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PostPosted: Thu Feb 05, 2015 2:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Whilst browsing elsewhere on another subject ...


''With a strong hand and an outstretched arm'' the meaning of the expression byd hzqh wbzrw' ntwyh " [ ? ] Karen Martens - Scandinavian Journal of the Old Testament: An International Journal of Nordic Theology - Volume 15, Issue 1, 2001

" The expression ''with a strong hand and an outstretched arm'' is usually understood as being an expression of the power of God. There are various suggestions as to which aspect of his power is indicated: The power of inflicting plague and sickness or his power as a warrior - or whether the expression is used as a counterpart to Egyptian royal terminology. It is suggested here that the expression does refer to the power of inflicting plague and sickness, for the following reasons: ''With a strong hand and an outstretched arm'' is a parallelism between two collocations of words, ''strong hand'' and ''outstretched hand'' (''arm'' + the verb ''stretch out''). When the two collocations, both containing the word ''hand'', were made to form a parallelism, the element ''arm'' was the added to one of them to achieve variation between the units of the parallelism. The element ''arm'', which often has a military connotation, is then an extraneous component to the expression. The outcome of ''stretching out the hand'' in the Pentateuch and the historical books is miraculous events, some of these being a number of the plagues. The expression does not seem to have any military connotation in the account of the Exodus. A comparison with the literatures of other Semitic languages shows that in the ancient Near East not only ''the hand'' of a deity inflicting plague and sickness can be found, but actually ''a strong hand''. In most of the occurrences of the expression in the Pentateuch apparently the entire experience of Israel in Egypt is signified. Only in Exod 3,19; 6,1; (where we cannot be sure whether the arm belongs to YHWH or to Pharaoh) and 6,6 the expression is connected to specific traditions in the account of the Exodus, and these are exactly the plague traditions."

Of course, there are other meanings associated with various gestures of the hand ... systems of gestures were taught in Greek and Roman Rhetoric

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chironomia ( think also of Chiropracty )

" Chironomia is the art of using gesticulations or hand gestures to good effect in traditional rhetoric or oratory. Effective use of the hands, with or without the use of the voice, is a practice of great antiquity, which was developed and systematized by the Greeks and the Romans. Various gestures had conventionalized meanings which were commonly understood, either within certain class or professional groups, or broadly among dramatic and oratorical audiences."

In the diagram on that Wikipedia page, from ' Chirologia ' printed in 1644, the " Open Hand " gesture is labeled as " Triumph."


" John Bulwer (baptised May 16, 1606 – buried October 16, 1656 ) was an English physician and early Baconian natural philosopher who wrote five works exploring the Body and human communication, particularly by gesture. He was the first person in England to propose educating deaf people, the plans for an Academy he outlines in Philocophus and The Dumbe mans academie. ...


... Chirologia: or the naturall language of the hand. Composed of the speaking motions, and discoursing gestures thereof. Whereunto is added Chironomia: or, the art of manuall rhetoricke. Consisting of the naturall expressions, digested by art in the hand, as the chiefest instrument of eloquence. London: Thomas Harper. 1644. ... [ The hand ] “speaks all languages,and as universal character of Reason is generally understood and known by all Nations, among the formal differences of their Tongue. And being the only speech that is natural to Man, it may well be called the Tongue and General language of Human Nature, which, without teaching, men in all regions of the habitable world doe at the first sight most easily understand” ... The handshapes described in Chirologia are still used in British Sign Language. Bulwer does mention fingerspelling describing how "the ancients did...order an alphabet upon the joints of their fingers ... showing those letters by a distinct and grammatical succession" , in addition to their use as mnemonic devices Bulwer suggest that manual alphabets could be "ordered to serve for privy ciphers for any secret intimation" ( Chironomia, p149 ). Chirologia is a compendium of manual gestures, citing their meaning and use from a wide range of sources; literary, Religious and Medical. Chironomia is a manual for the effective use of Gesture in public speaking. ...


[ Bulwer was a really thoughtful and intelligent man who made practical proposals to improve things and this book declaims against vanities ... but also snipes at those whose piety is a form of vanity ? ... Bulwer was a supporter of the king's party but equally he thought of himself as a sort of Republican in trying to argue for improvements in the world - ]

" ... Until now obeying the sacred impulse of the genius operating upon our intellectual complexion, while my mind was carrying me into new things, I executed works not of supererogation, but supplemental to the advancement of sciences. In which I seem to have merited something from the republec of letters ( i.e. Literay public ) : " Of the making of many books there is no end, and the reading of them is a weariness to the flesh " (Eccles xii.12): From now on I shall apply myself entirly to providing for my own health and the health of others. Other things will be done by other lovers of human nature. THE END. ... "



( taken from - http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?p=3055#3055 )

... In terms of Republicanism in Wales, Dafydd ap Gwilym's praise of Ifor ap Hael hospitality and generous nature was taken for inspiration by Iolo Morgannwg and others to found " The Ivorites " which was once just one of the wide-spread working class friendly societies which were the fore-runners of The Welfare State and which provided for poorer people against unemployment, sickness, injury, funerals, widows and orphans - and for suing the wealthier people : the fact that many were founded and run by Republicans in Wales led to much hostility towards them for ' leading The People astray ' ... conspiracy theorists like to associate The Freemasons with Republicans in Wales but actually Freemasons were very much allied to The Monarchy and The Aristocracy and were consequently left alone : I understand that it was The Oddfellows who were the most widely suspected of sedition, more or less because they were led by people who were working class ... but it was The Ivorites which definitely and emphatically openly declared their Republican credentials by associating themselves with the bardic and druidic fantasies which Iolo Morganwg wove around Dafyd ap Gwilym and Ifor ap Hael ... and if you have been wondering about what sources I draw on when I talk of " Republicanism in Wales " it is particularly from this latter part of Neo-Classical Republicanism ( 1650 - 1850 ) because it is less about the philosophers re-inventing it and more about how ordinary people implemented it, creating a more widespread and richer political culture expressed in songs, poems, novels, music, paintings, prints - and some really brilliantly imaginative acts of defiance towards the criminals who controlled the country then - and now ... and please remember : we are the descendants of those lovely lively beautifully funny and compassionate people ... and we are rather letting our side down a bit at the moment ... aren't we ?

