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Wales' National Assembly & Other Elections 5th May 2016

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 07, 2016 1:19 am    Post subject: Wales' National Assembly & Other Elections 5th May 2016 Reply with quote

( ... Come to think of it ... have The People in Ireland finished of their general election in the Republic of Ireland yet ? ... or have The Democrats in Ireland finished them off instead - ? )

DOUBTLESS ALUN MICHAEL WILL STEAL THIS ELECTION - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Kingdom_local_elections,_2016#Police_and_Crime_Commissioner_elections_2


The National Assembly for Wales election 2016 will be held on Thursday 5 May 2016, to elect members of the National Assembly for Wales (AMs). It will be the fifth election for the National Assembly, the third election taken under the rules of the Government of Wales Act 2006 and the first since the Wales Act 2014. ...


Ten Labour & Cooperative constituency AMs are retiring and Plaid Cymru are retiring two constituency AMs plus another area ( list ) AM ... but unfortunately others will be taking their places ... you can bet on the fat fact that The Democrats in Wales will win and The People in Wales will lose ...

http://www.paddypower.com/bet/politics - this Irish bookmaker has calculated the odds on every election on offer in Britain save all of those in Wales ... nobody cares ...

https://sports.ladbrokes.com/en-gb/betting/politics/welsh/2016-welsh-assembly-elections/221032381/ - Ladbrokes thinks that there is only one party in Wales and they are right ...

Ladbrokes are offering Labour to win with 30+/60 @ 11/02 ; to win 30/30 @ 10/01 ; to win with less than 30/60 @ 01/06 ; NO OTHER ODDS OFFERED FOR OTHER PARTIES

https://betting.betfair.com/politics/general-politics-betting/betfair-betting-markets-to-watch-for-2016-301215-171.html - OFFERING 01/01 ON THE PEOPLE IN WALES BEING DESPERATE ENOUGH TO WANT TO ELECT DONALD TRUMP

http://www2.politicalbetting.com/index.php/archives/2016/04/ - BETTING ON TRUMP BECAUSE THERE IS NO ACTUAL POLITICS IN WALES TO PLACE ANY BETS UPON

Oh this is tedious ... perhaps I should be offering private bets to my friends ... but how would I decide what to offer ... have any opinion polls been published yet ?


10 Simple Predictions for UK Politics in 2016 - Nicholas Mazzei

6. The Welsh Assembly will go Conservative, Plaid Cymru will continue to be as irrelevant as they currently are .... AND THEN HE TALKED ABOUT THE SCOTS ...


... poll predicts NINE seats for Ukip at next year's Assembly election ... YouGov research also shows Labour on 35% for the next Assembly election ... Welsh Conservatives are in second place on 23% ... Plaid Cymru’s position grew by two percentage points to 20% ... UKIP’s popularity grew two percentage points to 15%, while the Liberal Democrats’ standing remains in the single figures at 5% ...


... Predictions of UKIP gaining nine AMs backed by deputy leader ... UKIP Wales leader Nathan Gill said a good result would be two seats in all five electoral areas, giving 10 seats ...


" ... All Welsh governments since the first election in 1999 have been led by Labour, either in coalition with the Lib Dems or Plaid Cymru, or as a minority government ... UKIP is almost certain to enter the Assembly and the Green Party is looking to make its first breakthrough. ... An average of the two polls shows Labour on 37% of the vote in the constituency ballot, with the Tories on 23%, Plaid on 19%, UKIP on 14%, the Lib Dems on 5.5% and others on 1.5%. In the proportional list section of the ballot, Labour averages 34%, the Tories 23.5%, Plaid 18%, UKIP 15%, the Greens 4% and Others 2%. ... On a universal swing, this would most likely result in another Labour minority government or Labour-Plaid Cymru coalition. ... UKIP consistently scores around 15% of the vote in polls, which means that any alternative coalition to Labour would mean a government that included UKIP. ... The Green Party would come closest in Mid and West Wales, with 4.7% compared to a final-seat quota of 7.4%. They would likely need 8% in that region to ensure the election of a Green AM. ... "

To be honest The Green Party have the best election video out - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2dNEQiHUUo ...


If I still believed in Democracy I would possibly be voting for The Green Party in 2016 - but given the way in which the definition of Democracy is steadily being changed I think that it is everybody's duty not to continue to endorse The United Kingdom because any participation in it is legitimising the subversion of The Demockerats in Wales and Westminster : everybody who has been involved over the past forty years knows from personal experience that the reason why they have no policies is because nobody can get anything done, nothing can be secured by either The Left or The Right because of them each returning after each election to destroy each others increasingly extremist policies and nothing remains now of the legacy left to us of over two hundred years of political struggles to create a society founded upon a shared moral consensus. Hence here in the non-political system whose supporters insist upon calling The United Kingdom we are set at each others throats and many of The People in Wales want to simply get out in order to save what is left of our society - even if Independence means the further impoverishment of our nation - because nobody Left or Right can achieve anything through what is now clearly not a political system but a management exercise being conducted through what The Labour and Cooperative Party pretend to be some kind of a parliament but which was designed by them to serve their own party's private interest in entrenching themselves permanently in The Bunker in The Bay - whose activities are clearly not being conducted in " The Public Interest " - " Y Repwblic."

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 07, 2016 10:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I have decided to transfer this piece of writing over into a new thread with a preceding piece of explanation of the point of view that it is written from -

Properly Separating Religion & Politics - usefully ! - http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?p=3269#3269

- I had started to look around for election manifestos to analise when I found this ... I had great fun with it - but not with any useful relevance to the subject in hand - because of that recent news item ...



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PostPosted: Mon Apr 18, 2016 10:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2016 22:17:38 +0000

Dear Friends of The People in Wales and The World,

I have made this proposal for a programme featuring The People in Debate about what The Democrats in Wales are offering to them at this Welsh Assembly Election. I see it as a remedy to what BBC Wales are doing at the moment - which is certainly a slight improvement - by standing in the street and asking The People in Wales their opinions. I do not regard this a good practice however because this is still conducting political reporting in the same way that The Democrats in Wales conduct their politics - by treating everybody as atomised individuals to isolate and divide against each other by making appeals to their self interest which inevitably undermines The Public Interest which is the proper and correct collective concern to consider in a caucus.

