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( DOES NOT MENTION THE MAMOUTHS ! ) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Original_affluent_society

( DOES MENTION THE DINOSAURS ! ) - http://www.schillerinstitute.org/economy/phys_econ/worldeconomiccrisis.html

I will leave you to Goo-ball some of that sort of stuff for yourselves - I am always hoping that somebody will some day grasp that these are stubs to be added to with further ideas and comments, that Y Repwblic is not a blog - and instead invite you to just add up for yourselves on the back of an envelope how much money you possess at the present moment ... meanwhile have a look at this :



American desires reflect the American imagination : if you wipe your arse on Old Glory they go completely nuts and you will be lucky to be arrested because otherwise you risk being lynched - if I understand their laws correctly, the things we do to Y Ddraig Goch are unthinkable for Americans yet ... OK THIS IS JUST ME I SUPPOSE - AND I AM AN AMATEURISH VEXILOLOGIST WHO RECREATES HISTORIC FLAGS ... for us a flag is a rag on a stick : we would have no difficulty in burning the Union Flag - indeed this still happens occasionally in Wales - and I would have no difficulty in burning Y Ddraig Goch at Cilmeri if in doing so I thought that by deliberately offending the Nationalist day-dreams associated with it I could demonstrate something. Like wise if a Nationalist burnt Y Trilliw and deliberately offended the Republican day-dreams that I associate with it I would want to know what they were trying to demonstrate to me. Burning other people's flags in Wales is more or less a form of performance art, indeed it is something which you have to practice beforehand : try it for yourself - go out and buy a dozen assorted flags of those sorts of people whose behaviour offends you and try figuring out appropriate forms of destruction for them ... BUT ...

... one proviso : you have to BUY them - DO NOT MIX UP POLITICAL PROTEST WITH GRATUITOUS LAW-BREAKING : IF YOU COMPOUND A LEGITIMATE DEMONSTRATION WITH AN ILLEGITIMATE ACT THEN IT DISCREDITS THE ARGUMENT ... people have apparently dubbed me " The Policeman " because I keep laying the emphasis upon this : the difference between ( Pure ) Democracy and ( Pure ) Republicanism is that between " The Sovereignty of The People " and " The Sovereignty of The Law." The reason why minorities like " The Welsh in The Kingdom of England " reach for Republicanism is because " The English in The Kingdom of England " outnumber us fifteen to one : the threat of majority rule in the political system called The United Kingdom is that The English make The Welsh conform to The English Law, which in fact is no law at all but a rag-bag of ignorances, prejudices and bigotries carried with a big stick. Or indeed hoisted up an even bigger stick.

Thus neither Devolution nor Independence can ever be a defence against our neighbours' behaviour - whether they are English, European, American or Martian : we need to argue for The Rule of Law in Wales i.e. a proper political system which does not result in these arbitrary laws which can be made, re-made or un-made at the whim of the Labour & Cooperative Party, Conservative & Unionist Party, Liberal Democrat Party or Plaid Cymru who all desire to secure majorities - and thus insist upon securing the political system called The United Kingdom in pursuit of their daydreams of what they will do one elected to the brief dictatorships which it licences - because The Democrats in Wales desire to impose their day-dreams on our realities ... in other words we need to argue for the political system which rejects majority rule, rejects the nation-state, rejects The Rule of Desire, which rejects Day-Dreamocracy - but which embraces The Republic in Wales : NOMOCRACY !

... you know, with just a slip of the scribble there I could have written ... NUMOCRACY !

... I am etymologically wetting myself now : I can't Golegol this ... NUMISOCRACY !

... Legogol came up with ... ISOCRACY ! ... which I must surely save up for rainy day ...

Back to J S G Boggs then - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._S._G._Boggs

Boggs is an American artist who inadvertently ran into one of the cultural divides between The English and The Americans ... The English fondly like to imagine that Americans are money-grubbing gutter-snipes who worship the dollar bill whereas they imagine themselves to be a cultured nation who view money as a vulgar thing - in fact The Americans are altogether too much like The People in The North who say things like " Where there's muck there's brass ! " and who can not not speak English properly at all e.g. they insist upon such vulgar common miserable things as using the correct English second person singular " Thee, Thou, Thine, etc " whereas The People in The South are of course always mixing it with The Aristocracy and therefore instinctively expect to be addressed in the second person plural " You, You, Your " because they all imagine themselves to potentially be Aristocrats and because historically The Republicans in England - especially London, where most of The Aristocrats tended to hang out - made a very big point of addressing The Aristocrats in England as " Thee, Thou, Thine, etc " and so it dangerously marked you out politically if you continued to use a form of personal address which implied " Liberty, Equality, Fraternity."

