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#peacerocks : Ringo banging the drum for Peace

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2014 12:54 pm    Post subject: #peacerocks : Ringo banging the drum for Peace Reply with quote

I prefer to think that the best campaigns are simple enough to require little or no organisation, that somebody manages to deduce some simple and undeniably obvious basic political principle like not coercing the people that you are trying to persuade to cooperate with you. If you use coercion the only way that they will continue to ' agree ' with you is if you continue to coerce them, and thus - as they find ways to deal with your methods of coercion - you must resort to more and more extreme ways to continue to coerce them until you end up by killing them. Killing your opponents may indeed bring the argument with them to an end but it does not result in them doing as you wish and neither secures their cooperation nor wins the argument. The use of coercion is of no use in reaching any lasting agreements, and is therefore forbidden to Republicans other than for the purposes of our resisting those who are coercing others. Republicans always lay the emphasis upon there being no such thing as a ' just ' war - there is just ' war ' and it can never be claimed to be political even if it is a necessary expedient to protect people and enable them to create the political solutions which are agreed to be just and thus will be permanently consented to without any need for coercion, thus establishing - in the words of Emmanuel Kant - ' Perpetual Peace.'



Republicans therefore often tend to be cynical about " Peaceniks " whom we tend to view as ... well, hopeful at best - or deluded : peace is not created by mere wishful thinking but by hard work and sacrifice, not merely by criticising the behaviour of others and protesting against them but as often as not by a severe self-examination of our own behaviour as to whether we are inadvertently doing those things which lead towards war. In the complex relationships of the modern world it is often the case that we find ourselves being made to participate in those things which lead to war without being able to create any alternatives which lead to peace e.g. in the distorted economies created by Democratic Liberalism we may find ourselves to be not only poor but by the juxtaposition our own poverty and our need to eat and drink, to be shod and clothed, we shop for the goods basic to our life's existence at the places where we can buy them cheapest.

This not only progressively drives down the quality of the goods that we can buy, it also drives down the wages of those who are employed to supply them and so we literally mutually create our own poverty and thus sow the seeds of war all around us ... by doing this we are, in effect - through being motivated by an individualism that is driven by what is an understandable but ultimately selfish personal concern to have a better life : in doing this we are in fact ultimately opting for our own death through not understanding that our means to that life which we all desire are only made possible by everybody else with whom we are in society with. Most people are only barely aware of themselves doing this and they blame such things as ' market forces ' as if their own decisions within ' the market ' were somehow nothing to actually do with themselves, as if they could not possibly agree collectively to make other decisions i.e. as if ' the market ' as a human activity is somehow ' not political ' and beyond being governed by the rule of the law.

Republicans say that whilst the decisions of individuals about themselves is not to be subjected to any interference, the minute that those decisions place others into non-consenting relationships with ourselves then those relationships are to be subjected to the rule of law. This is because these unconsenting relationships are invariably founded upon methods of coercion that involve lies, hatred, enslavement and ultimately war and so they are dangerous to everybody because they will lead to the death of all in society. If your poverty and the market available to you coerces you to make choices of purchases which you would not otherwise consent to, then you are living in a society which is on the ' The Left Hand Path ' which leads to lies, hatred, enslavement and war - and this means that ultimately you are being made a party to the causes of your own death. We can therefore surely describe any political system which has resulted in this state of affairs, such as the political system which has been in control of the people living on the island of Britain for centuries which we now denote by the words ' United Kingdom,' with a word derived from the Latin for ' left ' - ' sinister.'

The fact is that Democrats of all kinds create variations upon ' The Left Hand Path ' which is why Republicans perceive all Democrats to be ' sinister.' Those " Republicans " reading this in the USA etc may be jumping for joy at this moment having not paid close attention to what I have just said : this is Wales and I am drawing a distinction here between those who shout and scream and wail about their precious " Democracy " and strongly defend the existing political system as " Democratic." This is because for the most part those vigorously laying claim to the label " Democrats " benefit from the political system that is labeled as the " United Kingdom " and - more doubtfully - as " Democratic." They do this most especially if they are in the pay of one of four " Democratic " political parties - the main four ( with elected representatives ) being the Conservative & Unionist Party, the Labour & Cooperative Party, the Liberal Democrats, and Plaid Cymru.

Besides this there is also new contender rising, the United Kingdom Independence Party which I think that I can state for all and any type of person who is declaring themselves to be some sort of " Republican in Wales " to be our antagonists : ' UKIP ' is VERY anti-European Community, VERY pro-United Kingdom - and VERY " pro-British " which means in effect that they very strongly suspect that the Irish, Scots, Welsh and indeed many treacherously unpatriotic English people of stupidly believing themselves to be Europeans. Fortunately for us, Republicanism provides us with a rigorous critique which can be applied to all political systems in order to discern their true nature : the United Kingdom does not even qualify as a political system, it is nothing more than arrangement of Ultraisms within which is a community of interest which is de facto beyond the rule of law - and knows itself to be so. It is no exaggeration on my part to describe that community of interest hidden within the political system called ' the United Kingdom ' as a threat not just to world peace but a threat to the planet itself : this is nothing but a bandit state.



