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Pantomime Paramilitaries & Child Soldiers

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 30, 2015 4:14 pm    Post subject: Pantomime Paramilitaries & Child Soldiers Reply with quote

Over in Ireland a protracted contest has been taking place over several decades to retrieve the name " Republican " from the two parties - Sinn Fein and Fianna Fail - which emerged from the Irish Civil War, both of which celebrate armed conflict and identify the idea of Republicanism with militarism not citizenship i.e. these are what are referred to as " Reds " and " Greens " by Republicans who regard themselves as " Whites " and as true Republicans. For us it is particularly painful that the whole idea of Republicanism has been stood on its head and equated with war not peace, when our politics argues for a civilized not a militarized society. The history of The United Kingdom's imposition of direct rule upon Ireland, of the creation of the present Union Flag and of the ugly violent consequences of that, is the major reason for the existence of that idea of Republicanism being prevalent in the minds of those who are deliberately miseducated into non-citizenship as the subjects of The United Kingdom.

But there has been a further consequence for Republicans as well - which was probably not the original intention of those making propaganda against Republicans but which they soon readily seized upon : there are those who delight in violence and who want to find some excuse to be violent, indeed to licence themselves to perpetrate all sorts of crimes in the name of " King and Country " - oops, sorry - " Our Sovereign Lord Jesus Christ " - oops, sorry - " The Leader and The Party " - oops, sorry - " The Master Race and White Democracy " - oops, sorry - " Aliyah to Ersatz Israel " - oops, sorry - " Facebook, Instagram and Twitter " - oops, sorry ... anyway, Republicans in Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales ( and probably in Cornwall too if they bother to listen to the BBC's propaganda ) are plagued by " Pantomime Paramilitaries " who are usually teenage boys bouncing around in their bedrooms in balaclavas and camouflage pyjamas pointing plastic pistols at their webcams and whilst this would be laughable otherwise there are a lot of people who take this seriously because the supporters of The United Kingdom insist that this is " Republicanism."

Worse than that, not only is the necessary amount of politics not taught in being taught in Welsh schools to enable young adults to understand how to participate in civil society - because our children are not intended to become citizens but subjects - even if they went on to study politics at university they still will be none the wiser because there is not a single standard undergraduate political text which describes Republicanism in it : this otherwise universally normative political meta-ideology whose values are Truth, Love, Freedom and Peace - Life - has been proscribed by the supporters of The United Kingdom, who ensure instead that every undergraduate must study Anarchism, Socialism, Communism, Conservativism, Liberalism and Fascism. So, since 99+% people in The United Kingdom know nothing as a consequence about Republicanism you will hear people loudly declaring all sorts of things to be " Republican " e.g. getting rid of The Royal Family and doing things by voting means that we will live in a " Republic " because we will then be " Democratic " - Huh !

Let us get this straight : Republicanisms are meta-ideologies through which we can conduct ideological analyses and so regulate the conduct of politics which is the universal human activity of making decisions - ideally solely upon the basis of facts and arguments not the ignorances, prejudices and bigotries perpetrated by those ideologies manufactured by various sectarian communities to explain, justify and excuse their pursuit of their private interests. My use of the term " Pure Democracies " denotes political systems in which everybody participates in making decisions in contrast to Representative Democracies which are those pseudo-political systems in which there are oppressed majorities being given a choice between oppressors - as represented to them by those parasitic minorities we call " Democratic " parties who are making a living by persuading those others to believe that they are still participating in a " Democracy " when in fact this is something else, usually an Aristocracy clothing itself in the outward appearance of Democracy. Just beware that those " Democrats " who are shouting the loudest are not even interested in the meanings of the words they are shouting - and that their followers were probably taught those words when infants - and that those teaching them not to think also prevented from even becoming children, let alone adults.

I think that I will just watch these two videos over again before commenting upon them - but please note their close similarities !


The Republic's Dissident Youth: Ireland's Young Warriors - Published on Jul 23, 2015

Earlier this year, VICE News filmed with a republican youth movement in Ireland called Na Fianna Éireann (“Warriors of Ireland” in English), a small group of around 30 boys considered to be hardline dissidents. They support a violent IRA splinter group known as the Continuity IRA, and believe that a renewed armed struggle is needed to free Ireland from British occupation in the North.

Considered “junior terrorists” by some, the Na Fianna sees itself simply as Ireland’s true republican boy scouts, training with the main aim of being ready for a new resistance — a fight that they believe is inevitable.

VICE News followed Na Fianna members as they carried out "bush training" in the mountains, and attended their Easter Rising march through Dublin, to get an idea of what the young face of dissident republicanism looks like, in an age where support for political violence in Ireland has all but ended.


Kids with Guns: UK's Army Cadet Force - Published on Jan 16, 2015

In a new episode of Rule Britannia, VICE joins the UK's Army Cadet Force and asks what the youth club can give British kids who may not have a lot else.

The Army Cadet Force has over 46,000 cadets from the ages of 12 to 18, training in 1,700 detachments all over the country. The super low-cost club evenings and training camps equip teenagers with discipline and skills in everything from orienteering and military knowledge to weaponry, first aid, and sports.

Smartly uniformed and proudly representing Queen and Country, the young cadets are taught to embody British values. The theory that cadet activities could keep youth on the right track has seen huge government funding allocated to expand the cadets by next year.


