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Gwyl Dewi Sant 2015 St David's Say

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 01, 2015 8:19 am    Post subject: Gwyl Dewi Sant 2015 St David's Say Reply with quote

Actwally, I wght to thank Cwcwl for finally inclwding Repwblic in their nest of swrchargeable uords some sick months ago ... I applejews fwr mi Uelsh mynd yew ... and my ocaysionol abiws piws of Ingl-ish-ish-ish-ish-shwsh ... mind you such corporate birds are never caring parents ... and I don't care for them - but - I do happen to be grateful to Google for projecting such a nice image of our nation to the rest of The People in The World, although that thanks is of course always conditional upon the assumption into our haven called Gwalia that The People in Wales are not the only ones seeing that image of us ... my compliments to the artist ( we should to always sign our own work you know, but I have - I would like to point out - made a new work out of it, a computage or so to babblage ... but when you see me not signing my creations, although it is nice to be cited as the post-possessor of the amoral rites of authorship in them, then I am giving them away in the name of Y Repwblic yng Nghymru a'r Y Byd ... after all the assertion of such mimeographological rights is for the corpulentorate twr-ci who is already pre-possessed of a whole nestful of CWC-W's with which to destroy us poor sparewes' pwer pwnciau pwrpasol ... perhaps however I shouldn't be trying to scrape any more at this barrel of laughs in order to make such humour, having no hope any more of my ever reaching down to the very gwael-od ... ? ... um ... but then at least perhaps I could try to introduce and popularise a new Welsh verb-noun here - " cwcwlio " = to plant an utterly selfish impersonator into somebody else's nest, in order to first starve and then displace them and finally to deliberately encompass the destruction of those others there by throwing them out - and then ?

But we have to be wary of our imaginations, lest we become paranoid and blame those innocent strangers in our midst who might be suspected of being utterly self-less.

Just remember that " The world is my oyster " is a shellfish platitude which contains no pearl of wisdom - and it is a selfish attitude towards the world.

Perhaps tonight - 1st March, not the 1st April - is the night on which the Welsh nation, including all of those lucky ones now wandering across the other continents or rambling along under the oceans of The World, those who are still willing to count themselves lucky to belong to one of the unlucky thirteen clans of the definitely unlucky thirteenth tribe of the Ancient Is-Ray-Alrights ... you know, the ones who stupidly thought that slavery in Egypt was a better option than their wandering around in a desert following a lunatic who thought that he could walk under the sea, who was disturbingly fascinated by pillars of fire and who might well turn out to be a terrorist - given that he was so fussy about what he was going to allow those who volunteered to follow him to eat, which meant that they might be forced into facing that horrifyingly grim choice of last resort - between starvation or vegetarianism ... It was the Is-Ray-Alrights who were the thirteenth tribe who all promptly took one step backwards when this wholly mad man declared that he was going to restore to them " Y Hen Wlad O Nhadau " and that his god had told him to call for volunteers ...

... This was indeed the very same day that the thirteenth tribe acquired their infamous name - the " Is-Ray-Alrights " - when Ray who was the thirteenth son of the thirteenth chieftan of the thirteenth clan fell over backwards in sheer terror, falling head over heels until he had rolled completely up the hill and gone wey over the top in order to avoid the mad man's proposal - thus it came to the pass where the Is-Ray-Alrights were all chasing after him, claiming that they were going to head him off because he was off his head, in order of course to deliberately contrive to get themselves left behind - again - in the sluggish rush which the other twelve tribes were in - again - to pursue the apposite wey - a wey from the gruel regime of the Pharoah, to whom not one of them had never dared nor ever wanted to ever never say before - " Please Sir, can I have some more ? " - let alone their going forward to risk pleading for even just law - but this mad man was now offering them a whole book of laws for every festive occasion ( whatever " a festive occasion " or " a law " was ) and at the time of course he did seem to be able to make them both seem like nice ideas ...

... whereas now, however ... I, as you local and contemporary mad man and as a prosthetic of the one-true-god-which-I-do-not-believe-in-but-find-to-be-a-useful-idea-to-organise-my-thoughts-around-although-normally-I-have-more-faith-in-The-Nomos-because-it-is-the-one-true-law-which-I-do-believe-in ... ( gasp ) ... so I now proclaim, much without further ado, the aforementioned proper-r-r-ri-ri-rities having been distantly observed, as myself as the quiet man ought to and must always do - and in order to pave the way forwards with the very best of my good intentions ... you know, I think someone called ... Daffy ? ... wrote a song about that - to this - my tribe, the notoriously unlucky thirteenth tribe of the Is-Ray-Alrights which is now presently possibly predictably perfectly perilously pimmanently perhaps permanently panglossed panchromatically panelled panharmoniously panhandling politicking panicking panglobullies packing pagan pyrotechnical projectiles planning panislamic pacifications probably punic to The People - not The Politicians - of Wales and The World ... ( glass of porter ) ... that we now should now be asking of all of of children - and just go and borrow a baby if you have none available of your own to ask - that age-old question which those survivors of those other twelve tribes who are now living within our midst, Y Cymry Iddewig ... or - for the Zionistically challenged - Yr Iddewon Cymraeg ... always ask of each of their children on Y Pasg ...


"Mah nishtanah ha-lailah hazeh mikol ha-leilot ? " - " Why is this night different from all other nights ? " ...

The child’s questioning triggers one of the most significant mitzvot of Passover, which is the highlight of the Seder ceremony: the haggadah, telling the story of the Exodus from Egypt.

