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Oh ... shit ... I think that it is one of those " publish and be damned " days ... please remember that this is truly an ill-considered act ... like Theresa May reaching for " Sovereignty " so she does not have to face The Demockerats in Westminster and do any politics ... I think that she is just a front for her husband and his mates in The Bankers - the political representatives of The Aristocrats in ... The World ? ... No ... unlikely - they are probably just in The Caribbean ... Monte Carlo ? ... I am sure that we would all much prefer to see Theresa May gambling with her own life and her own money : after 363 years of gross venality and 262 years of astounding stupidity I think that it finally time for The People in Wales to join in once again in renewed efforts to be rid of not merely the words " The United Kingdom " but what they conceal.

I was so miserable yesterday - about The Demockerat in Theresa May reaching for " Sovereignty " - that I lay in bed all morning writing these ...



http://i77.photobucket.com/albums/j79/ffoto_2006/14-10-16%20%2002-10%20%20ANALYSIS%20and%20DIAGNOSIS%20and%20PART%20OF%20MODEL_zps1opzjjwi.jpg - ]

POST SCRIPT - going to bed 04.20am Sunday - the diagram on page 10/10 is a version of " The ( 3D ) Model " and there are debates about " handedness " with all four versions ... the geometric solids are visual expressions of the arithmetical tabulations involved - but the algorithms ...

Rolling Eyes





United Englishmen

The United Englishmen was an underground revolutionary society that existed in England between about 1796 and 1802 and which sought to overturn the government by means of a coordinated insurrection in England, Ireland, and Scotland. The foundations for the United Englishmen were laid after attempts to seek political reform through constitutional avenues were unsuccessful in the first half of the 1790s. Following the passage of the repressive Two Acts in 1795, sections of the English democratic movement shifted their tactics to a more physical force approach to promoting reform. In this climate, a reinvigorated United Irish society was able to find willing recruits in England. Political tours by United Irishmen in the winter of 1796–7 helped disseminate the prospect of insurrection and foster an interest in establishing societies modeled on the Irish example. Many English radicals, particularly in the northern manufacturing districts, were lured by the opportunity offered through the United movement and the first cells of the United Englishmen were established in late 1796.





" ... In early October 1816, Imlay left Godwin's house in London and committed suicide on 9 October by taking an overdose of laudanum at an inn in Swansea, Wales; she was 22. The details surrounding her death and her motivations are disputed. Most of the letters regarding the incident were destroyed or are missing ... "



Nation and Migration: The Making of British Atlantic Literature, 1765-1835 - By Juliet Shields

[ quotations from a literary discussion of - Gilbert Imlay's novel " The Emigrants " ( 1793 ) ] ... " ... Thus The Ancient Britons came to symbolise liberty and resistace to tyranny despite Wales' status as an internal colony ; Wales came to connote the primitive and pastoral despite its rapid industrialization ; and the American West became the bastion of an ancient British republicanism ... " ... [ and William Godwin's novel " Imogen " ( 1784 ) ] ... " ... depicts the ancient British inhabitants of the valley of Clwyd ... evokes the republican thought of Thomas Jefferson and also of seventeenth century writers like James Harrington and Andrew Fletcher ... "

The main point to impart is how everybody was cooperating - national borders seem to have countd for little in comparison to personal loyalties and fierce friendships ...

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Coigly ... " ... A United Irishmen, he worked at improving Catholic and Presbyterian relations. Coigly traveled to England and Paris, where he was involved with the United Britons and with James Napper Tandy ... "


SO : WAS THIS FAKED ? - " .... The United Britons, or United Englishmen, were a secret organisation of Jacobins. The recovery of their paperwork from near to the site of what is arguably the West Riding Luddites' greatest triumph has been commented on by several historians, and used as evidence to illustrate the complex composition of the Luddite movement ... " ( - I THINK THAT THESE PAPERS ORIGINATED IN WALES )

Later on there were " United Britons " Friendly Societies e.g. " The Order Of United Britons Friendly Society " ( 1860 - 1950 )


10pm the evening after the above which was posted circa 1pm ... and - hEy - bUcKy ! ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgfrvZ-SxPQ ...

... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Fhnkkzk9oo ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQ3DXDONKmQ ... ( but I can not find his Model )


" SHORT CUT " >>> I have tried various searches tonight but I still can not find the famous clip in which Bucky demonstrated the two principles underlying " space-framing " in which he used a tetrahedron made by tying together the ends of stringy lengths of elastic and a cube made by linking together the ends of stiffy lengths of wire ... if you have never seen this before then I recommend that you make one for yourself to amaze your friends and to frighten The Democrats in Wales with - it is neat trick for The Republicans in The World ! ... Shall I tell you or let you figure this out for yourself ? ... All those who do want to find out for yourselves - DO NOT READ THE REST OF THIS PARAGRAPH ... Aw - C'MON ... You lazy buggers ... oh - alright then ... BUT DO NOT TELL HER THAT I TOLD YOU ABOUT THIS : I REFUSE TO BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR YOUR CRIMINAL ACTIONS ... go through your wife's knickers drawer and down at the bottom of it you will find her best knickers - her weddings and funerals ones, so she will not miss them for a long while - and anyway later I will tell you how to attempt to repair them afterwards ... you will need six pairs of her knickers : make sure that you are wearing a lumpy thick jumper so you can safely smuggle them past her whilst she is busy multi-tasking with the remote control - oh ... and do not do this whilst there are any small pink frilly nieces in the house because they possess extra-sensual perceptions and will appear at unexpected moments ...

