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I am frustrated with my broadband service at the moment which is provided by Talk Talk i.e. sold to me by them as an intermediary but it is an ADSL line provided through what amounts to a ' common carrier ' since everything ADSL goes through the central Cardiff exchange which is perhaps only half a mile away as the crow flies. My main complaint about Talk Talk has usually been that when anything goes wrong I end up spending fruitless hours on the phone with them and their main way of bringing a complaint to a happy conclusion is to annoy, offend and then gradually grind down their customers until they quit and take their problem away to some other broadband provider either by going back to BT or PlusNet ( which in fact is BT just BT selling its self-same broadband at a reasonable price but in a plain wrapper ) or opting for a broadband provider on cable, which in my case is not possible. I have contemplated going back to BT because the exchange is theirs and the problem is clearly in the exchange itself so why bother to go elsewhere ?

You might inquire as to why I am so confident that nothing is wrong with any of my equipment or with perhaps the telephone line. Well, there are I think two parts to the problem and of course I think that the first part is to do with surveillance e.g. I have just two tabs of a browser open and am doing nothing more than reading a news item and tapping out into e.g. an email or a posting box here some comment about what I am reading ... well, let me see what happens today ... " ISRAEL " ... yes, there we go - the computer was previously quiet and quiescent and now it is suddenly very busy, although the operating system would never admit this to anyone : it is the fan suddenly surging into life which gives the game away. I decline to behave in any other than a normal way, which apparently really annoys The People in Wales : they want their probing into my computers to reveal me making forays into the dark-net to make conspiratorial communications concealed within enciphered emails ...

... in other words, the role of The United Kingdom's Secret Intelligence Service is to provide The Democrats in The World with a supply of terrorists for various purposes, the most obvious purposes being to justify the excessively large salaries being drawn by those who direct them and to ensure that the biggest of all secrets about The United Kingdom Secret Intelligent Service is ... but ah, I must be careful here as a signatory of ... well, I think that it is obvious to everybody really : they simply do not provide any Service because they simply do not possess any Intelligence and this is simply not a Secret. Nor is it a secret that The People Who Are Committed Pacifists and Pacificators really piss them off, and not only they have been trying to connive at making The People Such As Us out to be criminals for centuries but they have in the past got really upset because occasionally we do keep showing them up for what they are : petty criminals in the employ of the bunch of bandits whose outfit which they grandly describe as ' The United Kingdom ' whose services they now merely tender as sub-contractors to the United States of America, the modern ' Common Carrier ' of death to all domains : the associated domain with this website " repwblic.org " may or may not have suffered such a death ...

... now I subscribe to " The Open Conspiracy " and " repwblic.org " states that everything associated with " repwblic " is conducted on that basis, and paranoia is only indulged in from time to time by me as a form of recreation. It was not however amusing to find that the webpages of " repwblic.org " suddenly became unavailable immediately prior to several events in 2012 which were obviously contrived to present " repwblic " as if associated with a stance which it does not hold, and these web pages have stayed unavailable despite my best efforts and despite registrar company Melbourne IT continuing to take the money for publishing " repwblic." In the same vein, I find myself paying for a broadband service which I do not get to use because apparently most of the service is dedicated to those who have set these surveillance programmes continually trawling through my computers every time that I switch them on, eating up my RAM and BB leaving me waiting to write at all. My view of the Secret Intelligence Service therefore is that their business is primarily that of depriving me of a broadband service for the purposes of intimidation and harassment, since clearly if I do not get to read or write then they have nothing to perform any surveillance upon - unless they " discover " incriminating evidence planted which could only arise if they have planted it upon me.

The fact is that I conduct my life in an open manner, and choose to adhere to such things as " The Open Conspiracy," not because of my reasoning that somehow an upright character provides me with some sort of fail-safe protection from the harm that others might do to me, that somehow my good reputation will eventually save me from any calumny or perhaps that my having died a martyr's death I will to my great surprise find myself welcomed into heaven by the-god-that-I-do-not-believe-in-but-have-faith-in and thus discover that not only do I actually have a soul but that He / She / It / They have gracefully decided to save it for me on account of my good conduct in their eyes, even if everybody else misunderstood me ... I choose to believe in the things that I do because these are parts of the explanation - " Yr Eglurhad " - that I have made of myself and the world that I live in, they are my understandings of my life and the world and thus they inform how I choose [ * ] to live. I myself can not be otherwise because this is who I am whether my understandings correspond well to the reality or not - and those who refuse to accept the fact that The Republicans in Wales exist should be placed in the same category as those who either insist or deny that some god exists : they do not comprehend the nature of their own understandings. [ * at this point I was struggling to save this as there was some script running which reduced the computer to a standstill : I think that these are American spy-scripts because this commonly happens after an obscure word in a foreign language e.g. English.]

