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The North Star : associated symbols, myths etc

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 24, 2013 1:43 pm    Post subject: The North Star : associated symbols, myths etc Reply with quote

I am presently amusing myself comparing two ( Quaker ) Friends' Ambulance Unit symbols : the British used what is suspiciously like the North Star / Compass Rose symbol, the Americans what is suspiciously like the old Eye-in-the-Red-Triangle symbol beloved of those who portray the Illuminati trying to take over the world in a Zionist conspiracy ... only really of course we only use the red-triangle-within-a-green-circle-all-on-a-white-flag symbol ...

... anyhow just so many things intersect for this thing that I thought that I had no way of classifying it and I didn't want to leave all that studying and imagination go to waste ... too much is lying around however unfinished. I will just have to see how I get on with this stuff.


As a Post Script on 27 / 09 / 13, in case people from abroad think that in the following I am merely shooting from the chip on my shudder, here is the most famous recent example of the behaviour of the South Wales Police which is in the news again today and which of course winks in our eyes as to the links between the police forces, the crown prosecution service, the courts and the non-existence of a Welsh Court to govern the legal system and investigate the political system becaiuse of course the last thing that we want in the United Kingdom's version of democracy is an independant judiciary created by a division of powers which might stop politicians from interfering in cases like these ...


... I think we also ought to look back to how long this has been going on too - and the consequences for all of our communities of the corruption of our police forces in Wales by the political systems of the United Kingdom :

[ Mahmood Mattan was posthumously cleared in 1998 at the Court of Appeal of the murder of Lily Volpert in Cardiff's docklands. He was hanged in Cardiff jail on 3 September, 1952 after a three day trial in which the police presented no forensic evidence and their witness who placed the peaceable 28 year old father of three at the scene of the murder had a history of violent assaults including cutting throats in exactly the same manner of the murder. Evidence vital to his defence was not made available at the original trial and his own defending barrister, appointed by the United Kindom's legal establishment, described the foreign seaman as "semi-civilized savage" on account of his poor ability in English which disadvantaged him at the trial - yet it was always clear that he was continuously protesting his innocence. His widow Laura only found out he had been hanged when she went to visit him in Cardiff jail and discovered a notice of his death pinned to a door. The family campaigned for decades before the United Kingdom's politicians apparently decided that they could now get votes out of finally agreeing that he was innocent - forty six years later, when it the matter was beyond any meaningful investigation or exposition of responsibility. The Mattan family was then awarded substantial compensation from the Home Office -. in other words, whoever was responsible got off scot-free and the innocent tax-payers funded the compensation - which means effectively that the Mattan family ended up paying a portion of their own ' compensation ' ( can that be a meaningful term if it is not paid by the actual perpetrators of a crime ? ) and the were indeed the only people ever punished for the crime committed against their father. A lot of other people in the United Kingdom' establishment evidently made a lot of money out of this family's misery and a few of our local politicians even got some votes out of this, even though they had nothing to do with getting this family any justice.]




Note how the father's story becomes garbled into the son's in the third article, how much is made of ' the man in black ' instead of his name ... ?

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 24, 2013 2:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Ah. That probably might seem to be irrelevant but I assure you it is not ... I am not bothered by police badges - or police men in general ... well, no that is not quite true : amongst the ones that I know personally, running up to a certain high rank, there is a certain set of attititudes which I do find disturbing - and that is even before they start putting on their act and handing out the aggro, imagining that frightening others is the same thing as exercising authority when of course all they do is bring their badges into disrepute. For many people in South Wales the idea of our ever again having actual law and order is a joke and those who believe in it are regarded as fools ... yet I continue to believe in it as a neccessity for civilised society : true, I object to the behaviour of the South Wales Police force and I really think that the only way forward with them in order to be moderately certain of success is to totally disband SWP and make sure that none of its officers are ever allowed into a police force ever again : honest or dishonest, by necessity the whole lot must be condemned together and ideally every police station ever associated with them should be bulldozed into the ground and the dust that settles there sown with rather more than salt to ensure the blasted sites that remain remind wretched wrong-minded revivers of these renegades not to even contemplate the idea. Of course this is unlikely to ever happen now due to the pretence that we now have an ' independent ' police commissioner or whatever bullshit he uses to presents himself as being .... lonely individuals opinionating about the South Wales Police is one thing, but lone individuals given unchecked power ( or even the appearance of it ) over any public affair is absolutely a bad principle even if they are elected : this is the same principle upon which Hitler based his authority.

.... look, I could go in this vein and get really angry and abusive, but what is lacking in each and every such case is their moral compass - right ? ...

... OK ... let me give one brief example : I am leaving the house and in lighting a cigarette having closed the door I can hear trouble behind me. I turn to see an Asian ( it is not normally necessary or relevant to mention that around here ) taxi driver being assaulted and robbed and he jumps out and is pelted with stuff by a drunk who has no money but conned him into coming down our street on the pretext that there is a cashpoint opposite, presemueably to rob him and steal the car ... now this is a much reduced version, but the gist of it is that I am old-fashioned-docks-crew and so I went straight across to stand with the taxi-driver who then felt able to ring the police who of course turned up in their own good time whilst the criminal walked off - but then he came walking back just as the police arrived : so he was arrested, right ? -

- No, wrong - apparently he was known to the police who were attending who were consequently ardent about - you know, ' restorative justice ' - my arse : I was ordered away whilst they talked to the taxi-driver, and I went in and wrote the taxi-driver a statement for the police and the victim for any purposes they might need it for to account for what had happened : an authentic on the spot contemporary eye witness account of several crimes against the victim, a cast-iron no-holds barred basis for a prosecution by the South Wales Police by a respectable reliable witness written within minutes of the events. And when I came back out with it for him and to answer any questions the police might need to ask - ? Well they had found the criminal's girlfriend who had forked out twenty quid and the taxi-driver had been told that those were his losses and he should leave now and - that I should not question this or involve myself as a citizen concerned about the break-down of law and order here or that would be a public order offence ... the taxi-driver was helpless before the pressure placed on him by the South Wales Police who were grinning all over their faces before I started arguing with them head to head and all I that I could do was ask him whether he was sure that he wanted to accept this as settlement, given the damage to the door panels on the passenger side, and -

- I ponted out that if he was not going to press charges for assault right now he ought to at least insist on getting the assailant's name and that he should put off any acceptance of a settlement until he could consult a lawyer ... at which point the police weighed in on me for ' interfering ' by giving ' unqualified legal advice ' to the Asian taxi who was clearly in a state of shock and in need of medical attention rather than a lawyer anyway. He clearly sized up the amount of trouble he would unleash upon himself from the South Wales Police force by trying to assert his right to be protected by the law ... and decided to go home to bed, once he had got the damaged passenger door closed. Of course he would have been sharing driving that taxi with perhaps three others and he would be held liable for it to them. The damage to the doors I thought might have been £500 and they might lose another £1500 or more between them, and he had been subjected to threats, theft, assault, battery - and I wanted to charge those members of the South Wales Police with various things too.

