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PostPosted: Fri Apr 01, 2016 9:52 pm    Post subject: repwblic.cymru + repwblic.wales + repwblic.org + ? Reply with quote

Back at the beginning of this board in 2007 " Y Repwblic " did support this - http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?t=97 - just a little bit - so ...

Y Repwblic now has 1120 " members " spread across every continent, which was not part of the original plan which was for a platform which represented the diversity of opinions amongst The Republicans in Wales but which itself was to hold no particular political stance besides the project of restoring the most important of all political literatures back into Wales' public discourse. I took on the task of administration offered to me by Pen Ddu who founded the board but left to work overseas and I busied myself to begin with in rescuing material from Cymru Rydd's bulletin board ctd.6.forumer.com which others were protesting about because its administration could not be recovered and offensive material was being posted which could not be removed. The new board however began to be watched rather than written upon, probably because Cymru Rydd's brand of politics was not so broad church as mine. As administrator I became the main contributor to Y Repwblic and so it started to predominantly reflect my political stance which draws upon conventional and authentic Republican ideas, that " Republicanism " implies an opposition to sectarian extremist political stance but not by censoring them but by exposing them to a dialectical discourse which moderates them. I am used to the idea of conducting a discussion on the basis of " The Republic of Letters " which is in essence a miniature parliament in which participants develop their own political ideas through encountering those who differ from themselves and thus move from mutual toleration into a common understanding and unity.

Of course it did not happen that way because The People in Wales and The World have become passive consumers of others' political opinions instead of active creators of their own political opinions, which is disastrous because the only source of political authority is in the individual people who contribute the facts of their lives and their reasoning about these to the public political discourse. It is not possible for elected representatives to do this for others, and that is one of the sources of tension between The Republicans in Wales and The Democrats in Wales who misrepresent themselves to their electorate as being in possession of political authority. In the spirit of that sentiment I resolved to carry on writing in the hope that more than a few others would eventually start writing instead of reading and as a consequence Y Repwblic became paler and paler and thus has come to reflect " The White Faction " of " Republicanism in Wales " and apart from enjoying papering over the shortcomings in my political education with such eccentricities as Capitalisation of The Terms Which I Use To Repetitively Hammer Home A Simplified Repubican Theory this became the personal project of restating what that used to stand for - the Internationalist, Pacifist, Cosmopolitan side of Republicanism in Wales ...

... But in 2012 there were a series of events which finally pushed me into a decision which I never thought that I would take - to accept the logical implications of how Republicanism sees politics : as a matter of facts and arguments about them which should be conducted in a decision making process directed towards deciding The Public Interest which should not be coerced by Any Private Interests. In 2013 and feeling bewildered by the as yet unkown implications of the decision, I opted wholly for Nomocracy and rejected Democracy and went back to the arguments that were made against the latter by The Republicans in Wales an The World prior to " The Shotgun Marriage " which occurred in The Corsican Revolution, the first of the fusions between the two political theories which produced thereafter " Democratic Republicanism " in The American Revolution and " Republican Democracy " in The ( First ) French Revolution, and a mess ever since as a result of an artificial separation between religious and political ideologies which facilitates the seizure of the state by sectarian communities which substitute Any Private Interests for The Public Interest and then declare it to be a " Republic." After developments in the following months of 2013 I ceased to doubt my opting to advocate " Pure Republicanism " and I do not see this as merely a polemicisation to accentuate and demonstrate the constitutional crises which Wales has been plunged through since 1979, but Y Repwblic is still not intended to be dedicated to this hardline position.

