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Israel and Palestine
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 04, 2015 1:45 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

So much happens in Israel and Palestine ... there's bound to be someone like me just trying to get the drains fixed, who just gives up on the bigger problems being created by idiots ... like turning Israel into an international pariah by not thinking things through clearly ... and here was I about to go to sleep ... and many will sleep through this without thinking about it all ...


Israel freezes Palestine tax funds over ICC bid

Israel has halted the transfer of tax revenues to the Palestinians following their bid to join the International Criminal Court, Israeli officials say.... They said $127m (£82m; €106m) collected on behalf of the Palestinian Authority last month would be held back. ... The Palestinians submitted documents to join the ICC on Friday in a move opposed by both Israel and the US.

Well you can guess the rest but I will leave you to read it, but Israel isn't a member of the ICC either so I don't think that there is much chance of any justice being got anyway. If there is to be a peace settlement then there has to be a mutual willingness to submit to the rule of law and the Palestinians would be just as much at risk of being indicted as the Israelis in any court room, international or otherwise. In terms of the individual people harmed by the situations created by their governments, the hope for justice is more or less hopeless unless as lone individuals they lend themselves to be used by their governments for political purposes that are indifferent to their individual sufferings.

Perhaps it is not significant in real terms because of its limited scope, but in terms of the historic Republican project to establish the rule of law it is a step towards a better world even if the Americans and Israelis don't care to be a part of it -


" ... To prosecute and bring to justice those responsible for the worst crimes - genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes - committed anywhere in the world. ... It is a court of last resort, intervening only when national authorities cannot or will not prosecute. ... The International Criminal Court however, is a permanent body. ... The court has no retrospective jurisdiction - it can deal only with crimes committed after 1 July 2002 when the 1998 Rome Statute came into force. ... the court has automatic jurisdiction only for crimes committed on the territory of a state which has ratified the treaty; or by a citizen of such a state; or when the United Nations Security Council refers a case to it. ... "

( The link there is broken to - http://www.icc-cpi.int/EN_Menus/icc/Pages/default.aspx )


I probably ought to create a thread for that, because it pertains to several miserable situations involving some pretty horrendous criminal acts ...
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 10, 2015 3:16 pm    Post subject: Persia Must Not Perish, persiamustnotperish.blog.com Reply with quote

I simply can not resist posting this ... I bet that this blog is all part of some Zionist conspiracy ... but never the less there are lots of these people out there - mostly not in Iran !


That was absolutely deliciously confused and confusing ... at least when I am doing paranoia I make sure that I am getting my facts straight ... that is why I use so few of them before I tilt off into opinionating upon them and trying to illustrate things with humour ... but then perhaps this blog is humourous ?


" For the past thirty years, Iranian government has portrayed Iranian people as crazy, irrational, western hating idiots who can not do anything more than chanting “death to” somebody at the end of every Friday prayer. Millions of Iranian youth have been traumatized by this strange system, which alienates them from their religion and culture, and creates self hating, Israel loving individuals. "

" How is it that young Muslim Iranian people excel in foreign countries under intolerable racism, but they can not make anything in their own land? How is it that the Jews do business freely in the supposed Islamic republic, while the government creates intentional problems for every gentile business owner? "

" The Jews have pranked Iranians and the whole world with their Islamic republic. They have created a system of Jewish supremacy and labeled it Islamic. They gave advantage to the supposed Jewish converts to Islam, while suppressing the blood line of the prophet of Islam. They have deliberately misinformed the general public about the role of the Jews in colonialism and slavery. Nobody in Iran knows what a Zionist is. Nobody in Iran knows what Talmudic Judaism is. Nobody in Iran knows that the British just came to Iran to free the Jews, and left every key position in the hand of the Jews. While Iranian people are still sympathetic to the third Reich and Adolf Hitler, their government is blatantly pro British and French. Iranian government deliberately buys crappy cars from French manufacturers mostly owned by Jews, while intentionally prevents business with Germany and Japan."

Perhaps I ought to apoligise, but I am laughing so hard at this blog that I am actually on the verge of tears - just go read it for yourself, after all that is what such litteracher is for : to use it for whatever you want it for, to hate it or love it according to your inclination at that particular time of day ... it is a funny old thing writing on the internet without the benefit of an editor to caution you or to gaily ring you up and tell you " Ayr-rhh Divvy ! Ma Wee man ! Ma lil' Welshi Gaye, arm'd wi' no mor tha'is wits an' a biro ! - Yu' wudna' las' long ein Glasgi's litterairi sirkles ! - Aye : even The People's Friend wud stur ye threw leik porridj fer brekfas' ! Bu' wot th'ell - i'ma sennin yu'se yu' copy - yu'se s'in prin' buyyow !!! " - at which point I normally stagger backwards and want to throw up, because they do things like removing the middle ( the argument ) and then just writing a wee bit of their own bridging piece in order to stick the beginning ( denying the conventional opinion ) onto the end ( concluding my brilliant summing up,) thus presenting me contradicting myself and the whole of the rest reduced to incoherent meaninglessness. I give credit to this guy because although his English is not strong he is something of a writer and can make it move, but ... hey ... you don't think that this is really my Scottish editor pretending to be an Iranian do you ? ... I mean ... it certainly looks like the kind of thing that I write, once he has finished it ... journalistic ...

Could such a blog be written by Zionists as disinformation propaganda ? Yes - and this bears the hallmark of such propaganda pieces : I think that it has multiple authors and it rather obviously it has a hook for potential supporters of Israel which is baited with " Persian Jewish Surnames." I clicked onto this blog because I was looking for the correct spelling of the half-remembered surname of some Iranian friends of my parents. My family on all sides being steeped in our cooperator and trade unionist traditions were always willing to help people being persecuted by the Shah's and the other dreadful regimes whatever the reason, and there was a steady stream of Iranian students coming to our house bringing gifts of thanks ... one couple used to make a bit of a fuss over my little sister and she can still summon some Parsi, apparently ... and there must have been some tearful partings after we had been sent to bed ... when my Dad failed to secure asylum for them ... Mo' and Fati' returned home long before the revolution which they longed for ... and if they still live they must still be longing ... if they still live ... Do you know that " Khomeini " is a Jewish name ? ... Was he an example of the need for those forcibly converted to another religion to constantly prove their adherence to their new faith by very publicly displaying zealotry ? ... Can non-Jewish persons be Zealots ?

Well I can't be bothered to meticulously prove that ' Persia Must Not Perish ' is in fact as I assert, but take note that Zionists ... now to be honest as I wrote that it immediately felt unfair : there are indeed some very few nice fluffy Zionists around still who perhaps can be excused wanting what they want without understanding the amount of murder and mayhem involved in getting it - proof positive that you should be careful what you wish for, lest you be granted your wish ( and for God's sake, do not ever let anyone promise them three wishes - this is no fairy tale.) ... Zionists have a proven track record of manufacturing ' incidents ' in and around Jewish communities which openly criticise them : they do not themselves attack the Jews in other countries, but rely upon manufacturing the rise of ant-Semiticism around the targeted community and then there is an ' incident ' designed to severe that community from its society, followed by the airing of mutual allegations such that the sense of difference is emphasised and then the free-and-easy thugs-for-hire or will-do-it-for-a-thrill soon arrive, and then most of that Jewish community depart to into the arms of the Zionists - Oh ! Come To Moma ! - sheesh ... who pose as their saviours, recruiting them into the IDF even before they arrive in " Israel." ( " Israel " being a name bestowed on the descendents of Jacob, who did actually own one field and one cave in Canaan - but no more than that - " Israel " is about owning Holy People not about owning Wholly Land.)

The Zionists did this to ancient Jewish communities in Iraq, Egypt - and Iran : so I think that this is built on the pattern of Zionist propaganda used for stirring up Anti-Semiticism, but in a crazy way ... it may look as if it is an attack on supposed Jewish subversive elements in Iranian society, but what comes over very strongly to me is that this is an attack on the Iranian government : I'll have another read first, but this is attempting to get Iranians to blame both the Iranian government and the Iranian Jews in the hope that the former will bash the latter and drive them into the arms of the Zionists ... because the Iranian government has made a distinction between Zionism and Judaism, giving anti-Zionist Jews a place to stand to be able to criticise the Zionists from - in a place that the Zionists can not reach into to be able to coerce the Jewish community there other than by methods such as this ... Given my own experience of Iranians, this kind of propaganda will be smiled at and dismissed : whilst my travel experiences may be limited, the Iranians that I have known have all been very good and very sensible people - a bit like the Muslim equivilent of that pious character Ned Flanders in " The Simpsons " cartoon, constantly taken for granted by, taken advantage of and contemptuously abused by his ... er ... c'mon - laugh ... let us just relax a bit and sing a popular American hit song -

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6m9s0j3kQ8 - such prejudices may be due to the language barrier - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wu13lImbF68

Lastly, at the risk of giving offence, which Mo' and Fati' Farzin were very secular and not the kind to take offence ( although they might well purse and twist their lips at this one, if they are still alive the given climate ) - one of my textericks -

In Isfahan - to settle a fight,
They asked a rabbi to judge things right ;
This gesture of conciliation
Met with the Sunni's disposition
Who declared the other " A PERFECT SHI'ITE ! "

... and I return at the end of the evening wondering as to whether that scenario is so obvious : two Islamic scholars in the famous and fabulous city of Isfahan ( and beautiful in photographs certainly ) - which was already an ancient place of religious scholarship long before Zoroastrians, Jews or Muslims arrived - have fallen out over some minor detail, probably as to whose prophet was still speaking his own words through all of his own teeth when he died - which he certainly lacks now, although some of his words still have a bite whilst others still suck - they decide to settle the matter with a simple ' yes ' or ' no ' from a venerable and neutral party ... only unfortunately they choose to ask a rabbi ... and they get both ' yes ' and ' no ' but also several ' maybes ' and ' possiblys ' and ' ... and so their simple question becomes bewildering complicated and instead of just one question they find themselves now juggling with several - and if they can come back tomorrow the rabbi can provide them with some more ... the visiting Sunni marches off in anger - probably convinced that the Shia planned it - whilst presumeably that native denizen is dizzy and ruing it !

http://hi.advisor.travel/photo_ex/40976 - Stefan Binder is an Austrian journalist blogging on Islamicism etc - http://binderstefan.com/

Talmud has that kind of effect upon the uninitiated : it is in effect a legal not a philosophical system which this blogger above is complaining about, in the same way that people complain about being cheated by lawyers in general whichever legal system they are involved with. It is only fools who take matters of religion into court rooms and try to sue each other for the beliefs that they hold - but a lot of things have crept into the practices all religions which are unfortunately treated as if they are justified by a god ... a god which does not just happen to agree with those people who practice these things but who also wishes them to speak on his behalf and to justify his hatred of their neighbours in court rooms ... in governments ... and if such people can not get others to believe that they are prophets themselves and agree to their words, well then they start trying to justify themselves using the words of somebody who is agreed to be a prophet and so whose words can be used as weapons to hurt others with instead of tools to understand others with. I am not keen on Talmud : it is fine for lawyers - but our ' true ' religion is to be found only in the palms of our hands.

If a rabbi is to make a good living
Then straight answers he must not be giving ;
If all's calm and still,
There's no cash in the till -
A yeshiva is there for the sieving !

I hope that last line successfully cuts both ways : both true and false - and yes, this was too easy to write ...

Since I am touching upon the subject of Hadith here, I will declare my opinion of the value of a prophet like Mohammed : it is not that he is a great philosopher and the fount of all wisdom, even down to the manner in which he broke wind, but that he was a great poet able to move women's and men's hearts to turn to Allah - and to be honest, that is his main merit. I have no time or space here to expound at length the fact that on the one hand I am rather fond of Mohammed but on the other hand not for the sorts of reasons which Muslims like : if Zoroaster is mythical and Moses legendary, Jesus only just scrapes into the history books as a footnote outside of the accounts written by those early junk journalists of " THE SON ON SUNDAY - see page 3 ! - JESUS : EXPOSED ! - Shocking Exclusive ! - MARY MAGS DISCLOSES ALL ! - MARTHA DENIES ALL ! " ... O.K. ... We have some of the gist of what Jesus was talking about ... but Mohammed is literature, and that means that unlike those who preceded him we have a real sense of ... a very flawed man ... but not one who was possessed by demons but rather one who was possessed with a vision of God which might have only redeemed himself alone had he not communicated it to others so successfully and - more importantly - with sufficient modesty to constantly direct the attention of others away from himself and away from his poetry, ever towards the source of his redemption, to Allah. Now if you think that I am disrespectful in being critical of Mohammed - I deny it : if I did not care for his words or his vision of God, then I would ignore him. In fact, I think that it is reasonable to argue that Mohammed himself exemplifies this self-same approach : he held no person in respect other than in their relationship to Allah, including himself - he knew his own faults.


( The next day ) ... Towards the end of writing that I found a text which was congratulating me for being on the BBC ... it rather threw me that I might have been in London recently, but I do know that I have been getting very muddled and forgetful ... so I decided to politely text that person back to ask when this had occurred - and could I watch myself on iplayer, just to be sure that I had been somewhere else not here ... it turns out that it was only my name that had appeared in " Making History " on BBC Radio 4 on 10 / 03 / 15 to which I had sent some rather patchy notes which I had pasted together for Rhisart who had put them on his blog which was unexpected and so led me to also paste them into this thread -

http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?p=2493#2493 - now compare them with the contents of - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006qxrc - which made me quite anxious.

By timely coincidence " Making History " on BBC Radio 4 on 10 / 03 / 15 does in fact illustrate the sorts of things which I was commenting upon above - but differs in this crucial respect : it is not I think propaganda as such but ... um ... agenderised ? ... " O - Diw ! I 'as bin ed'ittid ! " ( Choose your thickish accent of preference and on the cue of ' ed ' smack yourself with your own fist on your own forehead, or should any editors be nearby ... any of them will do for this purpose ... Rolling Eyes ) ... I sent them a thank you email this morning and I really can recommend this programme as being absolutely full of interesting stuff including some ten minutes in which they discussed with several academic historians - do not mistake me for one, I whack up my histories for a purpose ! - Edward I's expulsion of the Jews from England and Wales in the late 13c ... only that was not actually the focus of my thoughts in cutting and pasting together the email which I sent to Rhisiart, which was really a wreckreational histerical reverie ... really ... but there was a serious point to it : apparently in Medieval Wales there was an astounding concentration of Jews in the kind of place you would not normally find them elsewhere in Europe and certainly do not find them today : in and around the mountainous regions of the north ...

... Now the politically preferential part of me that refreshes the fears which my other parts can not reach is to do with being on the run, finding places to hide ... nothing to do Medieval Wales though, it is all too present and so often correct ... my romantic self read the following possible story into a few bare facts : anti-Semiticism was on the rise in England and Scotland, but whilst most of Wales was conquered there was on the mainland of Great Britain still left one place to which a fugitive might hurry on foot to escape to safety by finding a free Prince with a free harbour : Y Twysog Llewelyn ( soon to be ' Olaf ' ) at Aberffraw on Ynys Môn ( Anglesey ) the Prince of Gwynedd and once much more and soon to be much less than the Prince of Wales. He had a relatively strong navy which traded far away but whose main task was to patrol the seas to protect Ynys Môn, ' Môn Mam Cymru ' being the source of bread which was one of the factors which enabled the royal court of ' Ynys y Cedairn ' to continue to resist : but whilst the natural resources and defensive possibilities of Gwynedd abounded, Edward I had broken Llewelyn's power with promises to rivals for Y Goron Cymru and then in driving him back into the remaining mostly mountainous corner of his principality he had seized what he really needed - Wales' silver mines to be able mint his way out of his debts to his ' court Jews ' ...

... But Llewelyn's continued resistance remained not merely a threat but a question mark over Edward I's authority : the matter was settled in 1282 by " accidental assassination " ... and from my point of view, that was the end of ' The Rule of Law ' in Wales and it has never been restored. The Law of Hywel Dda was essentially Republican in its character - all three parts of it awarded the pauper and the prince exactly the same legal rights and nobody was either above the law nor beneath it. The Law of Hywel Dda made neither prescriptions nor proscriptions either for or against Jews, so presumeably Llewelyn's was also the Jews' downfall because Edward I needed cash - in other words, he needed to round up as many Jews as quickly as possible to get hold of enough cash to build a ring of castles to hold down this insurgent people before they could recover from their defeat and reorganise. So in all likelyhood, that is why there was such a concentration of so many Jews in Gwynedd towards the end of the 13c : they were probably the paymasters for the works in each location ... but the works were never finished - perhaps because they ran out of bullion ?

