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PostPosted: Thu Sep 19, 2013 11:50 pm    Post subject: Credo Cymru Reply with quote

Wales was unusual in the Middle Ages as it gave women rights. I have a suspect memory that it gave badgers rights too but don't quote me on it. I'm not saying it was the best place in Europe to be a woman. The Brehon laws of Ireland did better. By Hywel Dda's time, feudalism had reared its ugly head to our detriment.

All the same, foreigners were scandalised that Welshwomen had rights. They said the laws of Hywel Dda came from the Devil. At the time of the Treason of the Blue Books, we were still being chastised for not persecuting unmarried mothers.

Welshwomen in Patagonia could vote from the 1860s. It's right, I think, that this inspired the Hispanic and Native American communities to follow suit. So we were a light to the nations.

But lo and behold, once sexual equality became fashionable, we were accused of being backward troglodytes. Circa 1979 British newspapers were alleging without evidence that Welsh women were the most oppressed in Europe.

The Anglican Church in Wales leaned over backwards to provide the evidence. It held out grimly against accepting women priests. In 1997 Desmond Tutu said he was praying that this poor benighted country would see the light. It was very good of him but it was also an embarrassment. To be seen as a pariah country by South Africans just three years after the end of apartheid was a salutary humiliation.

Good Desmond's prayers were answered. I attended a meeting of Credo Cymru, the anti-priestess faction. A priest opened by saying ''We're not bigots; we're not misogynists; we're traditionalists.'' A female member then rose to complain about the 'insensitivity' of ordaining a lot of 'females' on the same day. She pronounced 'females' as if it was a swear word.

A sane looking man then stated that they should not worry because there was no such thing as a woman priest. There would just be a lot of so-called ordained women 'or cows'. This was met with half suppressed applausive laughter.

I hadn't had much hope of Credo Cymru as I had personally been victimised by the narcissistic monster who was then its chairman. But I was a bit shocked.

John Davies quoted someone who said Llandaff Diocese had 'a bizarre subculture that despises women.' Not only were these bigots not typical of Welsh people. They were often imports from elsewhere.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 06, 2014 10:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Oh by-the-God-that-I-dont-believe-in-but-have-some-faith-in : I was bursting out laughing at this one - thanks, excuse me for not being able to now add a proper reply whilst I lay down on the floor and try to control myself Laughing
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 07, 2014 5:27 pm    Post subject: Reply to Dai Reply with quote

Well, it didn't seem very funny at the time Credo Cymru were holding their AGM. They came across as so spiteful and childish, it was pretty depressing. I had a personal reason as well as an academic one for being there.

I was suffering from PTS after being bullied by the female chairman of Credo Cymru in her capacity as warden of a single sex hall of residence. Someone said he'd heard it was the female equivalent of Dotheboys Hall. It was.

The demon headmistress of Dothegirls Hall presumably thought women should be unassuming and meek. Did she practise what she preach? Did she feck!

Strangely or not as you may think, before she was converted to Anglicanism, she was the Baptist equivalent of a woman priest. By the time I knew her, she was a lay nun. Or as my friend Liz put it, she was a part time nun.

People in holy orders are often the best people you could hope to meet. But a good number are the absolute opposite. It's tragic that they're often taken at face value as the good people they claim to be, and are given positions of power, in which they are lethal.

We have no problem with accepting that cult leaders can be expected to be dishonest exploiters. But up until the scandal about Catholic priests, it looks like we had no critical faculties at all.

Roger was at a lecture given by a counsellor. The counsellor said either "Priests are often psychopaths" or "Psychopaths often become priests." The audience burst out laughing. They really thought it was a joke. He said, "No, I mean it!"

Perhaps then, instead of fifty per cent of the population being ineligible to be priests, a hundred per cent of the population should be ineligible to be priests, because we don't need priests.

It was really terrifying that this woman was able to be a magistrate. M y friend Liz was representing clients who had a very delicate case which needed skilful handling when she was a young solicitor. The door opened and the headmistress of Dothegirls Hall came in. Liz thought, "Oh no, it's her!" She took her clients aside and said, "I must tell you you'll never get any sense out of this woman. She's totally mad and she's also a part time nun."