There comes a time to send a letter whether good or bad but finished - and then immediately afterwards regret its newly discovered defects and wish to remedy them. What I did not make obvious is the point of these small panels which is to remedy the problem of interviewing casual passers-by who make thoughtless remarks which are not challenged as they would be by others in a proper political conversation. In real political conversations - such as we do not witness The Democrats in Wales and Westminster conducting - The People in Wales learn from each others' experiences and encounter others' ideas about them and thus increase their own understanding and moderate any unfounded opinions thus putting an end to the political extremisms which are cultivated by The Democrats in Wales and Westminster for the purposes of coercing The People in Wales and The World to conform to their will. A Common Sense then emerges - " Y Repwblic."

Now this comes from my private email address instead of my political one and I note that my finger has strayed to include a couple of newsdesks and also an old email that I have for poor Carwyn Jones whom I occasionally poetically satirise. I NEVER press a button and automatically scatter emails and I ALWAYS remember to omit those who do not wish not to receive them.

But as I have wandered back and forth these last few days I sense an ugly dull mood around in Cardiff - and not only have others agreed or volunteered the same but this afternoon someone looked me up and down as if I was responsible for spreading this mood around. NO - and please remember that whilst Republicanism anticipates social disorder proceeding out of poor politics it does not advocate social disorder in doing so but warns against practicing poor politics which cause it. I walk the streets of Cardiff and in sensing the mood here I think that The Democrats in Wales and Westminster are seriously off-message and therefore this election is unpredictable.

Apparently the mood of The People in England is even worse - and The Democrats in England - ?

I preferred to believe that I was projecting my depression onto others - but obviously I was not.

David B. Lawrence


To: [ BBC + S4C ]
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2016 21:00:44 +0000


( no I do not know why this is not displaying our usual font and logo strip )

Dear [ BBC ] and [ S4C ]


on the one hand I welcomed this - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/uk-wales-36070872 - but !!!

Although it is nice of you to have collected a few comments from various people, it does not help the political life of the Wales ... rather I feel that it reinforces the Democratic way of doing things.

You may or may not be aware that in 2013 I got so fed up with the behaviour of " politicians " who bleat so loudly about their " Demockery " in the Welsh Assembly and in Westminster being beyond reproach that I deliberately " tore up The Social Contract " as a way of challenging the daft claim that Democracy is a " political system " when it can be argued to be no more than a conjuring trick by which candidates are selected beforehand to be foisted onto the electorate in the same way that a magician forces a card upon a person deceived into thinking that they are choosing it.

The constitutional point to me is that politics consists solely of facts and arguments : that it is wrong to allow political decisions to be made on the basis of coercing people to conform to an official set of beliefs ( Hierocracy,) coercing them emotionally with threats and bribes ( Democracy,) coercing them economically with arbitrary inconsistent policies ( Aristocracy,) or coercing them with acts or intimations of violence ( Monocracy.) My divorcing Republicanism from Democracy to go back to the arguments against Democracy made by Republicans before these two political theories were married together over two hundred and fifty years ago has upset a lot of Republicans - let alone everyone else - but there is a point to this : to make it clear once again what politics actually is and to make it plainly obvious that Democracy is not political.

Now I want to make a suggestion to not only the BBC but also S4C to experiment with another programme format which not only reflects the political practices advocated by Republicanism but will result in much better kind of television programme than you are presently doing : you might call it " reality political television " - and you do not have to mention Republicanism at all. The difference between Democracy and Republicanism is the difference between confrontation and cooperation. The Democratic conception of how to decide " The Will of The People " is to count heads to decide who " wins " which results in the candidates making promises which they can not keep and concealing unpopular policies from the electorate - deliberately dividing their electorate by demanding unquestioning loyalties lest their party and therefore their supporters be the " losers." But everybody loses in Democracy because unrestrained it can and will destroy any society - unless the abuses practiced by Democrats are restrained by Republican remedies.

In 2013 I opted to be an advocate of " Pure Republicanism " whereas previously I advocated the concept of " Republican Democracy " i.e. that Republicans should join the Democratic parties of their choice - or none - but always bear in mind the need for moderating their extremist policies and resist the wild swings first to The Left and then to The Right of the " Pendulum Politics " of The United Kingdom - whose swings since the 1970s have been becoming more extreme with each successive election. When I was wrestling with the decision whether to become the first - and lone - advocate of " Pure Republicanism " for over two hundred years I had severe doubts : was I merely trying to make my point about Democracy not being political " polemically " - ? All my doubts were ended by The Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013 which treats The People in Wales as the property of The United Kingdom : it strips away the last pretence of conducting Democracy upon the basis of consent by licencing The Democrats in Wales to steal names to fill in their own Electoral Register in order to use it as a substitute for the political mandate which they clearly do not have.

I hereby make a prediction about the result of the 2016 Welsh Assembly Elections : even if all of the candidates standing - independents as well as party sponsored - pool together afterwards all of the votes cast for them they will not have obtained a political mandate from the number of voters registered. The result of the last Welsh Assembly Election was that The Labour & Cooperative Party became The Welsh Government with half of the seats in The Welsh Assembly on just 16.7% of the votes which might have been cast : The Welsh Assembly itself - counting up all of the votes cast in that election for both " winners " and " losers " - had no political mandate. The Welsh Assembly has no political credibility - but not because they are as bad as I say they are : it is the opinion of everybody else in Wales that matters and they are severely disaffected. I have more or less forty years of experience in politics and I never equated doing politics with being elected but with collecting facts and making arguments and there are many thousands of The People in Wales who share both my view of politics and of the problem - " The Democrats."

If The Media in Wales could summon the courage to behave more responsibly and not to treat the reading out of the press releases of The Democrats in Wales as if they were newsworthy and relevant and instead accept the model of politics advocated by The Republicans in Wales, you might make a really useful contribution to Wales' public political discourse by restoring it to life. Think of it this way : politics is a decision making process and the concern of Republicans is to devise and revise the best decision making processes so the we can obtain better decisions. The Democrats in Wales and Westminster do not only not do this but they are actually incapable of doing it : they lay claim to political authority on the basis of the power which they possess to control the state i.e. their use of The United Kingdom to coerce others to do their will - but ... this is just the power to make small political errors which affected only themselves into major political disasters such as The Iraq War, the collapse of an improperly regulated banking system, unregulated immigration caused not by policies but the non-implimentation of existing policies - and forthcoming increases in The Bank of England lending rate which will wreck the economy.

Republicanism analyses governments in terms of them being decision making systems which should be designed to be self-regulating i.e. that politicians should be actively seeking out the information necessary to devise and revise their decisions - but note ... the politicians do not possess this information - they only collect and process it : they acquire no political authority by being elected - the political authority to make any political decision is vested in the political information not in the politician - and not in The United Kingdom - but in the facts of the lives an the arguments made about their lives by The People in Wales i.e. not in the amorphous mob of the electorate dividing against each other over imagined differences but in the individuals who make the effort to report the facts of their lives and make arguments about them ... which they do not bother to do because a " consultation " with The Democrats in Wales is no such thing at all because they do not understand that to be a collaborative exercise but one of lecturing The People of Wales upon arguments which they must to agree to and facts which they must ignore.