I do not think so - feudalism was about a hard cash transaction : the lands that kings conquered had to finance the repayments on the money borrowed - I think that Edward I either overstretched himself financially in his castle building campaign - or discovered that holding down the Welsh with the medieval equivalent of G4S was proving to be extremely costly - or that he overestimated the financial yields of his gains, in not understanding mountains ? You know - those pointlessly pointy thincwmnijigs ? What if Edward I's Jews finally demanded that he started paying up his arrears immediately or they would quit ... it is an historical fact that many of these castles with solid, architecturally dramatic exteriors had within them construction of a much shoddier kind ... and Beaumaris, promising to be the most beautifully designed and exquisite of them all - was abandoned : it was never finished ... well, if it does not have a financial consequence for someone then it is not politics : Edward I simply expelled his creditors in order to resolve his mortgage repayments ...

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aberffraw ... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Llywelyn_ap_Gruffudd

Heineken refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach ... I want to write a second part to this, but I need some refreshment ... oh ! ... Israel and Palestine ? ... yes ... I am getting there ... how about I first try to find some nice pix of ' Biwmarys ' ... the job that I suspect some Welsh Jews downed tools upon because Edward I defaulted on his mortgage arrangements, who then promptly threw all of the Jews and Trade Unionists out of the Kingdom of England - never to return for centuries ever after ... mind you, have you noticed the physiological characteristics of so many Welsh people ... some of them get terribly upset about English people thinking that they look Jewish ! ... Two of those questions that are without any possible answers - because The Black Friars who had subverted The Fluffy Inquisition of The White Friars ( who had opposed Edward I and backed Lleweyn in 1282 ) were by then aggressively weaponising it and thus making it ready to kill the Jewish ' heretics ' wherever they found them - how many Jews fleeing persecution in England escaped into Wales in medieval times, and how many ( secretly ) stayed ?

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 15, 2015 8:43 pm    Post subject: ISRAEL LEGISLATIVE / GENERAL ELECTION 2015 Reply with quote

I know, I know - I should finish one piece before I start another ... but this is billed as " Conversations with Wales' Republicans " and this is the nature of serious political conversations, that they have inevitably gone on in fits and starts and whined on for years ... especially in the case of the conflicted stalemate between " Israel " and Palestine which needs some serious psychoanalysis ... which I can not provide ... neither do I provide journalistic services nor high academic standards of debate ... I write as I talk down the pub and - although I am never too sure about this - the political objective of " y repWblic " ( or at least a bi-product of this wreckreational writing ) is to portray how a " Real Republican " actually thinks and talks about various issues, in order to refute the propaganda that has been made against " Republicans in Wales " since the various campaigns against this way of looking at Wales and the World began with the declaration of the Republic of France in 1792. The People in Wales are almost entirely ignorant of what was once an accepted and respectable political position to hold and still is because it is all about Natural Law - in other words, the basic human instinct to behave well towards others when not being forced into states of extreme distress and lashing out at all of those around them ...

... Which is what is happening in " That Place " which claims to be " Israel " ... but I think that we should have good reasons to feel hope for The People in Palestine because of The People in " Israel " being capable of performing the sorts of protests which they did in 2011, as illustrated above. Forget the World's wealthy players and their proxy minions in the " Israeli " and Palestinian governments because they have too much invested in maintaining this conflict and I do not think that their " Peace Processes " are even intended to be effectual other than for the purposes of Democratic Deception in order to placate The People in the Other Countries. These are The People in " Israel " who are going to finally challenge the crimes being committed in their name : they do not like being drawn into the Israeli Defence Force and they resent the idea of the amounts of money which it consumes when the same or even lesser amounts of money could be spent on the problems which plague the society which they share with their neighbours who in many instances are literally next door with only a wall to separate them. The People in " Israel " are much the same as anywhere else, mostly milling about willy-nilly and slow to start moving in one direction - but I believe that they are finally all beginning to face the same way, turning their backs on The Democrats in " Israel " and seeking ways to sort things out now - and that wall between themselves and The People in Palestine is no obstacle at all : a wall with a hole in it is not able to divide people, and that hole appeared with the arrival of the internet - which is why they built that other wall ... in order to keep the " Israelis " in - not to keep the Palestinians out !


The reason for hurrying onwards with this new piece is the immanence of the general election in " Israel " ( and I will later paste in some emails to explain my writing that " family name " this way, but understand that the word Israel not written that way properly pertains to the whole of The Jews in The World - the state which stole the name contains perhaps as much as 40% of the Jews or less than 10% depending upon how you determine who is Jewish e.g. if it is " The People who identify themselves as Jewish " it might be over 40% but on the other hand if you apply The Nuremberg Laws in Reverse - as " That Place " does - then " The People whom others identify as Jewish " is multiple times more and the proportion living in " Israel " multiple times less ... yet their proprietors seem to think that The Jews in The World owe them unswervingly obedient loyalty because they have named their land-grab " Israel." ) ... Oh, yeah ... Well to be honest I have not been following this other general election ( besides the one in progress in the " United Kingdom " ) because The Democrats in " Israel " are perfectly able to bewilder and deceive even those who live in " That Place " who thought they knew the facts, and therefore I am trusting to The People in " Israel " to sort out their own truths from their own oppressors' lies themselves - they are certainly better equipped to do so then myself. But the outcome of the election in " Israel " in two days time grips my imagination : after all of those protests in 2011 - is this it ... is 17th March 2015 going to be the day that The People in " Israel " reclaim the real meaning of that word and take our " family name " back from those who have abused it in conducting this faded failing colonial enterprise ? Will they feel a renewed sense of responsibility towards The People in The World, towards both The Jews and The Palestinians who are now scattered and together, our individual fates interwoven all over The World ?

( The next bit is a fascinating read about the wit and wisdom of a really interesting and utterly respectable person - alternatively, just zip down to below the proem ... )



- I thought of a couple of my proemsical pieces to stick in here but ... mmm ... POST SCRIPT ... A funny thing happened to me on my way out of this forum ... I was sleepless and pondering how people might feel about my suggestion for " A Holey Banner for The Real Israel - NOT THE FLAG OF THAT PLACE " - I am used to people burning and defacing national flags for the purposes of political protest and patriotic pride : a flag is a rag on a stick and so such behaviours are nothing more to me than free expression. I strongly object to laws which prohibit such activities or the insane practices in some countries which prescribe how these objects should be treated with an obsequious reverence, as if they are actually sacred ... I have the same sentiments about the way in which the devout pronounce their scriptures to be ' holy ' and treat of them in superstitious ways such as refusing to allow a scrap of paper to be destroyed because that shopping list has been scribbled down in Hebrew and left to quietly rot for a thousand years in a Genesa. This is fundamentally impious- such books should be treated as literature and nothing else : this is the same impious superstition that has led to the swearing of oaths on the Bible when it explicitly bans this practice and declares it to be blasphemous, but then of course nobody ever bothers to read it nowadays. Likewise that homely practice of affixing a mezuzah to the doorpost which has a credibly genuine origin in another practice but the use of a piece of text that is hidden and therefore can not be read defeats the object of the exercise and this derives out of that dubious encounter which medieval Judaism had with the many mysteriously magical mystical practices of Christianity in which their sorcerers were stealing Torah rolls in order to cut them up for lucky talismans ... oh, well - I suppose that there were at least fewer lame creatures around then than now ...

... I have joked before that we should try selling ' Torah toilet scrolls ' to those who enthuse over all things Jewish and think that religion is a sort of commodity to be possessed by cash purchase : providing that you have regular bowel movements it could put some brief words of wisdom before The People on a daily basis ( - besides which constipation would no longer prove to be a frustrating waste of time but a spiritual opportunity - ) and teach them the true value of a piece of paper in being able to remove the shit which sticks to us : you simply can not manufacture religion in a printing press and make a prophet through such a business activities, they only exploit credulousness of the superstitious and this results in profitic spiritualities. However when talking this way it is as well to try to be sensitive towards other people's feelings despite the good moral and ethical intentions involved. My original satirisation of the consumerisation of Jewish identity by " The Friends of Israel " groups previously deeply offended another Jewishy Quaker and I took this piece of writing over to share with her and she glared at me over her glasses with a studious expression and asked me how I would feel if somebody cut a hole in the middle of ' Y Ddraig Goch ' ... well, you know - see above - and whilst I like writing about flags ( ... and logos, and beer mats and trade marks and ... ) nobody should substitute patriotism for politics, otherwise you will end up doing things which will result in somebody wanting to burn or deface your flag ... ' The Holey Flag of Israel ' suggestion is I think a rather gentle way of denying " That Place " a Jewish identity, and by removing the Magen David and leaving behind a non-symbol, a non-image - " A God-Shaped Hole " - they are challenged to contemplate the basis of their claim to possess the land which they have conquered : it presents them with a straightforward choice between Judaism and Zionism, between The Real Thing and The Real Estate - if the Zionists should be so foolish as to choose the latter position, then let them go to hell and definitely do not collect any further sums of money : this is not a game of monopoly - but they certainly treat it as such, gambling with The People in That Place's lives.

Since this insert is obviously shaping up to be something very personal and since I know that most of my readers know nothing of Wales or Jewishy Quakers, I think that a brief explanation of how The People who are Jewishy can join in worship with The People who are Christishy might be important to explain. First of all I take religion to be the universal human activity of trying to collectively understand The World and then transmitting this understanding which they have created : our collective understanding of The World informs our choice of actions and therefore our religions are the precursors of our politics : the " non-religious " are merely The People who are Willful, who think that their own experiences are normal and therefore that their own spiritualities are normative ... these are The People who are The Source of The Trouble in The World ... In terms of this view of things, The People who are Seeking Understanding ought to be purposefully seeking out The People who are Understanding Differently : Quakerism is the only religious practice actually directed towards this end ... but in my opinion the Religious Society of Friends has developed a defect ...

... The great strength of Quakerism is simultaneously its great weakness : its origins lie in the 17c when The People were being Murdered in The Name of God - Jews, Christians and Muslims were all being oppressed and killed by Hierarchs citing their scriptures as the source of their authority to do so ... Quakerism was founded upon ideas to be found in Renaissance Republicanism and in order to deny the authority claimed for scriptures it simultaneously demoted and promoted all religious texts : it has no equivalent to The Torah but it has something like The Talmud in ' Quaker Faith and Practice ' - and thus Quakerism is a severely Orthopractic religion and positively hostile to Orthodoxic religions i.e. the ones which cite their scriptures as the source of their arbitrary authority to licence acts of evil. As a form of Religious Republicanism, Quakerism firmly rejects all claims to arbitrary authority and Quakers have been vilified and persecuted by Hierarchies, Democracies, Aristocracies and Monarchies. In Quakerism you typically encounter The People who are Persecuted who are refugees from religious and political groups who are typically exercising a severely Orthodoxic belief system which justifies an arbitrary authority. The People who are Liberated however then frequently baulk at the severely Orthopractic religion defined in ' Quaker Faith and Practice ' and so after they have been healed by the Quakers they soon depart ... There are a disproportionate number of Jewish refugees in Quakerism : Harvey Gillman is possibly the most prominent one -


- my story is different to his ... My parents' attitude was basically that any religion is better than none and in a small rural town there was a choice between church and chapel, so we were sent " Up the Congo " to the local Congregationalist Chapel ... our parents told us that they were too busy cutting the grass ... aged sixteen I was presented with a Bible and an invitation to join The Cause and I declined and whilst deciding that religion was a human activity which refers to something perfectly real I preferred to encounter that reality on my own through meditation whilst reading about about religions in general : I then became somewhat obsessed with the problem of sifting through all of the accumulated nonsense practiced by human beings in the name of religion, and debated how to design a religion that could discern and transmit The Wisdom of The People of The World. Then I encountered Quakerism, almost by chance : a bunch of The People in the 17c had already created something akin to my own design, and - despite my problems with it - after attending Cardiff Quaker Meeting for several years I was accepted into membership, a declared Non-Theist. In other words, whilst I have no evidence that ' god ' refers to anything that actually exists, I have long observed that the idea of ' god ' is very useful and that is why The People try to understand The World with it and have written a lot about it. Apparently The People who are The Jews have written the most and so almost inevitably a lot of The People in the World use Judaism as a source of ideas about ' god ' - Judaism is neither the biggest nor the best religion in The World but historically it has definitely been the most important, and so it is important to me for that reason - not because I am " technically Jewish " by virtue of " The Nuremberg Laws of That Place."

Over the course of my lifetime " That Place " has been increasingly trying to exert not mere leadership but actual control over Judaism and it offends me that Judaism As The World's Most Important Religion is being robbed of its moral and ethical authority and that every synagogue and genesa seems to be expected not merely to apologise for but to actually justify behaviour which simply flatly contradicts Judaism itself by " That Place " which lays claim to a Jewish identity. I was not previously tormented by any identity crisis to do with my Jewish ancestry, but I was distressed by seeing The People who are Jewish being tormented by their divided loyalties when it is clear to me that " That Place " is destroying Judaism whilst simultaneously claiming it as the justification for Zionism. I do not care for " That Place " but I do care about The People in " That Place " but until recently I only ever made the secular kinds of Republican Democratic criticism of it - but I know from long past experience that The People in " That Place " are insensitive to such arguments. The arguments which they sensitive to are those which severe their link to the only thing which they have left to cite as the basis for their exercise of arbitrary authority - the Jewish identity claimed by " That Place." That Jewish identity must be denied, not for the sake of promoting secularism but for the sake of saving something more valuable - Judaism : The World's Most Important Religion is becoming synonymous with Satan.

Now if - for an example - you are a Muslim you enter the Quaker Meeting as a Muslim : you bring with you the Koran to read if you do not feel The Quaker Meeting Gathering you into the company of The People there who may be Zoroastrians, Jews, Christians, Hindus or Atheists etc ; if Muslim thoughts occur to you whilst you are there you may wish to Quietly write them down in a Muslim way ; if you find yourself being drawn into The Silent Worship you may for a brief while find yourself in that spiritual communion in which you have no thoughts at all until you sense The Stirring of The Stillness within The Meeting ... and then you find your heart beginning to pulse, your breathing deepening - and then you begin to shake as The Quaker Meeting uncovers The Light Within and thus exposes The Shadows Within ( but whose shadows are they ? ) - and then you find the Muslim ideas which describe what you have sensed and as a Muslim you take to your feet and you speak as a Muslim and you use Muslim words ... and then you sit down again as a Muslim in a Quaker Meeting which may involve Zoroastrians, Jews, Christians, Hindus or Atheists etc ... But nobody responds to your Spoken Ministry as a Muslim and you wonder as a Muslim whether that is because you are a Muslim and that you spoke as a Muslim with Muslim words about your Muslim ideas ... and then the Quaker Meeting ends with The After-Words when nobody speaks until ... that scruffy Jewishy Quaker stands up and thanks you for telling him what he really needed to hear ... and then there are the exchanges of greetings with the visitors and the representatives of the other religious groups present and you stand up to explain that you are a Muslim and you use Muslim words to explain Muslim ideas and speak in a Muslim way ... and then there is the news of births, illnesses and deaths, the notices and the appeal for a charity, then conversations over refreshments in which you explain to the elderly lady whose hearing aid was whistling all the way through The Quaker Meeting For Worship that you are " A Muslim ... I SAID " I AM A MUSLIM ! " ... A MUS-LIM ! - I THINK LIKE A MUS-LIM AND I TALK LIKE A MUS-LIM AND I LEAD A MUS-LIM LIFE - BUT IT IS VERY NICE TO FIND A WAY TO SIT DOWN AND QUIETLY WORSHIP WITH THE PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT MUS-LIMS - MUS-LIM-S DEAR, MUSLIMS ! - AND NOT HAVE TO TRY TO CONVERT THEM TO MY RELIGION OR HAVE ANYBODY ELSE TRYING TO DO THAT TO ME ! ... and so you hopefully you will have a pleasant time and you will leave The Quaker Meeting For Worship as you entered it - still a Muslim and always will be a Muslim and hopefully eventually an even better Muslim, If God Wills It ...

