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Gwyl Heddwch " 75 " Peace Festival / NATO summit

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 18, 2013 12:34 pm    Post subject: Gwyl Heddwch " 75 " Peace Festival / NATO summit Reply with quote

[ I added ' NATO summit ' to the title because this slightly pertains to it but I don't anticipate opening a second topic thread on that subject - see second post ]


It is the 75th anniversary of the Temple of Health and Peace - there is a day of activities planned suitable for children - they seem to be unsure of the date however - " November 30? "


- and for adults there are such things as a Philosophy Cafe event -


2.30-4.00pm: Cardiff Philosophy Cafe The Road to Peace - Without or Within? In this special session of Cardiff Philosophy Cafe, we will explore different views on the nature of peace, and ways of achieving it. Does the path to peace involve self-contemplation, and the acceptance of what can't be changed, or does it require us to become activists determined to change the world?

- and CND will be conspiring in secret to overthrow the established order between 4 and 5 pm - and there will be guest appearances from Dr Who reading Poetry to greyhounds in all of the World's Cafes and ... well read it for yourselves ... I masochistically booked myself in to see Carwyn perform : perhaps some other party clowns will be there, jugglers, acrobats, performers all ....


... so naturally I booked a ticket to go see Carwyn Jones who appears to agree with my idea of " Wales and the World " - I must take this opportunity to devise some sort of difficult and provocative question which will deeply probe his ideological armouring ... perhaps I might find some comparison to make between Wales and some other " third world country " - I could base that upon the original meaning of the term to designate those territories colonised by " first world countries " and then held in a state of economic underdevelopment whilst being stripped of their resources ?

GOSH ... I missed my opportunity to take on the man of straw too - I must get out of bed more ... http://www.flickr.com/photos/wcia_wales/sets/72157636423532294/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/wcia_wales/sets/72157631902987592/

" Come and take part in our special debate to mark the 40th anniversary of the WCIA and the 75th anniversary of the Temple of Peace."

Welsh Centre for International Affairs, Temple of Peace, King Edward VII Avenue, Cathays Park, Cardiff, CF10 3AP

25 November 2013

1.30 - 3.30pm : Wales and the World

Keynote speaker : Carwyn Jones, First Minister


Sir Emyr Jones Parry, former UK Permanent Representative to the United Nations - Wales on the International Stage

Mutale Merrill OBE, Chief Executive of BAWSO - Wales, Migration and Cultural Integration

Julian Rosser, Head of Oxfam Cymru - Wales’ Contribution to International Development

Fran Dickson, PhD Researcher at the Wales Governance Centre, Cardiff University - How Does Devolution Affect Wales’ International Confidence?

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 14, 2014 12:36 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Note how long ago that was : months before these entirely unecessary rows broke out ...


I went to this Peace 75 event and pitched a question at Emyr Jones Parry after Carwyn gave a fulsome speech then promptly left in order it seems to avoid answering any questions. So I put a question to Emyr which was about the NATO summit and how the Welsh Government was going to portray Wales to the World if NATO is all about defending Democracy i.e. how were they going to treat the inevitable protest that will happen, will Wales be seen to be upholding to The World the ' Democratic ' right of protest ? I mentioned what happened in Seattle and I think that I pointed out how close the M4's Coldra Junction is to the proposed summit's location, a rather more obvious target for the more aggressive protesters to succeed in creating an incident that will be photo-genic and news-worthy internationally. The Welsh Government's solution is now obvious to anybody driving through the Coldra : steel fencing surrounds the site to stop people dropping off protesters on the hard shoulder to run off into the woods and climb the hill ... AND ... all of the M4 automated signs are declaring that motorists should expect something during the summit ... I guess that the Welsh Government have seized upon the idea of creating something news-worthy and photo-genic and decided to deprive any of these protesters of the opportunity and plan to create traffic chaos themselves instead ?


What I had in mind as an opportunity but am too preoccupied and under-resourced myself to organise, so I suggested it instead to a few others but in the full knowledge that numerous others would think of it, was to organise facilities for foreigners who would be arriving with nothing more than a rucksack : ideally a peace camp, but at least an alternative focus to rally around and provide a local reception committee. I suggested to Emyr that if the Welsh Government themselves provided this it would be a clear demonstration of what it means to subscribe to what they profess to believe in ... but of course they don't believe in Democracy, they just need to persuade others to so that their whole thing continues to roll along ...


... note the links at the bottom - there is no point posting them all though -


- so much has been spent then for the peace of The People in The Newport Area then ... we just have to admire our Regional Colonial Administration, do we ... not ?

