often America where they have not a clue what we are talking about but enjoy the joke anyway : here is an exchange about the BBC's weekly political panel shows where there is usually a selection of guests whose opinions are guaranteed to annoy us - note the difference between Curly's style and the verbosity of mine :

You may question the time of the contest,
But The Conquest of Freedom's suspected,
When we give up our liberty so easily,
For safety so badly constructed.

RW ref. Question Time 19th Nov 2015

The BBC have a " Question Time " contest -_
It's broadcast every Thursday - & it's something we detest_
& then there's " Any Answers ? " which invites us all to call in_
At lunchtime every Saturday - oh ! - it really is appallin' -_
But it's utterly ****ing futile for any of us to protest ...

dai repwblic - Dai Saw - David B Lawrence : the author asserts his moral right - not to sue for copyright !

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Now Old Labour has got some Momentum_
New Labour now wants to try to prevent 'em_
For having one party inside another_
Is risking the smaller controlling the other :_
Parliamentary parties ? Repwblicans reject 'em ! ...

Both of Big Ben's Houses have been lately taking fright_
Because The Pendulum of Politics is swinging further - Left and Right -_
But whilst The Electoral Registers have now been proved corrupt_
The voters are feeling restless because their country is bankrupt :_
Yet against proposals for reform - Westminster will unite ! ...

They poisoned him - there's no disputin'_
They shot and drowned that mad Rasputin ... _
Yet he crawled away ... _
And he's around today -_
But is he Cameron, May - or Mr Putin ? ...

dai repwblic - Dai Saw - David B Lawrence : the author asserts his moral right - not to sue for copyright !


" PRESCIENT " because of the events which followed ... " yesterday's " news could have been the news of decades ago : when we were young Michael Foot had become the leader of the Labour Party and he was much the sort of man that Jeremy Corbyn is - and detested by the same sorts of people who detest the latter now ... I think that there is a significant cadre of rank and file obedient to those who offer them relief from the anxiety and distress of thinking in all of the parties of The Democrats in Wales and The World - this is why " Representative Democracy " fails : it is not a political system at all but merely a way in which those grasping for power over society fund their own choice of obedient candidates and present them for endorsement by The People in Wales and The World. There are simply no constitutional arrangements which can result in the election of a majority of candidates which actually represent The People, although a few occasionally do get elected by mistake when The Democrats in Wales and The World are over-confident in their having deceived The People. Of course when The People are " mistaken " and elect the " wrong " candidates those managing this non-political system are immediately set to work to correct these errors and fix their parties to please those to whom they owe their livelyhoods - lest their patronages are withdrawn. I know that younger people may not be willing to believe this ...

... When I was young I was rather more inquisitive than I am today and also a lot more trusting and respectful of those I deemed to be my more experienced and authoritative elders - hence I was more easily brow-beaten when I asked what I took to be obvious questions about things which I deemed to be pertinant to the decisions that were to be taken. I was scorned for doing so and as often as not I was told that my questions were foolish and not deserving of an answer, and furthermore I was also accused of being " malicious " - " an agitator " - " an infiltrator " - " a militant " - even a " fool " - for asking " non-political " questions about such things as legal requirements, bureaucratic procedures, balance sheets, technical, planning and scientific issues ... These allegations led me to not wish to associate with the Labour & Cooperative Party ( which my family helped to lay the foundations of in the 1880s ) but I was not the only person who had these experiences : these are common in the non-political system called The United Kingdom and over the decades I have heard almost identical stories of intelligent conscientious people reporting themselves having been bewildered by this behaviour and having given up upon what they took to be " politics " in disgust - but also their sensing it not be about politics : thus we started paying attention to debates going on about this in The World.

Now I am less than bothered to be thought of as being foolish because I have witnessed upon many an occasion that the reason why The Democrats in Wales and The World do this is because their assertion that they have all of the answers is patently not true - and those who will not even consider the questions put to them are those who are incapable of possessing any answers at all ... the practice of politics is in many respects not about what to do but about what not to do - and therefore the creation of the questions is actually more important than the creation of the answers. Politics is a decision making process and therefore to be deaf to all of those points of view which question your own point of view is to refuse to do politics at all with inevitably bad consequences - and this is what The Democrats in Wales and The World practice and why the consequences are inevitably bad. Furthermore " Pure Republicanism " argues that not only is " Representative Democracy " not even a " political " system at all - but that it is not even a " system " either, because when they do not secure the results which they desire the multiple failures of their " system " are simply explained away in order to perpetuate it to suit the interests of those communities which are using it to manipulate The People of Wales and The World ... The United Kingdom is certainly not " The Open Society " envisaged by those of us who subscribe to " The Open Conspiracy " of Republicanism in Wales ( whether we opt for " Pure Republicanism " or are willing to compromise with some Ultraism like Democracy.)