" Yr Iforiaid " - " Cyfeillgarwch, Cariad a Gwirionedd "


The Order of True Ivorites was founded by Thomas Robert Jones (1802-1856) and was named after Ifor Hael, one of Dafydd ap Gwilym's patrons. The society's motto was ' Cyfeillgarwch, Cariad a Gwirionedd ' ( English: Friendship, Love and Truth,) and was the only friendly society which conducted its business exclusively in Welsh. As well as helping the poor and needy, the order furthered the Welsh language through organising local Eistedfoddau.

The Laws and Regulations of the Order, published in 1839, states that the True Ivorites Society is an institution ' to encourage the Welsh language, to preserve its members as far as possible from want.' The laws also stated that ' all books and accounts belonging to this Society be kept in the Welsh Language.' These laws were then amended in 1858, when the ruling regarding the usage of Welsh stating that the secretaries of the lodges should be competent in record keeping in both English and Welsh. This reflects the competition from other societies and the change in the number of Welsh speakers in Glamorgan during the later nineteenth century.

The Ivorites, along with fellow friendly society the Oddfellows, were especially strong in Glamorgan, and survived well into the twentieth century. The societies were often a substitute for trade unions, but were never a threat to the union's existence and the unions tended to grow out of the activities of the friendly societies.

Although not a secret society the Ivorites had their own handsigns and handshakes which were published in a booklet.


" Ammanford's Hall Street takes its name from the Ivorites Hall, built by the grandly named 'Philanthropic Order of True Ivorites, St David's Unity, Friendly Society', whose even grander motto was: 'Cyfeillgarwch, Cariad a Gwirionedd' (Friendship, Love and Truth). This was one of the many Friendly and Mutual Societies that sprang up in the nineteenth century, working men's self-help groups that were the forerunners of our modern building societies, insurance companies and trades unions. The Ivorites Order had been established in Wrexham in 1836 by Thomas Robert Jones ('Gwerfulyn', 1802-1856) and it was the only Working Men's Society which was exclusively Welsh.

The Ivorites were named after Ifor Hael (Ivor the Generous) who had been the patron of Dafydd ap Gwilym (David son of William), the 14th century poet, and he lived at Bassaleg, Monmouthshire. In 1838 the St David's Lodge in Carmarthen was formed with powers to act as the principal lodge for the Order in South Wales but by 1840 there was a split in the Ivorites movement and Thomas Robert Jones lost control. The Carmarthen lodge was the chief lodge in Wales until 1845 when the central office moved to Swansea (and where there are still two public house called The Ivorites to this day). The Ivorites had firm rules for its members regarding morals and behaviour; it also nurtured the Welsh language, and during its golden years between 1840 and 1870 there was hardly a year without an Ivorite Eisteddfod. This cultural activity puts the movement in a special category, and assisting the poor and needy was not its only purpose.

... When the Welfare State, along with various commercial organisations, took over these and similar roles in the twentieth century, most Friendly and Mutual Societies were doomed, forced to adapt or die. Our modern Building Societies, Insurance Companies and Trades Unions are the direct descendants of those who obeyed the Darwinian imperative and adapted – think of the number of modern insurance companies and former Building Societies who have the word 'Friendly', 'Mutual' or 'Union' in their titles. The Ivorites didn't, or wouldn't change, and on the 31st of December 1959, after a dissolution vote of 922 members for and 25 members against, the Ivorites ceased to exist."

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 07, 2015 7:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

A failed project perhaps, but an afternoon's meditation on the subject - I am thinking of using ' Y Llaw Agored ' gesture instead of the flag in ' Yr Ardystiad. '

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 13, 2015 1:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

In keeping an eye out for images of people making the gesture of ' The Open Hand ' this one abides with me as the gesture to associate with ' The Open Conspiracy ' ( H G Well's later practical development of his political criticism - http://www.amazon.com/The-Open-Conspiracy-What-Lives-ebook/dp/B00IFAZPXO)

CND CYMRU'S " HEDDWCH " covers of summer 2013

I am really pleased with this which did not look so useful until after I had added the lettering to emphasise the point that 99.99% of the politics in Wales is not taking place either within political parties or between their elected representatives : the real political debate is not being conducted by " Democrats " in their " Democratic " political system called the " United Kingdom " - Democracy is merely a device by which they contrive to convince The People that they have no political authority themselves having given it away by putting a cross on a piece of paper ... but if you accept that idea that the source of political authority is information, then the only way to obtain that political authority in Wales is by obtaining the informaton from The People in Wales - and what Democrats do not do is ever listen or even turn up to inquire : if they ever turn up at all it is only ever at election time to talk at you incessantly, offering you all sorts of bribes and threats which are all equally irrelevant because they are not based upon any understanding of yourself or your concerns - all that is relevant to them is whether you will vote for them, and if you pass critical comment upon their political system they become terrified and accuse you of terrorism ... and you can not opt out of this political system which they assert is " Democratic " even though constitutionally it is " Aristocratic," for if you try to vote in the only meaningful way by removing your name from the Electoral Register you will be prosecuted and fined £1000 and if you refuse to pay that they will send you to jail and seize your property aswell - this is Demockery in the United Kingdom : there are estimated to be over 7,000,000+ political dissidents who are not on the Electoral Register and whilst you can not positively vote for The Republic in this way you can ' vote ' in this way against the political system called the United Kingdom, which is all that is left to us to be able to do now to promote " The Public Interest in Wales " i.e. " The Republic in Wales."

Now I have had this Siôn Corn card around for some time waiting to put it to a good abuse ... so I have stuck it together with the top of a " Register to Vote " flier - quote " You can be fined if you do not respond ... may result in a home visit by a representative of the Electoral Registration Office in order to obtain the required information." - threats and harassments promised !

... the end of dark hours with thoughts of The Light ... I hope that you understand that Siôn Corn, the solstice's bringer of peace and joy, is obviously going to be counted by me as a Republican in Wales ? ... So are we going to stand and watch the Democrats in Wales spoil all of our families' Christmases - forever ?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEkcSXF62po - I keep going back to watch this : who says that Friday 13th's are unlucky for Republicans in Wales ... perhaps this one may have proved lucky for " Y Tri ar Ddeg Heidiau y Cwch Gwenyn ar Trydedd ar Ddeg ? " But can we live on sugar ?