I live in a street which was picked upon by politicians to use to dump drunks and drug addicts into and therefore naturally drug-dealing and prostitution followed and then a hell of a lot more trouble after that, so I have an unwanted lifetime debenture to watch a permanent sports fixture played by such rules as I describe above, which was stuck on myself and my neighbours thirty years ago despite our protests and petitions etc by the Labour and Cooperative Party who continue to buy votes elsewhere in the city by dumping everybody else's social trash into my community ...

... this has resulted in my street's postcode having the highest recorded levels of crime in Wales - and the crime is in fact around the corner, but the South Wales Police record it against our address and postcode in order to keep their relationship with the Labour and Cooperative Party sweet, because neither want anybody to know about what happens there. This in itself has had a long list of consequences in my life, but it is not the only thing which Cwmni Cafflo Crachwyr Cymru have done to me ...

In order to live with this situation and calmly argue against the injustices done against myself and my neighbours for thirty years requires ( a ) some kind of religious observance in order to resist being morally corrupted by this, in order to stay in touch with people not contaminated by living this way ( b ) some kind of political practice that circumvents the corruption of the whole of the Welsh establishment and cultivates good ethical attitudes. ( a ) Quakerism and ( b ) Republicanism not only fit together really well for me, they have done so for many others over the past three hundred and fifty years - and of course both are regarded as deeply subversive because they both claim that authority is derived from morality and that claiming authority on the basis of violence is unethical.

Which is why I constantly harp on about morality and ethics and am opposed to both the United Kingdom and those who imagine themselves to be the opponents of it when daydreaming of violence or destruction : let us leave that to the South Wales Police eh ? The idea that Republicanism advocates violence to achieve its political ends is wrong, it comes out of the United Kingdom's propaganda against those it crushes when they dream of being free and imagine that to be a Republican dream : whether they know anything of Republicanism or not is irrelevant, the United Kingdom is not interested in the truth about Republicanism either but in denouncing anything which opposes it and therefore all Republicans must be violent or destructive, at least criminal.

If some individual Republican proves to be more honest and law-abiding than those who have hitched their wagon to the United Kingdom's wandering star, that is not surprising because all Republicanism are driven by mete-ideology and therefore immutable systems of law and order are their central concerns instead of the laws of th United Kingdom which were ever mutable and always buyable because it is a democracy.

To return to the subject then, the star which Republicanism is hitched to is that same star which commonly appears on the helmets of police men and women in many of the police forces of the United Kingdom : they stick it on the front of the helmets I guess in order to keep this symbol which constantly contradicts what they actually keep doing well out of their sight : the star in this instance is the symbol for Astraea, the ancient Greek Goddess Of Even Handed Treatment Before The Law, the Latin Goddess of Justitia is her counterpart who is usually depicted with a sword and a scales, whereas Astraea is usually depicted pouring water from jar to jar : each a sign of equality, and North Star a sign that the whole world is condemned to have revolution after revolution until it finally comes to rest upon the unmoving permanent axis of justice in Astraea.

Going back to actually looking at these historic badges, notably the eight pointed sun-star motif seems to not be so common with the earliest ones. The eight pointed star of course, like any other kind of object, tends to only have those meanings which we attach to it which we rarely provide spontaneously even out of our own experience. If you were shown the twinkly things in the sky it is unlikely that you would associate any of them with the objects which we commonly call stars ( although there is an older word - ' mullets.' ) Take the following example of a badge with eight points that is not a police badge but one originally worn by people who were to some freedom-fighters to others terrorists -


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Well, the North Star is of course a fairly big idea in our culture, although not as big perhaps as Elfys Preseli, but then this is Wales ... several newspapers of a Republican character have born the name ' North Star ' or ' Northern Star ' - the United Irishmen's newspaper's title was cited by the British Chartists' newspaper title and I suspect that Frederick Douglas may well have had in mind both newspapers but above all the general idea of the ' North Star ' as a fixed point by which to navigate ones way, and of course the slaves' Underground Railroad led northwards to freedom. Note that this original title sheet masthead of the United Irishmen's Northern Star has Justitia / Astraea positioned on the left and contains an eight pointed star, and the Chartists used an eight pointed star too as did the British Republican Brotherhood.





Of course stars have all sorts of meanings, and old hippies like me are bound to come out on some occasion or other claiming that we are all made of star-stuff and brothers and sisters whatever the weather and time of night and ... no, ... the buggers will not give you a lift back to Gaerwen ... well at least this is North Wales whereas in South Wales we could be on the road to Maesteg and then it would be shwt.

So why should eight-pointed mullets be associated with law and order and freedom and Greek or Roman Goddesses and the North Star and things like that ? Well - Republicanism is not like Socialism, there is strictly speaking no such thing as ' Socialist Republicanism ' because the former is an ideology whereas the latter is a meta-ideology, and this business of using the North Star is all to with illustrating what meta- is -phor ...

Let me give you some sort of example ... let me think now ... oh ! How about trying to give statements to the South Wales Police for an example ? I know, I know, it is a fools errand ... but I come across so many instances of criminality in our political system I do keep trying to persist and hold onto the idea of law and order you know ... perhaps my idea of law and order is just different to theirs ... anyway, this allows me to give you a bit of advice about giving statements to the South Wales Police ... let me see - ( a ) incident involving vicious assault by white guy on black guy, in posh part of the city i.e. first part of the problem is that SWP are indignant that their niggers are not at home on their plantation and they are none too happy to see me there either registering the fact that they are proclaiming the black guy to be the victim to sympathetic passers by and asking for statements to that effect because after all ( QUOTE ) " We know which monkey did this ! " -

- MY STRATEGY WAS - to present self as concerned citizen, rush home and write statement ASAP but strategically leave out South Wales Police racism and cross fingers. SWP call me to be interviewed some ( weeks ? ) later and fail to persuade me to remember the other things which I did not write down within the hour, yet I am called to be witness ! In court I find the black victim in the dock, I am finally in a position in the witness box to give his lawyer the evidence of SWP being racist in order to defend him : the judge rules that it was not in the statement taken from me ' at the time ' and must be disregarded. The victim, who was the passenger who actually tried to intervene and stop the fight between the white man who stopped the car and the driver, was subjected to criminality on at least three counts : the assailant, the police and the judiciary, and I am prepared to count in the jury as well for taking the judge's direction and disregarding my evidence. The jury may be more indictable, because juries are our last line of defence against the corrupt and incompetent officers of any state.

I could not save this guy : he got eight years for acting like a responsible citizen, putting himself in the way of harm to try to uphold law and order, and it was truly shocking to watch how a person very much like myself could do nothing against the culture of the South Wales Police force. He acted like a Republican ought to, I don't know whether he was educated enough to know that the word ' Republican ' is only taken to mean ' criminal ' by such criminals themselves, but whilst evidently distressed he dealt with the injutice dealt out to him manfully, with virtuous virility. I wonder whether this virtue was intact when emerged from prison ... I have been imprisoned by the Labour and Cooperative Party for thirty years with no parole, no remission despite my good behaviour ...