Several of The People in Wales have ruminated to me upon the humourless mood that is around in this Welsh Assembly Election : that as May 5th 2016 approaches then far from The Democrats in Wales sniping at each other it will be The People in Wales sniping at - each other, probably ... I think that above all this has resulted from the irregular constitutional arrangements which we have been left with at the end of The Devolution of Wales - it certainly was not a Revolution ! - and far from bringing the process of government closer to The People in Wales a majority now view it as having doubled the difficulties already involved in presenting facts and arguments - i.e. " doing politics " - as if the supporters of The United Kingdom had added extra ramparts to it to shut out those facts and arguments because The Democrats in Westminster do not want to know about them - so they have constructed another layer of defences to secure their control over the state rather than to receive any report from those who are subjected to their policies.

There is an air of sullen frustration around which is even finding its way into your news reporting but I suspect that there may be more around than you wish to let on because it does not make for happy viewing : I wish to propose the following remedy - in a different programme format ... This proposal is derived from " The Philosophy Cafe " - so you can go and witness it in action and modify it their debating practice for the purposes of television and radio by editing the sessions.

Presumably in Broadcasting House in Llandaff one politician speaks on ONE issue - 10 MINUTES.

Having simultaneously listened at locations around Wales small panels then discuss it - 1 HOUR.
The small panels then decide a statement describing their response to the politician - 1/2 HOUR.

The statements are then read back to the politician who responds with a statement - 10 MINS ?

All of the above is followed by a camera crew in each location - hence the need to involve S4C - and ideally I would like to see simultaneous translation equipment involved so that there is a complete sense of the whole Welsh nation being represented speaking as we each wish to do. I think that anybody who is political ( e.g. a party member ) should not be selected for these small panels and to ensure that something resembling normal conversation takes place as around a table the number in such a small panel should be no more than six. Instead of contriving a party representation try instead to find a representative from each strata of society in the location but who do not know each other. e.g. Someone living on welfare, in an insecure low-paid job, in a secure job on moderate pay, a professional person, a wealthy business person etc who would not normally meet and so know nothing of how the others on this small panel might be living.


An hour long experimental programme - or an addictive new feature in BBC Wales' schedule ?


Yours Sincerely,

David B Lawrence


Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2016




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PostPosted: Mon Apr 18, 2016 11:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?t=689 - Declining Democracy by Refusing Registration ?

This is probably on the face of it going to seem like hypocrisy : the guy - dai - who has renounced Democracy as an Ultraism and declared for " Pure Republicanism " - now tells you to make sure that you vote in the 2016 Welsh Assembly Election ... why ?

The Welsh Assembly during the last five years has been trying to deal with some savage cuts imposed by The United Kingdom's government i.e. by the English cohorts of The Conservative and Unionist Party. Not even their Welsh cohorts are so irresponsible - so I reckon that even if The ( Welsh ) Conservative and Unionist Party win the 2016 election it could be as bad as what is being done in the name of Conservativism in England where the rank and file are none too happy about what David Cameron & Co are doing either.

But whoever wins the 2016 Welsh Assembly election they will be relatively powerless if they do not have a strong mandate from The People in Wales. It really does not matter who you vote for provided that you get into that polling station and leave a mark on a piece of paper - you can even spoil your ballot paper for this purpose, although I strongly disapprove of doing that normally because it is an act of bad faith towards others. What is needed is a high turnout which breaks the 50% mark - hopefully far higher - so that The Welsh Assembly has a credible Democratic mandate to use in bargaining with Westminster i.e. with David Cameron & Co. In a sense The ( Welsh ) Conservative and Unionist Party could save the day here not merely for The People in Wales if they win but also for The People in England if they stand up to the clique that have seized control of the power in No 10 & No 11 Downing Street.

You will have to excuse me no longer having any faith in The United Kingdom because I view it as a non-political system, a chameleon which has clothed itself in the outward appearances of Democracy without ever instituting the basic institutions of it and being forever hostile to being held to account by an independent judiciary by a division of the powers of the state so that the abuses within its shadows can never be brought into The Light ... Politics however it is conducted must be founded upon The Consent of The People and that is meaningless if there is no longer any possibility of refusing consent : I simply have to fight the Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013 or lose my self-respect as a human being - I refuse to be treated as The Property of The State.

So you must run to any polling station in order to " vote " to support your own conception of Democracy - just as I must run from any polling station in order to " vote " for my own conception of Republicanism.

INSERTED INTO " DECLINING DEMOCRACY BY REFUSING REGISTRATION " - http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?p=3294#3294

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 25, 2016 1:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

[ I was going to strip off this rant which I had spewed into the face of Welsh Mafia Enterprises but I think that I will leave it here in VIOLET for the dismal amusement of others }

Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2016 11:59:53 +0000

I am really just taking the opportunity to bash them again for libeling me - until they finally stop.

David B. Lawrence

To: readers~walesonline
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2016 11:50:41 +0000

POEM IS FUNNY & LETTER INTELLIGENT - David B Lawrence = Dai Saw = dai repwblic



Now I just thought of checking out your libel of me on the off-chance that you have removed my face from over the obnoxious opinions of Balchder Cymru and or alternatively have quoted and name me - David B Lawrence - Repwblic - correctly ... no ... this appears to be either a different article or very a bodged version of a previous one and still factually inaccurate : still libelous.

16:09, 27 Sep 2012 Updated 21:35, 27 Mar 2013


" ... at a rally where flags of the paramilitary Free Wales Army were prominently displayed. ... "

" ...A video posted on YouTube shows supporters of the Free Wales Army (FWA) holding up the illegal group’s flag directly in front of her. ... "



" Cardiff South & Penarth Labour AM Vaughan Gething ... " - VAUGHAN TRYING TO ISOLATE ME ?