... and I was told several hours later after finishing that there was actually partial eclipse of the sun over Wales some time shortly after dawn as I was busy working up an email to distribute the news of this thread more widely to our friends The Republicans in Europe ... and but or unfortunately in those early dawn hours I was so tired I did not even notice that I had not finished the job above with the image of The Republicans in Wales which expresses what I believe to be the state that we are presently in - not a state in which The Light has been so entirely eclipsed that we have been plunged into utter darkness by the political system called the " United Kingdom " but rather that we are finally in a state of RESURGENCE !

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 10, 2015 2:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote



I have had a couple of drawing projects on the go for months lurking in the back of the computer, one of them was intended to be a sort of souvenir postcard for those occasions when we are invited to do " Yr Ardystiad " again, one of which is coming up - possibly - but the use of flags seems rather unwieldy - although decorative - when almost anything could be cited as a symbol of The Republic in Wales ... and of course the handiest thing for most of The People in Wales Who Want To Do " Yr Ardystiad " is their hand ... so several months ago I proposed this modification the wording of " Yr Ardystiad " since I am increasingly enamoured of one of my thoughts about " Y Llaw Agored " which is to do with that little rigmarole which I keep on trotting out ... In order to practice this recitation of " The Handy Woman's Or Man's Manual Of Republicanism In Wales " start by standing in front of a nice mirror in order to admire yourself for being a Republican In Wales and give yourself a friendly wave - and, please remember, this is not The Fascist Salute - and thus you will make the natural shape of " Y Llaw Agored " with your fingers extended and spread and displaying " The Symbol of The Right Hand Path of The Dextrous Politics of The Pure ( White ) Republicans " ... Smile ... You should then adopt the same stance as when reciting " Yr Ardystiad " but for this purpose you use your other hand's index finger to count the following off from your small finger and once you reach your thumb swing your other fingers around to make " The Thumbs Up Sign " ... as given by Emperors to indicate that a victim should not be killed ... and whilst you are doing this do so with the smiles and smooth calm voices of those who proudly practice " The Open Mind " ...


... Now you can do the same in the mirror with your hands reversed, and just to make the point about the difference between them you can use that symbol so beloved of those who always want to threaten and coerce The People in Wales and The World - the clenched fist : " Y Dwrn Caead " - which is " The Symbol of The Left Hand Path of The Sinister Politics of The Dirty ( Black ) Democrats " ... Sad ... and then just dust those knuckles off whilst holding your fist tightly closed - and also try to imitate the scowls and howls of those who proudly practice " The Closed Mind " whilst you are doing this ... and at the end of this turn your fist over and give " The Thumbs Down Sign " as given by those psychotic dictators who draw their greatest pleasures from inflicting the greatest of miseries upon others ...


C'mon - you can't say that this isn't fun ... surely ?

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 25, 2015 7:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Perhaps the following historical tit-bit belongs more to that discussion about " Intangible Hand v Invisible Hand [ v Iron Hand ? ] "



William Camden, Britain, or, a Chorographicall Description of the most flourishing Kingdomes, England, Scotland, and Ireland


" THE last Country of the Silures was that, I thinke, which wee at this day call Glamorganshire, the Britans Morganuc, Glath-Morgan and Glad Vorganuc , that is, The Region of Morganuc , so named, as most suppose of one Morgan a Prince, as others thinke of Morgan an Abbay. But if I derived it from mor , which in the British tongue signifieth The sea , I know not verily whether I should dally with the truth or no. Howbeit, I have observed that a towne in little Britaine standing upon the sea-coast, now called Morlais, was of Ptolomee and the ancient Gaules termed Vorganium or Morganium (for M and V consonant are often changed one for another in this tongue), and whence I pray you but from the sea? And this our Morganoc also lieth upon the sea. For, stretching out more in length than it spreadeth in bredth, on the South-side it is accosted with the Severn sea. ...

6. The like fountaine Polybius reporteth to bee at Cadys, and this reason hee giveth thereof, namely, that the winde or aire, when it is deprived of his wonted issues, returneth within forth, and so by shutting and stopping up the passages and veines of the spring, keepeth in the waters, and contrariwise when the surface thereof is voide and empty of water, the veines of the source or spring are unstopped and set free, and so the water then boileth up in great abundance. From hence coasting along the shore, you come within the site of Kinefeage, the castle in old time of Fitz-Haimon him selfe; also of Margan, hard by the sea side, sometime an Abbay founded by William Earle of Glocester, but now the habitation of the worshipfull family of the Maunsells, knights. Neere unto this Margan, in the very top of an hill called Mynyd Margan there is erected of exceeding hard grit a monument or grave-stone, foure foote long and one foote broad, which an Inscription,which whosoever shall happen to read, the ignorant common people dwelling about give it out upon a credulous error that hee shall be sure to die within a little while after. Let the reader therefore looke to him selfe, if any dare read it, for let him assure himselfe that he shall for certaine die after it.

These latter words I read thus: AETERNALI IN DOMO , that is, In an eternall house. For Sepulchres in that age were termed AETERNALES DOMUS, that is, Aeternall habitations. Moreover, betweene Margan and Kinfeage by the high way side there lieth a stone foure foote long with this Inscription:

Which the Welsh Britans, by adding and changing letters, thus read and make this interpretation, as the right reverend Bishop of Landaff did write me, who gave order that the draught of this Inscription should bee taken likewise for my sake. PIM BIS AN CAR ANTOPIVS, that is, The five fingers of friends or neighbours killed us.* It is verily thought to be the Sepulchre of Prince Morgan, from whom the Country tooke name, who was slaine, as they would have it, eight hundred yeeres before Christs nativity. But Antiquaries know full well that these Characters and formes of letters be of a farre later date. ... "





