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PostPosted: Fri Nov 11, 2011 2:12 am    Post subject: Men in Black - La Legion Noire - Toga Pulla Reply with quote

Since I seem to be on a roll tonight ... lets scribble about the ' Men in Black,' which every Welsh school child knows are guarding us from alien intruders -

It is actually, apparently, more than a two man operation and is heavily funded by the CIA in the USA but they don't have any Welsh agents operating from their virtual headquarters in Wales or spend any money on us - http://cardiff.usvpp.gov - though to be honest I don't think that it really exists. At least I think that since we are only a virtual nation the USA has only apportioned us the resources for a virtual ambassador, and visiting Welsh Americans don't even get the services of a proper consul. They get a phone number - [44] (0)29 2078-6633 - and a message " The Cardiff Office is unable to provide information about visas, or consular services for American citizens." - beeeeeep - buuuuur - http://www.usafis.org/faq/american-embassy.asp

Fortunately in Wales we have atleast 18 ' Men in Black ' of our own who have patriotically dedicated themselves to this task, and some of them are women too look yoo, and they get paid nothing too boot. So who are these people ? How do I know so much about this top secret operation ? Well, not too much to be honest ... I run into them every December at Cilmeri and I've had various theories ... but I have discarded the one about them standing around the mound there that involves flying saucers.

I think that it is something to do with Republicanism, but I'm damn sure that it has got nothing to do with Sarah Palin or Gerry Adams, it is neither so silly nor so sinister. Surely there is some clue in this colour scheme of black berets, pullovers, ties, trousers, skirts, shoes and white shirts ... and that ' white eagle ' badge on black that matches the flag that they carry ? Why does that black and white theme keep popping up in Republicanism down the centuries ? Reminds me of mourning and shrouds it does ... of Socrates and hemlock and of submitting to death rather than submitting to tyranny ?

Socrates was the first Republican, he used to wear a fine white linen chiton and an expensive himation that marked him out as an important person, he was a member of the government called an epistate i.e. he was a kind of legal official. At the pre-trial hearing of six generals whose political enemies had rigged the grand jury he refused to accept the demand for a collective trial for their military decision despite the threats made against him used what means he had to resist the majority vote for it, and by lot he was replaced the following day and they were executed. A couple of years later when Athens' democratic government had been overthrown by the Thirty Tyrants he refused to accept an order to bring an innocent man to execution and was lucky to escape with his life. When they were overthrown he was perhaps guilty by association as a collaborator with the previous regime, and he was certainly disaffected towards all political systems, he began to speak out about the need for personal virtue to whoever would hear him. Those who gathered round him were disaffected youths and he began to try to teach them to think clearly and to listen to their consciences and to be critical of the use of religion and rhetoric for political purposes. He not only plunged into alcholism to cope with his tormented conscience, he began to very deliberately express his contempt for the citizens of Athens by soiling the clothes that marked him out as a citizen - an act of mourning for his city. The new government eventually tried him on charges of corrupting the youth and not respecting the religion of Athens, and they offered to let him off if only he would contradict himself and behave contritely. He chose not to betray his city and was condemned to drink hemlock, a slow death during which he chatted with his friends as numbness took hold of his body. His last words were the jest "Crito, we owe a rooster to Asclepius. Please, don't forget to pay the debt." i.e. that the only way now to cure himself from the disease afflicting him - the government of Athens - was by death. We have an account of his teachings, perhaps not his exact words, because Plato wrote about his teacher for his own purposes in books like the Politeia from whence we get the word ' Politics ' - the title of this book can be translated as ' The Regime ' or ' The Constitution ' but it is normally translated as ' The Republic ' and it is widely considered to be the foundation document of Republicanism. ( Trust me, you would not want to live in Plato's republic.)

Marcus Tullius Cicero's book ' De Res Publica ' is actually where we get the word ' republic ' from. Cicero was a citizen of Rome and as a youth would have worn the ' toga praetexta ' which was a simple little off-the-shoulder number in white with a purple border, probably shorter in length than the same pattern of garment worn by certain officials such as magistrates when they were serving in an official capacity, so he presumably wore one of those also later in life. When he came of age 14 - 18 he would have worn the full length garment in plain off-white, the ' toga alba ' or ' toga pura ' or ' toga virilis ' - ' the manly toga.' When he stood for public office he would have gone to the expensive business of having this scrubbed up with fuller's chalk to cover up the wine stains and make it as white as possible and so present himself as a candidate in the ' toga candida ' - which is where we get the word ' candidate ' from. Alone at home however he wandered around in his socks and underpants pondering what to do about Gaius Julius Caesar and his mates Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus and Marcus Licinius Crassus who had invited him to join their covert junta two years before. They had wanted him on board back then but now that he was speaking out against their subverting the republic in the Senate ... well they had probably blackmailed the tribune of the plebs Publius Clodius Pulcher into introducing a law to get Cicero lynched since he was far to popular. Cicero decided that he was not Socrates and decided also that he needed a long holiday in Greece ( the idea probably of his wife Terentia who had been nagging him to take time off for years, but her idea was that they would go together ... ) Cicero got very depressed in Greece, thinking about the criminals who were running Rome ( and he didn't even know at this point that they had had Terentia dragged through the streets of Rome, punishing her in his stead.) Eventually the junta realised that Cicero was becoming more popular than ever and was a dangerous man to not have under their watchful eye. How did they know this ? Because the morning after Cicero went into exile when Caesar, Pompey and Crassus went to the Senate only those in their pay were wearing white : the rest of the Senate had come dressed in mourning wearing the ' toga pulla ' - the black toga worn on occasions of national calamity or the threat of war. Poorer citizens who could not afford this frequented the streets in the old, dirty or deliberately soiled ' toga sordida.' Statues normally dressed in the completely purple ' toga trabea ' were stripped naked which symbolically meant that the gods no longer ruled in Rome, and by implication meant that those consecrated to perform the role of priests had no authority - Caesar had actually used the role of Pontifex Maximus, the chief priest, to lever himself into power and so this was a direct attack upon him by the populace of Rome. The junta known as the First Triumvirate decided to try their luck next time ... Cicero returned to be greeted by cheering crowds in 57 BC ... but he was assassinated in 43 BC on the orders of the Second Triumvirate of Marcus Antonius, Marcus Aemilius Lepidus and Gaius Octavius Thurinus.

Now actually I reckon that it is in this business with Socrates and Cicero that the association between wearing mourning and those who are staunch republicans lies, and the rest is more coincidental but interesting.