This refusal to address single persons as if they were many persons may have its origins in Ranterism, a political consequence of the Pantheist idea - which outraged the Anglican and Presbyterian clergy who were bulwarks of The Aristocracy - because in seeing the God whom they loved in each and every man, woman, child, dog, table and tree, the Ranters addressed them as embodiments of God and therefore used the second person singular to assert their love for all. The Aristocrats and their clergy did not want to be loved but feared : they demanded to be addressed as " You " because originally they were the leaders of armies and congregations and other men, women, children, dogs, tables and trees etc were counted as their property in their estates and parishes. Although it is grammatically correct, in modern English the use of " Thee " is accounted to be archaic, quaint, abnormal, Comic North etc - whereas bizarrely insisting upon the use of " You " as a means to assert that you were absolutely loyal to The Aristocracy resulted in a sort of levelling upwards which resulted in a perverse sort of egalitarianism in which the poor identified themselves in their speech with the rich who in turn reciprocated in the same way, no longer addressing their servants and tenants in the same way that they addressed their other livestock. About all that remains of the use of " Thee " in English is in addressing God and yet that is another inversion because the Trinitarian God is in fact " plural."


1781 – Bank of North America

Robert Morris, the Financier of the Continental Congress, created the Bank of North America with two purposes in mind: creating a strong currency and funding the war against Great Britain with loans from France and the Netherlands. While the Bank of North America would become a private bank, it would remain a powerful source of finance throughout the 1800s, providing the Federal government loans in support of the War of 1812 and the Civil War.



There is another example of this kind of inversion of meaning or significance to be found in Numismatics ... did they not teach you at school that it was a Liverpuddlian-Welsh American who created the financial means for George Washington to win The American War of Independence ? The surname Morris appears all over the history of The Revolution in America - not however to be confused with the war, which was just an consequence of The Aristocrats in The United Kingdom refusing to agree to do politics ...







THE BLACK SHEEP OF THE FAMILY - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Staats_Long_Morris

There is probably more, but take a look at that bank note ... the coinage in circulation in the American colonies came out of their trade with The United Kingdom of Great Britain - which was not yet united with Ireland - and a lot of it departed again when they paid had the East India Company for their tea ... well, you probably know that it became an American's patriotic duty to drink coffee without any sugar in it because tea and sugar ceased to be available once The War of Independence started ... but with the shortage of money it also became patriotic not to ask to be paid in gold or silver coinage because that was needed to pay the French for arms etc. Note the very intimate nature of these banknotes that were issued by the Americans in lieu of hard cash : sure, there is the promise involved that in the end they will be redeemable for gold or silver dollars ... if The United States of America wins the war ... in other words, using such banknotes was a patriotic duty and insisting upon payment in gold or silver coinage was tantamount to declaring that you were against the Republican cause. They are not like modern banknotes : every single one of them is actually signed by a real person and this amounted to a personal pledge to the bearer - bearing upon his own integrity as a person, and so these were the tangible evidence the public collectivity of The American Social Contract suffusing the private individuality of every personal contract. These flimsy banknotes have survived because they are valued for what they are not what they can buy : they are worthless as currency yet those who desire them pay huge sums of money for them ... but what exactly are they trying to buy ? ...

... Money is arguably not solely a human innovation ... it may well have been the dinosaurs who invented it, if the behaviour of their descendents the birds offers us some clues ... it is not implausible that most dinosaurs courted and brought their beloveds gifts to impress them, built them lovely nests, danced erotically in circles around them ... I suppose that we might well imagine also what their beloveds thought of their behaviour ... " I wish he was a little taller really ... I wonder if he really wears glasses, this really is a very dull rock ... and frankly his nest is even duller, but I guess that I can tart this bachelor pad up a bit later ... dullest of all is this ... well ... oh - ah ! - that is supposed to be dancing is it ? ... Phew ... Yiw ... Ugh ... I know - when he next does that thing with his tail ... I will just grab the rock - and roll ... and ... and ... invent Separatist Feminism - and RUN ! " ... And that my friends was surely an important early lesson in how The Rights of Dinosaurs in Republicanism rests solely upon the nature of their relationships in the family : Discosaurus was the first dinosaur to become extinct, and then Separatist Feminism soon did for the rest of them too - so forget all of those rubbishy scientific explanations involving meteorites, evolution and time-travelling big game safari hunters, OK ?