... On the other hand small blue dirty nephews can usually be trusted at moments like this - so long as you can endure being lectured on The Periodic Table and The Battle of Jutland for several hours : it is best to take the boy up the shed with you in case your suddenly feigned interest in The Lesser Known Fruit Bats of The World alerts your wife - or ( even worse ) - another female member of her family to the fact that you have stopped writing ... ... ... SEE : NOW THEY KNOW THAT YOU ARE UP TO NO GOOD ! ... ... ... I advise you to go for PLAN B : take the boy down the pub - give him all of your loose change for the bandits - avoid the other bandits ( the ones who wear badges I mean - not our lot ) - and spike his shandy with brandy just to be sure : tell his mother that he had a bad cough and that you only gave him it because it was " medicinal " - DO NOT ON ANY ACCOUNT TELL HER THAT HE HAS BEEN SNEAKING YOUR CIGS !!! - You will need a second pair of hands so ring up Al because he will be - on that damned computer still ? ... Ring Phil instead because - oh ... Well ring the other Phil and ... Rant ? ... Pem ? ... What about " Bug-Eyed-Dave " ... and - oh - ah - GIVE UP : JUST RING DAFYDD - and try to keep him off the subject of Moritz and The People's and The Dwarves' and The Elves' and The Witches' Grand Duchessy and Republic of Galborg ...

... Of course - as soon as Dafydd arrives all the wheels will fall off his bicycle and two of them just have to burst into flame and run away whilst the third will lay there cowering as he shouts at it ... Dafydd's approach to bicycles is simply not revolutionary and so you will immediately doubt the wisdom of asking him for help : fortunately he has brought a hammer with him in order to straighten out the borrowed elastic - and a scythe to trim your sticky stiff bits with ... go and hide in the yard - Dafydd will want to smoke and The Landlady in The Public House will already be certain that something must be wrong and be asking her friends for your wife's number ... lay out your materials and tools, write a specification and schedule and try to obtain at least three estimates from those sat at the tables around you ... ignore The Engineers' advice and molly-coddle The Surveyors ... tender your proposal to The Builders - but do not wait for their answers : they know nothing anyway - and will always try it on after you have started ... Lay down The Foundations and Take The Piece out of each of them - you should have six lengths : tie three together making them into a loop and then spread them apart and at ther other ends repeat the same exercise incorporating the remaining three and you will get a floppy pyramid - The Tetrahedron ... The Pyramid of De Light ... the most perfect of The Salifistic Platonic Stolids ..

.... I assure you that even if Dafydd bashes this with his hammer it just will not stand up - comedian eh ? ... What Dafydd can be bashing with his hammer is one of Paul's umbrellas which have been piled up in the corner of The Public House for years with a pink sticky attached declaring that these are his property and that he will be returning for them very shortly : umbrellas are an excellent resource for extracting sticky stiffy stuff from ... you will need twelve of them ... no - not umbrellas ... The Spokes ... strip off all of the superfluous bits and take each point and turn and Twist and Shout until you have made The Eye in each and then link them together - again, three to each corner - to make The Cube ... which like any member of The Parliamentary Party of The Democrats in Westminster simply will not stand up by itself even once after you have erected it - whichever of its faces are turned towards you .. NOW COMES THE MYSTIC BIT ... get Dafydd to be your assistant in staging this stunt : he likes dressing up in sequins and feathers ... HOOK THE FIRST LOOP OF THE FIRST KNOT ONTO THE FIRST CORNER - THEN HOOK THE REMAINING THREE LOOPS ONTO THE DIAGONALLY OPPOSITE CORNERS OF THE FACES WHICH ADJOIN THAT FIRST CORNER - AND THEN BOTH THE TETRAHEDRON AND THE CUBE WILL JUST SPRING INTO SHAPE : THIS IS HOW SPACE FRAMES WORK !!! ...

