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" The Milking Parlour " V " The Welsh Parliam

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PostPosted: Sun May 15, 2016 6:55 am    Post subject: " The Milking Parlour " V " The Welsh Parliam Reply with quote


" THE MILKING PARLOUR " [ see also - https://themilkingparlour.org/ ]

" ... In 1950 there were 160,000 dairy farms in the UK. By 2011 there were just 14,700. That’s a reduction of over 92%. Sadly, many of the next generation are no longer looking to enter the industry as earning a crust is becoming ever more difficult. What are we going to pour over our Coco Pops in the morning? Your Shredded Wheat is going to be pretty dry and don’t even think about what will happen to the great British cuppa. ...Until Monday 25 April 2016, Nessie Reid will be exhibiting The Milking Parlour: a performance based public exhibition exploring the values we hold towards our food and the type of relationships we possess with our food and farming system in general. In order to explore these themes, Nessie has chosen to use the medium of milk: something once hailed as a superfood – providing 34 % of our RDA of protein – now undervalued, and often cheaper to buy than bottled water. ...

... Visitors to the exhibition will experience the cows being milked, get involved in debate, witness some of the less-glamorous processes involved in producing milk, and hear stories from dairy farmers throughout the South West of England. Within the parlour itself, Nessie will be live full time with the cows where she will milk, feed, muck out and sleep near them, being the chief caretaker. ... By its very nature it’s a 24-hour ‘exhibition’ but please do remember that Nessie and the cows will need a bit of sleep at night! That said, there are three daily milking times where people are welcome to watch and ask questions, etc: Breakfast - 8:30am ; Lunchtime - 1:30pm ; Teatime - 6:30pm

For more info on this great event please visit themilkingparlour.org "


We have never had many truly creative / artistic protests in Cardiff whilst I have been here ( since 1980 ) yet we have some great public spaces in Queen Street, The Hayes and Saint Mary Street where protests could be effective ... and arguably on certain days there might be effective opportunities outside various political institutions within the city but they tend not to be frequented by The People in Wales and so such demonstrations have no audiences other than the camera and are relying upon being reported in the media - which in turn encourages The People Who Protest to resort to resort to turning to outraging the rest of The People in Wales in order to have their opinions reported ... The incident in 1968 which for decades estranged the centre-ground " White Faction " from the other remnants of The Welsh Republican Movement was the bombing of The Temple of Peace by the fringe left-wing " Black Faction " called Mudiad Amddifyd Cymru - which is not to be confused with the fringe right-wing " Black Faction " called Byddin Rhyddid Cymru ( Free Wales Army ) which struck a militaristic posture before journalists but more in a manner to provoke comment which we might classify as " Situationist." Various groups are still celebrating this period and parading around with the original ( 1948/9 ) Welsh Republican Movement's " Green, Red and White " Tricolour whilst continuing to divide those whose unity it represents and giving it associations which it never originally had, which is why I prefer the much older( 1792/3 ) " Red, White and Green " whose colours I deem to be properly ordered i.e. Red on The Left, White in The Centre and Green on The Right.

This is not to say that " The White Faction " has only ever involved itself in limp-wristed bleating about how bad things are : nobody should be surprised that as the Internationalist Pacifist centre-wing of Republicanism in Wales, arguably the main body of The Eagle to which the the left-wing and right-wing are attached on either side, " White " has been continually been associated with protests against war since the 16c, and has arguably formed the core of the Nationalist Movement until recently until Plaid Cymru began to backslide ... Within Wales The Whites since World War Two have protested against the continuing occupation of The British Army of Mynydd Eppynt ( unsuccessful ), against conscription into National ( Military ) Service ( successful,) against Nuclear Weapons ( unsuccessful,) against The Democrats in Wales making deep concrete bunkers to hide in whilst The People in Wales are nuked to ashes outside ( successful,) and probably most famously The Women in Wales carried their protest over Offa's Dyke into England to begin the International Pacifist protest at The Gates of Greenham against the escalation of the nuclear threat there ( successful.)

If it is difficult to get the attention of the media to protests made in Cardiff's busy main thoroughfares, it used to be more or less impossible when standing in a field pointing at something which is a problem although the advent of the selfie-stick has helped a bit ... In theory the internet is a remedy for our problems with the media - although we were already beginning to suspect that governments not-Chinese are also learning how to manipulate search engines to present the appearance of there being free-speech but by making it extremely different to call up relevant search results : the idea behind " Repwblic " was that it would provide a website noticeboard upon which anybody could add a link to their own webpages which otherwise might not be found in this sprawling mess of the interwebby-thingummy-jiggy ... News of protests and what has happened in them generally speaking only arrives through emails and whilst there are organisations out there bombarding us with spam which we do not have the time to read about themselves they never tell us about anything but themselves : Repwblic is supposed to be different but it can not work as it is supposed to work unless the woman/manpower needed is donated i.e. no more than a minute to think " Oh - I could copy and paste this into a post on Repwblic and a few more of The People in Wales and The World might see it who would never think of Googling for something which they have never yet heard of ! "

Even though you can Google up those things which you know about, those webpages which you can find which appear to be authoritative can be highly dubious - I do not think that these wikipedia pages are truthful - certainly not full - and they are misleading, but as an occasional contributor to wikipedia I never alter front pages although I occasionally try to supply better information or criticism for those who are writing them on their " Talk " pages which is generally ignored, for I am not willing to join in with their bitter conflicts over such trivialities. The following pages are in my opinion all defective, slanted even.


THE LEFT ( REDS' ) WING'S " BLACK FACTION " WHICH BOMBED " THE TOP " - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mudiad_Amddiffyn_Cymru

THE ( NORMAL ) WELSH REPUBLICAN MOVEMENT - AN ALLIANCE OF REDS, WHITES AND GREENS - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welsh_Republican_Movement

THE RIGHT ( GREENS' ) WING'S " BLACK FACTION " WHICH APPEARED ON TV - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_Wales_Army
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 24, 2016 10:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This is not to say that " The White Faction " has only ever involved itself in limp-wristed bleating about how bad things are

White faction only occasionally bleats that things are bad. Most of the time, White faction licks Pigfucker's ass.
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As anyone can see I deal in quantity not quality - Daf/Moritzis capable of both but prefers back seat driving.
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