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Wales is in Camelot

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 30, 2015 2:29 pm    Post subject: Wales is in Camelot Reply with quote

If you have not understood how my interest in the modern plight of The People in Palestine is to be connected with the ancient history of The People in Wales then please consider the staggering parallels, not least in the way in which the The People in The State calling itself " Israel " are blindly accepting what is being done in the name of the Not-Jewish state which has stolen the word which denotes only and solely all of The People in The World who are actually Jewish and outnumber those living in but have no control over what is being done in what properly their name. Likewise in the thousand years of warfare between The People in Wales and The People in England the The People in both were generally terrified of each other on account of what was being done in their names yet when left to their own devices and able to talk to each other they then went about continually patching things up between themselves - until the next time that their rulers lured poverty stricken young men into wars with promises of hopes for both glory and land.

" King " Arthur however seems to have been a different sort of man, not a king but a " Dux " ( modern Welsh " Dwg " ) which in Aristocratic parlance is now a " Duke " but could be construed in the equivalent in a modern army to a brigadier-general i.e. the highest commanding officer actually in the field, whereas a king or " Brenin " would be the equivalent of a field-marshal directing a war and a " Twysog " might be the equivalent of a lieutenant-general, somewhere in between since the meaning of the word is " leader." Modern Wales emerged as the remaining defensible territory from the chaos that followed the collapse of the southern and eastern territories of the western Roman province of Britannia Prima, but in all likelyhood there would not have been time for the Brythonaeg to consolidiate the defence of what later became Cymru had it not been for one man without either a king or a prince who seized the initiative and deployed cavalry to hold the line in a place where there are really no natural features to use to define a defensible border except perhaps the Rivers called in English " Avon " - which is the Welsh word " Afon " - which suggests that these were the borders finally agreed upon.

The fact that the banner which they fought beneath is referred to in his name - " Long-Bear Dragon-Head " - indicates that long after Britannia collapsed due to Maximus' treachery in taking away most of the armed forces into Gaul in his foolish attempt to make himself Emperor there were military organisations using the " draco " which was basically a windsock attached to a metal dragon's head containing a mechanism which roared and whined in the wind as their heavy cavalry thundered forward. It makes for an interesting contrast to compare this with the heavy cavalry on this ancient grassland frontier with its modern counterparts on Salisbury Plain nearby, still heavy cavalry a century which has now evolved into an even heavier mechanised cavalry. So ... when you think of Arthur Pendragon forget the Disney cartoons etc - think of him as being a proto-Welsh version of de Gaulle - his country was over-run but whilst his government not only surrendered but also collaborated he refused to betray The People in France. He rallied and re-organised a broken army, discarded useless tactics and eventually drove out the invaders and then secured a frontier - and whilst he did not make himself into a king he still in his old age came forth to serve his country with wise council and a firm hand against those hoping to seize the power of the state to use it against The People.

Perhaps The People in Palestine need their own Carles de Gaulle to regain their borders : if the borders which Arthur Pendragon established against the advance of the English are denoted by the name " Avon " then the border which he patrolled looked something like this - oooh ... Ay'm ay'feylin' ay proyem ay'cuymin' ay'pon mey ...

Somerset's amusing Camel lot
In speaking English have forgot
That Long Bear's fortress once stood there :
The Dragon's Head breathed in that air -
And Wales is the name of that grassy spot !



There are nine rivers which go by the name of Avon situated within Great Britain. ... The name Avon, comes from the Brythonic language and stems from the word for river, which is abona. Brythonic was an ancient, insular Celtic language of the British Isles spoken between the Iron Age and the fifth century, by a race of people called Britons. ... Therefore words River Avon, actually mean River River, which is a tautology, the mergence of two words that mean the same thing, taken from two different languages. ... There are five River Avons in England, three River Avons in Scotland and one River Avon in Wales, although the Welsh river is spelled Afon Afan, which is another tautology which also means River River.


I have commented on the road sign below on this thread thus - http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?p=2696#2696

" P.S. I guess that given the popularity of this thread, The People in London might want to find their way to Wales and you may not be sure as to where it is located. Actually, it is quite easy to find because there is a long straight road which leads directly to Wales and once you arrive it is quite adequately signposted, as I have demonstrated in this thread - http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?p=2749#2749

If anybody is coming over from Cheltenham, would you be so kind as to offer my cousin a lift ? And how about bringing us a couple of bottles of bubbly too - as a gift to celebrate our pissing you off for over thirty years ? Surely you must know that it is so much easier to get to know anyone by simply behaving in a friendly and sociable way ? Easier than faking it."

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