... Why then don't I just take the sinister option, turn in the opposite direction and pick up a gun, bomb, or usually in my fantasies a sledge-hammer to smash these bastards and flatten them into a bloody pulp ? For the same reason that most other ' white ' Republicans will not, but will pardon those who in anguish and bitter hatred turn ' black ' - because that response is the normal response as modeled by the United Kingdom to its subjects, which teaches them its own criminal methods. It is understandable to want to retaliate, but it is not constructive and honourable and so most Republicans stay ' white ' and deal with this distress and hatred which threatens to poison our lives because we choose to bear witness to what the United Kingdom is doing to the communities which we live in. Maintaining our own senses of ourselves, diverse as we are and arguing all the time, is the most important form of resistance to mount against the United Kingdom because without our quest to define our lives by everything which we value - we will have nothing left fight for even if we do finally choose to turn ' black.' This is where the two halves of Republicanism are conjoined : the political and the religious, united by a single meta-ideology arising out of more perfected and completed consciousnesses than any of the fragmenting and sundering ideologies being offered anybody by canting Democrats.

Working through poisonous emotions after physical encounters with the South Wales Police I normally find difficult enough but something which I have only just begun to remind myself of, something which I deduced once decades ago but a lesson which I forgot due to my peaceable intervening life, is that this and other United Kingdom police forces use terrorist methods and efficiently and deliberately so. Usually Republicans have little social contact with the police and so do have opportunities to see them behaving normally nor witness them preparing and then switching to their various acts as taught in training. A fair number of them believe that this is what policing actually is, and a fair number of others who do not are concerned because if they drop the prescribed melo-drama it is more or less considered to be not doing the job. Only those police who get into more independent roles in the South Wales Police force can exercise any real intelligence : the rest are there to process people whilst the highest ranking officers spend their time writing press releases ...

You know when you have been processed by the South Wales Police : it can take a short while or months or years, the main aim is to waste yur time until the point when you become a threat and they then threaten you with wasting police time ... e.g. I write a statement so that I can not be messed with in an interview room and then go to report the incident in question within the stipulated 48 hours ... the statement is simply shoved back across the desk ( i.e. it has in fact been legally delivered but is refused so as to avoid having to deal with it.) and an incident number is refused until I have made a statement, which will be refused an incident number if I can not explain a complicated legal matter inside ten minutes to somebody who is bored hostile and not interested in either law or order or anything else around midnight. I leave apparently achieving nothing for six hours emergency work, but the following morning am rung up by somebody who leaves a message because they called on me whilst I was out ... now why would any adult familiar with the ways of the world do that, other than to hope the matter will be dropped ?

He obviously doesn't know what Republicans are like so I charge down there to teach him and yes, you guessed it, what sort of person has a clearly written out statement placed in front of them given them all the information they need but insists on making up their own statement and then getting you to agree to it because it says what he wants it to say ... so he can then announce that this is nothing the police deal with and then allege that I am wasting police time ? This may seem trivial, but it is the attitude : the South Wales Police's moral compass points away from enforcing law and order and towards enforcing their own authority i.e. demanding whatever they wish. Less trivial is my witnessing the South Wales Police either casual breaking and entering without a warrant, more or less clearly to intimidate people ( usually poor people, because their senior officers assume that poor people have no legal remedy - true in the United Kingdom, wherever you are.)

Threatening behaviour and assaults are for the same purpose and inevitably rich people think that poor people must have provoked these and the police are indeed there for rich people - especially if they can have a word with a local member of the Labour and Cooperative Party to ask them to pay especial attention to that particular street which is so full of awkward poor people : couldn't the police find some of their friendlier pimps, prostitutes, drug-pushers and vandals etc to keep an eye on an awkward community like that ? Perhaps the reader thinks that surreal ? The main role of Neighbourhood Watch in the surrounding areas of this city is to push such criminals into our area " Where they ought to be ! " One pink frilly niece grown to fourteen arrived breathless having evaded kerb crawler who had started to wait for her - South Wales Police force's attitude ? " Well, it is your own fault for living here - you can't complain ! " Well, yes I damn well can complain - but not to the South Wales Police, because that is a fool's errand in which the most important thing to do is to vigourously intimidate anybody interfering in the South Wales Police force by bringing to attention instances of criminality by its officers etc : I mean, the South Wales Police puts a lot of effort into manufacturing evidence and inventing reasons so why should they accept anybody rendering all of that work null and void : that person must be a criminal !

When dealing with a corrupt organisation like the South Wales Police, which has had its corruptions evidenced decade by decade by decade by decade and is accompanied by an equally corrupt political establishment in the Labour and Cooperative Party which now has its own man in as police commissioner so we can feel only safe in one respect - nothing will change, it is business as usual. You'll notice I care not to name individuals - yet - because my main purpose here is to discuss how to deal with a police force that will not and even if it wished to can not change : these are just two parts of an establishment that actually thinks that what it is doing is right - or pretends to, after all I can not see why any honest normal law-abiding political party and police force would argue against Wales having a proper court able to enforce the laws we live by : what pray do the Labour and Cooperative Party and the South Wales Police force have against the concept of law and order, or indeed upholding it by funding legal redress free for everyone at the point of need ? OH - I forgot, you bury your critics in court cases to despatch them, just scratch out people like me like the fleas we are if we bite hard ?

Well my readers can see that I am getting angry, chancing my arm there may be to see if they want to risk themselves in a court room with what I might show to defend myself by vindicating those statements ... another day perhaps, the point is that when you get involved not in the entertaining and somewhat soothing abstractions of political theory and the relaxations of Republican trivia, but instead are involved in long term grievances about such matters as these you need to find a way of dealing with such anger and other negative feelings, especially hatred because it corrodes your ability to think clearly and sunders you from other people who do not share your predicament : they will simply recoil from you, and this leaves you unable to engage others in effective political actions. Now my remedy everybody yawns at, hopefully smiles, but at least when I recommend it you know that I have tested it : get a religion. I do not mean ' get a new set of beliefs ' because I think that religion has to be built on faith, without the faith to let go of beliefs you can not deal with difficult situations creatively : but without others around you there will be nobody to support you whilst you float around without any beliefs for a while, albeit that whilst you may be having a down-loose moment in your life they may be having an up-tight moment in theirs. This is one of the advantages of organised religion, albeit there are several disadvantages if you get caught up in some sectarian cult like the Moonies or the Manson Family or the Labour and Cooperative Party.