... Republicans warned against the dangers of Democracy centuries ago : The Democrats divide The People and set them at each other's throats by persuading them that they belong to " countries," " communities," " parties " etc that are nothing of the sort but perverse inversions of those things. Democrats argue that " politics " is the individualised pursuit of private interests whereas Republicans argue that this is a perverse inversion of politics whose only legitimate basis is our collective pursuit of The Public Interest - the " Res Publica." For control of the state to be seized by any sectarian community upon any basis - Hierarchic, Democratic, Aristocratic, Monarchic - which then uses it to use it to impose its will upon the rest of society is disastrous : all four of those things - and arguably many more - are Ultraisms whereas only Pure Republicanism is truly an uncompromised Altruism. Republicanism is in fact the only truly political system, capable of being both tolerant and tough because it is by definition a meta-ideology : only Republicanism can allow other ideologies to co-exist in a productive constructive dialogue whilst providing the necessary checks and balances to prevent the exponents of any one ideology succeeding in seizing control of the state and using it to suppress their critics, which results in what we are now witnessing in the non-political system called The United Kingdom. Here The Democrats in Wales and Westminster are managing The People on behalf of The Proprietors, as if we are livestock on a farm, and their " non-politics " is conducted on the basis of bribes and threats, as if the politicians were farmers fattening the electorate for sale in the market : either luring us or driving us with their equivalents of buckets of swill and big sticks - the latter either to stir it up with or to beat us up with ... This is the phenomena of " de-politicisation " in which not only are all publicly conducted political arguments about ethics but also all publicly conducted religious arguments about morality are now absent and so - without even bothering to wonder whether they should even try to understand anything, The People just vote for somebody who vaguely looks like themselves - or who pretends to do so ...

“ The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

― George Orwell, Animal Farm

... i.e. in Republicanism it is axiomatic that Communism, Socialism, Anarchism, Liberalism, Fascism, Conservativism and many other ideologies are to be counted as acceptable provided that they are contributing questions to the public political discourse but that no ideology is acceptable when it is being used as an excuse by Ultraists to overthrow that public political discourse, i.e. when an ideology is being used in conjuction with various Hierarchic, Democratic, Aristocratic and Monarchic methods of coercion upon The People of Wales and The World in order to redefine " The Public Interest " in terms of sectarian private interests. Any sort of ideology ( - political, religious, scientific, economic etc and there have also been many Ultraisms argued under the name " Republican " - ) when being deployed by Ultraists will be used to excuse and refuse the answering of questions, the suppression of critics and the criminalisation of any forms of dissent - or even of any difference ... Ultraists therefore will demand the suppression of any attempt to create a meta-ideology because that will inevitably mean tolerating any difference and dissent : they can not admit any facts and arguments which are critical of their decisions and therefore they will inevitably criminalise any form of meta-ideology which tolerates the ideologies which oppose them. Therefore the only thing which all Ultraists agree upon are the dangers of Republicanism.

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On the subject of pleading for toleration for Republicans in Wales after 225 years of our being portrayed as enemies of the state engaged in treasonous activities against the non-political system called The United Kingdom such as enjoying a collective sing-song or individually reciting a punchy-poem for which we were typically hanged if we did so through the medium of Welsh but might get away with if we did so through the medium of Welsh because the English judges rarely had a clue what we were merrily mumbling about ...


... only just over a year ago the BBC was still quoting views of the French Republic's album " La Marseillaise " like this - " racist and xenophobic " - ! - and Engerland's football supporters were reported to have " jeered ( La Marseillaise ) before England's opening game in the Stadium of Light on Sunday." ... But after the recent attacks in Paris there was a friendly match in London where " A crowd of more than 70,000 sang La Marseillaise - the French national anthem - with the Duke of Cambridge and Prime Minister David Cameron present " and " Applause greeted the end of the anthems before a minute's silence was impeccably observed, with one side of the London stadium creating a Tricolor mosaic with coloured cards " and " The Football Association (FA) had encouraged England supporters to learn the words to La Marseillaise in a show of solidarity and Wembley's arch was lit up in the blue, white and red of the French flag " and " "It was a spine-tingling moment as fans within Wembley rose as one to sing La Marseillaise " and " "England fans in the home end held up coloured cards to form a human flag of the Tricolor. Most joined in La Marseillaise, stumbling over the words but singing loudly."




( I actually did the research for this pamphlet a couple of years ago but I only knocked this up recently to demonstate what a page of " The Book " might look like : see - http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?t=1226 )


PAGES 2 & 3 ( INSIDE )

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 30, 2015 2:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Parliamentary Parasites_Shout & scream about their rites_To forget what they're elected for :_They claim The Privilege To Ignore -_Their manifestos, members & own hind-sights ... ( Today's news is that in a poll of the Labour & Cooperative Party 75% of members objected to their MPs wanting to bomb Syria.)


Parliamentary Party Parasites_
Shout & scream about their rites_
To forget what they're elected for :_
They claim The Privilege To Ignore -_
Their manifestos, members & own hind-sights ...

( Today's news is that in a poll of the Labour & Cooperative Party 75% of members objected to their MPs wanting to bomb Syria.)

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I do not exactly ignore the news - Newsnight had a debate going on just as I switched on debating the pros and cons of bombing Syria ( after all, may be it will make the supporters of the United Kingdom - The Democrats in Wales and Westminster - look good and the Syrians will hardly notice a few more nor know who dropped them anyway - ) - but " Y Repwblic " is not trying to be a news service, nor an academic journal nor ... er ... anything else that it is not ... it is a series of conversations about what interests people, demonstrating how we think I suppose : topics are picked up upon in order to explore an idea and perhaps even to explain some point about Republicanism ... so it does not matter if the thing being discussed is in Wales or The World, past, present, future or fantastical ... there are however certain issues which threaten to burst this little bubble due to the number of pricks around in Wales and The World ... e.g. The Treason Felony Act 1848 is usually the weapon of choice used by the supporters of non-political system which they call The United Kingdom ...