... Should a Nomostic Hylozoistic Non-Theistic Jewishy Quaker Republican really believe in or write such things as " If God Wills It ... " ... well, I usually advise The People in The World not to believe in what I write about such things because the only things which you can obtain from a piece of writing like this are those things already within your experience : the Avesta, Torah, Testament and Koran contain nothing but words and so are useless until we bring meanings to those words. We can find nothing within those texts until we can discover it within ourselves, which is why they are so dangerous : if you are full of hatred, then you will find your hatred justified by them - hence the importance of collective worship and private prayer before encountering them ... Quakers also recommend that before engaging in prayer and worship you should not be tired or hungry ... I was both when I finished the piece below, so you may wish to damn me as having been in a delusional frame of mind like some fasting anchorite when that funny thing happened to me on the way out of this forum ... yesterday ... the reason why I have inserted this ... I suppose ... I remember often that the recently departed Terry Pratchet, author of all things sensible, has advised that nine times out of ten it happens that when the chance of something happening is more-than-a-million-to-one - it simply has to happen ...

... Last night I was weary and worried to a certain extent by this piece below about " The Holey Flag of Israel " because it is in all respects an example of my very Aggressive Pacificatorism ... Daf in fact once accused me of Passive Aggression and I loudly demanded to know as to how and why he thought that I was being passive about it ... In a similar manner of contrary indication in my thought processes, the Non-Deity and I have a very mutual relationship : I do not believe in He or She or It but I see the idea of the Non-Deity as a tool to get things done, and apparently He or She or It does not believe in me either but sees me as a Non-Entity with an idea as to how to get things done, or in other words - just a tool ... He or She or It has occasionally interfered in my life in impossible ways to get me to do things for He or She or It ... and never even thanks me or even encourages me, let alone rewards me for all that I never do for Him or Her or It ... until I walked away from this yesterday morning around 06.30 am to stretch and fret and fetch some cigarettes ... amongst the rubbish on the pavement in Charles Street my eye was inexplicably drawn to what seemed to be a rather grubby calling card and on picking it up I found on turning it over that it was " Y Ddraig Goch " badge sewn onto Boy Scout uniforms - The Flag of Wales ... a brand new one too, and quite a nice thing to have : I counted myself lucky ... and continued to walk on across Queen Street and down Windsor Place when ... my eye was caught by a small dark square and I picked up what turned out to be another Boy Scout badge with a picture of a globe or ' armilery sphere ' on it : not just ' The World ' but one of the historic emblems of The Cosmopolitans i.e. of " The Citizens of The World " a.k.a. " Republicans." Was that merely luck ? Given that I constantly talk of " The Republic of Wales and The World " - a translation into English of the slogan " Y Repwblic yng Nghymru a'r Byd " - surely not ... it seems to me therefore that He or She or It has decided to encourage me by awarding me with my proficiency badges as " A Republican in Wales " - !!! - BLOODY CHEEK - !!! - well, I did talk of writing one of my proems for this piece ...


+972 is an interesting website to rummage around in for me to discover what the better educated, better informed, better dressed and nicer people think ... but there is a feeling around it that the same sense of conformity which underpins the tendency to support the government of any kind in order to be respectable has been translated into oppositional politics ... the whole trouble with the wish to be nice is that it involves talking down to other people in order to avoid being terribly upset because they have told you that they are terribly upset when they really shouldn't be allowed to make you so terribly upset by being so terribly upset and Mummy and Daddy make them stop being upset and upsetting me ... the thing is that any politico worth his or her salt should be prepared for peppery possibly personal pronouncements : it is not the opinion of the majority which counts because they belong to that part of any society which is without discomfort and so they are not terribly upset - it is the accounts of those minorities on the margins of society whose opinions count because they have information to impart about the things which are impinging upon them which may soon be impinging upon the majority who ought to pay attention to them out of a sense of enlightened self-interest.

The all too typical opinion of the majority is that the minority are to blame for their own fates e.g. why did people have to go around offending that nice Mr Hitler by being so ostentatiously Jewish ? But advocating for the marginalised does not remedy any faulty account of why they are terribly upset : the problem lies in the much vaunted political system called ' Representative Democracy ' because it filters the information available through the finer sieves of muddle-class minds which simply do not allow the coarser stuff through ... in other words the very people who need political remedies because they are being made terribly upset are excluded from the typically muddle-class Mimeocracy of many countries because they are terribly upset ... if such people learn to play the muddle-class game then they can enter into the political system which I have just dubbed Mimeocracy by copying those already in it - then, when they have finally achieved the desired state of being nice enough for anybody to supposedly listen to them, the response that they typically receive is that they can not possibly be in need of a political remedy because they can not be sufficiently distressed enough given how nice they are which means they are surely no more distressed than other nice people ...

... I have long noted that those Palestinians sent out to meet us to plead the case for a political remedy are very very very nice people and always so and so nobody really ever feels that they should be other than nice back, offer them a cup of tea and remark how much the same we all are and how surely they will win justice for The People in Palestine one day - in fact, they ought to go and give a talk over in ... but this is the muddle-class non-politics of discussing what somebody else ought to do to put things right, after all that is why we elect muddle-class representatives like ourselves so that they can govern the state and tell the bureaucrats to go and do something about it ... you know, form a committee or a focus group and produce some leaflets and posters in order to tell The People in Palestine why they should not be so terribly upset and should be more like ourselves, the nice muddle-class political people ... This is not politics at all from the point of view of a Republican - this is the non-politics of Democracy : somebody else with somebody else's money will waste somebody else's life and then somebody else will die at the hands of somebody else who went crazy because they became terribly upset when this simply would not happen if everybody was like ourselves and terribly nice ...

... as you might guess, I have had this done to me and in a much smaller way I sort of live in the Welsh equivilent of the Gaza Strip and I am not a terribly nice person as a consequence : I could not possibly do what the Palestinian representatives which I have occasionally met have apparently achieved - a terrible niceness which leaves me aching inside with what I take to be their undisclosed personal tragedies ... if I were a Palestinian I suspect that I might well volunteer to be a suicide bomber because I would not want to live like that - and nobody should wish that upon anybody, not even their enemies ... but what can you do to remedy such tragedies ? ... Neither side can have what they want in such situations, and contending for what you want merely results in your losing more and more of what you previously already had ... the turning point comes when you cease trying to weigh up what your half of the remainder of the loaf is now the rest is mostly reduced to ashes : divvying up the remainder equally does not lead to peace but to a constant fretfulness as to whether your share is smaller than you feel entitled to.

Therefore the underlying impulse is still egotistic and selfish and so it is not a peace but an armistice, an indefinite lull in the conflict until you think the opportunity has arisen for you to venture beyond your declared boundaries and try to grab some more and this is manifestly the behaviour of Ultraists and destined to lead to war. The remedy is Altruism and everybody protests that this is far too dangerous and rewards aggressors and ... and ... and yet once it begins it becomes easier and easier, more and more rewarding to not be concerned with what you want but instead to be concerned with what the other person needs ... This is the Republican's political impulse - " SOMETHING MUST BE DONE ! " - and it does not matter who does what or when or why provided that they do it to realise " The Public Interest " and do it without expectations of recognitions or rewards - and I assure you that it grinds us down, we are not even thanked other than when some Demockerat in Wales turns up with a journalist and a camera crew and some over-sized cardboard cheque whose depicted sum contains none of their own money and having claimed credit for your work they will then default on those future amounts which they solemnly promised to support the important work that you are doing in getting them re-elected ... Demoncrats ! ... and " Israel " has enough of them a-plenty too - and " Palestine " is utterly plagued by them ...

When Democrats in Your Country have you trapped in your local mirror maze and have pumped it full of smoke to ensure that you can see very little and all that you can see is utterly all deceitfulness anyway, it pays to investigate what is going on in another country's local mirror maze in order to acquire an improved understanding of how you are not only being deceived but have been taught to deceive yourself, that you have learned which questions not to ask and have received an education in Demockeracy such that you can enjoy being part of the political games which you are allowed to play to idle away your life doing nothing more than the political party games of pass the parcel, musical chairs, " Simon Says " etc. This is one of the critical differences between the crudely debased version of Democratic Republicanism first called Nationalism in " The Springtime of the Nations " of 1848, and the Republican Democracy of the French Revolution of 1789 in which people knew that something had to be done and that it did not matter who did it provided that they did do whatever they could and they achieved several wonderful things whilst also fighting off an encircling ring of enemies far stronger than those ever faced by " Israel."

When something must be done the necessary thing to do must be clearly formulated and in trying to do so when you are stumbling through the smoke which fills the maze of mirrors constructed by your local Demockerats you make mistakes, you get lost and your pet political theories such as always erring towards " The Right Hand Path of The Dexterous Politics of Pure Republicanism " soon get trashed in the confusion ... would it be better to talk of " Up and Down " instead of " Left and Right " and would not walking in a spiraling path better cover all eventualities - but should you walk inwards or outwards ... or just give up ? .. NO - SOMETHING MUST BE DONE ... anything ... everything ... which usually means making mistakes like I did in the following extracts from a couple of lazy-and-over-hasty emails : they contain a not untruthful argument, in that I think that this is a strategy for the purposes of image-damage which is to be recommended, but it was an uninformed one - as I discovered from this article on +972 ( this is a photo-collage - it is not the original webpages - )

Subject: a " Holey Flag " as a Shared Symbol for the Jewish Secularist Opposition ?
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2015 02:35:47 +0000


you sound a bit bemused.

I have this email labeled " XXXXX ZZZZZ ' and since she and I have exchanged emails I thought that she might like it.

I think that XXXXX knows that " the-god-that-I-do-not-believe-in-but-have-faith-in " is about my distrusting the use of words.

Just in case that worried you ... I hope that the ZZZZZ conference is going well - please forgive me for not coming ... er ...rrrr

It is nearly two in the morning but I am wondering if I might quickly knock up an image of an idea that I thought of floating.

Amongst other things I make some odd contributions to this website - http://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/ro-hole.html

I have been pondering on and off ever since that happened as to whether those who wished to support Israel but would rather see this rising tide of ... oh - you pick a word ... held back by a stronger secular movement rallying round an Israeli " Holey Flag " ... i.e. I envisaged such a thing not belonging to any particular group like ZZZZZ or ZZZZZ but it being a shared symbol of resistance for those who object to ( the word you picked - the hole should be a psychological space in which to project whatever a group wishes to ) in Israeli society ... in other words as a symbol of opposition available for all to carry who want to remind people that it is based on a talit and I think that " praying for a secular Israel " would be a good ripost to the howls of anguish that will erupt at the sight of activists demonstrating outside the Israeli embassy with scissors ...

... if we go around cutting the Magen out of the flag it would be a good idea to make a show of reverently keeping it safe.

I have had a brief look around because I wonder as to whether I have unconsciously registered somebody else's use of it.

Please excuse me for going to bed : I don't really need to draw it - get one from eBay for £3 and then make the flag holey.

Nos Da !

David B. Lawrence

Subject: PICTURE - a " Holey Flag " as a Shared Symbol for the Jewish Secularist Opposition ?
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2015 14:00:55 +0000



YES ! Thank goodness I don't have to be accused of complete originality - it is such an obvious thing to do with that flag :


you will appreciate that when I dashed off that suggestion which has been in my mind for years I did not really explain it.

I am deeply iconoclastic and taken to be a secularist but I am a Nomostic Hylozoist Non-Theist Jewishy Quaker Republican.

You can therefore understand why I deeply distrust words - but perhaps you will not understand my meanings for that hole.

Judaism demands the worship of living images : harming women and men who were created in the likeness of God is evil.

Judaism bans the worship of the things which we create ourselves : things claimed to be " Israel " are but a dead images.

There is a Levantine state which presents the dead images of a graven map as " Israel " and a flag as a substitute for God.

The Levantine colonial enterprise claiming to be " Israel " and playing upon dead images of Jewish identity is an imposter.

The meaning of " Israel " is " The Descendents of Jacob " and so it can only be applied to the living images of World Jewry.

The Levantine state's manipulating of World Jewry by idolising the dead images of Jewish identity is contrary to Judaism.

The test of things in Judaism is God and the Levantine state not only fails that test but refuses to be accountable to Israel.

Zionism is a perverse inversion of Judaism which demands the loyalty of World Jewry but refuses loyalty to them as Israel.

The fact is that the Levantine State claiming to be " Israel " refuses loyalty and accountability to Jews, Judaism and to God.

But we must be loyal and accountable to those living within the Levantine State whilst firmly denying it a Jewish identity.

Those living within the Levantine State must be considered to be all those subjected to the injustice of its corrupted laws.

My opinion is that for all practical purposes the Palestinians must now be considered to be citizens of the Levantine State.

The single-state solution which is now being implemented is going to destroy either Judaism or Zionism : let it be Zionism.

But it need not destroy ' The People of the Levantine State ' - it could finally bring them all peace if that is a secular state.

So let us symbolise that by cutting the Magen out of the Levantine flag and thereby create the image of " The Holey Tallit."

This image for me means that there is something defective with World Jewry in that it has not reclaimed its name " Israel."

Alternatively, if you still love the Levantine State's name, " The State of Israel has a hole in it - where its heart should be."

If you are religiously inclined, then " The Holey Tallit " calls us to prayer and reminds us of our sins and of our lack of piety.

For the mystically inclined, this is a much better " non-symbol " for Judaism than the Magen David - this symbolises JHVH.

S/HE is " The Plenum Void " - " The Uncreated Creator " - " Neither Existing Nor Non-Existent " - " God of our Imagination."

" God-that-I-do-not-believe-in-but-have-faith-in : The People in Israel and the World desperately need some imagination ! "

I have imagined " The Holey Tallit " as a symbol to be shared by all of those in peaceful opposition to the Levantine state.

Because " The Holey Tallit " is re-calling the state which proclaims itself to be Jewish to be accountable to and loyal to the real Israel of World Jewry, this flag as a symbol of peaceful Jewish opposition to the Levantine State can be shared with all those challenging not that state's right to exist but that state's claim to legitimately violate people in the name of Judaism.

It is entirely possible that this flag will prove to be acceptable to the Palestinian Peace Activists and thus bind us together.


The rest of that second email was a superfluous piece of gratuitious biography, because whilst I feel fine about the religious contents of Judaism I use the treasury of Judaica in a radically different way to those brought up in it in a conventional way : other people do not feel fine about the way in which I use the material and the idea that I can negotiate worshiping with people of other religious faiths on their own terms puzzles many and alarms quite a few. I suppose that in many respects I am now moving so far away from the conventional understandings of religion which do not facilitate this that I am more or less out on my own, as I imagine my rather debatable Qaraim ancestors were - always way out there not-trampeting along on the not-roads out of not-Odessa and going off to meet The not-Peoples of The not-World and so they were probably never ever going to be keeping in steppe with the Rabbinim ... and anyway, like me they also were basically a bunch of tinkers ... and the not-betweens with the Russians ...

... Something that has occurred to me in re-reading those emails is that these holes that The People keep putting in The Oppressors' Flags remind me of The Open University programmes' opening sequences where the ' O ' is a hole in their heraldry too ... The Open University was of course a 1960's derivative from The Open Conspiracy of the 1930's ... Of course The New Labour & Dead Cooperative Party do not want to be reminded of that because here in the smoke-filled mirror-maze of the " United Kingdom " they have readily agreed with the Conserving Cash & Dis-Unionising Party, if neither with the Libational Demoncrats' Party, that it is necessary to at least take turns in the amusicalitical cherryperson's pissing-in-the-poisoned-parcel games, and to absolutely make sure that they never enable anyone to re-found Republicanism lest a Democratic Republican - or, godless forbid - a Republican Democratic Party gets elected and changes the music and so stops their games. The Newly Unimproved Cooperating Labourers' Party's People are always very proud of Michael Young, Harold Wilson and Jenny Lee for bringing The Open University into fruition and they talk glibly of The Open Society, of Open Government and even of The Open Conspiracy as if they know what the origins of these things are and what these terms mean.