Now what we can learn from the fate of the designersaurs is all to be found in the courtship rituals of the various birds around us e.g. millionaires tend to offer their birds shiny sports cars, those of lesser means shiny brochures to pick out what he is offering to hold down three jobs in order to buy, and those of us who are thus made consequently chronically unemployed resort to keeping an eye out for skips in those neighbourhoods where the unhappily married are throwing out their now slightly less shiny things in order to make room for yet more offerings made in the name of marriage. The origins of money clearly lie in the need for shiny things to impress our birds with and long before gold and silver and copper and platinum credit cards there were such things as shells and beads and rocks ... obviously our use of these shiny things is ungodly, so we must presume that this has all been the result of Richard Dawkins' intrepid efforts as a time-traveller to save our species from the same fate which befell the dinosaurs : clearly money has been mankind's salvation when it comes to persuading womankind to take an interest in us ... believe me, in my own life it has proven to be a much more effective means to courtship than either my dancing or my skipping ...

All over Wales you can find heaps of rather dull rocks thrown out by rather disappointed women who - being solicitous of their beloved's feelings - made various excuses to go for a walk up their local mountain where they promptly discarded these dull things and then wandered back down some other side where inevitably they would find some other dull thing jigging around with his pockets full of rocks. Perhaps you do not believe me - but I wish to assure you that not only are some of these cairns of a considerable size but it seems to be the invariable case that they are to be found standing in the least populous places : Welsh women are notoriously fickle lovers - take some of mine for example ... no - take the lot of them ... I reckon that all that these Welsh Separatist Feminists really want to do to men is to rip their rocks off ... I suspect that it must be the same All over The World ... it may well be the case that the highest mountains in The World started out as molehills before these Separatist Feminists started to build upon them ... oh, well ... perhaps Welsh Women are not so bad then ... not in South Wales anyway.

Now, to skip over the history of the means of sexchange to the purpose of money as it exists now : to misquote the famously almost Welsh Bard - " Leave every rock behind : we are dull stuff, our dreams are but made up - and our little lives are ground down by a ( bleep.) " - indeed ... when shiny things became negotiable instruments it did not lessen their intrinsic value, but once we ended up with tarnished dull coppers going through our pockets it just seemed that justice was lacking in that situation ... money was no longer beautiful but just became a means to an unjust end : obtaining it became merely a matter of avoiding death instead of courting life ... but still, paper money has gradually become prettier and the dull stuff that is issued in The United Kingdom now actually has some shiny bits added to it, and most Democratic countries like to put paint pretty pictures on their paper currencies now ... but of course we are different from those money-grubbing gutter-snipes The Americans who ... well, actually their bank-notes are rather dull - in fact ... so dull ... that - hey ! - surely they would not allow anybody to do to " Old Glory " what they do to their " Dead Presidents " - ?

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Glory ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slang_terms_for_money#United_States




There are thousands of examples out there, defacing bank notes is an American national sport - especially defacing " The Dead Presidents " bills : so much for the popular idea in Wales that Americans worship The Almighty Dollar - they do not - and it is worthwhile comparing the economies of The United Kingdom where it is supposed that we think that money is a vulgar thing and The United States of America where supposedly it is not. This is not merely snobbery - it is merely a projection onto The People in America of what is actually practised by The People in Wales : you very rarely see a defaced bank note in Wales and you certainly will not see one framed and hung in an art gallery. I am inclined to see in The People in Wales a certain kind of envious awe of the wealth of The People in America but this awe is more to do with all of the shiny things which Americans have - the envy is explained away by their supposedly ardent worship of money : where does that explanation come from ? It comes out of The United Kingdom as a political system which teaches The People in Wales that money is to be depreciated and hard work is to be admired ... think that through for yourself for a moment ...

... The People in Wales have in many places the lowest standards of living in The United Kingdom and many are paid below the legal minimum wage, are on zero hour contracts and being forced by the banks refusing to deal with erratic earnings into using their allied subsiduaries the pay-day loan shark companies, not only do we find ourselves holding down as many as three jobs at once to make ends meet ( e.g. in my late twenties I worked for nothing to support my partner to establish her business, and besides that we both held down two jobs : she did not have to work Sundays and I had a weekend night shift and without her I could not function because I would get up Friday morning and work two jobs through until arriving home Saturday - get fed, sleep, get fed - work through Saturday night - get fed, go to Meeting for Worship Sunday morning, attend a Meeting for Business Sunday afternoon, finally get to see each other Sunday evening ... the fact is that on Sundays if she had not been nudging when I snored in Meeting for Worship and quietly explaining to me what my fuddled brain was not taking in of the Meeting for Business I would not have held it all together ...

