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PostPosted: Sat Nov 12, 2016 4:54 pm    Post subject: The Light Reply with quote

" The Light " is such a recurrent metaphore in Republican culture - well really the European culture which produced Republicanism - that I ought to write a bit about it ... the most central of all symbols used by The Republicans in 19c Wales was " /|\ " which was devised by Iolo Morgannwg as a symbol for The Enlightenment : it represents three beams of The Light striking through the clouded skies which descended upon Wales in the 1790s and arguably persist even until today ... The Clouds of Ignorance, Prejudice and Bigotry towards The Republicans in Wales ... and whilst you can read his account of the original symbolism which he devised in " Barddas " you must also take the Neo-Druidic claims for the " Gorsedd " with a lorry-load of salt : the " Gorsedd " drew upon Rousseau's ideas about " The Civic Religion " which was one of the most enchanting aspects of the 18c " Civic Republicanism " of which there is now barely a trace left excepting the ceremony of swearing in of The President of The United States of America ... The metaphor of course began in Renaissance Republicanism 1450 - 1650 in which the rediscovery of the classical writings from Rome and Athens severely challenged the mindset of those steeped in Monotheism : they desperately wanted to dress themselves up in the intellectual clothings of Ancient Republicans and Democrats but ...

... The Ancients were Polytheists : Republicanism demands pluralism and tolerance in both Religion and Politics - and it does not sever Morality from Ethicality because in the original conceptions of Republicanism they are the two halves of the same Public Discourse - so both must be conducted publicly - The Open Conspiracy : THERE IS NO CONSPIRACY - BY DEFINITION : DE RES PUBLICA MEANS " OF PUBLIC THINGS " - SO YOU ARE NEITHER RELIGIOUS NOR POLITICAL IF YOU WHISPER TO YOURSELF IN PRIVATE - BOTH HAVE TO BE COLLECTIVE ENTERPRISES IN ORDER TO REMEDY THE LIMITED NATURE OF PERSONAL EXPERIENCES AND THE RESTRICTED NATURE OF INDIVIDUAL UNDERSTANDINGS ... The " Rota " was the ultimate forum for the collective religious and political discourse in Western Christendom whose medieval states were a sort of loose confederation akin to the modern European Union : " The Wheel of The World " was the mechanism by which The Papacy wielded its power and as the promoter of education in the Republican debate this made sure that the original Republicans were apologists for its power e.g. in " The Four Estates Theory " they proclaimed that " The First Estate " consisted of The Clergy - and indeed they were the wealthiest community of interest in Europe and fixed things up to benefit themselves : who could deny that " God " and " The Public Interest " were not one and the same thing ? Those who argued that the " God " in question was in fact The Pope and that he had usurped God's Sovereignty were prosecuted for Heresy by " The Inquisition " which was actually not as bad as Hollywood makes it out to have been ... well ...

... not until The Papacy got rid of The White Friars ... who conducted The White Inquisition with very long conversations over tea and biscuits e.g. " ... Really ? And you believe that God spoke to you Mr Lawrence ? And then what happened ? ... Remarkable ! ... Uh-huh ... Oh ? ... Only Metaphaforickilly so ... uh-huh ... And so you do not believe that " God " actually exists other than as an organising idea within The People in Wales and The World's collective consciousness ... mmm ... And so that is why you did not put to use your professional knowledge of the judicious placing of small amounts of putty explosives within the structure of a building in order to blow up Cardiff City County Council's Planning Department ? ... Oh - I see : you studied Architecture and it is a lovely building - and their offices were just below the statues of " Unity and Patriotism " which you did not wish to destroy ? ... Fascinating ... and ... I see - but now that they have moved their offices from City Hall to County Hall ? ... Oh ... I do indeed see ... And when you were initiated into Yr Ysgol Pensaerniaeth Cymru they baptised you in The Dock Feeder - beneath The Sign of The T-Square ? ... Oh dear oh deary me ... and so you only worship " The Great Architect " ... And you also believe that The Proprietors of The Rightangles Property Development Company are in fact the earthly manifestations of Satan and Beelzebub ? " ... mmm ... I think that we shall ... er ... can I just put you down in our report to The Hierocracy as an ... er ... um ... mmmmm ... how about ... " Agnostic" ?

wee heathen taffy bastard - church in wales scotland england etc

welsh protes he is well loved in many untries

spreadin hearsay / heresy across the world etc

this is th 13c and it is going to stay this way forevr - 1299 !


