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PostPosted: Fri Sep 09, 2016 8:30 pm    Post subject: The Purple Pen Reply with quote

I thought initially that this " Y Faner Wen " thread would be solely about demonstrations conducted in public places - which typically involve banners- but it is also entitled " Promoting Public Political Practices " and it occured to me in wondering whether I can stick the following email in somewhere - to get some extra mileage out of the time and thought put into it - that " The White/Sacred Banner " is after all " The White/Sacred Sheet " and so letters count as well ...

... But this does throw up the problem that many such one-off letters are written on behalf of other people and it really can not be the case that in writing them we later publish them for our own ends ... In this particular case however the girl's name is not known ... and part of the letter which gives details of my own life can be edited out without any consequences ...


From: David B Lawrence
Sent: 09 September 2016 18:54
To: [newsdesks]
Subject: " The Glass Floor " - could you employ a journalist to investigate how much the problem of homelessness has increased ?

Dear [ Newsdesks,]

I want to ask you to consider ways of investigating how much the problem of homelessness has increased : I myself have a peculiar relationship to this problem because XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX What I have been commenting upon this year is that the visibly homeless have doubled ...

... I live very close to all of the problems of homeless people and whilst I have to armour myself each time that I open my front door I am not sympathetic to them - even though they often cause me a lot of trouble ...

... Whilst most people pre-occupy themselves with " The Glass Ceiling " what I experience is " The Glass Floor " - it is as if I am walking upon thin ice beneath which others are drowning in their problems and can not escape from them ... What prompts this letter is a need to unburden myself of a recent experience - a certain hopelessness concerning a young woman who was homeless and begging in the subway leading to City Hall ... Normally I would pass by with barely a glance - I am as poor or poorer in terms of any cash to spend as most homeless - but in this instance I was encountering what appeared to be a fellow writer ...

... She was huddled beneath a blanket on which were spread various notebooks and absorbed in her work until I approached her and after a while in our conversation I sat beside her ... She told me her story of having been in care and now homeless and trying to raise the £20 to have a room in the YMCA ... I was on my way to briefly end my evening with just the price of a pint - or two halves - in my pocket and I invited her to come with me because I was fairly sure that Dafydd ap Geler Thomas would be generous and offer her his spare bed to keep her from sleeping on the streets ( it is more difficult for me to do so ) ... and she told me that she did not drink and declined the offer of a lemonade ... I walked away realising the implication ...

... When I returned to confirm that this invitation to take a bed existed the girl - because it was now obvious that she was barely more than a child - she was colouring in a book as a means to comfort herself ... My having made the offer - and she declining it - a police officer arrived to make enquiries of her about another homeless person and once she had made her answers I felt that I could do no more than give her my beer money and urge her to at least have something to eat and walked away.

Now perhaps you know who I am - the purple-pen-pushing politico and poet " dai repwblic / Dai Saw " - but I urge you to understand that this is not a political press release from " Repwblic " - and this is no campaign letter but a letter written out of XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX ... This incident has prompted me to write to you because I later discussed it with others who are less immured to such scenes than I am and saw that even I was distressed to see our society failing to protect a child so vulnerable ... As one person put it to me last night : when her daughter has stayed out that late she has rung the police - and asserted her bewilderment at the fact that children in care receive no support in comparison to that which children the same age receive from their families well into adulthood ... yet in this case the police officer in searching for another homeless or missing person left this child on the pavement.

Now I repeat - this is not a press release, not a campaign : I just want some journalists to investigate this - and to do so before winter is upon us because in a couple of months time those sleeping out will be facing a very difficult time whatever their ages are. Thank you for reading this - please do not mention my names. [ YES : I KNOW THAT SOUNDS CRASS NOW THAT I HAVE COPIED PARTS OF THIS ONTO REPWBLIC.]

dai repwblic

Dai Saw

David B. Lawrence


It may be that you feel that letters such as these are futile and self-indulgent and even " not political " - but I suspect that those who think so have got their idea of " politics " from The Democrats in Wales and Westminster who present " politics " as being the result of majority opinion and use this as an excuse not to listen to those bringing them news and information as being irrelevant marginal people ... Hence The People in Wales are led to think that " politics " means petitions, voting, elections, razzamataz and bullshit ... and they also believe that " Democracy " is a " political system " - but it is not : Democracy is a selection procedure not a decision making procedure - supposedly we elect those we wish to operate the decision making procedure on our behalf as representatives but what actually happens is that " the decision making procedure " is also voting ... what this means is that legislation and policies are not subjected to scrutiny but bargaining for the votes necessary to rail-road them through The Welsh Assembly and Westminster ... That is why the legislation and policies which pour out of The United Kingdom is so bad : most of it reflects the personal hobby-horses obsessed about by the compulsives which this non-political system called The United KIngdom both favours and serves ...