When I point out that their claims that these were ' Socialist ' ideas are false, that the whole idea of ' Open ' came out of " The New Republicanism " of the early 1900s, and that " The New Republic " is still being published and it is an utterly respectable political magazine and it is widely read by all of the most respectable Democrats in all political systems ... and they both agree that it quite good because they want after all to be nice ... perhaps they are trying to conceal that they are terribly upset by it lest they lose the only person who claims to be their friend ... except The Democrats in the United Kingdom ... well, here they shout and scream at me and say that this can not possibly be true ... it is not true it is not true it ith noth thrrew - We schal sctheem an' sctheem un'il wi' ith scthick anthil' yew gOwAy yEw hOrrObOl bOlli' .... wi'l puth thuh polith on yew - we wil - we wil - we wil - oOoh - boO-hOo-bOoby-hoOs ... the trouble is that many of those who have ended up being elected as ' Democratic ' representatives have either never read a proper book on politics in their lives, or the one which they did read they only bothered to read because it was all about how pleased they ought to be to be nice and " Democratic " ... only it never actually explained to them what Democracy is - only that it assured them that they were the right sort of muddle-class nice people and it definitely asserted to them that they should stay away from all of those nasty dirty smelly indolencherwles like that David B Lawrence who disgracefully keeps on pointing out the obvious and who keeps getting terribly upset and therefore keeps dragging dragging dragging dragging - the beloved Democraticofiguralisation of our Yeancientificalirised Aridocratic political system which Dark Art got an Academilillical grant for researching how it might be called the United Kingdom - dragging it through the filthy mire of his maddening morality ... whilst making jokes about it ! ... and poems ... even songs ... why can not he do the correct, decent and proper thing and be what we think a Republican ought to be ? ... er ... WHICH IS ?


You would ask a Jew - and typically Jews are as muddle-classed about Judaism as Democrats are about Democracy - yet each will assert that their own ideology is best because even if they can not explain why they have been told so by those who kindly tell them how to think and justly punish them for protesting the facts of the cases and all of this and more for nothing less than large sums of money to spend on weapons in order to rescue The People in The World from having tragically misunderstood such benevolent things as Democracy and Judaism ... there really is no difference between religious and political ideologies - but there is literally a hell of a difference between religion and politics as conducted by Altruists and Ultraists : forget the ideological labels, nobody needs an elaborate religious or political theory in order to do The Right Thing because those who do The Right Thing are too busy doing it to think ... those who sit around devising elaborate religious and political theories generally speaking are not doing anything but trying to persuade somebody else to do The Left Thing for somebody else to somebody else using somebody else's money too ... Am I guilty of this ? ... Have I just condemned myself with my own argument there ? ... NO ... I picked on " Israel " because it illustrates certain religious and political issues present in Wales which I dub " Notionalisms " and because the Roman and Norman conquests of Wales illustrates both the " Israeli " conquest of the Palestinians and their responses to this illustrates how the Palestinians have resorted to similar strategies to those the Welsh themselves used to resist the utter destruction of their society - each in order to survive, to live with loss and to continue to maintain some hope of regaining their Freedom at some future date.

Both the Welsh and the Palestinians learned how to survive in this way from the example of the Jews ... how can this sharing in hope be other than bitter sweet ?




You can't find Israel on a map,
That argument's a load of **** -
Jacob's People are all scattered,
Some of them severely battered -
Because they vote - for those dogs which yap ...

... Because they're blindly led by dogs which yap ... ? ... Because blind dogs have led them to this trap ... ? ... Because they're blind yet dogging - clap ?

I think that in all likelyhood, despite the supposed haggling now going on by semaphore and morse - i.e smoke and mirrors - the outcome was predictable and the deals made weeks ago : even-stevens, but not a hung parliament unfortunately ... not yet anyhow ...
Crying or Very sad


Gaw ... all of that and but two deadpan comments - and and from another vexillographologist ! - a note to the other :

Dear X,

I passed the photo of " The Holey Flag of Israel " over to a professional vexillologist and part of the exchange with him was

" - are you aware of " The Holey Flag of Israel " - ? - that is a real flag which has apparently copied the Romanian Holey Flag."

[ http://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/ro-hole.html ]

" Yes ... and before that the Hungarian flag (1956) - http://crwflags.com/fotw/flags/hu_1956.html . I think that was the first use of a holey flag."

Partly I feel that " The Holey Flag of Israel " is a readily available and ready-made and obvious symbol ;

but on the other hand I partly feel a bit taken aback by having finally written out the logic of my own arguments there ;

but this is certainly how I have always felt about it - " Loudly claiming to be the Jewish state ? Then put up - or shut up ! "

Crying or Very sad

... and the same people won the election again ...

Is there no place on the face of the earth that can be held sacred enough to be kept safely as a sanctuary from the Democrats ? ... or those other ' Republicans ' - ? ... Perhaps that is why the Messiah just does not want to come ... perhaps The People of ( That Place ) and The World should just try to make do with Russel Brand ?


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Tedious to keep coming back to this is it not ... basically I was hoping to ignore it for a while and I barely registered this argument going on in or rather about Southampton University ... but I think that this offers insight into the way that the Zionists operate spreading misinformation along with the threat of ... of ... ah ... such is the nature the behaviour of paranoids in subtly disseminating paranoia - now that would make an interesting debate !

Let me just see what is lying all around out there ... OK ... down in the University of Southampton ( a centre for Jewish Studies of some sort ) there was to be a perfectly legitimate and interesting conference of exactly the same sort to be found in Israel itself where they actually debate this sort of thing which apparently can not be allowed here ...



International Law and the State of Israel: Legitimacy, Responsibility and Exceptionalism

******************* Organisers' Statement *******************

The conference “International Law and the State of Israel: Legitimacy, Responsibility, and Exceptionalism” at the University of Southampton on April 17-19th will engage controversial questions concerning the manner of Israel’s foundation and its nature, including ongoing forced displacements of Palestinians and associated injustices. The conference will examine how international law could be deployed, expanded, even re-imagined, in order to achieve regional peace and reconciliation based on justice. The conference is intended to broaden debates and legal arguments concerning historic Palestine and the nature, role, and potentialities of international law itself.

Participants will be a part of a multidisciplinary debate reflecting diverse perspectives, and thus genuine disagreements, on the central themes of the conference. Diligent efforts, including face-to-face meetings with leading intellectuals in Israel, were made to ensure the widest range of opinions possible. Those who chose to abstain, however, cannot derail the legitimate, if challenging, academic discussion the conference will inspire.

The conference organizers are grateful to the University of Southampton for ensuring academic freedom within the law and for taking steps to secure freedom of speech within the law.* The conference organizers accept that the granting of permission for this event does not imply support or endorsement by the University of any of the opinions to be expressed at the conference.



About the conference:

This conference will be the first of its kind and constitutes a ground-breaking historical event on the road towards justice and enduring peace in historic Palestine. It is unique because it concerns the legitimacy in International Law of the Jewish state of Israel. Rather than focusing on Israeli actions in the 1967 Occupied Territories, the conference will focus on exploring themes of Legitimacy, Responsibility and Exceptionalism; all of which are posed by Israel’s very nature.

Speakers and panels:

The conference aims to explore the relatedness of the suffering and injustice in Palestine to the foundation and protection of a state of such nature and asks what role International Law should play in the situation. It will take place over a whole weekend and will involve leading thinkers: scholars from law, politics, philosophy, theology, anthropology, cultural studies history and other connected disciplines.

Key speakers and various panels will diagnose the legal position with regard to the nature of Israel thus enabling a much needed platform for scholarly debate and disagreement.

Getting involved:

If you wish to attend the conference, please register online.

Academic organisation:

Professor Oren Ben-Dor ( University of Southampton ), Professor George Bisharat ( University of California, Hastings College of Law.)

Southampton organising committee:

Professor Oren Ben-Dor, Professor Suleiman Sharkh, Ms. Juman Asmail, Ms. Jo Hazell.





Right to debate? British university ‘reviewing position’ on Israel event after lobbying

The University of Southampton is said to be reviewing its position on a controversial conference about Israel’s right to exist after coming under intense pressure from pro-Israel lobby groups.

President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews Vivian Wineman met with university Vice-Chancellor Professor Don Nutbeam on Wednesday to express concerns about the debate.

Representatives of the Board criticized the event for featuring mostly “anti-Israel activists” and warned it could result in displays of anti-Semitism on campus.

Anti-Semitism remains a major concern for Britain’s Jewish community following terror attacks in Paris and Copenhagen earlier this year which targeted a kosher supermarket and a synagogue.

The University of Southampton previously backed the conference, saying it defended the right of academics to explore “controversial issues.”


Wineman visited the college with the vice-president of the Board of Deputies, Jonathan Arkush.

“We put forward very strong concerns. The conference is formulated in extremist terms, has attracted toxic speakers and is likely to result in an increase in anti-Semitism and tension on campus,” Wineman told the Jewish Chronicle.

“The university is reviewing its position is considering all the options open to it,” he added.

RT contacted the university to confirm Wineman’s statement, but is yet to receive a reply.

Arkush described the meeting with the Nutbeam as “extremely friendly.”

“We were listened to with great care,” he told the Jewish Chronicle.

“If you are a body hosting an event like this you have to take into account scenes such as we saw on the streets of London during last summer's conflict in Gaza and consider very carefully whether they might be replicated on campus.”

The University of Southampton has come under intense pressure over the conference, which is organized by Israeli-born Professor Oren Ben-Dor.

Former Treasury minister Mark Hoban MP wrote to Nutbeam, calling on him to “reconsider” the university’s sponsorship of the debate.

Britain’s Ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould met with the vice-chancellor organization Universities UK in early February to express his concerns over the conference.

Critics such as the Fair Play Campaign Group claim the event will be dominated by “anti-Israel activists” and will not be a fair debate.

Meanwhile, an article in the right-wing online magazine American Thinker attacked the conference for “comprising an intellectual assault on the existence of Israel.”

Some voices also fear the event will contribute to the growing climate of anti-Semitism in the UK.

On Tuesday, organizers of a separate pro-Israel conference taking place on March 22 said they were “shocked” by the level of anti-Semitic abuse the event had received on its Facebook page.

Internet trolls wrote extreme messages, one which evoked the mass extermination of Jewish people during the Holocaust.





Free speech: Southampton University’s racist anti-Israel debate must go ahead ... It is not about peace or the two-state solution. It’s is about a one-state solution which means making Israel an illegal country. It is a biased and bigotted conference more loaded than George Bush at a frat party. But it should go ahead. ... You see, anyone can go and listen, even ‘illegal’ criminal Israelis who are being made stateless and having any claim to land backed by an ancient religious covenant with God, plus the fact of the disapora and all the centuries of pain that came with it outlawed by “leading thinkers”. [ ETC ] Banning Zionists and Israel is just part of the trend. And no subject is more guaranteed to excite the censors than a debate on ways to deligitimise Israel. Monstering Israel is the default position for all sensitive student censors. ... You don’t stop hate by banning it. You stop it by holding it up to examination, debate and ridicule. And to anyone interested in exploring complex views and hearing different voices this debate at Southampton University is utterly laughable.

http://www.southampton.ac.uk/israelpalestinelaw/index.page [ AS ABOVE - THE SECOND HIT, SURPRISING THE FACTS CAME UP SO HIGH REALLY ! ]


Southampton University wants to debate Israel’s right to exist. But that right is sacred ... It is one thing to disagree with the policies of a government but quite another to question the right of the nation it represents to exist at all. And yet this happens all the time to Israel ... A local MP has asked for the event to be dropped, as does a petition. The university insists that academic freedom should be respected and the conference organisers say they mean no mischief. One of the hosts, Professor Oren Ben-Dor, is Israeli-born. He has previously written that Israel is an apartheid state and has been since inception. He is living proof that you can be sceptical about Israel without necessarily being anti-Semitic. Some of its loudest critics are living contradictions.


UK university could nix debate on Israel’s right to exist ... Organizers dismiss administration’s safety concerns, say Southampton school buckled under political pressure ... British university intends to block a controversial debate on Israel’s right to exist from being held on the campus, organizers said on Tuesday, lamenting the decision as a blow to freedom of speech. ... University of Southampton officials told organizers there were health and safety concerns over possible clashes between for and against protesters at the venue where the event was to take place. ... “It is very clear that the health and safety issue was not serious, it’s a way of creating bogus reasoning,” the Israeli-born organizer of the event, Oren Ben-Dor, a professor of law and philosophy at the university, told The Guardian newspaper. “The real reason was political pressure. The controversial nature of the conference is precisely where [the principle of] freedom of speech leads – that’s where the commitment to freedom of speech is tested. ... One hundred and fifty people had signed up for the event and Ben-Dor claimed he expected up to 300 to attend. ... A final decision banning the event has yet to be taken, the university said. ... “The University of Southampton is in discussion with the organizers of the conference International Law and the State of Israel about the possibility of withdrawing permission for the event to be held on campus,” a university spokesman said. “However, this review process is still ongoing. Any decision will be judged purely on considerations around the health and safety of our staff, students and for the general public.” ... The Zionist Federation said that it hoped the cancellation would be finalized. ... “We would welcome the cancellation,” a spokesman said. “We don’t think that it was a valid academic discussion.”

http://rt.com/uk/242177-southampton-israel-conference-security/ [ AS ABOVE ]

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/israel/11468605/Southampton-University-wants-to-debate-Israels-right-to-exist.-But-that-right-is-sacred.html [ THIS WAS THE ARTICLE NICKED AND PUBLISHED UNATTRIBUTED BY THAT BLOGGER ]


Stop Southampton Uni’s Anti-Israel Kangaroo Court ... This will not be just another examination of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. This “unique” conference will focus on the “legitimacy in International law of the Jewish state of Israel.” According to the organisers, the conference will explore the connection between the “suffering and injustice in Palestine to the foundation and protection” of Israel. ... To schedule a conference on the legitimacy of a state that was established over 60 years ago would be strange enough. But by blaming the “suffering and injustice in Palestine” on Israel’s creation and continued presence, this goes beyond being an academic discussion. Instead, it will legitimize the harmful message that Israel’s very existence is up for debate. ... Enough. This has to stop. ... It isn’t just that Israel is the only functioning democracy in a region devoid of freedom, human rights, and representative governments. It isn’t just that Israel is the expression of the inalienable right to self-determination of the Jewish people. ... It’s that no other country in the world would be treated in this fashion. ... This isn’t about academic freedom. We welcome genuine and open discussion about the issues surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But how can you discuss anything with people who don’t even recognise your right to have a voice? ...At a time when anti-Semitism is on the rise throughout Europe, it is a disgrace that a respectable university would provide a platform to legitimise the idea that the Jewish homeland – of all the countries in the world – is somehow abnormal. ...Israel is presumed guilty of the crime of existing, while no other state is being put on trial in this way. ... Southampton University – this isn’t a conference. ... It’s a kangaroo court. ... Don’t let it go ahead.


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Hell ... I have just got to stay off this topic for a while ... all that anybody can do - or ought to do - is to boo those who do evil and cheer those who do good ... and to otherwise try not to interfere in the lives of those who have to resolve the matter, unless they actually want to be helped ... in the meantime, should it be the case that anybody overseas wants to watch a Welsh programme touching on the subject, there is at present a series running on S4C which is experimenting with allowing non-UK viewers to watch a few of its on-line programmes in " Clic " - to summon up the subtitles click on " S " on the bar at the bottom of the screen.

At the moment, the following three are available - another one is due

http://www.s4c.cymru/clic/e_level2.shtml?programme_id=502799259 - EXPIRES 08/05/15

http://www.s4c.cymru/clic/e_level2.shtml?programme_id=502799279 - EXPIRES 15/05/15

http://www.s4c.cymru/clic/e_level2.shtml?programme_id=502799299 - EXPIRES 22/05/15


Jason delves into the truth of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem

Jason Mohammad goes on a personal journey to explore religion, history and culture in Jerusalem, in his new series, Jerwsalem: Tir Sanctaidd, starting on Sunday, 6 April on S4C. ... Jason was born in Cardiff but his father is originally from Pakistan, and Jason was raised in the Muslim faith.
... Before going to Jerusalem, Jason - who still lives in Cardiff with his wife and three children - expected to see tension between followers of the different faiths, reflecting what is often reported in the news. But he was surprised by what he saw there. ... "The city is remarkably beautiful. There are problems there of course and lots of soldiers. I must admit, as a Moslem, I didn't feel comfortable seeing them. Two months before I went to film, there were riots and violence - Muslim protesters reacting to threats by Jews to occupy the site. One of the protesters died - a 25 year old man. But people from every faith meet in the market, and everyone mingles together - we forget about this when we see stories about the troubles on television." ... The visit was an unforgettable experience for Jason who discovered more about his faith and learned more about other religions. He found praying in the Al Aqsa Mosque, the third most sacred place in the Islamic faith, a moving and spiritual experience. ...