To grasp why Republicans should appear to have contradictory attitudes to religion you need to understand the Republican idea of what religion is. We all pick up ideas in all sorts of ways, but mostly we learn not merely the words but the consciousness associated with the ideas denoted by those words as whole discrete packages taught to us by others. Delusion can be taught to us and when we begin to penetrate it we may be told that we will be punished for doubting, for having no faith etc Republicans say that this is not religion : the Republican idea of religion is wholly richer, it involves constant willingness to question, it is all doubt and faith and a willingness to encounter others and to ridicule those who cling to divisive sectarian beliefs and substitute them for re-ligion, bringing people together. If spirituality is the individual's understanding of the world, then religion is the collective understanding of the world built out of everybody's understanding, built out of communicating those world views through as many ways as human beings can invent from sex to science, from sax to sapience ... and the most important thing is that whilst clever people are to be admired, in order to make it work everybody must be encouraged and given the resources to develop their spirituality and thus become a fuller contributor from their own ability to creating the collective foundation upon which political movements can then be constructed. Individual private spiritualities and collective public religiousities are the basic human resources which enable collective public interests to be pursued through to outcomes which meet individual private interests.

Am I about to recommend my own particular choice of religious affiliation to other people ? No. Obviously not - that would contradict Republican religious theory which views religion as a matter of choice and refuses the establishment of any kind of religious orthodoxy : Renaissance Republicanisms c1450-1650 already tried to use a variety of theological meta-ideologies and the result was the wars of the Reformation versus the Counter-Reformation. Neo-Classical Republicanisms c1650-1850 tried to use a varieties of philosophical meta-ideologies and justified Imperialism with them, waging wars against populations who resisted them both within the home countries and the conquered ones. Modern Republicanisms c1850-( 2050 ? ) used a variety of scientical meta-ideologies to justify liquidating whole classes of people such as aboriginals, peasants, racial and religious minorities ... I never said that Republicanism was perfect, but it is not supposed to be this way : these were the ways in which people abused the idea of The Public Interest in order to represent themselves and their own Private Interests as being it. I am inclined to point out that the same kinds of people exist today, willing to use nuclear weapons in ' The Public Interest ' - criminals.

The trouble is that a certain kind of religious orthodoxy is now in existence, its shrines are in every lining room and many other rooms, it has far more of a grip on our imaginations than any previous religious orthodoxy ever had and it calls itself ' Democracy.' Those who control and direct it have successfully convinced people that it is the only valid belief system, and it sneers at old fashioned historical kinds of religious activity and is both far more seductive and more successful than any before. The internet has perhaps thrown off its control for some for ten years but it is learning to cope just as it learned to cope with printed books and took control of what could be published centuries ago. It is the same ' thing ' for want of a better word, but normally I would choose ' The Syndicate.'

Just as centuries ago people vaguely knew that something was wrong but they could not articulate what it was and turned to experimenting with new ideas, some founding odd short-lived cults which died with their charismatic leaders, the combination of anxiety about social instability results both in more of this activity and also more suppression of it justified by the fact that this worries people but more because spiritual and religious activities forge new world views challenging the orthodoxy which is being manufactured by ' The Syndicate ' to serve its Private Interests which it represents as The Public Interest. This how religion and politics are so closely tied together and why we need diverse experimental approaches to spirituality suited to individual people's needs. On the other hand the basics of morality are held in common by all the old effective established religious belief systems and they repay familiarity : just pick the one you like for the time being, change to another when you want to - religion is a human activity like eating, reading, exercising and it is good to do a bit of everything and also to enjoy a bit of what you fancy. If you happen to think that some God/ess is watching you, remember that it is generally agreed that s/he is Love and Truth and Peace and Freedom : s/he is the ' Res Publica ' personified.

If you like you can think of Astraea as the Goddess of Republicanism, the Northern Star about which the heavens and earth revolve with Gwladys Rydd as her terrestial Welsh counterpart, the ' Res Publica Cambria ' or ... look just express yourselves and " If you want to be loved then be lovely " and then you will love yourself, speak your truth, find your peace and enjoy your freedom - which you will find means being free to choose this, the dexter path of ' white ' Republicanism, and preferring it to the sinister path of ' black ' Republicanism which involves reacting to being abused with hatred, lies, war and enslavement : it is yourself who will become enslaved if you react and choose the left hand path with your life eaten up by this sinister cycle from which it can become impossible to escape because you can no longer choose - because you can only react. In my expressing some of my anger towards the South Wales Police and the Labour and Cooperative Party above, you can deduce where this advice is coming from : it may looks very glib and simplistic, but I can assure you from recent first hand experience - this is very good advice.
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So you can probably guess that my toga has been getting dragged through the mud of real life's events recently and is looking pretty grubby, in fact Roman citizens used to do this deliberately as a way of expressing distress one step short of putting on a black toga for mourning the death of law and order i.e. the death of the Res Publica, but the Res Publica Cambria is not yet actually dead just looking very poorly ... getting back onto the right hand or dexter path is not so much an act of will but a matter of patience in dealing with hatred : there being no remedy the matter needs to negotiated and it is much like choosing an alternative path with compass in hand, which brings me back to the subject in hand. Why do eight pointed stars crop up so often in the Republican traditions of Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales ? We have seen the solar and stellar association with Astraea as the pole star in British police and Irish militia badges above, that association is with law and order and vigilance kept day and night, a sun burst with the outline of an eight pointed star shedding the light of justice upon things always ...

In Ireland there is also another pole star symbol : the plough on the light blue sometimes green flag of the Citizens' Army that was led by xx . This of course points to the pole star, to the justice of Astraea, to the unchanging point of reference about which everything else in Republicanism revolves with the turning constellation a symbol of revolution itself - but another classical mythological reference within the flag alludes to the idea of a worker's militia. Cincinnatus left his plough standing in the field in order to do his duty and fight to save the Republic of Rome, and when he had won the battle he returned to where he had left it and presumeably ploughed until morning using the pole star to guide him through the night. This is in itself is a metaphor for a simple guiding principle to carry a person through dark times, when nothing is fixed and every other star will lead a person astray and even the constellation used to locate the guiding star is performing revolutions. But what if you can not see the stars ? Astrolabes have stars on them but are of no use but compasses ...

... well it is difficult to actually see a compass because strictly speaking it is simply the magnetised needle and it will dance around in a storm, but the compass rose that mariners used to use is always marked out with the four cardinal directions and usually at least four more dividing them. I think that this is the origin of the eight pointed ' Republican ' star - not strictly speaking ' Republican ' but for people two hundred or more years ago something whose moral-ethical symbolism was easily recognised. To mark out a compass rose with an eight pointed star design is a fairly obvious thing to do, so the obvious associations of the design with the north star would accumulate quickly and so an eight pointed star depicted as on the compass rose would soon become the symbol of the north star, and all of the moralising mythology associated with Astraea would follow. I have never seen an explanation for the various Quaker star designs other than the debate over why a religion which shunned every kind of symbolic gesture for two hundred years suddenly acquired this sign in the middle of the nineteenth century. There is not even a fixed account, but variations of it are now widely used whereas previously the symbol was only ever seen in war zones and battlefields when Quakers were distributing relief and providing ambulances. The basic design is usually a four armed black star laid crosswise over a four armed red star laid saltire-wise, and the similarity to a compass rose is immediately obvious.