I've already been writing about the Guelfs splitting into black and white factions here - http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?t=457 - but they did not get their names from being in mourning although they caused a lot of other people to have reason to mourn. Want to hear how stupid pride and violence can be, and how easily it can get out of hand ? It all started with something white - a snowball. Focaccia Cancellieri and his dad went to visit family in Pistoia near Florence, and his cousin threw a snowball that hit his dad who complained about it and probably smacked the culprit in public. A couple of days later the embarrassed nephew decided to stick one, rather ineffectually, on his uncle who apparently laughed it off. Not good enough however for his son Focaccia who decided to retaliate for this insult to his father and family and the whole wide world by taking others with him in order to catch his cousin and cut off his hands, and then whilst he was about it, and in order to punish him for his poor parenting skills in dragging up such a brat, he decided to kill his cousin's father. Now better parents than these two cousins' fathers decided to bring the matter to justice but the ruling families, who were all otherwise aligned in the Guelph faction, were jostling for power and took sides : the one side supported Focaccia's dad and the other side supported the bereaved relatives in this family counselling situation, and if I am correct the latter were led by Bianca Cancellieri and hence were known as the ' Bianchi ' - ' Whites.' Civil War broke out dividing Pistoia and the other side either got named or called themselves the ' Neri ' - ' Blacks.' Now this was at a time when the last thing that you needed in Italy in 1300 was an unguarded flank because of two stupid bunches of peasants arguing over who threw which snowball, as if any sane stern man of state would tolerate such dangerous squabbling in the ranks of the Guelphs when they had to be prepared to take on potentially destructive opponents. So the Republic of Florence sent an army and seized the leaders of these two factions and threw them into jail in Florence in order to debate what to do with them and try to sort it out like the sympathetic sensible sane rational reasonable men they were. But there were two factions in Florence, the Cerchi and the Donati, and in order to manouvre against each other they took opposite sides - white and black - and in the blink of an eye they were fighting in the streets. The ruler of the Papal States Pope Boniface VIII tried to intervene and they ignored him so eventually he had the white and black leaders banished into exile under pain of inviting in the French Count de Anjou, Charles de Valois. The White Guelphs patiently kept pleading their case for moderation but were becoming more disaffected towards the pope as they did so, and were finally affronted when behind their backs Charles de Valois entered Florence openly favouring the Black Guelphs who supported the papacy and then proceeded with them to kill their opponents and send the remaining whites into exile, including the man we now know as Dante, in 1302. Florence ceased to be a republic other than in name, not destroyed by white snowballs but by black lists.

Although the whites as defenders of the republic through reasoned argument lost and were sent into exile on pain of death, the moral of the tale is about factionalism and seeking political ends through violence : the blacks lost control of Florence as well.
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( Now I have fiddled around with this all day and it amused me, but I reckon that only a handful of my friends even will get most of it. It's theme is still black and white and if you have a thoughtful moment - strangers to Wales - think for a minute how many ponder the fate of Owain Glyndwr both with pride and a sense of mourning for what might have been. I happen to know that some people are going to hate this for several reasons, the heraldic bit is much disputed : I briefly dropped into Cardiff Central Library earlier to check my thoughts by consulting probably the most authoratative book on the subject of Welsh heraldry which is - " The Development of Welsh Heraldry " by Michael Powell Siddons, published by The National Library of Wales in four volumes.)

The white shield with the black lion rampant of the old princes of Powys Fadog that had brought Mr Glyndwr such luck in battle, well that and the fact that he had scared the living daylights out of the Scots and made the English very glad that he was on their side, hung caught in a shaft of sunlight such that it shone once again in his eyes. He started from his reverie as Mrs Glyndwr bustled in with yet another one of her blobby egg tempera paintings and a hammer and nail and vaguely waved it at him with an air of concern : " Do you think our berm looks too big in this one Melystra ? " " Oh, er ... not at all, shall I hang that for you ? " " Please do, oh - by the way - the news has arrived." " Oh good ! Can I have the front and back pages ? " " No, that would be rude - they have come a long way and they deserve your respectful hospitality, we shall receive them all - and both together." The pages were summoned in and stood in a line. " Well - what's the news ? " asked Owain wearily and page one stepped forwards : " ASSASSINS FOILED ! HENRY LIVES ! DICK DIES ! EXCLUSIVE ST- " " YES ! I mean - yes ! We heard all about that last week ! " " I'm sorry dear, but good King Richard was a friend of my husband's you see an- " " Friend indeed ! He was my king ! What else could I be but friendly ? Pompous Frenchified ass ! About time that we had an Englishman on the English throne I say, sort things out and no more of this nonsense about handkerchiefs and forks to eat with, and- " " Cariad !!! Let us hear some more news, how about something from page two ? Something nice about the weather perhaps ? " " It was sunny all week in Chester up until Monday, when they told us that it would probably be sunny again this week and will provide excellent shopping opportunities for discerning home-makers." " Well that was lovely news, couldn't we go shopping in Chester, Hyfryd ? " " Uh, well it takes all day to get there even when we set off early at this time of year and I really don't feel safe on those well-lit streets at night, not that any of them can shoot straight mind you and to be honest, in this present economic climate of uncertainty ... couldn't we hear the business page ? " " Well personally I don't like hearing page three, it always lays things out in an embarrassingly naked way and you always end up shouting those cryptic cross words and upsetting me. Oh, if you must ... what is it ? Don't just stand there man, spit it out ! " " Further crises - Italian banks - slump in trade - fighting in the streets - political turm- " " What, again ??? BUT THIS IS 1400 NOT 1300 !!! OH MY GOD !!! ... I sank our whole pension fund into that new European currency, those Florin things !!! My banker in London told me to put it into offshore investments where that damned Dicky wouldn't be able to find it !!! " " Calm down now, Cariadfach - put the poor lad down - DOWN !!! - now look, you only really wanted to know what the local sports results were so let us hear them from the fourth page - Down !! - down ! - there - you - see ? Now didn't the apothecary tell me that you are to avoid all strenuous activities and to find yourself a hobby, and this isn't helping us at all is it ? Now lets find out about the game that our boys have been playing with that funny shaped ball, shall we ? What is the local sports news, page ? " " RETURN MATCH ABANDONED, BARON RETURNS BALL - BUT KEEPS PITCH ! " " Shhhhhhhhh !!! - OH - no ! - NO - mochyn - BACH - I - REALLY - don't - KNOW - where - YOU - put - YOUR - old - SWORD !!! "

