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Numberless Birthdays - Penblwyddi Di-Rif ( Di-Riwl ? )

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 21, 2014 12:39 pm    Post subject: Numberless Birthdays - Penblwyddi Di-Rif ( Di-Riwl ? ) Reply with quote


It is always worth looking up a Welsh word before you use it in the Geriadur Prifysgol Cymru because laid out before you there is the history of our nation's imaginations, the ideological tools of its various trades : the hopes and aspirations of so many millions of people recorded as if they were merely jottings upon the backs of so many envelopes or, more meaningfully, postcards from the past - " Having a lovely time & wish you were here ! " - " The weather is awful in Wales and the food is worse - it has to be either England or America for us next year ! " - " Dear Neighbours, did we leave the front door open again ? Please do not steal anything this time ! " - " Dear Mum and Dad, we have made a terrible mistake : exactly how long does it take to get a divorce ? " - " To whom I hope that it will concern, I have been imprisoned in a postcard factory by the Welsh Tourist Board and I am being forced to wear national dress, speak in Welsh and vote for all of the Demoncrats in Wales - all of the time. I want to escape from this oppressive regime and start my own : can you help me ? Answers on a postcard please - c/o : CF99 1NA."

Of course, you should always be wary of what may be coming through your letter-box : Wales and the World are full of all sorts of people finding new ways to part you to from your money and identity theft is now rife : there are confidence tricksters out there who are even able to persuade you to consent to part with your very own sense of being able to possess your very own life. My advice is that - whenever you are accosted by any kind of person offering you their assurances about how their benefit schemes are going to enhance your life - you should read their small prints very closely : especially if these people are offering you the very small prints of Wales !

There have been numberless people in Wales who have felt that even when written in the smallest of prints nobody could not write the benefits to be got from the United Kingdom on the back of a postage stamp, and neither have they ever liked what they saw printed on the front of the United Kingdom's postage stamps either. But numberless numbers of us like to stick the United Kingdom's postage stamps on upside down, so there is at least one minor benefit to be counted ... until they start arresting us for that or refusing to deliver to us our mail in the same way that they take our money and do not deliver so many of the other things that we thought that the Demoncrats in Wales had promised to us in their election manifestos - and their laws. If we ever do secure the Republic in Wales, then let us make sure that the stamping of anyone's head anywhere is illegal at all times and in all places - including postcards.

Some people dislike even their passports being stamped and so possess two nationalities in order to at least avoid those unfortunate instances of stamping which might cause trouble to themselves and their loved ones. For my own part, if I had the time and money, I think that the collecting of nationalities might prove to be an interesting hobby and an expression of my wish to be a Citizen of the World : in the meantime, in my poverty, I am willing to settle for the nobler berth of my being a Citizen of the Word. As such, struggling as I do with the Wenglish Landguage, I take a greater interest in what people think they mean when they boldly mutter where no nutter coldly ever buttered before upon subjects which they think they understand because they have a dictionary close to hand and the words in it just sounded kind of cute or mystificative or - even worse - authoritative. In other words, I like to probe into and disrupt the dis-associations which words contain in order to invite people to puzzle over what they thought that they meant and to creatively consider what they really do not know.

Because I inevitably approach other languages with a dictionary in my hand, I annoy all sorts of people who thought that they knew what they were talking about and are surprised to find that words are really nothing more than breathy noises in the air to which individuals attach their own meanings. Think of it this way : I now have a mobile phone which has a programme which can recognise the words that I speak into it and then recreate them as giblet ish in the texts that I wish to send but then can not because they simply do not make sense. This does not seem to worry my several small pink frilly nieces but I find it to be extremely disturbing. What use is such a phone when its programme has been corrupted by the Demoncrats of Wales and the World ? You do not think that they are responsible ? Have you ever sent a proper letter to a Demoncrat in Wales ? I send them from time to time and all I get back is either a demand to put the argument on the back of a postcard or - even worse - they write back to me saying that they have re-written it in order to present the issue to the minister concerned and here is what they have written : giblet ish. My policy is to insist that they do not meddle in politics and just to forward my own letter to the minister with a covering letter about how concerned their constituent is. No Demoncrat in Wales and the World is ever qualified to do politics, their only skill consists in getting themselves elected - and I think that they should just stick to what they know. The people who are flipping lamburgers in Mab Dynallt's are better qualified for their job than our elected representatives are for governing the country, and they are more responsible - and cute too : our Demoncrats give ' Welsching ' a bad name.


