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The Riting of The Righting of The Writing - of The Rioting ?

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 19, 2016 9:07 am    Post subject: The Riting of The Righting of The Writing - of The Rioting ? Reply with quote


I rarely write stories although I make notes of ideas for them : I like my writings to deliver a swift satisfying hit - so in a sense I am addicted ... Like any addict I barely notice my present hit becaude I am already thinking of my next hit and thus I am rarely interested in the riting of the righting of the writing. Here however is a short story idea that I will experiment with - and perhaps Moritz & Marianne will join in and play with this idea too.


My first thoughts ( nearly )

WHAT DO YOU THINK DAF - DO YOU KNOW ENOUGH ABOUT HORNBLOWER AND THE NAVY - WHAT WOULD WELSH OAKS HAVE WITNESSED OVER A THOUSAND YEARS ? Rhisiart : oaks could witness Welsh history - The Green Man as the long-lived tree-spirit story-teller ? = http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-mid-wales-36533155 = DRAMA IDEA : HMS Hamadryad built Pembroke Dock 1823 & The Dryads ( ie the spirits of Wales' Oaks ) haunt it whispering their centuries of memories to the crew ?


Notes from Wikipedia " HMS Hamadryad ( 1823 )

Ordered 25 April 1817 - Built Pembroke Dockyard - laid down September 1819 - launched 25 July 1823 - completed 23 August 1823 at Plymouth Dockyard - sold 11 July 1905

Leda class frigate 1082 tons burden - 127' keel - 150' deck - 40' beam - 13' hold [ PS - I ROUNDED THOSE FIGURES UP WHEN MAKING NOTES ] Forecastle 2x 9lb guns & 2x 32lb cannonades - Upper Deck 28x 18lb guns - Quarter Deck 8x 9lb & 6x 32lb

HMS HAMADRYAD was a 46 gun Fifth Rate ( modified ) Leda Class frigate [ which became one of the iconic features of Cardiff's seascape being moored in the mud at the entrance to The Old Sea Lock - but there were other large hulks such as The Havanna Industrial School Ship and smaller ones such as old lifeboats roofed over to provide accomodation ] - the symbolic value of this ship built for waging war was its conversion into a ship for waging peace as a floating hospital.

In February 1866 The Hamadryad was handed over to be broken up by Mssr Marshall but perhaps they converted it because on 6 March 1866 it was lent by The Royal Navy to Cardiff as a hospital ship for sick sailors and arrived [ November 1866 ? ] The Hamadryad Hospital saw hundreds of patients each year but remained the property of The Royal Navy which reclaimed it in 1900 and towed it back to Portsmouth where The Hamadryad was broken up on 11 July 1905. The romantic but rotting hospital ship was replaced by The Royal Hamadryad Hospital which was built on a site near to the original's mooring by the Glamorgan Canal Sea Lock Gate - and now stands some five hundred yards from the er ... " sea " ... enclosed by The Cardiff Bay Barrage ... Of which I strongly disapprove - but I will spare you that argument at the mo'.


The " Hamadryad " was named for a the nymphs which in Greek mythology were the spirits which lived within trees and were released when the wood was burned ... died when the tree died ... or perhaps were not released but became trapped within the wood if a tree was cut down and left to rot ? ... Terry Pratchet seems to reference the idea in the Sapient Pear Wood of " The Luggage." ... A " Hamadryad " is also a name used for The King Cobra [ " cobra " is Potugeuse for " snake." ]

And those are the sorts of ideas which I use - unreferenced - in my ritings ... but quite besides those conscious arbitrary obvious ideas there may always be other ideas lurking in our psyches and what I will copy out in the next post seems to me to have resonances with John Donne's poem " The Cross " in which he exalts in there being signs of God and of Jesus' Resurrection and of The Divine Order of Life written into everything around him in the many things which seem like crosses - but in my darkened mind the dryads are all crucified together in the making of the ship whose name refers to them : they experience no swift release of their spirits through fire, but lie drowning for decades in the mud - gasping for breath as each tide recedes ... And their violated, mutilated, tortured bodies may still be lying out there somewhere - their spirits still lingering beneath cold English estuarine mud beneath the waves of green : bound to those timber limbs which bear within themselves these spirits as their memories of the warm Welsh sylvanian breezes beneath which they were once waves of green ...

John Donne " The Cross " - http://www.luminarium.org/sevenlit/donne/thecross.php

" ... Who can deny me power, and liberty
To stretch mine arms, and mine own cross to be ?
Swim, and at every stroke thou art thy cross ;
The mast and yard make one, where seas do toss ;
Look down, thou spiest out crosses in small things ;
Look up, thou seest birds raised on crossed wings ;
All the globe's frame, and spheres, is nothing else
But the meridians crossing parallels. ... "
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 26, 2016 8:41 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


" Hush - hush now ... "

" But she spoke - she spoke to me - she ... "

" Hush - there's nobody here : no woman on board this old hulk - more is the pity ... "

" Not ... no ... no woman ... a spirit ... she hissed ... she flapped ... she billowed like a sail - and spoke ... "

" Oh - well, they all chatter away don't they : what did she say ? "

" I don't know - she spoke ... but I did not hear her ... I dreamed her ? ... I was ... here but not here ... I followed ... I stayed ... she led ... me ... away, but ... "

" Listen - BOYO ! - you are drenched with sweat : it was but a splinter but it has taken to you - and it will take you - if you follow her ... "

" Her ? ... No ... them ... she led me to them ... they were old - very old - but stopped somehow ... yet still young at heart ..."

" It's a wonderful vision to be having, being in such a state as you are in, but can you not forget her now and sleep a while ? "

" I will sleep - I am expecting to sleep ... yet I ... do not understand ... how is it that she ... that they ... that they do not sleep ? "

" So who are they - these ... maidens ? ... Are they maidens ? "

" No - not that ... not ... women ... not of man kind ... spirits sawn, hammered, carved ... our strangers, companions, guardians ... "

The tide finally finally retreated to the point where the rotting hulk of the hospital ship settled once more into its muddy grave and the sick sailor soon splintered upon the sheets which then hauled him beneath the advancing tide of darkness which then buried him beneath the silts of its oblivions ... he found himself then borne away from the murmuring hell of those drowning dryads whose dreaming spirits wreathed the ship which was named from them, framed from them ...
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