[ P.S. - When Republicanism in Wales was brutally suppressed from the 1790's onwards, to such an extent that the word ' repwblic ' had been given such associations by the - cwcwlwyr ? ( - the parasitically paid provocateurs printing poisonous propaganda papers who in the 19c laid one helofa basket of their eggs in the flesh of Republicanism in Wales and then set their burrowing offspring off to eat away at the internal organs of The People in Wales until all that we have been left with in the 21c is this rotting ossuary which now bears barely broken bare white beautiful bones for us to ignaw. ) The then modern word ' repwblic ' was thus eventually replaced with the once older word ' gweriniaeth ' which has a nice jolly-green-dwarf-ring to its associations in Welsh with such things as Dai's Volk's Fagin's Saint's Museum, as opposed to that much rarer and much later Welsh word ' poblachiaeth ' which has to it a cor-goch-grymus-modrwy ... by which I was sort of leading towards the Iolo Morganwg bible story ... anyhow, ' Exodus ' and ' leaving Egypt ' became euphemisms for ' the revolution ' for the poetry-stricken boys who were bashed for a game in that beibliberally brute-alley way in 19c Republicanism in Wales - and also in England too e.g. " Jerusalem " is not only the unofficially English " Anthem in The People " - it was William Blake's euphemism for Ye Newishe Republicke Yne Ye Oldishe Englisher-Lande : in fact it was quite fun for Victorian Republicans in England to sit around the places in their pubs where they were intending to later put their plasma-scream television screens, come their revolution which never came, and imagine themselves to be watching their landlady's Majestical Family Variety Show performance of - " ... arnd wee shar-a-arll bi-yild - Ya-rude-Salim ! - i-e-in Ingheralarn'sh gri-e-im un-pleb-ant la-la-and " - mind you, this was, after all, always a very rare kind of performance : she had to get really tanked up - positively weaponised - in order to do this at the time very unpopular number in her public palace ... and what is more, those Ye Olde Englishe Chartistes were men of both pride and prejudice - excepting Jude, who was really only a characature obscure - and so they would only ever actually try to get drunk in their Temperance Taverns.]

I chose Chabad's website to ensure that this description of Jewish lives comes out of the mouths of Jewish people, not from commentators upon their lives like the Wikipedia page below - which is informed and good but written I think from the point of view of an observer not a participant, which makes a very big difference - the same difference I would like to argue that there is to be found between Democrats and Republicans ... but am I myself sufficiently qualified to make this into a fruitful argument or am I going to run out of juice - or indeed be run out by Jews ? I am in the middle ( ... I do hope that we have now reached the middle ... ) of a long argument with my sister who is in fact the one most attached to Judaica, and if it was not for her, and her mother, and her mothers' mother, and her mother's mother's mother, and ... well, this is her family - not mine ... surely ? ...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9foi342LXQE - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Passover_Seder

... well, as her elder brother I naturally tried to ignore her for as long as possible but I can not ignore Zionism because like Nationalism it plays upon people's sense of identity, so eventually I had to go and have a go at her for going to THAT place ... whose government pretends to be Jewish ... I told her that she ought to come to THIS place instead and see ... whose government pretends to be Welsh ... c'mon - I tried my best, but after forty odd years ... I just ... just ... these Zionists are very willful you know, I mean I tried ... I tried ... but I just .. just lost it guys, I mean - I am really truly sorry, but as soon as I stopped ignoring her and she had got the upper hand she started ignoring me ... I think that I am going to start supporting not criticising Feminist Separatists, after all I ought to get out more often and try to meet more similarly minded people anyway ... ah ! ... separation, carving the world up, drawing boundaries - us and them ... but surely it is obvious, that if we only ever keep company with those we feel comfortable with, those who agree with us, those who are like ourselves ...

... that it means that by definition we will never encounter anything new and so we will never learn anything new - yet we can learn from something from everyone, because everyone who lives in this world has a truly unique and valuable experience to describe to us - whereas those who only live in the other-wordly realms of ' our god's ( not your gods' ) heaven ' or ' the workers' ( not including women, children, or men of strange colors and definitely not badgers - but possibly kangaroos ) revolutionary republic ' etc are adrift upon an endless intellectual ocean of ideas, some of which they have lashed together in a desperate attempt to not have to think for themselves. But these ideas are nothing but the float-some and jet-some which once originated in the realities of other people's lives on the further shores of our humanity and furthermore this ocean of ideality has but a very shallow depth : you are not going to drown if you plant your feet down onto the murky muddiness of maddening reality, you will instead find yourself able to stand up for yourself - instead of being pushed around by the tides of sensationalism flowing through our society. But if you must insist upon laying face down in those tides then you will find yourself being sensationally drowned and unable to think straight - and if others around you are all doing the same thing then you may well find yourself buried under their patios.

Either way, you most certainly need to rise above both the mud and water in order to be able to breathe the air and clear your mind and also almost most probably you will enjoy the warmth of the sunshine too ... it is perfectly possible to be plodding along through the mud of our actions whilst being thoroughly soaked with our sensations as we struggle to wade against the tides as the storms of life which make us gasp out these airy emotions whilst all the time we can - despite struggling the earth, the water and the air - we can - be exhilarated by the warmth of that glowing sun that rides above all of these things : the fire which burns in the furnace which refines our cognitions and ... well, of course in both Wales and The World there are many meteological micro-climates mostly making miserable men's morose minds multivariously mad ... and of course I can not know whether this also applies in the case of any our whacky Welsh women - certainly all of the ones in my life keep on insisting through their letter boxes that they are Separatist Feminists ...

... not that I wish to knock the invention of the letter box, excepting that it is of a design that could be improved - indeed has been improved - it seems pretty stupid to me to create a means to separate the inside from the outside only then to knock a hole in it - letting in cold air to not only make it more expensive to heat your home but also to let in the bills demanding payment for that too ... certainly it costs more than the price of a stamp ... when the Post Office did not want to receive any more of my letters ( and refused to sell me any more stamps ) they then went around blocking up of their their letter boxes with chunks of wood, and they never ever even bother to heat those ... I think that emails are a significantly vast improvement on " snail mail " as my sister calls letters ( - because she has a chunk of wood in her letter box and by the time that she bothers to wander along to collect my letters the snails have eaten them - and I do suspect that she actually encourages them to eat them as soon as I have told her that I have just posted one - and once I had explained to her that there was no such thing as an esnail, she then promptly went ahead and put a chunk of wood into her email account to block my emails ... )

( ... This ruined my correspondence and it also ruined her computer ... to be honest she is not really very good with technical problems although chwarae teg - she does approach all her problems with a very passionate attitude ... which consequently tends to create a lot more problems for me to solve ... I guess that I should not be complaining ... she does not allow that sort thing ... she keeps on asserting that this her female perogative ... but really, we have a well-balanced relationship as sister and brother - she creates these problems especially for me and then I solve them for her ... ) ... anyway ... emails are so much more efficient in so many ways than letters - previously it was simply impossible for lone individuals possessed of only limited means to be able to compete with corporate junk mail, but now ( but only in a small and haphazard way ) I am able to contest with their output ; and this old computer puts out more light and heat than all of my 40 watt bulbs combined so I am thus able to simultaneously both see what I am doing and also to reduce my heating bills -

- and so thus I have found myself now to be a much more committed writer of many more emails than I previously was of letters and I am so successful in my new enterprise that I have managed to reduce my eating bills too, which is of course helping me to meet the extra expenditure involved in my having a computer on a line that has been installed with broadband thus enabling me to now speak to billions ... and absolutely ensures that I do not have to listen in return to any of them ... emails are therefore entirely a more modern and efficiently organised system of communication, enabling literally billions of The People in Wales - and quite a few in the rest of The World also - to ignore each other's emails, excepting those emails which I do not like to ignore because they are bills ...

