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PostPosted: Wed Jul 20, 2016 11:53 am    Post subject: PWNCO Reply with quote

I have just been lectured by YYYY about the poetic talents of small pink frilly neice #5 yyyy who certainly would not wish to associate herself with anything so yn-cwl and not-rap and as her down at heel onkl keeps re-writing - and re-siting ... and all without in-siting ...


- as it happens her mother has been laying into me in rhyme and she as agreed to allow me to publish this piece of pwnco between us - DAI - yyyy's Mum YYYY


ANY IDEA OF WHERE THIS ALLEGORICAL FIGURE OF ( KAIROS ? ) COMES FROM EXACTLY ? = http://www.emblems.arts.gla.ac.uk/alciato/emblem.php?id=A67a186

Fees high - or low - we now and then_As lawyers bleed all Englishmen :_We grind The Bones of The Faithful Poor_With The Justice of The English Law_Which we have forged in our thieves' den ... = dai repwblic = Dai Saw = David B Lawrence : the author asserts the moral right - not to sue for copyright !

YYYY - REAL TEXT : XXXX just rang me suggesting that I drive up & meet him in XXXX - I have not even eaten yet - are you at home this evening - visit ? :-S

Yes you can visit this evening. Have a lot of work to do today, but evening should be ok


Best laid plans pear shaped - standing on the top of XXXX XXXX near XXXX - ache for quiet but none up here - can't see me visiting you now - sorry ! 7.15pm

I decided to sleep in the car & I am sitting in it in XXXX in rain thinking about what to do & what to eat & etc - you might be at home today ? & yyyy too ?

Yyyy is in Spain. I'm Home but writing reports. Feeling a bit sick though so need a break from it

Better to email me than text. Don't get texts for ages

No - I don't get texts up here in the valleys for ages either - and I was not paying attention - and now I don't know where I am - near Swansea perhaps ?

Don't ask me!

The leader of Labour - Jeremy Corbyn -_Now fully intends to make sure that he stays in_Until all of his party have had their full say -_For once they have done so they'll tell the rebels - " AWAY ! _WE WILL NOT ELECT YOU JUST TO SIT AND CASH IN ! " = dai repwblic = Dai Saw = David B Lawrence - moral right

My name is Boris Johnson and I am a fool by trade_And so I've done something foolish - and my friends I have betrayed :_I really did not mean to do it - it was my own stupidity_To Smash The UK in to bits - and then call for " UNITY ! "_But I'm sure that this will all be worked out - once I'm The PM made ! = dai repwblic = Dai Saw = David B Lawrence : the author asserts the moral right - not to sue for http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?p=3592#3592

The People think that Nigel Farrage will bring to them some cheer :_He seems to be a jovial chap - who likes a pint of beer -_And he listens to them ( unlike the others ) _And seems to understand what bothers_Them - and so .. he's able play ... upon their fear ...

www.llangorselake.co.uk = 01874658226 = four person rowing boat £36 / day = £22 / two hours // camping adult £7.75 child £3.75 = about 1hr drive away& beautiful

I think you would actually enjoy this Steampunk festival

Lots of chartist and Revolution stuff

I can't find any text about the steampunk thing was it todayy - iijm in a mess

That's Cos it was an email. Yes today and tomorrow

" Message not downloaded " - what was it ?

[ Photo of Y Ddraig Goch adorned with coins or medals or broaches ]

[ Photo of ceramics and wickerwork ]

[ Photo of stall and stall holder ]

Pix from your steam punk thing ? I am Daf's - is that near ?


POSTER - PSOUNDAY ARTMIX - gathering in FACE 11 - CATHAYS TERRACE - every Sunday evening 7 to 11 - live music poetry exhibitions paintings photographs etc share

Well I'm not gonna be in Cardiff Sunday evenings

What was the red dragon flag decorated with coins about ?

Could you send those photos to me in an email so that I can look at them more easily ? Can I use the flag photo for an illustration on Y Repwblic ?

Upon us in The House of Commons they really play some tricks_& one of these historically ( it really outward sticks )_Is not that they are criminals who can't do their jobs ( that's bad )_But that we can not get rid of them - unless we prove they're mad_& not even that was possible before Eighteen Eighty Six ! * = dai repwblic = Dai Saw = David B Lawrence : the author asserts his moral right - not to sue for copyright ! * Lunacy Vacating of Seats Act 1886

I am in Lidl & you might like these : Decorative Illuminated Stones - NOT solar panelled but a creamy chemical glass which efflouresces after lsunlight

No point getting anything like that until I've got my garden sorted.