" ... addressed by members of radical Welsh Nationalists Balchder Cymru ... " ... AND ???? CBRD, Y REPWBLIC, REPUBLIC, RES PUBLICA, SOFREN CYMRU, MAM, HAWLIAU, CYMRU GOCH, SWA, CI, CPB, US, SWP, WRP ... TO BE HONEST, EVERYBODY AND HIS DOG = PLAID, LABOUR, LIB-DEMS AND AT LEAST ONE CONSERVATIVE ... " A Plaid Cymru spokeswoman responded: “Events like this are attended by politicians and party members from all four of our main parties in Wales. Indeed there were people there from all walks of life and from every background for this important commemoration " .... " IMPORTANT COMMEMORATION " - ? ... WELL - PLAID CYMRU ARE BIGGER BULLSHITTERS THAN WE ARE ... OH : THAT REFERS TO CILMERI - WELL, BALCHDER DO PARADE THE BLACK FLAG AROUND AT CILMERI AND WE REFUSE TO WALK BEHIND THEM ...





Anybody who wants to reply to me can do so with no fear of censorship - repwblic.informe.com



David B Lawrence = Dai Saw = dai repwblic


Dear Western Mail // or // South Wales Echo,

I have had difficulty finding anything in any of The Democratic Parties' manifesto to write about on Repwblic's 2016 Welsh Assembly election thread ... I find nothing on offer to entice my vote.

I did manage the poem ( below ) which I hope that you will enjoy ... I know that you do not enjoy my political arguments but there is in fact something which we have in common as a concern.

The Welsh Assembly wants to have tax raising powers - but what is really needed to give back to South Wales' companies an even playing field economically is the necessary tax lowering power.

In the forthcoming year 2016-2017 the private taxation scheme levied upon South Wales by the Severn River Crossing plc will be taking more than £100,000,000 directly out of our economy.

The recent fall in the price of petrol has notably not brought the proportionate benefit to South Wales that we might expect because that has proportionately increased the toll tax that we pay.

Whichever party is elected on May 2016, The Welsh Government must finally address the fact that roughly every £1 of toll paid results in South Wales' economy losing possibly more than £8.

That is crazy : if The Welsh Government wants to raise public taxes in South Wales then it needs an economy which can stand the taxation - therefore it needs to get rid of this private taxation.

The United Kingdom has offered The Welsh Government a discount by 2018 but there can be no scenic detours around this issue : if money for the other M4 detour can be found, it can for this.

David B. Lawrence = Dai Saw = dai repwblic



Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2016 10:07:10 +0100
Subject: Gwalia Works

Hi ? ... You're looking for " The Gwalia " mate ?_
Those works are closed - you're far too late !_
It was a long time ago when they gave up on that place :_
It simply went bust - and then it sank without trace ... _
What ? ... The People in Gwalia ... ? ... Uh ? ... But why care for their fate ???

= dai repwblic = Dai Saw = David B Lawrence - the author asserts the moral right - not to sue for copyright !

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 28, 2016 11:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Since I am not getting around to reading the threats and bribes which they have selected in order to get elected - and since the above was a ticketed event in order to prevent anybody like a Republican to get in ( as the bouncers explained to me on the steps outside of St David's Hall - not that I was actually going to attend this event but I was curious as to how restricted it was ... I just settledinstead for baiting the " Leave " campaign who had a table outside of it - just so easy ... too easy ... ) ... so : will criticising this be ust as easy as taking a baby from a candidate ? ... Can I be bothered ...

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election/2016/wales - leads to various pages about this election

BBC Wales leaders' debate in 75 seconds - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-36156743

" Party leaders have clashed over health and education in their final TV debate before the Welsh Assembly election. ... In the BBC Wales Leaders' Debate, First Minister Carwyn Jones said Labour ministers were spending a bigger share of their budget on the NHS than ever. ... Rival parties attacked Labour's 17 year health record and presented their alternative visions for the service. ... The programme, in Cardiff's St David's Hall, was broadcast just eight days before voters go to the polls on 5 May. ... Each leader had their say on the steel industry, health and education during the debate."

... ugh ... only 75 seconds of it and already like some toyed with dog left on the back shelf of The Charabanc of Democracy my head is rolling around in all directions already - but never up and down ... let us see what the BBC claims to be in their manifestos ...

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2016-wales-36129136 - Wales Election 2016 : Manifestos at a glance - By David Deans

Plaid Cymru has vowed to ban Styrofoam from all shops.

The Labour & Cooperative is the shortest printed manifesto of the lot - at just 24 pages in English, only.

UKIP says it would axe what they say the £73m Welsh Government budget for climate change projects.

The Conservative & Unionists said they'd make the use of CCTV in slaughterhouses mandatory.

The Liberal Democrats' manifesto says they will "empower communities to take initiative over their local services and assets" through several policies, entitled a 'Right to Bid', a 'Right to Challenge', a 'Right to Build', a 'Right to Reclaim Land', a 'Right to Contest' and a 'Right to Buy'.

MMM ... so Played-Out Cymry have a plastic policy which is about packages of luke-warm half-cooked things ... Labour-In Un-co-operatively do not want to say much ... is that because of not being able to work with each other - let alone with any of their constituents ? ... IKUP have fantasies about wielding axes in trying to appeal to those who can not conceive of Wales without any reign ... The United Sevatitivist Cons want ... er ... I ... mean ... look I have an over-active imagination and I need some re-assurance here : exactly what is going to be happening in this mandatory fashion in Wales' slaughterhouses that their AMs want to sit around in Y Senedd watching on CCTV ? ... and am I also being paranoid when politicians in Y Senedd promise to be Democratically Liberal with The Right To Do As They Please ... To Whom ... to me ... TO YOU - ?????

Oh - let me get back on the road with that fully metalled junket ... Huw Edwards eh ... just paws that pitcher for a moment and just cover up his mouth and look at his eyes - see ? ... Surely the BBC could have got Alice Hooker-Stroud a bigger soap box to stand on ? ... If I still believed in Democracy I might even be found to be voting for The Green Party but they will never get elected unless Wales' politicians come to believe in Democracy too i.e. actually want The People in Wales to be able to vote for the politics they want rather than being forced to choose between The Democrats Who Demand To Be Elected ... Carwyn Jones comes on already ducking and diving and talking openly about being shifty ... he says that " The NHS is on the ballot paper " and there is a pristine example of how Socialists manipulate The People in Wales into dependency upon The State so that they are scared to vote other than Labour & Cooperative lest they hand the things which they depend upon to anybody who is less committed to bribing them with free prescriptions etc ... yet nothing can induce Labour to give birth to a live economy whose prosperity can furnish the wealth necessary to fund the taxes to support this ... Leanne Wood is excited ... she says that The Welsh Assemby Election 2016 is a donkey derby with just two runners ... perhaps it will be a drawer then ? ... Leanne Wood wants a Cancer contract ? ... I must consult with Dafydd over this one : what should be the fate of The Cancer Party on May 5th 2016, horoscopically ?