... Oh ... yours did not work ? ... Well it is supposed to ... you see the vertices of The Tetrahedron are " Truth, Love, Freedom and Peace - " - " and Life " is not counted there amongst them because Life is either the result of living by those values or The Source of Truth, Love, Freedom and Peace - but either way these four values are associated with The Creator of Life in The Four Houses of Monotheism so if you prefer your version of Republicanism to use the idea of " God " you can consider how to insert it here - either residing in The Centre of The Model or pervading all of it ... - I prefer " The Nomos " - " The Natural Law " - because " The Laws of Nature " can be investigated using those scientifical methods which are seeking to discover " The Theory of Everything " - which in turn leads into the challenges of " Operationalisation " ... however ... The Tetrahedron can not be held in shape unless it is stretched out - by being hooked onto four corners of The Cube when the Consciousness which it represents - " Operation : Action - Sensation - Emotion - Cognition - ( Re- ) Action etc " is no longer collapsed and screwed up within The Closed Hand of those who hold it ... Without an unfolding Consciousness you are dead : you may be performing the actions that lead others to think that you are alive - but ... A person who is without Consciousness of Life will not be paying attention to the consequences of how they are performing their Operations in The World ... and will be most likely practising " Lies, Hatred, Enslavement and War " upon others - " and Death " will follow both for others and themselves : we are all bound up together in The World ... But how can we discover The Truth ? ... How can we find The Love ? ... How can we give The Freedom ? ... How can we make The Peace ? ... How can we create The Life ? ... It is all very well listing these five things and saying that these are the most basic elements of " Religion " - but surely these choices are just " dai's " choices ? ...

... Well - yes : these are my choice of values to insert into " The I-RA : Ideo-Rational Analysis " which is actually value-free - it is basically my ten-point check list to make sure that in discussing a counselee's particular thinking about their problem their counselor is checking how it is being presented to them : what do they mean by what they say ? ... Do they know what they are talking about or are they unable to name it all ? ... The major four questions to consider are to do with four distinctly different types of consciousness which belong to literally different parts of the nervous system which have evolved in this order - Action, Sensation, Emotion, Cognition : counselees can not think about things which they can not become conscious of and so in PCP counseling we have two main approaches to that problem ... one is to teach people how to examine how their own ideologies work so that they can take responsibility for their own lives and have the courage to experiment with new Actions, Sensations, Emotions, Cognitions ... and the other is to hope for the best : there are too many variables and the therapeutic role of a PCP counselor is to be a skilled and sympathetic advisor - but not a wet-nurse ... mind you - there are some real tits out there - whom I am ashamed to tell you I helped to certify as counselors : because I suffer from a somatic ( not a psychological ) disorder which keeps me up all night trying to keep you all amused - but which results in my being grumpy and uncommunicative in the daytime - I chose not to try to make a living as a counselor but to occasionally use my skills to try to help those in most need of them : counseling rooms are full of self-preoccupied and half-educated middle-class people who have no serious problems but are willing to pay skilled professionals to fleece them ... in contrast of course the most traumatised victims of The United Kingdom are pre-occupied with poverty and everything which results from it which includes not being able to think straight because they are in states of permanent distress : these are The People in Trouble whom I tend to wet-nurse - even though I myself am one of them - but PCP counseling is useless for helpless, homeless, hungry, drug-addicted criminals ... nor apparently does it work on The Democrats in Wales and The World.

I was accused this weekend of being " middle-class " - ! - I am but myself : as you are too ... if you do not accept other adults upsetting your children when they experiment with their new ideas about who they are - successively playing " little mother " - " rock star " - " pony princess " - " world's greatest footballer " - " cool chick " - " earnest student " - " young professional " - " too young to be a father ! " - " Mother of All Suckers ! " " Too Tired to be The Godfather ! " - " WE ARE NOW THE DEMOCKERATS' WORST NIGHTMARE : REPUBLICAN PARENTS - THE ENEMY WITHIN THE SCHOOL GATE " - " Sit down please - your daughter can play there in the corner : we have a lovely - " - " NO SHE CAN NOT : WE ARE WELSH REPUBLICANS - NOT LOUSY ' REPUBLICANS IN WALES ' LIKE YOU - AND WE DO NOT HOLD WITH CASTLES OF ANY KIND : THOSE THINGS ONLY GIVE CHILDREN MONSTROUS IDEAS ! " - " Oh - er ... such as ? " - " LOOK : OUR MEGAN STARTED CYLCH MEITHRIN RECENTLY - THEY HAVE A CHRISTMAS PARTY AND SHE WANTS TO GO TO IT DRESSED LIKE ALL THE OTHERS - AS A PRINCESS !!! "- " Er ... um ... and ? " - " THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH HER - SHE NEEDS HER HEAD EXAMINED : TALK TO HER - USE YOUR OPERATIONALISATION THINGY ! " - " Well - er ... um - I would not advise that to be honest ... but - could I ask you a question first ? " - " WHAT ? " - " Why ? " - " !!! " - " Er ... " ... " ??? "

