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Y Faner Wen : Promoting Public Political Practices

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 14, 2016 8:44 pm    Post subject: Y Faner Wen : Promoting Public Political Practices Reply with quote

The Democrats make no mistakes -_
Or so they tell us : but they're all fakes -_
They demand our votes to give them power_
And then seize the wheel whilst we all cower_
In the back of their rusting charabanc - which has no brakes ...

[ I did toy with the dabble-entendre " devoid of any breaks ... " which now sounds better ]

dai repwblic - Dai Saw - David B Lawrence - the author asserts his moral right - not to sue for copyright !

I have never been sure how to approach this matter and define it in such a way as to keep all such material together, under which banner to put it ... I have wondered what Robert David Rowland ( 1854 - 1944 ) - who was a popular writer of stories and novellas who scribbled under the certainly Republican-sounding pseudonym " ANTHROPOS " - would have advised ?

" Y Faner Wen " in Welsh means literally " The White Banner " but the conotatations of that phrase in Welsh are not exactly the same for The People in Wales as for The People In The World where it is - as it mostly is in Wales by reason of our sharing in the prevailent global culture - often considered to be " The Flag of Surrender " or - rather better - " The Banner of Peace " - but that is a populist interpretation of its meaning due to watching too many badly scripted movies ... its military meaning for several centuries has been " The Flag of Parley " i.e. " Le Drapeau de Parlementer " - in other words the signal that those carrying it - for whatever reason - wish to talk not fight, to contest the matter with words not swords, in order to obtain a mutually agreeable settlement. All political conversations have to be conducted beneath " Y Faner Wen."

[ P.S. - COLLINS FRENCH DICTIONARY - " parlementer " ( AN INTRANSIGENT VERB ) = 1 : { ennemis } to negotiate ; 2 : { s'entretenir, discuter } to discuss endlessly ... ]

Of course when those trying to carry forward " The White Flag " found themselves in the middle of a war, typically a siege situation, and finding it difficult to make their intentions clear to the other side ... " No, honestly - we're not surrendering : we would just like to nip down to the corner shop - and then couldn't we all just sit down and have a cup of tea and a nice conversation and sort this out in a civilised manner over a shared biscuit i.e. politically ? " ... Well the obvious thing to do in such a non-political situation is to borrow somebody else's biggest whitest bed sheet and paint upon it in BIG BOLD BLACK LETTERS TO PUBLICISE OUR OPINIONS - and then hold it up and parade it around so that other people can read it and say to themselves how obviously reasonable and equitable such a proposal is and does that not benefit us all - and why on earth did we not think of that before and why on earth are we fighting amongst ourselves ... or ... " That is a very nice sentiment - but we are being paid to kill all of those who disagree with those who have declared that they alone possess political authority and have seized the power within the state and substituted their own interests for The Public Interest - and they are paying us to kill you ... such a shame - but it is after all more than our jobs are worth to not kill you and ... oh ... >whisper< ... we are not being paid ? ... but we are ... >whisper< ... slaves ... ? ... Oh ... oh dear ... what a - HEY !!! THAT'S MY BEDSHEET !!!! "

Now The People in Wales in possessing one of The World's most literate cultures have not only been setting our political opinions out in Black and White and Welsh for over one and a half thousand years but have also been literally raising " Y Faner Wen " for a very long time also because it was an heraldic pun on " Gwynedd " and so may even have its orgins in pre-Roman times when the island of Anglesey - Ynys Mon - was the druids' " Holy Land " ... everything to do with words like " gwen " and " gwyn " refer not merely to " white " but have conotations of " pure, sacred, clean " and hence in the 19c one synonym for Wales was " Gwlad y Menig Gwynion " - " The Land of The White Gloves " i.e. The People in Wales were immensely proud of being a nation whose hands were clean because they upheld The Rule of Law ... but without really knowing why : the reason usually given is that they were conscious of the allegations being made about them in the 19c by The People in England -

- but another - and better - reason is that in the 16c a now forgotten cultural revolution took place in Wales when, in the struggle between Protestant and Catholic which took place after The Annexation of Wales, Welsh scholars drew deeply from the wells of Roman Classical literature and not only set out to modernise The Welsh Language but also to modernise Welsh political thought by introducing the very latest thing in 16c " political technology " - " The Rule of Law " - i.e. Republicanism : whose political colour is - " white " ... which was a terrifically convenient coincidence for those who were arguing against the final extinction of The Welsh Law in favour of The English Law made by a foreign parliament in which they had been given representation as a privilege granted by Henry VIII provided that they voted as he required i.e. The Principality of Wales remained the private possession of The King of England until the MPs of " The Welsh Party " finally rebelled in 1624 and made common cause with dissident English MPs in return for them wresting Wales out of the hands of the rapacious King James I ... which later was one of the causes of The Wars of The Three Kingdoms ... but the means to end The ( Thirty Three Anti-Welsh ) Penal Laws in Wales was to bring to an end The Principality of Wales itself and thus the Welsh MPs chose to place The People in Wales under the protection of The English Parliament because it was the only practical means to resist The Monarchy ... thus in 1642 Wales was dragged into the war between Charles I and The ( now English plus Welsh ) Parliament ... whose Welsh Party had by now donned The Leek : why ? ... possibly " white + green " = " The Welsh Party + The House of Commons " - ? ... That is a speculation, but The Leek as depicted in 17c paintings is curiously shaped : the leaves were deliberately curled backwards and outwards, presumeably by running a hot knife over them, to create a bigger and bolder, more decorative badge ... which was more entertaining ... as all political demonstrations should be ...