Of course it is one of the political axioms upon which The United Kingdom is anchored that The Welsh are ignorant, feckless and workshy and our plaintive requests for enough to live on have always been met with stern admonitions to educate ourselves, to not waste their money on drink and to learn the value of hard work - and of course not to be so vulgar as to ever again mention the subject of wages. Just let me remind you of the economic history of The Welsh - dates off the top of my head : first iron export industry 1580s ; first atmospheric steam engine installed to pump water 1630s ; first provincial merchant banks 1720s ; first industrial use of water mills to power weaving 1750s ; first mass distribution of a finished product - slate 1760s ; first mass production of a metal for distribution to manufacturers - copper 1780s ; first commercial attempt to run a steam locomotive 1800s etc - and in the next hundred years The Welsh provided virtually everything that The British Empire ran on - and yet stayed at home : Wales was the only country in 19c Europe to experience overall immigration - in other words, those not running to America ran to Wales ... a country which more or less officially did not exist - still does not exist - and was being officially damned then as now by The United Kingdom as being backward and ignorant ... uh ? ...

... The People in Wales ? ... The nation which started The Industrial Revolution ( without any help from The United Kingdom - except to tax us ) which taught itself and became the most literate nation in Europe ( without any help from The United Kingdom - except to allege that our native tongue was subversive ) which organised welfare schemes for the sick, injured, disabled, widowed and orphaned ( without any help from The United Kingdom - except that it provided the need to have these in the first place ) which organised political agitation to ask for ballots ( without any help from The United Kingdom - except that it occasionally did get agitated and provided The Welsh with a political alternative - bullets ) which uniquely in the whole of Europe created its own national institutions with contributions volunteered from small incomes already subjected to heavy taxation on every basic necessity - even bread ( without any help from The United Kingdom - except to further raise the price of bread ) ... OK ... I have to admit that The People in Wales have failed to apply themselves in one critical aspect of their economic history ... they have minded their own business instead of taking pity on The People in England and going over there to explain to them the number of benefits to be got from the continued existence of The United Kingdom.

I rarely mention Northern Ireland because what happened there in recent times is not only complicated and mired in controversy but I am doubtful as to whether even those who have lived through it can make sense of it ; it is rather rude to pontificate upon the causes of their miseries. What can not be denied but is resolutely denied by the supporters of The United Kingdom is that a civil war took place within their supposedly happy realm - and the root cause of it was the way in which the economy was organised by those who controlled the political system called The United Kingdom : the same political system which has been devolved into Wales - and I mean " into." But before this happened ( sixteen years ago as I write ) in order to prevent that misery from happening here, the lessons of the conflict in Northern Ireland were being applied in The Barnett Formula which redistributes some of the expenditure of The United Kingdom to its poorer regions - for want of a more inclusive word - and thus Scotland and Wales and various parts of England were supposedly let down gently into our economic decline ... but note the consequence which has every appearance of being intentional : the supporters of the political system called The United Kingdom created mass dependency upon welfare - they simultaneously drove down wages and provided welfare support. As a consequence their rhetoric of damning the poor for being feckless, lazy and unambitious became meaningless because those who managed to keep a job were often worse off than the permanently unemployed - and this policy seems to have incorporated a pernicious long term plan.

Those thrust into chronic poverty are unable to live normal human lives, unable to save money because unable to earn more than enough to not live on so they have no basis for normal human ambitions. Unable to afford a home, unable to afford a marriage, unable to give their family a future - they are provided with inexpensive distractions, encouraged to indulge in casual sex, encouraged to believe that The Welfare State will provide them with a substitute for the next generation of their family. If they are unfortunate enough to conceive a child which the supporters of The United Kingdom do not want they need not worry : The British Human Rights Act will soon enshrine the right of all of those who have become impoverished to murder their own children in order to not financially inconvenience those who are not feckless, lazy or unambitious - and who will soon be able to exercise their British Parliamentary Right to silence anybody who dares to contradict them ... but then again ... parliamentary votes are like notes : these are the bright and shiny stuffs which make up the negotiable currencies of The Democrats in Wales and The World ... they are indeed such stuff as The United Kingdom is made of ... which its supporters are now planning to enforce compliance with by legislation ... Now whilst no amount of my day-dreaming out loud will bring an end to the political system of The United Kingdom, these economic policies of The Day-Dreamocrats of Wales and The World probably now will - and what then ?