Remind me of the exact dates that you want me to feed your cats please - I am trying to plan ahead for a change various things to do eg Bastille Day, Caerphilly

Only going for 1 week now - XX - XX - XXX. Can u visit before then so I can remind you where everything is and give you key?

Are you going from Bristol airport ? Just you and yyyy ? How much luggage ? Just in case I could fit you in to my Mum's car etc

Yes going from Bristol but flying at 7am so need to be at airport at 5am

So was planning on booking hotel in Bristol the night before

Well you know that it is a small car - can put in two large two small hand luggage - ?

8pm 14July Caerphilly Castle Park = http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?p=3667#3667 = By reading up on " Y Repwblic " you can study all of our actions_And you can debate them with us here - whatever are your factions -_If you can understand why The Welsh Vowel " Y " is like a pair of trousers_You will easily see that The Democrats' claim - that they have all of the answers -_Is fully met by The Republicans' claim - that we have many ( many ! ) more questions ! = " WHA ? ... NO MY FIVE ? ... NO S-o-B-s ? ... ON " Y DYDD RHYDD " - ? ... HAVE NONE APPEARED ? "_( Dafydd was really angry as these words he snarled and sneered )_" It serves you right - you bloody fool :_You're so obscure - you fucking tool ! "_Dai Saw sat pondering - all through Bastille Day - as to whether Life could be more weird. = dai repwblic = Dai Saw = David B Lawrence : the author asserts the moral right - not to sue for copyright

Well that's not an answer!

Text from you not arrived perhaps ... You got poem ? .., talk of luggage .., I am ill and lonely - you in town ?


At home trying to tidy yyyy's room at the moment!

Hi - I wonder what moment that was - I sent the text 11.18 am - 5pm now - Came in to find Ghandhi film halfway through - Movie Mix channel 32 - what is a kiss? [ POSSIBLY ASKING ABOUT AN EMOTICON ]

Do you mean taking us to hotel the night before? Or to airport in the early hours of the morning?

What do you mean what is a kiss?

KISS ? I DONT KNOW WHAT THAT WORD WAS = https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bellerophon#/media/File%3AFiresChimera2.jpg = https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bellerophon

I am saying that I could take you to or from Bristol airport if you can fit yourselves & luggage into my mum's car - I could go on to XXXX or XXX or Moon - ?

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 20, 2016 2:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

But do you mean to airport hotel in night of XX (haven't booked it yet) or @ 3am on XX, to get to airport by 5am?

Your other texts make no sense. just seem to be random and unrelated to anything. You sent one Saturday I think that said "what is a kiss?" . What was that all about? And what have the links to articles about the Chimera got to do with anything? Helps if you give some sort of context to stuff!

"Kiss, I don't know what that word was = ?..." Link to fires of chimera and another link to Wikipaedia article about Bellerephon and the Chimera. What is any of that supposed to mean? Seems like schizophrenic disjointed ramblings

I made the Bellerophon text for you 1am but did not send it - I thought that the image would interest you ; I think Predictive Text must have substituted" kiss"

YOU CAN CHOOSE - "But do you mean to airport hotel in night of XX (haven't booked it yet) or @ 3am on XX, to get to airport by 5am?" PROBABLY BETTER 2AM ?

Wouldn't take 3 hours to get there

I think the night before is better tho

So your original text "what is a kiss?" Should have been "what is a chimera?"?

I don't like chimeras - the planet is in a bad enough shape already to go cutting down forests to burn charcoal for fun in the garden = come up for lunch XX ? [ = PRETENDED CONFUSION - CHIMERA / CHIMENEA ]

Yyyy's birthday on XX. Don't know if she might want to do something in the afternoon.