... Which sort of brings me to the point of this thread the modestly long way around ... on the one hand " Y Faner Wen " is a bed-sheet hurriedly daubed with a slogan and carried forth to a demonstration haphazardly stapled or taped to a couple of broomsticks : it is in fact anything but sacred - so as often as not it either ends up in a bin on the way home or it is torn up later for dusters and rags : it is a piece of political ephemara ... on the other hand there are banners which last a lot longer, lovingly crafted and colourful and often a lot more entertaining in their way - but they lack the meaningfulness of " Y Faner Wen " because they are more like flags which say basically nothing - like " Y Ddraig Goch " which stirs up strong emotions within The People in Wales and yet whose meaning can not be agreed upon any more than a single meaning can be assigned to " The Union Flag " which also stirs up strong emotions : the ideas which are associated with such flags are projected onto them by those who behold them ... but " Y Faner Wen " is different - yes, " The White Flag " has a generally understood set of associations like " The Black Flag " which is basically understood to be its antagonist - " The Flag of No Surrender " etc ... but once you grab a can of paint to add to these an explicit statement then they gain both immediacy and ephemerality - and much fewer admirers as a consequence and - as often as not - many more adversaries : unless what they are being used to demonstrate is conveyed in an entertaining way ... to enchant the audiences of those who carry them ...

I have a long term interest in how to create demonstrations which are effective : for the most part I have had no time for them because I believe them to be politically ineffectual and attended for other reasons by those uninterested in effective political behaviour ... yes, I belong to The Purple Ink brigade who write letters to The Democrats in Wales and Westminster in the belief that politics consists of facts and arguments not passions and positions ... One reason that The Republicans in Wales are almost invisible is because many believe that there is no need for slogans and symbols in Republicanism, indeed they believe that these are what always causes all of our troubles when others decide to infiltrate and use a political organisation for their own purposes when it has developed a following which identifies with some symbol or brand-name : some years ago " Repwblic " was " borrowed " as a name by those contributing nothing to it but who liked the brand because it was popular ... finding it on a page in Facebook which was being plastered with various versions of " Y Faner Du " I begged the person who did this to close the page - which he gracefully did : thank you ! ... hence Repwblic and Cymru Rydd & Co parted ways in 2008 ... and apparently we shall now remain parted for all 364 days of each and every year ...

... " Gweriniaeth " is the word used by Cymru Rydd & Co because for most Welsh speakers that is the more familiar word which is commonly used to translate the English'd word " republic " - but " gweriniaeth " is unrecognisable to non-Welsh speakers whereas a bit of word-play using " w " for Wales produces the early 19c borrowing from the French word " Republique " giving the more easily recognised " repwblic " which is but one spelling of that word in the Welsh dictionary ... Whilst I doubt that any word in any dictionary should or can be registered as a trade mark under any law - let alone The English Law - we have several domain names registered incorporating the word plus a dot following it which makes it a reasonable assertion to declare " repwblic. " to be " T.M." as in the forthcoming web pages " repwblic.cymru " and " repwblic.wales " which presently languish besides the original " repwblic.org " which awaits agreement upon how to use them to provide further political entertainment ...

... [ A POST SCRIPT - AND MUCH LATER : ] ... Incidentally - Republicanism is the political theory which advocates " The Rule of Law " and it was given its name by those who had read the Roman constitutionalist Marcus Tullius Cicero's book " DE RE PUBLICA " - " ON THE COMMONWEALTH " - ( ' The Commonwealth ' being the native English word for ' The Republic ' which is commonly referred to as ' The Public Interest ' by The Democrats in Wales and Westminster without their ever knowing where this and many other political terms which they abuse originate : such is the low level of political education possessed by those I abuse as " The Demockerats " who compete for the privilege of substituting the private interests of their sponsors for The Public Interest - who offer The People in Wales - and The World - bribes and threats in order to obtain their votes to win their fleeting opportunity to mis-rule the non-political system whose supporters mis-name '"The United Kingdom." ) ...

