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How to get your posts into QUARANTINE OR CENSORED

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 03, 2016 9:57 am    Post subject: How to get your posts into QUARANTINE OR CENSORED Reply with quote

Actually virtually nobody's posts have been so bad as to deserve being Quarantined and nobody's posts have yet been Censored i.e. deleted - but ...

Posted: Wed Feb 03, 2016 12:15 am - Moritz

That's family values; that's jewman neytchure.

Liberty - Equality - Fraternity : Aux armes, Citoyens !



Posted: Wed Feb 03, 2016 4:44 am - Dai

Pleased to see you back Daf - but have a care please : our audience is an international one and the Chinese are not going to appreciate this humour ... nor will the CPGBs ! *

Marianne - you have never posted an " avatar " - do you want any assistance in creating one ?


* I feel that I had better add an explanation for any puzzled and offended readers of Moritz / Daf's post : he and I are practically married and therefore we have a fractious relationship which might well be construed as Cantankerous Communist V Loony Liberal - so the anti-semitic flavour of that remark may well be him sniping at that thin streak of Jewishness which runs through the bacon of my soul ... from his own account he says that I compulsively " press his buttons " so he may well be trying to press mine in return ... the trouble with this and another post the same hour in which he indulged himself in depicting The Republic of Ireland as " Papal plc " is that whilst we are all use to this and know him to be a lamb who roars like a lion other people will not understand these old ritual canards - and various institutions like Cardiff City County Council have programmes which use filters to detect such things as " hate speech " e.g. several pages of the Israel & Palestine thread have been censored and one reason that I deduce is that I wrote a piece discussing the proper pronounciation of Y ( i i ) d which is perfectly correct as opposed to the clipped Germanic Y ( i ) d which carries centuries of contempt with it. It is a pity that The Labour & Cooperative Party feel that they have to usurp the rights of other grown adults to examine things for themselves i.e. that they feel duty bound to treat the rest of us like slaves and forbid us to have any dignity, but it is also a pity that Daf's gratuitous use of " Jewman " may lead to Marianne's post and any replies to it like this explanation being censored.

More important is the problem that whilst Informe.com are located in the USA where freedom of speech is theoretically more secure they provide the hosting for this phpBB on their own terms : if they do not like what they see on repwblic.informe.com they will say that we have the freedom to say it elsewhere, which of course in the UK is not necessarily true. Now I loathe censorship but repwblic.informe.com is the result of thousands of hours of work by myself and others and therefore I will not sacrifice this to casual thoughtless behaviour. What Informe.com's contract expects is that what we write or depict - however legal for adults - is something that a thirteen year old can read or view : my usual joke at this point is that we ought not to be trying to attract teenagers by featuring any pornography, violence or sports ... but given that American kids seem to swear more than Welsh adults - and indeed Welsh kids swear more than Welsh adults, not to mention texting photographs of their genitalia to each other - a certain amount of swearing is admissible, always provided that posts are not merely abusive.

I deem it admissible to declare hatred for something or someone and I do not count that as " hate speech " provided that it is an honest expression of emotion - because to censor other people's actual emotions is to negate their humanity : as we can see that The Democrats in Wales and The World are doing, refusing to acknowledge the consequences of their actions and thereby refusing to grant other people their dignity - in other words, refusing to do politics ... The Democrats in Wales not only demand to be loved by their victims - they actually want to legislate for this : The People in Wales are not allowed to hate these their oppressors but encouraged instead by The Democrats in Wales to hate those who criticise their oppressors i.e. The Republicans in Wales ... So Repwblic's policy is that everybody may speak as they wish to and nothing will be censored unless it endangers the continued existence of repwblic.informe.com : any particularly offensive posts will be removed to " Quarantine " to indicate that they are offensive without actually deleting them e.g." trolling " posts.
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