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The Enemies of The People ? NONE !

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 18, 2016 7:15 pm    Post subject: The Enemies of The People ? NONE ! Reply with quote

Moritz/Dafydd loves the grand sweep of historical events - visions of crowds surging around the guillotine whilst he declaims in verse to the tune of some Gilbert & Sullivan operetta : after all there is no point in having revolutions without spectacles, which is why he likes Leon Trotsky ... Now I was just trying to find out something out about a recent dvd release by Mr Bronstein when one thing led to another and then to this ... Now you recently compared me to somebody or other - again - Daf : well take a look at this and see if you find yourself agreeing with lovely nice agreeable man Mr George Bernard Shaw ...


... The fact is Daf you do not agree with this - and look at where artistic daydreams can lead to - so please stick to our original arrangements for The Glorious Day : I am to be The Lord High Executioner and you are to be The Red Mikado ... it is not merely that you know that you can go ahead and do what you please because meanwhile I will be busy organising the collection and presentation of the necessary facts and you know that you will never read my reports and definitely can not be reasoned with because you are so thoroughly Democratic ... Nor is it the case that you know that you know that you will be safe from any palace coup because nobody is going to get executed whilst I am in the job ... nor am I going to allow you any where near any mechanical devices - and the only time that I will ever allow you to try your luck with Madame Guillotine is when I myself put you into her bed to play with her ... You of course may denounce me as your class enemy but the fact is that we were always in different schools ... I have nothing more to say through this gag.

Remember when I used a pair of scissors to cut up Y Trilliw - red, white, green - slashing the red horizontally to demonstrate how The Left practice a sectarianism based upon discrimination by class - and then divided the green vertically to discriminate the paring away of communities by ethnicity ? Logically you either continue doing this from both The Left and The Right until they meet the opposite edges and our society is cut to pieces - or The Centre must reject the sectarian incursions of both The Left and The Right in order to have a society of any sort left at all : The Rule of Law - not The Guillotine - is the mechanism by which we enable individuals and communities - both oppressed and oppressers - to remedy the injustices between them : this is " Nomocracy " - " The Power of The Law " - and this means that The Democrats must be made subject to The Rule of Law in order to ensure that The People in Wales and The World can put an end to " Sovereignty." ... Wars do not produce revolutions - you can not fight bad crimes with worse crimes.

If we want to produce revolutions the first thing we have to do is put the wheel back together : a strong rim that sets its boundary and does not allow Hierocratic, Democratic, Aristocratic, Monocratic forms of Ultraism ... a strong hub in Nomocracy to provide The Axis about which the political system can be arranged ... and finally to restore all of the spokes in order to strongly frame the political system in order to make revolutions possible : The Wheel of The World can only be turned by the power of The Dialectic - not that feeble two-sided affair presented as " The Left V The Right " but The Full Monty - Conservatism, Fascism, Liberalism, Anarchism, Socialism and Communism ... and also Feminism, Islamicism, Pogoism ... whatever : provided that all methods which are designed to subvert The State and substitute a private interest for The Public Interest are outlawed - The Altruists must take strong precautions to exclude The Ultraists from their political systems.
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 20, 2016 6:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Given the point about Y Trilliw above - the 1792 red, white, green flag - that in order for The Left to co-exist with The Right there has to be The Centre to mediate between them ... another way of conceiving this is that The Reds and The Greens actually need to be held apart by The Whites to stop them fighting ... A famous historical example was in Finland which was being menaced by both The Soviets and The Nazis before World War Two and then after those two carved up Poland The Reds seized Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and then attacked Finland but were fought to a standstill : The Reds within Finland were rounded up and jailed or expelled ... Then The Nazis ( = " The Greens " in " The Model " ) attacked The Soviets which replaced one threat to Finland with another - both external and internal - so The Whites interned The Greens in Finland to deal with any potential traitors ...

... But they were in a terrible position : if they did not cooperate with The Nazis they would be invaded and The United Kingdom which had previously tacitly supported Finland had now entered into an alliance with The Soviets i.e. The British had basically promised to give Finland to The Soviets ... The Americans and The Swedes were both supportive but neutral - and when The Americans entered the war they too entered into an alliance with The Soviets and so Finland had no allies to turn to ... They chose to buy off The Nazis and get rid of their sympathisers by volunteering to send troops to fight The Soviets : it was a political strategy which still has repercussions seventy years later because during WW2 they were in effect first a client state of The Soviets then of The Nazis then of The Soviets again for decades after the end of WW2 ...

... The political price of The Freedom in Finland was paid by those Reds and Greens who found themselves excluded despite having refused to be the dupes of The Soviets or The Nazis - and it was extracted from them by The Whites in Finland whose claim upon the pluralistic politics of Republicanism in The World was arguably very limited after WW2. I know that I portray " White " politics as I find it in Wales - easy-going and a bit hippy-dippy - but it is as well to remember that Republicanism changes its expression according to The Natural Law : Nomocracy is about deciding our reactions to others' actions - and when The Republicans in Wales and The World raise Y Faner Wen we are offering to negotiate not to surrender ... But Y Faner Du will replace Y Faner Wen in the same way that Cato's black toga replaced Cicero's white toga when Caesar refused to submit to The Rule of Law : I am not advocating conspiracies to overthrow any government here - such things happen because it is The Nomos which rules The World ( not The State.)


My ex ex ex ex etc spent a fair amount of time politicking in a European country where the colour assigned to Fascism/Nazism is brown ... Her version of this is " Socialism is OK - Nationalism is OK - but what is the colour of the politics you get when mix Red and Green together ? - SHIT !!! "
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