Why do I propose such a provocative scenario ? Surely that is " Beyond The Boundary " - indeed The Democrats in Wales and The World as " Ultraists " will this a difficult one to catch : they are caught up in their Day-Dreamocracy and obviously believe that the political system called The United Kingdom will simply continue as before - and they want it to do so ... but as I have mentioned elsewhere : if it does not involve money - it is not politics ... what is going on in Wales - and England and Scotland and Northern Ireland - is not finding its way into their day-dreams ... I had to go file some papers at the desk of a local court yesterday and I had yet another one of those conversations about how deeply the cuts are biting into the legal system in Wales ... I do not want to be too rude about The People Who Thought That Their Jobs Were Secure ... but normally in dealing with various officials of The United Kingdom they tend to view The People Who Are Poor as livestock on their farm : they never dreamed that the same fate might befall them - they thought that they were safely inside the boundary which The Democrats in Wales and The World create around themselves : that is how Ultraists work.

... Several months ago I was in a conversation with one of these professional witnesses who was not only describing their work and their pay being savagely cut - and that they have to constantly spend time on trying to persuade those who owe them money to pay up - but also how some barristers are actually working for what amounts to less than the minimum wage ... many of these conversations are bitten off : gagging orders are out and these people are often distressed, pale and trembling - on the verge of tears - and no, I do not want to sneer at those whose lives are now disintegrating through no fault of their own : the fault lies with those who support the political system called The United Kingdom - those of all parties who loudly proclaim themselves to be The Democrats in Wales and The World and who loudly denounce those who oppose their continued misrule, even those who propose to introduce the conventional institutions of Democracy ... why ? ... because those institutions would ruin the non-political system which I call The Dis-United Kingdom, because it is constitutionally and therefore economically an Aristocracy which in the 19c learned to disguise itself with some voting - which is why I call those who serve them " The Demockerats " - but I have come to believe that it is the corrupt and corrupting nature of Democracy itself which actually enabled this to come about.

My friends are very upset by my ripping through my Republican-Democratic beliefs and trying to dig out every dangerously Democratic idea : just because my simplified Pure Republican argument makes coherent sense is of course of no consequence in Republican circles where criticising and contradicting the arguments of others is compulsive if not compulsory. To briefly convey the reasoning of Pure Republicanism : all societies make political decisions but that does not necessarily involve anything that we might recognise as a political system still less alone a state e.g. in Anarcho-Republicanism there are various proposals for ways and means to make political decisions and typically these are to construct pluralistic legal systems which the participants can then consent to abide by for the limited purposes of each. Pure Anarchy is far more laissez faire, ad hoc and conducted solely on trust : if things are not working out for the individual in question then they simply wander off e.g. " Well, the sex was so-so, I did not really fancy her ... I certainly do not fancy sticking around to help bring up her brat - and, after all - she is an adult and she ought to accept responsibility for what she does, she can always go take her exams next year." In contrast, Anarcho-Republicanism is based on The Social Contract and legal practices which might well be classifiable as mediation e.g. A Muslim wants to wed a Hindu but they want to be sure both of the laws governing their marriage and of offending both of their families, so they decide to convert to Zen and thus run off to live in a monastery run by Feminist Separatists and Slavo-Masochists some where in West Wales where they live in a celibate marital bliss in which he is not allowed to ever look at her but she is allowed to verbally and physically abuse him upon the sole condition that she can get him to look at her ... of course, it will all go horribly wrong because changing your belief system rarely changes your behaviour very much ... e.g. I am still writing letters and emails to The Democrats in Wales and Westminster and whenever I mention the word " Republican " in whatever combination they do not reply ... the situation is I suppose now getting slightly better - so long as we do not actually turn up and look at them ... or ask them any questions ...

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Price ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Godwin

... Now whilst The Democrats in Wales must of course compulsively disagree with The Republicans in Wales because they think they have All of The Answers ... The Republicans in Wales must of course compulsively disagree with The Democrats in Wales because we think that we have All of The Questions ... and therein lies the difference between the non-political methods of Democrats and the political methods of Republicans ... Pure Democracy is conducted by voting upon an answer which has already been decided by those who have been voted into government - there is no mechanism by which the proposed answer can be questioned in any constructive way, there does not even have to be any debate because the answer is confirmed or denied on the basis of how many votes there are pro- and con- and these are obtained by a whole variety of methods not visible to the observer of these proceedings, mostly by the use of the same kinds of threats and bribes which are on offer to The People Who Think That Their Ballot Is Some Kind Of Lottery Ticket And They Might Win One Of Those Popular Prizes Politicians Promise People ... " Excuse me - I thought that I was about to win a cuddly boy ? " ... " NO QUESTIONS !!! "