( If you have a smattering of history you'll probably get most of this context, except the obscure story that Owain Glyndwr after never sharing in a defeat changed his luck in battle by contriving to steal the arms of the royal house of Gwynedd which had come to be more or less regarded as the THE arms of the Twysog Cymru outside of Wales. Owain Glyndwr was indeed a if not the legitimate heir to the royal house of Powys Fadog, and there was no problem really in him being Twysog Cymru and using ' argent a lion rampant sable ' because a Twysog was not a prince by virtue of his bloodline but by virtue of being acclaimed as the recognised leader, the very meaning of the word ' twysog ' is derived from ' twys ' - ' to lead.' But there was a problem with this in view of the urgent need to quickly build up an alliance with the French. Explaining to the French that he was doubly royal because on his mother's side he was also an heir to the royal house of Deheubarth was just not going to work because his blood connection to the royal house of Gwynedd which they had already recognised as the Welsh monarchy was only very slight. He had to find a way to lay claim to being the heir of ' Yvain de Galles,' the man that the French monarchy had already recognised as the Prince of Wales years before, because the French notion of being a prince was based upon aristocratic birthright. Nobody is sure how the Welsh heralds reasoned it out*, but apparently Owain Glyndwr's mother Elen being of the line of Deheubarth enabled him to adopt the famous coat of arms that he is know for through her. With this as rather flimsy evidence of his legitimacy in French eyes, he boldly asserted to the French King Charles VI that he was indeed the heir to the exiled Prince of Wales who had lived and died in the service of France and was entitled therefore to lay claim to the same promise made to Owain Llaw Goch : a French army to liberate Wales and open up a third front against the English King's territories in the ongoing Hundred Years' War, and thus to end forever the claim of the English throne to the crown of France. Read a discussion about it here - http://flagspot.net/flags/gb-wa-og.html )

* I can't seem to leave this one alone, a whole chapter could be written about it, but I feel that some helpful further asides could be made about this. There is a suspect in this case of heraldic crime : Sion Trefor, the Bishop of St Asaph, was openly on-side with Owain Glyndwr from late 1404 and probably covertly so beforehand. Although he did not hold the office of herald, he was acknowledged as an expert witness in courtroom battles over coats of arms, and he was deprived of his see and ended up dying in exile after the war of liberation failed. The earliest treatise on heraldry in Welsh ' Llyfr Dysgread Arfau ' is attributed to him and you might say that in my little crime above I have followed the advice in that book and I wonder if Sion Trefor had praising that white shield with a black lion rampant on it in mind when he demoted the colour gold ... In the book he says that argent ( white ) is the noblest colour and sable ( black ) the next most noble, and describes the lion as signifying courage, cruelty, steadfastness, nobility and generosity. This book has a long and spurious list of the shields of ancient Brythonic kings including Cadwaladr's red dragon. Although the earliest known coats of arms date to around 1250 AD, the truth is that we do not know much about early Welsh heraldry besides the fact that it did not work in the same way as English or French heraldry in terms of who inherited what until the final conquest of Wales. The earliest systematic armorial ( i.e. directory of shields ) was by Sir Thomas ab Ieuan ap Deicus which is c1510 and Owain Glyndwr's is not in it, in fact nobody had any certain evidence that his shield used red and yellow until a piece of harness was found in Harlech Castle with those colours used - and it does not have his name written on it, it just matches the images on his seals which are made of a single colour of wax : but the previous princes of Gwynedd had lions passant ( standing, lifting one paw ) and Owain Glyndwr used lions rampant ( rearing up on their back legs ) and it is a fair bet that it did not belong to Owain Llaw Goch who died in France.

Now whilst I am about this it is worth mentioning that Iolo Goch might be deemed to provide the link between Owain Glyndwr and Sion Trefor, since both were patrons of his that he addressed poems to - and also to their powerful overlord, Roger Mortimer the Earl of March amongst other places and certainly one of the most powerful men in Britain and Ireland. To the latter, in 1398 Iolo Goch addresses a praise poem in which he declares ' mi sy herod ' - ' I am a herald ' - so it may well be possible that Iolo Goch had his fingers sticky with the red and yellow paint as well. Finally, in order to return to the black and white theme that I am supposed to be following, c1380 Iolo Goch describes the arms of Syr Hywel y Fwyall in a poem as

Ac ystondardd hardd hirddu
Yn nhal twr, da filwr fu
a thri blodeuyn gwyn gwiw
O'r unllun, dail arianlliw

And a fair long black standard
On top of a tower, he was a fine soldier
And three fitting white flowers
Of the same form, leaves of silver

It's an oddity that early depictions of shields on tombs etc in Wales often have the main figure on the shield surrounded by flowers, nobody is sure if they are purely decorative or have a purposeful meaning e.g. they might have been a way of differencing the shield between brothers, relations, companions etc or even the equivilent of carving notches on your Colt 45. Owain Llaw Goch's battle companion carried a similar shield to him but they were not brothers or cousins, it seems that on the battle field they had different crests on their helmets so that everybody knew who was the leader, the latter having a wolf's head crest. Llaw Goch probably had the same golden dragon crest that Glyndwr used, and we know that Welsh battle leaders were referred to as lions, eagles, dragons etc from this sort of poem, an elegy to Owain ( ? which one ? ) by Cynddelu Brydydd Mawr :

Eur dreic Eryry eryron uyhyr
Eryr gwyr golluchon

The golden dragon of Snowdonia of eagles' spears
The eagle of fervent warriors

And since we now have eagles in the picture, the earliest mention of white eagles in Welsh heraldry is in the arms of Owain ap Gruffydd c1285 - ' gules a cross or between four eagles displayed argent ' - ( source - Charles Roll 1 No 139 ) - and for all I know that is the earliest golden cross mentioned aswell, two nationalist symbols for the price of one and 725+ years old and counting.

Oh. One last thing : as I understand it, Arundel offered Glyndwr a knighthood and he declined it ( it says otherwise on this page - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Owain_Glynd%C5%B5r ) - Why ? Maybe because handing out knighthoods was a way to raise money, I think that it cost £10 a year at the time, maybe because of other reasons. Is it possible that Glyndwr considered it and wanted to use the Powys Fadog arms and was refused by the heralds ? Or even tried to use the ' Gwynedd ' arms ? Who knows, but historically whilst he might get away with it in his own hall it is very unlikely that Glyndwr displayed arms elsewhere and certainly not on a battle field where heralds would have been present.
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This just may possibly fit in better here than elsewhere, albeit a bit off-subject ... this was a fairly sane response to this question -

Subject: Welsh Christian party and flag
Date: Mon, 19 May 2014 22:37:13 +0100

Does the Welsh Christian party have a point??


