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Ukip - a Refuge for Nazi Cry Babies

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PostPosted: Tue May 20, 2014 9:45 am    Post subject: Ukip - a Refuge for Nazi Cry Babies Reply with quote

Some of my relatives in England, whom I care about very much, are thinking of voting Ukip as a protest vote. One has already done so in 2010.

They suffer from a lack of good newspapers. They get the Daily Mail only for its thorough TV listings. But they have been influenced by it anyway. They can't vote Labour as they have read that 'Red Ed' is a Commie or at least his father was!

I'd like to be able to dissuade them, but I'm afraid opposition will just make them more stubborn. I'm afraid a lot of other decent and unwary people may be sleepwalking into voting for a crypto-fascist party.

We have heard that when Nigel Farage was at school, teachers were reluctant to make him a prefect as he was, not very secretly, a Nazi. As a young adult, he is said to have often used racist epithets.

Of course, we all say stupid and objectionable things when we are young and foolish. That would be no reason to condemn him for all time, if he had matured into a more balanced individual. But it looks as if he hasn't.

Let's look at his feeling uneasy when he hears languages other than English spoken on the train. I suppose he can't help feeling like that, but it is a weakness which he should strive to overcome. That would be more sensible than making a toy world of his own where he gets rid of everything that drags him out of his comfort zone.

Similarly, dear little Adolf was discombobulated as a young dosser in Vienna to hear people speaking Serbo-Croat, Hungarian and Yiddish instead of German. He thought it a 'racial abomination.'

We can only speculate about why Farage finds German less objectionable than Romanian but assures us that his German wife wouldn't speak German on the train. Perhaps immigrants should be encouraged to learn English. Perhaps it really is essential as Dafydd Iwan snarled, although he was being sarcastic. But it doesn't mean they should give up their own languages altogether.

It would be good for Nigel to remember that, long before Empire Windrush, a good number of languages were spoken in Britain apart from English; they included Dutch, Romany, Cornish, Norman-French and later Anglo-French. A Bulgarian found it necessary to remind Farage scornfully that he was himself of immigrant stock. He is of Huguenot descent. That's why he has a French surname.

Unlike Welsh and Gaelic, English is in no sense a vulnerable language. On the contrary, it has become a world language precisely because, in days of empire, the English and the British generally, refused to fit in and learn other people's languages. They made a hill station at Simla in the Himalayas and turned it into a replica of Surrey.

This feeling of 'discomfort' with anything slightly different is not something to be coddled or pandered to. You can't help having it but it is a sign of personal growth when you begin to overcome it.

Famously, a West Indian who came on Windrush attended an Anglican church on his first Sunday in London. The vicar shook his hand at the door and said,''Thank you for coming. My congregation feel uneasy with people of your race. Please don't come again.'' So he went to a Black church, and ghettoization was accelerated.

Children have a herd instinct. They often shun and pick on those who are just slightly different from themselves. In children, it is called bullying. Why see it as something estimable in Ukip? People are always frightened of those they bully on some level. Perhaps, they need help. Cognitive -Behavioural Therapy might be useful.

These intolerant cry-babies expect everyone to placate them. But they lack the maturity to notice or care about the effect they have on those they target. It's not just linguistic intolerance that Ukip has proudly flaunted. it has some problems with women.

My partner thought what a noble and principled person David Silvester was, when he heard him on TV saying he had to say what he believed even if it meant losing his job. He could do no other.

Then my partner found out that Silvester's deeply held belief was that the winter floods had been caused by God's wrath at gay marriage. He quickly changed his mind, and concluded that Silvester was probably suffering from schizophrenia. Of course, he can't help it if he is. It should not be a matter for mockery. But why was he ever a candidate?

It's not much comfort that Ukip members who make outrageous remarks are usually sacked. There's always someone else ready to make a prat of themselves.

It's impossible to avoid the conclusion that they represent the dark heart of Ukip. The official policy is to keep it hidden until they gain power. But the party itself is like a person with a disastrous compulsion to shout out their deepest darkest secrets, which , on a rational level, they know should be kept hidden.
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 07, 2014 4:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Very Happy

I ENJOYED THAT - a pity that I have no time to add to it !
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