Now to come back to this ... have I failed to understand the nature of my comprehension ? Let me start with the original legal definition of a " Common Carrier "

Common Carrier http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Common+carrier

An individual or business that advertises to the public that it is available for hire to transport people or property in exchange for a fee. A common carrier is legally bound to carry all passengers or freight as long as there is enough space, the fee is paid, and no reasonable grounds to refuse to do so exist. A common carrier that unjustifiably refuses to carry a particular person or cargo may be sued for damages.

The origins of this sort of legal concept of a " Common Carrier " however do not lie in such things as pantechnicons or cargo-ships, but in their nature on the the highways or high seas, indeed in the governments which constructed roads and made their local sea-ways safe. When sailing ships were blown into foreign waters it was widely understood that they did not become the property of a foreign power because in a sense the oceans belonged to nobody and it was mutually understood that the seas were a " common carrier " and everybody could peaceably use them without being molested. Likewise pathways worn into wider ruts called roads were deemed to belong to nobody ... but the then the trouble was that nobody could be turned to by the traveler either to ask for the potholes to be filled in or even to borrow a shovel and some gravel without having to pay for them as an individual and what is more suspecting that both that shovel and the exact right amount of gravel seemed to be placed very handy ... and was it not just here that I met the exact same man just last week on my journey down to Y Senedd ... ? ... In 18c Wales the roads were notoriously bad because the distances were large, the terrain difficult and the populations of the parishes responsible for stretches of busy roads which ran through them could not support their repairs whilst those who were wearing them out were not paying. Endless arguments led to the development of the tollroads where the users paid for the upkeep at turnpikes like this - but as you can see these only led to " The Rebecca Riots " ...

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rebecca_Riots ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swing_Riots

... and it should be noted that " The Swing Riots " can be said to have had a similar cause : in both cases a crucial aspect of the means of the economic organisation of a society had been taken control of by a community pursuing private interests who sought to profit from it without regard to the The Public Interest. In the case of The Rebecca Riots in Wales, it was decided by a Royal Commission that it should be asserted that the maintenance and use of the roads should be deemed to be in The Public Interest and as a consequence there was the Turnpikes Act 1844 : arguably the very first public works statute instead of the series of Private Acts of Parliament which were made only for specific localities e.g. for the new railway companies. It took another thirty years or so but this led into the frame of mind that created such things as The Building Regulations and what undlay that progress was the concept which The Democrats in Wales will so often glibly cite and then promptly discard in such phrases as " It is not in The Public Interest to tolerate The Republicans in Wales ! " ... ignorant hypocrites ...

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corn_Laws ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tolpuddle_Martyrs

In the case of The Republicans in England, in their bitter struggle for bread for The People in England what they mostly won was lead for themselves as they fought the long drawn out battle against The Corn Laws. As imported American corn flooded into The United Kingdom from the prairies being put to plough, the price of the crops being grown on the estates of The Aristocrats in England was maintained by the simple expedient of a combination of imposing a series of taxes on corn imports to ensure that their profits did not fall, introducing machinery to reduce the number employed in harvesting and processing crops and then also driving down the wages of those remaining. Those who had followed Captain Swing in attacking what might appear to be their own means to live were challenging The Political System called The United Kingdom head on in challenging the community of private interest which was disregarding The Public Interest. They had been supplementing their increasingly meagre diets from the surrounding hedgerows but were now being forced off the land into the slums of the industrialising cities where for the first time they could experience some degree of social freedom but they also brought with them the bitter memories of their martyred dead and the knowlege that those they loved were in chains in Australia. But of insurrection in 1830 erupted not in London but in Paris where they fought for - " The Charter ! "

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charter_of_1814 ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/July_Revolution

The Aristocrats in The United Kingdom who had defined " The Public Interest " as their own and who had publicly gloried in their defeat of Napoleon were not unaware of the hypocrisy of their settlement of the affairs of France after their share in the victory at Waterloo in 1815. They had confirmed the restoration of the French Monarchy on the basis of " La Charte " which guaranteed the rights conceded to The People in France after The French Revolution of 1789 by the French King before he had betrayed his country and deposed. Their man on the throne of France however had promptly started to betray his backers in The United Kingdom and to gradually get rid of " The Charter " and now in " Three Glorious Days " he was deposed and ... to their relief he was replaced by yet another French King, so they did not have to fight a third war with yet another French Republic - but within a mile of where they sat congratulating themselves The People in London were not so much relieved as astounded : their own government had insisted upon The People in Paris enjoying the very rights in " La Charte " which they denied to The People in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales - not to mention Elsewhere ? " The Elsewhere " was possibly the most crucial of all places ...