... " Since the seventh century, Muslims have come here to worship, and parts of the mosque have been standing for close to a thousand years. Until recently, Islam's leaders were encouraging the faithful to stay away, as a protest against Israeli actions. It's good to see this advice has now been changed. It was a fantastic experience, to be in a place which is so sacred. I would like to go back. At the time I couldn't believe I was there ! " ... At the heart of the controversy today are archaeologists. Their work is crucial to the battle over the holy ground of Jerusalem. Some believe that finding Solomon's Temple or King David's Palace here would settle the argument once and for all. But there's a fundamental problem. No one is allowed to dig on the Temple Mount. On the programme, Jason will speak to some of the archaeologists and try to delve into the truth of the Temple Mount. ... "Filming this series," says Jason, "has been a fantastic privilege - I've been walking on some of the most sacred ground on earth."
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[I have just come back to wonder as to whether this UNHRC logo has any hidden symbolism within it to do with Hebrew.]

http://www.inner.org/hebleter/default - a nice colourful website, but there are of course many duller ones - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hebrew_alphabet

ט ... Tet : Introversion – the Concealed Good - http://www.inner.org/hebleter/tet.htm

" ... At the beginning of Creation, the appearance of light is termed “ good ” in God’s eyes: “ And God saw the light was good.” Our Sages interpret this to mean “ good to be hidden for the tzadikim in The Time to Come.” “ And where did He hide it ? In the Torah, for ‘ there is no good other than Torah.' ” ... The tet is the initial letter of the word tov, “good.” The form of the tet is “inverted,” thus symbolizing hidden, inverted good–as expressed in the Zohar: “its good is hidden within it.” The form of the letter chet symbolizes the union of groom and bride consummating with conception. The secret of the tet ( numerically equivalent to nine, the nine months of pregnancy ) is the power of the mother to carry her inner, concealed good – the fetus – throughout the period of pregnancy. ... Pregnancy is the power to bring the potential to actualization. ... "

שׂ ... Shin : The Eternal Flame - http://www.inner.org/hebleter/shin.htm

" ... In Kabbalah we are taught that the three-headed shin is the shin of this world while the four- headed shin is the shin of the World to Come. ... The secret of the shin is “ the flame [ Divine Revelation ] bound to the coal [ Divine Essence.] ” A simmering coal actually possesses an invisible flame within it, which emerges and ascends from the surface of the coal when the coal is blown upon.
[ WHICH I IMMEDIATELY WANT TO EQUATE WITH ' THAT OF GOD WITHIN US ' - THAT EVERYBODY IS A ' COAL ' AND YET WHILST WE BREATHE THE ' AIR ' OF THE EVENTS SURROUNDING US THESE WILL NEVER BE IGNITED TOGETHER UNTIL THERE IS THAT FINAL SPARK OF INDIGNATION AS THE STEEL STRIKES THE STONE ] ... One of the meanings of the word shin in Hebrew is shinui, “change.” The coal symbolizes changeless essence, the secret of the verse : “ I am God, I have not changed,” meaning that relative to God’s Essence absolutely no change has occurred from before Creation to after Creation. The inner flame is the paradoxical latent presence of the power of change within the changeless. The outer flame of the shin is continuously in a state of motion and change. ... "

It is a sort of bitter but may be also hopeful irony that the United Nations Human Rights Council's emblem has a vaguely Hebraic appearance, as if this is a fire which burns but does not consume and that it provides a light which illuminates only to reveal more shadows ... this thread is not a running commentary upon what is happening within and around the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians and all of those who have attached themselves to it for their own purposes without admitting to such agendas ... my agenda is to study of the most difficult and intractable of non-political situations and look within it for issues which provide me with thoughts upon Republicanism : should anybody find within what I write something useful to resolving their conflicts that is well and good, but if I know politicos everywhere we are all too busy reading and writing about the things which we agree with to have any time for those whom we do not agree with - still less those who flatly contradict us. Hence the notable thing about the following sort of report is how few people are bothering to read it but are seizing upon it to praise or damn it.

I can see that I am not going to get around to reading 183 pages of this, but I have been reading what others are saying about it : some useful diagrams ?


A/HRC/29/CRP.4 - Report of the detailed findings of the Commission of Inquiry on the 2014 Gaza Conflict

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I have not been paying attention recently because events have provided me with little to elicit abstract political points with ... but over the past week ugly things have caused dmonstrations by the kinds of people in whose values I see the future of Israel being made ...


Israel, Don’t Level My Village ... By NASSER NAWAJA

" SUSIYA, West Bank ... Qaryatayn was destroyed, along with about 400 other Palestinian villages that were razed between 1948 and the mid-1950s. My family rebuilt their lives in Susiya, across the 1949 armistice line in the West Bank. ... In 1986, my family was expelled from our home once again — not because of war, but because the occupying Israeli authorities decided to create an archaeological and tourist site around the remains of an ancient synagogue in Susiya. ... Without compensation, we were forced to rebuild Susiya nearby on what was left of our agricultural lands. ... If, in the coming weeks, the Israeli government carries out demolition orders served on some 340 residents of Susiya, I will be forced to take my children in my arms as our home is destroyed and the village razed once again. I do not know if I will have the heart to tell them that we will soon go home; history has taught me that it may be a very long time until we are able to return. ... In 2012, the Civil Administration branch of Israel’s Defense Ministry issued demolition orders against more than 50 structures in Susiya, including living quarters, a clinic, shop and solar panels. The reason given in these orders was that our village was built without permits from the Israeli military authorities. ... "

... Following the initial distribution of demolition orders, there was a political and legal campaign spearheaded by the residents of Susiya that had support from Palestinian, Israeli and international activists and rights groups. The village was not demolished, our case returned to the courts and the pressure let up. ... But this past May, a few months after the re-election of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Supreme Court justice Noam Sohlberg, who himself lives in an Israeli settlement that is considered illegal under international law, caved in to pressure from right-wing and settler organizations and ruled in the High Court that the Israeli military could go ahead with demolitions in the village — despite the fact that the higher-ranking Supreme Court had scheduled a hearing for our case on Aug. 3. ... Earlier this month, I learned from lawyers working against the demolition of Susiya that representatives of the Israeli military had stated their intent to demolish parts of our village before the Aug. 3 hearing. ...

... This story is not a story of Jews against Muslims, or even a story of Israelis against Palestinians. We’re grateful for the many messages of support our village has received from Jewish communities around the world, and the groups and activists working by our side include many Israelis. This is simply a story of justice and equality against dispossession and oppression. "



Susiya resident Nasser Nawaj'ah, a leader activist of the struggle, spoke in Hebrew to those who came from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem: "Welcome to Susiya, all of you, welcome to Susiya, the fighting Susiya which will not give in! Our struggle is already going on for decades. In 1982, they erected the settlement of Susiya on our land. In 1986, they expelled us from the caves and turned them into an archaeological site of the settlers, then we moved to the farmland, all what was left to us. In 2001, they destroyed everything and drove us away, but we came back and set up our village again. You are most welcome here, we are grateful for the solidarity and support of all those who have come here. You are the other face of Israel, the face which is different from what we see of the soldiers and settlers who come to us every day. You give us hope, the hope that we can still live together, Palestinians as Israel's neighbors in peace."

He was followed by Professor Yigal Bronner, who teaches history of India at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is a prominent activist of the Ta'ayush Movement, which is active already for many years in support of the residents of the South Hebron Hills. "We are here in Susiya. What is Susiya? Not much. Some cisterns which the army had not filled with dirt, a few sheep which the settlers have not yet stolen, some olive trees that have not yet been cut down. What is Susiya? Susiya is 350 people who hold on to the land, clinging and clinging and holding on and not giving up, because it's their home. Quite simply, this is their home. Opposite us is the other Susiya. The Susiya which is armed and surrounded by a fence, which is connected to to water and electricity and sewage and has representatives in all the corridors of power, and it wants to grab what little is left of this Susiya where we stand. Susiya against Susiya, this is the whole story. The Palestinian Susiya has no soldiers and no police and no representatives in the Knesset and in fact it does not have the vote. But it has us. We are here to stand with Susiya and we will not leave. We will do everything we can to be here and prevent the destruction. And if does take place, we will be here the next morning to rebuild, together with the residents. Susiya is not alone! "(Chanting of "Susiya, Sussiya do not despair, we will end the occupation yet!" in Hebrew and "Yaskut al Ikhitlal", "Down with the Occupation" in Arabic.




... “We have seen the international diplomatic pressure, we have see the press coverage and the goal today is to show that there are many many Israelis who say to oppress people here cannot be done, and certainly not in their name,” said Rabbi Arik Ascherman, president of Rabbis from Human rights, an organization that is providing Susiya with legal support. This was Rabbi Ascherman’s second visit to Susiya in the past week. ...

... “The first demolition of Susiya was a violation of human rights and the demolition now, that they want to put people out of their house, is just unacceptable. A government that talks about a Jewish state shouldn’t even be thinking about [it],” said Rabbi Idit Lev, another religious leader and activist with Rabbi for Human Rights who carried a banner from the organization. ...

... Despite the large crowd of Israeli protesters, no mainstream Israeli media covered the demonstration. “Do you see any Israeli news people here?” said Rabbi Lev. “If they are not here, it’s not in the Israeli discourse.”...

... Yet Susiya’s villagers see the support of Israeli peace groups and foreign governments as a nod that they can pressure Israel into a stay of demolition. If they are unable, they vow to rebuild their town for a third time. ...

“If they destroy the houses, we will stand under the sun. We will build the tents again. We will never leave this place, it is our fathers’ and our grandfathers’ place,” said Mohammed Nawaja, 70, as he sat in a protest tent decorated with Palestinian national posters and plenty of small plastic cups of Arabic coffee to offer to the Israeli guests... "




Israelis protest hate crimes by Jewish extremists

" Thousands of Israeli citizens have taken to the streets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv to protest recent attacks on Palestinians and gay pride participants. A young Palestinian died after being shot by Israeli soldiers. ... Some 2,000 people gathered in Tel Aviv on Saturday for a rally organized by the Israeli watchdog Peace Now, with smaller pro-tolerance marches held in Jerusalem and other Israeli cities. Protesters held banners reading "enough incitement, enough violence" and called on the government to crack down on crimes by Israeli West Bank settlers. ... The Saturday demonstrations come a day after suspected Jewish extremists set fire to a Palestinian house on the West Bank, killing a toddler in his sleep and seriously injuring his four-year-old brother and both of the parents. ... The burning was preceded by another suspected hate crime, when an ultra-Orthodox Jew stabbed six people at the Jerusalem gay pride parade on Thursday. One of the victims is still in critical condition. ...

... "We call on the government to take strong action against the violence of the settlers and to restart immediately the peace process," Peace Now director Yariv Oppenheimer told the AFP news agency at the Saturday rally in Tel Aviv. ... An uncle of the 18-month-old Palestinian toddler also addressed the crowd. ... The gathered citizens then joined a nearby vigil for the Pride victims, organized by Israel's gay community. ... Hundreds of people also gathered at the site of the stabbings in Jerusalem. ... "Flames of hatred have spread through our country, flames of violence, of hatred, of false and distorted beliefs," Israeli President Reuven Rivlin said in a speech to the crowd. ... [ I DISTRUST RIVLIN : AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED HE HAS MADE DEEPLY INFLAMMATORY REMARKS AND GIVEN EVERY ENCOURAGEMENT TO SUCH EXTREMISTS ] ... The attack on the Palestinian home also sparked protests and skirmishes between the Palestinians and Israeli security forces on Friday. An 18-year-old Palestinian died after Israeli soldiers shot him in the chest during a Friday rally near Ramallah, a Palestinian health official said on Saturday.
The army claims that they shot the youth after he threw a fire bomb at them. ... The Palestinians accuse the Tel Aviv government of not doing enough to protect them from hate crimes perpetrated by extremist Jewish settlers. Militants have for years targeted Palestinian property, as well as mosques, churches, peaceful Israeli groups and even Israeli military bases. ... "







http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-33739351 - longer piece : the BBC were licenced by the UK government to say some more ?

mmm ... Nothing there about Netanyahu's government introducing heavier sentences for stone throwing Palestinian youths as if they are murderers. One reason why I feel no inclination to go claim my Israeli passport in order to stand on the line is that I have a short temper and so I would probably create an incident e.g. by trying to grab one other from either side by the ear and firmly tell them off in no uncertain terms and Oh-God-That-I-Do-Not-Believe-In-But-Have-Faith-In I would write their parents some very stiff letters - I would most certainly want to have a word with Netanyahoo's mother ... I wonder if anybody has been willing to own up to being his father ?


'Price-Tag' attacks against Peace Now activists

Due to Peace Now's continued opposition to the development and construction of Jewish settlements in the West Bank/East Jerusalem, the organisation and several of its leading activists have been subject to 'price-tag' attacks and death-threats. ... A 'price-tag' attack is defined as a violent act committed against Palestinians, Israeli security forces and/or anti-settlement organisations by pro-settlement advocates in retaliation for terrorist attacks on Israeli targets, government demolition of structures in West Bank settlements or curbs on Israeli settlement construction in the West Bank. ... In response to the demolition of three homes in the Migron settlement (as a result of a petition submitted to the Israeli Supreme Court by Peace Now in 2006), right-wing demonstrators spray-painted 'Price Tag Migron', 'Revenge' and 'Death to Traitors' on the entrance to the residence of Hagit Ofran, the head of Peace Now's 'Settlement Watch' project, in early October 2011.[49] Following the incident, a police investigation was opened. Approximately two months later, another 'price tag' attack was carried out, again at Hagit Ofran's residence. ... At the 2011 Rabin commemoration rally in Tel Aviv, Hagit Ofran stated in reference to the recent 'price tag attacks':

" The graffiti was sprayed in my home, but the taunts are in all of our stairwells. The tag may have marked me, but we all pay the price. We must not fear. We are here, and we are many. We have a voice and we must raise it. And today we say to Benjamin Netanyahu: We are not afraid."

ISRAEL - http://peacenow.org.il/eng/

BRITAIN ( WEBSITE DOWN ? ) - https://www.facebook.com/britsforpeacenow

USA - http://peacenow.org/

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I am supposed to be going out for a drink and I am already late, but this email really pissed me off : yes - of course I object to absolutely all and everything compulsively, but can you not read the hypocrisy written right through this conception of things ? What I object to is the stupidity of this : if the Israelis do not come to Wales to play sports, present arts and generally freely wander around talking to The People in Wales then there can be no relationship built between us and The People in Palestine - so there can be no political dialogue other than through the secretive channels of nation-state diplomacy, in which case political expediency not political protest will be the order of the day. What this sort of protest does is to provide an easy and anonymous get-your-rocks-off because we have been licenced to hate someone event ... and before somebody mentions anti-Semitism - no, I do not think that the Palestine Solidarity Campaign are inciting hatred towards Jews or even Israelis ...

... This is exactly like those who cite Republicanism as a licence to get-their-rocks-off by hating Royalty : think it through - what is " Royalty " but a bunch of people who are associated with each other by blood relationships i.e. a minority community, albeit a very alien one which upsets and offends a lot of us - but that is no reason to justify discriminating against them as people, the problem lies in the non-political system called The United Kingdom - and in fact this is what Real Republicans have always said : Republicanism objects to putting " sovereignty " into People - whether it is all of them or just a few of them - for Republicanism is " The Rule of Law " and either you think that means " The Sovereignty of The Law " or it means that " Sovereignty " is bollocks anyway - there is only " The Law." This is one of the Republican reasons to object to " Israel " - not only that its " sovereignty " is based upon the Hierarchical assertion of stories that are mostly mythical or legendary, which are fine as stories, but bollocks as political reasoning - but that in instituting an injustice based upon discriminating against a bunch of people who are associated with each other by blood relationships i.e. a minority community, albeit a very alien one which upsets and offends a lot of them ...

... anyhow, the problem lies in the non-political system called The State of Israel - which like any other Democratic state in practising double standards of justice no longer possesses " The Rule of Law " and therefore has no credible claim to " Sovereignty " in traditional Republican eyes, and it certainly possesses no credible legal system and therefore no political legitimacy in the eyes of Post-Modernist Republicans. But Republicanism predicts that in deliberately breaking the relationships between The Israelis and The Welsh in the same way that The Israelis have deliberately broken their relationships with The Palestinians the results will be the same : all progress towards a political solution through the means of these relationships will become possible - partly because this is banning rather than boycotting, in which the relationships are not broken but an economic activity is suspended in order to refuse an offender licence to continue in their anti-social behaviour - boycotting is thus akin to staging a strikes, which are designed to restore justice to the relationships between the parties involved not to simply bring them to an end.