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2016-wales-36129138 ... http://www.freedomcentral.org.uk/2016/04/welsh-lib-dems-to-outlaw-%E2%80%9Coutrageous%E2%80%9D-politician-pay-rise.html

Nathan Gill is up next - gasping for air, a fish out of water ? ... " Voting the same old way will not change anything here in Wales " ... ( But if voting could change anything it would be illegal, surely ? ) ... Kirsty Williams greets everybody with Kirstiseys ... er ... good speech ... difficult to fault her ... but - hell, I've got to try ... she says that The Liberal Democrats voted against the " unfair " ( 18% ) £10,000 pay rise for Welsh Assembly Members ... but at the moment - as I understand it - Kirsty is still going to accept that money ? ... ( Let me try to check that ) ... And then there is that work of ART - Mr Davies ... a straight face but motionless except for several glances downwards and sideways ... mmm ... well ... the camera never lies ... I then had a time out for a coffee and to consult my local wizard who naturally ranted away at me about the futility of trying to cast a horoscope - after all : look what happened the last time he did it ... even if we could get on their respective wavelengths we could not then simultaneously weigh them up : it is all to do with relativity you see, The Democrats in Wales and The World distort space-time ... not to mention anything else which they can lay their hands upon ...


Ah well ... I am sure that there must be some more sober opinions on their performances out there somewhere ... in some responsible journalistic enterprise ... ( four hours later )


Three verdicts on the BBC Wales election leaders debate from the experts - David James - 15.06 pm 28-04-16

" This is what three people with in depth knowledge of politics in Wales thought of the leaders' performances on the debate ... "

Commentator and lobbyist Daran Hill, of Positif Politics ... " ... The stand out surprise was Nathan Gill from UKIP. Compared to last week he changed tactic, binned the manifesto that no potential voter really cares about, and hit hard on Europe and immigration. He was less consensus than ever before. The audience in the room hated it ... Plaid on a bounce ... no knock out blow from Andrew, Leanne or Kirsty ... Alice Hooker-Stroud was barely there ... It reminded me of the bit on the BAFTAs where they show you the people who had died this year but who you thought died years ago ... "

Former Labour special advisor Cathy Owens, of Deryn Consulting ... " ... going into the last week of the campaign, the leaders had an opportunity to move the dial, to make a real impact. But they didn’t. ... the debates are like Rorshach Tests, those inkblot pictures in which you see what you want to see. Party supporters and political geeks will be looking for coded messages and performances that confirm what they already believe. ... A bit of squabbling over this or that, some detail from one manifesto to beat the other detail from another manifesto. ... Mrs Jones might just stay at home and not vote at all ... "

Professor Roger Scully, of the Wales Governance Centre at Cardiff University ... " ... Alice Hooker-Stroud. ... In both TV debates she has come over as less polished that her more experienced counterparts. But for those who might consider voting Green, a super-slick professional politico is probably not what they are looking for. ... Over the two debates I think all four leaders of the more established parties have performed creditably. ... Perhaps it’s just as well that at least some of the parties will probably have new leaders by the time we do this all again ... "


The performances in the National Assembly leaders' debate marked out of 10 - 15:15, 28 Apr 2016 - David Williamson

The six-way battle gave the party leaders only a few precious moments each to make their pitch to the people of Wales but it was clear they all realised how much was at stake. ... [ I AM SHOCKED TO SEE ARTY SCORE SO LOW : HE SPOKE WELL ]

Leanne Wood ...... 7.5/10
Kirsty Williams ........ 7/10
Carwyn Jones ........ 7/10
Alice Hooker-Stroud 6/10
Andrew RT Davies.. 6/10
Nathan Gill .............. 5/10

[ WE ARE INVITED TO JOIN IN THIS SCORING GAME HERE - http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/politics/you-watch-bbc-wales-election-11252870#rlabs=1%20rt$category%20p$1 ]


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tO7fJBipjT8 - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bastille_Day_%28film%29

I was planning to treat myself to the cinema for a change and go out and watch " Bastille Day " - but having devised my own scoring system I find that evaluating this programme is more exciting ... sort of ... Wales can be a very dull place : participating in politics here is more or less the most fun that The People in Wales can have without our clothes on ... mostly because The Democrats in Wales a long time ago took the shirts off our backs ... The People in Wales at the moment seem to me to be sullen - and not in that audience ...

[ ... and then I suddenly decided to go and see that film " Bastille Day " after all : I think that I can recommend it as a tense political thriller and not - as it is apparently billed - just a chase movie ... it suited me down to the ground because it had lots of architecture in it - and watching movies is about as close as I am ever going to get to my adolescent aspiration to go hiking around Europe enjoying foreign architecture - but I was frustrated to be the last one out of the cinema as I patiently waited for the locations to be identified : like " Les Miserables " part of it was filmed in Greenwich and I have not got a clue why they thought that they could pass off late Victorian English Gothic Revival as being French ... I got excited by the chase scene across the mansard zinc roof tops because the chimney structures were so broad, and the aerial shots of the car chases speeding through the shabby suburbs of Paris were so entrancing I failed to follow what the cars were doing ... the script had several odd twists and some breath-stopping moments when the plot lines unexpectedly coelesced together and twisted and turned albeit I failed to suspend my belief systems at what were some critical moments like - yeah ... that is not going to be very likely ... and the construction details there owe more to Hollywood than to The Building Regulations - even if they are French ... and the bomb ? ... I suppose that perhaps you think that I might be excited by that ... no : but the scenario in which the bombing which kicks off the action is in fact intriguing because ... well I do not want to spoil it for others - except to point out that one of the major plot lines is not only entirely credible it gave me the creeps - because although set in France with Americans smashing up the capital city of " The Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys " as they refer to The Democrats in France - what happens in the film closely parallels what The Democrats in England have been up to in the not too distant past ... " Bastille Day " will be on for a while as yet : why not go see it for yourselves ... try reading up a bit on what has been happening in France recently beforehand where The Democrats in France are doing much the same as The Democrats in America ... i.e. encouraging sectarianism. ]

Hell ... sleeping is just wasting time ... I finished off my " crit " and basically scored them as if they were batspersons at the crease defending their wickets ... so these are not percentages nor marks out of ten etc but ticks for bringing certain things to the debate : content ( " TRUTH " ) rhetoric ( " LOVE " ) style ( " FREEDOM " ) relevance ( " PEACE " ) and response ( " LIFE " ) ... towards the end they had three speakers from marginal parties which included Rob Griffiths who is probably still General Secretary of The Communist Party of Britain who is an old hand at public debating and would have had a high score I suspect ... Daf and I are old hands at rabble-rousing in left wing meetings and we simply never flustered Rob : the decline of the Communist vote in favour of support for Plaid Cymru in the South Wales valleys is a great loss to Welsh Political Society in my opinion.