Subject: RE: Welsh Christian party and flag
Date: Tue, 20 May 2014 00:20:41 +0000

Dear x,

( this rambles, but it gets to a sort of joke in the end - excuse me if I CC this to x & x )

I have made the same point myself for a joke : it is logically the correct opinion for a devout Christian to hold. It might also equally logically be the case that the reason why the English adopted St George as their patron saint was because he conquered the dragon - which is usually depicted as a red one i.e. that the English celebrated their finally conquering Wales by adopting St George as their patron saint.

In medieval Wales there were a lot of differently coloured dragons around : you can see this from various pub names which often derive from the local landowner's coat of arms. Those parts of England and Scotland which were once Welsh often have dragons associated with them, perhaps because a Welsh standard had been seized or because a Welsh kingdom that became subject to the rule of a neighbouring English kingdom gradually switched languages but not symbols e.g. Somerset uses a blue dragon.

You know about Owain Glyndwr's golden dragon - but how did he create that dragon flag ? The motivation for the war of liberation which he led was arguably religious not political : the Welsh supported the Pope which the English did not in the Great Schism - talk about a Nation of Protesting Non-Conformists ! The papal colours are gold and silver which heraldically are represented by yellow and white : Owain Glyndwr's unfurling that banner can be interpreted to mean that his supporters were declaring him to be the champion of " The True Papacy." But there could be another reason for Owain Glyndwr raising a flag that may well have been described at the time as " Y Faner Wen " - " The Sacred Banner."

see second joke story - http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?t=479&highlight=black

Lots of heraldic symbols and devices are visual puns which allude to what they stand for : Owain Glyndwr's original coat of arms was a black lion rampant on a white shield but when his supporters persuaded him to become their leader - " Tywysog " ( lets not use that ugly imperialist word here - he was elected, he didn't inherit the title ) - then the local bishop who was a dab hand at heraldry devised an argument to give him a coat of arms that was like that of the last independent ruler of Wales who unfortunately lost his head because he became enamoured of the idea of copying the French Feudal system and lording it over his compatriots - which might well be why he was betrayed ... I mean, if you are going to be in this or that feudal system as a serf with no rights - why choose a poverty stricken Welshman who can't plunder anything and has no spoils to share with you ?

Now the red and yellow counter-changed lions putting their paws up and asking for more flag was a personal flag intended to imitate those of the royal lineage of Gwynedd - but it was not the flag of Gwynedd itself. Remember all of that 19c neo-druidic stuff about " The Isles of the Blessed " and " Albion " - ? " Albion " is a garbled English pronounciation of " Alban " which is the word which the Gaels use for Scotland but which is in fact the Celtic / Brythonic word for what the Romans called " Britannia " whose origins are uncertain. The Celts lost their way in what later became Gaul and getting on the wrong boat and arriving with their duty-free circa 500 BC they found a bunch of people above them on the coast all holding out their beakers asking for just a wee drop of the sweet stuff who told them that the place where they had landed had some improbable name like " Duffy " but seeing that this place was all made of white sticky stuff, or it certainly was after these red-blooded but inebriated Celts had seen the local girls, these intrepid men promptly named it " Alban " - which means " white " or " pure " or " blessed " or " curvacious and bare " - just like you can see when you go visit " Duffy " to this day ... and now, by long tradition in Wales, whenever we imitate our ancient Celtic ancestors and travel to France on the Dover ferry we tell our wives exactly the same story whenever we return from " The Land of the Blessed " - and they, by long tradition, whether we are lying or not, refuse to believe us and our ancestors' wives refused to believe them. No wonder myth and legend came to be so easily dismissed.

Anyway, back to my previous detour ... the Romans conquered this island right the way up to the tippermost topppermost bits of it and changed its name to " Britannia " just to show everybody who was boss and imposed the worship of the imperial family upon everybody - except ( there is always one or two or three isn't there - who just will not vote for their own oppression ) - um - I think that they were possibly an unusually obscure sect of Methodistic Druids who wanted to oppress each other without any interference from a higher power - and they fought off the Romans and insisted upon calling their remaining northern bit of the island by the name which their ancestors had first called it by - and they longed to return to visit " Duffy " of whom they had heard so much about in myth and legend which sustained them through long centuries of sexual abstinence until they were so old and feeble they were no longer able to resist the Scots who coveted the lands of the ancient northern Welsh for the purposes of tourism, rape and pillage at modest weekend rates. The name " Alban " stuck to the stuff they conquered however, it having a sort of exotic sound for Irishmen - but the wives they left behind dismissed all of this as suspiciously mythical.

Anyway, to get back to the main point about the druids with fluids whom the Romans did not like, they ended up making a last stand in an island defended by their sacred tribe - the Venedoti ... er ... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kingdom_of_Gwynedd ... well the root of the name " Gwynedd " is definitely maybe perhaps " Gwyn " - otherwise known as " the king of the fairies " - but don't let him hear you say that or mention that his face is blackened or -

Um ... oh yeah - well " Gwyn " was one of the Celtic-Brythonic-Welsh titles or allusions to the ineffable and unmentionable almighty god-that-I-do-not-believe-in-but-have-faith-in as lately appearing in other places like Judea where you are not even allowed to allude to his name let alone his title but you are allowed to look at his tag on the internet - " YHWH." The fact that this word can have different vowels put into it to create varying meanings has a strongly druidic feel about it : the Orthodoxical Jews allowed people to write it down but not speak it, but the Methodistical Druids refused to allow their sacred words to be written down but then insisted upon talking about them all of the time. The Romans hated them both so they destroyed the temple at Jerusalem without trace and nothing now remains of the Methodistical Druids' sacred groves and their great love of talking save a railway station.

As soon as Owain Glyndwr had committed himself to his course of action there was really only one place to which he could go : he took a deep breath and bought a ticket to Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerych ( and then took another deep breath ) wyrndrobwll ( panted a bit - he was getting on in life you know when this was going on ) llantysiliogogogoch - and made it a day return, just in case things did not work out when he got there. He was greeted with huge enthusiasm when he stepped off the train by one Snow White who declared that she had always known that one day her prints would come as he graciously handed her the package which his wife had entrusted to him. In his other hand he carried " The White Flag " - well we all know what that looked like don't we ? His wife was furious - her best linen ! - why did he have to take her BEST ? - and why did they suddenly only have two posts on their bed ? - where the hell was he going anyway ? - she was by the end of the morning fully expecting him to come home with some kind of mythical tale having started some new kind of cult based on merely legend ...