I think that the greater numbers of The Israelis that we can bring here to Wales, the more opportunities we will then have to provide them with the opportunities for developing their relationships with The Palestinians in a safer place for those of both parties willing to do so than when they are at home surrounded by the hostiles on both sides who might otherwise punish or kill them for doing so : the peace activists of both sides in this conflict are being attacked by those who feel licenced to hate them by the sectarian and partisan rhetoric of The Democrats in Israel and Palestine. However weird it may seem to others, I think that The People in Israel and The People in Palestine are the only ones who actually want peace : there are an awful lot of The People Who Live Elsewhere who will be terribly disappointed when this conflict is finally over - but do not worry, they will soon discover some other far away conflict to get their rocks off by Democratically licencing themselves to hate some other supposedly evil minority, without ever having to experience the anxiety provoking difficulties of actually being overwhelmed by any complicated situations. Perhaps it is best for Democrats to ban such events as these, lest they risk themselves upon the sporting chance that they might actually have the misfortune of their own rejections of their own projections of their own subjections of their own objections ?

( BTW - LIL'SIS : if you must insist on backing The Israeli State you can damn well back The Israeli Sports Teams as well : no more of this dubious switching of your allegiances just because you reckon that Wales is a safer bet or that Wales will win - which we will ... BBTW ... what do you stake ? ... Actually this is a good example of a broken relationship that precludes a political solution ... at the moment ... )


Are you a member of PSC? If not please join us now!! www.palestinecampaign.org/support/join/

This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed. If you have received this email in error, please notify the systems administrator at XXXX and delete the email and all attachments immediately. If you are not the intended recipient, any reliance on, use, disclosure, dissemination, distribution or copying of this email or attachments is strictly prohibited. We do not accept liability for any damage you sustain as a result of a virus introduced by this e-mail or any attachment and you are advised to use up-to-date virus checking software. Please only print this email if absolutely necessary.

Fair Play for Palestine - Protest Israeli Apartheid: Cardiff protest against Israel playing Wales in the UEFA qualifier – Sunday 6 September in Cardiff

There will be a March and Rally in Cardiff on Sunday the 6 September 2015, from 2pm to protest Israel's inclusion in UEFA at Wales v Israel, EURO 2016 qualifiers.



Our campaign, Fair Play for Palestine, part of Red Card Israeli Racism, is gathering in strength. On September 6th Israel is playing Wales at the Cardiff City Ground and we must show them that they are not welcome.

Israeli PR is already working to promote its image as ‘good sports’. This match gives us a huge opportunity to say loud and clear that Israel is an apartheid state and must become a pariah state.

Speakers at the rally outside the Cardiff ground are being arranged. These will include Welsh MEP Jill Evans, currently in Palestine, Manuel Hassassian, Palestinian Ambassador, and Jeremy Corbyn MP. The plan is to meet at Cardiff City Hall and then march to the Cardiff City ground for a big rally before the game kick-off at 5 pm.

The Palestinian BDS movement calls for a sporting and cultural boycott. We need to keep the momentum going in support of the suspension of Israel from FIFA and UEFA. Wales has drawn Israel in the qualifying round of the 2015/2016 UEFA Championships. There is no fair play in Israel, a country which is illegally occupying Palestine. Wales will be playing against a country which routinely prevents Palestinian people from playing football and competing in tournaments, a team which should be kicked out of UEFA and FIFA. The rules of FIFA and UEFA are clear that there should be freedom of movement for all players around the world and no racism in football. But Israel violates both principles with impunity.

We have the support of PCS and UNISON trade unions and other groups and this support is growing. We very much hope that you will be able to offer your support, we can be contacted through our email address, XXXX , our facebook page XXXX or follow us on twitter @XXXX





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For most of my life I never passed comment on the Israel-Palestine business, although as the ex-press officer of the pork barrel called The Welsh Socialist Alliance you can guess that I have never in particular held Socialist values but rather Internationalist values ... I see no point in saving the whole of The World if in the process you fail to save One Person ... and we tend to not be wary enough of our not knowing enough and projecting our personal preoccupations onto situations in other countries on the grounds when we will never ever have to go there and be disabused of our comfortable assumptions and valued prejudices ... on the other hand other countries often provide us with material to illustrate what is going on inside our own minds rather than what is going on in the minds of others ... but what is going on in the minds of Zionists ? ... Fortunately my Zionista sista and all of her friends are willing to tell me - and quite forcefully so as well - as to what is going on inside their heads and where I should go to in Israel-Palestine in order to have the contents of my head adjusted to their liking ... from time to time I read accounts of a variety situations and the thoughts of those involved in them - much easier now that the internet has arrived - but judging the value of what they say is always difficult : what a lone self-publishing wonderer through the pages of cyber-space opines is of little consequence because it has not been decided as valuable enough to be published by an editor ... but a national newspaper's opinion piece is a different matter ...


It’s Time to Admit It. Israeli Policy Is What It Is : Apartheid

Bradley Burston, Haaretz
August 17, 2015

I used to be one of those people who took issue with the label of apartheid as applied to Israel. Not anymore. ... What I’m about to write will not come easily for me. ... I used to be one of those people who took issue with the label of apartheid as applied to Israel. I was one of those people who could be counted on to argue that, while the country’s settlement and occupation policies were anti-democratic and brutal and slow-dose suicidal, the word apartheid did not apply. ... I’m not one of those people any more. Not after the last few weeks. ...

... This is what has become of the rule of law. Two sets of books. One for Us, and one to throw at Them. Apartheid. ... We are what we have created. We are what we do, and the injury we do in a thousand ways to millions of others. We are what we turn a blind eye to. Our Israel is what it has become : Apartheid. ... There was a time when I drew a distinction between Benjamin Netanyahu’s policies and this country I have loved so long. No more. Every single day we wake to yet another outrage. ...

... What does apartheid mean, in Israeli terms ? ...

... Apartheid means fundamentalist clergy spearheading the deepening of segregation, inequality, supremacism, and subjugation. ... Apartheid means Likud lawmaker and former Shin Bet chief Avi Dichter calling on Sunday for separate, segregated roads and highways for Jews and Arabs in the West Bank. ... Apartheid means hundreds of attacks by settlers targeting Palestinian property, livelihoods, and lives, without convictions, charges, or even suspects. Apartheid means uncounted Palestinians jailed without trial, shot dead without trial, shot dead in the back while fleeing and without just cause. ... Apartheid means Israeli officials using the army, police, military courts, and draconian administrative detentions, not only to head off terrorism, but to curtail nearly every avenue of non-violent protest available to Palestinians. ... Years ago, in apartheid South Africa, Jews who loved their country and hated its policies, took courageous roles in defeating with non-violence a regime of racism and denial of human rights. ... May we in Israel follow their example. ...

I will curtail my clippings there : it is worth reading - short and punchy, but with a passionate sort of despairing resolution also ... and the lesson to be drawn from this by us in The United Kingdom ? That only one of his statements is wildly inaccurate : you do not need apartheid for this kind of collapse in civilised values, but only a very Conservative government.

" Only under a system as warped as apartheid, does a government need to label and treat non-violence as terrorism."
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Wales played Israel on Sunday at football and there were speeches in Cathays Park ( the civic centre ) before a lot of people marched off to Ninian Park ( the football ground ) and then demonstrated in Jubilee Park ( the park.) Apparently there was a small pro-Israel demonstration versus well over a thousand anti-Israel demonstrators ... I am sort of glad that I was too lame to walk this distance and went off for a lunchtime discussion with Daf in order to firmly deny that my getting rid of Democracy out of my political arguments makes me into a Jihadist ... anyhow, here are some press pointers ...



" Gratuitous Israeli violence injures Iyad Burnat which keeps him away from the big Cardiff rally ... Iyad had two ribs broken by Israeli forces when he led a peaceful demonstration in the West Bank earlier this week. He was due to be one of the main speakers at the Cardiff rally on 6th September. ... "


" Wales v. Israel – March and rally in Cardiff ... Our campaign, Fair Play for Palestine, part of Red Card Israeli Racism, is gathering in strength. But we need your help. On September 6th Israel is playing Wales at the Cardiff City Ground and we must show them that they are not welcome. ... The Palestinian BDS movement calls for a sporting and cultural boycott. We need to keep the momentum going in support of the suspension of Israel from FIFA and UEFA. Wales has drawn Israel in the qualifying round of the 2015/2016 UEFA Championships. There is no fair play in Israel, a country which is illegally occupying Palestine. Wales will be playing against a country which routinely prevents Palestinian people from playing football and competing in tournaments, a team which should be kicked out of UEFA and FIFA. The rules of FIFA and UEFA are clear that there should be freedom of movement for all players around the world and no racism in football. But Israel violates both principles with impunity. ... "


[ +VIDEO ] Pro-Palestine protesters march through Cardiff ahead of Wales v Israel clash ... An estimated 1,500 pro-Palestine protesters marched towards the Cardiff City Stadium ahead of Wales’ Euro Championship qualifier against Israel in protest at the away side’s UEFA membership. ... The march, which began at City Hall, travelled through the city centre and finished at Jubilee Park next to the Cardiff City Stadium, where around 300 people from the pro-Israel Zionist Federation also gathered. ... But the two groups were kept around 100 metres apart by barriers, as police looked to take control of the situation. ... Shavanah Taj, secretary of PCS Wales, said: “Everyone seems to be quite lively for this peaceful demonstration. We’ve had people travelling down in coaches from Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, London, Newport, Bristol and various other places, so it’s been a good day.” ... PCS accuses Israel of being an apartheid state by treating Palestinians as second-class citizens, and demands football governing bodies Fifa and Uefa expel the country from its competitions. ...

... Arieh Miller, executive director of the Zionist Federation, said: “We are here to celebrate an incredible football game between Israel and Wales and welcome the Israeli national team and the fans from Israel to this amazing city. ... “We feel the match has the ability to go over and above politics. If some individuals - a small, very vocal minority - choose to bring politics into sport, that really is shame. ... “The Israeli national team is the only team in the Middle East where you have Jews, Muslims and Christians all playing side by side with the same shirt in the same colours for the same manager and the common cause of beating their opponents. ... “Unfortunately, those protesters are trying to silence that coexistence and cooperation when in actual fact that’s the exact message we should all be promoting for peace.” ...




Protesters greet Israel in Cardiff before Euro 2016 match with Wales ... Hundreds of football fans held demonstrations in the city prior to kick-off calling for Israel to be booted out of international sport ... Adie Mormech was looking distinctly uncomfortable as he held a banner declaring that the Kop – the famous football stand at Liverpool’s Anfield stadium – believed Israel should be booted out of international sport. ... It was not that he lacked confidence in the rightness of the cause or was struggling with the weight of the banner on a bright sunny day in Cardiff. “I’m a Manchester United fan,” he said. “I’ve never held a Liverpool banner before and never will again. But this is such an important cause, you have to put aside the usual loyalties.” ... Mormech, who is from Manchester, said he had worked as a teacher in Gaza and had witnessed the suffering of the people there. He said all aspects of life in Palestine, including sport, were affected by the “illegal occupation”. ... “Israel can’t be part of Europe, can’t be part of European sport if it denies the people of Palestine their right to life, their right to a sporting life,” he said. “We’ve tried diplomacy, we’ve tried everything, it’s time to say: ‘Enough is enough.’” ...

... Members of the Easton Cowgirls, a women’s football team from Bristol, also joined the demonstration. The squad travelled to the West Bank last autumn to play local teams and learn about the situation there. ... The team’s spokeswoman ( and midfielder ), Isabel O’Hagan, said: “What we saw really affected us, how they are restricted in their movements, the daily oppression they are subjected to. We promised when we came back we’d share their story. We’re here to represent the people we played with there and the people we met there.” O’Hagan said it was a “shame” to mix sport and politics. “But sport is a freedom, a way of expressing yourself. Accepting [ Israel ] playing here is like accepting the occupation.” ... "



What appears above is conventional advertising and reporting ... but such events can be misrepresented of course - and I am just at a loose end for a few minutes ... really I should be spending my time on writing a poem ...


- this places PSC, Red Card and the " Jewish Left " on the same page as " Al-Jihad, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hesbollah, Isis, Taliban " etc - this has a .co.uk address but is an American website, probably state sponsored ...

... notice the difference between the slick state sponsored " Terrorism Headlines " and the ramshackle ramblings of Repwblic : you know our names and our faces from this website and we publish an actual email for you to write to and whilst we do not want to be so stupid as to invite trouble from anonymous criminals by publishing our addresses and phone numbers these can indeed be easily found or simply requested ... think it through now : Palestine Solidarity Campaign are equally transparent and yet here they are being dumped into the same category as Al-Qaeda etc ... and like PSC but upon fewer occasions Repwblic also makes written representations in exactly the same way that any other such organisation does : tell me then why David Cameron who has as Prime Minister has actually received correspondence from Repwblic should be contemplating legislation which might actually define Repwblic as a terrorist organisation ... us ? ... terrorists ? ... organised ? ... definable ? ...

... in case I have not mentioned this recently, we accept surveillance and Repwblic may be a mess but it is openly so i.e. this amount of dis-organisation can only be conducted upon the principles of " The Open Conspiracy " ... and in line with the principles of O/C we do not write any encrypted emails nor do we use dead-letter boxes, raise our trouser legs or make any funny hand shaking signals besides the big friendly wave of The Open Hand - as used by the billions of other terrorists living on this planet upon whom the Secret Intelligence Service make a living out of by advising Prime Ministers to be terrified of ...
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Well I guess that rational reasonable arguments can have no effect on the Zionists ... but perhaps heaven has decreed that their time is now up ... ?


... Owch - that pop music is neither relevant nor good ... but this is the kind of crazy paranoid stuff which stops solutions - here is another hour and a half of it -

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7TuDu8pp-g ... Laughing ....

... Aw c'mon - whomsoever needs Ga-ad to stick signs in the skies - in order to notice the fact that World War Three is now underway - and encircling the Israelis ? ...


... Solutions are available for this political headache however : just take two tablets as often as necessary - yeah, yeah, I know that this advice may prove to be difficult to swallow ...

... I got so engrossed in all of those mystical prophecies - which used to amuse me rather more, but I do not like such things being projected onto Israel and still less do I like those who use them to confuse them - that I decided to knock that up using one of my photos ( taken last night as I mooned over the scene in my back garden around 03.30 am this morning ) together with these other images taken from the interweb that we are now all entangled in ... Daf and I used to go dashing up mountains in the middle of the night to observe these events but the exact timing always eluded us : Cardiff's real time of course is determined by its longitude of (approx ) 3.18 west of Greenwich which means that we are always a few minutes behind London, give or take thirty very odd years ...

... The astrological basis of so many religions is of course always of curiosity : it definitely makes sense when you are planting crops but rather less sense when you are extending and contracting years to match lunar cycles or when you are laying out the millenia to explain why you are making political decisions in reference to the behaviour of people in myths and legends, albeit with a fair amount of real historical events mixed in also ... e.g. when people pick The Battle of Hastings to justify something they rarely cite Harold : un-reasoning from historical events is the ir-rationality of identifying with " The Winners " to assert the rightness of your cause ... it is more reasonable to rationalise that most of us are descended from " The Losers " i.e. those who were plundered, raped, murdered - and thus to recognise exactly what those identifying with " The Winners " are in fact proposing to do both to others and then ultimately will do to us and so therefore we should realise that we should reject any claims that anybody makes to any kind of " an historic destiny " - whether claimed to be written in the stars or elsewhere.
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Hey ... I goggled " Netanyahu " and " Mufti " and the laptop once more goes into overdrive as if I were playing some kind of a video war game ... no, I am just going to drone on again ... remotely viewing a situation which takes up too much of my attention ... I wish that they would make peace so I could get back to reading about Machiavelli ... did you know that " The Prince " is a piss-take out of Cesare Borgia ? ... Contrast Cicero's " Fear is but a poor safeguard of lasting power " with Machiavelli's " It is much safer for a prince to be feared than loved." ... There may be something in the latter ( although I much prefer the former ) because if you are known to steadfastedly resort to violence then everybody at least knows where they stand and so it has a kind of honesty to it ... but what if you are liar ? ... It is really not possible for liars to have political allies and impossible for them to be believed when they make political proposals to their opponents still less their enemies ... Netanyahu may have excited those who delight in hurling any kind of abuse around - but like a child playing with his own excrement I think that most of this is going to stick to him ... I dearly hope however that this does not stick to his compatriots.


