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PostPosted: Sat Jul 22, 2017 10:07 pm    Post subject: PHOTOBUCKET CAUSED THIS SPEED DIAL CRISIS Reply with quote

A few days ago a lot of the topic threads which previously had diagrams and illustrations developed a measles consisting of lots of repeated notices from Photobucket who host these pictures for me to publish them ... who hosted them for free to publish to third party websites for free so that others can look at them for free because they publish them for next to nothing and earn money from my work which I do for free ... there are about a hundred or so such images scattered through ten years of my writing and to go through five thousand articles to replace links to Photobucket with links to some other image hosting site is more or less impossible and Photobucket know that there are many such people and their websites which they serve annually for the cost of less than dollar probably less than a cent ... so Photobucket has decided to block the use of their customers' property unless they agree to terms and conditions which they never signed up to in the first instance over a decade ago - and to charge these captives $399 / year which is I think clearly extortionate : more than a dollar a day for a service which costs less than a dollar a year to provide ?

I am of course writing letters about this now and trying to decide what to do.
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 22, 2017 10:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


James Cann United Kingdom
Petitioning Photobucket Photobucket CEO
Reverse the PHOTOBUCKET third party fee

Photobucket have started trying to charge users to third party host images on forums.
This undermines a lot of hard work that hobbyists put in to both the online community and the economy
Car enthusiasts, scale modeller, musicians, artists,flower arrangers. Anyone with a hobby, that uses photobucket will NOT be able to post images on your favourite forums without paying $399.
Let's get this reversed.
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 02, 2017 4:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

From: no-reply@consumersentinel.gov <no-reply@consumersentinel.gov>
Sent: 02 August 2017 16:10
Subject: Complaint has been submitted

Complaint Submitted - Your reference number is:

Thank you for contacting the Federal Trade Commission. We have given your complaint the reference number listed above. Please use that reference number if you need to contact us about your complaint in the future.
Once we have reviewed your complaint, you may receive another email with additional information that may further assist you.
Here are link(s) to the publications you may find useful:

10 Ways to Avoid Fraud


From: David B Lawrence
Sent: 02 August 2017 16:11
Subject: Fw: PHOTOBUCKET PRACTISING EXTORTION - Since this will have a significant economic effect globally ought The FCC not be investigating this ... disaster ?


Over ten years ago we began repwblic.informe.com as a bulletin board for free discussion and I chose Photobucket.com as a means to publish images of letters, diagrams, photos, art work etc : the service was free and I have used about 5% of the available storage with about 100 images scattered through 5,000 pages of writing. Photobucket.com recently disconnected all of these images substituting an extortionate demand for a payment of $399 / year to reconnect them which is grossly disproportionate for the service : I could rent a larger space on forty servers for such a sum of money. I have written to Photobucket and so have many other people and nobody is getting any replies from them. The labour of transferring these images to another service and finding out where they were posted and re-writing the board is clearly calculated to coerce people into paying Photobucket.com. People are describing all sorts of long term projects being ruined by this right the way across the world and yet Photobucket is ignoring them and there is a rumour that Photobucket may be about to go bankrupt destroying millions of hours of work : what can be done about this ? If the fee were reasonably proportionate e.g. $10 I would be happy to pay it but £$399 is really disproprtionate.

David B. Lawrence


chat on - https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/Information#crnt&panel1-3