May I therefore offer a little Welsh word to all those who detest the Welsch State : its Welsch Government, its Welsch Assembly, its Welsch Councils and its Welsch Quangos - and above all its Welsch Democrats in Wales' political parties which continue to uphold this political system and do not even perform those reforms which they all promised us in return for our votes last time around in the United Kingdom's General Elections of 2010 - ?


di-riwl a. unruly ; numberless.

Now you like me might be surprised to see ' without-rule ' equated not only with ' unruly ' but also with ' numberless.' " Numberless " has a particular political conatation in Wales with those who have opted out of the United Kingdom entirely but do not want to leave their homeland : the Welsh are not like the Irish, eager to reminisce about their beloved Erin's Isle from a good long distance and thus safely escounced in exile they do not have to wrestle with the reality of it. Welsh people tend to be not only more attached to our homeland but we are even more firmly attached to the arguments which we conduct over it, which foreigners simply do not wish to understand. There is no comparison to be made in order to enlighten those who live in New South Wales as to what our political struggles are about, excepting that whilst the Australians are sentimental about the politics surrounding their marsupials we are not. To the Welsh, our marsupials are no more than a bunch of bounders who have taken to living in our pockets in order to milk us dry. Imagine a fully grown kangaroo who is not only still living at home but refuses to leave his room and get a proper job ... he is quite a burden to his poor old mum, he won't open his un-diplomatic pouch to her and our galant Gwladys can't even get in there to clean him up - and so he stinks. Quite besides that, his Aunty Gwenwen has been getting quite worried about what he might be looking at on the interwebby-thingummijig - in case it is not just pornography.

Going ' un-numbered ' or ' un-numbering ' oneself is the business of rejecting the apparatus of the United Kingdom entirely and becoming a non-person, of having no identity : of refusing to be counted, cattlegorised and filed away into your allotted place in society and then disposed of as the property of the state. People choose to do it for all sorts of reasons and, frankly, it is the scariest of all political options that I can think of : both of the people that I know who have done it did so because they felt so badly treated they gave up on the so-called ' Welfare State ' because it harmed them so much. Both of them ended up pulling their own teeth out with a pair of pliers, and one of them suffered so badly with a consequent infection that he had to be hospitalised and was therefore consequently returned to the unloving arms of the bureaucrats. They suitably punished him with enough paperwork to have any normal person want to get up out of their hospital bed and seek asylum from the Welsch Government in a locked psychiatric ward - by providing themselves with their own locks, and then throwing away the keys.

The above is but one of the symptoms of our Welsh Political Society, long ago driven mad by the Demoncrats of Wales who are still constantly declaring to us that the solutions for all of these problems which they are creating is to have even more Demoncracy in Wales. NO ! Generally speaking, in the first instance, the remedy for any political headache is to stop banging your head against a brick wall - and then to try a small dose of Republicanism to see if that will help. Personally I think that the only remedy for such a politically negligent and accident prone body as the WPS ( ! ) is to administer to it some much bigger big doses of Republicanism in Wales, which mostly involves only a few simple and therefore easily taught mouth to ear to brain resuscitation techniques. Let me have a go at one of them then right now : from a Republican point of view the control of the state should be in the hands of those who serve ' The People ' - it does not exist to control ' The People,' and therefore Republicans object to the constitutional arrangements of the United Kingdom because those who can gain control over the state - by bribing people to vote them into the job of serving the interests of those who own the property which the United Kingdom's state is designed to protect - are not accountable in any meaningful way to ' The People ' because they place themselves beyond the rule of law.

Republicans do not perceive Democracy to be a political system in which any accountability can ever exist through any system of voting - ever ! Although Republicanisms may differ in their remedies, they are all founded upon the absolute accountability of everybody to the rule of law with no exceptions. Demoncracy is in the business of excepting yourself, your friends, those that you are indebted to etc from the rule of law. In presenting the appearance of themselves subscribing to the rule of law Demoncrats ensure that only those they favour can actually enjoy it. They favour those who provide them with more and more power - and so first Aristocracy and then Monarchy grow out of Democracy if it is not subjected to the rule of law. Note how the BBC functions for the United Kingdom as its subjected arm of Hierarchy : the state has now established its pulpit in every home, preaching at us twenty four hours a day every day - which is something that no previous Hierarchy, Catholic or Protestant, ever did succeed in.