Meanwhile, having examined his sandwiches and opted for the pub instead, Owain Glyndwr was sat with a small sherry contemplating what to write on the bare spare white sheet in front of him which he had stretched between the two posts which he was holding apart by the bed-head which he hadn't intended to bring but he had never quite mastered the art of carpentry nor DIY in general for that matter. The landlord studied him closely whilst methodistically filling up people's beakers. Everybody had some idea as to what they thought he ought to protest about, but everybody being Welsh nobody could agree upon any one thing which they could rally around as a demand. The landlord finally came up with a brilliant suggestion which perfectly matched the brilliant white surface - " Why write anything upon it all ? " - " But I can not just wander up and down Wales with nothing written on it - I need a strong political programme founded upon strong religious convictions - I ... " - " But you do not have any your self - you just keep trying to listen to everybody and hoping to reconcile them each to the other in order to try to get them to work together - which is certainly a good thing, if you can achieve it of course." - " So ... I just leave it blank and let everyone else ... just imagine what they want to see written upon it ? " - " Yeah - you could make up a song to sing whilst you are carrying around as well - sort of ... er ... I DON'T KNOW WHAT I WANT - BABY ! - BUT I KNOW HOW TO GET IT ! - YEEEEAH !!!! " - " You know, that sounds ... possible ... um ... what shall I do with all of this slippery black stuff that I bought into years ago then, to get ready for this job then ? " - " Well, if I were me I would just chuck it - it must surely be well past its sell by date by now, surely ... ? " - " Do you know that Gwynedd's war banner used to be just a plain white sheet, it was an ancient heraldic pun - and it - " - " No it was NOT - there NEVER was a white FLAG : the Holy Tribes of Gwyn & Eth united together to defeat the Romans by carrying a Methodistical Druid into battle held high upon their shoulders and he was dressed from his head to his wellies in - " - " THAT story is purely mythical and legendary to boot - " - " You HWNTW ! - I'LL ... "

( I have just got to go to bed - I hope that you found something to smile at in there )
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I am not sure as to whether there ought to be another thread for just the theme of " black and white " - but of course it regularly crops up in Welsh culture, perhaps - perhaps - a touch more frequently than it does in the cultures of other European nations - and here is a nice example which conveys something of my own thoughts -

Gwyneth Glyn - http://gwynethglyn.com/en/recordiau/tonau-2/e-tonau/ https://twitter.com/gwynethglyn/status/535206139529789441

Du ydi'r Eira - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Du-Ydir-Eira/517674491642968



Du ydi'r Eira - " Black is the Snow " - some of the translated lyrics from the video which appears above on Youtube

" ... and black is the snow, and white is the coal - and grey am I without him ... and bright is the darkness, and dark is the sun ... when you do not have what you desire ... "

" ... and white shall be the snow, and black will be the coal ... and merry will I be with him - and bright is the darkness, and bright the sun ... when you get what you desire ... "

( ... and perhaps Gwyneth Glyn missed a poetic opportunity there in the imagery of a white shroud which could have been buried into the black earth ... )


Now I just return to this slightly later after running an errand and pondering whether any dummies out there are imagining Gwyneth Glyn to be a friend or supporter - surely not, she just happens to have used similar imagery to that which enchants me also - but only in a slightly different way ...

What underlies a lot of my shoot-from-the-hip, let-me-make-yet-another-coffee and enjoy-a-few-hours-more-of-lazy-recreational-abuse is a model of politics a touch more sophisticated than the " Left v Right " which most people in Wales have enough difficulty in understanding already ( because it is not true, and is intended to deceive them.) Republicanism in Wales is in a mess because ( a ) there has been over two hundred years of the most false and vicious propaganda war waged against it ( b ) as a consequence it is not even taught in the universities of the United Kingdom and ( c ) even the academics who actually do understand Republicanism will not publicly discuss it because they are frightened of being sacked or of having their departments of philosophy, politics, history etc actually closed down. Any visitor from a country whose political system is founded upon the norms of Democratic Republicanism or Republican Democracy or some balance between these two versions of the compromise between them which has become the shared standard throughout the world would be very shocked by what they would witness in Wales compared to the World. That is why I constantly reach for the tag " Cymru a'r Byd " because of the already huge and increasingly large gulf between " Wales and the World."

Now when Margaret Thatcher was first elected in 1979, just before I got the vote in order to try to stop her, a foreign journalist listened to her political proposals and was stunned when her response to the question as to what she would do about the civil disorder which would inevitably follow was that there would be none ( or that it would be suppressed.) What then followed was a series of major riots and - whilst your standard histories will tend to mention only three conflagurations which just happened to be visible from nearby BBC studios - I can tell you that by word of mouth many more were reported as having been suppressed around the United Kingdom. But this repression of political discontent was not a phenomena to be solely associated with the Conservative & Unionist Party - the Labour & Cooperative Party not only condoned them but acted in exactly the same way later : this was and is a matter of the middle classes who make their careers in the United Kingdom as a political system not only being politically incompetent but contriving to conceal both that and all manner of other things by misrepresentations of many sorts i.e. the " United Kingdom " is not so much a political system as a community of fraudsters.

So should we be eager for civil disorder to break out on our streets again ? Certainly not - but as Republicans in Wales we are forever crying like the proverbial Cambrian Cassandras that these sorts of events are imminent and sometimes they do indeed happen at which point, having talked an awful lot about such events in various ways, Republicans in Wales get the blame for them ... now think that through : " Y Trilliw " stirs again as the winds of social unrest begin to blow over Wales one more - and the Democrats in Wales blame those who hoisted it and want to cut down the flag pole and burn it in order to stop the global warming which cause me and others to just flap around a little in the small breezes which may well be heralding the perfect storm ... or not ... but nobody in their right mind forced to share this unworthy vessel of Wales' short portion of the United Kingdom's political system, knowing it to be a broth so full of leaks, errs in favour of not even attempting to patch the holes in it or blunt its sharper ends. We urgently need the tried and tested, the conventional and commended, accepted political solutions for Wales' failing political system - Republican solutions.

Perhaps it may seem that I am off-message : let me describe the matter in black and white, as all indifferently scribbling bullshitters ought to do ...