... The one thing which is not wanted by either the government or the opposition in a non-political system where the business of legislation is not one of scrutiny but one of contestations based upon power i.e. how many votes possessed which basically reflects how much money has been donated to the parties standing for election which means that despite their professed differences and insistence upon serving their constituents all MPs. AMs, etc are most concerned to keep being elected and therefore to keep pleasing the handful of wealthy donors who give them the money to get elected : hence The Democrats serve The Aristocrats and not The People - and therefore it is no accident that The People feel that The Democrats do not listen to them but lecture them because literally that is what is happening ... The Democrats are literally hired by The Aristocrats to represent their private interests as being identical to The Public Interest : The Aristocrats are the ones who make the selections of the candidates for elections and if you can understand that then you can understand that Democracy is a conjuring trick ...

.... But it really does not matter if sometimes you do not vote for the party which they wanted you to vote for : like any hustle it is a long term game and in order to maintain the belief that the game is not rigged The Aristocrats have to let The People win some small concessions occasionally - especially after a massive war, when The People have got used to the idea of killing ... Historically all of the significant political reforms have been made immediately after millions of The People saw their loved one's lives squandered ... Any examination of the history of The United Kingdom demonstrates that it has been conducted as a One Party State for centuries - The Aristocratic Party's State : The Compleat Ultraism in which they own not only The Democrats but also The Hierocrats and The Monocrats too - this is called " The Aristocratic Stasis " and all we can do is sit and wait for the economic basis of our society to change ... at which point " Revolution " will follow as the balance of power shifts - and this was something which traditional Republicans absolutely dreaded ... Chaos ... and that is why they opposed Ultraism and argued for Nomocracy against Hierocracy, Democracy, Aristocracy and Monocracy. ...

... Nomocracy is the only political system - Hierocracy, Democracy, Aristocracy and Monocracy are non-political systems but claimed to be " political " systems by those which they benefit to be " political " and they even call their states " republics " - but those who live in such " republics " find that they can not do politics because The State in which they are living is " Closed " not " Open " e.g. when a law is clearly unjust and they stand up and say so they are told that " Justice means The Law " and when they protest that by definition a thing can not be a law if it is causing injustice they are frequently arrested and imprisoned without trial and can not take The State into a court room because The State is argued to be above The Law in order to uphold " The Rule of Law " ... Ultraist ideologies can be manufactured easily because they are shibboleths and those who demand that others subscribe to their ideologies do not believe in such ideologies themselves : read The Manifestos of The Democrats in any country and then compare them to what they do after an election - these are on the same level as manufacturers advertising their rival brands of soap powder ... the only differences are that their soap boxes are bluish, reddish, yellowish, greenish - the only similarity being that the contents of each of these soap boxes are identical : they just will not wash ...

... Whereas if you soak any society in Republicanism it will come out completely White ...


... A really long short cut ... ? ... What about letter writing ? ... Well ... A political system is a way of making decisions in a way which is accountable i.e. so that anybody who wants to understand how a decision which is effecting them has been made ... e.g. that famous slogan " no taxation without representation " reflects this principle - although The Democrats tend to interpret this in terms of acquiring power within non-political systems and then adopting the same practices i.e. obtaining control over The State in order to claim their own private interests as The Public Interest - " Vox Populi Vox Dei " - and to use the same methods as those who held control over The State before them, arguing that secrecy is a necessary part of any political system etc ... well ... no : secrecy is a necessary part of any non-political system in which information about how decisions are being made must be concealed or - as is more often the case in the non-political system called The United Kingdom - the fact that no information is being used and what is being concealed is that not only are the laws and policies being made on what amounts to the basis of deluded fantasies but that no information is being collected about their effects in order to not expose the fact that those laws and policies are fantastically deluded ... The Democrats in Wales and Westminster rely upon everything from their manifestos to their sound bites being plausible but not provable - in case someone should demand proof ...

... Someone like David B Lawrence ... because that is how I conduct my political life - and I recommend that you do too ...

