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PostPosted: Fri Oct 04, 2013 7:29 pm    Post subject: Update-on-mural-rally Reply with quote

Apparently the rally is on in John Frost Square, Newport, tomorrow. The Greens have called for a show of mourning. We presume it's still at 12 noon.

People I spoke to in Abergavenny were incredulous and also really angry. Someone said the council should be hanged or at least publicly flogged. Even the South Wales Argus said they had lost the plot. One website referred to them as the cretinous council, and said people were upset and angered not just locally but also globally.

Newport Council may be capable of low cunning in making a pre-emptive strike with TV cameras conveniently on the scene, but if they thought they were being clever, they were sadly mistaken. They've just done something extremely stupid.

Apart from the alleged new shopping development, they have now said that the wall was unsafe. But I, anyway, was not aware that they were using that argument until yesterday. Was anyone else? The mural was not structurally part of the wall anyway. The mosaic could have been removed and displayed elsewhere. From the Argus pictures today, it looks as if the demolition crew smashed up the mural and left the allegedly dangerous wall standing. Maybe the whole thing is down now. Why had the council made no attempt to cordon off the extremely dangerous wall before now ?

It was so sad to see the community support worker giving shards of mosaic to distraught and desolate citizens. The council say they will give us another Chartist memorial as part of the new shopping complex. We'll believe that when we see it. The council has given us no reason to credit them with transparency or integrity so far.

It is often perilous to try to read the motivations of others. We could be so utterly wrong. But it is not an entirely unfair inference that the council have been abusing their power for the sake of it. Perhaps there is a sadistic element. At best they have shown utter contempt for the people who voted them in. I hope the residents will use the only power they have and vote
them out.

Somebody said to me today that it might well be found that this rash and odious act amounts to a civil tort or even a criminal offence. He said ''I hope they have to pay to replace it."

The council have shown contempt for democracy in two ways. They have smashed up art work depicting working class martyrs who gave their lives for democracy. They have also behaved in a way reminiscent of a totalitarian state in riding roughshod over the expressed democratic will of the citizens.

There is an element of cowardice, as the Argus says, in carrying out the work of wanton destruction without warning. It is hard to escape the conclusion that it is also dishonest. I have known councils to behave similarly about little things. It is consistent with their usual MO. Normally, they reserve this level of blatant contempt and destructiveness for Roma.
Perhaps in future, we will feel more solidarity with our Gypsy friends.

Don't let the council destroy the memory of the Chartists. As our anthem says, 'For freedom they gave their blood.'
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