... OR ... POSSIBLY ... " FIVE PARTS ( OF ) OUR BOLD KINSMEN " ... ? ... well this sort of thing does pass the time anyway, whatever ...
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 19, 2015 12:54 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Whilst looking for something else I noted images of " The Open Hand " more or less how I imagined it being used and following them up I looked at the following in disbelief : had I subconsciously drawn upon these images of the " Hands Up For Peace " campaign from over ten years ago ? ... Well I am from a generation twenty years before those teenage protesters, so perhaps it was a coincidence ... but friendly peaceful politics is really is what Republicanism in Wales and The World is all about : those who equate Republicanism with criminal conspiracies and mindless violence really do need their heads examined ... just think it through : I do not argue for The Open Conspiracy and mindful non-violence as a fashion accessory or a judicious expedient in case I should run into trouble one day and need some kind of defence - trouble has always gone out of its way to find me ! ... Y Repwblic Yng Nghymru is always present and awaking our re-discovery of it and it is not so much hidden in plain sight but out of focus, not so much that others deceive us as that we deceive ourselves : we just do not want to look at our lives and realise how far adrift we are from those things which make for happiness ... now if for most of The People in Wales and The World their greatest happiness is to be found in the common pleasures of family life - how has to come to be that these simple natural pleasures have become so un-common : how can it be the case that we have lost our sense of the common pleasures of family life being not only our source of personal well-being but also therefore the source of our society's well-being ... in other words what has happened to the Common Sense view of Republicanism in Wales which was once held in common by - dare I say it ? - The Welsh Nation ? ...

Have we gone stark staring mad that The People in Wales have agreed to the idea that our opportunities to enjoy those simple pleasures of love, marriage, children and our families are not only to be surrendered to the pendulum politics of The Democrats In Wales but that we are also willing to do so in order to finance these wars on their behalf thus not only destroying our own families with their Demockeratic ballots but also so many other more or less identically poor families of The People in The World with their Demockeratic bullets ? The word " nation " can be translated as meaning " a stream of births " - in other words, it is not an imagined abstract concept about language and culture or ethnicity or even culture - nor is it merely about copulating - it is about our families. A nation whose families are being smashed to pieces in so many ways as The Welsh Nation's families are will no longer have such " a stream of births " - in other words that will be replaced by " a stream of deaths " in aging population that does not renew itself. The present poverties of our families which presently constitute The Welsh nation, whether Anglo-phone of Cambro-phone, are dictating a demographic decline which means that the last of The Welsh Nation will literally die c2075 - unless we reject the reckless short term bribes and threats of The Democrats in Wales and Westminster and start planning to provide for children as yet unborn ...


...To realise that our wanting not merely to subsist as individuals but to collectively provide for our ourselves as a society, to survive as a nation through not being so utterly impoverished that we can not afford to create families is not at all an outrageous demand. What is outrageous is that The Democrats in Wales and Westminster think that the extinction of The Welsh Nation is a necessary expedient and a perfectly reasonable one for them in order to repay the astoundingly massive debts which each and every Demockeratickal Party has agreed to incur, thus enslaving The People in Wales and The World into an economic system which is literally physically destroying our nations by denying so any of them the means to procreate : this amounts to The United Kingdom being guilty of committing conspiring to commit multiple counts of genocide per year.

I am of course not advocating some sinister programme of compulsory breeding for unemployed yet nubile young women ready to troop down from the valleys at the drop of a dap in order to volunteer to be impregnated by The Welsh Rugby Union's Board of Selectors in exchange for a debenture ... I just mean that in order to survive we need to ensure that younger people are enabled to get married at the biologically appropriate age for uncomplicated procreations which produce healthy offspring that can be cared for by younger and energetic parents who are fully capable of providing parental care and not yet beginning to encounter the various health problems of their later lives as so many are now finding ... And to be honest, what kind of " Family Planning " is The United Kingdom now providing to so many respectably married couples who are broody as hell because of their human biology ? Abortion on demand as a remedy for the fact that they are too poor when they are young, and then twenty years later when they have finally saved up enough to put down a small deposit upon a one bedroom leasehold flat in a high-rise slum The Democrats in Wales offer them a one-shot chance at a late and therefore possibly very damaged baby which if it does survive to be born then dies a few years later or as an adult, with its parents disabled or dead with exhaustion from being worked into the ground or simply distressed, The Democrats in Westminster simply incarcerate their disabled offspring in some grim institution which is being run by the very same corporation which supplied the IVF, the condoms and also provided the funding to get The Democrats in Europe elected to represent their financial interests in an economic system run for profit ? Surely it is worth also mentioning here the gist of the original meanings of the words " eco-nomic " and " eco-logy " - which basically convey the idea of " The Law of The Family " and " The Study of The Family " ...


The future of yourself and your family is the future of The Republic in Wales and The World : if you want yourself and your family to die -

" Choose Death - Choose Democracy ! " ... or ...

- if you want to live : choose Truth, Love, Freedom and Peace and create a future for yourself and your family - and for The People of Wales and The World -

" Choose Republicanism - Choose Life ! " ... please ...




" The day war broke out, we walked out of class. For students across the country, it was the culmination of a historic campaign of demos, sit-ins and marches. In our particular inner-city London school, we had been building one part of that movement. Too young to express opposition through the ballot box, we were desperate to find another way to get our voices heard. So after school and during lunch breaks we started collecting hand prints, each one decorated by a young person with their name, age and a message for peace. When war was finally announced, we took over 2,000 of them down to Westminster and planted them outside parliament." ...

... It was before Facebook took off, but our campaign still went viral. Hands had been flooding in from across the country, tiny ones, giant ones and some decorated with sequins and feathers, each one representing a different person. We handed out cheap photocopied fliers advertising the campaign during the marches, and spread the word through Woodcraft and other community groups. The result was thousands of handprints raised in a macabre field in the piercing March sunshine. A 50ft banner proclaimed, Hands Up for Peace. For a moment, it felt like the whole world stopped." ...

