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PostPosted: Sun Jul 21, 2013 2:38 pm    Post subject: The-crimes-of-carl-mills Reply with quote

This week Carl Mills, an alcoholic vagrant from Manchester has been convicted of burning to death his former teenage girlfriend, their premature baby and the girlfriend's mother in a house fire in Cwmbran. From his threatening text messages, it is obvious that he did it deliberately because he was jealous of the baby.

When looking for info on this, an excerpt came up from Jac o 'the North's blog, expounding the view that the first responsibility of the state is to protect its citizens, and this character's sexual tastes -ie hebephilia- were known before he came to Wales.

I could not explore further as I do not now go on Royston's blogsite but it would be nice to think that he was on the side of the angels for once. Yes, Royston bach, it should have been prevented. The education, police , NSPCC and other services are even now setting up an inquiry into what was previously known about Carl Mills and if anything could have been done.

One thing's for sure. He could not have been prevented from entering Wales as there's no defended border. The girl's mother had tried to get police and education authorities involved but obviously the seriousness of the threat was not appreciated.

It's true Carl Mills groomed Kaylegh Buckley online when she was 15, but she was just over 16 when they began to have overt sex so nothing could have been done there. Perhaps we need 'close in age' laws such as they have in the USA so very young teenagers are off limits to those -say - more than five years older than themselves.

I read this morning that it is known that Carl Mills had previous convictions for vehicle theft, threatening behaviour and racial abuse. More relevantly, at the age of nineteen he set fire to his mother's house in Manchester with the intention of endangering life. His mother survived because she had not been at home. She declined to press charges. This now looks like a misguided act of kindness.

I suppose we could interpret the crimes of Carl Mills and Mark Bridger in Cambrophobic terms. We could say that depraved Englishmen are coming here to exploit sexually and then murder our children because they've taken us for a load of mugs. But this would probably not be right. These appalling acts could have happened anywhere.

Perhaps one thing we can learn is to stop believing trite platitudes about how there is good and bad in everyone. This moralistic gobshite is worse than irritating. It is dangerous if it blinds us to what people are really like.

I'm dismayed that Carl Mills has not been given life without parole. It's true what the South Wales Argus said, he is a worthless excuse for a human being. It's a tragedy that he was ever born. As the Argus said, let him rot.
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