Now years ago, when I was welding Republicanism and Quakerism together in my own way, not knowing that it had already been done several times before and not knowing how often the eight pointed star appeared in Republican iconography, I used the Quaker star in an essay debating how an atheist such as myself could set out Quakerism anew by concerning myself only with the very basics, laid out very clearly. There has been a lot of argument going on inside Welsh Quakerism this past thirty years or more about exactly how Non-theists position themselves, and this was my part of that argument - I simply cut the Gordian Knot and went the whole hog in order to clear away a lot of dead wood and it had the over-all result of liberating lots of other people to simply relax, enjoy a whole lot of new ideas and use them to deepen their spiritualities without becoming enslaved by new belief systems, which we all feared : Quakerism in Wales is now becoming as nearly radical as in California ! Not quite so radical however as for Quakers in Wales not to be a bit jittery about my Republicanism becoming less down-played, even though Quakerism itself is about all that has survived from Cromwell's Republic, and of course very nearly did not : in 1659 there was a wave of hysteria when people convinced themselves that Quakers were about to organise an armed revolution and take over the country. Hence when in 1660 the monarchy was restored to protect everyone from those dangerous Quakers they decided to make their beliefs clear in ' The Peace Testimony ' - but they still got persecuted anyway for refusing to swear oaths on bibles - because it says inside the bible that this is a blasphemy. If you ever are in court opting to make the affirmation instead of swearing on the bible, consider this : around five hundred people died to purchase these words, which should be written in blood and taken seriously -

"I do solemnly, sincerely and truly declare and affirm that the evidence I shall give shall be the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth."


"I [ dai ] do declare in the Presence of Almighty God the Witnesse of the Truth of what I say." - form as first used in -

An Act that the Solemne Affirmation & Declaration of the People called Quakers shall be accepted instead of an Oath in the usual Forme - 1695

The usual religious text cited is - for heirs of white or black - Quakers are traditionally modest and dress in grey -

Matthew 5:34-37

21st Century King James Version (KJ21)

34 But I say unto you, swear not at all: neither by Heaven, for it is God’s throne;

35 nor by the earth, for it is His footstool; neither by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the great King.

36 Neither shalt thou swear by thy head, because thou canst not make one hair white or black.

37 But let your communication be ‘yea, yea’ or ‘nay, nay’; for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.
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I come back to this the following morning with both religious and political values in mind : both Quakerism and Republicanism demand that there be no contradiction between them - that they must be parts of a whole, as symbolised by the symbols taken to mean " the whole cosmos " or " the whole world " - circles, spheres and their combination in the armillary sphere which is made up of circular bands which imply the poles both north and south. In describing the South Wales Police and the Labour and Cooperative Party as " corrupt " perhaps I single them out for an allegation which I should only apply more generally to the whole legal and political system which I am opposed to, but then one has to be specific if you are going to say such things. Perhaps I ought to start naming names and describing less trivial matters but they do not belong in a piece of writing published in this way : it is the general culture of asserting any authority in the United Kingdom upon the illusory basis of status and the resulting corrupt and corrupting behaviour that I have in mind. This basically boils down to bullying others in order to obtain one's ends and the subversion of the rule of law and order which preoccupies Republicanism because it makes justice impossible : one may obtain what one wants in such a society but not through legitimate means and only at the expense of others - the United Kingdom corrupts everybody involved.

To return to the early days of Quakerism, it was born out of the Wars of the Three Kingdoms and consequent upheavals which brought into existence for eleven years the series of republican governments we refer to as the Commonwealth, each of which failed to create religious and political stability. Strictly speaking, the actual origins of Quakerism are obscured by the legendary story devised around the charismatic figure of George Fox but even in this story of a man who rejected secular warfare in favour of spiritual combat his links with the Parliamentary armies are clear. In traditional post-feudal, early-modern society it was extremely difficult to discuss anything openly because everybody was dependent for every aspect of their lives upon those who had positions in the establishment : the whole economic, religious, political and judicial system was dependent upon the royal patronage which the civil wars destroyed and whose destruction was confirmed by ' The Glorious Revolution ' which was still not so glorious for most people.

Even the Parliamentary armies were initially based on this system, each aristocrat raising a private army from his dependents to fight similar Royalist armies. Wales is a particularly interesting case during the civil war period because whilst it was a country entirely surrounded on all sides by the Wars of the Three Kingdoms the gentry and aristocracy of the only recently extinguished Principality of Wales had been dominated by " The Welsh Party " who were effectively Renaissance Republicans ambivalent about both the Scottish monarchy and the English Parliament and sympathetic to the plight of the Irish although not to Catholicism. Each of the four countries witnessed people taking the opportunity to talk openly about the economic and legal issues involved in the civil wars, and their political ideas were inevitably drawn from the only source of ideas which most had access to and which lent them authority to assert their opinions over those of the establishment who ruled their lives - the Bible. When Parliament created the New Model Army as a public not a private defence force three things came to the fore : it was extremely efficient and therefore in many eyes endorsed by God ; it was a forum for free religious and therefore political debate and motivated by its success to decide what purpose God had for it in the world ; and whilst its sectaries found that they could not discover enough consistency in the Bible in order to decide issues by using it as a source of unquestionable authority, they had the military power to enforce their own will if only they could agree it amongst themselves. The New Model Army could basically agree upon only two things - that Parliament owed them their wages and that they had not fought such a devastating war only to see nothing changed. Those in Parliament, including those gentry like Cromwell who feared the wide-sweeping religious and political liberties being discussed in the New Model Army, told the army to ' disband,' i.e. get rid of the agitators, but the New Model Army's response was basically " Make us then ! " - so those around Cromwell did, shooting the ring-leaders and sending the rest home unpaid ... thereby inadvertently creating a network of mutual sympathisers inculcated with a military discipline.

We do not know much about what happened in the early years before Quakerism emerged out of various movements like The Seekers in 1652, but the term " Quaker " already existed before this as a term of abuse for those unsteady types who stood on street corners preaching " The Truth " which they argued that the Bible merely pointed to. The Truth was the true source of authority which was to be encountered only in personal spiritual experience and this tended to be anathema to those who had been in the New Model Army who now believed in the authority of collective decision making - but not exactly in Democracy. These people however had returned home ragged and penniless to plundered farms and workshops, to be confronted by widows and orphans who demanded of these survivors what their husbands and fathers had fought for. Their officers were now often disaffected gentry who organised for relief and as often as not were magistrates who also organised them into new militias in order to restore local law and order and to prepare national defences for the newly founded state.

Unemployed homeless men were directed through this network of people who shared radical new religious and political ideas, and one of these was George Fox who was an itinerant preacher who was funding his religious activities by dealing in livestock as he travelled the country. Fox had offended some of these people years before by refusing to fight, but now his reasonings made sense to them : they had been caught up in the delusion that any religious and therefore political authority could be established by violence or brought to an end by acts of destruction. The truth of this was obvious to those now coping with the aftermath of conflicts over religious and political authority which had plunged four countries into over a decade of bloody civil wars, and perhaps in expiation of guilt for their own parts in this mayhem thousands of people found themselves drawn into this new movement to build a new kind of religious and political society. They were hoping to shape the new religious and political system into the very image of Heaven on Earth, " The Peaceable Kingdom " which they had first imagined within the New Model Army but now fought for with spiritual not carnal weapons. Although the organisation was in essence still of a military sort, this provided the national structure which was later to protect the Religious Society of Friends from utter destruction when the Quakers were fiercely persecuted for insisting that the authority of any earthly religious or political power was to be over-ruled by the Will of God as discerned by their methods of divine worship.