... but these transparently ridiculously unjust laws like Treason Felony risk The Democrats in Wales and The World being subjected to scrutiny by The People in Wales and The World, so recently they have devised another strategy - because despite their bleating about " Democracy " and " The Rule of Law " The Demockerats do not give a toss for either - the supporters of the non-political system called The United Kingdom merely thought that they sounded good, they did not want the political system which they are part of, so they stole these and many other ideas from Republican political theory within which they are working parts of a coherent whole ... So in order to ingratiate themselves with The Aristocrats of Wales and The World they have now come up with the idea that they will licence the corporations to not only run the police, courts and prisons, the probation and the immigration services etc, but they have now devised a strategy to cripple - even to imprison - the critics of The Democrats and The Aristocrats alike by refusing them the use of services in the control of corporations like telephones, places to meet in, offices to rent - and bank accounts ...

... this is leaving poorer people like us to trying to take The Aristocrats and their corporations - and The Democrats and their governments - to court : have you ever tried to mount a legal challenge to the criminality of a corporation or government ? It is a long slow process which eats up your life and your money over several years until you finally have to bite the bullet and risk bankruptcy in a court room ... and then their lawyers saunter into court and drive a simple matter up into the financial stratosphere and the judges - often sympathetic - look you in the eye and shrug their shoulders and the matter is settled by your poverty not by any facts, arguments or laws ... This - for the information of our American friends who wet themselves at the mere mention of it - is the legal reality of and the meaning of Magna Carta and why we despise both The English Law and The English Courts. ...

... Magna Carta is not even of any use to wipe your arse on because by its own legal self-definition it means that no shit can stick to it : it established the principle that laws can be made to place certain favoured groups above " The Rule of Law " and certain disfavoured groups so far below " The Rule of Law " they are in effect out-lawed and can subjected to criminal acts with impunity e.g. Magna Carta was cited for the purposes of continuing slavery and afterwards racial discrimination. It should be of no surprise that Magna Carta was cited at The Reformation as the legal basis for not only pillaging the monasteries but also murdering those monks who objected to the plundering of the medieval welfare state, and immediately afterwards it was used to penalise and murder those who were thrown into utter destitution as a consequence ... Whilst most blame Henry VIII's lust for this the underlying factor was that The Monarchy had run out of money because it was financially incompetent and was resorting to heavily taxing The Aristocracy whose income from mercantile trade declined because of the behaviour of The Monarchy i.e. those parasites surrounding Henry VIII who kept on encouraging him to employ them to build huge palaces which collapsed and vast warships which either capsized or got stuck in the mud. ...

... To return to the present day, and in passing to note that in 1688 The Aristocrats in Wales and England got fed up with The Royalty of James II screwing up The Monarchy so they decided to write a contract for the job of The Royalty and hired William & Mary - a homely couple who were able to submit references from a past employer in The Netherlands that assured Parliament that they were good at housekeeping - to look after St James' Palace, and written into the small print of their employment contract was a " Bill of Rights " which included the absolute rule that The Aristocracy in Parliament was going to keep the crown as a surety against any bad behaviour on their part or on the part of their descendants ... Hence Real Republicans - i.e. not those non-Republicans as portrayed by The Western Mail as being in the grip of an insanely violent hatred towards all things good and true - and Real Republicanism denounce irrational dislikes - or indeed likes - of people on the grounds of their belonging to unpopular minority ethnic groups such as The Royal Family : everybody is entitled to the same rights - and is liable to the same duties - under The Real Rule of Law - not The Fake Rule of Law presided over by The Fake Supreme Court of The Fake Non-Political System of The Kingdom Dis-United By Injustice.

What distinguishes Fake Republicanism from Real Republicanism is " The Rule of Law " which is believed by Republicans to bring peace through justice : in the eyes of " Whites " there have always been plenty of " Fake Republicanisms " such as " Socialist Republicanism " or " Nationalist Republicanism " - which " Reds " and " Greens " will hotly dispute - but there are legitimate Socialist and Nationalist positions to be held within Republicanism provided those holding them do not seek to violate The Rule of Law by obtaining control of the political system by Ultraistic means i.e. by instituting a Hierarchy which coerces everybody else with lies to subscribe to their ideology ; by instituting a Democracy which coerces everybody else with hate to comply with their ideology ; by instituting an Aristocracy which coerces everybody else by enslaving them to their ideology ; by instituting a Monarchy which coerces everybody else with war to submit to their ideology ... by the time a society has been plunged fully into a complete Ultraism those who have obtained control of the state and have redefined " The Public Interest " i.e. the " Res Publica " there is an orchestration of these methods by those both cooperating and competing for a share in the power to have the laws made in favour of their own private sectarian interests : The Media, The Politicians, The Corporations and " The Military Industrial Complex " or " The Arms Trade."

You will note from the past two paragraphs that Real Republicanism is not what it is commonly thought to be : it is opposed to The Democrats in Wales and The World because they corrupt political decision making - and in favour of The Royalty being treated as a misunderstood minority ethnic group deserving of the same rights as everybody - except ... well, the Republican exception to that minority ethnic group " The Royalty " is to do with the central germinal conception of Real Republicanism " The Rule of Law " as demonstrated in the various " Crowned Republics " which have existed historically. There is no necessary contradiction between the concepts of Republicanism and Royalty until the issue of " sovereignty " arises. The old Republican arguments were typically like this - " What puts the crown on this person's head ? There is a LAW which does this - so the LAW is more powerful than the person who wears the crown - so THE LAW IS SOVEREIGN." ...

