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Conceptualising Citizenship : Community V Commodity V ?

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 05, 2016 7:45 pm    Post subject: Conceptualising Citizenship : Community V Commodity V ? Reply with quote


I must write about this some time : the part of The European Union Referendum argument for " Leave " which I found persuasive was not the xenophobic racist anti-immigration arguments but the fact that The Democrats in Westminster are so estranged from the real political life of The People in Wales - whom they clearly view as their property ... But the who point of view of The Republicans in Wales and The World is that The People Are Not The Property Of The Government - The Government Is The Guarantor Of The Property Of The People ... THE GOVERNMENT CAN NOT SELL CITIZENSHIP BECAUSE THE CITIZENS DO NOT BELONG TO THE STATE - THE CITIZENS ARE NOT PART AND PARCEL OF THE STATE - THE STATE IS THE PROPERTY OF THE CITIZENS AND THE GOVERNMENT CONSISTS OF THOSE EMPLOYED TO REGULATE THE STATE WHICH IS NOTHING MORE THAN A MECHANISM DEVOID OF LEGAL PERSONA AND THEREFORE NOT CAPABLE OF OWNING PROPERTY AND BEING RESPONSIBLE AT LAW - AND SO CITIZENSHIP CAN NOT BE CREATED BY THE STATE BECAUSE THE STATE IS NOT A LIVING CONSCIOUS BEING ABLE TO ENTER INTO THE SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS WHICH DEFINE THE LEGAL COMMUNITY THAT DEFINES CITIZENSHIP - THEREFORE CITIZENSHIP IS NOT WITHIN THE GIFT OF THE GOVERNMENT NOR CAN THE GOVERNMENT MANUFACTURE IT AS A COMMODITY AND SELL IT - IT CAN ONLY RECOGNISE THAT A PERSON HAS ENTERED INTO THAT LEGAL COMMUNITY OR HAS LEFT IT ... THAT IS WHAT CITIZENSHIP IS - A SOCIAL RELATIONSHIP RECOGNISED BY OTHERS - A PERSON DOES NOT BECOME A CITIZEN BY VIRTUE OF THEIR BIRTHPLACE NOR BY PAYMENTS OF CASH OR BY LONG TERM RESIDENCE BUT BY VIRTUE OF THEIR SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS - but The United Kingdom has its origins in 1066 and the basis of property in it is that everything belongs to The Crown including The People in Wales despite the fact that the laws of 1066 did not apply in Wales because William I did not conquer us : at no point in the legal history of Wales have there been any laws which defined The People in Wales as anybody else's property - i.e. slaves.

[ ... um ... Daf - could you improve the above and also this -http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?t=1295 ]

The Rule of Law is concerned with the community protecting the individual both otherwise not interfering in their lives i.e. The Rule of Law is about guaranteeing that relationships are conducted upon the basis of consent not coercion : for the government to use The State as a means of coercion without adhering to this principle i.e. the purpose of making a law is to publicly define and therefore warn of the kind of sufficient collective coercion to prevent one individual coercing another that criminals and victims can expect to be used by those entrusted to govern The State : The Law describes The Republic and The Judiciary decides how to interpret it - hence whilst it can only exercise its powers passively for the most part The Supreme Court is more powerful than The National Assembly which exercises its powers actively : this is in order to prevent the kinds of dangerous corruption of the government as has happened for centuries in The United Kingdom which is de facto an Aristocracy which captured its Monocracy and made it its employee - indeed whilst The Royal Family are captives held in a gilded cage they are de facto as much the property of The Aristocracy as are The Democrats and The Hierocrats ... This is how a " stasis " works - and all of the signs are at present that the present world-wide Aristocratic stasis is going to be contended in various places by an alliance between Democrats, Monocrats and Hierocrats i.e. Islamic, Hindu and Christian Fundamentalists are whipping up enthusiasms for violent groups and hoping to be rewarded if these mini-Monocrats succeed in overthrowing e.g. The Aristocrats in Saudi Arabia. If The Revolution of The Wheel of The World is truly upon us then The Republicans of The Classical world would probably give you this advice - " WE TOLD YOU SO - BUT YOU WOULD NOT LISTEN WOULD YOU ? - OH NO ! - THOUGHT THAT YOU KNEW BETTER THAN US - BUT WE HAVE SEEN ALL OF THIS BEFORE - THAT IS WHY WE WARNED YOU TO MODERATE YOUR BEHAVIOUR : ONLY THE CENTRE OF THE WHEEL STAYS STILL - THE STARS ALL TURN AROUND POLARIS ... OPPOSE ALL THOSE WHO BID FOR POWER OVER SOCIETY - MONOCRATS, ARISTOCRATS, DEMOCRATS, HIEROCRATS - AND DAI REPWBLIC ! "

" No - mo - crats - for - no - more - crats ! "