Now Democracy is argued to have some merits e.g. it is supposedly a sort of " elect your own philosopher " game in which The Democrats in Wales present us with a selection of cuddly boys - or an even cuddlier girls - who swiftly pass before our eyes with very little opportunity to examine them and then all of the curtains are drawn and all of the lights go out and we find ourselves shut in a cubicle beginning to feel panicky as if this a hugely significant moment in our lives and they sat that we are supposed to be able to remember who we saw and name them or at least describe what colour they are ... Actually remembering what sort of stance they took up is more or less impossible, and anyway they all look the same and talk the same and think the same and will do more or less the same thing because they are all from the same party anyway - The Democrats in Wales. In other words, these are The People Who Support The Non-Political System Called The United Kingdom : it is not political at all, it is just a mechanism by which The Democrats in Wales justify their claim to govern The People in Wales - the claim that by casting a vote The People are giving away their political authority to the state ... if that were indeed the case, what has happened to the " political authority " of those who did not vote for the winning candidate ? Actually it does not matter : once the election is over - whatever the " political authority " of those ballots supposedly was - The Democrats in Wales sweep them up altogether and bin them, burn them, wipe their arses on them ... they have no need of political authority - they have conned The People in Wales once again into letting them do as they please, and they were fully expecting to carry on doing this forever ... but something has gone wrong : The People in Wales have given up on voting.

The People in England have given up voting also : the non-political system called The United Kingdom has began to seriously sway under wave upon wave upon wave of scandal towards the very constitutional reform which The Democrats in Westminster managed to head off back in the 1870s - yes : THE 1870s - that is the last time that The Republicans in Wales and England and Scotland and Ireland stood together, and although they did not get constitutional reform a large number of things which we now take for granted had their origins in that decade - but in the 1870s there were Republican Clubs in every large town and several in each city ... and now there are ... well, more " Republican " groups but most of them think that Republicanism means getting rid of the " Monarchy " but they are so lacking in knowledge of Republicanism that they even confuse it with Democracy ... OK ... that is pardonable, but it is a mistake - and one reason why I opted for Pure Republicanism is that I got fed up trying to explain that the two are different - but usually found in some antagonistic combination in order to provide checks and balances in a constitution.

Now The Democrats in Wales claimed that piecemeal Devolution of some parts of The United Kingdom's non-political system to a Welsh Government would halve our political troubles - and The Republicans in Wales said that this would double our troubles unless this was done in a coherent systematic way. The Devolution of Law Making Powers to The Welsh Government without The Court in Wales to determine disputes within the newly created jurisdiction illustrates this perfectly : it is a very expensive mess - and apparently deliberately so, this is not merely the arbitraryness of Westminster's legislative behaviour : this is more or less complete licence - the Welsh Government has contrived to place itself entirely beyond The Rule of Law. No other European country has such a ridiculous and dangerous constitution, and they can not argue that it is somehow too expensive because Wales is too small : if The Isle of Man can have proper constitutional arrangements then so can Wales whose population is one hundred times larger ... and what is more : The Isle of Man is under The Rule of Law AND under The Crown ( but not The Democrats in Parliament ) i.e. The constitution of The Isle of Man is solid proof that Wales can have a Republican constitution and coexist with The Royal Family providing its titular heads of state - BUT - we can not co-exist with The Democrats in Westminster if they continue to leave us in this political purgatory : we do not per se need independence for Wales - but we urgently need the means to sort out this mess ... We need the means to obtain the information to do so : we need The Democrats in Wales to adopt some Republican methods.

Or at least this : just stop treating The Republicans in Wales like shit !

The first thing that you will hear The Democrats in Wales claim is that " Welsh Republicans " are a fringe community of obnoxious people who still celebrate the history of an even smaller group of criminals who practised property damage in order to coerce those they disagreed with. Well - I am not one of those, which is why I am always careful to make the distinction between Militant Nationalist " Welsh Republicans " or " Blacks " and those who are like myself i.e. Pacifist Internationalist " Republicans in Wales " or " Whites." Now here is what some of The People in Wales regard as the bad news : I too am an extremist but from the opposite fringe community. Now here is the good news : " Blacks " and " Whites " are but the far distant ends of a continuous spectrum of The People in Wales who identify themselves as " Republican " - and there are an awful lot of them : opinion polls consistently report about one in five of The People in Wales say this - 500,000 to 6000,000 ... So : have you spotted any barricades across your street recently ? ... Masked gunmen stopping your car on the road into your village ? ... Explosions ? ... Guillotines ? ... No, I did not think so ... I do run into " Blacks " occasionally and I argue the toss with them as with everybody I meet : very few of The People in Wales actually know what Republicanism is, and most of those that I meet who do tend to be rather quiet gentle eccentrics who read rather too many books ...