... A more modern Republican argument goes like this - " The law which puts the crown on this person's head invokes the idea of bestowing sovereignty - but nobody can produce any " sovereignty " because it is just a fantasy - and therefore, since non-real things can not be demonstrated in court rooms and there can be no valid laws which deal in non-real things, laws which deal in the concept of sovereignty are invalid : ONLY LAWS EXIST - " SOVEREIGNTY " BELONGS TO GOD IN HEAVEN, AS A PART OF MEDIEVAL THEOLOGY, NOT TO THE LAW-MAKERS HERE ON EARTH : " SOVEREIGNTY " IS AN ARCHAISM LEFT OVER FROM MEDIEVAL EUROPEAN PAPAL POLITICS." ... In other words - do not get screwed up about Prince Charles being crowned and dabbed with oil to bestow " sovereignty " on him - but do get upset about his " sovereignty " being conceived as being real - because this really screws up " The Rule of Law." ... & arguing that The Treason Felony Act 1848 is fantastical is not a crime ...

... But why argue against such a widely used idea as Sovereignty ? ... Because it is not compatible with Republicanism, even if it is used by those political systems professed to be Republican ... these " Fake Republicanisms " use the same arguments as others : that governments need upon occasions to be excused The Rule of Law in order to imprison and torture individuals, to declare whole classes of people that they otherwise pretend to be their citizens subject to collective sanctions - like having the corporations of The Aristocrats freezing the bank accounts of those who criticise their Zionist political allies without applying to a court, presenting evidence and obtaining an order from an independent judiciary. The original theological concept was that God was the only person possessed of Sovereignty i.e. that there was none above God to control his behavior but that God is good and therefore will do no willful harm. The Papacy then claimed the right - being just below God - to exercise the same power of unassailable judgement in the ultimate court of Christendom - The Rota ( hence Harrington's institution of The Rota during the brief period of the restoration of The Republic of England and Wales, Scotland and Ireland.) The Papacy thus judged which claims by contending kings to kingdoms were just and - in exchange for money and land - doled out vials of oil for the anointing thereof ...

... At The Reformation the Protestant kings and queens were declared to be heretics, refused vials of oil to anoint themselves with " Sovereignty " and were sentenced to death with a reward for those who killed them i.e. any Catholic king or queen was licenced to wage war upon Protestants. So the coronation ceremonies continued but with this proviso : the King of England had made himself the head of the English Church and anointed himself ... but the little country next door whose Marcher Lords owed him various forms of allegiance to did not feel entirely converted - so he then promptly marched into Wales to smash any Catholic resistance and half-annexed it : he forcibly converted it to The Protestant Faith with sword and fire, put The English Parliament in charge of making the Welsh obey English laws - whilst he went around practising robbery without violins - and rushed back off to his palace of NonSuch to deal with a builder's strike shouting back over his shoulder that we were all a bunch of scroungers living off The Medieval Welfare State and that he was going to have a word with Thomas Cromwell about that ...

... of course nobody in Wales understood a word Henry VIII was saying but they all solemnly promised to learn to speak English in order to find out ... but then Thomas Cromwell came along and burned down all of their libraries, schools, hospitals, old people's homes etc and told them that this was all because of " English Sovereignty " - and so nobody in Wales has been very keen on the idea ever since : we prefer to stick with the old Roman Republican idea that was passed down to us like a flickering candle through The Dark Ages in The Laws of Hywel Dda - that nobody in what amounted to The Repwblic of Early Medieval Wales was beyond The Rule of Law ... Nowhere else in Early Medieval Europe could The Pauper sue The Prince, nor were there such laws elsewhere that enabled visitors to Wales to obtain a legal remedy ... OK ... OK ... I admit that those trading standards officers up in North Wales did rather lose their heads over trying to enforce the small print of the Venodotian Code on that occasion ... but to be honest, personally I have to sympathise with the point of view of The Vikings : it still seems to me that they had no business in interfering with the willing participants of an impromptu carl boat sale.

I.e. " The Rule of Law " in Republicanism dictates that no laws shall be made to govern consenting relationships - and absolutely no laws can be made to govern people's internal relationships with themselves - but there is no such limitation imposed by the idea of " Sovereignty " upon those who lay claim to it ... they claim licence for themselves to do as they please and to be accountable to none : " Sovereignty " is the absolute negation of The Rule of Law - and if you want to grasp the consequences of it then look no further than Wales where the constitutional situation is even worse than in the rest of The Dis-United Kingdom : the Labour and Cooperative Party have taken the principle of Sovereignty wholly to heart and have voted themselves the power to make laws without even a court ... in other words they do not even care as to whether they are making bad laws full of arbitrary inconsistencies which are spreading chaos : they do not want to have the normal arrangements of The Welsh Court advising The Welsh Assembly and The Welsh Government upon the draughting of Bills and ratifying of Amendments, let alone have to apply to The Welsh Court to validate their Acts - and there never will be any Democrats in Wales and Westminster willing to surrender the Sovereignty of The United Kingdom to The Rule of Law of The United Republic.

http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?t=532 ... Y LLys Cymru - The Welsh Court

http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?t=438 ... Yr Ardystiad - Campaign Against The Treason Felony Act 1848

http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?t=689 ... Declining Democracy by Refusing Registration ?

http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?t=160 ... All-Wales Convention on LAW MAKING POWERS FOR ASSEMBLY

http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?t=565 ... Silk Commission & Taxation in Wales

http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?t=477 ... La Main Ouverte - The Open Hand - Y Llaw Agored

http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?t=1226 ... " The Book " - examples of an intended A4 format
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 02, 2015 6:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well today will be a misery-fest watching several hours of excuses before The Democrats in Westminster exercise their " Sovereignty " and decide to do what they damn well please and ignore even those very few laws of war which do exist ... but don't worry too much : if any injured orphaned toddler does manage to crawl the hundreds of miles through the mine fields of Syria and then across Turkey to paddle across to The Bosphoros in Cardiff Bay, Carwyn will welcome her with the scraps from off his plate and hand her into the care of one of his councillors from North Wales ...

