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Cilmeri 2016

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 22, 2016 9:17 pm    Post subject: Cilmeri 2016 Reply with quote

I am just blundering along at the moment : I had to ask the date of Cilmeri this year earlier today : 10th December 2016 - usual programme.
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2016 8:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


... t'wis the night before Cilmeri and all Thee Spooks are already tucked up in bed ready to start their pointless surveillance tasks early in the morning ... whereas The Ghosts are out partying - proper partying : none of that Demockeratickal rubbish ... so I am wondering if the community centre wifi will hold up sufficiently long before the kids turn the volume up to eleventy and deliberately show us how they are not like us ... of course this is exactly the same community hall where we did the same with our parents and grandparents looking on knocking on forty years ago ... We have Rebellion in our jeans you see - or at least we thought that we had ... here is The Thirteenth Tribe proppliegating itself into The Future in Wales and there is nothing that The Supporters of The United Kingdom can do about that - nor indeed can we do anything about it either : even if they hunted us down and killed us all still more of us would arise in our places ... The Republicans in Wales are the consequences of the behaviour of The Democrats in Wales : you have created us - so you must live with us ... we will never be defeated nor do we seek to defeat you : war is your tool not ours - and those who prepare to defend themselves against your threats of violence are the products of your own paranoia.

It should be of no surprise to anyone that without ever having heard of Machiavelli that The People in Wales will respond to Lies with Lies, to Hatred with Hatred, to Enslavement with Enslavement, to War with War, to Death with Death : this is The Natural Law of Reaction to Action - this is The Left Hand Path of The Sinister Politics of The Ultraists : Hierocrats, Democrats, Aristocrats, Monocrats ( and many other -crats who seek to control others yet can not control themselves ) ... But The Natural Law equally dictates that The People in Wales will respond to Truth with Truth, to Love with Love, to The Gift of Freedom with The Gift of Freedom, to receiving Peace with giving Peace, to your restoring our Life with our restoring your Life : this is The Unbreakable Law of The Cosmos which determines all of the relationships within it - The Nomos which we seek to demonstrate lives within The Heart in Humankind : within The People in Wales and The World - the source of all Justice which is the only test of The Laws in Wales and of the conduct of The Government in Wales - and why as Nomocrats we oppose Democrats.

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2016 9:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The evening is drawing to a close in this tatty rundown community hall and my heart is bursting with pride : my nation still pursues The Right Hand Path - the Truth is that within three hours some of the poorest of The People in Cardiff have found nearly £5,000 out of their welfare benefits and pitiful poverty in wages only sometimes paid if they are lucky enough to have jobs - the Love which binds us together to each other and to The People in Wales and The World is in evidence all around me - the Freedom which they are giving to each other is not within the grant of their governments even if The Democrats in Wales and Westminster wanted to give it - the Peace is palpable : sitting quietly with our friends with smiles all around everybody is happy and relaxed - the Life here is no theoretical assertion from some dull-witted half-educated RepWblican Wrighter because the kids are running about laughing and the pensioners are poking at the strange food on the tables which the refugees brought with them as their contribution to our society tonight : surely you never seriously thought that Republican politics was ever about anything but this ? See you all tomorrow - X !
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2016 11:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I tapped this out on the way home - two minutes in a doorway to lay down this idea :

In dai's repwblic we will be putting to an end_The Democrats deciding how to squander all they spend_Of those hard won pennies of The People who are poor_We will make all those elected to go begging door to door_To plead like us for what they want : to learn the politics of consent. dai repwblic = Dai Saw

In dai's repwblic we will be putting to an end_
The Democrats deciding how to squander all they spend_
Of those hard won pennies of The People who are poor_
We will make all those elected to go begging door to door_
We will be making those elected all go begging door to door_
To plead like us for what they want : to learn the politics of consent.

dai repwblic = Dai Saw = David B Lawrence : the author asserts his moral right - not to sue for copyright !