... especially those ones which contain these big fat ruinously expensive bills which are being junk-mailed all over us to The People of Wales by our Democrats in Wales ... who can never ever properly get their acts together because they refuse to read any of the advisory emails ( - nor the letters which I was sending to them before that - ) by our Republicans in Wales ... I think that they have never ever read a single email that we ever never sent to them ... I reckon that our Democrats in Wales just sit around all day doing nothing much at all down there on the dock of The Bay ... just singing the same old tune over and over and over and again and passing over long idle over paid hours of over time over there just ... phishing ? ...

... but they are not watching the ships roll in ... nor ... watching the tide roll away ... they are just sitting on the dock of the bay, wasting time ... having graciously given away a stupendous amount of tax payers money in order to pay persons richer than themselves who had kept on assuring our Democrats in Wales that such things should be fixed ... indeed these same people richer than ourselves who are so much richer and therefore so much more knowledgable than persons poorer than themselves about all of the problems of persons poorer than themselves than we are ourselves are, are often very conscientious in pointing out the many problems which we ourselves did not know that we had ... for example, twenty five years ago we did not even know that we here in Butetown were living in a state of more severe deprivation than we already knew about until they pointed out that we lacked a really necessary half a mile of overhead monorail, which they promptly promised to only give us if we then all voted for the right sort of Democrats in Butetown ...

... you know, those ones who would tell us a whole bunch of different lies in order to get themselves elected again as the representatives for persons richer than themselves in order to ensure that those persons poorer than themselves such as the majority of The People in Butetown ... voted to ensure that the minority of The People in Butetown were then given even more problems than we ever had ever known that we had had before ... and when myself and others pointed out the kinds of problems that we already had and predicted the kinds of problems which they were about to vote for they ignored us beforehand and then denied everything afterwards ... for Democrats demand that we should be agreeable in the same way that bullies will punch and kick their victims all the harder because they are frightened that it might draw attention to what they have done, are doing and plan to do ... in the same way that it is stupid to complain to the South Wales Police about the criminality of their constables - this will only result in their superior officers privately encouraging them to deliberate target you as a troublemaker campaigning to be elected as the next Police Commissioner...

... mind you, over forty years ago our Democrats in Butetown - having actually demolished our local library and then finding that in voting to destroy it they could not just vote it into existence again - then sweetly promised and all faithfully keep promising every election to rebuild it very soon ... these same Democrats in Butetown have all kept on privately explaining to me over the last four decades that the reason why Butetown has constantly been at the bottom of all - of all - of the five deprivation tables in Wales for over sixty ( ninety ? ) years and has only a very few other council wards lower than us in the United Kingdom's official statistics and - despite the huge amounts of its tax payers money being relentlessly laundered by the Democrats in Wales using the watery machinery of the Cardiff Bay Development Corporation - very little of these richer person's money has ever stained us nor ever does despite their passing so much of their water over us ... amongst other things, they have told me that it is the immigrants' faults because they are not really interested in learning to read English - let alone Welsh - because they have their own languages, which we must always support in our modern multi-culturalised Butetown and spend the money on the Butetown History & Arts Centre's library so that they can have their Democrat's Demographic photographs taken standing next to visiting Black American academics who come all the way to visit just to study the unique problems of poverty in our illiterate and backward and Black community ...

... ( - how does that then explain the misery of the majority of The People in Butetown then ? - ) ...

... whom they otherwise always try to avoid actually meeting because in fact most of those of us who live in Butetown are not ' Black ' and we do not see each other as ' differently coloured ' but as ' neighbours ' - and we really are multi-cultural, which means that we do not walk around with fake smiles on our faces like these Democrats' comfortably middle-class " professional n*****s " who visit us preaching anti-racism because they make can a living by doing so and the Democrats in Cardiff think that ' Butetown is Black ' and so they must appoint " n*****s " as candidates and all get photographed with them to prove to everybody that their party is not racist - " LOOK - here is a " n******r " with OUR rosette on ! " ... I am using this " n*****s " because the search engines will suppress this web page if write out the words some of the Democrats In Wales regularly use of their own elected colleagues ... and for the record - I know full well that I offend others with my occasional use of the phrase " professional n*****s " to denote those who supposedly oppose racism but in fact are stoking it up in order to making a nice living out of the harm that they do to others -

- but if you think that the Jewish part of my family's history sounds rather vaguely interesting, the Trinidaddyish part is even more exotic - and their accounts of the racism which they were subjected to by the other parts of my family in the 1950s were truly shocking and I am very glad that those in my part soon learned to be ashamed of themselves ... but also gladder to understand from these accounts what red raw racism is like and how it is overcome ... not with words but with deeds ... by what happens within families ... but this however is not about the story of My Family In Wales ... what I want you lot to start just doing is to stop just reading about My Family In Wales and to start just writing about Your Family In Wales - Your Family Is Your Own Republic - OK ? - without Your Family In Wales and The World - you would not even have the opportunity to have any Life in Wales and The World : you could not even know that you have not been born ...

Let me just emphasise here where my thoughts have been leading me -

- " family is = ' de res publica ' = is family " - " families create you <-> you create families " -

- I have been thinking of discarding the old ' Republican Liberal ' argument because it leads straight off into human rights being conceived as personal individual possessions, thus licencing the egotism and selfishness which creates the incohesive uninclusive atomised societies in which Democrats can then pick out minorities to make into ' legitimate prey ' who can then be argued to have forfeited their human rights by virtue of them being ( -insert your own personal prejudices into this space - e.g. badgers - ) ... whereas because Republicanism deals in our determining by law whether a relationship is un-consenting relationship - and of course the most un-consenting of our relationships are the ones we have with other members of our family ... unlike in the Liberal Democratic Republicanism which is generally taken to be ' Republicanism ' in Pure Republicanism there are no personal individualised human rights as private possessions to be given to you by the Democrats in Wales and then taken away from you if they like : human ' rights ' arise in Pure Republicanism in our relationships with other people, typically and originally solely in our families - because the whole conception of ' human rights ' in Pure Republicanism is of ' human duties ' i.e. babies do not consent to be born, they are not capable of appointing lawyers to remedy any breach of their individual ' human rights ' in a Pure Democracy - no baby in the womb can argue against its mother's private democratic right to kill it in accordance with her economic circumstances or personal whims such as trying to drown it daily in alcohol.