The values which I have inserted into " The Model " were derived from Monotheism - I am a long term adherent of Quakerism which is the only respectable version of Monotheism in which you can freely draw from the literature of all of and more than " The Four Major Houses of Monotheism - Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam - and its many minor houses like Sikhism, Mandaeanism, B'haism etc " - and I am pleased to report that things are as I always suspected - " Truth, Love, Freedom, Peace, Life " are at the core of every religion : these values are in fact the necessary ones to adhere to preserve your own sanity and everyone one else's. I think that this was already implied in the first book that I read of any proper theory of psychology - so you need not think of these as coming from Religion at all if you like but from " Logotherapy " - which is all about the counselee's search for meaningfulness - in which " gods " are optional extras. I recognise that there are a number of similar experiences recorded by The People in The World but explained in different ways in different cultures : I accept that what is being described as real - I have occasionally had such experiences myself - but I do not accept that there is any agreement between those who explain these using the word " god " because that turns out to be essentially an empty " black box " into which a series of Hierarchs can stuff their own stuff : basically I do not hold with glove puppets for gods.

On the other hand I do hold with carefully designed gods displayed in " glass boxes " and available for examination in order to decide how they have been put together - and by whom and for what purposes ... It was my interest in manufacturing " gods " which led me to investigate Republicanism because the original theories were explicitly stating that in order to have a successful Republic you need to embody, display and propagate its values by conducting The Religion in Public i.e. this was an important measure used to prevent anybody from taking the first step into Ultraism by establishing a Hierocracy to suppress any criticism of those already in power : A Civic Religion is both about The State publicly asserting the right to question the morality of those who have control over it and - actually doing that publicly ... Which was exactly the problem for my generation which came of age circa 1980 : on the one hand anybody can think what they please in The United Kingdom - provided that they do not say what they think publicly - but on the other hand prior to 1980 there was a lot more soul-searching and questioning in the most public medium - television ... decade by decade the supporters of The United Kingdom have closed down The Public Discourse in Wales apparently intending that by a combination of mis-education and dis-information they would leave The People in Wales without the means to think about either Religion or Politics ... but then came the internet and having not anticipated that poor people would get hold of computers they got a nasty shock : did they really think that we had forgotten how miserable they made us ?

" The Ideo-Rational Analysis " is basically a psychological tool derived from " Personal Construct Psychology " which is a very sophisticated investigatory sort of psychology which uses - or rather tries to use and fails to use - repertory methods to painstakingly dissect a counselee's belief system and so assist them to re-construct it by designing and performing experiments meaningful to themselves - not the counselor ! ... Please take my advice : if you need a psychological intervention on the National Wealth Service ask for a Personal Construct Psychologist - the counselee is always in control ! ... And that is what we need to be aiming for in " Y Repwblic yng Nghmru a'r Byd " - putting The People in Control of The State - with The Nomocrats possessed of no power over The State other than that prescribed by The Rule of Law : like The Kings in Chess - virtually unable to move at all due to The Rules in The Game and utterly dependent upon the other pieces' manouvres to win, but The Game is still not over until their opponents plant The Nomocrats in The Grave ... only to find that The Nomos is The Ground which they have dug The Grave in : The Divine Law of The Cosmos can not be broken like The English Law - which just is broken ... if this year they plant The Seed in The Ground of Wales and The World - then next year they will have to harvest The Corn ...

... As they have discovered to be the case with ISIS : in ploughing up The Ground in Iraq they predicted a bountiful harvest of Democrats ... but as they ought to know - what they sow ... is Chaos ! ... Which is why Republicanism excludes violence from politics - except for one purpose only : for a defensive war to stop Monocrats using violence to further political ends ... and that - in case you do not know this - is why Y Faner Du was first raised in 1831 : because the resolutely peaceful protesters who were rallied around Y Faner Wen refused to disperse even when the soldiers fixed their bayonets and put cartridges into their guns - they even tried to reason with the soldiers and of course that is when Dic Penderyn fatefully walked up to one of the soldiers and took hold of the bayonet to make him point the gun upwards and not level it at women and children ... that was when the order to open fire was given - that is why he was hanged : because as an unarmed man upholding The Rule of Law against The United Kingdom he took his place beneath Y Faner Wen ... which fell that day in the screaming Chaos as The Monocratic soldiery advanced in front of the ranks of The Democrats and The Aristocrats - shooting volley after volley as the crowd scrambled through the narrow streets before them as the soldiers bayoneted the wounded left on the ground and then smashed down hastily barricaded cottage doors to find the walking wounded who had been given refuge by The People in Merthyr Tydfil ... and so when Y Faner Wen rose in defiance once again from the pools of blood in those narrow streets it become Y Faner Goch ... and then when the ambushes began and guns were seized by The People in The Valleys all hell broke out as those seeking to be avenged against the supporters of The United Kingdom raised Y Faner Du over The Tollgates - and The Gallows at The Fork in The Open Road ... but it was Dic Penderyn who was hanged in their stead ...