... perhaps Carwyn can pick out the ISIL terrorists in this crowd ? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjNLlvODhQE

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-34974400 - Syria's 'lost generation' of children

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-34931421 - Syria air strikes: What you need to know

" ... Syria has been embroiled in a bloody armed conflict for nearly five years. More than 250,000 Syrians have been killed, and 11 million made homeless. ... In the chaos, jihadist group IS moved in over the border from Iraq and claimed territory. ... The US, Russia, France and other world powers have entered the fray, adding to an already complex web. ... US aircraft have conducted nearly all of the air strikes undertaken in Syria and Iraq by some members of the international coalition of 63 states. France, Australia and Denmark have also taken part. ... "

The BBC have a bar chart published by US Central Command which states that since August 2014 they have admitted 5,401 air strikes upon Iraq and 2,761 upon Syria [ and each " strike " means a multiple amount of bombs.] So ... to estimate - 8,162 x 6 weapons x 12 bombs each = 585,504 x high explosives ... and they are accounting for the number of IS hostiles being killed in the hundreds ... but how many Syrians and Iraqis have these mostly American bombs accidentally " liberated " - ?

" ... IS projects a powerful image, partly through propaganda and sheer brutality, and is the world's richest insurgent group. It has about 30,000 fighters but is facing daily bombing by the US-led multi-national coalition, which has vowed to destroy it. ... "

I can not find a reliable agreed death toll for the past two years bombing but most of the sources are reporting over 300,000 dead in Syria and I would suspect much the same in Iraq or even more - let us say 600,000 ... now I know that a Pope once said that " Stupidity is also a gift from God " but - to be honest - pain is Mother Nature's reply to this gift from God - " STOP DOING IT - STUPID ! " - and Sophia also chips in " THOSE WHO WILL NOT LEARN FROM OTHER'S MISTAKES MUST LEARN FROM THEIR OWN ! "



Try reading around the mess the British and Americans and Russians made of Greece in World War Two, in the same way that they are making a mess of Syria in World War Three : they armed the contending partisan groups who also seized the weapons abandoned by the retreating axis powers and - as soon as the Italians had been rounded up and the Germans had rushed off on vacation - civil war broke out and plunged the Greeks into murderous chaos as the Russians then sponsored the Communists to overthrow the British supported government ... prior to this however the British had another bright idea ... the Germans and Italians were stripping Greece of everything including food and so were stuffing themselves silly at the expense of the natives - and so the British decided to starve them out ... that plan was based upon an old oxymoron - " military intelligence."



15.30 pm - I have just dashed in for a cup of tea and caught a bit of the debate which is now four hours in more or less ... the most notable thing is the BBC have a box in the corner of the screen replaying ( American ? ) air strike footage of the sort viewed by their adolescent war-gamers back home in the USA where they sit in air-conditioned rooms supping on beefburgers and sipping on a constant stream of colas ... this is an example of how the BBC seem to be effortlessly willing to comply with self-censorship and to completely abandon even any pretence to presenting these events in an objective and factual manner - and it is being broadcast on-screen in the middle of the debate too !

03/12/15 - 21.30-ish

Well I comforted myself off and on by watching bits of " Ghandi " yesterday, to comfort myself and to stiffen my resolve to " Be the Repwblic ! " - and I felt a little ashamed about my sneering remark about Carwyn above ( although I still feel that the Labour & Cooperative Party's involvement in what happened about the North Wales' children's homes sexual abuse scandal should be investigated.) ... I joke about " Y Repwblic " being my " wreckreational abuse " of " The Demockerats " but whilst I have come to the conclusion that I must damn them all together it is not as if that is any different to their damning of all those together that they bomb - the only difference between them and me is that I do not kill anyone with my dead humour ... People who claim that such emotions have no part to play in politics are either fools or those who are coldly manipulating fools by deceiving them into believing that their presentation of a calmly poised appearance means that they are behaving honestly and making decisions in a detached manner : their talent for deceiving others is all too often practised upon themselves and then you will find them shouting at you whilst they are continuing to assert that they are calm and that it is you who are behaving offensively and aggressively etc ...


... These Demockerats in Wales and Westminister only want to deal with those who compliment and praise them and refuse to listen to those who come to them with problems still less with criticisms : what use then are politicians who refuse to deal with people who are upset and angry at what they have done, whose response to the victims in the North Wales children's home scandal was to smoothly explain away their accounts of what had happened to them and to flatly that anything was wrong - who instead of investigating the matter to locate the criminals and to protect the children thought first of whether they might lose control of their council in the next election and be found out by some other party - and thought second of the council's liabilities if any of these traumatised, homeless and drug-addicted youths dependent upon their pimps and pushers should be believed and sue ... and this leads of course to the universal problem in both Wales and The World for anybody who tries to hold The Demockerats to account in a court room : they have all of their portions of the state's apparatus available to deploy and so the taxpayers often find themselves not only financing the generous defence expenditures of the state's lawyers acting on behalf of The Demockerats, but actually paying them to bankrupt themselves - whilst inevitably being placed under huge stress by mounting these proceedings - whilst as often as not also paying for The Demockerats to relax meanwhile somewhere e.g. on some beach in The Bahamas e.g. on " a fact-finding tour " ... the frustrated taxpayers then withdraw their case concerning financial unaccountability only to see The Demockerats come home with the wheeze of dumping 200 tons of sand upon their derelict vandalised High Street to create " A Holiday Beach For Christmas " ... Which of course had already been written off the council's books as a favour to the company which is building the Chairman of the Planning Committee's new country mansion ... But whose shell company owns that company ?