Well I am enjoying this so far ... one historical tit-bit to note is that when George Fox stepped into the role of " divine lightening rod " the religious and political culture which then coelesced around him already existed and it had had already had many diverse contributors to it, one of them being the 17c Welsh religious and political radical William Erbury who had already imagined a religious ' society of friends ' in which all people who were sincere spiritual seekers could meet in order to learn from each other - Christians, Jews, Moslems, Hindus : everybody ! He was dismissed as a lunatic in the 17c but this is how sincere spiritual seekers across the whole world are now thinking, beginning a hundred or so years ago. The idea of ' religion ' being defined as anything other than a human activity is laughable to many of these - it is obvious to religious people that defining religion in terms of holding beliefs is nonsense and that it is bound to lead to the kinds of delusional ideas which plague Richard Dawkins in his own version of ' non-religious religion.' Religion itself does not necessarily involve using ideas about gods, such ideas are merely religious tools whose usefulness and merits can be debated : if they do the job, fine - and when the job is finished they should be laid aside in favour of the best tools for the next part of the job, which is often organising morality. That, believe it or not, is what this rambling writing is all about : the North Star - Astraea - The Plough - Cincinnatus - The Compass Rose - The North Pole - etc are ideas expressing the issues around finding your own way through dark and troubled times, of how to determine whether the authority that is being exercised over you is moral and ethical and therefore if you find it not to be - how do you bear witness against it, and resist or just endure such injustice ?

Women in Wales and the World are those who experience the most injustice in warfare, and in sevententh century Wales after his death in 1654 it was William Erbury's wife and daughter Elizabeth and Dorcas who became the Quaker leaders in Cardiff. Most of the Leveller, Digger and Ranter leaders who survived and their widows, wives and daughters became members of The Religious Society of The Friends of The Truth, one of their early ways of styling themselves. Whilst other radical religious and political groups like The Muggletonians persisted they mostly died with their adovacates, like Vavasour Powell who was a Fifth Monarchist. The prominence of women and the fact that Quaker men had proclaimed women their equals in Christ and licenced them to travel and publicly preach The Truth outraged conventional seventeenth century society in particular. The reason why in English everybody now uses " you " is because of the Quaker insistence upon addressing other men of whatever age or social rank as " thee " ( " ti " ) - it became a mark of loyalty to the restored Charles II to shun the use of the singular personal address which Quakers refused to address the king with, arguing that " you " can only be used of more than one person i.e. that the king could not refer to himself using the royal style " we " because he was a lone individual and not the kingdom itself, not Thomas Hobbes' ' Leviathan.'

Quakers were opposed to everything the king stood for, yet whilst most people also imagined them to have stood for Cromwell's Commonwealth they had in fact rejected its motto " Pax quæritur bello " ( Latin ) " Peace is sought through war " and indeed most always stood for ' The Peaceable Kingdom ' which can be taken for a religious republic. It was difficult to pin anything specifically on Quakers until their refusal to take oaths was taken notice of : this marked them out from the rest who objected to being made to attend the established churches or paying tithes to the ministers appointed by the state church which itself was about to be rent in two over the issue of Congregationalism. The Quakers' refusal to swear oaths marked them out not merely as subversives but as people who denied the authority of the Bible upon which the whole authority of the established churches and state rested. The Quakers must be made to submit to this test, to swear the Oath of Allegiance as soon as they refused any oath sworn upon the Bible : to refuse to swear the Oath of Allegiance was to be proven to be traitor ... and at this moment Quakers accounted for one in every hundred of the subjects of the crown.

Thousands ended up in jail as magistrates enthusiastically went around dragging Quakers into courts who had already been fined, distrained and jailed for non-payment of fines and supposedly contempting magistrates by addressing them as " thee " whilst not removing their hats ( because addressing a magistrate was not talking to the tri-une God whom they addressed as " You " and uncovered their heads before when talking to in public prayer.) Confident that with all the men in jail the women would be submissive, the magistrates found that Quaker women, used to their means being none due to their men serving unpaid in the army, simply took over the leadership and ran the Religious Society of The Friends of The Truth - without men ! It was a horrible vision of a society now gone totally wrong, the world must have been turned upside down for there to be women preaching, writing, printing and publishing their own opinions - it had to be stopped !

They fined them - they refused to pay. They seized the contents of their houses - their neighbours bought them back for them ! They whipped them at the pillories - the audiences booed the magistrates ! They tendered them the oath and threatened them with prison, that their children would be made destitute - they refused the oath. The prisons were now full to standing room only, many crammed into the holds of rotting hulks where people rowed up to push bread in through the port holes to those starving because there were none free to look after them but children. The Quakers were broken, the magistrates were confident of it : they had loyally done their duty to the Crown, the ... the children assembled outside the boarded up Quaker meeting places in silent worship and crowds of people gathered to watch what the magistrates would do, crowds which were not silent in the Quaker way ... the magistrates ... went away, the prisons one by one and then score by score gave up those who were still alive ... there would still be centuries of officially sanctioned prejudices to endure but this last remnant of the New Model Army had survived to fight on with strangely new weapons ...

It was during this period of the fiercest persecution of Quakers that many fled to the American colonies where if anything in places like Boston the persecution was even fiercer from the Puritans ( the origins of the Congregationalists in England and Wales.) They passed laws punishing the most persistent Quaker missionaries with death such as Mary Dyer who was executed on Boston Common June 1st 1660 at the very beginning of all this, of whom one of her persecutors Humphrey Attleton learned to regret his words " She did hang as a flag for others to take example by." Being owed a lot of money by the crown on his father's account, William Penn accepted Pennsylvania in settlement and this suited the United Kingdom as a solution when he threw the doors open not only to his fellow Quakers but to all sorts of persecuted religious and political minorities ... of course ninety odd years later the descendents of those who had fought for Parliament and helped to found the Commonwealth then fought for what became in the Treaty of Paris in 1783 the recognised republic of the United States of America. This was 101 years after the foundation of Philadelphia at the height of the persecution, named by William Penn after a cross-denominational group of people called " The Philadelphians " which had included not just Quakers but also other members of persecuted religious and political sects in the United Kingdom who had by then concluded that the unity of people could only ever be founded upon love not agreement upon beliefs. Philadelphia is Greek for ( the city of - ) brotherly love ( from philos, "love" or "friendship", and adelphos, "brother").