In a Pure Republic majorities are not allowed to simply vote away the human rights of inconvenient or unwanted minorities - the whole of ' The Nation ' ( - the word in Welsh is ' Y Genedl ' which is derived from the Latin root word ' gen- ' which refers to the life of our gen-etalia gen-erating gen-eologically gen-erations gen-etically thus giving birth to all of the other words to do with ' The Tribe ' through ' The Clan ' through ' The Family ' procreating themselves through ' The Birth ' i.e. ' The Nat-ivity ' which is the only thing which then gives rise to ' The Gen-esis ' of ' The People of Wales and the World ' ) - and so the word ' nation ' can be taken to mean rather more than ' the procession of births ' which thus binds all of us together - billions of families in millions of clans in thousands of tribes which are indeed all part of ' The Nation ' because none of these families have not proceeded out of ' The Genesis ' which has given birth to ' The People of Wales and the World.' ' The People ' which constitute ' The Nation ' are simply ' All Of Those Who Know What It Means To Have Been Born ' and only those who do not will only concern themselves with only themselves and give no assistance to others. They will not consider helping the unborn and vulnerable because they do not understand that this is a Republican's public ' human duty ' not a Democrat's private ' human right.'

As we can see all around us, there is only a Democratic ' human right ' to justice if you can pay for it as a private individual - whereas Pure Republicanism demands that no relationship can be considered to be a private individual matter when this relationship has been defined by the laws to be un-consenting and therefore harmful to not only to those involved but to everybody else who will be harmed ' The Res Publica ' may be only approximated to in The Rule Of Law but its justice and therefore its sovereignty is not divisible - ' Nation-States Oxy-Morons ' - therefore the harm done by unconsenting relationships immediately becomes a public matter common to all of ' The People of Wales and the World ' and thus everybody else then has a duty to intervene if they can and immediately. This is to protect both the consenting and unconsenting persons involved and it demands that everybody should has access to a legal remedy which is free at the moment when it is needed, but is provided out of taxation because The Rule of Law is considered to be the greatest public good.

Thus The Rule Of Law can only exist in a Republic and not in a Democracy because the laws made by Democrats in pursuit of their own private interests and not consented to by others are not laws at all because they are not just and therefore devoid of any sovereignty : they are not created to advise ' The People ' how to behave in accordance with the ' The Public Interest ' and thus live harmoniously in consenting relationships - the laws which Democrats make are Ultraistic and therefore designed to force their will upon ' The People ' whom they view as either passive prey or active enemies - and thus the Democratic ' Nation States ' have neither the characteristics of ' The Nation ' or of ' The State.' Democrats are essentially criminals who will forever contest for control of ' The State ' by subtly coercing ' The People ' through various deceptions used for the purposes of emotional manipulating ' The People ' into electing them.

Once Democrats have gained control of the state they seek to use it to secure a further basis for coercing ' The People ' by seizing economic power as a more effective means to pursue their conflicting private interests and thus declare themselves by virtue of the fortunes they claim to have acquired through personal virtue to be an Aristocracy - ' The Rule of the Best ' - and thus Classical Republicanisms usually predicted that Democracies will be thus be deliberately destroyed by the very Democrats who will still be loudly claiming to defend them - until they dispense with the need for any consent from ' The People ' because they have successfully enslaved them e.g. by contriving to drive down wages and thus cause ' The People ' to be increasingly dependent upon the dispensations of Aristocratic charity ... so can you now figure out what Republicans in Wales think of the United Kingdom ? It is an Aristocracy.

The United Kingdom could even experience a further counter-revolution should this Aristocratic stasis collapse due to the dominant Aristocratic community of interest here acquiring sufficient economic power to make a bid to establish itself as a modern Monarchy behind the Royal Family, as soon as the 2015 election is over perhaps but more likely after they have embarked upon their World War - perhaps they believe that they can win this one ... best of III ?

usually instead of trying to discern ' The Public Interest - De Res Publica ' and [[ OF COURSE I AM GOING TO COME BACK AND REPAIR THIS - VERY SOONISH ]]

only by virtue of the sovereignty of a republic is located - they are our description of ' De Res Publica ' and thus the laws of a Republic are there to advise people upon how to conduct happy relationships and thus necessarily taught in schools ... whereas in Democracies what they teach in schools is ' the pursuit of happiness ' which turns out to be don't waste your time on anybody else or anything that stops you doing whatever you want to do, like become a millionaire pop-star or a billionaire bankrobber or if you are ambitious - a politician !

... you know Democrats are a lot like sisters - best ignored : but can you ever really afford to do this ? ... If you just studiously turn your back on them and then try to get on with useful constructive things like giving your advice to the homeless or offering the police your opinion of their work, or sitting alone for hours at a time in your shed contemplating how you would definitely tidy the hole garden up if only you could really find the time and inclination ... and the next thing they come running to you for help - and will they be asking you for your opinions or your advice ? ... Of course not - they just want to stand in front of that one little corner of the garden - the one which you have really laboured in to tidy up and make useful to others - and YOU have to take THEIR photographs for THEIR local rag - in front of YOUR work as if it was THEIR work - and then - then ! - they want to do this holding a baby which THEY have borrowed from YOUR neighbours ! ...

... and of course, as soon as these photographs have been taken then our Democratic sisters all grab them and run off to show them to their friends on Facebook, promptly dropping all of those borrowed babies onto their poor little screaming heads and leaving you to try to comfort, placate or just pay any damages to YOUR neighbours ... if your Democratic sister is like mine, then she never ever pays for what she wants, never considers what you want and will never hold herself liable to pay anyone any damages for the trail of havoc through the lives of The People which she then promptly leaves behind her, returning only years later ... well, I am not going to fall for her sweet talk of compromises and cooperation ever again ... and just remember - instead of thanking you, for there and then just stopping everything useful that you were doing in order to help her, you will inevitably get the blame for whatever it is that has then supposedly gone wrong ... because you are her no-good lazy feckless elder brother - the phorever phutiley philosophising Republican, and by the way ... ( - she knows that this is possibly not a good time to bring this up, because it is very inconvenient - and she herself is so busy at the moment, what with the general election and all of her responsibilities towards the party - such as finding herself some new clothes to wear for example and then being distressed at finding out that all of her sisters were planning to wear the same dress - ) ...