16:33:04 System System: Connecting...
16:33:04 System System: Connected to chat.ftccomplaintassistant.gov
16:33:05 System System: Your reference number for this chat session is 174969
16:33:05 Customer David B Lawrence: Initial Question/Comment: For over ten years I used Photobucket.com as a free service to create images to support discussions on the bulletin board repwblic.informe.com : Photobucket have suddenly disconnected all of these images demanding $399/yr - an extortionate price !
16:33:10 System System: Thank you for contacting the Federal Trade Commission's Complaint Assistant Technical Support Desk.
16:33:10 System System: Your chat conversation may be monitored for quality assurance purposes.
16:33:10 System System: Eli R has joined this session!
16:33:10 null System: Connected with Eli R
16:33:25 Customer David B Lawrence: hi Eli
16:33:50 Agent Eli R: Good morning, David. I'm sorry to hear that. I understand your concerns.
16:33:58 Agent Eli R: Do you need technical assistance to categorize the incident and file a report online within the FTC complaint site?
16:36:48 Customer David B Lawrence: Thanks - yes : I have been looking around to bring up this issue with some authority in the USA - I am in Wales - all over the world users of Photobucket are protesting that years of their work has been wrecked and transferring the images is impracti
16:38:24 Agent Eli R: You can file a report within the FTC site: https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/Information#crnt&panel1-1
16:38:54 Agent Eli R: The category is "Internet Services, Online Shopping or Computers" and then select "Internet Services.."
16:39:32 Customer David B Lawrence: thanks : does this count as an anti-trust issue in American terms ?
16:41:49 Agent Eli R: I understand your concerns. The technical support helps consumers categorize the complaints/reports and also to resolve technical issues that prevent them navigating the Complaint Assistant Site when filing reports online. Unfortunately we do not provide advice or information to the consumers via chat. I recommend that you call the FTC counselors at 877-382-4357 for advice
16:42:33 Customer David B Lawrence: Ok thanks - does this device email the chat to me ?
16:43:49 Agent Eli R: No, Unfortunately the system doesn't forward the conversations to consumers. You can copy and paste the conversation on a Word document to print/save for your records.
16:44:14 Customer David B Lawrence: Thanks - bye / da bo'chi
16:44:34 Agent Eli R: Thank you for contacting the Federal Trade Commission. Have a wonderful day.


From: FCC Response <>
Sent: 02 August 2017 11:53
To: David B Lawrence
Subject: RE: PHOTOBUCKET PRACTISING EXTORTION - Since this will have a significant economic effect globally ought The FCC not be investigating this ... disaster ?

Dear Mr. Lawrence,

Thank you for your e-mail regarding Internet sites, there currently are no Federal or state laws regulating the use of or content contained on the Internet.

The FCC’s rules are intended to ensure that the Internet is a platform for innovation and free expression. It does not regulate Internet content and the FCC’s rules do not apply to websites or other online services, or limit the content available on the Internet.

You might contact your state consumer protection office, or if there is possible fraud involved, contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or the Department of Justice's Internet Fraud Complaint Center.

For other consumer issues, go to the FTC website: www.ftc.gov

The Department of Justice has a web site for reporting Internet-related crimes: http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx

I hope you have found this information helpful.

Thank You

This email is a notification-only address that cannot accept incoming e-mail. If you need additional information go to www.fcc.gov or for consumer-related information, including filing an informal complaint, go to www.fcc.gov/consumer
Federal Communications Commission
The United States of America


From: David B Lawrence
Sent: Friday, July 21, 2017 7:28 PM
To: Mike ORielly <>; Mignon Clyburn <Mignon.C<>; Ajit Pai <>
Subject: PHOTOBUCKET PRACTISING EXTORTION - Since this will have a significant economic effect globally ought The FCC not be investigating this ... disaster ?

Mike O'Rielly, Mignon Ckyburn, Ajit Pai - Commissioners of the Federal Communications Commission, USA Government

Dear Mike, Mignon and Ajit,

are you aware of the fact that Photobucket have converted their existing free web hosting accounts over to charge $400/year ?

They have in effect removed millions of images from websites thus destroying billions of hours work unless existing clients pay up.

Surely this is exactly the same as the recent cyber attack which crippled people being able to use their websites unless they paid up.

I do not know the laws of The USA - but surely The Government of The USA has a responsibility to those of us in other countries ?

Many of these websites were constructed for the purposes of education and Photobucket's behaviour amounts to global extortion.

I understand that a number of websites associated with The Government of The USA are also being effected : what do you know ?

Since this will have a significant economic effect globally ought The FCC not be investigating this ... disaster ?