Netanyahu: Hitler Didn't Want to Exterminate the Jews

Prime minister tells World Zionist Congress that Hitler only wanted to expel the Jews, but Jerusalem's Grand Mufti convinced him to exterminate them, a claim that was rejected by most accepted Holocaust scholars.

( there is a video of him saying it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=-Ju1w-iDR0o )

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sparked public uproar when on Tuesday he claimed that the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, was the one who planted the idea of the extermination of European Jewry in Adolf Hitler's mind. The Nazi ruler, Netanyahu said, had no intention of killing the Jews, but only to expel them.

In a speech before the World Zionist Congress in Jerusalem, Netanyahu described a meeting between Husseini and Hitler in November, 1941: "Hitler didn't want to exterminate the Jews at the time, he wanted to expel the Jew. And Haj Amin al-Husseini went to Hitler and said, 'If you expel them, they'll all come here (to Palestine).' According to Netanyahu, Hitler then asked: "What should I do with them?" and the mufti replied: "Burn them."

Netanyahu's remarks were quick to spark a social media storm, though Netanyahu made a similar claim during a Knesset speech in 2012, where he described the Husseini as "one of the leading architects" of the final solution.

( Silent footage of Husseini meeting Hitler - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVGUUaZyXyg )

It certainly did create a media storm and I was watching some of it earlier on Al-jazeera where some conscientious people were refuting it and some misguided people were out of some misconceived purpose defending it ... something I want to say here is that Netanyahu has made a number of contradictory statements about such things as a single / double state solution, about his aims concerning Al-Aqsa, about a whole string of things and apparently people all over love him for it ... like it is some kind of game ... he denies in this that any executions of Palestinians have been happening but there are a number of videos around which contradict this. But I really do not want to spend my time recounting third hand what is to be found elsewhere on the internet only to ... >sigh< ... in a society plunged into such a darkness, surely all cuts are red ?

( Benjamin Franklin was prevented from saying that in 1745 by John Heywood who was not the first to not to say it in 1546.)


Hebron, Occupied West Bank - A Palestinian human rights organisation is conducting an investigation into whether Israeli soldiers planted a knife on the body of a Palestinian man who was shot dead by an Israeli settler in Hebron on Saturday, after the settler claimed that he tried to stab him.

Shawan Jabarin, the general director of Ramallah-based Palestinian human rights organisation Al Haq, said the evidence was still under investigation. "If it is proven correct that the knife was planted, then this will have significant implications from an international and legal point of view," Jabarin told Al Jazeera.

"First, there is no justification for killing an unarmed person, so the killing itself is a crime. And secondly, there would be the secondary crime of trying to cover up the killing."

The Sharabati family who videotaped the shooting of Fadel al-Kawasmeh,18, and the alleged planting of the knife say they are living in fear for their safety.


Israeli-Palestinian conflict: 'I want to stab a Jew' says knife-wielding girl in shocking video - By Umberto Bacchi

Online opprobrium has been sparked by footage showing a little girl brandishing a knife as she says to the camera that she wants to "stab a Jew". The home video was posted on social media last week, amid the spate of stab attacks that have plunged Israel and the Palestinian territories into violence.

The clip was uploaded on 16 October on a Facebook account in the name of Abdulhaleem Abuesha, who according to the page is a Jordanian-Palestinian schoolteacher in the city of Madaba that is home to a large Palestinian refugee camp. It was later picked up and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (Memri), a US monitoring group, which identified the girl, named Rahf, as Abuesha's daughter.


... hellllll ... I've got to copy it out by hand ? ... welllll ... what better ways have I got to screw up my evening ... just amuse yourselves for a long while ... try relearning the words to this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvmcRKvyrWk ... >sniffle< ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZytmTmZbbk ... >giggle< ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qQSAEMq5ko ... >goggle<

... the Zionist ruling-class in Israel decided that everybody ought to be educated, sophisticated and carry a gun - and so in accordance with their mentality they decided to impose Hebrew and thus to wage war on Yixxish because it is like Welsh : the useless backward language of illiterate ignorant medieval peasants ... you know - the ones who sweep up, repair machinery, build architectural wonders, devise marvels of engineering and teach modern languages to them in their universities : those poorer people who had no where else to go after WW2 and having fought for their colonial masters to create the state of Israel were not given their share of the spoils in the Israel Corporation and so were left with only their share in the humanity of all nations ... the trouble with modern Hebrew however is that it is not Yixxish : it is more like Fortran, Pascal or Python - have you ever tried to express pleasure in C+ ? ... Mind you, there is something to be said in favour of teaching all babies from the outset a universally understood and culturally non-aligned language like ... binary code ? ... da-da-ma-ma-ma-da-ma-ma-da-da-da-da-ma-ma-ma-da-ma-ma-da-ma-da-oh-sod-it-I'm-fifty-three-I-can't-go-back-to-that ... I don't think that children like to be stuck with such a limited range of ways to express themselves either, so they have started demanding that their parents teach them Yixxish again ... Yixxish ? ... The Zionists have persuaded the United Kingdom to have ISP's list " Yix " as a racist slur word and one of the pages above has been banned - ! - like " Wexsh " is in the USA ...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGRS7sSn6Ts - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHNqvtCHctE

... it took me ages but I put those two together to show how sentences in informally spoken Yixxish and Wexsh have astoundingly similar melodies : merely because they are peasant languages ? ... Or because the way in which any language is spoken reflects how people are holding their bodies and that in turn reflects their mental state which is a result of how the communities they live in make them feel about their social relationships : Hebrew and English are formally spoken and dull, rigid and limited in their melodic ranges and the more adapted to an authoritarian regime a person is the more up-tight they become physically and more constricted their means to speak and ... I ought to point out at this point that I my own accent in whatever language I am attempting to speak in is horrible in my own ears ( even if other people like it ) ... my preferred means of communication is in writing ( but everybody else complains about my writing.) ... ( about my UNREADABLE writing IN BIRO - not about what I write here ) ... ( nobody bothers to read this thread any more as far as this ) ... so much for my project of copying out that old newspaper article.

Over tea and toast and ashes I gave the above a little more thought because whilst I was searching for a good clearly spoken Welsh child I came across the following - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0GDHedkTxY - which had me thinking about that Palestinian child brandishing a knife and - of course - that there will be Israeli children doing similar ... if not encouraged by their parents or their governments, the fear and anger and incomprehension as to how to deal with what is a very real threat is most certainly bound to be a preoccupation ... right now in Wales ( and a lot of The World ) kids are becoming housebound for many reasons and spend their lives ... mostly boys spend their lives ... in a sense of perfect safety blowing things up and killing people, literally readying them for the wars of the future in which they will probably be subcontracted by their various militaries to kill people remotely in various job creation schemes in exchange for credits to put towards their further education ... apparently Obama already has some scheme going involving baseball cards ... despite the fact that Palestinian and Israeli kids have been learning the same murderous paradigms for generations it might be said in their favour that at least they have not mixed up an imaginary world with the real world, which I suspect that those who govern them and us often do because they are insulated from the actions which they command others to perform ... like infantile teenagers hidden away in their bunker beds ... treating the lives of the rest of us as having no more consequence than the flickering images on their television screens ...

In the 1980s those in command of the non-political system called the United Kingdom were plunging milions of people into unemployment and poverty whilst simultaneously getting us to pay for nuclear missiles for our " defence " yet building underground bunkers for themselves - not for us ! ... In the event of a nuclear attack upon the United States of America i.e. upon the United Kingdom we were advised to use ordinary household white paint to protect ourselves from the consequences of the thermo-nuclear explosions ... now in the USA they were simply advised to put their heads between their legs and kiss their arses goodbye - which is sound advice - but there is this difference between the USA and the UK in the event of thermo-nuclear war : the population even in the cities of the USA is more thinly distributed and in theory nearly anybody who survives can not only walk to a place of safety within three days but also will be walking towards food ... nobody in the UK can do this ... nevertheless there has been a brisk trade in white paint ever since as people cling to this pathetic straw of comfort ever since with people privately rehearsing their three minute warning routine ever since with fierce arguments over the merits of gloss versus emulsion, brush versus roller and the danger of using thinners and keeping on mascara - not to mention as to whether we should remove our clothes first and how we can pass ourselves off as a flash-mob mime if this proves to be yet another false alarm or merely just a dress rehearsal ...

... just as an aside here on the nuclear issue : you thought that Auschwitz etc was a long way ago ? ... If you live within a state whose rulers assure you that their nuclear weapons are protecting you - think on this : if they can not be attacked by conventional means, what kind of attack is therefore the only kind of attack likely to be launched by a rival power ? In theory the ideal kind of nuclear attack will be a deniable one in which there will be no declaration of war and no identifiable enemy - it will simply happen and if your government survives to launch a counter-attack then at whom will they direct it ? ... The Jews did not jump for joy to be given a free railway journey by the Nazis and anything taken from them to finance their deaths was not given freely - and yet now so many people meekly pay for the means to kill them and express gratitude to their killers for preparing their deaths ... the result will be the same : they will go up in smoke ... no Muftis required ... but then in all likelyhood some crazy senile Democrats will convince themselves that launching a pre-emptive nuclear strike will be the only way in which they can secure their majority against the next bi-election ... remember how Hitler came to power - Democratically elected, then he did a deal with the Liberal Democrats in order to become a dictator and then banned all other parties in order to secure his majority ... er ... actually I am not quite sure it was the Liberal Democrats ... perhaps it was the Cooperative Labour Party ?

... anyway - whether the inferno portrayed is that of accidental thermo-nuclear war or of some act of arson attributed to others by the Democrats who deliberately destroyed their own political institution, the point is that if as adults we can be easily emotionally manipulated through propaganda even when things are not happening - that we calmly ignore the idea that The Democrats in Wales and Westminster are placing our lives in danger whilst simultaneously are hiding behind the sofa and afraid to reach for the remote control in case Dr Who fails to defeat the Daleks on this occasion - how much more so are children going to be affected by what they hear and fear because they do not have the means to distinguish fact from fiction ... and even if they can, if their whole experience does not extend beyond the fact of their lives being lived in constant fear of threat - then how are they supposed to imagine living without the fear of threat ? ... If they can imagine living without the fear of threat - how can it be other for them than like a daydream ... something which they see on television or in a movie ... ridiculous ... unbelievable - and unliveable : you can not take a child out of such a situation and expect them to behave peacefully ... nor should you expect them to simply recover after peace has broken out ... it is not possible and no amount of therapeutic intervention can completely undo the harm : it can help to form a scab over such open wounds, but they remain infected ... and the children of the children of these children etc will receive the same wounds from their parents - and their infections.


הלֹא תִשְׁתַּחֲוֶה לָהֶם וְלֹא תָעָבְדֵם כִּי אָנֹכִי
יְהֹוָה אֱלֹהֶיךָ אֵל קַנָּא פֹּקֵד עֲוֹן אָבוֹת עַל בָּנִים
עַל שִׁלֵּשִׁים וְעַל רִבֵּעִים לְשׂנְאָי:

So Netanyahoo will appear as a prophet to all of those millions who find it gratifying to imagine the Palestinians to be debased murderous morons ... none of whom have to live with the consequences of his policies ... whereas the Israelis I suspect are not so unaware of the consequences ... because they also have to live with the same problem that the Palestinians have : neither Israelis nor Palestinians know how to stop the conflict because so few amongst them can spread so much terror amongst them, quite without any actual physical acts of violence - just by propaganda ... I have no solutions to prescribe for bystanders - besides booing those who do bad and cheering those who do good - but ... I might risk imagining a solution because of the very mechanism of this propaganda - imagination ... if you can not ascertain the truth of what is going on then it is wise to refrain from believing anything ... but if you are going to be caught up in strong emotions about imaginary things - then why ruin your life by imagining unhappy things ... impractical ? ... Just contemplate the difference between approaching a stranger optimistically or pessimistically : smile and shake them by the hand - or scowl and punch them in the face ...

... I thought of finishing this with a collage but I am tired ... just google images of " Israeli child injured " and " Palestinian child injured " ...

... and then in order to predict where the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is now going to go - well use your imagination : make your own propaganda ...



here- http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?p=2956#2956


https://endzog.wordpress.com/2013/10/ ... " white nations - white people - white power " - " Call For White Revolution ~ Dr. William Luther Pierce "

... if this American anti-semitic stuff were to be distributed on the streets in Wales then the presenters of it would be arrested ... well - theoretically ... the South Wales Police might demand a number of copies for their files and their friends' files, and then the Crown Prosecution Service would write a stiff letter to the unrecorded offenders - cautioning them not to get caught for this offence much more and inviting them to apply to the Welsh Government for some sort of training grant in order to start up a new line of business ... in a sense the business of endzog is not even about hatred but rather is a kind of obsessive daydream that would be forgotten if it did not excite offence : I sense that it is their excitement in offending others which motivates the authors - and since they are ... huh - like me ... sitting in dark rooms and cut off from the rest of humanity and oblivious to the consequences of their actions ... ( which I am not ) ... they are either indifferent to the fact that morons might act upon it - or excited by the fact that morons might act upon it ... but not actually really very interested in the consequences either way ...

... When I infer that the South Wales Police are racist it is because I have witnessed it myself and it is because the legal system in Wales is an even worse joke that I am motivated to seriously advocate for Republicanism : apparently some people think that I make this serious thing sound trivial - well that is a whole lot better than endzog making a trivial thing serious ... in a fairly professional desk-top presentational manner endzog exhorts the reader to kill jews through the use of videos, graphics and texts which entirely lack rationality and reason and are therefore devoid of humour ... I suspect however that enzog may be addictive for some, and therefore that would explain it : its authors are the literary equivalent of drug-pushers, sneering at the addicts who they provide this for whilst worrying as to whether they will make enough to pay off their own drug-dealers ...
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 01, 2015 1:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I do not intend to comment - I am just browsing the videos of those calling themselves Republicans in The United States of America ...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7ByJb7QQ9U - Debunking The Palestinian Lie - stop motion drawings ( I think that the narrator is Bill Whittle.)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FebTbi9_3b0 - Five Palestinian lies

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBYkBqY1-LM - The ACTUAL Truth About Palestine in response to Danny Ayalon ( by Dana Dajani and Lara Sawalha )

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPX0F-UqF-k - 5 Reasons Why Israel is an Apartheid State | Weapons of Mass Distraction ( RTE Abby Martin )

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXh7HfEFhik -
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 19, 2015 4:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I have just been writing an email into which I threw this - after all I had been struggling with my crayons an awful lot - but I have little to say recently because quite a lot is happening in the aftermath of the mass attack in Paris - which of course is being used in Israel as a reason to ban just about everything ... as it is in The United Kingdom ... I can not help but feel that all of this is being scripted or ' allowed ' i.e. that the security services had become aware of the threat and it happened to be a very conveniently timed and useful one ... the news reports seem to have had a strong narrative structure as if their stories are being written out for Commando Comix - for war war war ...


When I was playing with my crayons last night part of that was because of the pleasure of reading this interesting opinion piece by Jonathan Freedland which more or less contains everything which any Republican might want for an evening's entertainment and encouragement for what we might be able to do for the Israelis and Palestinians.


Diaspora Jews offer a rare chance for hope in the Middle East - Jonathan Freedland

... Irish Americans helped settle the conflict in Northern Ireland. Jewish communities could play a similar role for Israel and Palestine ...

... The scholar Fred Halliday used to joke that there was a doctoral thesis waiting to be written on “irresponsible diasporas”, focusing on those who, when it comes to the affairs of the old country, strike poses that help no one. ... The Halliday anxiety was that they often play a wrecking role. ...

... London’s City University published a new and comprehensive survey of British Jewish attitudes to Israel. Unsurprisingly, it found that Israel is central to Jewish lives: some 93% said it forms some part of their identity as Jews. ... Three-quarters regard expansion of Israeli settlements in the West Bank as a “major obstacle to peace”, with 68% admitting to feeling “a sense of despair” every time there’s a further expansion. ... Around half of those surveyed said they believe the Israeli government is “constantly creating obstacles to avoid engaging in peace negotiations”, with 73% clear that this approach is damaging Israel’s standing in the world. ... They are capable of supporting Israel’s right to exist, taking pride in its achievements on the one hand – and lambasting Israeli policy on the other. ...