When I use the term " Republicans in Wales " it is to distinguish those people like myself who are " Republicans in Wales " as being of the classic Internationalist 1792 ' Enlightenment ' sort, Cosmopolitans or " Citizens of the World," and as such we do our best to rub along with those who are equally proud to describe themselves as " Welsh Republicans " by which they mean that they are the Republicans of the Nationalist 1848 ' Springtime of the Peoples ' sort, the Cambrian counterparts of UKIP. Rather than thinking in the conventional terms of " Left V Right " as used elsewhere, it is more helpful to think of Wales' Republicans in terms of " Up V Down " - " Republicans in Wales " are typically going to be either pacifists or pacificators and therefore we are just that bit closer to the Heavenly Host. The Peace People within the " Welsh Republicans " argue that by campaigning for an independent nation state we can extricate ourselves from the United Kingdom's war machine ( the ' Monarchy ' - not to be confused with our fellow victims ' The Royal Family.' ) ' The Peace People ' amongst the " Republicans in Wales " argue that by dividing the world into nation states we will be creating the conditions for increasing the risk of war : we need to get rid of all geographically based political systems and consign the United Kingdom to history, replacing it with what it actually is - an island where numerous families are living together in multiply valenced consenting relationships which if they become non-consenting relationships we ought to govern through variously interwoven political systems which reflect the truth of our world.

In discerning the Truth of our world we come to understand others and thus Love them and in feeling sympathy for each other we come to want to mutually create opportunities and thus choices for each and in doing so we thus collaborate in mutually creating each other's Freedom and and so create a society that enjoys Peace. Peace People always find this sort of reasoning sneered at and the best of us hesitate as to how to remedy the horrors that we see broadcast on television and witness even within our own families, yet everybody longs for something approximating towards some kind of peace. I think that a big stumbling block towards organising campaigns for peace is in not trusting that others also want to have some peace, however imperfect. Peace campaigns so often seem to be no more than a series of hopeful declarations by well meaning saintly individuals whose shining examples are widely admired but which seem impossible for others to imitate : the rest of us simply are not saints, mostly because we are struggling within our own lives with various conflicts and for whom peace is but a fleeting experience which we once had and long for again - a place visited long ago to where we can not find the pathways back.

But here in this campaign which has been endorsed by Ringo there is a viable pathway to peace : we need to know that other Peace People exist and yet it is difficult to meet them other than outside of the front doors of various governments around the world as they embark on yet another of their wars and slam those doors in our face. The time to build a peace campaign is whilst there is at least some peace around, because the object of it is to stop wars before they start - not to debate afterwards how they might have been stopped if only somebody had done more than protest about it last time. Political organisations grow in response to demand and no amount of preaching peace can make the thing happen, but using an intelligent strategy of marketing to identify where the demand is and what kind of peace is wanted and how much people are willing to pay for it is a good idea. Celebrity endorsement is of course a tried and tested way to sell almost any product, but there has to be other things besides : Ringo's mate John wanted to offer him some advice on this once - but John's new partner Yoko said " Oh - NO ! "

SHORT VIDEO OF CLIPS - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acb15JsCGSk

" BED PEACE " FULL FILM - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRjjiOV003Q

I was thinking that the " Bed Peace " film was going to be too long a clip to invite people to watch but I took the time, having not seen it for years, and I was struck by how relevant it is : there it is - forty five years or more ago and people are still stumbling to learn the same things over and over again as the bombs have fallen over and over again. It is not that the Peace Movement is ineffectual - look at the massive leaps forward that were made in the 19th century : it can not be claimed that they were all lost in the 20th century because of two world wars etc., but note how the United Kingdom carefully arranges the education provided in the schools that the children of the poor have no choice but to go to. It is an education in how to be cannon and factory fodder, the children are consigned to their fates by their examination results and offering themselves up to become automata consigned to provide the Ultraists with what they each covet is all that many can do as a consequence of poor qualifications - but it is not really any better to have good qualifications, that just consigns a child to be enslaved in debt for the purposes of securing them as a more valuable asset to the Ultraists and those they serve who have placed themselves beyond the rule of law in order to wage war against the rest of our society.

Thus the Peace Movement can not do otherwise than to recognise that to wage peace necessitates our uniting with all of the other Peace People of the World in opposition to not just the United Kingdom but all of those other political systems - whether they be claimed to have a geographical or other basis, such as NATO - through which Ultraists manufacture wars. What ' Republicans in Wales ' contribute to the widely expressed desire for peace is a hard-hitting political analysis which explains why the claims of Democrats that their political system will bring peace and freedom to The People of the World are not merely doubtful in view of the facts but false. Democracy is a political system which is built upon the process of dividing people into contending communities and then manipulating the most powerless of those communities into progressively surrendering all of what they possess until they have been reduced into what amounts to either virtual enslavement or an actual de facto slavery, such as the economy of the United Kingdom relies upon by virtue of its importation of goods made in such enslaved communities of people in other countries. This process is now being used to undermine the economic security of the communities within Britain and there is an increasing amount of evidence that de facto slavery has now been re-established within Wales for the first time ever since the end of serfdom, an institution which had been finally destroyed in 1404 by Owain Glyndwr and which had been his only lasting legacy until it finally expired some time after 1999 with the advent of this recent series of the Labour & Cooperative Party's imperial and colonial governments presiding over Wales.

If you think that I am exagerating then go listen to the experts -


Wales Anti-Slavery Leadership Group – Wales Anti-Slavery Conference 9.30am-4.30pm 17 October at Venue Cymru, Llandudno, LL30 1BB. By invitation only. All-Wales Conference will be dedicated to on-going work against human trafficking in Wales, exchange of best practice and up-date on recent trends. Workshops and guest speakers to be announced.

Where on earth can you go to get a ready and steady supply of humans to traffick in ? Wherever the United Kingdom has been interfering in ' The World ' with ' The People.'

There's odd ... five hours or more ago I thought that I would just put down a note or two to sing the praises of Ringo Starr having put two fingers up to ... er ... can I start again ? Laughing
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