David B. Lawrence,
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 04, 2017 3:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

From: David B Lawrence
Sent: 04 August 2017 15:32

Dear BBC Technology,

are you aware of this Photobucket extortion story ? - see -


I decided to paste together some of the comments on that petition which I signed : I gave up - there are simply pages and pages of protests ...

David B. Lawrence,

"= Photobucket just ruined the internet. Millions of forums and blogs destroyed because of their greed. I will never use their site again. There are plenty of image hosting sites that are free and don't try to extort you. = Photobucket just ruined the internet. = your holding peoples stuff hostage and messing with their business without notice = this is pure thievery & your site bareley loads because of all of the popup adds = This rule has created a mess in the forum I frequent and made it difficult to re-post all the images that have been there over the course of many years. = I started using Photobucket back in 2011. At that time it was a great service. Over this period, lots of annoying adds began to appear, slowing down the process to the point where it has become almost impossible to use a free account. No doubt this has been a deliberate strategy. Now this extortion - thats what it is! I will not be using Photobucket again and advising people to do the same. = I have used this in the past to upload images to various websites. My images are no longer available = My hobby blog, which generated no revenue for anyone but shares model ideas, has been destroyed... = JESSE JAMES AT LEAST USED A GUN FIRST, THIS DUDE BUSHWACER THE A SEVERAL MONTHS "HEADS UP" WOULD HAVE BEEN THE METHOD TO APPLY SUCH A COSTLY CHARGE.. AS LITTLE JIMMIE DICKENS SONGS NOTES..." MAY THE BIRD OF PARADISE FLY UP HIS NOSE".... = It's a shame ppl can do this without any warning or notice. = There was an article in the Denver Post on the 16th of July, 2017 (google it) Read the article and take in the salient points and you will see why they have resorted to extortion. $399 US of over $500 Australian is just that extortion to the bulk of their users. They have gone from 60 employees to 20 (Who's next to go) Users down from 60 mill to 35 Mill a month. This will exacerbate the downward spiral. If you pay the ransom who is to say Photobucket will be there in 12 months time? = I signed this and wrote to various authorities in The USA about it but no replies as yet. Why am I upset ? Because over ten years ago I started using Photobucket for posting images of letters, diagrams, sketches etc to support posts on a phpBB which more or less turned into my blog as I explained Republicanism in Wales. How the hell am I even going to decide which individual images have been obliterated amongst over 5,000 posts ? Without some kind of automated method I have a massive headache doing this manually : Photobucket has basically trashed written work which refers to these images which can be argued to be valued at ( $100,000+ ? ) I have not investigated it yet but I reckon that $40 / month could probably purchase 8TB of server and thus this is simply extortion : my actual account is less than 5% used and $1 per month would be overcharging. = The new fee is extortion. I will boycott Photobucket until the new policy and charge for 3rd party linking is reversed. I urge everyone to do the same. = Photobucket has ruined hundreds if not thousands of very informative sites/ forums with their greed. Blackmail? Maybe = Honestly, had they approached this a different way, I would have supported it, but $399.99 a year is ridiculous. I own a website and I only pay approximately $100 a year for domain+hosting and I get 50GB Disk Space and unlimited File Usage with options to upgrade (which my next upgrade would cost me $10 or $15 and will give me 100GB Disk Space). For something like Photobucket, they could have made upgrade plans...
Example; Free Accounts: limited 3rd Party Hosting slots. $5/mo Accounts: limited (but more than free accounts) 3rd Party Hosting slots + no ads
$25/mo Accounts: limited (but more than $5 accounts) 3rd Party Hosting slots + no ads + shorter url etc. = I use Photobucket, but not often enough for it to be worth the $399 fee, and even if it was I couldn't afford it. This is a really low move by Photobucket to suddenly hold billions of pictures for ransom. It would be one thing if they simply stopped letting you imbed images unless you pay, but breaking every single one of their billions of pictures across the internet? Not cool. = I have been with your company since 2003, I hated all of the ads you added which made you un-usable - and now you do this. I hope you FOLD. POOR BUSINESSMEN. = i have close my account with photobucket i have not used then for yrs buy why have i got 3 party hosting all on my template on ebay i have ask to been remove why this still on = I have lost a lot of information of how to do an engine swap on norotors.com This is absolutely terrible. = Honestly I already deleted my account on Photobucket and moved my file to another free 3rd party image hosting site. $400 / year for 3rd party hosting is not worth it, I know. = 5 years, and 100's of riding reports on misc forums and a lot of blog activity is now worth nothing. Thank you Photobucket = Parce que Photobucket sont malhonnêtes ! = I sign this stile im paying member on Photobucket i got mail told me since i payd my one year plan i mai this year and pay 4 no adds it bee no problems to desember 2018. i stile got same issus as the free acount. sendt customers service a mail and i was told to that they can deduct the payd service in to new plan but i need to change si the first annoucments was the a lie as the agreement i payd 4 in one year plan and i stil get add even i payd not to have it. This methode is the same as mob juse. We take care of you but it gone cost you. PLZ we been loyal 4 years = Years worth of journal posts and hobby related posts completely broken. = Absolutely ridiculous practice, that shouldn't be in place at all. = I am signing because this is extortionate. If you must charge then just make it a small amount like £10 per year or something. = I am lucky enough not to have a PB account, so why have I signed?