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Empire ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_IV_of_the_United_Kingdom

I will leave you to read about him and his empire : all you need for my purposes is to juxtapose in your mind astounding luxuries with astounding poverties, with The Aristocrats in Parliament presiding over all of it and The Democrats in the tavarns and coffee houses questioning why they should be able to do that and so incompetently : the caricature is a contemporary illustration by George Cruikshank for the most famous political poem of William Hone " The Political House Which Jack Built " and he was of course prosecuted - and acquited : the court was under siege by The People in London. Cruikshank went on to provide illustrations for Dickens who was also considered to be dangerous by some but who was liked by and supported Queen Victoria mostly on account of Prince Albert - why ? Because Victoria held progressive views and chose Albert as her ally against The Aristocrats in Parliament - and thus won the hearts of many of The People and averted a savage insurrection, but it was a close run thing - George IV was succeeded by his brother William IV and if he had been longer lived things might have been different. Throughout the 1830s The Republicans in London were corresponding with The Elsewhere Everywhere and trying to hone all of their various petitions down to the six key political reforms necessary for them to obtain access to Parliament through the expansion of the existing means of Democracy.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chartism ... https://circle.ubc.ca/handle/2429/36410

Hence the death of William IV caught them by surprise but then it gave them joy : as soon as the more sympathetic Victoria was on the throne they hastened to publish - " The Charter." I am not going to recount the history of what happened next save to point out that the march on Newport in the aftermath of the rejection of " The Charter " was not an isolated incident nor an accidental one : few of The United Kingdom's history books record that " The Chartists " were directly referring to " La Charte " and thereby implying that if their demands were not met they fully intended to use violence and they do so in order to not have to mention " The Suffragists " who also argued for " The Six Points " but in understanding the implication firmly rejected the association : " The Suffragists " antecedents were " The Girondists " and " The Chartists " antecedents were " The Jacobins " - and there is the same ever-recurring division here in Wales, which I term " Republicans in Wales " versus " Welsh Republicans." I see in these terms are those habitual stances which I term " Internationalist & Pacificist " versus " Nationalist & Militant " which contain ideologies consistent with what are often termed " Moral Force " versus " Physical Force " attitudes : radically different sides of the same coin - Republicanism can " flip " in the same way that the Welsh consonant " Y " remains the same on paper yet can be pronounced in either an " Open " or a " Closed " way, depending upon the context which it is found in.

The " Res Publica " can only be found in one context : it is to be found within the relationships between The People - NOT inside of The Person i.e. Republicanism is NOT Democracy, which is the political theory which doles out Human Rights as if they were personal possessions to be bought and sold, given or stolen e.g. in the way that Cameron and May are presently thinking that they can decide to take away the Human Rights of The People That We Democrats Do Not Like. Think of it this way : if you are alone then whatever you do is of no consequence other than to yourself and you are always in a consenting relationship with yourself, even when you are hurting yourself on behalf of your oppressors you do so of your own volition. There can be no law made to intervene in any relationship which is consenting because the purpose of making laws is to keep the peace, so legislation made to intervene in a person's relationship with their own self is by definition making war upon them by disturbing their consenting relationship with their own self : by definition, such legislation is not a valid law because it wages war whereas the object of making law is always to promote the peace.

In Republicanism all laws are advisory : the law should state what is recognised to be a consenting relationship and therefore not the business of those not participating in it, however much they object to it and would not consent to it personally they are not in it ; the law should also state what the consequences will be if it comes to be recognised that a relationship is not consenting and therefore it then becomes the business of others to intervene to either end a non-consenting relationship or assist those involved to restore it to a consenting relationship in ways which must be explicitly licenced by the law. It is in the nature of laws that they can not be arbitrary in their definition nor variable in their application and therefore in order to ensure this it has come to be the case in modern legal systems that there is a basic set of laws which are called " Human Rights." To understand that these are not negotiable and universally valid, simply come to understand that they are no different from other laws like burglary : nobody in their right minds is going to agree to the idea that once you have sentenced somebody to prison for burglary that their home can now be legitimately burgled by everybody else. By the same principle you do not murder murderers and still less legitimate is any kind of disproportionate response by the potential victim of a crime in preventing a relationship which is not consented to.