Wotteffa - I thought that I would get another lesson in winding up your cats - what time do you want to get to the airport hotel then ? [ = ONE CATS EATS EVERYTHING IF THE OTHER CATS DO NOT SHOW UP SO A MECHANICAL DEVICE DISPENSES FOOD : THE ONLY CATS I KNOW WHICH SIT AND CLOCK-WATCH ]

In the evening some time. Sort it out nearer the date. Yyyy still in Spain at the moment so can't ask her what she wants to do on the day

Britannia has rather lost her pride :_She's looking a mess & has let everything slide_So it was off to Gwladys that we gently sent her -_To our political counsellor in The Republican Centre -_Who sympathetically inquired - " Have you considered - suicide ? " = dai repwblic = Dai Saw = David B Lawrence

[ AND AT THIS MOMENT FOR NO RATIONAL REASON YYYY LOST HER TEMPER WITH ME ... I CAN NOT THINK WHY ... women ... huh ... they just can not appreciate the male approach to poetry - surely ... ? ... I am not even really sure as to whether women are allowed to have muses.]

Dai keeps sending me Republican stuff-
I think I've really had enough!
Perhaps I should spam him with Pagan verse.
Do you think to this he'd be adverse?
For every political poem sent to me,
I will send Pagan poems three
For so the Wiccan law does say
What you give out comes back your way
Not once, not twice, but threefold return
Maybe like the rest of us, in time he'll learn
That Social Media is the way to go
If your work you want to show!
Facebook, Twitter, Wattpad, Tumbler
Or the more obscure ones if feeling humbler
Are the places to post poems and views
To an audience who'll respond with "likes" and dues.
Texts to friends, on the other hand
Are for personal messages, not for spam!

Lady of the Moon this hour
Bless us with Thy lunar power
Make Dave realise that his poems are readier
If he posts them on social media
He can post under a different name
If worried about Facebook fame!

Lord of Darkness, Lord of Light
We honour you this very night
Help Dave a false identity to create
So he'll stop spamming all his mates
And use social media to post his views
As well as catch up with all the news!

Well that's exactly the way that "pwnco" is supposed to work - call & response in rhyme : but it is not me that I worry about if I am on Facebook but friends. Adam liked your poem - or at least agreed with it - but does not understand : I am not worried about GCHQ so much as the nutters who might view you

Why would you worry about friends? And if you have a false identity, what does it matter? And you can set your profile to friends only and block nutters.

Look : I saw the situation on Facebook when Leon without my permission took the name " Repwblic " & made a FB page - it got plastered with paramilitary avatars.

Only GCHQ can see who rings & texts my phone - on FB I could be googled from key words associated with me whatever name I used & the account hacked by who knows

The risks are very low - but I am the person choosing to take them not my friends - & I am not being paranoid - & anyway I don't like the look of FB - addictive

You could have a separate email address just for setting up a Facebook account. Or Twitter or one of the others. Doesn't have to be Facebook.

In fact Twitter probably more suitable for just putting your poems in

And you don't have to have a profile as such on Twitter

Twitter tweets are much shorter than my poems. I am not adverse to having an alias eg on POF but I am not keen on displaying my empty life for others to inspect

Not sure what the character limit is for tweets, but I'd have thought they would fit

I like to have the occasional comment but obviously few people out of the dozen or so I send poems to ever make remarks about them. I started writing them because I had nothing positive to say & I needed to keep in touch but be more upbeat : I became upset to have nothing to say that others wanted to hear

Or try MySpace

Sending blanket emails just feels like spam to your recipients, particularly when your poems are about republicanism and stuff that we don't have much interest in. I don't even understand them most of the time, so your wit is lost on me.

Please do not send me any more texts lecturing me : fine - I will save some texts - but unlike me having to read your useless texts you do not have to read mine

You don't HAVE to read mine either.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 20, 2016 2:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I have to read your texts over and over trying to make sense of them because you will not answer the phone. I am not in a good mood : stop - you are annoying me

[ PROBABLY A TEXT TO DAFYDD FORWARDED ] Adam & YYYY are you strongly objecting to my poems ? I started writing them because I had nothing positive to say or propose to do & it spared others my anger.

Not objecting to your poems, just in being spammed with them by text. It is not the right media for them. That is what the very many social media platforms are for. Texts are for personal messages

Wasn't aware you e tried to ring me. I don't have a phone signal in XXXX as you know

And it's not just me and Adam - Dafydd had the following to add to my poems to you :
Amen to that, amen to all
I answer to the dark queen's call
From spammy odes and and whimsy's blight
Deliver us Dread Queen of Night

I am not asking whether you or anybody else likes them : I do not like many things that you say & do - but I know that you like them & I don't say shutup & stop

OK - so Daf, YYYY & Adam do not have the patience to spend one minute at their own convenience to read a text in which I talk about what interests me and in an artistic creative way - whereas you all expect me to give you my attention on demand at your convenience to listen to each of your obsessions ?