That got left to be finished later a few days ago ... perhaps that last bit was really a wee bit too mischievous ... I am so angry about with the Planning Department but they do not know how angry : the present incumbants in the office are for the most part not those who have caused myself and my community a whole series of harms over the decades ... I assure you that I would always adhere to the high standards of The Architectural Profession which I can also assure you is indeed the oldest and most original form of prostitution ... but just for the sake of argument : how would I go about blowing up Cardiff City County Council's Planning Department ? ... After all the new County Hall has no particular merits and it presents some intriguing technical problems for somebody wishing to surgically demolish the offending part of it ... oh - hell : why bother ? ... Anyway - naturally I would simply have adhere to the Royal Institute of British Architects Plan of Work and - wha ???? - WHAAAA ???? - wot ?


RIBA scraps Plan of Work: say goodbye to stages A-L - By Merlin Fulcher, Laura Mark - 25 October, 2012

Institute catches profession unawares as it tears up its 50-year-old traditional schema for progressing construction works

The RIBA is to abolish Plan of Work stages A to L and replace it with a seven-point schedule for works ... which comes into effect from Spring 2013 ... A consultation was announced but not broadcast to the press ... former Association of Consulting Architects ( ACA ) president Brian Waters compared the policy to the institute’s decision to abandon the drafting of its own building contracts ... [ WHAAAAA ???? ] ... He said: ‘The builders, the quantity surveyors and all the other consultants work to the RIBA Plan of Work. It’s the language of construction. You will have to re-write every building contract and employment contract.’ ... [ WHA ? ] ... [ ? ] ... [ uh ? ] ... [ WHY DOES NOBODY EVER ASK ME FOR MY ADVICE ? ] ... [ MY WHOLE WORLD IS NOW COMPLETELY OVERTHROWN ... WHAT AM I GOING TO DO NOW ? ... FIRST OF ALL I AM GOING TO HAVE TO WRITE TO THE RIBA ABOUT THIS ... WHAT THE HELL WAS I DOING IN 2013 THAT I NEVER NOTICED THIS NONSENSE ? ... I GUESS THAT I WAS MOSTLY DISTRACTED BY DENOUNCING THE DEMOCKERATS.]

Well look : if you do want to blow up your local Planning Department just use Common Sense and exercise some Common Courtesy and generally speaking you will find yourself on The Right Side of The Rule of Law : first of all write to all of the neighbouring property owners and explain your proposal and see if there are any genuine objections : generally speaking there will not be - but somebody may try to chisel some money out of you so have some money handy to pay them off ... then you will need to secure promises for the much larger sums of money necessary to finance the project : I suggest that you apply for a Welsh Arts Council grant ... In order to be sure of every aspect of your project being well prepared make sure that you make early consultations with the local police, fire service, ambulance service, and the relevant gas, electric, water and telecom companies in case they need to survey their utility provisions in order to sue you over something trivial ... and then - having discussed the details of the task with suitably qualified and properly resourced specialist demolition contractors and detailed the presentation documents - apply for the necessary planning permissions ... then see if you can get as far as inviting any tenders for the job ...


Well I left some notes above to jog my memory and some on paper too by the computer ...

... of course what happened next was that I was curled up in bed reading Krishnamurti when the front door was broken open - again - and The South Wales Priesthood burst in without a warrant - again - insisting that I was practicing Witchcraft because they knew that I keep on talking to my familiar black dog and were thus arresting me as a suspected terrierist ... Then they quickly burned all of my books lest the demonic forces within " Pilgrims Progress " and " Are You Ready For Love ? " or " The Triumph of Wit " or " Phoenix Frustrated " or " The Peter Principle " or " Using Political Ideas " or " I Am Right And You Are Wrong " or " Life Among The Pirates " or " The Origins of Virtue " might surge forth to destroy their true faith in The Misrule of Law and then they dragged me off via Caroline Street to Cardiff Castle and threw me into the deepest dungeon where I found that there was absolutely no Light to be found at the end of their pummel ... except that as my swollen eyes cracked open a pale wavering beam of Lunacy shone down from above me to strike the Y Nod Cyfrin scratched upon the opposite wall - what a privilege : to find myself locked into the very same place that for over two hundred years had been used to imprison Iolo Morgannwg !