Because they have just screwed up so many valuable non profit forums! They want YOU to pay so I can see YOUR photos... Against my own interest, don't give them a penny! Save your images elsewhere now!, and if at all possible... reupload them in the forums you are member of (that's the hardest part... but the web community will be forever grateful) = If they do this for new entries it would be ok but never with previous pics. This is outrageos.. this is extorsion.. this people should go to Court for what they have done to million of people. By the time i first signed into pb i a agree with a contract with terms where never was mentioned to pay a thing!!! Damn you PB!!! = Photo bucket are lousy lot of money Hungary scum = I had absolutely no warning they were going to do this. They literally broke the internet and zeroed out hundreds of hours of my work across various forums. Again, they did this with no warning whatsoever. Honestly, I think they should just be forced to shut down at this point. Send them packing. We don't need people like this in the internet community. = This is an outrage.. with no warning and no ability to warn hosting sites there is complete bedlam as vital information, photos and maps are now being held hostage. This is cruel and greedy. Shame on you! No notice and no options.. horrible = Go to Imgur or another site like it = I'm signing because the very point of the website from the beginning has been to offer the ability to embed an image somewhere else on the web. Photobucket has made a lot of money through advertising and to try and shake down your users by declaring they are somehow not using the service at it was always intended is simply ludicrous. The only possible outcome that can be reached by this incredibly steep and unreasonable fee is to lose the majority of its users. = You're killing my vibe Photobucket! = Photobucket already generates money from advertisers-go after them-not us! = Think of the DIY guide posters... your name(Photobucket) will either follow you to great places or to your self-inflicted demise! = PhotoBucket was crap already by how friggin slow the page was running scripts and bots following us all over the page, I gotta run the page on a latest upgraded gaming PC to have it open with the least hassle. Now they're charging $399/year for this crap? F**k PhotoBucket & F**k you John!! = $400 just so I can view images? What a ripoff! = Pictures from my own account can be copied moved to another - are not lost. But the pictures of my forum mates, who passed away already are lost to the public. The minimum Photobucket should do is giving a transition period of maybe one month to give forum admins the chance to copy those pics of deceased members from their posts. = this is ransoThis is a load of crap honestly. At least give people a cheap option to use off site hosting if your going to make us pay, instead of 400 damn dollars a year. So messed up. if you dont change, I sure hope you go under. me! I am willing to pay reasonable fee but this is just a greedy move by photobucket = Amen, Cindy ! This is totally done in greed ! = $400 dollars to keep my email signature HTML? NO THANK YOU! = nothing short of blackmail. = I only created 3rd party links for a few hobby items and not for commercial reasons. = Signed as I'd really prefer still using photobucket, as I have so many images there. But now the site has become useless to my as long as they keep this rule up. Have been forced over to imgbb.com instead. Well done photobucket. Way to ruin it for yourself and everyone else = Photo bucket single handedly just destroyed a wealth of knowledge on the internet = Im signing because i use photobucket photos when working on my classic cars and with this change of policy a lot of that information has been lost. There are hundreds of thousands of unattended forum posts that contain unique and necessary information to keep the old cars that i work on running. Please reverse this decision. As a image hosting company i completely understand the need to charge for third party hosting going forward but please allow at least the old information to remain. = I have been a Photobucket user for many years, and I am very frustrated with this new policy. It is unfair to users and completely undermines the trust we put into Photobucket as a repository for photos on hobby websites. = It's extortion and bullshit. = 20 years of forum posts and generating diy guides are now broken. Thanks photobucket = Photobucket will fail if they don't reverse this idiotic decision. = I have over 4000 eBay listings that now have to be revised one by one because of this. I was willing to pay the $10 or $20 I thought it would cost, but the price you are charging is absolutely OUTRAGEOUS. You have cost my business a lot of time and money. = The DIY guide I have been relying on have all been broken. It's not like I'm