Your sniping at my poems as if they were some kind of inconvenience to you may amuse you - but consider this : none of you suffer ... [ I WILL CENSOR MYSELF HERE BECAUSE THIS BECAME VERY PERSONAL ]

Why are you so angry about a poetic response to your poems?

I write poems the Gods to praise,
I use them in rituals on holy days,
I post them on Wattpad and Facebook too
So if friends like them, they may use them too.
I don't send them as texts to every friend
Because I know that would drive them round the bend!
Social media is the most place to post your work
If you send loads of spam you look like a jerk.
Get your poems seen, get them liked, get them praised
Rather than leaving all your friends dazed!
And confused and annoyed by the constant barrage
- May as well listen to Nigel Farrage!
I don't understand every joke and pun,
So to me they are often not very fun.
My interest in Republicanism is pretty much nought
And to obscure political references I don't give a thought.
I don't know what you are on about most of the time.
Doesn't make it any better it being in rhyme!

I think my poems were pretty clear -
And were meant in good cheer.
I'm not saying you shouldn't have dared
To send me your poems - just to be prepared,
That for every poem you send to me,
You will receive back another three.
If this doesn't bother you,
Carry on doing what you do.
The consequences are not exactly dire.
Might just cause a little ire.

No - I like your texts when they contain poems - you then spend time in saying something - your " normal " texts frequently do not make sense & amount to spam !

I might add the obvious : that I was under tremendous stress in 2014 & none of my " friends " wanted to even hear about how I felt let alone sympathise or support me & unexpectedly I started writing poems in order to stay in touch whilst sparing my " friends " any account of my pain ... My " friends " - ?

I have read countless poems from you,
Yet you get annoyed when I send you a few???!!!!
At least my poems (so far) are personal replies
Not blanket texts to generalise.
You should be glad you get a carefully crafted reply
Not ignored like spam and cast aside.
The rhymes you send aren't personal to me,
They are not communication as far as I see.
Republicanism is your obsession - Use Wattpad or Blogger for artistic expression.
You say you don't like things I do or say,
But I don't text you about them every day!
I find your offense at my poems offensive.
Work and creativity has gone into them, they're pensive.
What's more they are written just for you,
You are privileged, not abused
Why are you not amused?

Spam is when you send blanket texts/emails out to everyone that have little relevance to them personally. My texts to you are generally personal and make perfect sense (or at least would to most people). I never understand yours though, whether your spam poetry or not! You don't write in plain English but in an obscure note form which is very ambiguous.

Give one example of a text that I have sent you that isn't in plain English and doesn't make sense. You won't find one. But I can find plenty from you which make no sense at all. And when I ask you to explain them, you don't reply, but send me an irrelevant poem instead. And that is annoying.

I think you just have a problem with plain English - you can't understand it, or write in it!

If you look back over the texts between us you will find me asking you to clarify them. I LIKE TO GET POEMS IN RESPONSE TO MINE - THAT IS THE IDEA OF THE GAME !

Anyhow I am in a strop with you all for the way that you are going about this - other people simply say " I do not read/please do not send these texts/emails." Nobody else has sneered at my hobby - they accept that this is what I want to do : to try to raise a laugh, explain an idea & publicise Repwblic. One person who I suspect is in Labour & I felt would be interested was in fact offended by the politics but asked me to continue to send any history item

Nope, most certainly the other way round! Here's some examples of me asking for clarification and not getting any:-

No examples sent ? I had already noted some to myself : let us say that we do not commumicate well - friends for 30 years & you clearly do not understand me yet

Stop trying to win this : just say " I do not approve of you nor am I interested in you & you no longer need to pretend to be interested in nor care about me."

I really have other things to worry about - saving up for the operation to solve my personal problem for example = https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Es29kxCpw6M

That won't work for you, he was a woman and therefore had a womb.


That won't work for you, he was a woman and therefore had a womb.


