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WPS ! incidents in Welsh Public / Political Society

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 19, 2016 10:04 pm    Post subject: WPS ! incidents in Welsh Public / Political Society Reply with quote

I don't spend usally time commenting upon incidents because they are ephemeral and so a thread such as this does not invite contributions which add further facts and arguments ... but it amused me and so I wrote a proem about what happened in the Welsh Assembly today -

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-35355911 = Carwyn Jones is silenced in chamber row ( includes a video of Rosemary Butler's frustration.)

Assembly Presiding Officer Dame Rosemary Butler resorted to switching off the first minister's microphone during a rowdy moment in First Minister's Questions.

The Welsh Assembly in Rosie's school_
Is often rowdy as a rule_
At the front there's Carwyn - who keeps on chattering -_
Both of Kirsty's hands are up - & Leanne is quietly battering_
Away at her maths homework - whilst R T is just playing the fool !


Rosie is not just her name - for she also has a rosey face -_
& whilst she's banging on her desk she's thinking of " The Mace "_
As a means to bring to order this class of infantiles_
But in order for her to do this she will need a lot of vials_
Whereas switching off their microphones - " That'll put them in their place ! "

dai repwblic - Dai Saw - David B Lawrence - the author asserts his moral right - not to sue for copyright !


Dear Rosemary,

I doubt that you will share my ritual of rage at Welsh Political Society - but possibly you may enjoy this poem about it which features you : thank you for challenging the bad behaviour in the Assembly - but could you now go and sort out Westminster too ?


There is little point in asking me what Repwblic is about any more : it is not the ' Republic of Letters ' that it was intended to be - but at least it better represents the way that " Republicans in Wales " really think - not the terrorists, anti-monarchists nor nationalist extremists that others assume us to be ... excepting that my own political stance has become anti-democratic because Devolution has merely compounded the existing problems which it was meant to remedy : a democracy unrestrained by a constitution is very dangerous, as we are now witnessing in these increasingly wild swings from " Left " to " Right " and yet our public moral and ethical debates at elections are being replaced by bribes and threats.

This is the phenomenon of " depoliticisation " which we Republicans are debating : that Welsh Political / Public Society is disappearing and that as a consequence the decision making process which politics essentially is has not got a sufficient critical input - Republicanism predicts that this will happen when the trajectory of Democracy is not restrained by a constitution which ensures that a wide diversity of political viewpoints are represented in the public decision making process ... are you aware Rosemary that 20% of the adults in Wales self-identify themselves as Republican ? ... If you think that The United Kingdom is truly a democracy, then how do you explain such incidents as this - recently reported by the Democratic Republican Party -


- I do not share Peter Kellow's views but I share his experiences : if you believe that there should be good order in The Welsh Assembly - with a certain amount of tolerance for those asserting their feelings - should you not consider campaigning to extend the same good order for the benefit of those of us presently having our participation in your political system being refused ? I mean no more refusing to meet us and suppressing our contributions from public view - no more intimidation and harassment - no more casual assaults and kicking our doors in without warrants : surveillance we do not mind because we have nothing to hide ... but we have plenty to expose because The Welsh Assembly is so secretive ... an historic opportunity to improve the political system is being thrown away because the political theory which deals in this matter is absent from Welsh Political Society because of the ignorance, prejudice and bigotry which is being exercised towards those who advocate it - The Republicans in Wales.
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