When you have a society that is not stressed then the people in it have no difficulty in discerning black from white - and only the minority who live on the margins of a Democratic society generally enjoying peace and prosperity will choose black political methods : they are compelled to do so because Democrats are not interested in helping people who can not get them elected, and as often as not Democrats do not even listen at all to such distressed people but are swift to denounce them for any of their black activities and to use these to justify new laws to be passed to for advantage of themselves and their sponsors e.g. the United Kingdom has the most extensive surveillance systems in the world ( because it is not restrained by the conventions of Democratic Republicanism ) argued to be supposedly be protecting the right of freedom for its subjects ( how can ' subjects ' be ' free ' ? The fact is that we effectively have no bill of rights - and all of the Democrats in Wales are now conspiring together to get rid of the very little and ineffectual legislation that we presently do have ) - but the only real guarantee of freedom for people who want to be a ' citizens ' not ' subjects ' is to be sure that they can be in control, at least - in the theory of Democratic Republicanism - indirectly through their elected representatives, of their governments ... but the Democrats in Wales are conspiring with those elsewhere, not just within the United Kingdom as a political system, to ensure that whilst they can know more and more about us - to such a degree that they can not even process the information which they gather from their automated ( and therefore easily duped ) surveillance operations - yet we can know less and less about them, the very people who have access to the most powerful means to abuse others in society ... and what that means in practice is that they do not want to understand the rest of society in order to serve the other people living in it by collecting information in order to respond to the needs of their citizens - well, we are not citizens in the United Kingdom but subjects - they want to organise their resources effectively in order to be able to oppress us better.

If you want to know what your government is really doing then you do not pay attention to what they are saying but who they are paying : things are bad enough in those governments claiming to be Democratic Republics, but you can know how bad they are because as a citizen of them you can examine their accounts. In the United Kingdom which is neither a Republic nor a Democracy we are not citizens but subjects and we have no means to assess who gets paid even by our local councils let alone the actual United Kingdom which is the most secrecy-obsessed state in the modern world - it is easier to obtain information about who is being paid by the Chinese or North Korean governments than by the United Kingdom's : in some instances it is easier for us as subjects of the UK to ask citizens of other countries such as the USA to obtain information on our behalf by asking the right sorts of Freedom of Information question of their governments about their relationships with our own government !!!

And they keep accusing the casual scribblers of political bullshit like me of political subversion ??? ... Huh ... Do you really think that pushing buttons on a computer can set a whole society into motion ? ... Political scribblers are followers of what men do - not leaders who can stop what men do ... we are like football commentators - political has-beens who are no longer fit enough to actually play the game but still enjoy talking about it ... and however many times we explain the rules to our audiences, those playing the game for high stakes will still break them in the hope of getting away entirely with their foul play ... This then is " The Off-Side Rule of Politics " - you may have deceived the match officials by diverting their attentions, but there will always be individual people in the crowd watching you and anticipating what will happen when the rest of the crowd spot you doing it. Crowds on the move do not have any time to engage in these cognitions associated with Republican political commentators, they are not reading Plato - they are caught up in their emotions as a result of their sensations, and invade the pitch not with the idea of appointing a better referee or of instituting a better set of rules, but with all sorts of opportunistic agendas. That is why someone whose agenda is opportunistic will infiltrate a football supporters' association or a political protesters' organisation - e.g. a football hooligan or an undercover policemen, who often turns out to be exactly the same person, only he's waited years to turn his weekend hobby into an opportunity to be employed to pursue his private passions full time whilst benefiting from the protection of all of the Democrats in Wales ... who like people to be caught up in hysteria and unable to think straight, too dazedly deranged to discern black from white - and wanting to be led.

" ... and black is the snow, and white is the coal - and grey am I without him ... and bright is the darkness, and dark is the sun ... when you do not have what you desire ... "

" ... and white shall be the snow, and black will be the coal ... and merry will I be with him - and bright is the darkness, and bright the sun ... when you get what you desire ... "

When a society is not stressed then it is largely " white " - people live in a state of degrees of accord, each person may differ in their views upon a problem but all views are contributed to the public discourses and people come to develop a " Common Sense " of their society and its problems. When a society is placed under pressure then it begins to lose its " Common Sense " as people become divided by their strategies to remedy their changing fortunes : their responses to what is happening will differ according to their understandings which tend to reflect their individual experiences unless they share a " Common Sense " understanding founded upon useful conclusions drawn from the past history of their society and transmitted down their nation's generations by means of an organised religion. Wales no longer has such a " Common Sense " because the Republican Democratic attempt to re-create it through " Neo-Druidism " failed over a century ago, and all that remains is " Y Geriadur Cymraeg." With the loss of a " Common Sense " i.e. of the Republican Democratic / Democratic Republican ethos, Wales has descended over the past century into the darkest recesses of the version of " Pure Democracy " which is practised within the United Kingdom is unmitigated by any of the normal constitutional restraints which are applied in the various political systems which we define as " Democratic Republican " or " Republican Democrat." The proprietors of the political system which we know as the " United Kingdom " have banned all discussion of any such constitutional restraints, i.e. they have banned all of the historically important political discourses upon constitutional matters which are known to us generally by the term " Republicanism."

This is proving to be disastrous in Wales which has been lumbered by the incompetent politicians in Wales with a political constitution of the sort which was even refused by the United Kingdom's imperial colonies which have continued as dependent territories of the UK. The self-proclaimed " Democrats in Wales " keep insisting that the political system that they are defending is " Democratic " and denounce those who would change it as " Anti-Democatic " - whereas the majority of those who want to change it self-describe themselves as " Republican " even when they know nothing of what " Republicanism " really actually is. " Democrats in Wales " denounce " Republicans " as " terrorists " amongst other things and claim that " Republicanism " is potentially a violent criminal conspiracy - yet it is clearly " Democrats in Wales " who are criminals and conspirators who have perpetrated violence against others. In contrast, " Republicans in Wales " are typically scrupulously law-abiding people who in their various political and charitable campaigns always act openly and for the most part profess to be either pacifists or pacificators.

The battle lines in Wales over the issue of what is and is not " Democracy " have been clearly drawn this past thirty five years, all that confuses the issue is the terminology to be used in this political conflict - or rather, the nomenclature : we need therefore to set the matter out in black and white.

THE BLACK FACTION - the criminal conspirators - THE DEMOCRATS IN WALES - who use violence to defend their political system & attack others.

THE WHITE FACTION - the upholders of the rule of law - THE REPUBLICANS IN WALES - who reject violence and all the other ultraisms.