In the starkest of terms, Republicans were always inclined until the middle of the 18c to view Democrats simply as criminal conspirators against ' The People.' After the Corsican Revolution, the American and French Revolutions yielded the idea of political systems in which the defects of Democracy could be held in check by the virtues of Republicanism - and vice versa, because Republicanism is supposedly prone to other defects ( I increasingly think that it isn't at all.) There are various solutions but they all hinge upon having a Republican Supreme Court which can protect ' The People ' from the ' The State ' when it is in the hands of a Democratic Government & its hopefully independent Assembly. We do not have this arrangement in Wales at all and not even the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom can over-rule the United Kingdom's Government or its captive House of Commons : ' The People ' are utterly at the mercy of ' The State ' and the latter belongs to the fatter and fatter and increasingly so - as ' The People ' all grow thinner and thinner and decreasingly not so.

The whole basis of Democracy is of course that of counting people and classifying them and then judging how to deal with them in order to be able to get elected again. However they cast their votes in whatever their electoral system ' The People ' will always elect some sorts of Democrats, and so any or all of forms of Democracy have effectively been ballot-proofed : nobody elected within them is going to be other than a Demoncrat. Republicans who refuse to endorse these political systems by becoming ' numberless ' are committing a criminal offence in many of these Democratic states, and not voting at all is a crime in several of these Democracies. The decisions made by Demoncrats are therefore not going to be made by reasoning upon the facts and nor will morality and ethics play any part in the deliberations of Demoncracies - and so consequently they will inevitably govern their states badly and become unpopular. Unpopularity of course is what fills Demoncrats with dread, and so in order to avoid it they will conceal and deny their mistakes and then try to bribe and threaten those who might publicly disclose the facts of their mutters.

Democracy unchecked is thus a nursery for criminals, and therefore the first thing which any Demoncrats ever do as soon as they have obtained control of their state through being elected into its government is to place themselves beyond the rule of law. As we have seen once again in the United Kingdom recently, all Democrats will conspire together against ' The People ' to do this. Demoncracy is ' The Rule OF the People ' but it is not ' BY ' or ' FOR the People ' - even in the USA. In order to be sure of being able to do Democracy you need to count ' The People ' and in drawing up their accounts of their respective states' resources the next question that any kind of Demoncrat must pose is how many of ' The People ' they can afford to abuse without actually losing the next election ... Hell, why bother with any further elections : Demoncrats everywhere are merely taking their turns in plundering ' The People.' Everywhere ' The People ' are counted as being merely the natural prey of all of these species of Democrats wherever they are in Wales and the World : they regard the rest of us as being more or less only vermin to control on behalf of the proprietors of their real-estates. In the eyes of Demoncrats those who can not provide them with opportunities are clearly not ' The Right Kind of People ' and so most people find themselves being cattlegorised into the minorities of the ' Non-People ' because of the principle of majority rule : this is an inherent characteristic of Democracy and it can not be changed.


Well clearly I was enjoying that but what was I talking about in the first place ? ' Penblwyddi Di-Rif - Numberless Birthdays ' - ?

Well we all hate our birthdays as adults don't we ... you don't ? ... Oh. I do. ... It is not just the passing of the years : we all have our regrets, but I have a good conscience as to the decisions which I have made albeit that I was often forced into those difficult choices that changed my life by having to decide which was the lesser of several evils and indeed how many bad things can you jiggle with at once ... but just in case my readers have not yet sussed out the fact that I am in fact not mad but very very very angry and disturbed by my experiences in life - especially the misery so generously bestowed upon myself and my community by - - - - for want of some other suitably shorter word - - - - Demoncrats ... well look : I never ever decided to have a birth day, and I am sure that by now that I ought to prefer never to have been born, but on my twentieth birthday I effectively died and then the following year on my twenty-first birthday I was effectively born again, or at least I received a happy baptism of sorts and acquired the nick-name " Dai Saw " which was, frankly the best gift that anybody has ever given me : it redeemed that whole lousy lonely day of carpentry.