( typo'ing that at 04.00 am - what a mess : I hope that I remember the rest of it ... tomorrow ? ) ... ( And the following day ( Sunday ) I have ... tinkered with the above and made it worse - sorry ! )


... Apart from the fact that Dafydd - who is the clever one believe it or not - has as yet not produced any solutions for the " Operationalisation " ( i.e. turning The Words into The Numbers so that political arguments can be turned from rhetorical hypotheses into equations and experiments ) ... the main thing that concerns me about The Model is that it will be subjected to a smash and grab exercise : it may look deceptively simple - my slogan " Truth, Love, Freedom, Peace and Life " merely arranged as a pretty diagram ... but it is not ! ... This has gone through a prolonged evolution - indeed recently a revolution - and it was originally two separate projects -

( a ) around my mid-teens forty years ago I felt that whilst most religions are doubtful - to say the least - religion is obviously a common human activity and it has its roots in common human experiences so it must be addressing something : I initially chose to believe that this was what is commonly called " spirituality." Presently I understand our " Spiritualities " to be tracing out the pattern of our Emotional experiences in response to our Sensational experiences e.g. although a rapist may appear to be devoid of what is conventionally understood by " spirituality " in our society - as being of a sweet disposition with dreamy ideals - the fact is that a rapist's behaviour is conditioned ( not necessarily in the same way for each rapist ) by his or her Sensational history and the Emotional history which results from it : sensory violence followed by emotional neglect result in Spiritualities as much as sensual caressing and emotional nurturing result in Spiritualities ... Take for example the disclosures of sexual abuses by " ministers of religion " where grown adults are finally getting to have the opportunity to remember and explain things - and still can not put them into words because nobody ever gave them the words and they do not know them : these " ministers of religion " probably did not even know the words themselves or possibly did not even have any idea that what they were doing was wrong ... You can choose to blame either victims or perpetrators but it is more useful to understand what went wrong and then fix it - which you are unlikely to be able to do by hospitalising the victims or jailing the perpetrators although this may limit any further harm ... What went wrong ? ... Religion went wrong : it became a vehicle for Hierocracy - and by " Religion " I mean making sense of The World in order to devise ideologies useful in The Life of The People e.g. The Tooth Fairy - Jesus Loves You - Republicanism is The Best Thing Since Sliced Head ...

... I am not even sure that I should let myself make my answer so simple by arguing that " The Hierocrats " Sub-verted " Religion " - but I will argue this for the purpose of explaining The Model ... Let me talk more generally : some adults agree upon a Cognition ( i.e. agree upon an idea ) and as a consequence of the Cognition they repeatedly perform an Action upon a child who has a repetition of a Sensation which results in the same Emotion which distresses them ... the child can not escape from being Dominated by the adults and constantly anticipates them repeatedly performing the Action which then repeats the Sensation which repeats the Emotion which distresses the child whose Emotion is explained away by the adults with the Cognition which they agree upon e.g. " Her mother was a whore therefore she blah blah blah ... " ... What is devastating for these children is not only that they can not run away from these adults but that the only idea offered to them - which these adults will force upon them citing their own authority to do so - is the Cognition which leads to the Action which leads to the Sensation which leads to the Emotion which leads back to the Cognition which leads to the Action which leads to the Sensation which leads ... to the child accepting this Operation of Cognition, Action, Sensation, Emotion : the Spirituality of the child will be one full of fear, pain, anger and shame - and the child will tell me ( as the child's Personal Construct Psychology counselor ) that there is nothing wrong with this ... which frankly leaves me seeking the psycho-analyst's coach and pleading for some strategy for dealing with such a situation : Logo-therapy ? ...

... The Model had its origins in those two psychological theories - and indeed it can be argued that all modern psychological theories have their ultimate origins in " Ideology " - the remedy proposed for the violent excesses of The French Revolution by Antoine Destutt de Tracey : he was the first to propose a scientific study of how belief systems are constructed and what they contain in order to not punish criminal behaviour but instead to teach The People in France how to be Citizens and Citizennes of The United Republic and - oh dear ... unfortunately the person that he proposed it to was Napoleon Bonaparte who said something very rude about him - which canard Karl Marx slavishly repeated and so poor old Destitute Tracey died impoverished and was never heard of ever again until Michel Foucault ... Just like poor old Jean-Baptiste Lamarck who went to Napoleon Bonaparte with an idea about why giraffes have long necks and how they were originally molluscs and ... everybody has heard of Sigmund Freud and Charles Darwin but - well - look : they were good eggs, old man ... NOT REPUBLICANS ... true Sigmund Freud was a bit iffy - but as soon as he stepped upon the soil of Good Old Blighty he became a staunch supporter of The United Kingdom and gave up all of those nasty foreign habits like thinking too much - or at least he was decent enough to confine himself to remarking about the weather.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean-Baptiste_Lamarck - AN " IDEOLOGUE " I.E. A FOLLOWER OF -

