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Fat is not a Feminist Issue but Eating is a Republican Issue

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 24, 2016 10:39 am    Post subject: Fat is not a Feminist Issue but Eating is a Republican Issue Reply with quote

I did a quick search to see if the issue had already been commented upon and I see that Marianne has already mentioned it briefly here - http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?t=1322&highlight=fat - but I reckon that I have another slant ... so if you will forgive memy ladies - sorry ! - My Fellow Citizennes ... er ...is " fellow " male ?

Just dragging myself out of bed this morning to do various chores and have several Welsh breakfasts but skipping the coffees ... and vaguely thinking about how much criticism The Democrats have been handing out recently to The People in Obesity ... sure - we tend not to take this problem too seriously and I can not think of any jokes about smokers although I can think of a few about drinkers - but what I was thinking about was that basically what The Democrats are up to again is looking once more for some defenceless minority to redirect the anger which is being directed at them away from themselves onto others - and best of all this minority is highly visible so they can keep their thugs constantly entertained because there will always be somebody fat to be found ... and indeed the definition of " fat " can always be redefined so The Democrats could in theory milk this sacred cow forever - to the point where it is all skin and bones and it keels over and dies from this kind of abuse ... then they will start on the sacred sheep or goat or ... anyway ...

... One of the thoughts which occurred to me is that fat people are almost simultaneously treated as a joke - as if they are bumbling, clubbable, jolly, cuddleable etc - and they are also treated as if they have committed some despicable crime against ... well, mostly it seems to be - according to the magazine articles devoured by thin people - womankind ? ... Obviously as the providers and preparers of food women are constantly presented with the temptation to eat it and I think that my mother was presented with that sort of problem : stuck at home on a tight household budget having to figure out how to feed a fussy husband who insisted on the food placed on the table being edible and two kids who really did not care but a dog that cared even more ... how do you deliver twenty one nutritious wholesome meals each week and still find the money for the other necessities such as twenty eight cream cakes and ... My Mum would smile at such humour and know that I did not condemn her : she worried about her weight and I worried about m Mum ... I have seen the same situation several times since : husbands out working long hours for low pay who get through a long day smoking both to suppress their appetite and calm their nerves whilst being emotionally abused as a condition of employment ... going home to wives working their way through a long day nibbling to suppress their appetite and calm their nerves before they are emotionally abused as a condition of their employment ... and then after she angrily greets him because she loves him and he has been absent all day and he yells back at her because he has been away from her all day and loves her ... and after they have both had to shut up and separate the kids and send them to bed because they are copying their parents but taking their behaviour a step further they turn towards the smoking oven and switch it off and just order a pizza - and perhaps just open a bottle of something or other alcoholical ... and say " Sorry ! "

... Of course their local Democrats upon hearing of this dreadfully dysfunctional family will rush to their aid by pushing leaflets through their letter-box and by getting a city council grant for their cousin's daughter - who wants to be a professional ballet dancer but will settle for being an amateurish fitness instructor - in order rescue these poor women from their lives of miserable loneliness and desperate drudgery punctuated by such bouts of verbal abuse which lead them to the low self-esteem which results in their over-eating by getting their doctors to volunteer them for her exercise classes in which nobody can talk to each other because they must concentrate upon repeating the actions hundreds of times and not falling behind the beat of her jackboots and she stomps out her monotonous rhythm at them to the tuneless monotony of her yelling at them until she is hoarse ... well hell - it is a career of sorts - but she can never say " Sorry ! " to them afterwards ... She goes home and peels off her tracksuit in order to closely examine her body for any signs that their fatness has somehow attacked her thinness ... she stairs at herself sideways in the mirror admiring her sinewy limbs and wonders as to whether her bum looks big in these knickers and ... oh ... oh ... the idea of " food " has entered her head - she knows that she has to eat - she goes to the refrigerator and stands there trembling before she opens the door and snatches at a tomato and stuffs it into her mouth ... it bursts upon her lips with its sweet juice running down over her chin and - and - and - she rushes to the sink and with practiced ease vomits it up again and then swills her mouth clean and then brushes her teeth and then swills a mouthwash and then flosses and then ... then ... then ... tastes the memory of it ...

My thoughts upon this may be expended upon more ... but ... what I was thinking was that the paradox is that whilst smokers and drinkers may be disapproved of and urged or coerced to break their addictions they do not seem to be as badly treated as addicts as women are in their addictions to food ... perhaps addiction is indeed a gendered issue ... male addicts of anything are almost indulged in as little boys ... but then again certain female addictions are cultivated e.g. to the point where women are only offered fashion clothing and are actively reinforced in the buying of it ... where they find it difficult to buy other than pink wellies with love hearts ... In the originally male gendered addictions of alcohol and tobacco the Temperance Movement came to understand the issue that we call reinforcement and campaigned to provide secular places to socialise in which gave rise to modern cafes ... Closely allied to such things as Temperance were those who opposed the fashion for wearing corsets and advocated that women should not be compelled to dress in the choices of shopkeepers ... You can challenge most addictions by removing from sight or access those things addicted to - but this is not the case with food ... we all have to eat or die ... so those struggling with obsessions and compulsions about food really deserve more sympathy than those addicted to noxious substances ...

... Come to think of it - the same argument might well be applied to sexual obsessions and compulsions - because we can not avoid the sexual feelings aroused in us by others - whether as old rivals or new arrivals ...
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