Y Repwblic is for anybody to write whatever and however they wish to and there is no censorship of opinion or expression excepting that which might endanger the continued existence of the discussion by offending the terms and conditions applied by our hosting company informe.com which expects the board to not be viewed by anybody younger than thirteen. I usually quote this jokey rule " No posting of violence, pornography or sporting fixtures please - lest we attract any teenagers ! " Our hosts for repwblic.informe.com and repwblic.org are located in the USA where unlike here in Wales censorship is much lighter anyway because the right to freedom of speech is upheld by their laws - but we are not so lucky in Wales - and yet whilst teenagers are entitled to carry firearms in the USA they tend not to be quite so rude, crude and lewd as teenagers in Wales - probably because teenagers in Wales are not allowed to carry firearms ... There is a cultural difference between Wales and the USA and we do not understand how to judge it, and anyway most of Y Repwblic's audience is in China and India, so our policy is to be ourselves and Y Repwblic's " Conversations with Wales' Republicans " basically reflects how Republicans in Wales hold our conversations ... there are billions of other websites to look at if for whatever reason Y Repwblic is not to your taste ... but please note that in terms of file size Y Repwblic is now the UK's largest political website, outranking on the internet all of The Democratic parties' websites.

By " The Democrats " I used to mean all of those who support the non-political system which they call The United Kingdom and either superstitiously subscribe to the idea of " Democracy " and do not understand the meaning of the word or do understand the meaning of the word and cynically pretend that The United Kingdom is a " Democracy." As the internet became more economically accessible it became obvious to me that this is not merely a problem in Wales and Westminster but across The World, and the arguments of The Republicans in Wales in the 17c and 18c began to weigh on my mind : that " The Wheel of The World " may turn in any direction according to the forces bearing upon it, which are the forces of those who make bids to control the state for their own ends - who use " Ultraist " methods which are " beyond the bounds " and that the evidence is hidden in plain view. Democrats are managing The People in Wales and The World on behalf of the corporations, dismantling the legacies of 19c Republicanism in every country and turning the state into a means to extort the The People in Wales and The World in much the same way that the 19c industrial barons of Wales ran their " Truck Shop " coal and iron town empires which enslaved the workers who had fled to these places from their 18c agricultural barons ... The Aristocracy.

I believe that c2050 we will witness what has not happened since c1850 : a dramatic shift from " The Democratic Stasis " to " The Aristocratic Stasis " and because the original " Pure Republican " arguments about " The Four Estates " have been forgotten in favour of the optimistic version of them in Marxism nobody is thinking about the possibility - likelyhood - that Wales has not merely been going through a long period of depression or decline, but that The World is now being forced towards the edge of an economic precipice ... and Wales has already been standing upon the edge of this since 1984 : if Wales had become an independent country in 1979 it would have been bankrupted by the consequences of The Miners Strike and then fallen off this edge had it not been for subsidies from The United Kingdom ... Many think that Devolution and Y Senedd has resolved this problem, or that Independence for The Welsh Government will, but instead of bringing the political decision making closer to The People in Wales it has resulted in a further barrier to defend The Democrats in Wales from the barrage of facts and arguments being presented by The People in Wales about their lives. I state to the reader what I have witnessed done to others and have been subjected to : that " Democracy " in Wales and The World is worked in exactly the opposite way to that which is claimed by " The Democrats."

Democratic Republicans will assert that this is a result of Wales' historically corrupt political culture ; Republican Democrats will assert that this can be fixed by creating a strong constitution with carefully arranged checks and balances and an independent judiciary empowered to police the state and the political system at all levels ; Pure Republicans address the origins of the problem in an apathetic citizenship deceived by The Democrats into believing that they are powerless and that engaging with politics is futile : we need to promote a vigorous public discourse which denies that politics can be conducted without politicians subscribing to morality - there is no such thing as amoral ethic, nor can there be such a thing as an official state prescription for either orthodoxy or orthopraxis as is developing at present in both Wales and Westminster with calls for " British Values " which define those of us with Internationalist sentiments as " traitors " and Pacifist sentiments as " terrorists " if we understand and sympathise with those who attempt to retaliate against The United Kingdom for its foreign mercenary adventures in wars on behalf of the global corporations whose interests The Democrats in Wales and Westminster are the managers of.

Republicans in Wales find ourselves denounced as " criminals " because the whole basis of our politics is founded on upholding The Rule of Law - and we must finally refute this -


Knowing this to be a Fools' Errand, I put off this decision until 1st April 2016 - when I finally registered the domain names " repwblic.cymru " and " repwblic.wales " - here :

... http://www.repwblic.cymru/ .... http://www.repwblic.wales/ ...