going to find a different guide, either, as they are all broken everywhere. = If they had given me even a weeks notice!! Instant karma's going to get you. = It's an effrontery by Photobucket to mess up the whole internet and millions of peoples lives and work just because of pure greed with this 3Rd Party bullying! The Photobucket employees who came up with this idea should get fired instantly! I would love to see Anonymous to take the complete Photobucket site completely down now and forever. I call all users to boycott Photobucket, and never ever to use their site again! As Photobucket is a pure ripoff. = this has had a major blow on hobbyists me included i used to scour the web for information on car rebuilds, now all of the websites are almost rendered useless. i could see a 5-10 dollar fee but 400 is just outrageous, if they don't change this is will spell the end of this web service through them. = Prepare to feel our wrath! = For non / low commercial use this is simply extortion - my response to PB is simply "Goodbye". = What Photobucket has done is disgusting! Pure greed! A pathetic attempt to try and salvage a dying company, without any concern for the effect their decision would have on their users, the millions of blog and forum posts on the web, and the readers who depend on the photos to help them better understand the post topics. This is a lesson on how to destroy a company in one day! I hope the current CEO is fired without warning and never obtains a CEO position again. He does not deserve such an honor. He's a moron! = It's not right to do this kind of thing without advance notice. This not only hurts small businesses, but future aspects for photobucket as well. = 10 years of use and multiple prints purchased, will remove and use competitors if not changed. = Why give us links to use, then charge us later for using them? It's ruining people's business, hobbies, and everyone else who relied on this. I've had this service for over 10 years and this was such a slap in the face. No warning, no nothing. Why provide links that were free then out of nowhere, charge us for it? I have to delay the launch of my site. TThere is no way I would pay this amount only to be able to share my pictures. There is so many other options out there that are free or a lot less expensive, PhotoBucket will never have a dollar from me. Either loose my business or reverse the rule.his was completely disrespectful. = all my work over the years ruined by their greed = The price hike is tantamount to ransom and is ridiculous. = I lost the ability to use many photos I spent hours upon hours editing for my online gaming community forum. = Modern day piracy !! = At one time Photobucket was one of the better image hosting sites. However over the last 8 - 10 years it started flooding its pages with ad spam - slow page loading; then the acquisition by Fox Interactive — well that was the final nail in the coffin even before this blatant proof of corporate greed. = There was an article in the Denver Post on the 16th of July, 2017 (google it) Read the article and take in the salient points and you will see why they have resorted to extortion. $399 US of over $500 Australian is just that extortion to the bulk of their users. They have gone from 60 employees to 20 (Who's next to go) Users down from 60 mill to 35 Mill a month. This will exacerbate the downward spiral. If you pay the ransom who is to say Photobucket will be there in 12 months time? = I think it's wrong to pay $399 to host images = I use these pictures on threads to understand what I'm reading and without them it makes it extremely hard = I will never pay your extortion fee. I am a small business advocate, however your recent surprise charges can only result in your long term users hating you. Your changes were Poorly planned and executed, and should soon become obvious that if you cheat your customers, they will find other ways to do what you USED to provide. Adieu = I want to find an image that an artist has made themselves but I am not aloud to view that image unless I pay for the right to see other people's things. I find that to be simply ludicrous. = I've been using PB for years, using it as a free 3rd party hosting and for storing images because that is whAT IT WAS USED FOR. Now I'm just glad I have all the images I have saved on an external hard drive. Photobucket, consider yourself dumped. = Photobucket has made an unethical move, has harmed users and websites without warning all in the name of greed. This is basically ransomware and needs to be stopped = I think PB have underestimated that the bulk of its popularity was in supporting 3rd party hosting sites. Particularly hobby and non-profit sites. Whilst I understand that they would want a slice of commercial action I can't see any occasional user paying a $400 subscription before he can advertise a $30 Doohickey on E-Bay. They have sown the seeds of their own destruction. The manner in which this has gone down can only be described as extortionate. I'm out! = My old blogs randomly went into 3rd party hosting images. At least keep the old ones and start this random 3rd party with images when it started not with people who didn't know about this before. = I use photobucket for RP forums and to make skins for said forums and it's a nightmare having this shit come up. = Losing work = Reverse this fee. People who use these forums probably can't afford a fee like this. I know I can't. = Quite frankly, I think they way your company quietly announced your policy change was deceptive. I just happened to check