There is a lot that could be drawn out from these about this subject but what prompted me to write about it is that these two situations mirror each other in exactly the way that I have described " big versus little Black Factions " i.e. that the reaction to violence is to respond with violence, and that there is no difference in my mind between the violence of The United Kingdom and those who oppose it with violence. The correct definition of " terrorists " is literally " those who terrorise " and this demands that a terrorist organisation is massively resourced. Reports of suicide bombers who have killed a few others many miles away qualify the newspapers and governments exaggerating the significance of those reports in order to coerce people by frightening them as being terrorists, but not those murderers. Terrorism is about manipulating and coercing millions of people to accede to demands and therefore - by definition - it is not political ... not even if it is supposedly legislated for and conducted through the mechanism of the state : all those who conduct it make their various claims for the legitimacy of their behaviour - but injustice is injustice ...

... e.g. the present government is demanding that the use encipherment by their subjects be subject to compromise ( they are demanding a ' back-door ' to everybody's computer locked with a key which supposedly only they will possess ) but whilst they are determined to legislate in favour of themselves The Democrats have not legislated to ensure the security of the data in millions of accounts held by the various corporations to which they are forever trying to ingratiate themselves - who refuse to compensate their customers when their bank accounts are raided. This is the legal consequence of Magna Carta's rule of one law for the rich and no law for the poor which rests upon the principle of trial by our peers. There has been a " cyber terrorist " arrested recently who was a fifteen year old boy who " hacked " a company with a simple programming query which encountered no resistance - and despite the vaunted claims of GCHQ's surveillance abilities he was not detected either : there are no laws to hold either accountable and even if such laws were made Magna Carta would prevent anybody but the wealthiest even attempting to sue them ...

[ x - I'll try knocking out a rhyme ... ]

Magna Carta is about
Licencing The Rich to flout
All the laws which they don't like
And from The Statute Book to strike
Any laws which give The Poor some clout.

... In all likelyhood the kid will be severely punished in a bid by The Democrats to make themselves appear to be behaving responsibly, but really no child of that age can be accounted to be capable of being responsible for their actions and as I hope you will see from those two videos no child indoctrinated into any belief system can be deemed to be responsible and when this is done be militarists of any sort it is a particularly vicious thing to do to the child whose natural development into adulthood and responsibility is halted. This is against the Res Publica on two counts at least : the Republic loses the asset of an active inquiring responsible adult citizen who is properly socialised and understands how to negotiate and compromise - and gains the liability of a passive unquestioning irresponsible infant subject-ed who has been improperly socialised by an uncompromising authority who uses them to demand what they want by arming that childish non-adult with a gun and callously sending them out to die for what they want, preaching to them about noble causes and heroism - whilst cynically calculating as to how many drifting, damaged, desperate insecure children they can recruit who can be persuaded that they are being offered something better than their families can provide for them ... as far as I am concerned, this is how all of our children are being viewed by the supporters of The United Kingdom - and thus they unwittingly support The Big Black Faction within it which is the military-industrial-financial-complex which is the modern term for The Monarchy which sees every on of their captives including The Royal Family as merely war material awaiting further processing. ...

... Is there anything to be said for The Little Black Factions which arise in opposition to The Big Black Factions ? ... Are all of those who rallied to the cry of " Liberty or Death ! " to be dismissed ? ... From a Republican point of view - YES ! ... That may sound rather drastic, polemical even - but these stories are rarely truly historical and it is best to dismiss them as merely events and to draw a sharp distinction between history and politics ... I know that is going to sound hypocritical coming from me because I like to dabble in dubious shaggy-dragon hystery-as but - I hope that you will have noted - I like to allude to past events rather than claim authority, either from them to justify what I say or about what I say about them, and I am as much concerned to subvert any suspicion of a claim to authority by myself as by anybody else ... Democrats answer " Democracy ! " - whereas - Republicans question " Republicanism ! " ... When Communism means marching, uniforms, flags, guns & Socialism means marching, uniforms, flags, guns & Anarchism means marching, uniforms, flags, guns & Liberalism means marching, uniforms, flags, guns & Fascism means marching, uniforms, flags, guns & Conservativism means marching, uniforms, flags, guns & Republicanism means marching, uniforms, flags, guns ... well surely when you find Republicanism being included on that list you ought to grasp what I mean by Monarchism : are those claiming to be " Republicans " really subscribing to any political ideology at all when their " political system " is no different from those of their rivals and all advocate nothing more than the exact same systematic use of violence in order to coerce others ? This is the final stage of Ultraism - Monarchism.

If I find the time I will try to return to this later, but I want to leave you with this assertion for the moment : Republicans are against militarization.


P.S. - having just typo'd the above the following morning I can think of all sorts of things to say about this subject - contributions welcome ! - but I think that it is worth pointing out that not only is the child not to blame for being exploited by cynical adults who want to create obedient cannon-fodder, but neither are those adults who were as children caught up in such circumstances and in turn initiated their children into them ... you might note that the Republican father says that he did not recruit his son, whereas there were British Army officers there enthusing about handling weapons which had killed and the unidentified bodies of unknown soldiers and the kids around them looked bored or embarrassed ... more or less as bored and embarrassed as one of my pink frilly nieces can be when onkl dofid is on his pet subject of Republicanism and she is patiently waiting to ride me around the room as Tinkerbell riding her Heffelump ... don't ask ... it can be a tricky thing, but it is in a sense the same problem with adults : as parental figures, at what point can we stop indulging the figurative children by clapping and cheering for Tinkerbell and start booing and solemnly pronounce The Faeries to be dead ? ... Have you ever tried to explain - quietly, gently, sensitively - to any child that Sion Corn does not exist ? ... My small pink frilly sniggering nieces solemnly whisper back into my ear that they know that Father Christmas does not exist but that their parents still believe in Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy and The United Kingdom and if they told them that these things did not exist they would be terribly upset and disappointed and would stop giving them presents ...
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