" The Republicans in Wales " that I generally meet are almost always Anti-Militarist and Pro-Peace - and Anti-Socks and Pro-Sandals as well : but that is of course the kind of company that I keep myself ... but then unlike others I am interested in The People That I Disagree With, like the " Blacks " - and the " Blues " " Greens " " Yellows " " Oranges " " Reds " " Purples " - as well as other " Whites " who are often very disagreeable ... so how can I talk of a Republicanism in which there is every colour, tint and shade of political opinion - how can such a incoherent bunch of contradictory viewpoints be considered to be a political movement ? Well, from my point of view there is no other kind of political movement : I do not regard Democracy to be " political " but rather it is " non-political " or even " anti-political " and this arises out of my understanding politics to be a decision making process involving the collection of facts and arguments. In my experience, The Democrats in Wales are impervious to political argument and in the first instance as a young man I blamed myself for not being sufficiently able ... but then as the years went by it became obvious that it was The Democrats in Wales who were not sufficiently able, and by the time that decades had gone by I had seen enough to know that they were corrupt, and then finally I concluded that it was indeed Democracy itself that is both corrupt and corrupting - and so at the age of fifty one I took a deep breath and tore every page out of the Republican history book up to the present day, starting with the Corsican Republic - the first Republican Democracy - and at the present moment I am beginning to work out what that means in practical procedures rather than theoretical aesthetics - but as my readers may have noticed, I have started repeating everywhere five key aesthetic values : Truth, Love, Freedom, Peace, Life.

" Pure Republicanism " is " Pure Politics " - its constitutional objective is to make decisions based upon facts and arguments and applying them upon the basis of " The Rule of Law " i.e. everybody is to be governed by the same laws and there are to be no exceptions and the laws must be framed to be in accordance with consistent principles, commonly known as " A Bill of Rights " but this is not Liberal Democratic Republicanism : these rights can only arise in the context of non-consenting relationships in which case they can justify the interventions specified in the applicable law of right without the consent of the contending parties because these rights are not personal possessions : a breach of the peace is an offence against the community and the contending parties can not protest that they have consented to coerce each other. Thus Hierarchy, Democracy, Aristocracy, Monarchy and any other mechanisms of coercion brought to bear upon the deliberations of the political system - or indeed any other methods in any other relationships within society - are deemed not to be consented to and are thus to be classified as " Ultraisms " i.e. " Beyond The Bounds " of the consenting relationships for which the laws are being framed " For The Consideration of The Others " i.e. a Pure Republican legal system is to be determined by " Altruism " - by inclusion, not " Ultraism " - by exclusion.

A Pure Republicanism which is constructed as a political system whose guiding principle is Altruism locates political authority in " The Others " not in The State, which is merely a mechanism for the government of society in accordance with the laws. Traditional formulations of Republicanism talk of " The Sovereignty of The Law " but sovereignty is an idea drawn from medieval theology and it belongs in the heavenly realm along with flying pigs. The Law is sufficient to direct the earthly state, and the state is a mechanism not a person and therefore has no means to contemplate facts and arguments - therefore it can not possess political authority. Offices in the state do not place any officer in the state above the law nor can they possess through their office any political authority, which always resides in those persons who have the means to contemplate the facts and arguments which are the only means by which to make political decisions, and therefore the only basis of political authority.

Traditional formulations of Republicanism describe it as determining the Res Publica through " The General Will " in contra-distinction to Democracy which claimed to determine the Res Publica through " Vox Populi, Vox Dei." These terms were drawn from the decision making practices of the 17c Catholic and Protestant Hierarchies but they had corrupted these decision making processes in different ways. " Vox Populi, Vox Dei " is majority voting - it was favoured by Protestants because they subscribed to " The Priesthood of All Believers " in which the participants were made equal : but the early Puritan sects were composed of exceptionally pious conscientious people. " The General Will " was favoured by The Catholic Church and harks back to The Holy Inquisition when it was under the care of The Franciscans who patiently debated until they came into unity upon a decision - and offended a pope who replaced them with The Dominicans under strict instruction to use persuasive means to bring those who erred back into unity with him ... The Franciscans wore White, Dominicans wore Black.

WHAT WE SHOULD REPLACE THE ENGLISH LEGAL SYSTEM WITH - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inquisitorial_system

Pure Republicanism and Pure Democracy were discarded in the middle of the 18c in favour of balances between the two : by that time the religious ideologies had been displaced by philosophical ideologies which then in turn during the 20c were displaced by scientifical ideologies : in terms of meta-ideology, they merely changed their clothes - the same ideological structures remain from the earliest times but they are always being re-described using contemporary facts and arguments. The model that I am using as a checklist to save me from thinking too hard is predicting that The United Kingdom moving back towards an Aristocratic stasis having paid most off the debts incurred by WW1 and WW2 - and that means that since war is the most profitable of all commercial activities, they are most probably cranking up the political system called The United Kingdom to embark upon WW3. It predicted that opposition to the Aristocratic stasis would converge on the opposite side of the model : Fascism will resurge, and it will both imitate the Aristocracy's cultural norms and also try to seize control of their political system in order to bring an end to any critical political discourse, as happened in Italy, Germany - and Spain, where the Republicans were hunted down and exterminated ... in " The White Terror " ... Oh shit, is nothing ever sacred ? ... Not even " Y Faner Wen ? "