... I don't believe it is a coincidence that the activism that has followed the Iraq war has changed. We have never had a major peaceful demonstration of that size again. The protests against the cuts for example have been surprisingly muted given the scope and scale of the pain faced. Instead we have seen the rise of more fragmented, targeted activism. UK Uncut, Climate Camp and Occupy are all examples of smaller, harder, more determined movements that are more realistic about the brutality of power. They are more dedicated and ruthless about their targets, and they frequently appeal over the heads of parliament to the media. They are less keen to play by the rules of a neat peaceful demonstration or create pretty fields of hands. In some cases, like the student protests in 2010, actions have spilled over into violence. This cannot be justified, but for a young person who felt frustrated and ignored in 2003, other means feel exhausted. If we started another unpopular war, say in Iran, I doubt the protests would be as peaceful. ...
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 28, 2015 9:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I am actually spending quite a bit of time thinking about this Open Hand business, not so much because I am so confident that it is now going to be revived here in Wales ( ... although who knows how that oppositely fringed margin of Republicanism in Wales think that they are going to win friends and influence The People by celebrating their militarist ideas in public ... they never seem to get the idea of loyalty do they ... they will probably now seize on this Open Hand gesture and turn it into a Fascist salute ... >sigh< ... ) ... er ... um ... well because it happens to have caught my imagination because it can be conceived of in all sorts of subtle and entertaining ways which are amusing me ... and of course the way in which you display The Open Hand and the context in which you make the gesture will constantly alter its meanings as both given and received, not to mention observed and reflected upon ... see - these people have deliberately come empty-handed to their political debate, bringing nothing to it but the facts and their arguments about them - and surely that is how politics should always should be conducted ?

Of course these were not the only people reacting to the way in which the poli-ticians were casually excusing the way in which their poli-ce imposed their values upon American society ... or rather African-American society, since not only are these people poverty stricken and thus many are drawn into crime but they are commonly assumed to all not only be criminals but to be automatically violent and therefore dangerous and therefore the best forms of self-defence for all other Dollar-Fearing Citizens are as voters to ensure that these people are permanently discriminated against - lest they get hold of economic and therefore political power - and to keep them in a state of slavery - mostly by jailing as many as possible - and for those in uniform to ensure that any hostile behaviour - like running away empty-handed or holding up their empty hands and repetitively shouting " DON'T SHOOT ! " - is promptly responded to with lethal force ... only nowadays The Democrats in The United States Of America prefer their citizens to be shot cleanly through the back rather than that messy business of lynching.

( Please note that in this Welshified version of things what I mean by a " Democrat " is anybody who is either uncritically or cynically professessing to believe in Democracy and so is willing to involve themselves in electing anybody who promises them everything, so long as they can indeed get themselves elected - i.e. all those who view their ballot papers simply as free tickets in a public lottery and who treat the political system as a casino in which they fully expect that the case will be that The House Always Wins - but like any gamblers, they superstitiously hope that the next time that they lay their bets that they will get lucky ... or the next time ... or perhaps in the next election after that ? ... )

Of course there is often rioting by The People Who Are Differently Coloured in any country whose political system is controlled by Ultraists such as Hierarchs, Democrats, Aristocrats, Monarchs etc which inevitably practice such things as Racism, Sexism and any of the other Any-Isms in order to divide and rule The People ... and of course when The People Who Are Differently Treated first complain they are told that they are making rather a fuss about their loved ones being killed and injured, and then when they protest others are told that they are lying, etc, and once it escalates up to The People Who Object To Being Killed actually waging war back because The Democrats in Wales and The World will not listen to them ... well then of course they blame the corpses at their feet for not even trying to use The Political System of Democracy ... there is of course a certain flaw in their argument : Democracy is not a political system, it is merely a mechanism through which The People in Wales and The World get to choose their preferred oppressors ... The People Who Get Selected To Be Elected do not serve The Public Interest but The Communities of Interest Which Selected Those Elected On The Basis Of Their Obedience ...

... the only skill necessary for a Democrat in Wales and The World is that of persuading The People Who Believe Their Ballot Paper To Be A Lottery Ticket to vote for them ...

... unfortunately, there are a lot of The People Who Prefer High Idealities To Raw Realities, who do not want to hear that politics is never about getting what you want but about wanting what you will never get but working to provide others with the means to get what you want for them ... anyhow, The People in Wales and The World enjoy gathering together and making collective gestures with their hands towards The Democrats in Wales and The World, only when The People In Wales gather together to make our very own peculiar national hand gesture to The Democrats in Wales they usually refuse to show up to receive it and send the police along instead to arrest us ... honestly, the way that The South Wales Police behave you might think that they were thinking that they were at Agincourt ... but of course that is a ridiculous idea ...

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 08, 2015 12:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Subject: FW: http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?p=2858#2858 - FW: WRITE ABOUT THIS ? - spellbinder - waving hands - handwaving - games - metaphors - etc
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2015 12:17:00 +000

Dear XXXX,

perhaps this fooling around below helps you to see better why I like " The Open Hand " - nobody really wants to sign up to a Republican movement which looks as if it is grim, grey and threatening : people are attracted to what they want to share in - something joyful, multi-colourful and friendly.

It is hardly going to be possible to build a Republican movement on the basis of mutual enmity - and that is what I was talking about I suppose with " White " - that in terms of white light, if any colour is subtracted from it then it ceases to be " White " i.e. that a politics solely of " Red " or " Green " or any other colour is automatically defective because it it inevitably less than the whole.


I was just having a winge here but made allusion to The Open Hand, and if I have not mentioned the joke about " Handwaving " to do with this already I will jam in above a link to a thread which plays with that also ( " Handwaving " is a rather prominent feature of my wreckreational writing here on Repwblic.)



" What appears above is conventional advertising and reporting ... but such events can be misrepresented of course - and I am just at a loose end for a few minutes ... really I should be spending my time on writing a poem ...


- this places PSC, Red Card and the " Jewish Left " on the same page as " Al-Jihad, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hesbollah, Isis, Taliban " etc - this has a .co.uk address but is an American website, probably state sponsored ...