That love is one of the important building blocks of Republican politics, and underpins its desire to be all-inclusive and to make the world whole again, as expressed in symbols such as circles, spheres and armillary spheres which are spherical objects made up of circular bands which often have a diaagonal band representing the ecliptic which is expressive of the cosmos uniting the order of terrestial word with the order of the celestial world i.e. the origins of the cosmopolitan aspect of Republican politics lie in the earliest Religious Republicanisms transmuted through Philosophical Republicanisms into Scientifical Republicanisms : it has been a constant theme throughout the history of Republicanism that there is an eternal order to the universe and that in being able to discern this we have a basis for citing an authority with which to criticise any political system - including those which pretend to be a ' republic ' like Cromwell's Comonwealth or the USA. There is therefore only one ' true ' republic - the indivisible, invisible and invincible eternal republic of the cosmos, the whole damn thing which we can not hope to fully comprehend but hope to partially understand and approximate to in our affairs down here below.

We do not therefore need to use violence or destruction to overthrow those religious and political regimes which violate the laws of this divine cosmopolitan republic because they must simply collapse before its almighty powers - but whilst that may seem initially to be an optimistic assessment, inviting us to just sit here and wait for such events to benefit us and therefore they are to be looked forward to as abolutely desirable, it is well to remember that when such dysfunctional regimes eventually fall they will inevitably fall upon us, as so many discovered during the Wars of the Three Kingdoms, the Comonwealth, the Restoration, the Glorious Revolution and the events which then subsequently followed afterwards. Nobody sane really wants to be caught up in the madness and misery of a disintegrating society where the only way to pursue politics is through violence : there can be no winners in such a situation and those who come out on top will not be rational, reasonable or just people but merely those who can hand out more violence than their opponents. We can see this kind of politics being pursued by the United States of America and the United Kingdom on the world stage and therefore it should be of no surprise to anyone that a Republican believes that he can also see such violence beneath our vauntedly peaceful Democratic politics as the inheritance of past centuries of domestic wars within the Three Kingdoms.

So the conventional stance of Republicans in Wales is one of constant vigilence, especially given the first ten years or more of Devolution which has left Wales very unlike the rest of the World in terms of having one of the most dysfunctional political constitutions ever recorded in modern Europe. It is bad enough that the whole thing disregards what is taken for granted in every other Democratic Republican political system leaving us with something approximating to all of the disbenefits of Pure Democracy, but the more the Senedd teeters and totters in what are so far the comparitively light breezes of economic difficulties, the more that the Labour and Cooperative Party who built this house of other kinds of cards stuff their fingers in their ears and apparently still think that singing " La-La-La-New La-bour ! " will be enough to get them through. That and when - surprise, surprise - Republicans in Wales start emerging out from under the stones where we have been hiding for the past thirty years to criticise, they start stamping upon us for daring to institute a " Ministry of the Bleeding Obvious." The old joke still holds true - " When American Republicans salute their flags they raise their left hands and place their right hands over their wallets. When Welsh Republicans salute their flags they raise their right hands and place their left hands over their bollocks ! " Yeah - that is our conventional stance in respect of both the South Wales Police and the Labour and Cooperative Party, and every other kind of institution involved in the United Kingdom, like Plaid Cymru.

Talking about stance takes us back to the pole star, the plough and to circles, spheres and armillary objects especially which can be considered to represent both the celestial and terrestial worlds or even better their conjunction, as above so below etc. You may even have one yourself but never knew that it can be regarded as an armillary : you might have two, one terrestial representing the oceans and seas, the continents and countries, and one celestial representing the constellations of the stars - all portrayed on globes which may be tilted at a certain angle of around twenty three and a half degrees which is the angle of the ecliptic. These kinds of globes are usually divided vertically into the segments which in the Mercator projection are flattened out stretching their pointed tops as wide as they are as they cross the equator, which thus produce the illusion that Wales is not as important as we know it to be. Horizontal divisions create a series of trapezoidal shapes within each segment, the whole globe being gridded up with lines drawn upon its surface and this is the pattern of armillary spheres only they only consist of lines, or bands when made out of metal, hence they can be thought of as skeletal globes made up of circles. It is a potent symbolic object : a sphere made of circles, usually eight : five horizontal, two vertical and one diagonal which traces the path of the ecliptic i.e. the path of the sun and moon around which the planets more or less wobble their way too.

If you have an old fashioned globe speared on a rod passing through the south and north poles you will not find Polaris, the North Star is thus left to your imagination ... so forget those globes and imagine yourself lost and wanting to take your bearings from Cincinnatus' plough in order to locate Astraea's star, but it is darker than night in the Welsh Assembly's subterranean lair where no Light of Reason penetrates and there are certainly no stars to be seen there of any Rationality. How can you ever escape this labyrinth, being provided with not even enough Republican Rope to hang yourself let alone restrain any of the strangely deformed anthro-bovine cannibals which lurk there in the shadows ... fear not ! There is a mysterious cosmic force which is always available to guide you - although it can be slightly unreliable because its poles may switch from time to time depending on the circumstances - Republicanism !

Avail yourself then of this all-pervasive and entirely natural ethicism by always carrying your moral compass with you ( - and a map is handy too but if possible try to avoid those conventional ones issued by the Ordered to be Servile departments, they are notoriously unreliable.) Do not accept any Democratically manu-factured-man-made-moralities as substitutes - go for the real thing : Cosmic Justice - Astraea herself, or Justitia if you prefer Romans to Greeks, or go find yourself a Celtic goddes of justice instead. With every spare moment you have, align yourself to the universal magna-ethic field of the cosmos and hammer your head repetitively with the heaviest volumes of Republican literature which you can stand until you have finally magna-ethicised yourself sufficiently to be able to glow in the dark like some baa-lamb in Merionethshire and thus become a wo/man of celestially apparent moral magnattitude, a pole star shining in the political firmanent who is thus able to guide others throughout this Demonicratic Devolutionary Darkness, leading The People out of the Senedd and setting both Wales and the World - free ! - " Yn Rhad ac am Ddim ! " - and not in the modern political sense but in the old religious sense - " By Grace and for Nowt ! "

To possess that sort of ability, you need to be able to stand at the pole, where the pole star is directly above you and North no longer exists as a direction because you are there and from the abode of Astraea in every direction lies south : in other words, when you achieve a truly Republican government then your society will suposedly no longer convulsed by revolutions because those only happen to societies which are not Republican i.e. Republicanism advocates bringing an end to revolutions not causing them to happen, in fact what people think that Republicans mean by ' revolution ' is what Republicans call ' stasis ' and object to. The Republican society still turns, but it is at the hub of the wheel with its government in control of society and equally connected to every sector of " The Wheel of the World." Events still happen, the centring of the government on the axis of society is bound to be less than perfect but way way better than in a Democracy whose pendulum politics prevent the government of society ever being conducted from the hub of the wheel.