My unhappiness however did not last at all as long as I now wished it to because the door of the cell was thrown open and with a heavy step two cowled black clad figures plodded into the room bearing a brazier glowing red hot with coals into which were planted the various instruments of taughtyour - and then these were followed by The Third Man bearing The Fearsome Triple Crucifix of the Combined Inquisition of The United Klandom of The Churches of England, Scotland and Ireland ... I tried to protest immediately that I am but A Citizen of The Republic in Wales and that they were out of their tiny little jurisdictions but they were indeed having none of that - " Shut yer gob yer wee heethen Tavvy blaster'd - UNBELIEVER !!! THIS IS THE CHURCH IN IRELAND TALKING - AND I'LL HAVE NONE OF YOUR RATIONALISING REPWBLICANISM IN HERE !!! " - I was indeed rather taken aback by The Illlegally And IlllNaturally And Illliterately And IlllConstituted Tribunal which confronted me but I soon quickly reasoned which one was which ... The Inquisitor in The Church in England was able to read out the charges against me about what I had not done - and The Inquisitor in The Church in Scotland was able to write down everything that was said to me about what I had not thought of - and The Inquisitor in The Church in Ireland was clearly just there to keep a very close eye upon the other two in case they proved to be dangerously intellectual ... Eventually they produced their instruments of taughtyour and ...

... THERE WAS A BLINDING FLASH - THREE BLINDING FLASHES ! - I do not even now know where my rescuers appeared from : three of the Free Wales Alchemists appeared beside me - each brandishing " Y Groes Aur Dai Sant " each of which was studded with six coloured gemstones whose differently coloured beams were yet focused into one central beam which scorched the dark figures before us which promptly collapsed with barely a whisper between them into piles of writhing ashes ... I was truly grateful and eager to make the acquaintance of my rescuers and to know how they had performed this miraculous feat ... after all I do not normally believe in miracles but having seen the fate which threatened to befall me I was certainly willing to adjust my meta-ideological stances out of sheer gratitude ... Like ghosts they simply walked me out through the walls of my prison and took me over to a local hostelry to share their frugal repast of bread and soup in a basket - yet all through this they said nothing ... I thought at first that they had perhaps taken some sacred vow of silence but eventually they drew me into an alleyway and with subtle gestures communicated their earnestly desired request to me ...

... " Er - it's ... it's - a film ? ... No ? - A Play ? ... No - a book ? - oh ! ... I - er : look - please do not jump up and down like that ... Ah ! ... Four words ? ... No ? - OH ! FOUR LETTERS ! ... First letter - ah-ha - and the last letter too ? ... I see - sounds like ... like ... p ? ... t ? ... v ? ... SORRY ! ... d ? ... e ? ... c ? ... g ? ... s - " - " IT'S A ###### " B " YOU FOOL ! " ... " Oh." ... " Now watch carefully - " ... " - see ? " ... " Well ... could you do that again - please - " ... " - er ... no - I still do not - OH ! - A BULB !!! - A - " " - NO !!! A ' BOMB ' - A BOMB - BOMB !!! " ... ... ... " Do you mean like in " a dessert consisting of two or more layers of variously flavored ice cream that have been frozen together in a round or melon-shaped mold ? " ... ... ... " Brothers - no violence please ... listen " dai repwblic " - we heard that you studied Alchemy and - " " - Architecture - " " - yeah - whatever ... you know how to make an explosive mixture - right ? " ... ... ... " RIGHT ? " ... ... ... " Um ... what - with like ... ordinary household ingredients easily bought in any well appointed local medieval feria ? " ... ... ... " Probably - look : either you give us the recipe or we will put you back in that cell." ... ... ... " ... ... oh ? " ... ... ... " YEAH ... ... ... " ... " ! "

" Well ... now you are promising me that you will not go around breaking The Rule of Law ? " ... " Yeah - sure ... " ... " Well ... you know how that hocus-pocus homeopathy works ? " ... " No." ... " Well ... neither do I - but ... What you will need is one little saucepan and one big saucepan - a really big one full of oil ( so you will probably have to bring that to the boil by standing it in a fire made on the floor ) and into the first one you will need to put some herbs and a large pinch of salt - actually this one will benefit from as much salt as you can find - and then bring that little saucepan right up to the boil and - " ... " Which herbs ? " ... ... ... " Tea - tea is ideal ... and ... perhaps some biscuits would not hurt it either ? " ... ... ... " uh-huh " ... ... ... " Then when the oil is really - I mean really - hot : hot enough to fry chips in - pour the contents of the little saucepan into the big saucepan - and as a result you will get an explosive mixture ! " ... ... ... " Will that be enough to destroy someone's house with then ? " ... ... ... " Yeah ... " ... ... ... " ... ... ... Can I go now ? " ... ... ... " And where are you going ? " ... ... ... " I thought that I would just go home and brick up my front door - again : as an Architectural Project ... plan ... of course - I have spent years - decades - a lifetime - planning how to rebuild my old house - but I still have not yet got anything built." ... ... ... " Oh - OK : bugger off then ... "

Almost true ... about not getting anything built I mean ... Architecturally ...