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antoine_Destutt_de_Tracy - WHO WAS REDISCOVERED BY -

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michel_Foucault - WHO IS OFTEN QUOTED - E.G. IN BOOKS LIKE THIS - -


The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Prison: Ideology, Class, and Criminal Justice - Jeffrey Reiman, Paul Leighton

" ... The authors show that numerous acts of the well-off - such as their refusal to make workplaces safe, refusal to curtail deadly pollution, promotion of unnecessary surgery, and prescriptions for unnecessary drugs - cause as much harm as the acts of the poor that are treated as crimes. However, the dangerous acts of the well-off are almost never treated as crimes, and when they are, they are almost never treated as severely as the crimes of the poor. Not only does the criminal justice system fail to protect against the harmful acts of well-off people, it also fails to remedy the causes of crime, such as poverty. This results in a large population of poor criminals in our prisons and in our media. The authors contend that the idea of crime as a work of the poor serves the interests of the rich and powerful while conveying a misleading notion that the real threat to Americans comes from the bottom of society rather than the top. ... "



FROM - http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?p=4237#4237








... Well ... we all make mistaks do wi nut ? ... Although I disclosed these to a few others some years before I openly and ardently started to declare this anti-Democratic creed I have been hanging on to these diagrams lest they over-simplify things and are simply grabbed by others and used to justify the kinds of criminal acts that I disapprove of : what I am prepared to endorse are those acts which challenge an unjust law being enforced for the sake of this blind legalism which characterises the " power politics " ( which is an oxymoron ) of The Democats in Wales and Westminster who have reduced the business of politics - of making laws - to what amounts to a hypocrisy - " If we call it a law then it is justice ! " ... This reduces the concept of political authority to that of thuggish violence - which of course is one of the original Republican arguments against Democracy : that it is Mobocracy. ... The Democrats claim that winning such things as elections or referendums by one vote means that they have acquired a " mandate " - or have even " won " a political argument - and therefore have the right to do as they please : it is after all just a matter of having the knack of getting The People in Wales to vote correctly - by telling them lies, scaring them out of their wits, getting them to vote by post long before they get to hear about any awkward facts, or - the new innovation - not bothering with obtaining a mandate by voting but claiming that The Electoral Register is your mandate ... after all millions can not be bothered to vote ... I wonder why ? ...

... But long before the supporters of " The United Kingdom " figured out a way to concede the privilege of voting to more and of The People without giving them any power their ancestors in The Aristocracy and The Monarchy had asserted the basis of their power - The English Law - over The Natural Law and at The Reformation they got rid of The Canon Law ( which was based upon Nomocracy ) and declared Henry VIII " Sovereign " ... the non-political principle of " Sovereignty " means that the only people who have any " rights " are those who have acquired some share in the power to control the non-political system which later became " The United Kingdom " - and therefore - since in Nomocracy i.e. Republicanism " rights " are constitutional laws which bestow inalienable dignity i.e. universal legal equality - ( actually originally only for Christians within Christendom - and also for Muslims within ... er ... Muslimdom ... and for Hebrews within Hebrewdom - since everybody was being terribly polite to them c1450 because The Hebrews in The World denounced anybody who foolishly casually referred to them as J#ws as being " anti-semitic " ) ...

- there was nobody above, below or outside of The Rule of Law - oh - well - except those wanting to change their religion ... and Atheists ( of course.) ... Despite these and other failings of " Religious Republicanism " there was an important difference between the secular English Law and religious Canon Law : the former was originally based upon trial by combat and this usually involved heavily armed knights fighting peasants without arms ... later this became tiresome so The English Legal system became based upon trial by wealth which usually involved evenly calmed spite tightening pleasants without alms ... modern English legal practice is based upon trial by stealth which usually involves heavenly balmed nights frightening peasants without qualms ... Canon Law was based instead upon The Welsh Inquisition - hah ! ... SEE ? - EVERYBODY EXPECTS " THE SPANISH INQUISITION " ... - in other words, on the principle of making inquiries as to the Facts and Arguments in order to discover The Truth and do Justice !

... Prior to The Annexation of Wales there had been three ( at least ) kinds of legal jurisdiction in Wales : what had been holding Britannia Prima together for centuries in the face of the onslaught of The Hordes of Tourists from Europe had been the codification made by Hywel Dda of the traditional Celtic laws mixed together with Roman laws - i.e. the idea that there were any Dark Ages in Wales before 0999 is entirely erroneous : it was a single polity argued over by small minded petty tyrants who were yet still bound together by a national legal system in which The People in Wales could get justice ... Since 1999 however we have had The Welsh Assembly ... and so we no longer have a national legal system in which The People in Wales can get justice ... just a single polity argued over by small minded petty tyrants who are yet still bound together in a conspiracy against The People in Wales to prevent us from ever having The Rule of Law restored ... Nomocracy !!! ... Well I for one want The People in Wales to get what they deserve : a proper grown-up political constitution - and I do not care if this is just a hand-me-down or even thrown-out theory : my compatriots are still infants - they will grow into this by-and-by - and after all our nation has been bankrupt for more than thirty years ( and we are so broke - surely they would never miss an offer so good as " Free Wales !!! - Free Wales !!! - Get'em while they'r'ot !!! - Buy England - an'I'll throw Wales in !!! " ) ... provided of course that not all of our organs have not been harvested 2020 ... I haven't ever had an organ ... I had a banjo ...

