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PostPosted: Wed Nov 23, 2011 11:01 pm    Post subject: Fasces Reply with quote

Fasces ? Not a popular symbol anymore for political use in Wales, yet they used to be far more common than dragons : by far the most popular symbol for democracy, and I have some other photos around somewhere of them being used before World War One i.e. before the rise of Fascism, which took its name from them. I took these photos this afternoon, please excuse the low quality mobile phone camara : it was an ad-hoc enterprise because I suddenly had an hour on my hands, quite serendipitously as it happened. The ones at the top of this study sheet are in what was the old Prince of Wales theatre, door handles from the 1930's extension to Howells, and decoration to the pilasters between the first floor windows of Howells ; HSBC now own this bank building on Queen Street ; the central rear window of the elevation of what was Glamorgan County Hall, now the university ' Glamorgan ' building, has them beneath the roundel of this trophy sculpture ; and they stand either side of this coat of arms over the rear door of the university's Bute Building. The sculpture in Cathays Park anticipated Cardiff becoming the capital city of Wales, it was part of a long term campaign to become recognised as the foremost Welsh city and claim that prize. Thus a lot of the sculpture is explicitly political and I ought to write about it some more some day on another thread. Anyway, safe to explain that today, when I entered Cardiff City Hall - ' Villa Cardiff ' - on a mission to find a dimly remembered fasces over some doorway, after being in there so many times in pursuit of so many issues over the past thirty years, I certainly was not expecting Cardiff City Council to have grown so bold as to openly decorate the place in this manner ...

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