... could she borrow some money please, quite a lot actually because ... well ... you know, she needed quite a lot in order to give it all to her bankers whom she felt rather sorry for actually, and ... we-ell ... she has sort of already borrowed the money to give to them by negotiating with her bankers for a thousand year mortgage on YOUR house ... not HER house ... but she has paid the first premium - last week ... with a loan from this pay-day loan company which she has thoroughly researched ... well, actually it had just ... sort of ... popped-up-as-a-website-on-her-computer-offering-a-special-cut-price-rate ... and ... well, here it is now ... pay-day ... and - what do you mean - you do not have that sort of money ? ... NO - BRUV ! ... !!! ... look ... THIS IS WOMEN'S BUSINESS - YOU DON'T HAVE TO UNDERSTAND ! ... JUST GIVE ME THE MONEY ... GIVE ME THE MONEY ... TO ME - THE MONEY ... NOW ... THE MONEY ... NOW !!! ... IF YOU DON'T GIVE ME WHAT I WANT I ... I ... oh ... BUT ... but ... b ... but all of my sisters are doing the same to their brothers ... I mean, just because our brothers don't have the money ... that does ... not mean ... but, I mean - we all ... voted for it .. ours was to be a party for Democrats ... but all ... ALL ... ALL DEMOCRATIC PARTIES ARE LIKE OURS !!! ... all .. of ... us ... you .. YOU ... YOU ...


For historical reasons, it really is something like this for Republicans in Wales, and the differences in outlook are not just to do with the four hundred year age gap between this responsible, sensible, practical and still shockingly handsome elder Republican brother born in the 1540s and his irresponsible, foolish, willfully daydreaming and - let us face the facts - ugly and deformed little Democratic sister who after was the result of an un-natural pregnancy and had a protracted struggle whilst her mother was in Labour until she was finally thrown out and found limp and lifeless and very nearly stillborn in the 1940s. She had very nearly been lost entirely but was eventually found in an otherwise very useful and serviceable bag placed on a very low shelf in the otherwise esteemed but unfrequented ' Western British ' section of the library of the Palace of Westmnster. In fact she had often commonly been mistaken for an appallingly cheap and nasty three volume novella, having no character worth mentioning and no plot whatsoever. Not even the Suffragettes ever wanted anything to do with this unsightly and rightly orphaned Democratess in Westminster and they refused to allow her to record her presence there during each and every census night for over sixty years, since they had already discovered the great importance of being earnest.

Where the hell was I going with this earlier ... anywhere I want to I guess ...

... I think that the theme showing up here is that of possessing an identity which others imagine to be offensively different e.g. like being a Democrat in Wales ... or - from their point of view - like being a Republican in Wales ... Democrats in Wales despise Republicans in Wales with a passionate hatred that has to be seen to be believed - and it is openly on view : the Democrats in Wales have licenced themselves to publicly contempt, abuse and persecute the Republicans in Wales in a way that shocks even the Democrats in England with their unmitigated and unrelenting ignorance, prejudice and bigotry ... I guess that it is no worse in reality than the racist remarks which I have heard uttered in private by Democrats in Wales about the variously coloured ethnic groups in Wales, not to mention people of all religious faiths and none - anybody who is different from themselves is thus deserving of their het-up-hatred but there is a certain amount of those conventional upper-middle-class pretensions to respectability around amongst the Democrats in Wales, they would never treat anybody who might vote for them with openly expressed contempt ...

... of course, when they see what seems to be a vanishingly small and to them weird little band of Republicans in Wales who strongly object to their ' political system,' which they claim to be a United Kingdom whilst it has never done other than divide The People of Wales and the World against each other and set them at each others' throats, they treat us as their enemies and they confidently inform everyone else that we are terrorists - because they are terrified of us, not just because we are different from them but because we openly criticise them and in questioning their political system we threaten their access to the things which they crave, which they can only obtain through control of the United Kingdom in order to plunder The People of Wales and The World through the use of either ballots or bullets - or both ... from the point of view of The Republicans in Wales and The World, The People of Wales and the World are being warred against by the The Democrats in Wales and The World.

This then is the underlying reality of the United Kingdom for Republicans in Wales : this ' political system ' does not qualify as a political system at all in terms of the various political theories which are grouped together as ' Republicanisms.' This does not mean that Republicans in Wales imagine themselves to be " weaponising " to " wage war " to " campaign against " the Democrats in Wales and The World - these words and ways of thinking about those around them which are characteristic of the various political theories which are grouped together as Democratic. From a Republican point of view, de facto : Democracy is not a political system at all - it is but an Ultraism, yet another form of the arbitrary decision making based upon the use of coercion, by manipulating emotions in the case of Democracy rather than by the use of ideological beliefs ( by Hierarchies,) of economic advantage ( by Aristocracies ) or of military violence ( by Monarchies.) Each of these Ultraisms are " beyond the boundary " of what constitutes a political system in terms of Republicanisms, and in the case of the United Kingdom all four are present - they are always present in all societies, but not all societies have ' political systems ' which are deemed to actually be ' political systems ' by Republicans in Wales and The World.

Republicanism advocates aiming to construct what is truly a ' political system ' and not merely a state apparatus which uses whatever various ways and means are available to it to coerce people to obey laws which are designed to serve the interests of those communities which are " weaponising " to " wage war " to " campaign against " each other to seize control of or to influence those who are in control the state. Republicanism repudiates all Ultraisms, but Hierarchy, Democracy, Aristocracy and Monarchy are the ones long established to be the main subjects of our political discourses or " conversations " as Philip Petit described them in his landmark and easily purchased text " Republicanism " which I think ought to have been called " Democratic Republicanism " because it is a very good restatement of how to achieve that classic compromise between those two political theories. However, I disagree with Phillip Petit because I think that he has underestimated how swiftly the Democrats in Wales and The World can undermine the sort of proposals which he makes.