Ah ... that speech by Hilary Benn ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_dRCzd19Uc

... An interesting variety of reactions around me to that speech ... and when I originally caught only the latter half of it I just had to admire it because it is what a good political speech should be : he presented facts useful to everybody instead of just rhetorically exhorting us to agree ; the arguments followed naturally from the facts ; he spoke with passion and conviction and then ... screwed it up by playing the " Fascist " card which really detracted from it ... I am listening to it again and I am again moved but not convinced ... why ? ... Well as soon as the outcome was confirmed the warplanes were soon airborne but ... but ... it seems that what these supporters of The United Kingdom think that the purpose of all of this was to make a gesture ... as if waging a war is something embarked upon for the sake of creating an image for public consumption without there being any consequences : this is foolish behaviour ... I had a furious row with Daf over this who has now dubbed me " Dai'sh " alleging that I am allied with them somehow by doubting the effectiveness of video-bombing them ... but that is not my point : this has the same characteristics that the First and Second World Wars had as smaller conflicts arising out of the major powers intriguing in smaller countries drew the major powers into direct confrontation : clearly Putin is aiming at acquiring more influence in The Middle East and this is most probably a major reason for supporters of The United Kingdom to be anxious to be involved in this conflict ... forget the high rhetoric about moral duty - they do not mean it, just examine their record ... it may sound immoral to advocate non-intervention, excepting to starve the combatants of money and armaments, but fewer of The People in The Middle East would die as the eventual consequence.

As ever, those who can not find the means to preserve the fabric of civilised society in Wales can find the means to destroy it elsewhere in The World.

As ever, wait and see.


UK air attack on Islamic State: Syrians give reactions

" The UK has started bombing targets of the so-called Islamic State (IS) in Syria, following a strong vote in favour by Parliament. ... A number of Syrians have been giving their reaction to the British decision. ...

"We are against the UK strikes on Raqqa. All the world is bombing Raqqa and the UK will not make any change in the situation. If the UK wants to help people then it should accept Syrian refugees and not close the border. ... "Just bombing IS in Raqqa from the sky will not defeat IS, but it will make people suffer more. IS will use the UK strikes to recruit new people in the West and new fighters and maybe they will carry out terrorist attacks. ... "In the end nobody will liberate Raqqa except the people of Raqqa." ... "Humans can't survive there. Nothing works. That's why many people are trying to leave Raqqa," ... "Air strikes were not effective in reducing IS. It just destroyed some buildings and places with very few fighters. The places where strikes could have had most effect were not hit. Air strikes are not enough to defeat IS and push it out of the area. It needs local troops who know the area well, like the Free Syrian Army. IS fighters regroup in other parts." ... "More air strikes could reduce fighter numbers. To defeat IS? No. You need ground troops." ... " Syrian activists and opposition groups feel bitterly let down that the West did not give them this kind of military support to help remove President Bashar al-Assad. ... "


... If the supporters of The United Kingdom have no military objective other than a fearful spectacle - are they not terrorists ?
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 07, 2015 10:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Others being more helpful than me about the timetable for Saturday -


er ... but it is NOT organised by Balchder - but they do provide a spectacle - http://www.wherevent.com/detail/Balchder-Cymru-Cilmeri-2015





A number of things have been happening of recent relevant to the themes that I reflected upon above e.g. far from stopping terrorist attacks the decision by The Demoncrats in Wales and Westminster seem to have promptly resulted in what might be construed as a retaliation by a lone man wielding a knife on an innocent passer-by in a tube station in London ... interestingly enough, the reaction of another passer-by was " YOU AIN'T NO MUSLIM - BRUV ! " which is a nice example of a good moral sentiment - " YOU ARE DOING WRONG - BROTHER ! " i.e. note how the wrong-doing was condemned but the wrong-doer was not placed beyond the rest of humanity ... consider how different that is to the behaviour of The Demoncrats in Wales and Westminster who are steadily undermining the sense that humanity is one undivided whole by identifying those who are Muslims as an out-group, all to be condemned together and made the object of licenced hatred : The Demoncrats in Wales and Westminister will of course pretend to be horrorified afterwards and denounce those who beat up the Muslims on their behalf after they incited discrimination and violence against them ... we have seen this all before in " The Treason of The Blue Books " when similar circumstances were seized upon to attack another out-group whose differences offended and were deemed to mark them out as disobedient and therefor demands for their conformity to " British Values " were made by The Democrats in Wales and Westminster - enforced by a violence upon their children pretended to be " educational."


I guess nothing really changes : those who will not learn from history must keep repeating the same mistakes ... electing the same Aristocrats ...





... I dunno ... the race to bury the United Kingdom should be conducted more quickly than this ... it is frustrating putting on mourning every year when we never have a corpse to bury ... not even Llewelyn Olaf's corpse can be found ... perhaps ... ?


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PostPosted: Tue Dec 08, 2015 5:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ah well ... if it is not World War Three there are other ways in which The Demoncrats may destroy us yet ... How many Democrats does it take to unscrew a planet ? ... Come to think of it ... How many Republicans does it take to replace a planet ? ... Hopefully the planet will survive our species ...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NN1eSMXI_6Y ... Call to Earth - A Message from the World's Astronauts

The Democrats are destroying our planet :_
Now most people will say " I do not believe that ! "_
Because they do not want to understand_
The facts & therefore dismiss them out of hand_
& so : there are no votes in it ...