Being slightly known by this nom-de-plomb as a possibly-published-pen-pushing-person, I was reluctant to use it in full on ctd.6.forumer.com which was the bulletin board which preceded this one whose administrator ( C T Davies ) had lost control of it, or rather had lost interest in it and so had closed the relevant email to retrieve the password in order to deal with its problems. A lot of people were complaining about it at the time and we were discussing how to set up a new bulletin board when we couldn't transfer the existing material other than by hand. Because I was the advocate of the resurrection of the damning word " repwbligwyr " because of its historical associations, I found myself presented with this bulletin board to administrate by Pen Ddu who then more or less promptly buggered off to sunnier climes and left me to do all of the work. It was myself who decided to add the repwblic.org webpages as a hedge against this bulletin board being subverted by the black faction or indeed any faction - even my own - thus enabling anybody to write whatever they wished ( I hoped.) At the same time that I was transferring the ctd.forumer.com material I was also having to transfer the tag ' dai ' and therefore, for consistency's sake between the two, I decided to keep it.

So now I find myself signing political correspondence both as ' David B Lawrence ' and ' dai - repwblic.org ' ... " dai repwblic " - ? - " sheer poetry " : e e cummings - eat your heart out !

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E._E._Cummings - http://hellopoetry.com/e-e-cummings/

“ The Symbol of all Art is the Prism. The goal is destructive. To break up the white light of objective realism into the secret glories it contains.” “ Who can tell truth from falsehood any more ? ” “ If 180 million people want to be undead, that’s their funeral, but I happen to like being alive.” “ Humanity i love you because you / are perpetually putting the secret of / life in your pants and forgetting / it's there and sitting down / on it / and / because you are / forever making poems in the lap / of death Humanity / i hate you ” “ An intelligent person fights for lost causes, realizing that others are merely effects ” “ Nobody loses all the time.” “ A world of made is not a world of born ” “ Always a more beautiful answer that asks a more beautiful question ” “ Take the matter of being born. What does being born mean to most people ? ” “ I will not kiss your fucking flag ” “ The theory of the free press is not that the truth will be presented completely or perfectly in any one instance, but that the truth will emerge from free discussion ” “ Really unreal world, will you perhaps do / the breathing for me while I am away ? ” “ kisses are a better fate / than wisdom ” “ to hell with literature ”


I forget everybody else's birthday ( except small children's who feel unloved if Onkl Dofriff forgets theirs ) and I try very hard to forget to also my own, so I had to check the official date of Y Repwblic's birthday : 09-01-2007 ... except that I signed on and took over the role of administrator on 07-02-2007 ... it stuttered into real existence over that period which was the 210th anniversary of the event which most probably gave the word ' Repwbligwyr ' its associations in the Welsh language : the landing at Carreg Wasted on 23-02-1797 of ' La Seconde Legion des Francs ' of the revolutionary French Republic - " La Legion Noir." This threw the whole enlightened progress of Republicanism in Wales into reverse : a mere four years beforehand David Williams and James Tilley Mathews had been celebrated in Wales, if a little cautiously, for their valiant attempts to avert the impending war between the United Kingdom and the emerging French Republic. Now that word in Wales and the World was spat out at both of them and all of their kind : " Repwbligwyr " - dreamers and madmen who had been deceived by their own ideals into being the advocates for the French Republic in London and who had tried to bargain for the United Kingdom in Paris with those same murderous ' revolutionaries ' who had sent an army into Wales : criminals ! TRAITORS ! GOD SAVE THE KING ! ( GOD SAVE US FROM THE KING ... )

This is why fifty years before ' Y Repwblic ' appeared the word ' Repybligwyr " ( another spelling of it ) had been contemptuously hurled at the Welsh Republican Movement by Plaid Genedlaethol Cymru who were laying claim to the sole right to the use of the word ' Gweriniaethwyr ' - and that is why I have always favoured it, whatever the spelling. I am not a ' green ' - not a Nationalist - nor am I a ' red ' - a Socialist - I am a ' white ' - an Internationalist - in the original tradition of Republicanism in Wales, which did not die in the Napoleonic Wars but certainly had a hard time of it in surviving. At the top of this bulletin board however, which was handed to me as a virtual blank by PenDdu, I wanted to emphasise that ' Y Repwblic ' is available for any point of view to be expressed, not even necessarily Republican, by adding a third word associated with Socialist Republicanism - ' Poblachiaethwyr ' advocated the rule of ' the little people ' or ' proletariat.' Each of these red, white and green factions were once brought down by ' black factions ' who attached themselves to them - in the 1980s, 1790s, 1950s - and so was another faction : the Chartists were arguably ' blue ' and succumbed to militarists in the 1830s, so not even Conservative Republicans have been historically immune to these dark opportunists.