... notice the difference between the slick state sponsored " Terrorism Headlines " and the ramshackle ramblings of Repwblic : you know our names and our faces from this website and we publish an actual email for you to write to and whilst we do not want to be so stupid as to invite trouble from anonymous criminals by publishing our addresses and phone numbers these can indeed be easily found or simply requested ... think it through now : Palestine Solidarity Campaign are equally transparent and yet here they are being dumped into the same category as Al-Qaeda etc ... and like PSC but upon fewer occasions Repwblic also makes written representations in exactly the same way that any other such organisation does : tell me then why David Cameron who has as Prime Minister has actually received correspondence from Repwblic should be contemplating legislation which might actually define Repwblic as a terrorist organisation ... us ? ... terrorists ? ... organised ? ... definable ? ...

... in case I have not mentioned this recently, we accept surveillance and Repwblic may be a mess but it is openly so i.e. this amount of dis-organisation can only be conducted upon the principles of " The Open Conspiracy " ... and in line with the principles of O/C we do not write any encrypted emails nor do we use dead-letter boxes, raise our trouser legs or make any funny hand shaking signals besides the big friendly wave of The Open Hand - as used by the billions of other terrorists living on this planet upon whom the Secret Intelligence Service make a living out of by advising Prime Ministers to be terrified of ...
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 18, 2016 7:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


... 19c Republicans - or " Radicals " as they took to calling themselves in the latter part of the 19c - would never have handed over to The United Kingdom the social legacies which they had inherited from previous generations of struggle against The Aristocrats : that to them would have been like handing over the keys of their homes into the safe-keeping of burglars ! There is no point in saying that they could not foresee what The Labour & Cooperative Party would become - because they had already seen it happen when The Aristocrats enthralled The Democrats in The United States of America, and some lived long enough to not only celebrate The Republican Party being created and prosecuting The American Civil War but then to grieve that it too became indebted to The Aristocrats and soon enthralled also. If they had lived another hundred years The Republicans, Chartists and Radicals of 19c Wales would be lecturing us sternly on the Republican political theory's argument that Hierocracy will forever fall to Democracy, Democracy to Aristocracy, Aristocracy to Monocracy - and then The Monarchies will destroy civilisation and society will be returned to its natural state through great violence ... and therefore The Hierocrats will tell you that their lies are The Truth, The Democrats will tell you that their hatred is Love, The Aristocrats will tell you that their enslavement is Freedom - and The Monocrats will tell you that their war is Peace ... and all will assure you that your death is Life.

You need not trust the opinion of a Republican as to the nature of The United Kingdom - decide for yourself by answering to the following question :

Do you believe The United Kingdom to be propagating Lies, Hatred, Slavery, War and Death - or Truth, Love, Freedom, Peace and Life ?

These five things can be counted off by bending down the fingers on your hand : if The Clenched Fist results - then you are living in The Closed Society.

If you end up with The Open Hand - you are living in The Open Society : if you propagate Truth, Love, freedom, Peace and Life you will help to create it.

Devolution has resulted in the non-political system called by its supporters The United Kingdom propagating itself - but what we need is a Revolution.

Devolution has been revealed as a further re-entrenchment of The United Kingdom in Wales : we are witnessing Lies, Hatred, Slavery, War and Death.

Revolution will not be set in motion by obtaining sovereignty over Wales : sovereignty is a fiction used to excuse Lies, Hatred, Slavery, War and Death.

Revolution will happen when individuals choose to propagate Life, Peace, Freedom, Love and Truth and make The Laws in Wales accountable to these. ...

SEE FULL EMAIL POSTED ON THIS THREAD - http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?p=3140#3140
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PostPosted: Wed May 11, 2016 2:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

FROM - http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?p=3411#3411

Now this I did not expect ... I thought that such things only happened in Ireland and I was about to close this thread and retreat into The Surreality of The Repwblic in Wales - but now The Surreality of The Assembly in Wales has outdone that of Y Repwblic : I think that Plaid Cymru will lose a lot of their supporters if they do form The Welsh Government with The Conservative and Unionist Party and The United Kingdom Independence Party ...

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-36269820 - Welsh Assembly : Deadlock in vote for first minister

" ... Welsh Labour's Carwyn Jones was expected to be re-appointed following Thursday's election ... But Plaid Cymru nominated its leader Leanne Wood, and won the backing of the Tories and UKIP, while Mr Jones won the support of sole Welsh Lib Democrat Kirsty Williams and his own party. ... The vote was tied at 29-29 and the Senedd was adjourned for discussions. ... "

Personally I want to retreat : my apologies for such a lopisided account of this election - but I hope that I have raised a few smiles with this scribble.


As to the matter of promoting this simple catechism/mantra of a stripped-down Republicanism in Wales using the popular symbol " The Open Hand " I will write a bit more here ( in the thread " La Main Ouverte - The Open Hand - Y Llaw Agored " ) ...


... I have been walking over that mooral ... or is it a flooral ? ... for years without noticing that fish ... as for the surreal stuff discussed in Y Repwblic - there is surely something for everybody ... and you may write about and post links to whatever you please - excepting violence, pornography, sport and anything else which may result in the our host service ( informe.com ) deeming Y Repwblic to be unsuitable for minors i.e. to be attracting those whose ages are less than The Sacred Number of The Republicans in Wales and The World ... ( XIII ) ... and here is a surreal selection taken from The Books in Waterstones upon various subjects which we have mentioned so far -

We do not accept that tomorrow their jam_Will be waiting there for us - for that's just a scam_Revolution within us we can do today_Whereas tomorrow is always yet another delay_So frankly : my dears - just don't give a damn !

We do not accept that tomorrow their jam_
Will be waiting there for us - for that's just a scam -_
Revolution within us we can do today_
Whereas tomorrow is always yet another delay_
So frankly : my dears - just don't give a damn !

dai repwblic = Dai Saw = David B Lawrence - the author asserts his moral right - not to sue for copyright !
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 15, 2016 12:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


... but one thing about that - La Fete Nationale was held one year after the Bastille fell to celebrate how a peaceful revolution had taken place during that year - with a picnic ...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hd1Hk7Dn1gY - Fête de la fédération 14 juillet 1790
... Note that The King & Queen of France [ 2.40 ] are part of these celebrations in 1790 and applauded by the crowd - and note the use of The Open Hand gesture [ 2.00 ]
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 05, 2016 4:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


... I like to think that I fostered the sudden prevalence of the idea of " The Open Hand " -

- but of course the whole point is that this is The Natural Human gesture for greeting another person in a friendly manner - i.e. in a political manner.