The Democrats are now destroying our planet_
But most people will say " I do not believe that ! "_
Because they really don't want to understand_
The facts involved - which they dismiss out of hand -_
For in a Democracy ... there are no votes in it ...

dai repwblic - Dai Saw - David B Lawrence - the author asserts his moral right - not to sue for copyright !

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 10, 2015 8:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dafydd : were you saying that I am a " Deikocrat " ?_
I strongly suspect that you were mispronouncing that ... _
Now : didn't we both agree - way back in eighty four -_
That I was to be The Daikarch and therefore I would implore_
For fair trials for all of your victims as " The Diktator " ?

- I am sat here watching the House of Lords debating Legal Aid : apparently they agree with us - that The People have no legal remedy - can we claim them as Republicans ?

And a bit later ...

Way back in Nineteen Eighty Four_
When Big Sis was watching us all for sure_
When the South Wales valleys were filled with fears_
& the London press was full of jeers_
The Republicans in Wales were on the floor ...

On the Left the Reds were blushing_
On the Right the Greens were flushing_
In the Centre the Whites were looking very pale_
Whilst at the Margins the Blacks were looking very hale_
& we've now endured thirty years of hushing ...

But we are still here .. _
Now isn't that queer ? _
Shouldn't we now be .. different ? _
Or at least .. Indifferent ? _
No : we don't change our beliefs every year ... Like Democrats

dai repwblic - Dai Saw - David B Lawrence - the author asserts his moral right - not to sue for copyright !

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 13, 2015 8:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The wind was blowing so hard through the trees that despite the megaphone I could barely hear the speeches from the mound from where I stood ... I am getting into the habit of going for a quiet walk beforehand because the pub is always packed and I like to have some quiet time alone both to find some ivy and to go down to the well to dab myself at my own leisure rather than to queue as if to quickly buy a ticket to the future from our past ... Hence I was even more soaked than everybody else ever got before they had even left the pub ... Later I decided not to bother with my usual one pint as driver because I did not have to wait for anyone else so I hit the road to go to a place full of associations with Republicanism in Wales - Llyswen - before going to visit friends ... On the way home I started to chant out some doggerel to myself which was inspired by the weather and one of the discussions which I did have in which Llangadoc was mentioned ...



The patron saint of our Welsh nation_Is Dewi Sant whose recreation_Was devising novel things to do_With very cold water : yes - it's true -_He cursed us with precipitation ... Dwynwen is Wales's Valentine :_She is called upon when our hearts entwine_For once we've tasted true love's kiss_Then all that we do soon goes amiss -_Our Welsh love affairs are something fine ... Cymry Americaniadd all celebrate " Mad Dog "_Who famously rode out to sea upon a massive hog_& then - having lost his way - amongst some jagged floes _Was lucky to encounter the local eskimos_Who then helpfully advised him " Just take a left - once you're through this fog ! " ... Baruc was an anchorite_Who retreated to an island site_Where he hoped to live a life less fraught_But found what was occurrin' upon this ( his last resort )_Was all hustle & all bustle & all day & all the night ... Saint Gwynllyw's girl was Gwladys who_Reformed his character with just a few_Well chosen observations_Which explained her reservations_About his personal habits ( & he agreed that these were true.) ... The last two had a son called Cadog_A lovely lad who wasn't bad at sitting on a log_& reading every book - besides a babbling brook - _But whilst his Mam adored all this, his Dad could barely look -_" Aa-agh ! - She kissed & kissed my little prince 'til he became a frog ? " ... Sometimes Welsh saints become obscure_Here's an example of one for sure :_Sant Erbin was against all things_& disliked especially evenings_Because against sleeping he had no cure.


The patron saint of our Welsh nation_
Is Dewi Sant whose recreation_
Was devising novel things to do_
With very cold water : yes - it's true -_
He cursed us with precipitation !
Dwynwen is Wales's Valentine :_
She is called upon when our hearts entwine_
For once we've tasted true love's kiss_
Then all that we do soon goes amiss -_
Our Welsh love affairs are something fine !
Cymry Americaniadd all celebrate " Mad Dog "_
Who famously rode out to sea upon a massive hog_
& then - having lost his way - amongst some jagged floes _
Was lucky to encounter some local eskimos_
Who then helpfully advised him " Just take a left - once you're through this fog ! "
San Baruc was an anchorite_
Who retreated to an island site_
Where he hoped to live a life less fraught_
But found what was occurrin' upon this ( his last resort )_
Was all hustle & all bustle & all day & all the night ...
Saint Gwynllyw's girl was Gwladys who_
Reformed his character with just a few_
Well chosen observations_
Which explained her reservations_
About his personal habits ( & he agreed that these were true.)
The last two had a son called Cadog_
A lovely lad who wasn't bad at sitting on a log_
& reading every book - besides a babbling brook - _
But whilst his Mam adored all this, his Dad could barely look -_
" Aa-agh ! - She kissed & kissed my little prince - 'til he became a frog ? "
Sometimes Welsh saints become obscure_
Here's an example of one for sure :_
Saint Erbin was against all things_
& disliked especially evenings_
Because against sleeping he had no cure.

dai repwblic - Dai Saw - David B Lawrence - the author asserts the moral right - not to sue for copyright !
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 18, 2015 1:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm not really sure that the following works, having messed with it several times this morning before sending the text off like this, but it is to do with Cilmeri in a way of sorts in that I am often to be found there in some corner scrawling various diagrams on the backs of envelopes and hymn sheets and I really ought to draw up these depictions of Nomocracy / Nomarchy more clearly, smartly, professionally - in order to deceive people into talking about politics more thoughtfully once again ... deceive ? ... Well that is the problem when you are trying to reduce Republicanism to just a few words arranged on the back of an envelope : I have to admit that These Gwalian Nomograms can be as cryptic as Those Laconian Telegrams ...