... The Scrawl of The Wild ? ... No - but to be honest this dressing up game has to stop for the time being ... I am obviously leaving you something to think about ... One reason for laying in bed to attempt those was to avoid my turning the computer on - mostly because I have been purposefully avoiding tackling a now urgent matter which I must either get done or ... not get done ... or be done ... I want read a book ... draw a picture ... sleep ... I do not want any individuals to found a " Pure Republican " party - I want you to party and become friends and then - only then - will Real Republicanism happen : beware anybody who talks of " power politics " - this is an oxymoron and they will not only waste your lives in follow-my-leader games ... you will end up not not even having the desire either to live or to do anything any more : Republicanism is about choosing to pursue Truth, Love, Freedom, Peace - and Life ... Altruism ...

... Ultraism of course offers many more varied and interesting choices to pursue Lies, Hatred, Enslavement, War - and Death ...

... The choices that we make when we consider " Y " are rarely based upon all of the possible facts and arguments - but there is no time to learn about them once we are being forced into a decision by encountering " Y " in real life : our indecision is our decision - and we can not unmake our choices ... so we have to accept our mistakes - and take an interest in the failures and successes of both ourselves and also of our friends because we can not understand the lives and thoughts of strangers : Republicanism is best conducted upon the basis of friendship - read " On Friendship " by Cicero ...


This guy rambles on ... even more so than me - but perhaps more to the point !

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhZiWb1MhJA - Gregory B Sadler : Cicero on Friendship ( part 1 )

... mmm ... skimming Gregory B Sadler's comments to those commenting I read this -

" You seem to think of texts as somehow outside of the sphere of the real, as if the authors were indulging in pure phantasy, and had no experiences of their own to reflect and ruminate upon -- and as if they aren't already part of a tradition of seeing what other people wrote and then reinterpreting it in terms of their own culture and experiences -- like Cicero with Aristotle -- If we want to simply appeal to experience, mine is very different from yours. These texts have proven very useful."


Sometimes mistakes are beneficial - even heaven-sent ? - and when I sat down to recreate this pictorial mnemonic - " Y Llaw Agored " with " The Right Hand Path of Dexterous Politics - Truth, Love, Freedom, Peace - and Life ! " written upon it ... I set out " N---S " to begin with and having inscribed " NO-OS " I found too little space left in the middle to write " NOMOS " ... and then suddenly the obvious happened - first I inserted the that cryptic sign of the impecunious " Bard of Liberty " - Iolo Morgannwg's " /|\ " - " The Name of God " - " IOU " - which was more or less the first element which he created in his improvised Rousseauian Druidical Bardical Republicanical Civil Religion ( see Book X of " The Social Contract " ) and then I automatically saw that this summoned up his successors in such people as Dr William Price and The Serpent which leads to The Rocking Stone on Pontypridd Common - where in 1848 Evan Davies paraded around with The White Staff of Peace and publicly but subtly rejected the summons from The National Assembly in London for the third attempt at armed " revolution " on the 16th August. ...

... " /|\ " receives less hostility now because it has become so familiar as to be unremarked : most of The People in Wales do not think of it as being other than Iolo Morgannwg's Muse " Yr Awen " ( both the word and the idea had been recorded for centuries before him ) and as such it has associations with Celty misty twilighty stuff ... If you know that Iolo's God is " IOU " and that his writing system which is carved onto wooden staves using the three notches " /|\ " looks very much like the tally sticks which accounted how much of the tithe tax in Wales due to The Church of England he had not paid - and that it was whilst he was incarcerated in Cardiff Castle for this and raging against this miserable " charity " of The Church in The State that he first " worshipped " the " IOU " which had re-created him ... as a Republican ... " /|\ " can also be read as " The Three Rays of Heaven " - " The Enlightenment " - " The Muse of The Bard of Liberty " - " The Prince of Wales Feathers - Inverted ! " - " The United Kingdom's Broad Arrow - Broken ! " ( it was used to mark the government's property - and prisoners ) - " The Mason's Mark " ( Iolo was a journeyman stonemason.) - " /|\ " bears a striking resemblance to " The Unfinished Pyramid " of " The Great Seal of The USA " - as does Mistar Urdd ! ... Iolo Morgannwg and The Republicans in Wales lived through " The English Terror " and he and his friends literally risked imprisonment and death for expressing their political opinions - " /|\ " was also " Y Nod Cyfrin " - " The Secret Mark " which was traced out casually with his stick in the dust upon The Open Road ... or perhaps with his finger into the palm of another's hand beneath the tavarn table - outstretched to him as " Y Llaw Agored " ... ?