But something odd has already happened in the registration so despite that these webpages have appeared I am wary after what happened with - http://www.repwblic.org

[ " YMERODRAETHYREPWBLIC.GOV.CYMRU " may however become too costly with nobody but me paying my taxes to " WWW.COCKAID.BIZ " ]

So many things being left unfinished like that local government submission that I should have done last week ... a fortnight ago ... that I still have not
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 04, 2016 8:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I think that most people think that " Pure Republicanism " i.e. " White " politics or " Nomocracy " is impractical if not undesirable - certainly even discussions about it can make the politically illiterate very anxious because their faith in Democracy is superstitiously based upon the pronouncements of those who have proclaimed the inalienable authority of Democracy ( well The Democrats would say that - wouldn't they ? ) But once you see that it is not that The Democrats in Wales and The World are corrupt but that Democracy itself corrupts - then you see no surprises in stories such as Panorama's which reveals how The Democrats are themselves are the organisers of tax evasion - not the victims of it -http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-35943740

Democracy has not died in either Wales or The World because it was never alive in the first place - it is not a political system at all : politics is about collecting facts and conducting arguments to arrive at the right answers, whereas Democracy is about coercing voters and corrupting electorates in order to obtain arbitrary power to exercise on behalf of those who provide you with the means to do this in return for the promise that promise that you will except them from The Rule of Law i.e. Democracy requires the non-political non-principle of " Sovereignty " otherwise known as " Licenced Crime."


[ I was writing that via the phone - horrible task - listening to BBC Radio 4's Andrew Marr show " Start The Week " which was about the Euro crisis and Greece and their Democratic heritage - inevitably the discussion turned to the issue of Sovereignty - as if it was the solution not the problem : a friend commented upon an earlier text and I replied to him thus - ]

Panorama's story of organised tax evasion confirms The Democrats in Wales & The World are selected for election by The Aristocrats : Democracy is not political.

Thats wot they r banging on about on r4. Very Happy = [ This was the one with Yanis Varoufakis - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b075pb4r ]

Even before they got to the point where Andrew Marr's guests started to debate Sovereignty I had posted - http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?p=3260#3260


I thought that some links to some of the programmes which Panorama have made on tax evasion etc might be a useful addition - the first is the one which caused controversy this past weekend ... but of course the rest of us have been complaining for centuries about The Democrats in Westminster severely over-taxing the poor whilst severely under-taxing the rich ... so now that Jeremy Corbyn and Co are jumping upon this band wagon - forget it : The Cooperative Labour Party is every bit as guilty of this as The Anti-Unionist Confidential Party as are The Very Liberal With Other People's Money Party ... UKIP of course make no secret of their agenda by using " £ " as their symbol ...


Panorama - The Bank of Tax Cheats - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAWlACImcBU /// https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSAZ5VaI9nI

SEVERAL STRUNG TOGETHER - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3I-RVVa6mKc&list=PLBb6joTQ5bOK6f8KekqBQKhBTqxMF8vjC


The Town That Took on the Taxman

Published on Jan 20, 2016

For some of the UK's biggest companies, paying corporation tax seems to be optional. Using devilishly complicated - but completely legal - accounting techniques, they can run rings around HMRC. Now, the small businesses of one Welsh town are fighting back. The local traders of Crickhowell in the Brecon Beacons are embarking on a mission to copy the techniques used by their multinational rivals, and to set up a DIY tax avoidance scheme of their very own.

Presented by Heydon Prowse, co-presenter of BBC Three's The Revolution Will Be Televised, this film follows the owner of the local coffee shop, clothing stores, smokery, optician and bookshop of on their offshore mission. It is a journey that will take them to secretive tax havens, smart tax lawyers and even force a showdown with the taxman himself. Can they crack the secrets of the big tax avoiders and level the playing field for the small guy ?

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