Today in Parliament ( is on as I write ) has just been reporting the farce in The House of Lords today where a couple of the remaining hereditary peers objected and tried to obstruct with ( 53 ? ) amendments the ending of all hereditary peerages ... and to be honest they had some good arguments : most notable of all the fact that a third or more of " The Lords " are ex Members of Parliament with which their parties have tried to pack The House of Lords which now dwarfs The House of Commons ... bizarre is it not that The Palace of Westminster claims to be Democratic yet most of those who take their places in the legislature are in fact appointed by The Dictators in Downing Street ... Demockeratic ... now I am about to reach for the following programme which I tried to listen to in the street on my way to the community centre do where - oh ! - Daf's team won the quiz ? ... Any how : on occasions when I have an idea I pitch it to BBC Radio 4 - which I listen to a lot - and apparently The Now Show may have paid attention to one of my suggestions this week ... I sent them an idea drawn from one of my pieces of writing this week - anyhow : I understand that " The Now Show " almost had a Republican theme this week -


The Now Show - 09/12/16 - Series 49 Episode 6 of 7 - available until 05-01-16

Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis are joined by Vikki Stone, Ellie Taylor, Luke Kempner and Lucy Porter as they present the week via topical stand-up and sketches. This week the team explore the Brexit legal challenge in the Supreme Court, hear Political Panto and take a trip to a cat cafe ... Written by the cast with additional material from Sarah Morgan, Gareth Gwynn, Jenny Laville, Robin Morgan and Becky Channon.

From: David B Lawrence
Sent: 08 December 2016 14:59
To: thenowshow@
Subject: DO NOT JUST JEST BUT YOUR BEST BUST PLEASE !!! - Fw: Tendering The Oath / Declining Democracy by Refusing Registration ?

Dear " The Now Show "


I am possibly one of the few people who knows what these oaths were like historically : they wreaked misery and havoc.


I do not seriously expect you to read what I am about to share with others which is below - but perhaps my last paragrap ?

David B. Lawrence,

... Oaths are imposed by the powerful upon the powerless because of the disparity of power : they are unilaterally enforced exclusive contracts and therefore they are not legal in Republicanism ... The Hierocrats of The Red Tops are as usual intoxicated by the idea of exercising their power without responsibility so they have not thought of the implications of Casey's idea : try telling journalists that henceforth they are working solely for Rupert Murdoch in a contract where he has all the rights and they have all of the duties and they are not allowed to have any opinions of their own and they can neither opt into another contract nor question or negotiate their own - and ... oh ... bad metaphor ... OK ... look at it another way : since when did an oath ever stop anybody from lying in court ? ... Oaths are worse than futile : as merely symbolic acts those who intend to deceive and to disregard them with their next breath pronounce them with a polished performance and walk away as supposed citizens - whereas those who take them seriously stumble over them, question them and ... well - they will not get very far if they Question The Oath : because they will then be promptly arrested for undermining " British Values " - by asking questions.

Sent: 08 December 2016 14:31
Subject: Tendering The Oath / Declining Democracy by Refusing Registration ?

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 10, 2016 9:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Profile - Arron Banks - 7pm 10-12-16 - BBC Radio 4 : Cilmeri does not get it.

" ... What next for the man who spent more than £7 million campaigning for Britain to leave the EU ? " ... [ ... Say nothing dai : incitement is a crime ... ]
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 12, 2016 12:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear Spooks,

you seem to take an unusual interest in me this year so let me just recount yesterday to you so that your curiosity is satisfied. I took the A4232, M4, A470, B4250, B4519, A483 and knowing that I was late I decided to park in the layby at the top of the hill by Cilmeri Farm because the pub car park by that time would be full and I would be trailing around looking for a space to park in. After the argument in 2012 I have no desire to appear to endorse those who lead the march : a flag is a rag on a stick and not a political argument - Cilmeri for me reminds us of the date at which The Rule of Law ended in Wales and has not been restored yet ... others go for other reasons e.g. to commemorate Llewelyn, to remember an independent Wales etc. ... I turn up to join in and my preferred way of doing this normally is to go to the monument and await the arrival of the procession which places me in a position to photograph it ( a gesture towards those who participate in it : I usually take a few views of the event from a distance in order to convey the atmosphere without intruding on the privacy of the individuals attending.) ... On this occasion I visited the well to have meditative moment there alone to rededicate myself for the forthcoming year and I helped the lady on crutches by carrying her stool and following her directions as to how she wanted it set out upon the board ... It was during my conversation with her that I noted from the blue flashing lights that the police were at that layby ...