Come on - let us make a game out of what ' RCA ' might otherwise be an acronym for ... !!! ... nobody under forty needs to try to get this one ...
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 20, 2014 7:12 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

... of course I am not going to bother to comment any further on the NATO summit but ... taking a walk this morning around the mile or so of ten foot high steel fencing whose design is apparently made to resist a tank assault ... that is a very satisfying thing to see : the true nature of Democracy made manifest for everybody to see - those who tell us that they are our beloved leaders ( - by virtue of our having been made to vote for them because this is the only form of ' participation ' that their political system offers us, the opportunity only to decide who we will give our opportunity away to - ) but whom we love so little that they feel the need to protect themselves from us - or rather they are fencing themselves in to protect themselves from their own imaginations like little children sucking their thumbs and holding onto their security blankets and teddy bears ...

... it must be some kind of racial memory or something else to be found in my jeans, but suddenly I understand how those ancient Silurians felt when confronted by the Roman invaders hurriedly throwing up the ramparts of their fort of Tamium ( which is what Cardiff Castle is built upon, hence the reason why it is rectangular - and it used to be much bigger too ) ... and what did those Romans ever do for us ? ... well they never brought us any peace ... the whole point of the ' Pax Romana ' was that the Roman Empire was conquering lands and peoples in order to have more resources to do the same again ... and again ... and again ... until the same generals involved turned upon each other to seize control of the whole ... again ... and again ... and again ...

... and SPQR of course was indeed the NATO of its day when it began, a mutual defence treaty between three villages on one side of the Tiber ... but later ...

... Hell ... let's forget them all for just a moment's leisure ... before we begin thinking that somehow the Welsh ought to be proud of living in what was once the Roman Province of Bittania Prima - we ought to be proud of having fought the Romans through centuries of being oppressed, plundered, enslaved, murdered by them ... if our ancestors chose to outlive the Roman empire then we can choose to outlive this and any other empire - if only we have the desire to choose to do so !


[ ... A RE-ENACTMENT FILMED IN CAERLEON WHICH IS ABOUT ONE & HALF MILES FROM THE NATO SUMMIT SITE - which I think is more or less just to the left over the hill in the background of the picture on this webpage - http://www.caerleon.net/intro/ - Caerleon is where if they had had any sense the Welsh Government could have secured the services of the university's campus and so provided some facilities for thousands of visiting protesters - and thus avoided what all intelligent and experienced people have been advising them for the past year will be the result of them treating protesters as criminal conspirators and potential terrorists ... ]

... of course we can anticipate that somebody or other more energetic and ingenious than me will be out there demonstrating against NATO - I hear rumour that a certain bunch of Canadian activists ( having bribed some of the American activsts for the information which they were culling from their badgers ) have been in pole-vaulting training for months ... meanwhile we of course have been shamefully allowing the Welsh Government to continue to prepare their plans for culling all bodgers in Wales without even so much as writing them any stiff letters ...



I return to this having decided a few hours later to look see whether there is any more being preached about from the on-line pulpit of Wales' Big Bible Church ( and partly I have been thinking about the hypocrisy of Carwyn praising Peace 75 whilst simultaneously preparing for WW3 )

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-28853150 - " ACC Chris Armitt said police would be ready for any unlawful protests "

- or, seen from an alternatve point of view, openly advertising the idea of there being an opportunity to make mischief in order smear the honest protesters by inviting criminals to infiltrate the event and thus discredit them by causing trouble - and thereby justifying everything the politicians have asked the police to do ? Can that not be counted as a conspiracy by the various members of the establishment to create a breach of the peace ?


" Policing the Nato summit in south Wales next month will be "completely uncharted territory", said the officer running the security operation. ... ACC Armitt has been seconded to Gwent Police from Merseyside for the operation, and has been in post for eight months. ... Assistant Chief Constable Chris Armitt said 9,500 officers from across the UK would be drafted in, including 1,500 from south Wales. ... Officers from all 43 England and Wales forces will be involved as well as Police Scotland, the Police Service of Northern Ireland, British Transport Police, Ministry of Defence Police, Civil Nuclear Constabulary and officers from the Channel Islands ... ( And - Around 10,000 support staff and 2,000 journalists will be attending. ) ... He said the 67 heads of states and the foreign secretaries who are both subject to armed protection under international agreements meant the summit would be uncharted territory for UK policing, but added the armed policing would be "discreet". ... [ I BURST OUT LAUGHING AT THAT : THIS IS " DISCRETE " - ? - ] ... a smaller operation will be in place in Cardiff Bay where seven NATO war vessels will be present. ... "

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 22, 2014 1:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

" Olwyn Sqwâr here reporting for BBC Wales' Small World Service at the NATO summit : General Pump Sêr, Syr, how many bombs does it take to change a light bulb ? "

I enjoyed this little text joke earlier, but whilst in the original as sent to some it was grammatically correct I then enjoyed spotting the possibility of the alliteration " Sêr, Syr," with its mock tone of American style ingratiaton thrown in with it, but now I am also speculating as to whether a " General Pumps'er " might contain an ever better and low down and dirty allusion ... ? " Pumpsêr ? "