Of course there are other colours, but the question is whether they want to play politics as a peaceful sport in which by mutual dialogue we improve our decision making processes and produce better laws and policies as a result - or whether they want to continue in a political system in which one by one each of their political ideologies which can be excluded is got rid of until no political colour remains at all other than the various shades of dark grey to be found in the suits of those to be seen to be competing to serve their much darker masters and not us, The People Of Wales And The World. This is where " Pure Democracy " without any constitutional restraints will lead to - therefore we must strenuously oppose it with an uncompromising " Pure Republicanism " to demand a normal constitutional settlement of the type that balances Democratic processes with Republican institutions - i.e. to locate our sovereignty in our laws and to confirm the rule of law by establishing the independence of the judiciary, legislature, executive and bureaucracy etc and their authority to investigate each others' activities. Every Republican movement needs a " White Faction " at its core who are committed to preventing the political system being overthrown by those kinds of " Pure Democrats " who will overthrow the rule of law and consolidate their power over society in order to exclude any other colour than their own and thus to establish themselves as a monarchy - or, as in the case of the United Kingdom, to ingratiate themselves with a monarchy.

I know, rambling here - should have posted this somewhere on its own, but then as you can see from above my thoughts on " Black and White " are still in the process of developing : we need to damn every party of the " Democrats in Wales " all together, but create a broadly based movement sympathetic to a diverse number of sentiments which are not receiving any representation in the political system, apparently more than half of the adult population of Wales and all of those who have no opportunity to vote. The " Democrats in Wales " may seem to be well established in Y Senedd but they are not by any means feeling as secure there as they claim to be. I know that the " White Faction " strain of " Republicanism in Wales " seems alien to many, but it has a long history going back at least into the 1790s and it is as well to remember the history of what has happened. The legacy of Republicanism in Wales includes Trade Unions, Cooperatives, Building Societies, People's Banks, Saving Societies, Credit Unions, Law Unions and Legal Aid, the Charitable Unions, the National Health Service, Council Housing, Work Schemes for the Disabled etc

Most of those have been claimed to have been created by Socialists but they predate Socialism by decades if not even centuries in their antecedents - and the stupid Socialists put these fruits of centuries of Republican struggle into the hands of the United Kingdom - straight into the hands of " The Enemies of The People " who had opposed everything that the Republicans were trying to build every step of the way. What kinds of idiot would do this without first securing a proper political constitution ? Democrats in Wales - i.e. first the Liberal then Labour governments squandered everything that The People of Wales had achieved because they didn't want to submit to any constitutional restraints upon their exercise of power over society through the state once they got themselves elected, and in order to get elected within the United Kingdom you first have to engage with a corrupt and corrupting political system - and it only rewards with power those corrupt enough to want it. Is it possible to do politics without even being elected, without being corrupted ? If you change your conception of what politics is in the first place - yes : understand first that Democracy is an Ultraism and therefore not a political system at all but a means of coercing people by majorities, and understand that successful political systems are founded solely upon facts and arguments and therefore that voting is not a political act at all.

Once you understand that you understand that what we need to campaign for is to get more information into our political systems, whatever they are.


P.S. How then might the above fit in with the theme of " Unspoken Words " - ?

Well, the business of poetry is often to do with groping towards the expression of as yet unformulated insights, where a person's experiences are being tentatively stated in existing words whose present associations do not create a certain statement as to what they are trying to say. This is the business of ' spirituality ' in which we explore our emotional responses to our sensations, to express our experiences to ourselves and to others in the hope of receiving the responses that between us by negotiation create new world views : it is our various methods by which we compare our spiritualities which constitute the practices of ' religion ' by which we create new views of the society in which we live and thus lay the foundations for formulating new ways for us to behave in it - in other words, our individual and privately disorganised spiritual activities are the precursors of our collective and publicly organised religious activities which then become the precursors of our various communities' political activities. We collectively attempt to persuade other communities to understand our individual experiences and thus appeal to the individuals in other communities to agree to new views of the society which we share in and thus to implement new laws and policies to govern our society in accordance with them. This progressive development of our new understandings of the society in which we live from our initial individual spiritual intuitions through our communities' religious understandings into shared societal political ideologies leads inevitably to collective economic consequences for others in society who in turn are going to have experiences which they may or may not enjoy - and so out of empathy for others in our making our claims upon the sympathy of them for ourselves we must accept that there must be a continuous effort by all to understand each other in order to discover and to describe the reality of what is happening in our society i.e. the object of Republicanism is for us to develop a fully functional consciousness by which we can successfully govern our society, that the ideologies which we create to guide our state embody our best understandings of the realities of our society and that the laws and policies that we make to collectively govern ourselves are to be constantly revised in response to the changing circumstances of the lives all of the individuals within our society : The Politics of All Republicans should portray The Poetics of All Peoples ... We therefore need a much more Poetical Publical Political Practice, Perhapical ?

Perhaps then the purpose of poetry is to prevent the perversness of those politicians who claim that black is white and white is black, and to assert instead that happiness is happiness and that misery is misery, and that we do not desire what we get but want to get what we desire : not the Lies, Hatred, Enslavement, War and Death demanded of all by Democrats - but the Truth, Love, Freedom, Peace and Life offered to all by Republicans.


I decided to share this with a few others,adding the comment -

" As the 2015 UK general election approaches and various religious groups are trying to mount campaigns of concern, I feel that the way in which I view the role of religion as promoting a vigorous public moral debate would be of use to many who are confusing religion with politics to the detriment of both. As far as I am concerned, this is a deliberate strategy on the part of Democrats who want to escape any moral censure and to prevent religion from happening at all by portraying it as merely a private concern, equating religion solely with private spiritualities which they deny have any relevance to public life. This is because the idea of the separation of religion and politics has been ripped from its foundations by Democrats cherry-picking ideas from Republicanism whilst damning the rest of this political theory because it is inconvenient. The original idea was that those in political power could not suppress their critics by establishing a state religion to enforce their own belief systems under the guise of such things as " British Values " by declaring those who differed from them to be heretics and therefore criminals. Now that the United Kingdom has not only falsely declared itself to be a "Democracy " but has also declared that what its politicians believe in is a effectively a state religion now lots of bad things will begin to happen e.g. it is obvious that all those organisations which are not deemed to be " Democratic " will become criminalised if they refuse to agree to become so : since God is in a minority of one He is obviously going to be immediately out-voted."