Huw ----- 02 ------- 0 ------- 4 -------------- 3 --------- 0 ------- 07 ----- ( not a bad neutral )

Kirsty --- 12 -------- 5 ------- 4 -------------- 5 --------- 5 ------ 31 ----- ( most professional )
Leanne - 13 -------- 1 ------- 3 -------------- 3 --------- 6 ------ 26 ----- ( most popular )
Carwyn - 09 ------- 4 -------- 2 -------------- 3 ---------- 5 ----- 23 ----- ( proficient )
Alice ---- 11 -------- 1 ------- 4 --------------- 3 --------- 2 ----- 21 ------ ( professional but not popular )
Arty ----- 10 -------- 4 ------- 0 --------------- 3 --------- 4 ----- 21 ----- ( proficient but artless ? )
Nathan -- 04 ------- 5 ------- 3 --------------- 2 ---------- 5 ----- 19 ---- ( unprofessional but popular )

Audience 17 ------- 3 ------- 5 -------------- 11 ---------- 8 ----- 44 ---- ( The People in Wales ...

... who inalienably possess The Facts and Arguments concerning their individual circumstances which are the sole basis for The Political Authority in Republicanism : The People can not transfer The Political Authority to The Elected Representatives as claimed by The Democrats in Wales - still less can The Political Authority be vested in The State in Wales ... " The People " in Republicanism are not treated as " The Mob " and therefore no government of any kind can lay claim to having been elected to rule with a mandate from " The People " as if their representatives can do as they please because they have " The Mob " under their command to enforce their decisions in the guise of The State. In Democratic Republicanism the role of The Elected Representatives is that of agents whose job is to obtain The Facts and Arguments from The People and thus govern The State accordingly - yet in a Pure Democracy ( i.e. one conducted without any accountability to The People through the instruments of Constitutional Laws enforceable by The Judiciary against The Legislature and The Executive ) the role of The Elected Representatives is that of agents of The State whose job is to refute The Facts and Arguments of The People and to thus govern them accordingly. ...

...I used to advocate Republican Democracy in which The Judiciary governs The State and The Executive and The Legislature ( and in modern times The Bureaucracy ) are tributaries to it with their active but partial powers to make policies and laws subject to the passive power of The Supreme Court to determine as to whether their activities were lawful i.e. Constitutional : the only active power that The Judiciary would have would be to initiate investigations into the activities of The Elected Representatives to police The State and keep it free of corruption. The United Kingdom is essentially a complete Ultraism i.e. completely corruptible if not already completely corrupt and you can see this immediately by examining the behaviour of The Democrats in Wales and Westminster who refuse to be policed other than by themselves : the recent expenses scandals amongst The Democrats are but the tip of a very big iceberg which is akin to the non-payment of taxes scandal - in order not to end up in jail, they declare their corrupt practices to be legal by passing laws which simply exempt themselves from prosecution. I finally got so fed up with this situation - of which the entirely corrupt and corrupting form of " Pure Democracy " that we have in the non-political system whose supporters call The United Kingdom is an unusual form of Aristocracy disguised in the 19c with voting as lipstick is applied to a pig rolling in its own shit to disguise the fact that it stinks - that I decided to tear up " The Social Contract " of late 17c - early 18c political philosophy and declare for " Pure Republicanism " which rejects " The Shotgun Marriage " made between Democracy and Republicanism in The Corsican, American and French Revolutions of the later 18c. To those unfamiliar with Republican theories that may sound insane - but actually it is very sound : most of The People in Wales conduct their political lives on the basis of Pure Republicanism anyway - but do not know that this is its name !

You will find me writing about " Pure Republicanism " elsewhere in " Y Repwblic " where I lament the loss of Wales' wonderful Republican traditions as a consequence of a series of historical events - and constantly complaining that we would not be lumbered with this constitutional mess if The Democrats in Wales and Westminster were professional politicians preparing properly planned pXXXXXs ... To be honest I think that it would be enough just to copy the constitutional arrangements of The Isle of Man ... As to Marianne, she does not like to be pinned down like a political insect and as you might guess from her style she is more direct and pragmatic in discussing her preoccupations ... I often suspect her of Republican Democracy - whereas Dafydd is an unreformed Democratic Republican who has denounced my departure into the weirdiness as " Islamic " because he suspects me of trying to impose a form of disguised Hierocracy : I am not - I am arguing for Nomocracy ... which is the posh name for " The Rule of Law." All of " The Cardiff Illuminati " in the 1980s dabbled in the religious side of Republicanism : the " Nomos " was " The God of The Law " which Socrates sacrificed to as a judge.
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http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-36180572 - Len McCluskey: Anti-Semitism row used to undermine Corbyn

I have been having real difficulty with this election ... but on this " anti-semitic " business I just sharpened my purple pen again and complained to the BBC about its coverage thus -

As the so called " anti-semitism " row continues to have extensive coverage I have become angry at the MISREPRESENTATION involved - and I suggested to the BBC radio 4 programme " Broadcasting House " the following remedy for it : google " top ten anti-semitic websites " or " anti-semitic websites " and have a professional journalist study the discrepancy between those vile websites which purposefully incite criminal acts against people imagined to be Jewish and the casual use of language and indifferent humour of these remarks by Labour & Cooperative Party people that are being cited as " anti-semitic." Besides that there is certainly the appearance of bias by the BBC against the Labour & Cooperative Party in its journalists lending themselves to those who oppose it at the elections which are immanent and indeed to those who oppose the present leadership.

But what the BBC have been reporting as news over the past several days is not merely biased ( after all such reporting can be conducted by truthfully quoting what is being said by both sides in an argument ) but is also misrepresenting the whole issue of anti-semitism which is far more serious and may indeed be considered deadly. The BBC is being utterly irresponsible in not placing this foolish row over the trivial allegations being made by various people whose agenda is clearly sectarian - wherever they are standing to speak from - into its proper context : THIS AMOUNTS TO MISREPRESENTATION OF THE FACTS.

I suspect that the BBC will excuse itself by pointing to a webpage in which an explanation is made of the differences between anti-Zionism and anti-semitism etc ( about which I could make another argument about the defects in that ) but think that the BBC is deliberately failing to demonstrate what anti-semitism really is - apparently to make these allegations appear important and therefore newsworthy : in terms of anti-semitism they are not - but in terms of the debasement of our politics they certainly are.