To set the matter straight then, those who daydream about being freedom fighters have no need of any excuses - they only need dark opportunities : ' Y Repwblic ' provides them with none ( I think ) because such people are not even interested in political arguments - their idea of Republicanism in Wales is derived from the propaganda which has been made against it. Republicanism is a political theory which predicts that violence may erupt out of social conflict but it does not advocate violence : it argues that violence is a characteristic of ' stasis ' in which communities and individuals within them mutually destroy themselves in a process which escalates into warfare. Peace is the product of resolving social conflict through ' revolution ' which is a political process by which a society restores justice to all within it by ' turning ' the wheel of politics - not by smashing it ! - to recreate the laws and thus to resolve conflicts which cause ' stasis ' through the rule of law. Republicanism predicts that by placing itself above the rule of law the United Kingdom will be the object of wars made against it : what do you think ?

I am not so way off-topic as I might appear to be, but no - I wasn't expecting to write that last piece ... I was just reminiscing ... celebrating the birth-daze of ' Y Repwblic ' ... and wandering about where its present is ... of course, I am an old-school ' white ' Internationalist Republican ... I'm like Mr Price - nobody needs to sing in tune with me but I strongly object to bad behaviour ... but c'mon you rabble - just make some kind of a noise !


[ PS : WPS ! A bit of a close shave there perhaps : surely I have not misled you into thinking that I actually approve of Mr Richard Davies' sentiments about machine-gunning class 5C ? ]


Come to think of it, the present state of Republicanism in Wales might well be a gift and could be made into the theme of one of those 1960s comedy films : how about this title - ?

" Carry On : Up The Republic ! "

" Hello - " " - 'ello - " " - 'ello - " " - 'ello - " " - 'ello - " " - 'ello " - " - Heil-lo ! " - " Mnl-yngog-erych-ymgyrchi !!! " - " What's that sir ? " - " Uminglummungloddigick ! " - " You'll just have to stop sitting on his head Steve, I can't understand a word that he is saying ! ... Oh ... shouldn't his face be facing the other way ? ... That's better : we don't want any more of those allegations of police brutality now - do we ? - My wife ran off from the last Masonic do in tears because of the things that they were saying about the Royal Welsh Constabulary ! " - " Ughughughughughughughugh." " Is that your name sir ? " - " Ughu-what ??? " - " Is that your name ? " - " No ! " - " Will you please state your name and date of birth - please." - " What ? " - " Are you about to resist arrest sir ? " - " What ? What about YOU giving ME your names and birthdays ? " - " Now sir, do not be silly - police officers wear numbers upon our shoulders in order to easily identify us to the members of the public, we do NOT give our names." - " No ! You do NOT - AND you swapped your numbers around just before you crossed the road. I SAW you do it ! " - " Really ? " - " Yes - you - DID - I WATCHED you doing it ! " - " You did ? " - " YES - I DID !!! " -

- " Watching police officers in the course of them performing their duties seems to me sir to be extremely suspicious behaviour : give me your name and date of birth please, and - " - " OOOWWWMMM !!! " - " Steve, you could have broken his nose by twisting it that way : you only need to bend his ears a little bit to make him listen." - " Let me up ! GET ME UP !!! " - " No-oo sir, that is not appropriate at this present moment : it is always necessary to deploy the correct number of police officers for any assignment and if I were to allow you to stand up - well, where would the state of law and order be then ? " - " What about the state of me ? Why on earth did you need to set seven police officers on me ! " - " I think that you are rather exaggerating the matter sir : I only set six police officers upon you, an appropriate number to deploy from our depleted resources : one for each limb." - " Yeah - I NOTICED : but I wouldn't call either of those fifth or sixth things which they took hold of as a limb ! " -