I have come to agree with the political philosophers who predominated before the mid 18c " shotgun wedding " between Democracy and Republicanism and I want to sue for a divorce between these two in Wales, if not the rest of The World also, on account of the non-consummation of this marriage in Wales and its subsequently barren results i.e. because the Democrats in Wales are practitioners of abnormal political practices and have been buggering and otherwise abusing the bride for far too long. Republicanism in Wales needs to put on her white dress once more - and strive to remain a virgin here. I think that all Republicans in Wales must accept that we must rescue our Res Publica and sue on her behalf for a divorce from this non-political system whose supporters claim it to be a " United Kingdom " and " Democratic " and yet which not only refuse to allow twenty percent of the population to organise to vote for the kind of Democratic Republican and / or Republican Democrat party of their choice in Wales but have waged war against any kind of Republicans in Wales ever since they started to publicly object to the United Kingdom's prosecuting of global conflicts in the middle of the 18c.

My own analysis of the non-political system proclaimed to be Democracy in Wales and The World is that the economic crisis which has overtaken the United Kingdom is a symptom of an Aristocratic stasis and that the communities of interest will most probably resolve their lack of funds by deploying the methods of Monarchy i.e. I think that World War Three is coalescing out of the multiple conflicts in what as a Republican I would term the Islamic Hierarchies. These have been manufactured in more cases than one by the United Kingdom's Aristocracy in their pursuit of control over the basis of maintaining their grip upon the United Kingdom and indeed other weaker states' non-political apparatus : the civil war in Syria is an example of this way of avoiding the vote-losing appearance to The People in Wales and The World of the United Kingdom actually waging war - that is being done by their new proxies, as they seek to rid themselves of a client regime which now proves to be disadvantageous.

Because knowledge of Republicanism in Wales if not The World has been discarded, the Aristocratic communities of interest which are using their control of the non-political system which we call the United Kingdom to start a war that they confidently believe that they can both win and profit by such a global war - that Hierarchy is merely some weirdly deviant and primitive political system, an easy push over : but it is not, and the possible consequences for those subjected to the United Kingdom are dire. Waging war always strengthens the control over the state apparatus of the Monarchical communities of interest, and their means of coercing others is through varieties of violence.

Military communities do not create wealth - they extort it or simply steal it, and if they survive long enough they then all enslave others without even being interested in trying to understand them and simply kill those who do not deliver what they want - they are thus devoid of any competency to make rational and reasonable decisions because they simply never have to. This is why in so many Republicanisms, the advent of a Monarchical stasis out of an Aristocratic stasis is treated as an indicator of the risk of a severe economic collapse ... The People of Wales and The World will not be able to meet the demands of the newly emergent and deeply economically incompetent Monarchical communities of interest and they will blindly use the only tools they know and thus will wage war upon ... well, everybody - yey - my own final oblivion in sight at last ... or perhaps I'm feeling lucky - to be able to live so long as to actually get to Google " Armageddon " - ?

Well ... I have finally got back to the joke which I began with ... but can I now make any sense of any of these other thoughts which I've aired upon this, which is possibly our last, Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant ? ... well, after a cuppa maybe ... which is both a rational and a reasonable decision and therefore I will be doing justice to myself ... did anybody ever need to make a religious or political or indeed any other kind of ideological argument to anybody in order to persuade them to let them to be just nice to them ? ... When somebody does not ask you what you want but instead they tell you what you need, then surely they must be arguing for what they want - not for what you need ... oh ... bugger ... I need a cigarette ...

... " memeographoligical " ... eh - now there's a word for us all to ponder upon ... I have begun to wonder as to whether it truly madly deeply exists ... or not, as the case may be ... maybe I should Gwgl it ? ... Oh, good - it certainly does not yet exist ... or rather it has so far only existed for about fourteen hours or so, and all I have to do now is to find out what it means - and so do you, my dear reader ... nos da, lwfli ... and go do some justice to yourself - and don't let them make you feel guilt about asking them to be nicer to you, or if you can not manage that yet then ... well - for the time being just tuck yourself up into your bed for a day and treat yourself to some of the nicer dreams ... peace-full ones, I hope ...


Subject: Srdja Popovic + St David's Say 2015
Date: Mon, 2 Mar 2015 12:29:31 +0000

Dear ,

if you need a sense of how I feel and think - the answer is that I think that Srdja Popovic is similar to me - humerous ... ?

... on Start The Week 09.00 am this morning 2nd March 2015 - " From Fringe To Frontline " - you can hear him in person ...

... and watch him give a short talk in person here -


" 2011 was a year of people-powered resistance, starting with Arab Spring and spreading across the world. How did it work? Srdja Popovic ( who led the nonviolent movement that took down Milosevic in Serbia in 2000 ) lays out the plans, skills and tools each movement needs — from nonviolent tactics to a sense of humor. ( Filmed at TEDxKrakow. ) "


I think of myself - and others in our old " Drinking, Discussing, Demonstrating " group the " Illuminati " - as being like this.

Not that I have succeed in rising to the same standards as Sjrdja Popovic, but I aspire to the same, even when I am failing -

" Gwyl Dewi Sant 2015 St David's Say " - http://repwblic.informe.com/gwyl-dewi-sant-2015-st-david-s-say-dt1167.html

I did actually began to scribble an election song - " Blue'd " - but I do hope that nobody will require me to perform it - !

David B. Lawrence

http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b05403lf - one puts an argument in there that " satire does not have political power "

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 03, 2015 2:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well I indulged myself in a second day of this frambling freewriting in bed ... and the length of it has expanded so much that I am now breaking this into two lest the file collapses on me ... 02.15 ? ... ugh ... a third day ? ... back to sleep then ...



... well I come back to this mess several weeks later ( April - 13th ! ) ... I know the sort of thing which I originally intended to write but which I did not ... emails -

Subject: FW: The DNA of the Welsh imagination ?
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2015 14:16:38 +0000


you might like the paintings which appear in this documentary ?

David B. Lawrence

Subject: FW: The DNA of the Welsh imagination ?
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2015 14:15:01 +0000


it might be the case that you can watch this documentary in the USA - perhaps you know somebody who can contrive to ?

David B. Lawrence

Subject: FW: The DNA of the Welsh imagination ?
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2015 14:12:52 +0000


I wonder whether you have heard of Caradog Evans ? He is hard to classify - a sort of Welsh Kafka to Moelona as Blyton ?