a listing today and noticed what you have done to my eBay listings. Really? As if anyone can see or read what I am selling and you are demanding this horrific fee? You certainly could have eased your customers over time, however, the way that this was handled is deplorable. = This is an unbelievable move by Photobucket. = Because fuck you, greedy asshats! = This site was ALWAYS a 3rd party hosting site, $400 is ridiculous for the small amount of artwork I've had stored there for almost 10 years to be usable. = While I believe Photobucket can do whatever they want this seems like a reasonable way to express my displeasure with this choice as simply closing my account may not be clear. = I used to use photo bucket, but I don't want to pay that much every year for it. It's stupid = This is ludicrous that what was once a free subscription with ads has become useless. Those that have numerous pictures have been made useless. Years of helping people on forums with how-to's on fixing things cannot be seen anymore. = Can't afford to pay to use the service = I have used photobucket to share photos of my coral reef tank progress on online forums. Not worth $400 to share some these hobby photos, it is not a business and I am not making any revenue off of sharing the photos. = Outrageous to retrospectively charge for a free service. = One of those major WTF were they thinking scenarios. = Its is a kind of blackmailing users for the work they put in. This kind of actions should be illegal. = This has effected me personally and I imagine others personally. = I hate this watermark. Whenever I want to see an image on the forums, all I see is this. = Photobucket has destroyed thousands...no, millions...of educational posts around the world by suddenly holding our photos hostage for a payment of $39 per month! = It's a huge scam and insult. = Parce que ça me révulse cette histoire. Plus de 10 ans d'hébergement de photos dont les liens ont sautés. Un forum mécanique/technique dont les liens sont tous à refaire... bref, c'est franchement pas cool ! = Thousands of images over ten years on a paid (low level) photobucket account spread across a dozen forums. All lost. = This is more of a hassle than a need and if I need to, I can go elsewhere for my photos to be placed on my hobby site that I get no revenue from....that is why it is a hobby! = This is a ridiculous and greedy move, holding millions of users to ransom after a decade or more of building up a customer base. How many years has PB been systematically planning this rip off! = I'm signing because this is ridiculous. Anything you search On Google images, ends up showing their stupid update pic share for almost every photo on there. NOBODY is going to pay $399 a year or 40 a month to view these photos! Reverse this, or we will reverse you! = I have hundreds of pics to repair links! I would gladly pay a small one time fee or at least reasonable.... come on, retract. You won't get my money and I am NEVER coming back! = Outrageous. They let you download your pictures, but wont let you have your videos!!! They are ransoming my memories. I don't even use Photobucket for business purposes to be paying $400. = Holding images that were stored in Photobucket for free for years at a ransom of $400 a year is ridiculous especially when they gave no warning it was happening at all, not giving anyone a chance to rescue their images from the site beforehand. I have no issue with them wanting to keep their site alive by having it at a paid membership but this price and how they went about it is horrendously ridiculous and completely unfair to the users loyal to them for so long. = I am signing this because I have used photobucket for free since 2006 and do not appreciate my photos being held hostage in exchange for $400. I have also suffered a tremendous amount of embarrasment hosting a business where informative pictures just disappeared. = Been using Photobucket for over 10 years. This is ridiculous! = either remove the stupidity or prepare to be the next kodak! You have really pissed a lot of people off with this everyone is boycotting you as we speak! = Photos I've posted to Wattpad on my stories aren't visible anymore. What the heck am I suppose to do? Pay that three hundred whatever dollars so my readers can see the photos for my stories? Or remove all of my photos from photo bucket and put them on a better site? = I've used photobucket for numerous websites and forum posts, but now photobucket is holding my images hostage, demanding a sudden ransom. = That Outrage is like Kidnap For Ransom Photobucket should be officially a jerk and a money hungry pricks. = I`m not paying = This was previously a free service. What the hell, photobucket?? = this is a ridiculous charge. another reason i wont use photo bucket. = blackmailing millions of hobbyists for holding tens of thousands of painstakingly build websites hostage for a annual ransom of $399.. is below every level.. = I believe photobucket is making a massive mistake and if they continue this route they will see a mass exodus of customers. = That is the only reason I use photobucket but not worth $40 per month. = I've been a long time user of Photo Bucket and I refuse to pay such a high price to continue the third party posting. = I am not able to view images on car forums. = I'm signing cause this is stupid! Now I can't see anything by my favorite creators on IMVU since most of them use it! = I can't stand the greed of companies like this. They obviously don't care for the consumer much. = Forums aren't even useable now. = "



