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I'r Gad - Welsh Battlefield Campaign

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 22, 2009 10:03 pm    Post subject: I'r Gad - Welsh Battlefield Campaign Reply with quote

This subject hasn't received a thread yet, I'r Gad is Geth's project and he seems to have won or had a part in winning some kind of victory for it today, so I'll relate his email to me.

22 09 09:

I'R GAD Welsh Battlefield Campaign - A VICTORY - MofH - Declares for a Welsh Battlefield Register - See All Media Today.

Annwyl Pawb.

First Note, that the picketing of the Welsh Assembly scheduled for this afternoon was called off, no purpose at present due to the Minister of Heritage's reference that over coming years a Welsh Battlefield Register will be produced (see cutting from today's Western Mail attached). However, there has been many a slip between a promise and actually delivery but, I will accept the word of the Minister and stand down my I'r Gad Welsh Battlefield Campaign - which means, unfortunately, that I will not be able to reveal my ''secret weapon'' to you (see photo attached) but I will now stick it away in the thatch in case I have need of it at a future time?

Interestingly, the media has not asked for my opinion or views, but did ask Albert Ward of the 'Welsh Battlefield Society' who admitted that ''they were surprised'' by the statement as, in two years of their campaigning, the 'WBS' had recieved no reply to their letters. That is of no surprise to me as all relevant bodies in this matter, inc AM's et al and, not least the media on numerous occasions since 2003, (that, you will note is 7 years of I'R Gad WElsh Battlefield Campaigning) had already corresponded with me on this subject - and were all supportive. So, I was not totally surprised that we would get there and a victory be won sooner as later, and if ever those, with authority, concerned in this issue were ever going to concede, they would do so now, in relation to today's new Welsh Heritage Strategy Statement.

For myself, I am placing my I'r Gad WB Campaign on the shelf after I pen one final blog post this week as a campaign conclusion where I will stress what you all now need to do - and most urgently so:

1: Write and thank the Minister of Heritage plus the O.S, and RCAHMW who were the first to respond to my appeals, and lets be generous & inc Cadw too.

2: Request that Cadw publish material on Welsh Battlefields as they have done for the Welsh Landscape.

3: Adopt a local Battlefield Site asap and campaign for it to be in the WB Register, plus get your local council involved.

4: Hopefully now, asap Historians, Professional and Amateur, National and local, also Archaeologists will set up a Welsh Battlefield Trust.

5: Much much more, and more info on such and further re above, go see my I'R GAD Welsh Battlefield Campaign blog.

Last but not least, to all those who have supported me, and made contribution to this campaign, a big thank you! Diolch yn Fawr.

Further note, anniversary of Battle of Crug Mawr coming up in October, maybe local patriots could organise a Welsh Battlefields Campaign 'Victory Celebration' commemoration, if not why don't you organise yourself, family or friends to visit area of this crucial battle in Welsh History. Details of which are on by blog and on the web.

Diolch yn Fawr.

Gethin ap Gruffydd.
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