We can of course never rid ourselves of those who try to coerce others into non-consenting relationships : " The Law is like The Plumb Board " - the original Circle with an" A " shaped symbol inside it which The Anarchists adapted for their emblem - it was a multi-purpose mason's tool which could be used to determine whether walls were upright, walls level and corners square ( and come to think of it you could also use it to pitch rooves with.) The Divine Law therefore as taught by The Freemasons, the law by which to construct a sound house or a comfortable home for society - or at least a convivial social group not merely dedicating to drinking too much and fantasising about overthrowing despotic regimes like The Welsh Government - consisted of Liberty ( = upright behaviour, The Rule of Law is what makes Freedom possible ) Equality ( = everyone on an equal level encourages them to behave well, so everyone must be equal before the law because otherwise this destroys The Rule of Law ) and Fraternity ( maintaining upright behaviour and putting everybody on the level is the right angle on these things blah blah ... Smile ... The major point to note I think is that in The United Kingdom it is axiomatic that The Government and those dealing with it are licenced by Sovereignty to violate these basic principles of society - The United Kingdom is The Complete Ultraism - conducted absolutely " beyond the bounds " as a coalition of communities which are mutually interdependent yet vying with each other for their share of the spoils in The Despoilation of The People ... We might compare their dealings with The People in Wales with the way that a pack of hyenas fight over a wounded animal - attacking both their victims and each other, vying for the opportunity to tear further pieces out of us whilst snarling and snapping at each other ... I do not just mean The Democrats here - The Hierocrats ( e.g. The Western Mail, The BBC, S4C ... arguably me also ... ) - The Aristocrats ( e.g. The National Health Service, Supermarkets, Google etc ) - The Monocrats ( e.g. The Police, Security Services, Armed Forces ... as we saw in The Miners' Strike - the ambience in which The Cardiff Illuminati began ... ) ... Ultraism will always be with us but it is like criminality - it is only legitimate and legal until a bunch of The People in Wales sit down and say the political equivalent of " We do not think that by being married to a person you can argue that obtaining things by coercion from them is thereby made legitimate is acceptable : rape is rape." The only trouble with this point of view is the problem of getting rapists to make a law against rape, to persuade The Democrats to make their own behaviour illegal - in other words to volunteer to limit the power of governments.
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 06, 2016 11:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

If you find the argument above to be puzzling and feel anxious about a person arguing against " The Democrats in Wales and Westminster " - look at the laws on The Statute Book - we have no means to know hoe and where these laws originate from but watch how they are legislated : there is very little public scrutiny - and there have been some spectacular examples of how poor scrutiny in The Welsh Assembly and The House of Commons is - bizarrely the credibility of their " democracy " has often only been rescued at the last minute by those unelected mis-representatives in The Housebof Lords who apparently can not make any money out of their roles there ( other than fiddling their expense claim forms.)

If you want to know what kind of stasis has control over your political system then look at The Statute Book - our stasis is Aristocratic so all laws are determined in terms of economic interests and most laws passed therefore are concerned with those interests. Employee and trade union protection is being steadily destroyed regardless of The Democrats being Right or Left - consumer laws are being undermined - and Legal Aid is now only available for the criminals not their victims.

Alternatively look at the economy : by definition - according to their own claims - Democracy delivers an egalitarian and relatively socially secure society, but de facto The United Kingdom is historically one of the most wealthy yet poverty stricken societies and simultaneously boasts of being stable and " democratic " for centuries - France in contrast has often not been stable or democratic - yet the quality of life in France - despite being economically wrecked six times within one hundred and fifty years of first becoming a republic - is actually better. That is not because The People in France have successfully expelled The Ultraists but because they have institutional arrangements which keep them more successfully under check ... But of course Ultraists are always conniving at how to get influence within political systems e.g. why not make presently illegal drugs legal, after all think of all of that lucrative potential tax revenue for failing economies ... said The United Kingdom to The Chinese Emperor whilst holding a gun to his head ... The People in The United States of America have a similar problem with the promotion of the addiction to firearms - the gun-pushers have a tremendous hold over some local economies and it is hardly surprising that illegally dealing in drugs and guns tends to go together - they play on the same human weakness ... You might also consider the vested private interests of the private prison companies in funding politicians willing to promote punitively lengthy prison sentences which provide them with a ( mostly black ) slave labour force and guaranteed profits both from being paid to incarcerate them and a guaranteed sale of numberplates stamped out for The State ... This is what will happen to us all eventually if we accept the idea that we are The Property of The State : they will progressively introduce laws to define us all as potential criminals - which is basically what The Soviet Union did in order to provide itself with slave labour in The Googlag.

Of course the biggest money-spinner of all and therefore the reason for The Republicans in Wales and The World to not only be opposed to Militarism but to its attempts to consolidate a power base within The State in order to constantly orient it towards its private interest - war ... It is because that leads to Monocracy which is the most incompetent form of government which constantly threatens the destruction not only of The People in Wales and The World but of the civilisation itself. And today serendipituously - right now - The House of Commons are debating The Chilcot Report ... No wonder Jeremy Corbyn refused to resign - but can one good man redeem The United Kingdom in The Eye of God ? ... No - not this lot : not even when taken with a pillar of salt ...
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