Post Script : I changed " Anchorites " to " Alchemists " as that developed ... and as to " ... three of the Free Wales Alchemists appeared beside me - each brandishing " Y Groes Aur Dai Sant " each of which was studded with six coloured gemstones whose differently coloured beams were yet focused into one central beam which scorched the dark figures before us which promptly collapsed with barely a whisper between them into piles of writhing ashes " ... well these pieces are after all but daydreams and so they often baffle me as much as any of my readers ... I reckon that these three were probably wielding L.E.D.s ... Light Emitting ... Deities ? ... Demons ? ... ... ... Daiodes ? ... Go read about " The 3-D Model " ...


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q536sL8Z808 - " Vast Ocean of Light " -

- music by Johnathan Dove - words from the poem by Phineas Fletcher -

I suppose that I had better explain this better : the following is from an email in which I put this poem to demonstrate that the phrase popularly attributed to George Fox - popularly believed to be the founder of RSoF / Quakerism but I dispute that - was not his but was already in circulation for twenty years at least beforehand because this popular poem uses it.

Poetry is more or less the only art form that Quakers were allowed to use until the middle of the 19c : originally there were many diverse kinds of creative activity amongst the first Quakers but as they were persecuted to the point of nearly being utterly crushed out of existence they mostly became very poor and marginalised if they persisted in being Quakers so those left in the faith basically made a virtue out of being miserable philistines ... In my opinion poetry is the art of the oppressed : we should declaim verses in adversity - all that poetry requires is the will to live and let others live.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Phineas_Fletcher

Phineas Fletcher ( 8 April 1582 – 13 December 1650 ) was an English poet, elder son of Dr Giles Fletcher, and brother of Giles the Younger. He was born at Cranbrook, Kent, and was baptized on 8 April 1582. ... Phineas Fletcher wrote throughout his life. At his death he left behind a body of literature larger than that of his Renaissance contemporaries: in fact, his work rivals in size the canons of Spenser and Milton. The collected works of Phineas Fletcher include three volumes of religious prose, an epic,an epyllion, a drama, several medium-length verse narratives, pastoral eclogues, verse epistles, epithalamia, hymns, psalms, translations, various songs, occasional pieces, lyrics, and devotional poems. In scope, variety, and quality, his writings are second to none of that age. ... ... the influence of Phineas Fletcher and his brother Giles is far greater than has generally been realized. Together they founded a distinct school of poetry which outlived the chilling influence of the Restoration ... ... The standard work available in print remains F.S. Boas The poetical Works of Giles and Phineas Fletcher (Cambridge University Press 1908).


http://www.poetryexplorer.net/ poem.php?id=10060277


Vast Ocean of light, whose rayes surround
The Universe, who know'st nor ebb, nor shore,
Who lend'st the Sun his sparkling drop, to store
With overflowing beams Heav'n, ayer, ground,
Whose depths beneath the Centre none can sound,
Whose heights 'bove heav'n, and thoughts so lofty soar,
Whose breadth no feet, no lines, no chains, no eyes survey,
Whose length no thoughts can reach, no worlds can bound,
What cloud can mask thy face ? where can thy ray
Find an Eclipse ? what night can hide Eternal Day ?

Our Seas ( a drop of thine ) with arms dispread
Through all the earth make drunk the thirsty plains;
Our Sun ( a spark of thine ) dark shadows drains,
Guilds all the world, paints earth, revives the dead;
Seas ( through earth pipes distill'd ) in Cisterns shed,
And power their liver springs in river veins.
The Sun peeps through jet clouds, and when his face, and gleams
Are maskt, his eyes their light through ayers spread;
Shall dullard earth bury life-giving streams ?
Earths foggs impound heav'ns light ? hell quench heav'n-kindling beams ?

How miss I then ? in bed I sought by night,
But found not him in rest, nor rest without him.
I sought in Towns, in broadest streets I sought him,
But found not him where all are lost: dull sight
Thou canst not see him in himself: his light
Is maskt in light: brightness his cloud about him.
Where, when, how he'l be found, there, then, thus seek thy love:
Thy Lamb in flocks, thy Food with appetite,
Thy Rest on resting dayes, thy Turtle Dove
Seek on his cross: there, then, thus Love stands nail'd with love.
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