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Non-Verbal Propaganda

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- It is easy to think of propaganda when it is verbal hectoring or posters etc because that is what features in books teaching us about politics ... But the definition of " propa-ganda " is surely that it " propa-gates " an ideology or at least an idea : it is much more difficult to challenge this propogation if the ideology is not explicit ... This is a lot like the problem of challenging addiction - " Look : on the one hand I subscribe to you being able to do as you like with your life - but your addiction to tea and biscuits and arguing about ideology has consequences for other people and therefore is not merely a matter of your own private interest but of The Public Interest : you can not insist that it is your human right to stop the bus every time that you want to have a piss, to have two seats of the bus to yourself, to have the driver help you on and off the bus and provide refreshments every fifteen minutes - and if you keep boring the other passengers to the point where they either get off or will not get on when you are on the bus ... Look " dai repwblic " -your obsession with Republicanism will bankrupt the bus company : that is not in The Public Interest ! "

The question arises as to what is " political " - or indeed what is " religious " ... " Religion is The Public Debate about Morality - Politics is The Public Debate about Ethics " is one way of looking at it but what about those things which are not being debated e.g. tea and biscuits ? ... A better example is about photo-shopping images which has generated a lot of Feminist Republican debate and that video above is about a woman opting for a complete cosmetic treatment to enhance her body's apparent contours. I have to admit to a certain amount of personal prejudice here in that I perceive women cultivating in each other and even worse in little girls a constant preoccupation with being feminine or girly ... Yes : I know that this reflects the power relations in our societies where women are constantly trying to please or at least placate men - but equally I think that a lot of what is argued bynFeminists is a further extension of the sexist solipsisms that they were indoctrinated into by their mothers, siblings and peers.

I equate Republicanism with Reality : we should be trying to describe what we see and by putting the Facts into words we can make them available for anybody to put forward their own Arguments about them. In order to obtain good Politics the political system should be designed to obtain good Facts and good Arguments so that we get a good Public Discourse. The use of the word " good " implies that Republicanism does exercise a degree of discrimination - it rejects Lies, Hatred, Enslavement and War because these lead to The Death of Society : therefore Republicanism rejects Hierocracy, Democracy, Aristocracy and Monocracy because these lead to Chaos instead of Nomos - yowe can not allow these forms of non-government because they result in the non-politics which leads away from The Rule of Law ( which is Rational and Reasonable i.e. based upon Facts and Arguments ) and towards Sovereignty i.e. unaccountable arbitrary control of The State.

Those claiming " Sovereignty " do not wish to be accountable to " The Rule of Law " because that will subject their behaviour to examination : therefore their propaganda positively avoids Rationality and Reasoning and those who would make an Inquisition into their behaviour are therefore vigorously attacked i.e. as The Republicans in Wales are being attacked right now by The Democrats in Wales for questioning " Devolution " - because the whole basis of it is " Sovereignty " i.e. the whole edifice of The Government in Wales is merely extended as a privilege which may be withdrawn at any moment upon the whim of - well : anyone who can successfully invoke the idea of " Sovereignty " to destroy it ... Keep an eye upon what is happening right now in The Assembly in Northern Ireland where ( January 2017 ) Sinn Fein are manouvering to have The United Kingdom take direct control and thus provide Sinn Fein with the opportunity to represent themselves once again as defending The People in Ireland from The People in Britain ... Whereas The People in Sinn Fein basically - desperately - want Adams and McGuiness to be finally airbrushed out of the picture : watch this election now called for early 2017 - odds on I reckon Sinn Fein finally collapses : with a bit of luck they will finally throw the gunmen out and scrabble their way back to being a Democratic instead of a Monocratic party after ... seventy years ? ... GOOD LUCK TO ALL THOSE WILLING TO TRY !!!
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