( 11.30pm Wednesday 19-10-16 )

I made some xeroxes of these draughts today and I decorated the usual " Y Llaw Agored " cover sheet as above with " The Right Hand Path of Dexterous Politics - Truth, Love, Freedom, Peace and Life ! " ... You can make a little game out of this by raising the appropriate finger as you list these five cardinal values - and as you reach your thumb you snap those fingers back into your palm and make " The Thumbs Up !!! " sign for " Let The People in Wales and The World - Live !!! " ... " The Open Hand " is of course a universal human gesture - " HELLO !!! " - " Please - I want to ask a question - ? " - " STOP !!! " - etc - but in association with Republicanism it also carries the added associations of - one of the rhetorical gestures used by " The Candidates " ( which originally meant " The Ones in The White / Pure / Unstained / Sacred Togas " - candidates for office in The Republic in Rome usually had rather grubby togas but they had these bleached and then whitened with chalk when they made their appearances before their electorate to make their political speeches ...

... Thus " White " is the political colour of Civil or " Civic Republicans " i.e. The Ciceronian Republicans - the ones involved in The Public Discourse ... but " Black " is another political colour used by Civic Republicans when in mourning for the death of The Public Discourse i.e. The Catonian Republicans - the ones involved in loud and active public protests who are summoning up the memory of Cato who in opposing the overthrow of The Rule of Law by Caesar refused to pretend that everything was normal and refused to ever again put on his White toga until The Republic in Rome was restored to The People in Rome ... In Wales in the 1960s the poet Harri Webb created a black flag with a white eagle upon it recalling the sacred eagle in a medieval story about " Y Mab Darogan " - " The Son of Prophecy " who - as is usual in these tales - will return in times of trouble : he made a gift of this flag to some people that I regard as " Situationalists " who had rather too much talent as players in their political performances ...

... This prop from Harri Webb's melodrama was so difficult to reproduce they gradually made a remarkable simplification of its design and so they created the now world famous symbol " Eryr Wen " ... which I occasionally type like this >|< but it is in fact slightly more complicated ... whilst it is celebrated in other countries, in Wales " Yr Eryr Wen " - " The - White / Pure / Unstained / Sacred - Eagle " - stirs up all sorts of passions and controversies : yes - it began as a proud symbol of defiance in a staged drama - then it was donated for use by Situationists in Agit-prop - but once it had been reduced to >|< it acquired the paramilitary associations which is all that most of The People in Wales see in it : for those who bear it proudly it means so much more - and they presently parade around with it under the title " Balchder Cymru " - " The Pride of Wales " - and as " Welsh Republicans " they are Nationalists who stand at the other end of the spectrum from " The Republicans in Wales " - the Internationalists in " Y Repwblic " ... Arguably the problem for all the other varieties of Republicans in between these two antagonistic groups of extremists is that The Quiet Majority are not heard : in between Black Balchder and White Y Repwblic there are many other Republican colours of every shade and tint.

And that may be the problem : The Quiet Majority of The Republicans in Wales do not want to choose between " Black " or " White " because they detest extremism - " It's not Welsh ! " - whereas personally I enjoy being an extremist and I enjoy encountering other extremists : for us it is about exploring the logical consequences of our religious and political polemics in contestations with others - in other words for many of us opportunities for arguing are like those for bungee-jumping : sports which some think are dangerous and ought to be banned because they are timid and want The State to protect them from the things which frighten them like - ghosts ? ... What frightens me about The Democrats - having had a fair amount of experience in dealing with them - is that their non-political system rewards and promotes those who are least suitable - and always unqualified - to be involved in the decision making process which is a political system : that is why Democracy is based upon voting - in order to avoid doing politics ... basically in order to succeed in their non-political system Democrats have to be extremely obsessive, deceitful, narcissistic and covertly aggressive : in my experience The Democrats in Wales and Westminster are at least neurotic if not psychotic and being both is clearly a necessary qualification for those who seek to govern others instead of themselves ...

... Why do we have pantomime paramilitaries and pantomime politicians ? ... Probably for the same reason we have pantomime pacifists : because The Quiet Majority in Wales are just too polite to publicly ridicule us ... you will note therefore that I make a point of mocking myself as well as others : it is however always most difficult to laugh at our greatest vulnerabilities - which is why those who mimic politicos are like those infants who copy adults without knowing what they are doing ... they can not tolerate being the object of humorous advice and insist upon lecturing others by way of repeating the words which they once heard someone else say and insisting upon talking " seriously " which is to childishly mistake Acting for Activism.

02.00 am AGAIN ... UGh ... I want to go to bed now with a suitably politico book ...

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