The object of Republicanism is to promote the peace of society through the justice of the laws - and why Republicans are accused of being criminals by those who invoke the idea of sovereignty to lay claim to their right to make the unjust laws which inevitably as a matter of duty in maintaining the peace Republicans will resolutely oppose : and that is when the " flip " happens - because technically speaking Republicanism does not deal in the philosophical stance of " pacifists " but in the legal stance of " pacificators " who in Ancient Rome were members of the judiciary empowered to direct militias - by due legal process, in order to restore The Rule of Law and no more : Republicanism licences nobody to break any valid laws, and so in order to demonstrate that a law is invalid whilst upholding The Rule of Law after a long wearying campaign of arguing the toss with The Democrats In Wales, it is best to consult with others in order to rehearse all of your legal arguments before you decide to " flip." If you are still sure that you want to create a militia, then you will most probably in the first instance need to apply to the magistrates' court in order to obtain the necessary forms to fill in to apply for a ' posse comitatus ' and then I believe that you have obtained it you have to approach your local sheriff with the necessary application fee, but there is certainly still no guarantee that he or she will agree to it ... unless you promise to be a very peaceable army ...

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Posse_comitatus_(common_law) ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cardiff_Castle#17th.E2.80.9318th_centuries

... It is knocking on 02.45 am and I am falling about laughing : honestly - there is a trajectory to this ! ... HELL - I HOPE THERE IS !!! ... I think that I'll recount The Peaceable Army Story ... as I imagine it ...

" Look - I'm terribly sorry to ... er ... we-ell ... I mean ... being on the other side and ... er ... all ... um - but I ... er ... as The Sheriff of Glamorgan ... er ... shire ... um ... I ... I ... I ... " " You would like to ask for some legal advice ? " " Well - yes, strictly speaking - I ... I ... I ... oh, old fellow - old chum : this is a very rum business, us being enemies and wot-not, but we have not actually - you know, really even been so much as rude to each other as yet and it does seem to be a dreadful shame to be drawn into a war which is nothing to do with us - excepting The King and everything, whom I am duty bound of course to support - as a respected member of the local Aristocracy - but - well, I feel rather differently about it as - you know ... eh ? ... wink wink ? ... " " I am sure that I do not know what you mean sir." " Oh ? " " Perhaps if you were to adjust your trouser leg to a more modest length ... we might sit down together and examine the necessary paperwork." " Together ? ... Is that ... not ... er ... rather a Levelling sort of thing to do ? ... Should you not ... erm ... stand before me or grovel or something, I mean - just for the sake of decency ? " " No." " Oh." " Please sign here, here - here and ... there - and seal it there and here ... and then - if you will permit me - I will just separate the two copies : there - now as your solicitor I will keep this copy safe, and you will take this one to The King." " I SAY - that was VERY efficiently organised ! You seem to have planned this all out very well before hand - as if you had already done this sort of thing before ! " " Merely a matter of professonal pride, my old friend - and practice, practice, practice ... " " You mean to say that you never started a war before, you have only ever practiced it ? " " The Laws of England began in trial by combat." " Well, I supposed that I had better go down to meet the troops and greet The King ! " " Certainly - but you will allow me to attend upon you to explain upon your behalf - in my professional capacity, as your solicitor - the Posse Comitatus to The King ? " " I simply do not know what I would do without you, it is such a pity that once the fighting starts our friendship must end ! " " Whether we are friends or enemies, you will always be my most valued client." " Well, it might not be a good idea to mention your love of Republicanism to The King or I may end up losing my most valued legal advisor and - AAAHHHH !!! - YOUR MAJESTICALNESS !!! "

" dai ! DAI ! " " What ? " " Stand up straight - and try to look illiterate - The King is coming ! " " So what ? Are we supposed to be happy to meet him ? " " You are not going to meet him - but you are going to be within three feet of him - HIM ! GOD'S ANNOINTED ! " " Oh, Daf - you are a so superstitious ! " " I AM NOT ! " " Oh yeah ? You looked and sounded like a Catholic last night, crouched under your bedsheet praying to the Virgin ... " " Praying for a virgin - FOR ! " " Well - I guess that you will not get your prayers answered then - in Cardiff ! " " Ha ha ha - what are they doing now ? " " Oh - The King is actually going to speak - TO US !!! "

