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Google'd the Alta'd Vista of REPWBLIC and Bing-go !

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 01, 2014 8:49 pm    Post subject: Google'd the Alta'd Vista of REPWBLIC and Bing-go ! Reply with quote

One of the disadvantages of favouring the word ' REPWBLIC ' ( it having different conotations to the words ' Poblachiaeth ' and ' Gweriniaeth ' ) is that other Welsh words are distinctive because Cymraeg is a ' P ' Celtic language and thus entirely different grammatically from most other European languages, excepting that like Irish it shares a lot of the medieval Church Latin vocabulary that underpins European languages in general i.e. if the Anglo-Saxon remnant in English is much the same proportion as the Brythonic-Celtic remnant in Welsh ( each about 10% ) there is not much to distinguish between the two languages in an online search because Google, Alta Vista and Bing etc do not register their grammatical structures and strip off the endings of words or adjust their spellings to suit American English'd. It has been difficult to make the breakthrough to entering ' REPWBLIC ' into Google and actually getting a result with the word ' repwblic ' actually in it, of this or any allied website.

Hence there has been a number of complaints that people can not Google ' repwblic ' because the word ' republic ' is automatically substituted in search engines ( all you have to do is be sure to examine the head of the search engine page and discard the ' republic ' results.) It has been a bit of a problem because - of course - in any normal country Republicanism is freely discussed as the normal kind of political argument that it is in the World, but not in Wales because of the history of paranoid propaganda by the United Kingdom against those who objected to this lousy political system's use of violence against those who disagreed with it - i.e. those who are aware of how it is harming not just our own communities within this political system but the communities of others beyond the island of Britain upon which this political system called ' The United Kingdom ' has its geographical base but through which its power is projected by violence used to serve the economic interests which were established by its empire, and empire now divided between political systems spawned upon the same model to serve the same purpose - hence the cooperation between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and 6/32 of Ireland and the United States of America ( which includes 2/3 of what was once Mexico.)
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