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PostPosted: Wed Jul 20, 2016 3:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

By What you say, you contradict
First you say you like to get rhyme
(Just don't like that I got you licked)
Then you're in a strop all the time!
You said pwnco is supposed to be
Call and response in rhyme
So if you have complaints to me
Then don't moan all the time
Put your argument into a verse
Like Welsh rap warriors we'll be
I'm sending a poem not a curse!
A personal poem meant for Me,
That's relevant and right
Will perk my interest and reply
A battle of words, not a fight.
So if you can't reply in rhyme
You'd better admit defeat.
Don't whinge all the time
Just cos you is beat!

I'd understand you if your words were plain
But you ramble like a schizophrenic
Your thoughts veer here and there in vain
Your words to you endemic
You give no context when you send links,
Use punctuation randomly,
I'm not the only one methinks,
Who finds you an anomoly!

So you like me to send poems,
But you're in a strop for the way
That I'm going about this -
Because other people say
"I do not read/please don't
Send Me these texts.
They don't send you poems -
So now I am vexed!
I thought I'd choose
A more creative way
Which might amuse you
While I have my say.
But You'd prefer a blunt
And more boring snub
To a Thought out verse
From the poetry club?
You say Noone else at your
hobby has sneered -
But I'm not sneering,
it's you who have jeered!

Before poeticising, you have made a plan for XXXX-XXXX ? = NOT a Schizo-phrenic - but a Cyclo-thyme ( as you know well )_You don't need a book for this ( because you know me and so can tell )_I am presently - just at the mo' -_Rising back out from deep Hypo :_If Hyper comes now over this - my body will ring like a Schizo-id bell. = Now YYYY wants me to give her one_From whose rhythms she will get more fun_But now it is getting rather late_And so I am tired - and I do not feel great :_I can not rise to that task in hand - so I must now accept that I am done. = Now in sending those I have delayed_Until this morning when YYYY played_The poem game once more again_I am now confused at her thought's train_But she's good at it - her lines are well layed.

We fly from Bristol to Crete
Early on Saturday, to the heat.
I have hotel booked for Friday night
At Bristol airport so we can catch our flight
So if your offer to take us Friday is still on
Come over Friday afternoon
Then to you the cat routine I'll show
We'll have some food and then we'll go!

My face broke out into a smile_Not just because you write with style_But because you gave this gift to me :_Of your care expressed in poetry_So - are we now reconciled ( for a while ) ? ... I like this pwnco : may I have your permission to publish it - edited - as an example for others of how it is done ?

You can publish them if you please-
But on some form of social media for these!
Just don't send them as texts to everyone
They may not want to share in the fun.

Here's one I prepared earlier
In case you continued bring surlier:
'm sorry my poetry doesn't you please!
But time and care has gone in to these
My "obsessions" I post in appropriate feed,
Dont inflict them on you, or expect you to read.
But I will from now on, a tit for a tat
Don't think there's anything unfair about that!
A poem from you gets three from me,
I have no shortage of creativity
Is that what your anger is really about?
Can't keep up with the pace, no doubt!
Think you have the rhyme monopoly?
Well I'm the Rap Queen, bow to me!
(But if you continue to be a bore
You can rap with yyyy - she'll diss you to the floor!).

The idea of pwnco seems to be
The same as rap battles you see
Yyyy's been rapping since she was eleven
When battling with rhyme she is in heaven
So I've had practice in this art
Rap battling with yyyy from the start
In You tube videos you can also see-
Famous rap battles of history!

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 20, 2016 4:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dl7CLaZFG1c = George Washington vs William Wallace - Epic Rap Battles of History Season 3.

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=O-ZblMfZpuw = Frederick Douglass vs Thomas Jefferson - Epic Rap Battles of History - Season 5

https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCMu5gPmKp5av0QCAajKTMhw = Epic Rap Battles of History

I think that I enjoyed this one the most = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0N_RO-jL-90
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 21, 2016 7:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Not every body dislikes my poetricks - e.g. the musician that I have referred to elsewhere as " Our Tin Donna " -


To my imaginative suggestion XXXX's sons may like to hark :_
To stack up their aquariums until they reach a higher mark_
& then to only stock them with just this common species_
Which comes in diverse sizes, many colours & varieties_
In order to create the world's first " multi-storey carp park."

D B Lawrence

Lawrence, I'm commissioning you to write a poem on San Marino xx

Dearest [ Tin Donna ] - this is just to let you to know :_
That I do want to write that poem for you - the one on San Marino -_
& in it I would praise for you its lovely sunny clime_
But my problem at the moment is that I clearly lack the time -_
& the money - & a passport - & so ... No !