... In this context, we need Halliday to be wrong. In Northern Ireland a key part of the diaspora eventually proved it could be responsible and constructive, rather than wreckers. ... Such groups may not shout as loud as others who claim to speak for their community. We know already how diasporas can be part of the problem. But history – and hope – suggests they can be part of the solution too. ...



Well after several days I now get around to skimming " The Attitudes of British Jews Towards Israel " by Stephen Miller, Margaret Herris and Colin Shindler ( & former editor of The Jewish Chronicle Edward Temko ? ) for the Department of Sociology of the School of Arts and Social Sciences of the University of London : it was commissioned by Yachad -

http://yachad.org.uk/ - http://yachad.org.uk/research/#.VlWiJdLhCt8

Hannah Weisfeld, director of Yachad said of the findings of the report:

“The community is shifting. Feelings of despair, conflict between loyalty to Israel and concern over policies of the government are mainstream not marginal positions. The research shows we are more willing to speak out on these issues than ever before. Members of Anglo-Jewry who have previously been afraid to give voice to their concerns over Israeli government policy, should realise that they are in fact part of the majority.

This is against the backdrop of a Jewish community that remains fully committed to Israel and its centrality to Jewish identity.”

I am not so sure that I trust the short account of the report given on that webpage : however you look at it support for Zionism has crashed in Britain - the way that I read this survey is that the persons selected for it may not reflect the wider more secularised communities which have little to do with those practising and involved in cultural organisations which are pre-occupied with a Jewish identity ... I suspect that this might be argued to be an " English Jewry " survey where there are more of the less secularised. The survey interviewed 1131 and tried to assess them on a " Hawkishness - Dovishness " scale ... the sampling techniques were (a) to select typically Jewish names from the Electoral Register [ I do not think that that is reliable - surely it slants the selection against the descendents of Jewish communities that arrived before WW1, those who more readily Anglicised their names ? ] - (b) discriminative snowballing to ask those they could identify as Jewish to invite other Jewish people they knew to also respond [ they acknowledge that this can omit or slant communities but argue that their method has been compensated for ] - (c) an online panel ... they debate the implications of these methods on pages 49-50.

There was a previous similar survey 2000 JPR which they compared their results with and the implications of it are that British Jewry's stances towards Israel and Zionism have distinctly shifted in the past five years - that people are saying " ... enough is enough ... ? ... what can we do ... ? ... "

I will not try to recount the whole report - there is a link both on Yachad's website and in Jonathan Freedland's opinion piece and it is best examined ... but I am going to skim it noting what is of interest to me ...

In - " Figure Ap1.1 - Which of the following best describes the role of Israel in your Jewish identity ? " - there is a drop of 53>41 for " important but not central " ... i.e. a drop of 22% - with now only 32% regarding it as " central "... except that is to bend the figures to argue my case : the latter actually went up 3% and whilst they are equivocating in saying " some role " some 9% went in the other direction - the curve is flattening ?

In - " Figure Ap1.2 - How much would you say you personally know about the current political situation in Israel ( percentage responses ) " - I am surprised to see 62% claiming to know a " fair amount " ... my own policy is based upon what I observe : that even The People in Israel do not know what is going on - and nor do The People in Palestine - and they are the ones who actually have to sort the mess out between them ... how much worse can it get if those outside of the situation try to prescribe solutions for either side or both which are based upon the assumption that we know a " fair amount " - ? ... hence we should stick to cheering on all those whom we think are doing right and booing down all those who are doing wrong - and to offering up our thoughts but not pressing them upon others who are so distracted - and supporting them all but neither interfering nor to taking sides ...

In - " Figure Ap1.3 - Percentage of respondents visitng Israel in the past 10 years by number of visits " - I am surprised to see that it has actually gone down from 32>22 for " none " but that might reflect more affluence ... on the other hand those averaging over one visit a year has gone up 18>25 ... I wonder whether these are actually Israeli students coming the other way ? ... Basically arguably a quarter of those surveyed were able to claim a personal experience of some sort to argue as the basis of their having some authoritative view upon what their stance towards Israel might be ... me ? ... I have never been there but then I have heard quite enough about it from people who have not been there either - quite enough ... not to mention that I have heard quite quite quite enough from those that have been there !

There is so much of interest to be found in this report that I am tempted to just quote the whole lot verbatim ... I recommend that you just go read it - but let me end this piece with this one quotation -

Knowing what others think

" The survey included a method of assessing how well British Jews can judge the representativeness of their own views on Israel. We found that those with more ‘hawkish’ attitudes tended to over-estimate the pervasiveness of their own views by a factor of 2 ; those with more ‘dovish’ attitudes tend to under-estimate the pervasiveness of
their own views by about 10%."

LET ME JUST REPEAT THAT - " ... those with more ‘hawkish’ attitudes tended to over-estimate the pervasiveness of their own views by a factor of 2 ... "
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 07, 2015 10:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This is being broadcast on BBC 4 tonight - Storyville 10pm - 07/12/15


The Six-Day War: Censored Voices ... Storyville, 2015-2016

Documentary about a long-withheld piece of oral history - a series of tape-recorded interviews conducted with returning Israeli soldiers after Israel's land gains in the Six-Day War of 1967. Led by the author Amos Oz, a group of kibbutzniks joined together in intimate, taped conversations directly after returning from battlefield.

At the time only a few of these recordings were permitted to gain a public hearing by the Israeli government, but this film reveals them to the public for the first time. The uncensored testimonies suggest that the soldiers were not euphoric about the outcome, but instead were profoundly depressed about what the victory cost.

In this brilliantly-conceived documentary, director Mor Loushy takes the old testimonies recorded by the Israeli soldiers in the immediate aftermath of the war, and plays the recordings back to the now-aged veterans and observes their responses.


I thought that I would watch that and make notes but I will leave it at this : watch it - this has the taste of truth in its mouth ... for all wars.


http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06s0g85 - interview with Mor Loushy

" ... Clearly Censored Voices is a film in which the story is important and the characters are homorganic and that's a great part of the strength of the film ... From the day I learned about the original recordings made by Avraham Shapira and Amos Oz in 1967 straight after that war, the war which practically changed and molded the character of the Israeli society, I knew they contained a real treasure. Authentic voices from 1967 which would truthfully reflect what it was like in the days after that war. Voices that were censored by the army and the Israeli society had no interest in listening to ... I was surprised by how accurate their prophecies of the future were. It's scary to think how much they understood about our future from having been in the battlefield and seen the dynamics of occupying civilians, and how much no one wanted to hear their thoughts ... I believe that Censored Voices and the voices of the soldiers carry a universal message. Although it is about The 6 Days War, I think that every viewer can take it to the war in his or her own country, to the psychology of war. I believe that it exposes a chord in the human race that leads us to make wars, to sin, to animal behavior and to silencing all that. And yet, I believe that it also carries a message of peace, a message that says- the price we're paying for war is much too high and we have to look for a different solution ... Israeli society also understands the film on a deeper level regarding our conflict, but at the end of the day the Israeli audience took the film with that message as well – we’ve had enough wars, the price that we're paying is much too high ... "






'Censored Voices' Film Tears Apart Israel's Heroic Narrative of Six-Day War

In the wake of the 1967 war, Israel’s victorious soldiers were lionized as heroes; but many didn't feel that way, a new documentary shows. ... Traveling from kibbutz to kibbutz with a borrowed reel-to-reel tape recorder, Shapira and Oz convinced fellow veterans to open up about their feelings, their memories and their misgivings from the war. But when they moved to publish what they had gathered, the Israeli government censored 70 percent of the material. Shapira published the remaining 30 percent in his book “The Seventh Day: Soldiers’ Talk about the Six-Day War.” ... What emerges is a vivid portrait of the war as it was lived by those who fought in it. In the tradition of soldier’s-eye narratives like “A Farewell to Arms” and “The Red Badge of Courage,” the movie allows the soldiers to depict themselves as confused, selfishly afraid, often stupefied by the sight of death and dying, and morally troubled when they encounter the enemy as fellow humans. ... The veterans also graphically describe multiple instances of Israeli soldiers — including themselves — shooting unarmed soldiers and civilians. ... "

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkXGXE6q1Wo - TRAILER

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Octl87aHvbw - TRAILER

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32w20emnacg - AH ... REDIRECTED ? - YOU CAN TRY DONNAPLAY BUT WITH CAUTION : DONNAPLAY HAS HAD A LOT OF COMPLAINTS ABOUT IT : IT IS BEING CALLED A SCAM SITE - www.chanmovieka.lonbre.com/51ho5om








... a - nos da ...
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 13, 2016 12:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

There is more happening recently than I really care to know about : Repwblic is not a news service but a conversation searching for things to talk about ... I sense that whatever abnormal is happening at the moment in Israel and Palestine will become normal in ever other country soon afterwards : that once The Zionists have got away with it The Demockerats in every other country will immediately declare that what they have done is normal and necessary - so take a look at what your own Demockerats may be doing to you soon ...


Israeli Ministers Pass Contentious Bill to 'Out' Foreign-funded NGOs

The “Transparency Bill,” sponsored by Justice Minister Shaked, would require non-profits receiving more than half of their funding from foreign governments to officially note it in their official publications. In practice, the legislation would affect left-wing organizations almost exclusively ... opposition leader Isaac Herzog wrote on his Facebook page: “Ayelet Shaked, minister of justice – you are bringing forward a bad law, a censorious law that tarnishes our image and should not be included in Israel’s law books. This is a country that champions freedom of thought and expression and which was, until you came along, the only one in the Middle East to do so. But you are opposed to this, you want a thought police. You and the government you are part of, mainly the prime minister, want only one opinion to be heard. You are afraid of other opinions, too weak to confront anyone who disagrees with you.” ...

... MK Michael Oren (Kulanu), a former ambassador to the United States, said he would not support the bill in its current form when it is brought to a Knesset vote ... “I have no doubt,” he continued, “that left-wing non-profits such as Breaking the Silence are working to undermine the legitimacy of the State of Israel, and it is our duty as lawmakers to reveal their funding sources to the public. But such one-sided exposure, which ignores the funding sources of extreme-right non-profits, might play exactly into the hands of those elements that are trying to boycott us.” ... After the vote, Shaked said, “The European Union ambassador spoke out today against this bill, saying that it harms our democracy. He asked that Israel refrain from taking actions that would impede freedom of expression or association. I want to assure the ambassador that this bill will not affect freedom of expression. I believe that intervention by foreign states in the policies and regime of another country is what really endangers democracy ... They consider as legitimate their decision to mark produce from the settlements, even though it’s hurting Israel’s economy and population. We ask that countries wanting to interfere in Israel’s internal affairs do so openly, using customary diplomatic channels.” ...

... The Association of Civil Rights in Israel stated, “By approving this controversial law the ministers proved that their eagerness to silence criticism is greater than their support of democracy. The only aim of this law is to politically persecute anyone voicing strong opposition to government policy. The ministers thereby harm freedom of expression, protest and organization. The law also hurts equality since it imposes different guidelines on groups that obtain funding of a certain type. Since there is already transparency regarding funding by foreign states, focusing on it while ignoring private donations is aimed at limiting only those groups the government dislikes.”



RAMALLAH (Ma’an) -- Palestinian Authority security forces came under fire Monday from a Palestinian media rights group for a violent assault carried out on journalists in the Ramallah area last week. ...PA security forces wearing civilian clothing on Friday assaulted several journalists and prevented them from covering clashes that broke out between the forces and protesters in al-Bireh, according to an investigation by the Palestinian Center for Developments and Media Freedoms (MADA). ... The watchdog said in a statement said that “violent means” used by PA security forces during the incident indicated the “violation of laws” which guarantee freedom of expression. ... The reporters were detained for several hours and all photo and video footage of the march was deleted, Barakat said. MADA urged the PA to hold those responsible for Fridays’ violations against journalists accountable. ... Palestinian journalists also come under severe restrictions and violations from Israeli forces, last year marking a particularly deadly year for reporters, 17 of whom were reportedly killed by Israeli forces during the war in the Gaza Strip. ...



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfbIPd0MXKY ( - very much like the South Wales Police ... ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Al-ItdsaQLs





This is very haphazard : I know that similar crap is going on inside the Palestinian territories but on youtube its not searchable in English ...

... ah ... here at least is some of the Palestinian crap - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34jPNN0qdF8 - the conclusion seems to be " Get tough on crime - and the cause of crime : Hamas ! "

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I was going to write about Tair Kaminer who issued a very articulate statement of her position as a CO before being jailed a week or so ago ... but to be honest I am not in the mood and I just want to trawl through looking for Israeli CO videos like this -


Yeah - I know that I pay too much attention to the Israeli side of things, but I believe that the solution will come from ordinary people - and from the Israelis ...










... fake ... ? ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrCuOoLYX_o

... shake ? ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6Glz5o7Iv4

... I shed tears at this one : this is the kind of man that I try to emulate - far too few of us - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVDwtgtT1Nk

... ugh ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5AkFlAeCHE


You might ask why I am not concentrating on the extremely violent stuff, but the point to me is all of this grinding down of their shared humanity i.e. both oppressed and oppressers : those who direct the IDF to do these things are well above it all, indifferent to the brutalisation of those they claim to be conscripting into defending The People in Israel - but in reality destroying them, dehumanising The People in Israel by commanding them to systematically dehumanise The People in Palestine : The People Who Do This We Know From History - and their minions of course always plead that they are only following their orders, and after abusing and assaulting the children of other people they will drop by the shops on their way home from work to buy sweets and toys and whatever makes their own children happy ...

... this is the way that racism works : there was once an American stage hypnotist in 19c Dixie who mesmerised his volunteers into believing that a rubber doll in a shawl was a crying baby and that they strongly wished to pick it up and cradle it - but once they did so he told them to unwrap it and that if the " baby " was a negro child then they should immediately dash it to the floor ... apparently this was a source of great hilarity for the audience in Dixie where half of the population had been de-humanised ... but when he took his show to Boston - he was booed off the stage : now this in a way explains why many Israelis - and more so their politicians - do not understand why their behaviour is seen by others to be racist ... Their perception of The People in Palestine is much akin to those 19c slave owners who convinced themselves that their " authority " could only be maintained through the regular use of systematic brutality ...

... Racism leads only to trying to rule by vaious forms of coercion, and that is not the same as the rule of authority which is founded upon justice : governments which are not founded upon justice will always fall simply because in order to use coercion upon one minority you will have to use it upon all of those in other minorities who sympathise with that minority, and if you target them they will have the sympathies of those not sympathetic to the racial minority which you wish to oppress - and therefore the use of coercion will necessarily spread like a disease into every social relationship and - whilst no society can possess the economic resources to maintain a terrorist state - such a government will then finally collapse into a politically paranoid and economically incompetent state like ... Israel ?

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 20, 2016 6:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?t=37 - Israel and Palestine

above is the root address of this thread - and I have been basically working out my neuroses about the Israelis here .. but I have been feeling for some time that I ought to cultivate some neuroses about the Palestinians too ... just to be even handed ... so a while ago I thought that I would use the old broken thread below to start complaining about various Palestinians e.g. - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahmoud_Abbas

http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?t=400 - Palestine & Israel
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 05, 2016 3:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


An academic called Steve M Cohen who thinks that Liberal Secularised Jews who are more inclined to marry out are also more inclined to either try to forget " Israel," try to not talk about it or become actively opposed to " Israel " ... I do not feel that to be my experience : it is the ones who are not practising religion who are inclined to either try to forget Judaism, try to not talk about it or become actively opposed to it because they have an uncritical sentimental attachment to the entirely secularised colonial state which pretends that the basis of its existence can be simultaneously argued from Judaism whilst contempting the fundamental values of Judaism - and even claims to be " Israel " and pretends to lead the whole of world jewry i.e. demands the uncritical sentimentsl attachment of those that really are Israel ...

... That came up as a paid for advertisement which promoted it to the top of my search for light comedic music ... I bet he did not pay for it

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HGgfuwbTmUM - good songs from a good man
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 20, 2016 3:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Stressed out & off the boil for several weeks, this video came up as an option in Youtube & whilst it is a bit iffy in places is a fairly balanced concise ten minute account of Israel-Palestine
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