So much for what I wanted to say to the BBC - but look at the rest of the garbage being spouted across the newsprint, airwaves and webpages of the Brit-Media as " politics " by The Democrats in Wales - and come to understand by 18c Republicans in Wales protested that Democracy is dangerous when practiced without the restraints supplied by The Rule of Law i.e. by Republicanism ... and now I must obey the demands of The Natural Law / Divine Law / Human Nature ... nos da ...


Incidentally - last thing before I switch off, as if I could not be more switched off ... When I shoved that " Welsh Manifesto " of the Board of Deputies off this thread as irrelevant I just thought that it was amusingly weird ... but there is something weird going on - and I suspect that unusually there may be a lot of money swilling around in the provinces from Friends of Israel groups in this election : why ? ... Clearly they do not like The Labour and Cooperative Party being led by the equivalent of a genial geography teacher given to looking at maps ... and they do not want anybody in power in The United Kingdom who is sympathetic to " The Israeli Left " - which in their case is to the right of Tony Blair ... not that I feel for them because I am critical of Socialism and Liberalism but here are two statements put out in the past few days -


Statement on “Labour’s problem with antisemitism” - Jewish Socialists’ Group

" ... Accusations of antisemitism are currently being weaponised to attack the Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour party with claims that Labour has a “problem” of antisemitism. This is despite Corbyn’s longstanding record of actively opposing fascism and all forms of racism, and being a firm a supporter of the rights of refugees and of human rights globally. ... The attack is coming from four main sources, who share agendas: to undermine Jeremy Corbyn as leader of Labour; to defend Israeli government policy from attack, however unjust, racist and harmful towards the Palestinian people; and to discredit those who make legitimate criticisms of Israeli policy or Zionism as a political ideology. As anti-racist and anti-fascist Jews who are also campaigning for peace with justice between Israelis and Palestinians, we entirely reject these cynical agendas ... The Jewish Socialists’ Group sees the current fearmongering about antisemitism in the Labour Party for what it is – a conscious and concerted effort by right-wing political forces to undermine the growing support among Jews and non-Jews alike for the Labour Party leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, and a measure of the desperation of his opponents. ... We stand against antisemitism, against racism and fascism and in support of refugees. We stand for free speech and open debate on Israel, Palestine and Zionism. ... "


IJV Statement on Allegations of Antisemitism in the Labour Party

" ... We welcome the fact that the Labour Party has demonstrated its commitment to rooting out antisemitism with the seriousness of its response, including the setting up of an independent inquiry. ... We are equally concerned, however, by the way in which such accusations are deployed politically – whether by the press, the Conservative Party, opponents of Corbyn’s leadership within Labour, or by those seeking to counter criticism of the actions of the Israeli government ... We appreciate the concern for anti-Jewish prejudice – a concern which we share. We are committed to our principles of opposition to all forms of racism, including antisemitism, anti-Arab racism or Islamophobia, in any circumstance. We are therefore dismayed by a lack of parallel attention to other forms of racial and religious bigotry, particularly given the current climate of growing Islamophobia across Europe. In the same week that the government refused to admit 3000 unaccompanied minor refugees to Britain, we cannot help but note the highly disproportionate attention paid in the media to errors of speech rather than errors of deed. ... Allegations of antisemitism foster an atmosphere increasingly hostile to those fighting for the rights of Palestinians at a time of growing opposition to Israel’s racist and discriminatory policies towards its Arab citizens and its ongoing occupation in violation of international law. What is clear to those of us who have been engaged in the movement for Palestinian rights, and who believe in the right to dissent of Jews in relation to Israel, is that the more public opinion turns against Israel’s indefensible actions, the more our opponents will resort to name calling in an attempt to discredit us. As Jewish critics of Israel’s policies, we urge people of conscience not to succumb to this campaign of intimidation and to continue the struggle for equal rights and freedom for all people. ... "


https://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/israel/2016-02-18/playing-fire - Playing With Fire
The Rise of Jewish Terrorism

http://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/06/opinion/sunday/israeli-terrorists-born-in-the-usa.html? - Israeli Terrorists, Born in the U.S.A.

http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/1.716280 - Israeli Court Charges Suspected Jewish Terrorists for Attacks Against Palestinians

http://www.nybooks.com/articles/2016/04/07/israel-the-broken-silence/ - Israel: The Broken Silence

Israeli human rights activists and what is left of the Israeli peace groups, including joint Israeli-Palestinian peace organizations, are under attack. In a sense, this is nothing very new; organizations such as B’Tselem, the most prominent and effective in the area of human rights, and Breaking the Silence, which specializes in soldiers’ firsthand testimony about what they have seen and done in the occupied territories and in Gaza, have always been anathema to the Israeli right, which regards them as treasonous.1 But open attacks on the Israeli left have now assumed a far more sinister and ruthless character; some of them are being played out in the interrogation rooms of Israeli prisons. Clearly, there is an ongoing coordinated campaign involving the government, members of the Knesset, the police, various semiautonomous right-wing groups, and the public media. Politically driven harassment, including violent and illegal arrest, interrogation, denial of legal support, virulent incitement, smear campaigns, even death threats issued by proxy—all this has become part of the repertoire of the far right, which dominates the present government and sets the tone for its policies. ... There is now a palpable sense of danger, and also an accelerating decline into a situation of incipient everyday state terror ...

Oh well ... disobeyed the-god-that-I-do-not-believe-in-but-have-faith-in once again ... ah ... 02.00am ... next on BBC World Service something worth listening to - a programme on The Nomos ...

http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p03s2v8k - The Forum - Rules and how they govern us

We all need rules: nature has them and we impose them on our communities in order to function; sometimes fairly and sometimes not- depending on your perspective. But just how important are rules and how do rules in nature affect our function as human beings? And how are our rules being used and interpreted by machines as artificial intelligence and deep learning evolve at enormous speed?

With Bridget Kendall to discuss rules in nature, rules in society and rules in robotics and Ai are : Sean B. Carroll - Professor of molecular biology, genetics, and medical genetics at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, whose new book: The Serengeti Rules: The Quest to Discover How Life Works and Why it Matters, explores regulation in the natural world- from every molecule in our bodies to the number of animals and plants in the wild ; Dr Nina Power, a philosopher interested in protest who explores when and why we break the rules ; Dr Jason Millar an engineer and philosopher who explores the ethics of robotics- how we apply human rules to machines and how they might begin to interpret those rules independently.