[ Tin Donna ] - I have this XXXX wanting to meet me in Bassaleg next sunday - care to go chestnut hunting again ? (Discussing a proposed mythical drama.)

Which Sunday Dave - 22nd I'm working, 29th think I'm free

Next Sunday as it presently stands

Yes, I'm not available this Sunday

How are you ? Would you like a longer funnier poem ?

Oh yes. I love your poems x

Let's all stand up for God's comedians_The Christians, Jews & Mohammedians_Let's give them all our warm applause_For standing up for their just cause_Before this hostile audience .. Religion's not a joke you know_It is a serious thing - & it helps you grow_Into the oar of The Almighty_So that in great piety_You can in deed get stuck in & row .. About God I've heard a rumour_That He lacks a sense of humour_That He will not stand for any joke_About Him told by any bloke_Like me - but let me tell you more .. God unmysteriously moves away_From those who grimly sit & pray_About the things which spoiled their day -_What offended them & who should pay -_& when they meet them - what they'll say ! .. So please stop being reasonable_& waiting for the seasonable_Day appointed to be jolly_Carry your humours like a brolly -_& send them up when you are able .. Now I think that I just heard God snigger_& surely since She's that much bigger_Than we small creatures down below_Then above all others She will know_That we are but joking - so : go figure ! .. David B Lawrence

( which dismembered is )


Let's all stand up for God's comedians_
The Christians, Jews & Mohammedians_
Let's give them all our warm applause_
For standing up for their just cause_
Before this hostile audience ..

Religion's not a joke you know_
It is a serious thing - & it helps you grow_
Into the oar of The Almighty_
So that in great piety_
You can in deed get stuck in & row ..

About God I've heard a rumour_
That He lacks a sense of humour_
That He will not stand for any joke_
About Him told by any bloke_
Like me - but let me tell you more ..

God unmysteriously moves away_
From those who grimly sit & pray_
About the things which spoiled their day -_
What offended them & who should pay -_
& when they meet them - what they'll say ! ..

So please stop being reasonable_
& waiting for the seasonable_
Day appointed to be jolly_
Carry your humours like a brolly -_
& send them up when you are able ..

Now I think that I just heard God snigger_
& surely since She's that much bigger_
Than we small creatures here down below_
Then above all others She will know_
That we are but joking - so : go figure ! ..

= dai repwblic = Dai Saw = David B Lawrence : the author asserts his moral right - not to sue for copyright !


Conspiracies Aquarian_Are mostly Vegetarian_Because Pacifists aren't keen on killing_Others to eat ( but they're quite willing_To behave in ways authoritarian.)

I'm disgusted at these paltry offerings now Lawrence! We expect lengthy rap poetry

( ... And so especially for " T.D. " I wrote this - but does it need a new title - ? ) ( " The Rites of Women " - ? )

I like writing rhymes for my friends_
It's a pleasure for me but then it tends_
To produce those verses which are shorter_
Than I feel they really ought'a_
Be : it's just the way that my writing trends ...

But for your sake T.D. I'll now give it a shot_
To write more at length but this won't be so hot_
I am finding it hard to think of a subject_
And I'm hoping that to this you will not object_
Now forgive me for pausing, I must think of a plot ...

Ah ! You are truly wise in not loving me ( that much )_
Republicans and poetry often harm all those they touch_
So for my example I'll take Fanny Imlay :_
She fell in love with one Percy Shelley_
Then she killed herself in a Swansea cwtch ...

Now the mother of this daughter_
Was a Republican who had taught her_
That it's a woman's right to choose_
Whom to love and whom to lose_
But these ( her dead mum's teachings ) did not ever sort her ...

For Fanny's monstrous sister Mary_
And the other one ( called Clairey ? )_
Had seized already - without mercy- _
Her beloved Shelley ( and his Percy )_
For Fanny Imlay this was scary ...

So think now T.D.on her plight_
And wonder how women now get off light_
For these three sisters all subscribed_
To The Rights of Woman as were described_
By their mother : Mary Wollstencraft - alright ? ...

dai repwblic - Dai Saw - David B Lawrence - the author asserts his moral right - not to sue for copyright ! ...

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