" May I say - and I certainly do intend to - that I am moderately pleased to see such a pleasantly presented turn out here today ... I am delighted to hear nothing of ' Levelling ' - although I can see that a certain amount of it has gone on already in your trampling of these gardens and crockery in the spirit of true loyalty to royalty. I especially wish to express my gratitude on behalf of my kingdom - and The Almighty God in whose cause we serve - for your charitable donation of your churches' silver, the profuse amount of coins and - buttons ! - of all denominations and all of your I.O.U.s will be most tenderly tendered to The Chancellor of The Exchequer once you have restored me to a position in which I can once more extort the full payment of your debts to me ... Now I have to warn you that you have a long march ahead of you, first into Monmouthshire and - YOU WILL BEG MY PARDON - SIR ? "

" Your Majesty, before you give that order I need you to complete the paperwork of the Posse Comitatus in order to make the order legal under section seven, sub-section six, paragraph nineteen of The County Militias Act 1639 in accordance with The Rules of War as amended by The Milk Maids and Allied Trades ( Public Order and Civil Magistrates Administration ) Act 1642, section sixty three and three quarters paragraph two as read in conjunction with table eight of the appendix thereof." " WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT ? " " Just sign here, here, there - and there, there and here ... " " THERE - NOW : MAY I PROCEED ? " " No." " WHAT !!!! " " ... No ... Your Majesty ? ... " " WHY !!!! "

" Well, in accordance with the aforementioned statutes as passed by Parliament and made into law by your Royal Assent, you have lawfully expressed you command to " The Peaceable Army " to march into Monmouthshire - but The Common Law only allows my client here - The Sheriff of Glamorganshire - to raise a militia in the aforementioned but latter county in The Principality of Wales and the aforementioned but previous county which you have ordered him to march the militia into - which order he is not lawfully allowed to execute." " UH ? " " I must insist upon advising my client to observe the Common and Statute Laws which Your Majesty has made and endorsed : that he sends this Posse Comitatus forthwith to Parliament requesting their necessary signatures upon it to endorse your order thus enabling my client The Sheriff of Glamorgan to then march " The Peaceable Army " lawfully out of his jurisdiction."

" Well my old chum, that seemed to me to be a jolly good wheeze you thought of there at the last minute - certainly your Republican wits got us all out of that tight spot ... but do you think that The King will come back ? " " Well, we have given him every last penny that we had so I doubt it ... but now that we are bankrupt, what are we going to do when Cromwell turns up ? "" Does this Republicanism that you keep going on about have anything within it to give us some ideas as to what to do next ? " " To be honest, there are now two thousand years of writings about Republicanism and I find it just utterly bewildering - but also very entertaining and daiverting."[/b] " Well - look, this is 1645 and perhaps if there were just a few more Republicans around at the end of all of this misery then surely this will be the war to end all wars ? Unspeakable things are being done in England to Englishmen, Englishwomen, English Children, Dogs, Cats, Geese, Horses, Pigs - not to mention the foreigners - surely anybody can learn from their example what not to do to others, whatever our differences ? " " We can only learn from those examples which are not forgotten, but to be honest I would rather that we now take the rest of the day off - we all need on such occasions as this to forget what we do but to remember why we try." " Ah ! Do you mean that annual holiday that my peasants are forever pleading for - " Y Dydd Rhydd ? " " Huh ! That is quite a catchy little phrase - and perhaps the idea of being able to desist from forever arguing with others and just sitting down with those you disagree with in order to rediscover all of those things which you can in fact agree upon will catch on ? " " You know I went to France once and in the summer months - usually mid July I think - they do this thing called a ' pic-nic ' where everybody goes off to the fields to help get the harvest in - and everybody joins in and - honestly - you would never know what a man's - or woman's - politics or religion was, or whether they were rich or poor either. They bring nothing to this care-free festival but a bottle in one pocket and a stuffed baguette in the other - and mostly just sit around having these interesting conversations - in French, of course ! " " That sounds to me like the sort of pleasantly peaceful and civilising social event that surely almost anybody could enjoy - so please, let us now just get out of Cardiff : let us go and find somewhere serene and quiet, scenic and - quick ! " " How about Caerphilly Castle ? " " OH - NO !!! That is a place that I would definitely rather not go to : I have never walked out of the Shire Court and departed for my home through Cardiff Castle's gate without shuddering at the thought of the ghostly gibbet of Llewelyn Bren hanging over me there ... let us go somewhere nice and tranquil, the sort of place that has ever been and will forever remain untainted by such evils as Lies, Hatred, Enslavement and War : a place of Life not Death.

" How about those lovely hedge-rowed fields over beyond St Fagans ? "

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Llywelyn_Bren ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_St_Fagans
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