I surely don't want an Hiero-crazy_
But I really don't like this Demo-crazy_
& whilst of course I despise the Aristo-crazy_
I am more frightened of the Mono-crazy_
& therefore what I am advocating is - " NO-MO'-CRAZY ! "


What is Nomocracy ? It is a more posh - or precise - sort of a word for Republicanism : see - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hellenic_Nomarchy - which is a key Republican text which was published anonymously c1806, the original title being " Ελληνική Νομαρχία " which I think is best translated as " The Rule of Law in Greece."

Is this any better ?

I'm sure that I don't want an Hiero-crazy_
But I really don't like this Demo-crazy_
& whilst of course I despise the Aristo-crazy_
I am more frightened of the Mono-crazy_
& therefore what I am advocating is - " NO-MO'-CRAZY ! "

dai repwblic - Dai Saw - David B Lawrence - the author asserts his moral right - not to sue for copyright !

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 23, 2015 12:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

( Written over the course of yesterday - I guess that this closes this thread ... may I wish you all a " Wondefull Winterval " & may your gods go with you - wherever your journeys take you ? ... )

Yes - I stride up & down & I berate_
Those who give in saying " This is our fate ! "_
( Or worse : that Democracy's " RIGHT !!! " )_
But now I'm growing reluctant to fight_
Except for this - my last human right : to HATE ...

To be a Repwblican is to live_
With regard for others & to give_
Our time & talents to The Good Old Cause_
Without waiting for others to applause -_
Note : no Democrat would pass through our sieve ...

The Democrats' " Christmases " come many times a year -_
They always mark them up & they make them very dear -_
But every day - upon our list - your present will be free :_
You'll find our gift to you - from us - beneath that famous Tree_
Of Liberty - & then you will cease to live in fear ...

Do you know why we have told them that we resent_
Their Demockery conducted without consent ?_
It was because that they declared " We will consult ! "_
But then they proceeded to insult_
Us & the arguments that we represent. ...

When The Democrats are standing in their contrived elections_
They present themselves to everyone as imaculate conceptions_
But whereas Jesus knew his Father_
We've found The Democrats to rather ..._
Have both parents evading our detections ...

Ah - " The Third Man " is now running - on the TV -_
& in watching it I now can see_
That nothing has changed - over seventy years -_
Except that we have more dodgy peers_
Than Harry Lime could ever plea ...

SO - NADOLIG LLAWEN from Tiny Tîm_
For in The Eye there is a gleam_
That in 2000 & 16_
The People in Wales may be more keen_
Than The Democrats now do deem.

dai repwblic - Dai Saw - David B Lawrence -the author asserts the moral right - not to sue for copyright !

Ah - something to mention at the end here is that yes - right on queue - the supporters of The Dis-United Kingdom prosecuted somebody for a poem ... A couple of prisoners smuggled a mobile phone into a prison - unlike in civilised normal modern countries prisoners are not allowed a phone call to their families e.g. small children are dragged hundreds of miles to see their parents or taken into childrens homes to satisfy the demands of The Democrats and their parents never get to talk to them ever before or even attend their funerals once The Democrats have finished with them ...

... The two prisoners not only put up a video for their family and friends they wrote and performed a rap poem about how they wanted to provide for their children and prevent them from falling into a life of crime ... Obviously threatened by the prospect of losing his job if such people were to encompass such an objective the judge convicted them with a law made before the invention of justice ...

... For those outside of The United Kingdom who think that I exagerate too much : the judge refused to allow this rap poem to be heard in court - i.e. these two were convicted without the presentation of the evidence necessary to convict them in the courtroom & got nine months each ... Notice the difference between being poor and not-white not in possession of a mobile phone and stuck in jail - and being rich and therefore plenty-white-enough and in possession of a Rolls Royce and a tankful of whiskey : if the former recite a poem they get nine months - if the latter kills one of the former they may not even end up with points on their licence !

Meanwhile ... the rest of us who abide by The Rule Of Law - not being judged in The English Court Rooms in Wales - carry on our humdrum lives as the advocates of The Repwblic in Wales ...

Daf : you are the mathematician :_I joined that checkout on my mission_To catch up with you_& then it slowed which is always true - Just go & ask a statistician

Daf : you are the mathematician :_
I joined that checkout on my mission_
To catch up with you_
& t h e n i t s l o w e d ... which is always true -_
Just go & ask a statistician !

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 24, 2015 3:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Not a very good proem at the end of a lot of tweaking - and at the end of this thread : my best wishes for The People in Wales and The World in 2016.

Life isn't worth living without some ease_
But our unemployment doesn't please_
The United Kingdom is a wreck_
( ... But Repwblic's bouncing - " like a check " ... )_
So demand your bread - & a larger peace !

( ... Whilst we supply the cheese ... )

( ... instead ? )

dai repwblic - Dai Saw - David B Lawrence - the author asserts his moral right - not to sue for copyright

I talked above of diagrams on the backs of envelopes which few people ever get to see - because they are for discussion purposes and not set in stone :

http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?t=1275 - " Victor Papanek : designing professional political systems "


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