... The procession arrived and I took a photo of it and since they were also late I limped over to the back bench to rest my duff legs for a while ( I know from experience that it makes a good vantage point photographically.) After I took that first photo I got back on my feet about half way through the affair and took photos in an arc around the back of the monument to arrive by the gate where one of those conversations took place ... You know : the kinds where a complete stranger comes up to me and on the slightest of pretexts interrogates me about my personal history, whether or not I am excited by violence, interested in The Dark Net, want to buy stolen goods etc ... Now I am a dull #### and stupidly generous so I will not give the name given to me yesterday but I found it extremely odd that in the middle of a public event when there were speeches to listen to a person claiming to have spoken to me before who yet can not remember the name of one of Wales' most public Republicans made a point of walking up to me and by way of small conversation wanted to ask me where I had parked my car ... see the paragraph above ...

... Now you must recognise my policy by now : Y Repwblic is conducted on the basis of " The Open Conspiracy " i.e. there is no conspiracy besides your own - and your continued insistence upon the idea that The Republicans in Wales must have some conspiratorial basis demonstrates that you yourselves and your sponsors are paranoid : just because you are terrified of us does not prove that we are terrorists ... Nor does your working for The State mean that your activities are legitimate : your surveillance activities are a waste of time in terms of gathering intelligence and the only possible use that they might have in my opinion is in trying to justify your continued employment along with fringe benefits and pensions. As to your finding our activities offensive that does nor surprise me as a signatory myself long ago of the Official Secrets Act : the fact is that you can not combine that kind of extensive absolute secrecy with any kind of a political system because in order to function they have to collect facts and critique them with arguments - hence whatever else it is The United Kingdom is a non-political system because it is impervious to facts and deeply hostile to arguments ...

... The Public Discourse in Wales has not so much collapsed as has been deliberately dismantled : the moral debate was long ago swept away by declaring that Religion is a private matter - hence moral criticism of public conduct ceased to exist - and the ethical debate is meaningless without a moral debate and so Politics has been reduced to threats and bribes and appeals to private interests ... the " Populism " which has now become a shibboleth in recent weeks is not some strange new development but a consequence of what The United Kingdom is - or rather is not ... Young adults can not witness what we as young adults witnessed in the 1980s - and whilst we witnessed it we were bewildered by it and have only gradually made sense of it now : those of us on The Left have now learned that those of us on The Right had similar experiences - our parties were all doing the same ... We can now all clearly see that The United Kingdom is a One Party State - The Demockeratic Party which is deeply antagonistic to both Religious ( moral ) and Political ( ethical ) criticism : The Demockerats in Wales and Westminster subscribe to neither morality nor ethicality - they believe that their role is to manage The People in Wales on behalf of The Aristocrats in Tax Havens ... as enslaved consumers not free citizens we are not to question : facts and arguments are banned - replaced by assertions such as " There are no Republicans in Wales."

Well if you insist that Republicans are " The People in Balaclavas " etc that is - if you deliberately misrepresent the meaning of " Republican " - true. If on the other hand you ignore the deluded lies of The Demockerats and simply read some proper Republican literature then you will immediately recognise that due to over two hundred years of vicious lying propaganda by The Supporters of The United Kingdom the word " Republican " has been severed from something which The People in Wales are strongly attached to : a peaceful, tolerant, pluralistic, publicly conducted political system which has none of the farcical shaninigans of The United Kingdom i.e. a normal political system with real Human Rights, a functioning Constitution and an Independent Judiary able to defend these and The People and empowered to jail The Demockerats in Wales and Westminster ... Above all we need The Rule of Law so that individuals can get access to justice and free at the point of need in order to put an end to all of these appalling instances of so many types of abuse which are presently effectively licenced because The English Law, Courts and Judiciary offer us no remedies.

Now I am going to bed - but if you will not take my word for what the our tradition of Republicanism in Wales is about read the following.

Yours Sincerely,

on behalf of The Ghosts in The Machinery of The Government in Wales,

dai repwblic = Dai Saw = David B Lawrence








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