That is why The Democrats make a point of insisting upon shaking The People by The Hand & Firmly i.e. they use " The Closed Hand " to enslave us ...

... In extremis The Democrats' final use of " The Closed Hand " upon us is to hold us by the ankles to shake us up and down in search of loose change.

After that they strip us naked and toss us into their vats of hot fats in order to turn us into their fats of hot vats - to drain away our rags and bones ...

... and you wondered why The Democrats in Wales recently started complaining about how fat The People in Wales are - and what to do about us ?

David B. Lawrence


Post Script - the following day I finally by chance came across a reference to a man reluctantly raising Old Glory in 1917 when The USA entered into World War One when The Kaiser in Germany announced that there would be unrestricted submarine warfare upon all shipping under whatever flag in The Atlantic etc ... The People in America wanted not to be drawn into somebody else"s war and felt that patriotism demanded that American lives should not be lost defending British lives : the British Government had pursued policies which led to neutral countries like Belgium being dragged in to their contest for power in Europe - as it had done in its own American colonies 150 years beforehand ... Part of The Ceremony of Raising The Stars and Bars in The Schools in The USA which was then being taught to The Children in The USA was The Bellamy Salute which was - as I am advocating with this version which cites " The Open Hand " - which is also a reference not only to The Roman Salute but also to the easily recognised and therefore universal human hand gedture ... But from out of the ashes of World War One ... or rather from the various denials afterwards of the horrors of a technological total warfare that now made no distinction between civilian and military targets and the lack of understanding of how it had erupted out of the theory of " MAD " - Mutually Assured Deterrence ( later to become The Cold War mantra of " Well it could never happen with Nuclear Weapons because of our " MAD " - Mutually Assured Destruction " ] and how it had appeared to end in The ( honourable ) Armistice but then in the chaos of the aftermath it had ended in The Versailles Peace Treaty - as The ( dishonourable ) Total Surrender ...

... Fascism had then suddenly surged into existence all across Europe and The Dictators in Europe were all striding around claiming to be refounding The Third Roman Empire and knowing that all of the other dictators had definitely not got the absolutely correct Roman Salute ... The People in The British Empire however rested unsafely and starving in their beds - certain in the knowledge that The Royal Family knew the correct way to give to do The British Standard Fascist Union Salute ( BS - oh : if I write that pun into this then Jonathan Arkush will denounce me as an antisemite >sigh< - ah : just invert this using a once popular term of racial abuse which rhymes with " Kite Marks - No 18 " ) - because Uncle Oswald had made them an especial visit to teach them. ... And I have not even mentioned The Communists there - with their clenched fist version of things ... very unpopular in The Constitutional Clubs of Wales that sort of attitude you know - " Come The Revolution I'll buy everyone a pint ! " is not a highly regarded way of getting out of your round - not even in um ... er ... >sigh< ... that place invented by The Language Fascists in as a means to discourage The Tourists in North Wales from getting off at their railway station and drinking all of their beer ... a plan which rather obviously back fired : don't you guys know how to spell " paradoxical intention " - ? - " L-L-A-N-F-... "


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PostPosted: Thu Oct 20, 2016 3:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

FROM - http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?p=4237#4237

Sometimes mistakes are beneficial - even heaven-sent ? - and when I sat down to recreate this pictorial mnemonic - " Y Llaw Agored " with " The Right Hand Path of Dexterous Politics - Truth, Love, Freedom, Peace - and Life ! " written upon it ... I set out " N---S " to begin with and having inscribed " NO-OS " I found too little space left in the middle to write " NOMOS " ... and then suddenly the obvious happened - first I inserted the that cryptic sign of the impecunious " Bard of Liberty " - Iolo Morgannwg's " /|\ " - " The Name of God " - " IOU " - which was more or less the first element which he created in his improvised Rousseauian Druidical Bardical Republicanical Civil Religion ( see Book X of " The Social Contract " ) and then I automatically saw that this summoned up his successors in such people as Dr William Price and The Serpent which leads to The Rocking Stone on Pontypridd Common - where in 1848 Evan Davies paraded around with The White Staff of Peace and publicly but subtly rejected the summons from The National Assembly in London for the third attempt at armed " revolution " on the 16th August. ...

... " /|\ " receives less hostility now because it has become so familiar as to be unremarked : most of The People in Wales do not think of it as being other than Iolo Morgannwg's Muse " Yr Awen " ( both the word and the idea had been recorded for centuries before him ) and as such it has associations with Celty misty twilighty stuff ... If you know that Iolo's God is " IOU " and that his writing system which is carved onto wooden staves using the three notches " /|\ " looks very much like the tally sticks which accounted how much of the tithe tax in Wales due to The Church of England he had not paid - and that it was whilst he was incarcerated in Cardiff Castle for this and raging against this miserable " charity " of The Church in The State that he first " worshipped " the " IOU " which had re-created him ... as a Republican ... " /|\ " can also be read as " The Three Rays of Heaven " - " The Enlightenment " - " The Muse of The Bard of Liberty " - " The Prince of Wales Feathers - Inverted ! " - " The United Kingdom's Broad Arrow - Broken ! " ( it was used to mark the government's property - and prisoners ) - " The Mason's Mark " ( Iolo was a journeyman stonemason.) - " /|\ " bears a striking resemblance to " The Unfinished Pyramid " of " The Great Seal of The USA " - as does Mistar Urdd ! ... Iolo Morgannwg and The Republicans in Wales lived through " The English Terror " and he and his friends literally risked imprisonment and death for expressing their political opinions - " /|\ " was also " Y Nod Cyfrin " - " The Secret Mark " which was traced out casually with his stick in the dust upon The Open Road ... or perhaps with his finger into the palm of another's hand beneath the tavarn table - outstretched to him as " Y Llaw Agored " ... ?

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Taking time out to skim through " The Mystery of Rome's X Tomb " on BBC 2 Iplayer - duff copy -

- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8qDfwxdCZo

Around about 45.00+ they start to identify who the bodies belong to and this leads to the idea 53.00+ that Tomb X is associated with the Equites Singulares Augusti - " The Emperor's Chosen Horsemen " - whose salute was " The Open Right Hand " = " The Horseman's Salute " - 54.00+ = i.e. you do not approach The Emperor in Rome with a weapon in your hand because as the " princeps " he is the embodiment of The Rule of Law ...