The subtitles are turned on by passing over the bottom of the screen and selecting " S " - this is an enjoyable documentary.

These stories have disturbed the Welsh imagining of themselves in the sight of others ever since they were first published.

David B. Lawrence

Subject: The DNA of the Welsh imagination ?
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2015 13:51:50 +0000


it is ages since I sat down to watch any telly - literally two or three years other than to have the news on in the kitchen -

http://www.s4c.cymru/caban/?p=10844 - are you aware of this programme - playing all week ? - Lost Celtic DNA found ?

http://www.s4c.cymru/cymrudnawales/e_index.shtml ... to be honest I do not think that Wales exists beyond our imaginings.

I am on S4C's website looking for this ( which I recommended to Daf last night and then entirely missed due to scribbling )

http://www.s4c.cymru/caban/?p=11272&lang=en ... http://www.s4c.cymru/clic/e_level2.shtml?programme_id=521204490

I am not happy about those paintings though - they do not fit with my imagining of those stories - my imagination is kinder !

Something that I didn't know was that " Moelona " was from the same place as Caradog Evans - was his a ripost to her's ?

Unrequited love from their school days ? ... Caradog Evans appeals to that dark angry jealous streak running through my soul.

I guess that I have just admitted something : I never have any trouble denying that I am a patriot - but I am jealous of Gwalia.

David B. Lawrence


Now what I had in mind to work towards in the above piece of writing was recommending a sociable evening's entertainment every March 1st " Gwyl Dewi Sant " akin to the ' haggadah ' of the Jewish Pesach ( Passover ) i.e. something to repudiate that blind bland bigoted brand of Notionalism which is passed off as patriotism but merely involves pulling on a red jersey or at best eating a leek but which has none of the reality of The Lives of The People in it. I object to manipulating people through the use of identity - we should be encouraging The People in Wales to tell their own stories and to listen to other stories of The People in The World but ... there are stories and stories ... personal stories are often without a happy ending and our lives meander from event to event to event without the benefit of any intrinsic meaningfulness in what is happening - save the meanings which we supply to those events ourselves in celebrating new lives now born and commemorating old lives now dead and in ceremonies contrived to try to give meaning to the events in between birth and death.

We come into this world without any knowledge of it and when we depart from it we carry no knowledge of it out with us : we receive and we give to each other the meanings to our understandings and however detached and scientifical or aloof and fillyosofficial or divinitive and artistical the words that we use seem to us, their meanings when we try to grasp them are all slippery-slidingly suspicuously sideways into storical solipsisticalities in whose seariouslessness is shorely scene these insubstansensensibilities of our own imagicalinations. We are alone within ourselves and can never fully grasp the meanings of other people's and peoples' gestures towards us yet there is always the pleasure of trying to convey to each other the contents of our separated imaginations in various ways through such gestures - the noises we make and the expressions upon our faces ; works of art and acts of kindness ; the remnants that we leave behind us in tending gardens and dropping litter ; the persons that we present to others that we tell them are our selves yet upon examining our selves we find nothing that belongs to us as individuals, that we have constructed our selves out of the myriad of other individuals that we have met who have each been doing the same ...

... therein then possibly lies what can be truly labeled ' The Nation ' - that our individualities are to be likened to containers, that we are like the jars that Astraea pours out The Life of The People into, The Life of The Nation being poured into the younger individual from the older individual before the latter is discarded : The Life of The Nation then is dependent upon a process which is something akin to making multiple transfusions of blood, which in conveying accounts of past experiences conveys the means to meet future experiences to others - the more that these experiences are shared the more that The People in Wales and The World are protected by the donation of more and more of the kinds of shared immunities provided by sharing such experiences, so we should purposefully pursue these practices of remembering and sharing our past experiences - and surely the day upon which The People in Wales should be gathering to do this together and also inviting along the rest of The People in The World to join us and each learn from the others' experiences must be 1st March - Gwyl Dewi Sant.

... and any month year century soon I will come back to this thread and I will write out what I intended to write in the first place when I started it ...



Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2015 09:15:57 -0400
Subject: Re: The DNA of the Welsh imagination ?

I think Cymru exists , in our hearts and minds, only the English wants us not to exist.

I think that Dafydd Iwan has been proved that he is a Cymro !

Subject: RE: The DNA of the Welsh imagination ?
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2015 09:23:15 +0000

Dear xxxx

the solution of course is to persuade the English that England is also an imaginary place - like " Israel " - wishful thinking !

Thus story-telling can be put in its place - not discarded, but made more enjoyable because it is no excuse for criminality ...

... no more Islamic States excusing their crimes with Islamic stories : " Islam " and " United Kingdom " are merely stories ...

... replace them with real living people's lives whose political arguments be checked against their real living realities ...

... and we could try checking the story-telling which is going on in this election - if Democracy is about The People's lives ...

... I hope that you notice that I whack up my stories in order to caution The People who Read Them to be critical of them ...

What does not appear on Y Repwblic is the mind-numbing tabulations of data which I make to support political arguments.

Data, facts, dates, descriptions etc are all part of the ' stories ' used in political arguments - but they are not entertaining.

David B. Lawrence



Subject: Dear xxxx : you might enjoy this ? FW: CASTLES IN OUR HEIRS - FW: The DNA of the Welsh imagination ?
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2015 11:19:53 +0000

Dear xxxx

this is not strictly about history but it pertains to history and makes a point about how we should be wary of story-telling.

The S4C series looked interesting but I did not find enough time to watch it - and now I can not locate it on Clic either.

I hope that the forthcoming election brings better things for your town : whoever wins, I dread the consequences for ours.

David B. Lawrence

Subject: CASTLES IN OUR HEIRS - FW: The DNA of the Welsh imagination ?
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2015 11:07:42 +0000

Dear xxxx

I meant to point this out last week as an example of why we should be wary of story telling e.g. " Wales is full of castles."

Did you catch any of this series on " Cymru DNA Wales " - ?