- " Naturally sir you will be able to make some sort of a statement of your own account of these events in our luxuriously centrally-heated and sound-proofed interview suite. You will be able there to avail yourself of the personal care and attention of your very own dedicated community policeman - or policewoman - or police persons of indeterminate gender, in compliance with the new policing policies which we all love and respect. You will be provided with the interviewing assistance of our private sector consultants who are even now rolling out their new ' Compassionate Caring : Counselling Criminals ' service which is being funded under the innovative pilot scheme created by the Welsch Government's groundbreaking partnership initiative with " Lawful Enforcement Government Agencies Ltd." - " Thank-the-god-that-I-don't-believe-in-but-have-faith-in that I still have the right to remain silent ! " - " Yes - but I must warn you that anything that you fail to say will be taken down and used as evidence to prove that you are not innocent." - " Phe-ee-iw ! Can I phone my solicitor now ? " - " NO ! "

" Samantha ... I told you to grip him by the gŵyl-aes ... with your HAND ... you can score with him later - SAMANTHA ! " - " I'm sorry - I haven't a clue as to why I was doing that. "

" Good afternoon ' Suspect ' - or shall I call you ... let me see now, I have it written down here somewhere ... ah ! - ' Usual ' - is that all right, or is it just too intimate ? " - " ... " - " Good. Now the reason why we have invited you to attend this interview is because you were seen shopping in your local cooperative. There are no laws against that as yet, but what concerns us and ... our friends ... is that you were buying things - so ! - If you would just pop your shopping bag onto the table and show me its contents ... I know, I know - it is not a very attractive table, they have much nicer ones in UKIA - I myself was shopping there just on Sunday ... " - " ... " - " Now - lets see : two tins of cat food, a bag of sugar and some stick-back plastic - there ! - You see ? - That is why we just had to invite you here for this intimate little ... chat." - " ... " - " Please do not stare at me that way ... Is it the lipstick ? ... My choice of eye-shadow ? ... Just - please ... LOOK ! ... I am waiting for the operation - I am on a waiting list - it is all very embarrassing, what with the injections and everything - I can get quite emotional at times, but I still have to do my job - don't I ? " - " ... " - " You are making me cry - you can not frighten me - I am not frightened - I am - I AM TERRIFIED ! - THEREFORE YOU ARE A TERRORIST ! " - " ... " - " I HOPE THEY LOCK YOU UP AND THROW AWAY THE KEY !!! " - " ... " - " YOU CRUEL AND HEARTLESS BASTARD !!! "

" YOU LITTLE SHIT !!! " - " Now, now - calm down Steve ! " - " CALM DOWN ? CALM DOWN ! SAMANTHA IS CRYING HIS EYES OUT IN THE OTHERLY-ABLED POWDER CLOSET - AND YOU SAY CALM DOWN ??? " - " Yes - and kindly let go of Mr Usual Suspect's head because I want to interview him : you can kill him afterwards, all right ? " - " Really ? " - " No - I have had enough difficulty in explaining away the last interviewee who never went home : let him go." - " OH ! " - " ... " - " Sorry chief - I meant ' Oh ? ' " - " Let go of his throat aswell." - " Owowoahoahooough ! " - " Now, you are causing us far too much trouble today Mr Usual Suspect - so let me get straight to the point : when is your birthday ? " - " ... " - " You are Mr Usual Suspect of No 1 Republican Row, Dinas Dai - Cymri ? - and your birth date is the 14th of July 1789 ? " - " No." - " What do you mean by ' No ' - may I ask ? " - " That is my older twin brother - I am Mr Unusual Suspect. Mr Usual Suspect was born in the remaining hours of darkness on the 14th July, whereas I was born in the light of the following morning of the 15th July 1789 - in the golden dawn of a new age." - " A likely story ! How can you be sure that you were not born on the day before - instead of the day after - your evil twin brother ? " - " Well given the attentions which I keep on receiving from you - it certainly feels like it." - " WELL !!! What YOU need to understand - MR UNUSUALLY SUSPECT - is that the RWC will just have to work upon the theory that you are both CANCERS."