They were grateful. They said, "Thank you for telling us this." Other people said, "A part time nun! How can you be a part time nun? Chastity on Tuesdays and Thursdays?"

Who can fathom female misogynists? There might be quite a sad reason for it in this case. Apparently, she lost her mother in infancy which may explain a lot. Perhaps she felt female relatives were unreliable, but that's not a excuse for persecuting people.

Well, the demon headmistress is dead now and she was an anachronism when she was alive. It's badgers we should be concerned with. Do you know how badgers are treated in Pembrokeshire?
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 24, 2014 2:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear Marianne,

I know exactly how badgers are being treated in Wales - that's why I kicked around the idea of using badgers for depicting the way in which Republicans in Wales are treated ... it is also what kicked me off using the old " We don't need no stinking badgers " gag ... the trouble with drawing cartoons is that they are so time consuming but memorable - one which I failed to draw was a rubber dinghy floating in front of Y Senedd where amongst the possible captions was something like " Right : there's their hole - shall we gas them, shoot them or vaccinate them ? " - " VACCINATION ! - THAT'S FOR COWS ! "

" Vaccination " was invented in the 18th century : the word is derived from ' vacca ' the Latin for ' cow ' - because they used small knives to gather puss from people infected with cowpox to use to innoculate people against smallpox. There is a link to Republicanism here in that knowledge of the practice was spread through ' The Republic of Letters ' which was - I hope that you wish to know - the ' female ' part of ' The Enlightement ' which was centred upon the ' salonnières ' who created its culture of politeness i.e. taught men behaving badly not to do so. When this culture spread to England the female intellectuals excluded from the various institutions who tried instead to recreate the practices of civilised behaviour in Europe they were dubbed ' Blue-stockings ' and constantly badgered ... but when Beau Brummell took up the cause of reforming men's behaviour, he was not.




ACTUALLY - TO PICK UP THIS POINT ABOUT FEMALE MISOGONISTS - HAVE YOU SEEN THIS PROGRAMME ? This also has a link to Republicanism - Mary Beard brings her talk to an end by recounting how Fulvia finally paid back Cicero for using his rhetorical skills against her when she had no other recourse to refute him because it was impossible for Roman women to be able to speak in public. I found this to be a very enjoyable lecture.

BBC iplayer - available until - 3:49AM Mon, 24 Mar 2014


" Oh Do Shut Up Dear ! " ... Mary Beard on the Public Voice of Women

From torn-out tongues to internet trolls, Mary Beard explores how women's voices have been silenced in the public sphere throughout the history of Western culture. Using examples that range from Homer's Odyssey to contemporary politics and from the writings of Henry James to threatening posts on Twitter, Beard argues that public speaking has all too often been regarded as 'men's business' and that commonly held attitudes to the voice of authority need to be readdressed and reappraised. Part of the London Review of Books Winter lecture series recorded at the British Museum.


Dear Marianne,

I'm sorry about that iplayer thing going out of date within hours : totally typical of me at the moment that I had not grasped what day it was - but here is a link to a pdf about Fulvia who was Mark Antony's PDF - P *** D *** F *** - this is the make up your own acronym game because I'm suddenly scared to risk it on the Seiat Gwragedd - ! - suitable suggestions please girls on any size of postcard : I'm not going to give out my address !!!


A STUDY OF FULVIA - Allison Jean Weir - 2007 - an MA thesis submitted to the Department of Classics, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

There's actually a load of stuff out there on the interwebby-thingummijjig - care to spend an evening with a pot of tea to formulate an opinion of her ?

Have you got the hang of how put images into posts now ? Quick lesson ?

Look for an image on Google : this was the search and I picked the one top left * after which it is presented with choice of ' view page ' or ' view image ' and I know that this wikipedia image will have free copyright so I chose the latter - but without Google you can go on the wikipedia pages [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fulvia ] and double click to go to the image source for the following purpose -


Above your edit box click the [img] button and then paste the image address the click that button again to get [/img] which posts the image inside them - usually : let me just do that with


Ta-raah !

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