" ... On St David's Day S4C will start on an epic journey to try to answer the question 'Who are the Welsh?' with the documentary DNA Cymru as an introduction to a milestone series to be broadcast in the autumn. ... From the earliest days the Welsh have asked big questions like 'Who are we?' 'Where did we come from?' 'What connects us with the rest of the world's people?' 'What makes us different?' ... The S4C series DNA Cymru will set out to answer the questions by using DNA samples from the people of Wales today. The series is part of an exciting project Cymru DNA Wales set up in a partnership between S4C, CymruDNAWales, Trinity Mirror - publishers of the Western Mail and the Daily Post – and production company Green Bay Media. ... In the series DNA Cymru, presenters Beti George, Dr Anwen Jones and Jason Mohammad will be explaining how the science of DNA can reveal genetic blueprints that stretch back beyond recorded history. The project's aim is to conduct the biggest survey ever of ancestral DNA present in today's Welsh population. This is done through samples of saliva. The series will also use ancestral DNA to try to answer historical questions ...


" ... S4C primetime magazine show Heno will this week (12-16 January) focus on DNA Cymru, the far-reaching, ambitious national project to discover Wales’ genetic roots. ... Llanelli-based Heno on Monday, 12 January at 7.00pm will introduce S4C viewers to the exciting project and the forthcoming S4C series DNA Cymru and reveal the results of four Heno viewers who have taken the DNA test. ... The four viewers who will discover more about their genetic roots are Arwyn Thomas of Bronwydd, Carmarthen, Gareth Jones of Minffordd, Porthmadog, Elliw Pierce of Dwyryd, Corwen and Eluned Rowlands of Dolydd, Caernarfon. ... Then, on Friday, 16 January, one of the DNA Cymru presenters, Beti George will be on the show, having just returned from filming with producers Green Bay Media in Tanzania, Africa where humanity was born. ... A number of prominent Welsh people have agreed to take the DNA tests as part of the DNA Cymru project and series, including Michael Sheen, Bryn Terfel, Gareth Edwards and most recently actress Catrin Stewart and singer Mike Peters.
Heno series presenter Angharad Mair is among them too and her DNA results will be revealed to her for the first time live on the Friday evening show. ...


- Our Fatherline and Motherline lineage tests are the most informative tests for learning about your ancient ancestry. Discover where your ancient ancestors came from and their journey across the globe. ... Fatherline - Uncover your fatherline and the journeys made by your ancient ancestors with the Chromo2 YDNA Fatherline test. Only available for men, this test uses over 14,000 DNA markers on your Y chromosome to give you a highly comprehensive analysis of your direct male ancestry. ... All My Ancestry - Your motherline and fatherline are just two of the many ancestral lineages that contribute to your DNA. Where does the rest of your DNA come from? With over 250,000 autosomal DNA markers, All My Ancestry can answer that question and paint a picture of your recent ancestry.

Well I certainly approve of using our human DNA to prove that the Welsh have two ears, two eyes etc like everybody else even if the Democrats in Wales and The World refuse to use theirs ... but if you click on that latter webpage you may recognise something instructive about the deceptive nature of story-telling : apparently the genetics of all Welsh castles have an ancestor in England : the photograph has been selected on the basis that Wales is to be conceived of in terms of a romantic castle - so does anyone care that the castle chosen for this is Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland, England ?


" Cymru DNA Wales " is in fact " The Moffat Partnership Ltd " which is a Scottish company whose registered address is -

SC201430 Registered office, Purves Chartered Accountants, St Dunstans House, High Street, Melrose, Scotland TD6 9RU

David B. Lawrence
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 27, 2015 2:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well I just read through all of the above - and I have not got a clue what to do about the fractured bit, these are what I classify as " pre-writing " which are properly then pasted together into " writing " and then shaped into their final form by " re-writing " at which point they are submitted to an editor who them chucks them in the bin - or worse still takes the beginning and then puts it into the middle and sends me a merry little mail with a copy of what has been printed which reduces me to a figure of public ridicule, which is why I find that I can just lay prone pensively prodding " pre-writes " here for hours, rehearsing much the same material over and over and over and ...

... but I do actually go out sometimes ... when I run out of coffee or cigarettes for example ... and it is often the case that I then find the muse stalking me ... She is always female isn't she ? ... She always gets excited by shopping, urging me to spend more money ... it is the receipts She craves : She wants me to pay attention to what She is whispering about just out of my consciousness ... She has been annoyed - I know - about my not getting to the whole point of why I started to pre-write the material for this thread on paper ... the point being to not mock The Haggadah but to encourage The People in Wales and The World to consider what a wonderful idea it is and how serviceable and how cleverly varied in its execution by various people who have written not only variations on the original materials suitable for smaller children but who have translated the whole practice into modern terms to challenge bigger children to sit up straight and pay attention ... I do not like the ones with ugly modernist illustrations in them though ... and to be honest I would much prefer The Angel of Death to be cute, much more like those to be found on Xmas cards ... and I really can not see why I can not put brown sauce on the Seder Plate - but not HP ! - surely it is made of much the same stuff as Charoset ?

In my writing the following, please remember that there is but a thin streak of Jewishness running through the bacon of my soul ... I got into a difficult conversation last week in which I was being pressed as to my identity and since I detest not telling the truth and I delight in confronting those people who want me to respond with some glib declaration of a shared loyalty with some very long and detailed and discursive account which typically leave them suitably bewildered and reminded to accept that other people are not ciphers - and why use ten words when ten thousand will do ? - I started to explain EVERYTHING and I had not even got to fy nheulu Cymraeg over in - when she just became ridiculously impatient after only twenty minutes to be able to claim her own share in my conversation and said " OK - so you're a MONGREL ! " or something like that - as if I was supposed to be listening to somebody who was not saying anything - and - well ... I said ... " Well - I am ... what I am ! " ... I mean ... if that was good enough for Moses why the hell did she want any more ? ... Well, yes - I know that there were a few who when Moses told them this were more than a trifle sceptical, and of course the thirteenth tribe all smartly took a step backwards and made all sorts of excuses as described above - but to be honest, if the deity made us all in his own image then the answer he gave Moses ought to be the acceptable answer for everyone to give and to receive to each other : " We are what we are " - and thereafter the accounts which we give to each other of our own lives and of other lives known to us should be entertaining and instructive - like this ... Now when I was younger - a few hours ago - I was not so easy and once I had bought the coffee She had me scribble this out on the receipt -

The sixth day He would not work beyond :
He stretched out His hand and gave a fond
Spin upon this created sphere
And I tell you - it was down by'ere -
In South Wales' valleys His hand-print's found.

dai repWblic - Dai Saw - David B Lawrence

Author's right asserted - copyright LEFT
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