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J K Rowling, Cybernats and Crude Misogyny

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 16, 2014 9:06 pm    Post subject: J K Rowling, Cybernats and Crude Misogyny Reply with quote

According to the writer of 'Horrible Histories', J K Rowling is extremely shy, and even the positive publicity she has received over the Harry Potter phenomenon must have been more ordeal than pleasure for her. She does slightly present as sensitive and delicate.

Perhaps we're wrong here. I have heard that she is on intimate terms with a couple who ran an Abergavenny pub like Saddam Hussein ruled Iraq.

It is said that she had them to stay at her Scottish castle, and they did not stop complaining once. It's hard to see what pleasure she could have found in their company, but there's no accounting for taste.

I expected to find Rowling's Guardian article against Scottish independence offensive. But it was not. She was respectful but overcome by a feeling of caution. I don't agree with her. I think Scotland should have confidence in itself. I think she went a bit far in giving a million pounds to the unionist campaign, but don't see why she shouldn't express an opinion in the courteous terms she used.

How can this possibly justify the torrent of abuse, much of it consisting of sexual insults and misogynistic hate speech that she has received from cybernats? We know it is a traditional knee jerk reaction with the unthinking to use irrelevant sexual terminology to insult a woman they don't like.

So Kate McCann was barracked by Portuguese nationals who thought she had herself disposed of her child. Puta, whore, was the first and only word that came to mind. They did not stop to think that child murderer is logically a much worse insult.

The cybernats didn't stop to think that they were doing their cause no good with this sort of hateful bile. Andrew Neil, on 'The Sunday Politics' remarked that they were not just foolish but twisted and evil.

Perhaps these people are the Scottish equivalent of the EDL. We know that legally, women were much better off in Scotland than in England up to about 1925. They would have been better off in Wales too if we had not been conquered and become subject to English law.

But this does not mean that there is not a macho misogynistic right wing nationalism festering in both places. The self styled Welsh nationalist Boz has expressed views on women which I find unrepeatable, but to call them prehistoric would be an insult to pre-history.

OK, it was he who was arrested and charged with sending letters to Sara Edwards, threatening Assembly members in 1999 and also with causing a bomb scare in Cardiff. While he was on remand, psychiatric tests were demanded. Boz is a one-off maverick with only the most tenuous links to reality. He can't be seen as representative.

But what about the defunct site called 'Welsh Ramblings' which has been described as left wing? I don't think I'm imagining that it had an article calling for teenage mothers to be put in gruesome custodial places. The writer expressed the view that if they persisted in wearing revealing tops and skirts, they should be imprisoned. This was all expressed in a perversely appreciative way.

There are medical, educational and economic arguments against teenage parenthood of course. But when it happens, the young parents need support. Treating them like criminals will lead to the high rates of infanticide we saw up to the turn of the twentieth century.

Also, why are the girls made responsible for men's sexuality as well as their own? I'd like to think this post was ironic, but it didn't look that way.

I've already mentioned the post on Alwyn ap Huw's site where a guest blogger irrelevantly referred to Pussy Riot as 'slappers'. The blogger, an avowed nationalist, also sent me an abusive email alluding insultingly to my physique. It's not very impressive. It's not at all rational.

Some of us can remember the early seventies when Sid James and Benny Hill were popular TV fixtures. In those days, a good number of men could only think of women in relation to sex. Some of us feel nostalgic for the 70s, but recent scandals show that we shouldn't.

These cybernats or cybernuts can't see, apparently, that they are no friends to the cause they claim to uphold. They're just showing us all up. Can't something be done about them?
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