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Law_of_Political_Responsibilities *

[ ( A SHORT CUT ) * THESE THREE PARAGRAPHS DESPATCHED A MILLION INTO MISERY - " Freemasonry, Communism and other clandestine societies ... Dissolved the said organizations ... declare their goods confiscated ... Any propaganda exalting the principles ... of masonry or communism or ... thoughts against religion, homeland and its fundamental institutions and against social harmony ... shall be punished by suppressing newspapers or entities that ( promote these ) ... seizure of their property, and imprisonment ... for cooperating " - NOT A BAD GUY THEN, FRANCO - MUCH MORE EASY GOING ON THOSE WHO ACTUALLY CARRIED WEAPONS AND SHOT AT HIM THAN THERESA MAY IS GOING TO BE UPON THOSE WHO MERELY POLITELY WISH TO EXPRESS THEIR DIFFERENCES - http://www.spinwatch.org/index.php/issues/more/item/5782-will-the-government-s-counter-extremist-programme-criminalise-dissent ]
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Carney indicates interest rates may rise at ' turn of year ' [ i.e. in 2016 ]

Bank of England governor Mark Carney has indicated that UK interest rates could rise "at the turn of this year". In a speech he said that he expected rates to rise over the next three years, reaching "about half as high as historical averages", or about 2%. But he added that shocks to the economy could change the timing and the size of any rate rise. Interest rates have been at 0.5% for six years as the UK economy recovers from the financial crisis. The Monetary Policy Committee will "have to feel its way as it goes," Mr Carney said in a speech at Lincoln Cathedral. He added: "Short term interest rates have averaged around 4.5% since around the Bank's inception three centuries ago. "It would not seem unreasonable to me to expect that once normalisation begins, interest rate increases would proceed slowly and rise to a level in the medium term that is perhaps about half as high as historic averages. "In my view, the decision as to when to start such a process of adjustment will likely come into sharper relief around the turn of this year," he said.



OK : the thread above wandered way off course a bit - but it was to reject the ideas in books like these :


The Future of Money in the Information Age - James A. Dorn


The Future of Money - ORGANISATION FOR ECONOMIC COOPERATION AN DEVELOPMENT - a similar title but a conventional text

Looking to the next few decades, technological advances combined with fairly dramatic economic and social changes could create conditions for the emergence of new, virtual forms of money and credit. On the positive side these digital forms of money could help to create more efficient and more global economies and societies. On the negative side tomorrow’s new forms of money could make it easier to engage in anti-competitive behaviour; exacerbate exclusion and inequality; foster economic volatility; facilitate criminal activity; and even undermine the effectiveness of macroeconomic policy. To examine these issues and advance the dialogue among high-ranking government officials, business leaders and academics, an OECD Forum for the Future conference was held in Luxembourg on 11-13 July 2001. The conference had two primary aims: first, to explore the interrelationship between new forms of money and technological, economic and social change; and second, to consider the implications for leadership in the public and private sectors.


The Black Box Society: The Secret Algorithms That Control Money and Information - Frank Pasquale -

Every day, corporations are connecting the dots about our personal behavior silently scrutinizing clues left behind by our work habits and Internet use. The data compiled and portraits created are incredibly detailed, to the point of being invasive. But who connects the dots about what firms are doing with this information? The Black Box Society "argues that we all need to be able to do so and to set limits on how big data affects our lives. Hidden algorithms can make (or ruin) reputations, decide the destiny of entrepreneurs, or even devastate an entire economy. Shrouded in secrecy and complexity, decisions at major Silicon Valley and Wall Street firms were long assumed to be neutral and technical. But leaks, whistleblowers, and legal disputes have shed new light on automated judgment. Self-serving and reckless behavior is surprisingly common, and easy to hide in code protected by legal and real secrecy. Even after billions of dollars of fines have been levied, underfunded regulators may have only scratched the surface of this troubling behavior. Frank Pasquale exposes how powerful interests abuse secrecy for profit and explains ways to rein them in. Demanding transparency is only the first step. An intelligible"society would assure that key decisions of its most important firms are fair, nondiscriminatory, and open to criticism. Silicon Valley and Wall Street need to accept as much accountability as they impose on others."
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