Well I was concocting that story in order to lead up to the subject of how I am constantly niggled not merely by the number of times that various commercial and state organisations demand my date of birth as if this ensured that they were indeed dealing with me. What this behaviour does is to spread my name and date of birth etc all around like confetti : sure it makes them feel more secure, but this is not only an unnecessary intrusion into my most precious possession - my sense of self - it only makes them feel secure at the expense of my own sense of insecurity - of my own sense of my self. When I come upon my own personal details where they should not be I make a point of stamping upon those who have stolen my identity and sold it without my permission - and I never give my permission. I am not a prostitute - I am a whore : I offer myself to others freely out of love and without even the expectation of anybody returning my love for them in any kind or even their reciprocating with any sort of kindness. But I do not licence others to do so : making money out of the sale of other people's identities is not only the worse kind of theft but it is also fraudulent when ' The People ' involved have not given their consent to those doing this.

On another thread I am pondering how to remove myself from the Electoral Register. The practical reason is that every so often I am confronted by companies who strenuously assert that they bought my personal identity to sell to others from the Demoncrats who run Cardiff City County Council. Now I am not the sort of person who fails to tick the relevant boxes, although the gobbledy-gook used by the Electoral Registration officers on their forms has me hesitating sometimes. I am an intelligent and wordy person, so how do others cope with understanding these forms ? The basic rule to bear in mind is that unless you say " No ! " they will sell your internal organs : they literally think that they own us - and under English Law they literally do. I pity the English that they adhere so dearly to these laws simply because they have been called ' English Law ' - and I pray for the day when the English finally decide that they want to live in some other country and then discover that the longed-for land for which they seek is in fact England - and then take back their own land from those who have stolen it to profit from selling it to others.

I am going to risk myself upon a piece of ethnic sterotyping in contrasting my sense of Welshness with that of Englishness whilst trying to avoid the creation of an ' English identity ' - rather I would appeal to everyone in every nation to question the identities put upon them by those who rule over them in order to manipulate them. If the Welsh are materially insecure we are more certain of who we are because we have cultural activities which everybody can share in. But it is a poor kind of patriotism which creates a ' Welsh identity ' out of red jerseys or just speaking Welsh - what use is any language when people can only mimic what is deemed to be the right thing to say and they can not speak of themselves and what they dream of ? ' English identity ' creates this sort of problem because it has been created by those who have their boots upon the necks of most of the English who can no longer speak n their own language but are made to mimic the words and opinions of those who not only literally own ' England ' but have sold it to strangers - and ever have done since the Domesday Book which is the ancient precursor of the modern Electoral Register that now imitates it in not only treating the English but also the Welsh and the Scots as property not people. When the English first found themselves being counted, cattlegorised and disposed of in 1086 they were as helpless as as in modern times but way back then they were also defiant : the name which they gave to the book which ruined their nation demonstrates this. I want the English and the Welsh - if not also the Scottish - to stand together on this one, refusing to be on the Electoral Register and thus defying those who would conscript us all into supporting our conquerors' corrupt political system : it is our only way to vote " NO ! "

To refuse to stand up and be counted - ' di-rifo ' or, more archaically, ' dirifio ' - is the most basic of all Republican political activities. It is certainly not a ' non-activity ' and it has been resorted to many times in order to oppose the coercion exercised by those majorities which have created and ruled over many minorities through the use of various sorts of Demoncracy. Democrats themselves have refused to stand up and be counted by Aristocracies, Monarchies and Hierarchies : the Suffragettes conducted a campaign of refusing to be counted in the 1911 Census ; the Pacifists of 1916 refused to be conscripted into obeying a belief system which violated their own ; Sinn Fein on unnumbered occasions abstained from supporting political systems in ways which conscripted them into perpetrating the political oppression of either themselves or others. Not voting is not abstaining from politics in Republicanism because its political activities are conducted upon the basis of rationality and reasoning, using facts and arguments instead of fictions and advertisements. Besides the practices of Republicanism, the idea that Democracy consists of voting is an idea cultivated within the United Kingdom's political system but not in others. Not only in Wales and the World has nobody has any difficulty in recognising that the United Kingdom's political system is not Democratic but Demoncratic but also many in England recognise this because the international political society which is ruled by the United Kingdom lacks all of the key features that are taken for granted elsewhere to be the hallmarks of a Democracy.

From the Republican point of view the most important issue is that the rule of law is absent in the United Kingdom : it is not possible for most people to obtain legal redress and even if somebody does have the means to take somebody into a courtroom they can be driven out of it by anybody who has the money to inflate the matter until the plaintiff is bankrupted. Even if the plaintiff wins they are unlikely to be able to secure anything from the defendant whether it be compensation for their expenditure upon fees, expenses etc. or redress for actual physical harm. The ' English ' Legal system ( the English nation should demand that the name of this be changed - by associating them with it, it has become a slander upon their national reputation for fair play ) effectively licences criminals to do as they please : the ' Laws of England ' are not worth the paper that they are printed upon.