My closer friends are occasionally " Limerick'd " by my one-text poems in which I reflect upon my present preoccupations : this morning I wrote -

" Nations speak their peace to nations_Describing each their situations_But when their poets are all dead_They're more inclined to war instead_Living poets ease relations "

Perhaps that ought to be ... " Living poets have more patience " ... and yes, I know that was more than one text long ... later I looked up the text and came across this -


That webpage says - " This post has been written by Christen Forster and was originally published at his Supranatural Life website. It has been republished with permission. You can also follow Christen on Twitter at @RevivalTwit. "

- http://supranatural-life.com/Articles/332623/Supranatural_Life/Leadership/Blogs/Christens_blog/Christens_Blog_Items/British_institutions_and.aspx )

" ... When the BBC was founded in 1927, it adopted the vision statement "nation shall speak peace unto nation", which it claimed was inspired by the phrase in Micah: "Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore." In 1934 a new official motto was adopted for 15 year before reverting to the original this time the motto was, "Quaecunque", the Latin word for "whatsoever", this time inspired by Phillipians 4:8: "Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things." ...


http://www.olvrc.com/culture/blasphemous.html http://socrates58.blogspot.co.uk/2008/12/anti-catholic-cultural-remnants-hokey.html


" In all probability those common juggling words of hocus pocus are nothing else but a corruption of hoc est corpus, by way of ridiculous imitation of the priests of the Church of Rome in their trick of Transubstantiation." ... or ... " Hocus Pocus: Words of pseudomagical import. According to Sharon Turner in The History of the Anglo-Saxons (4 vols., 1799-1805), they were believed to be derived from Ochus Bochus, a magician and demon of the north." ... or ... " I will speak of one man... that went about in King James his time ... who called himself, “The Kings Majesties most excellent Hocus Pocus”, and so was he called, because that at the playing of every Trick, he used to say, “Hocus pocus, tontus talontus, vade celeriter jubeo”, a dark composure of words, to blinde the eyes of the beholders, to make his Trick pass the more currently without discovery, because when the eye and the ear of the beholder are both earnestly busied, the Trick is not so easily discovered, nor the Imposture discerned. - Thomas Ady, A Candle in the Dark, 1656 " ... or ... " According to the Oxford English Dictionary the term originates from hax pax max Deus adimax, a pseudo-Latin phrase used as a magic formula by conjurors. "

Interestingly ... and not a lot of people know this ... me for instance ...


" ... The Welsh hovea pwca ( a "goblin's trick", or hoax ) could also be the source [ of the term " hocus pocus " ] ... "


" The Welsh hovea pwca (a "goblin's trick", or hoax) could also be the source: ' One further speculation is that Hocus Pocus is derived from the Welsh term Hovea Pwca, a hoax perpetrated by a hob-goblin or will o' the wisp called a Pwca, Pooka, or having the personal name Puck. This creature was a shape-shifter whose name recurs throughout Europe as a name of the devil, inclusive of Ochus Bachus.' "

... I guess that I am now wandering way off my subject ... well, not really : we all know all too well that all of those who have ruled over all of us in all of Wales have all been pucking us all for centuries - all of the pucking time ... it just doesn't apply at all here that you can puck all of the people some of the time and but only puck some of the people all of the time - it pucking well seems to me all of the time that I pucking well belong to a pucking nation of puckers who are pucking each other all of the pucking time ... it may not be pucking well very pucka advice but it does indeed seem to be considered to be the pucking best policy by all of us poor puckers for all us poor puckers to pucking well puck ourselves before all of the other pucking puckers puck us pucking first in order to pucking well pucking procreate their Politically United Commoners' Kingdom ... well, there's the Cambrian Connection for you ... now go stick that on your T-shirt !

HEY NOW LOOK AT THIS : A REPUBLICANNY-COLOURED ( PIWS ? ) FLOWER CALLED " HOCUS POCUS " ... hang on a sec, do I really like this as an association ?


" Geranium pratense 'Hocus Pocus' was introduced to the world gardening market in 2003. It was developed by the Dutch hybridiser Marco van Noort at his nursery in Warmond, from select seedlings of 'Purple Hazel.' ... The subtle light purple flowers with white centers & black anthers are larger than for other dark-leafed Meadow Crane's-bills, up to two inches, extremely numerous starting either late May or in June & lasting throughout the summer." ...

... " The name Hocus Pocus as used by magicians originated with an otherwise obscure 17th Century conjurer who according to a 1655 text lived in the age of King James & billed himself as "His Majesties most excellent Hocus Pocus." He was first to use these very words as part of a faux-Latin incantation which ran, "Hocus pocus, toutous talontus, vade celerita jubes." ... The name was appropriated by a whole series of Tudor England conjurers & jugglers, so that the history of the very first Hocus Pocus became lost among a multitude of imitators, whose lowly social status was not thought worthy of historical preservation. ... Some have suggested the phrase predated His Majesties Hocus Pocus, being corrupted from the name of a demonic sorcerer of Norse folklore, Ochus Bochus. Ochus Bochus is himself quite possibly a corruption of Bacchus, god of conjuration who turned water into sacred wine. Bacchus/Bochus could well be related to Jesus who turned water into wine, wine into his own blood, & bread into his flesh (all coopted from Dioynisianism). ...Jesus said, in the Latin version of a cannibalistic passage of Christian gospel, "Hoc est corpus meum," or "This is my flesh," which some have speculated was condensed & mangled into the very name of His Magesties most excellent Hocus Pocus. ... One further speculation is that Hocus Pocus is derived from the Welsh term Hovea Pwca, a hoax perpetrated by a hob-goblin or will o' the wisp called a Pwca, Pooka, or having the personal name Puck. This creature was a shape-shifter whose name recurs throughout Europe as a name of the devil, inclusive of Ochus Bachus. "
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Socrates was the first Republican, he used to wear a fine white linen chiton and an expensive himation that marked him out as an important person, he was a member of the government called an epistate i.e. he was a kind of legal official

Socrates was pro tyranny. His whole cunning plan was to subject Athens to Spartan tyranny. His book the """Republic""" is exactly and perfectly Sparta.

Peloponnesian War was exactly the same as Brexit Referendum. The result was wrong so we have to do it again and again until we get the correct answer. Athens won. That's no good, so Socrates' minion Alcibiades started the war all over again and lost it so that Sparta won. Sparta abolished Athenian Democracy.

Liberty - Equality - Fraternity : Aux armes, Citoyens !

War is Politics by other Methods - General von Clausewitz
Politics is War by other Methods - Some guy on the Internet
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