Amy Anderson

Stockton, CA

1 wk ago

Reason for signing

PhotoBucket's policy change doesn't just affect its accountholders, the change hurts the internet community as a whole. I became aware of this issue when I was looking at a forum where someone had done extensive product testing and had posted lots of pictures of the process and results. All of those images have now been replaced by PhotoBucket's ransom demand image.

It's horrible enough that PhotoBucket is forcing it's accountholders to decide between paying $399/year (which most sane people will think is outrageous), moving their images to a different hosting service and going back through old posts to change the links (which apparently isn't possible on a lot of forums), or abandoning their old forum posts. Most users will likely choose the third option. PhotoBucket won't just be silently responsible for destroying vast amounts of useful content; if it doesn't find some other way of dealing with this issue, the ransom demand image we'll all see, littering forum after forum, will serve as a continual reminder that PhotoBucket is to blame for the broken content.

One of the most frustrating aspects is that in many cases it's not the person who posted using PhotoBucket links who will be hurt by the loss of content; it will be all the people who try to view the content who will feel the pain. Since it's the content posters who need to "upgrade" their PB accounts, the content viewers are left powerless in our attempts to access the previously available content.

Ideally PB will repeal this policy change altogether, but some other more reasonable options would be to "grandfather in" photos that are already being hosted on PB (in other words, making it so that newly uploaded pictures require that users have a P500 account in order to be hosted, but images that are already being hosted still work as they always have), to lower the fees substantially (I bet there are easily 40 times as many users who'd be willing to pay $10/year than users willing to pay $399/year), or create an account option that allows users to view all PB hosted images, regardless of whether the person who posted that image has a P500 account. That last option would allow the people who benefit most from informative forum posts - the posts' readers - to make the financial decision themselves, instead of having to rely on the content posters to change their accounts. I realize that might be difficult, given the way that 3rd party hosting currently works, but maybe you could make it so that the ransom demand images are clickable links that allow you to view the images on PB's own site, which is where you'd be able to control access based on the viewer's PB account level. (Of course, even with that option, you'll probably ultimately make more money if you charge $10/year versus $399/year.)
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You will see there that I somehow tripped the mechanism which posts those speed dials albeit I do not know how : it has not happened on any other thread.

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