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I'll discuss pictures with Roger. We have a camera but our mobile phones are a bit primitive and don't have a camera function. I'll have to get him to talk me though it as I'm an awful Luddite, and can't experiment with any unfamiliar form of technology without losing my temper.

I might have bitten off more than I can chew as I'm no expert on BSL itself. The only sign I'm pretty confident about is the one for milk. It imitates milking a cow. Dafydd's cousin Hywel tells me that signs evolve all the time. The sign for phone has changed as phone technology changes.

I feel a bit - not hypocritical- but inconsistent. Since writing this post, I've felt frustrated and angry when people repeatedly misheard what I said, even though I know what it's like to be temporarily deaf with ear wax. I thought it was my own depravity that was to blame. But Roger said," You can be frustrated with the situation." Roger is such a saintly sage.

I did think it was a bit contrived to shoehorn the subject into 'unspoken words'. But what does 'unspoken words' usually signify on this site? If I was going to rewrite this post, I would say 'sign' in some contexts where I've said 'speak'. It would be more consistent and elegant.

Roger and I may get round to illustrating this post at length. Bu don't hold your breath. I've something else to do tomorrow.
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