Republicanism does not consist of a given decision making process hallowed by usage : it consists of asking questions about decision making processes and how to improve them. Therefore Republicanism is not just about The State but rather " The State " is just one answer to Republicanism's central pre-occupation which is with " Nomocracy " - " The Power of The Law " ... " The Law " in question is not like " The English Law "which is really not a body of law at all in terms of Republicanism because it is not the result of a proper decision making process and is arbitrary and unintelligible and useless for other than lawyers who make money out of exploiting its inconsistencies and contradictions. ... However into The English Law some aspects of Republican law have been incorporated mostly because of what has happened at borders with other jurisdictions, particularly what has happened in maritime law where the principles of The Natural Law have generally been accepted by all maritime states in Europe and the Americas - where political systems are more or less based on Republicanism - upon Nomocracy - upon " The Power of The Nomos " i.e. " The Power of The Natural Law." ... So what happens when two bunches of Democrats - who are being harangued by their Hierocrats and urged by their Monocrats and all of them are being hired to serve the private interests of their Aristocrats - are in confrontation with each other without being able to use their normal non-political methods ? ...

... They find themselves having to use the political method : they write letters to assert facts and make arguments ... they can not impose arbitrary demands because coercion by one state upon another is ultimately too costly - even in an asymmetric contest - and so whilst they may try to deploy the Ultraist methods such as Lies, Hatred, Enslavement and War which they use upon The People whom they dominate using The State this proves to be unproductive in inter-dependent but non-dominated relationships ... see ? ... Philip Pettit's arguments about Freedom in Republicanism being " Non-Domination " are applicable at every level ... Hence in The International Law politicians are compelled to come to settlements which are just and therefore universally applicable because they are universally acceptable and therefore result in agreements more likely to be universally adhered to ... Of course this does not mean that there will be fewer criminals being unjust in their behaviour towards others but the point is that it does mean that The Law that they are breaking is itself already unjust - but in the case of an unjust law some of those breaking it will be behaving justly ... When laws are written in an arbitrary way to favour the private interests of those who have obtained sectarian power over The State then everybody loses because laws which are designed to be unjust result in he laws which are just being discredited as well ...

... Thus in the non-political system not called The Dis-United Kingdom the non-principle of " Sovereignty " which has been increasingly used to place The State itself above The Law has resulted in contempt not only for The English Law and The English Courts but also The State and its non-political system - and everybody participating in all of these ... In response to this crisis The Democrats in Wales and Westminster are struggling to do something unfamiliar to them : politics ... Their " Democratic mandate " having collapsed they substituted The Electoral Register arguing that the names recorded there were the basis of their claim to govern The State ... only then they found that The People in many constituencies have given up in despair and are not registering to vote and the numbers endorsing their non-political system had fallen to less than 50% i.e. there are majorities in some places which are not endorsing their non-political system called The United Kingdom ... So to enforce their deluded fantasies of being popular The Democrats not only filled up all of The Electoral Register with all of the names that they could think of but also started threatening all those who failed to endorse this ruse with a £1000 fine and or jail ... Queen Victoria, Mickey Mouse, God and Napoleon Bonaparte and many others have not consented to their names being included on The Electoral Register but The Democrats in Wales and Westminster are determined to assert " The Rule of Law " and have cited " Sovereignty " in order to place themselves above " The Rule of Reason " so they can ... oh hell - who cares ? ...

... If we have any sense of personal responsibility for ourselves we ought to care ... but better still is a sense of personal responsibility for others - to be a " Freedom Fighter " is to be an oxymoron : we can not obtain Freedom by forcing others to give it to us - we have to give others the means to live before they have the means to reciprocate it to us. ... It appears that The Democrats in Wales and Westminster do not to know this : their laws and policies are not only unreasonable but irrational and thus are treating the rest of us as if we can bear innumerable sacrifices on their behalf ... After all - a teenage girl does not matter because she is not yet old enough to be on The Electoral Register - if she dies this winter in some doorway in Cardiff clutching her colouring book, wrapped up in her thin blanket, too frightened to accept help because she spent her childhood being passed around the " care " system and god-knows-what-happens in it to her because maintaining the secrecy of what is happening withing the non-political system called The United Kingdom is more important than a child's life - so what ?

If you want our society to live instead of die - then understand that any letter is better than none because it helps to create a political system dealing in facts and arguments.
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