The equites singulares Augusti (lit: "personal cavalry of the emperor" i.e. imperial horseguards) were the cavalry arm of the Praetorian Guard during the Principate period of imperial Rome. Based in Rome, they escorted the Roman emperor whenever he left the City on campaign or on tours of the provinces. ...


There are several examples of the different salutes depicted on Trajan's Column where notably The Dacians display it when they come to parlez i.e. " The Open Hand " is a political gesture but these various gestures each had different meanings : palm forwards with fingers outstretched is to demonstrate that you approach with no weapon ... a bit like .. perhaps as in karate ? ... here is Trajan giving " The Open Hand " - peaceable like, with a legion or two behind him ...


... The modern gesture consists of stiffly extending the right arm frontally and raising it roughly 135 degrees from the body's vertical axis, with the palm of the hand facing down and the fingers stretched out and touching each other. According to common perceptions, this salute was based on an ancient Roman custom. However, this description is unknown in Roman literature and is never mentioned by ancient historians of Rome. Not a single Roman work of art, be it sculpture, coinage, or painting, displays a salute of this kind. The gesture of the raised right arm or hand in Roman and other ancient cultures that does exist in surviving literature and art generally had a significantly different function and is never identical with the modern straight-arm salute. ... The right hand ( Lat. dextera, dextra; Gr. δεξιά - dexia ) was commonly used in antiquity as a symbol of pledging trust, friendship or loyalty. For example, Cicero reported that Octavian pledged an oath to Julius Caesar while outstretching his right hand ...

... Sculptures commemorating military victories such as those on the Arch of Titus, the Arch of Constantine, or on the Column of Trajan are the best known examples of raised arms in art from this period. However these monuments do not display a single clear image of the Roman salute. For example, three such scenes have been analyzed on Trajan's Column. On plate 99 ( LXII, Scenes LXXXIV-LXXXV ), six onlookers have their hand raised to Trajan, half extended straight, half bent at the elbow. On the ones with straight arms, only one palm is open but held vertically. The fingers of the three with bent arms are pointed downward. On Plate 167 ( CII, Scene CXLI ), three Dacians extend their right arms toward the emperor, their open hands held vertically and their fingers spread. None of the Romans are returning their gesture. On plates 122–123 ( LXXIV-LXXVI, Scenes CI-CII ), the emperor on horseback is greeted by a unit of legionaries. None of the 15 legionaries is raising his entire arm. An officer facing Trajan has his arm close to his body, the lower arm raised, his index finger pointing up, and the other fingers closed. Behind him, two right hands are raised with fingers spread wide. Trajan himself holds his upper right hand close to his body, extending only the lower arm. ...


... An example of a salutational gesture of imperial power can be seen in the statue of Augustus of Prima Porta which follows certain guidelines set out by oratory scholars of his day. In Rhetorica ad Herennium the anonymous author states that the orator "will control himself in the entire frame of his body and in the manly angle of his flanks, with the extension of the arm in the impassioned moments of speech, and by drawing in the arm in relaxed moods". Quintilian states in his Institutio Oratoria:

" Experts do not permit the hand to be raised above the level of the eyes or lowered beneath the breast; to such a degree is this true that it is considered a fault to direct the hand above the head or lower it to the lower part of the belly. It may be extended to the left within the limits of the shoulder, but beyond that it is not fitting ... "




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PostPosted: Sun Jun 04, 2017 4:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


I have just limped in footsore from just getting away from the filthy rubbish heaped up in the city by ... er ... who is responsible anyway ? ... Cardiff City County Council ? ... The Welsh Government ? ... The Welsh Rugby Union ... UEFA ? ... I thought of writing a poem debating who bribed whom ... perhaps they all bribed each other - just for the sake of appearances ? ... If there has been any soliciting of contributions going on you can bet your ... oh - they already took your bottom dollar ? ... Look - this is Wales and we only have poor corrupt officials ... in fact I suspect that we have the very worst kind of corruption - cut rate, dirt cheap, stack 'em ... oh enough of Casablanca - what about Rome ? ... I want a shot of Cicero - I have been having withdrawl symptoms ... let us start with a Free Kickeroo ... then a penalty ... take a corner - on my head butties ! ... and throw in a home goal - and no fouls !

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42IDAP_6zcE - The Politics of Cicero (video lecture) - a general overview

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkZx0q_3rYI - His Year - Cicero (63 B.C.E.)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UegK4zt5lxM - Law and Justice - Constitutional Crisis at Rome - 13.2 Cicero and Catiline

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3H9JGAbMijg - Cicero, Brutus, and Antony ( from HBO series " Rome " )

I might here remark that amongst other things " The Open Hand " is an allusion to Cicero - guess why ?


This week in history: Mark Antony has Cicero assassinated - By Cody Carlson - For the Deseret News - Published: Dec. 4, 2013

... Drawing upon Seneca the Elder and Plutarch, Everitt reconstructed the event as Laenas and his centurion, Herennius, approached Cicero's litter :

“(Cicero) drew aside the the curtain of his litter a little and said: 'I am stopping here. Come here, soldier. There is nothing proper about what you are doing, but at least make sure you cut off my head properly.' Herennius trembled and hesitated. … ( Cicero ) stretched his neck as far as he could out of the litter and Herenius slit his throat. While this was being done, most of those who were standing around covered their faces. It took three sword strokes and some sawing to detach the head and then the hands were cut off.”

And so ended the life of Rome's greatest statesman. The Roman historian Plutarch noted that upon seeing Cicero's severed head Antony said, “Now we can end the proscription.” Cicero's hands and possibly his head were then nailed to the main platform in the senate, the very spot from which he'd launched his philippics against Antony. Cicero's dream of a restored Roman Republic was never realized, and eventually Octavian emerged as Rome's first emperor under the name Augustus. ...

http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?t=477 -
La Main Ouverte - The Open Hand - Y Llaw Agored
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