... Which relates to the subject in hand, re communicating effectively, in terms of Repwblic's " logo " which is any combination of letters and words in some kind of font which involve the word " repwblic " being placed on a stripe of light purple ( 50/50 blue/red - R:G:B 255:000:255 ) This has long since been " T.M." - but to be honest I originally wanted something a bit more jazzy for a corporate logo than the appearance of " a municipal swimming pool bath towel " but it has just sort of turned out that way due to what was mostly an accidental decision which occurred ten years ago when I was in a hurry and imitated the purple stripe of a Roman toga in order to highlight the word " REPWBLIC " when I constructed the first repwblic.org webpage in ... 2007 ? ... ( But note that " REPWBLIC " first re-appeared as a word when I chose it for the title of a pamphlet in 2003 ... and that in turn was referring to a dispute in the 1940s when The Nationalists of Plaid Genedalaethol Cymru claimed the word " Gweriniaethwyr " exclusively for themselves and denounced the recently formed Welsh Republican Movement - Mudiad Gweriniaethol Cymru - as " Repybligwyr " - i.e. smearing them with the historic associations of that word with The French Revolution, when " Y Repwbligwyr " were deemed to be either lunatics or fanatics - impractical daydreamers ... they are right of course, The Nationalists in Wales have never had any imagination ... and in order to become electable as yet another one of the parties of The Democrats in Wales they have progressively exchanged their very few principles for even fewer votes ... ) ... Oh - and by the way ... Repwblic is more or less emerging as the latest and perhaps last incarnation of " The Cardiff Illuminati " - a discussing, drinking, ... thinking ... drinking, demonstrating group which began in 1984 ... and we have sort of ... um ... perhaps ... well ... maybe ... declared Repwblic to be " Lodge 13 : Y Lleuadigion " ... We can not promise you " The Republic in The Moon " nor is our Welsh very good but as the Internationalist and Pacifist " White Faction " of Republicanism in Wales we are promising to keep on trying to compete with those bigger political jokers in Wales and Westminster with our very own brand of " pwnio lleuedigion." ...

... Um ... so this thread is going to be about looking at various presentations of a political nature and debating whether they succeed or not ... with the aspiration of encouraging others to understand the nature of politics and demonstrating and engaging in both more successfully and joyfully ... because although in this non-political system - whose supporters claim it to be The United Kingdom - all political activism as proscribed by The Democrats in Wales and Westminster has become utterly futile - but they simply can not prevent The People in Wales and The World from being the possessers of the inalienable political authority which is founded upon the facts and arguments about their lives. The political temperature of The People in Wales and The World is now rising and when these frustrated individuals finally start to demonstrate in numbers without understanding that marching up and down shouting is not going to achieve anything because they do not understand that The Democrats in Wales and Westminster are actually opposed to politics and are determined not to listen to The People ... well ... I do not believe that the resulting demonstrations are going to be either creative or entertaining ... unless The People in Wales and The World start to re-discover the art of doing politics - Republicanism.


Sent: 16 April 2016 01:36
Subject: A NEW FORUM TO LOOK AT THE ART OF DEMONSTRATION ... btw ... does anybody else understand the feel of - " punning/pwnio lleuedigion/lleuadigion ? "

Dear Friends of " Y Repwblic " - a new project : inviting people to record the demonstrations taking place so we can understand what is happening -

- and collectively improve upon it ?

Oh - and the basis of that crazy " pwn yng Nghymraeg " - which is somewhere down near the bottom ?

lleuadig = loony / y lleuadigion = " the loony ones "

lleuedig = lousy / y lleuedigion = " the lousy ones "

lleuen = " louse " / y llau = " the parasites " ( i.e. of diverse species )

pwn = a heavy burden

pwnio = ( A ) - to pound, beat, strike, hit, hammer, wallop, whip, thrash, stone, poke, nudge, vomit - to babble nonsense ...

pwnio = ( B ) - to grind, mash, crush, pulverise ...

pwnio = ( C ) - to persevere ...


dai repwblic - Dai Saw - David B Lawrence


I will to be fifty four in a fortnight or so which means that it will be more or less forty years since that day when I not only felt that " SOMETHING MUST BE DONE ! " but that I first set out to to fail to do something ...

... but what I did not fail to do was to draw the attention of many others to something which had to be done - and they followed my trail and did not fail ... so : if you want to never fail - then just be sure to never try ...

... I believe that if we follow the trails of those who failed before us we can not only learn a lot more than we can by merely studying the maps which they left - we can advance along their trails even before we have to try ...

... and fail again ...

... and try again ...

... remember what the supporters of this non-political system which they call The Untied Kingdom had to do again recently : The Democrats in Westminster all suddenly found themselves trailing north to Scotland ...
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