[ Briefly - ' Pump Seren ' is the grammatically correct form of ' Five Stars ' & ' Olwyn Sgwar ' is a hapless reportourrette from some earlier spoofs about the Big Bible Church in Wales ... and ' sir ' means ' shire ' in Welsh ... ]
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 24, 2014 1:53 am    Post subject: Carwyn Jones surrenders Wales to Foreign Powers Reply with quote

A ridiculous amount of time spent fiddling around with this, I probably should have reached for Inkscape rather than Paint ... the disfigured lettering wouldn't copy over correctly : in the second copy I was playing around with re-arranging the letters of the slogan " N O T A N A T O " vertically and horizontally etc ... perhaps somebody else might lift this idea and work it out beautifully upon a tea shirt or placard or sommut ...

Good grief - nearly 03.00 am, is that really the time ? - I must try to get some of my beauty sleep in just in case the longed for revolution begins again tomorrow ... I mean, I always ought to try to look my best & when I looked in a mirror only today and ...
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 07, 2014 5:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well ... our visitors were welcomed with open arms trade agreements and not a great deal happened ... the thousands of police officers drafted in from all over the UK looked a trifle bored, standing around all over the places like the roundabouts, bridges, kerbsides several miles away - but at least they got a free blu-ish baseball cap out of it, I suppose : marked " NATO 2014 " or sommat ... there were some protesters, outnumbered at varying times from 100 to 1, 1000 to 1, 20,000 to 1 ... this 1 stood and watched and then walked away thinking of the drastic expense of it all - couldn't we have booked them into a Butlins holiday camp and boosted our tourist trade ?


http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-29063751 ( - they couldn't do day two because the United Kingdom had " ' D ' Noticed " the BBC who were told to publish the following instead - ? )



There were a total of 31 arrests related to the Wales Nato summit last week, the officer leading the operation has said. ... The arrests were for offences including assaulting police and possession of offensive weapons ... [ Smile ] ... Twelve of the 31 arrests were on Thursday, the day of the two anti-Nato protests in Newport and Cardiff which were supported by far fewer people than the expected thousands. ... Nine and a half thousand officers from around the UK were brought in for the week. ... Officers from outside Wales also made 64 arrests which were not to do with the political gathering, for offences ranging from affray to rape. ... [ Shocked ] ...

Cost ? £50,000,000+ ... and interesting post-sommat video report to watch - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-29088965 ... Police at the Nato summit have praised demonstrators for their peaceful protests during the two-day gathering of world leaders in Newport. ... Hundreds took to the streets for marches in Cardiff and Newport, fewer than the thousands predicted. ...

Apparently the thousands of protesters which were due were stopped at Calais ... http://www.itv.com/news/wales/story/2014-09-05/cameron-troops-pledge-nato-summit-wales-day-two/ ... Nato 'ring of steel' sent to Calais to stop immigrants ... Britain will send the 9ft 'ring of steel' fences used at the Nato summit in Wales to Calais in an effort to stop illegal immigrants getting into Britain. ... Immigration minister James Brokenshire said the move is part of a bid to send a message that the UK is "no soft touch" for migrants. ... and if they ever dare to try cross our borders again then the UK will bomb their home countries ... meaning especially Scotland if the Scots should ever dare to vote for independence and make meaningless the term ' United Kingdom.'


" If you’ve been in Newport and Cardiff over the past week, you might have thought you’d entered a warzone."

[ Article by Gen Sec CND Kate Hudson ]

" As Nato warships drifted ominously into the harbour and US Osprey and Nighthawk helicopters thundered in the sky, above mile after mile of steel fencing, disgruntled residents were left taking to Twitter to complain about their desks shaking at work. "The amount of helicopters I have heard today makes it sound like we’re at war,” one said. ... The No To Nato Counter-Summit was held in Cardiff and Newport last weekend. It saw peace campaigners and activists from across Europe, the US, and Russia come together to discuss alternatives and diplomatic routes towards true global security. ... And the weight of the peace movement has been never been clearer. A potentially disastrous bombing campaign in Syria was averted last year , when more than a decade of protest against wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and beyond hung heavily over the Parliamentary vote. A humiliated David Cameron was forced to abandon military action. ... Back in Newport, the peace movement today prised open the gates of Fortress Nato. A delegation from the No To Nato protests was allowed through the steel fence to hand-in letters and messages of opposition to Nato. A symbolic act, of course, but one which shows the real strengths of the peace movement and its ability to actually shape politics in our country. "


Interesting pictures here - nice to see the Communists out and about for a change ... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-south-east-wales-29063237


The Welsh first minister, Carwyn Jones, said the summit had brought "unprecedented global attention" to Wales. He said: "This is a historic moment for our country. I hope that staging the summit here in Wales will encourage the children to consider global issues."
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