From a Republican point of view, Democracy causes revolutions because it never addresses the needs of increasingly frustrated minorities until rioting or even fighting breaks out and that is when Democratic governments, which must serve majorities, denounce Republicans, who usually serve minorities, for supposedly instigating the violence by having drawn attention to injustice in ' inflammatory ' speeches ... really ? Have Republicans ever been that numerous, or as bookish people ever inclined to make speeches ? Why advocate in speeches the very opposite of what Republicanism teaches anyway ? I only go around stirring up apathy ... there is plenty of injustice around, but people just don't believe in political solutions any more because they construe politics in terms of the political system which exists and accept the Democrat's assertion that this is the only one possible, that almost anything else must be " some kind of Fascism ! " - except for Republicanism of course which is " Terrorism ! "

Think it through now : if you are frightened to even risk reading a little bit of Republican rambling like this - then why on earth are you frightened ? Where did you get the idea of being frightened of Republicanism from ? If you live in Wales you were most probably deliberately infected with this delusionality by the monarchy in the United Kingdom which used the miserable sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland to ' prove ' that Republicans are a whole bunch of things that they never were or ever will be, not even ever in Ireland. I call it a disease because this delusionality which infects those who then deliberately give it to others is a bit like that old fashioned idea about syphilis : it seems that the anti-Republicanism bug deranges people who then feel a strange compulsion or dis-inhibition about infecting others with it. Note that the Royal Family make no public display that evidences any anti-Republicanism, they are apparently able to disentangle the murder of a member of their family by terrorists citing Republicanism as their creed from the religious and political debates of other kinds of Republican which they meet, most probably because they are not seeking to get elected so they can most probably think straight.

On behalf of the monarchy which stands in the shadows, as the figureheads nailed by the monarchy to the front of their battleship, the Royal Family face potential death at the hands of black factions led by cracked-brained charismatics of all sorts and given the predisposition of such as those towards murder to gratify their emotional needs they are not really in need of any religious or political theories to justify it to themselves but they profess such beliefs in order to draw an audience they believe angry enough to identify with such beliefs. Terrorism is a form of spectacle akin to street theatre, whether it is the fringe terrorism of lone gunmen ( is it ever women ? ) the petty terrorism of the Irish Republican Army, the state terrorism of North Korea, or the fully orchestrated global terrorism of the UK, USA, Russia, China, etc Now : think it through quite rationally and reasonably - how many bombs does it require to make people agree to believe in those beliefs that are held by those killing their loved ones, flattening their homes and smashing up their livelyhoods ? And how many more bombs etc will it take to make such people believe in your political system sincerely ? Is war merely the sincerest form of political criticism - or has it nothing to do with politics whatsoever, other than for those opposing it for what it really is : a crime.
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Perhaps in reading that part of the thread above which complains about the South Wales Police it may seem too much like my having a chip on the shoulder about them or the police in the United Kingdom in general ... not at all - they are not that unique, because if the use of violence in law enforcement is not organised according to Republican principles involving the division of powers which enables a judiciary to investigate and govern the behaviour of the police directly ( not this politicised police commissioner not accountable to anybody but a disinterested dejected desultory demoncracy.) So don't take my word for their immoral behaviour - even the BBC are having to admit it :


Police fix crime statistics to meet targets, MPs told

Police forces across England and Wales are routinely manipulating crime statistics in order to meet targets, a committee of MPs has heard. ... rape and sexual offences were being under-reported by as much as a quarter. ... recording thefts as "lost property" ... manipulation "on such a wide scale" ... Metropolitan Police constable James Patrick ... found robberies being logged as "theft snatch" in order to get them "off the books" ... "Burglary is an area where crimes are downgraded or moved into other brackets, such as criminal damage for attempted burglaries, or other types of thefts," ... "as many as 300 burglaries would disappear within a couple of weeks" ... "the Met had effectively been under-recording rape and serious sexual offences by between 22% and 25%" ... London's target of a 20% crime reduction was set by the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime and passed down the chain of command from the commissioner to constables on the beat, whose chances of promotion were linked to hitting the target ... " ( ... i.e. Boris ? )

There is a lot of information to chew over in this article by ... anonymous ...



... so unsurprisingly there is a serious contradiction between the claims being made by the Democratic parties that their policies result in any decline in the recorded rates of crime being declared - when the recorded rates of crime being declared reflect the policies imposed upon police forces by Democratic parties' elected politicians which demand arbitrary cuts in these rates which can only ever be achieved by organising systematic collusion in order to make fraudulent misrepresentations to lower the recorded rates being declared across England and Wales and the World - and Guantanamo Bay of course.
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I came across a chart of how to navigate according to the movement of the stars around The Pole Star i.e. The Northern Star which symbolises the Moral Compass to keep us directed towards our objectives in The Long Dark Night of The Goal, to which points Astraea herself no less ... the centre of the revolution of The Wheel of The World, " As Above So Below " etc. ... and I decided that it could be reproduced in a cut and paste job using ' Star Trail ' pictures, so : as above - so below.


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edmund_Ludlow ...

" Edmund Ludlow ( c. 1617–1692 ) was an English parliamentarian, best known for his involvement in the execution of Charles I, and for his Memoirs, which were published posthumously in a rewritten form and which have become a major source for historians of the Wars of the Three Kingdoms. After service in the English Civil Wars, Ludlow was elected a Member of the Long Parliament. After the establishment of the Commonwealth in 1649 he was made second-in-command of Parliament's forces in Ireland, before breaking with Oliver Cromwell over the establishment of the Protectorate. After the Restoration Ludlow went into exile in Switzerland, where he spent much of the rest of his life. Ludlow himself spelled his name Ludlowe. ...

... According to his Memoirs he believed that Cromwell " ... had not appeared that he ever approved on any persons farther than he might make them subservient to his own ambitious designs; ...and that the generality of the people that had engaged with us having acted upon no higher principles than those of civil liberty, and that they might be governed by their own consent, it could not be just to treat them in another manner upon any pretenses whatsoever." ... On returning to England in October 1655 he was arrested, and on refusing to submit to the government was allowed to retire to Essex. When examined by Cromwell, he was asked: " Pray then," said he, "what is it that you would have ? May not every man be as good as he will ? What can you desire more than you have ? " "It were easy," said I, " to tell what we would have." " What is that, I pray ? " said he. " That which we fought for," said I, " that the nation might be governed by its own consent." ... ... he endeavoured to support the original republican cause by reconciling the army to the parliament. Ludlow failed in these final reconciliation attempts primarily because of the divisions and corruption within the military, legal, and Presbyterian factions. Each faction feared successful attempt in bringing forth an equally representative republic on anything other than their own terms. ... on the proclamation of the king ordering the regicides to come in, Ludlow emerged from his concealment, and on 20 June surrendered to the Speaker; but finding that his life was not assured, he succeeded in escaping to Dieppe, France, travelled to Geneva and Lausanne, and thence to Vevey. ... where he died in 1692. ...

... A monument raised to Ludlow's memory by his widow is in the church of St Martin in Vevey. Over the door of the house in which he lived was placed the inscription " omne solum forti patria, quia patris." * This is a Christianized version of a line by Ovid meaning " to the brave man every land is a fatherland because God his father made it." Ludlow married Elizabeth, daughter of William Thomas, of Wenvoe, Glamorganshire, but left no children."

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