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Taliban sponsors Big Cheese

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 25, 2017 11:20 pm    Post subject: Taliban sponsors Big Cheese Reply with quote

Big Cheese festival in Caerffili this weekend.

Alcohol is banned and will be confiscated by the Police.

All pork is banned and will be confiscated by the Police.

Burkas are compulsory.

Liberty - Equality - Fraternity : Aux armes, Citoyens !

War is Politics by other Methods - General von Clausewitz
Politics is War by other Methods - Some guy on the Internet
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 27, 2017 8:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Islamic dreams about Cheese find dream interpretations : Meanings & explanations for Cheese

Cheese dream interpretations

Cheese means easy money or money and comfort. But wet cheese is better than dry cheese. It also symbolizes a fertile year. Dry cheese refers to a journey. A piece of cheese is a whiff of money. Dreaming of eating cheese with bread predicts a sudden ailment. ...

... Yogurt in a dream represents blessings in one's earnings, though it also indicates that a portion of one's earnings may include forbidden interest made from usury. Cheese in a dream also represents easy profits. However, soft cheese in a dream seems to have a more beneficial interpretation than hardened cheese. Such profits entail current financial success. Hardened cheese in a dream however may mean a journey. Eating bread with cheese in a dream represents miserliness. Mixing bread, cheese and walnuts in a dream means becoming afflicted with a sudden illness. Dry cheese for a traveller means profits while green cheese means profits for a resident. ...

... In a dream, cheese represents a marriage contract if one is unmarried, a child to a pregnant woman or prosperity and longevity. If an opponent sees cheese in his dream, it means cowardice and disdain to face his adversary. It is also said that cheese suggests a period of humiliation or misery. If a pregnant woman sees any by-product of milk in her dream, it suggests the nearing delivery of her child. ...

... A grocer selling any milk products represents a gnostic, a man of great knowledge, a well known man of piety and good deeds who shares his knowledge, wisdom and wealth with others. Seeing a grocer in a dream also could mean marriage for an unwed person with a wealthy and beautiful woman. A grocer also represents a rich person who sustains those who live near him or follow him. ...



Is Kosher meat Halal?
It is not Halal.

With respect to food, Islamic laws are very specific and Muslims seek to eat foods defined as "Halal", which is defined by Muslims as "that which is allowed". Essentially, "Halal" means permitted by God, or "Allah", the Law-Giver. ... It is a religious obligation for all Muslims to consume only food that is Halal. Muslims can consume food that is prepared and/or sold by non-Muslims as long as they are Halal. ... 'Halal-certified' refers to products which have been endorsed as Halal by a credible Islamic body (third-party certification). Often times, Halal certification involves a series of steps including ingredient verification, inspection/audit and approval by committee. In general, all Halal-certified products are Halal, but not all Halal products are Halal-certified. ...

What Is The Source Of Rennet?

Rennet is one of the enzymes used to make cheese. Rennet comes from the stomach of young calves. After the calf is slaughtered/killed, the stomach is removed, filled with milk and hanged to dry. After it dries, it is ground up to make crude extract of rennet, which is then purified or sold as is. If the calf was slaughtered according to Islamic requirements, the rennet will be Halal. Otherwise, it is not. What about Muslim law and meat? In order to obtain a “Halal” designation, the conditions of Islamic animal breeding and processing must be met. In order to be considered “Halal”, animals bred for meat must not have consumed any meat or meat by-products. Muslims are also taught that the animals must be well-rested and handled in a way that minimizes suffering ...

Are all cheese Halal?

Ingredients called enzymes are needed to make cheese. Three enzymes used to make cheese are pepsin, lipase and rennet. These enzymes can be from animal, vegetable or microbial sources. Animal sources include pigs and cattle. Pepsin is derived from pigs, and is Haram. Lipase derived from pigs or cattle are Haram. Lipase from cattle slaughtered according to Islamic requirements or lipase produced by micro-organisms is Halal. Rennet is derived from the stomach of calves. If the calf was slaughtered according to Islamic requirements, the rennet is Halal. Microbial enzymes are not derived from meat and are Halal. Cheese products manufactured with microbial/bacterial cultures are Halal. Most cheese products do not list the source of the enzyme. Call the food manufacturer to find out the source of the enzyme. In addition, it is possible that the source may change without notification.


So ... is Caerphilly Cheese haram ?


I personally buy only that cheese which has V sign or a halaal stamp from a proper and authentic halaal authority. ... it seems that according to the hanafi school of thought, rennet (as long as it is not from pig) is permissable, due to this hadith ... Cheese made with animal rennet other than a pig source is halal. ... However, there the one which is marked with V sign is vegetarian cheese and is halaal and the other is not. ...


... Caerphilly is made from unpasteurised cows' milk and matured anywhere from 8 to 10 to 14 days. Some variants are often kept for up to a year to develop a harder texture and stronger taste. Inside the pale ivory rind of the cheese, young Caerphilly has a fresh and pleasant taste alongside a moist yet supple texture. With maturity, the edges become creamy and the flavour becomes more rounded. It usually has a wheel-shape with ivory-white rind dusted with fine flour. As the cheese ages in a moist cellar, the white and gray moulds become thicker and more leathery. The cheese can be vegetarian depending upon the brand. ... [ SO CAERPHILLY CAN BE HALAL ]



[ There are excellent pictures on this webpage and I will not try to copy it.]

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