From the Democratic point of view the most important issue is not merely the increasingly vast differences in income between the rich and the poor in the United Kingdom, but the fact that the majority of people are in now so deeply in debt to the rich they can do no other than to vote in favour of the interests of those whom they have become dependent upon.This is making a mockery of Democracy, or as I would coin the meaning of this situation that I am protesting against - ' Demockery ' : when rational reasonable government becomes impossible. When the poorest are taxed upon their meagre incomes which are so carefully spent in order to compensate the richest who pay no taxes and who carelessly destroy the wealth of these nations in casual speculations. Everybody knows that not only is something crazy is going on, but that to continue to subscribe to and support this political system is simply stupid: but the remedy for it in Republicanism fills people with horror because they imagine Republicans to pursue their political objectives through violence. The fact that there are no barricades nor bombs, no guillotines nor liberty trees sprouting everywhere apparently confirms to most people that Republicanism is utterly foreign to Britain unless the Irish Republican Army bring Sinn Fein's version of it here. Yet twenty percent of the population of the United Kingdom profess themselves to be ' Republicans ' - ! - Whatever that might mean to those of us who profess that political persuasion, one thing is clear : we constitute one in five of the electorate and yet we have no political representation in what is loudly proclaimed to be a ' Democracy.'

Personally, I think that this has now simply become a matter of pointing this out to everybody and then telling anybody who will listen that the political system of the United Kingdom has simply got no clothes on.

So I hope that you can all understand why I do not want to hear any more scary-fairy stories about Republicans in Wales - please ! - nor do I want to hear any more of them about our fellow Republicans in England ... although come to think about it the Republicans in Scotland do look a wee bot didjy ... but hell - it is probably just their accents which keep putting me off ... a bit ... I really do think that we should to just count everybody in on the grounds of Pure Republican political principles and work together.

So how do we get the wheel of revolution rolling again after 140+ years ? TRY READING THIS - http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?t=689



rhifaf, rhifiaf : rhif(i)o bg. a.

( a ) to count out, number, be equal in number to, amount to. 13g

( b ) to enumerate, list, recount ; enlist, muster. 13g

( c ) to include ( in reckoning or consideration,) number, reckon, consider ; appoint ; sentence. 13g

( d ) to value, appreciate, think highly of, respect, esteem, prize, praise, glorify, honour. 12g

The prefix ' di- ' in Welsh is roughly the equivalent of ' dis- ' in English and therefore negates or inverts the meaning of a word which is typically a verb or an adjective. It is often marked out with a hyphen to ensure that it is not mistaken for something which is not a prefix e.g. ' dilen ' ( an evil fate ) is not to be confused with ' di-len ' ( unconcealed.)

Most of my encounters with Welsh are through the written not the spoken word when I am skimming journals etc looking for key words to assess as to whether I am going to sit down to make more sense of them. Largely for emotional reasons I have difficulty in speaking Welsh with others although I have been known to rant in an effluent Welsh of a simple four lettered sort at the Welsch Government and Cardiff City County Council from time to time in the privacy of my own home. I can do the same in French when I am cursing the European Parliament but above all I have a much broader and richer vocabulary of English four lettered words when I am damning the ****s at Westminster who have often reduced me to monosyllabic mutterances. German, Italian, Latin, Greek and indeed any sort of dictionaries online are rich sources of inspiration because the associations given to similar words in different languages are dissonant and so wrestling with the sense of how to use a word is very stimulating for the budding off of the brain into bits and pieces in order to reassemble them into new meanings. When are stumped as to how to think about a problem it helps to try to think in another language : hence the exceptional value of Cymraeg in it having descended from the ancient Indo-European language in an entirely different but usefully complimentary way to that of English : and that is why I think that the English ought to learn to ' rhifio Cymraeg ' ( d ) and teach it in their schools as the other living language of Britain.

I'll just hang around now for a while in order to read the indignant posting which just might come flooding in from Gorthkrist ... but I don't think that the Gaels will bother to reply to that !
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