The rise of anti-semiticism ? That we should all fear -_But those of us in The Poverty Class have every excuse to jeer_At the unfounded opinions of those High Upper Arse_Who would ban what we write for both content and parse -_Yet will not ban Dickens or Eliot - nor Shakespeare ! = dai repwblic = Dai Saw

The rise of anti-semiticism ? That we all should all fear -_
But those of us in The Poverty Class have every excuse to jeer_
At the unfounded opinions of those Higher Upper Arse_
Who would ban what we write for both content and parse -_
Yet will not ban Dickens nor Eliot - nor Shakespeare !

= dai repwblic = Dai Saw = David B Lawrence - the author asserts his moral right - not to sue for copyright !
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http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-south-west-wales-36164417 - Surely this is a lie : these are victims of The Democrats in Wales - another cover up !

Actually something has cheered me up a lot tonight : the infectious joy of The People in Leicester - http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/35988673 - just think how much happier they will all be when they finally win The Republic in England !

Meanwhile over here we are struggling against relegation out of the political bottom division ... a banana republic ?

Yes : we have no bananas - and no republic !

But we have got a lot of nuts ... e.g. Carwyn Jones : upon realising that The Labour & Cooperative Party has no longer got enough votes to win the 2016 Welsh Assembly Election he launched an appeal to the supporters of other political parties today to be charitable and give him their votes out of pity ...

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2016-wales-36182158 - Labour appeals to 'left-leaning' voters from other parties

Carwyn Jones has made a direct appeal to Plaid Cymru, Liberal Democrat and Green supporters to lend their votes to Labour. ... The Welsh Labour leader said left-leaning voters should side with his party to stop the Conservatives. ... He repeatedly attacked "the Tories, Plaid and UKIP", but made no mention of the Liberal Democrats. With polls suggesting that Labour will lose seats but remain the largest party, there has been some speculation that Mr Jones could seek to form a coalition with the Lib Dems after polling day. ... Mr Jones is keen to get his campaign back on track after Labour was rocked by claims of anti-Semitism last week. ... [ BUT ] ... Welsh Lib Dem leader Kirsty Williams said a generation of children had been "left behind" under Labour. She said: "Ministers say they took their eye off the ball, casually accepting that a generation of young people have been let down due to Labour complacency. They should be ashamed." ... [ THERE IS ONLY ONE GENERATION IN SIXTY YEARS ? ]

So let me think now ... last week Carwyn Jones was telling a certain veteran left-winger i.e. Jeremy Corbyn the actual leader of The Labour & Cooperative Party not to come to Wales - but this week he is urging all other left-wingers to rally to " his " version of The Labour & Cooperative Party ? ... Exactly why should anybody left-ish such as myself suddenly run to help Carwyn Jones and his ilk when thirty years ago they drummed us out of our own party with allegations of " extremism " because we asked questions such as " Er ... what do you mean you have taken all of The Labour & Cooperative Party's funds and put them into a registered limited company and will not tell us the names of its shareholders and officers ? " ...

... Actually I never asked that question - that business was only discovered later - I asked to join The Cooperative Party only ( because I sensed that something was wrong with Cardiff South & Penarth's Labour Party ) and it turned out that The Democrats in The Labour Party had decided that membership in The Cooperative Party was theirs to grant or refuse depending upon what they thought of the applicant ... They thought that I was " The Derek Hatton of Butetown " ... and that is how I came to realise in 1984 that The Cooperative Party had become a corpse propped up in The Labour Party's shop window ... it took me until 1995 to realise that The Labour Party itself had become a corpse propped up in The Conservative & Unionist's shop's side window ... and it took me until 2003 to realise that I had not a clue who the undertakers of the business are who prop up all of these political corpses in as many windows that they can find as " The Democrats in Wales and The World." I have since come to the conclusion that The Welsh Assembly has proven to be yet just one more of their opaque windows : a further line of their defences against us.

Incidently : I am not at all like Derek Hatton - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Derek_Hatton - I do not want to be a Democrat - neither in Wales nor The World ... please note the double negative ... and add a few more besides ...

An interesting idea - imported from the USA perhaps ?


ITV Cymru Wales will publish the final poll of the Welsh Assembly Election 2016 campaign on Wednesday this week (May 4). The results will be revealed on Wales At Six and on the ITV News Wales website. ... It will be the third YouGov poll of the campaign to be commissioned by ITV Wales in conjunction with Cardiff University. ... And for the first time in any Assembly Election, a poll of how people who have actually voted will be carried out on polling day on Thursday (May 5). The findings will be announced exclusively at the start of ITV’s Wales Decides 2016 seven-and-a-half-hour overnight results programme at 10.30pm. ...

... BUT THIS PAGE IS USELESS - http://www.itv.com/news/wales/topic/opinion-poll/

Looking at today's front page, four days to go and S4C seem to be simply ignoring the elections to The Welsh Assembly - http://www.s4c.cymru/en/

... WOW ... this is staggering : the London newspapers contain more useful information and up to date comment that any of The Media in Wales !


Elections are taking place on Thursday 5 May across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland but some people maybe asking the question, where do I vote and what elections are taking place ? ... In the Welsh Assembly elections, there are 60 seats to fight for. Labour currently hold 30 of them, followed by the Conservatives who have 14 seats, Plaid Cymru have 11 and the Liberal Democrats have five. ...


... Welsh assembly elections also use the additional member system to elect 60 assembly members (AMs). Wales is divided into 40 constituencies, each of which elects one AM, and five larger regions which elect four AMs each. Labour is set to retain the greatest support in the assembly, although its numbers are expected to dip slightly on the previous election. Nationalists Plaid Cymru are forecast to solidify their position as the second party, while Conservatives are expected to come in third. ...

http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/38690658-0d5b-11e6-b41f-0beb7e589515.html#axzz47Xz3IDee - April 29, 2016 1:17 pm

Ukip expects Welsh windfall in assembly elections - Jim Pickard, Chief Political Correspondent

... For the last five years, Labour has run the Welsh assembly with 30 out of 60 seats in Cardiff Bay. ... While it remains the most popular party, it is expected to lose several members — amid criticism of its record on the health service — leaving the chamber with no overall control. ... In previous years Labour has gone into coalition with the Liberal Democrats and with Plaid Cymru, the Welsh nationalists. This time it may seek to govern as a minority administration, meaning that smaller parties could have a whip hand over policy decisions. ... The Welsh elections, based on a form of proportional representation called the D’Hondt method, offer a more generous outcome. ... Support is strongest in the south-east of Wales as Ukip takes votes from Labour in the deindustrialised Welsh valleys. ... In the general election, Ukip came second in six Welsh seats. In Caerphilly — about seven miles north of Cardiff — candidate Sam Gould won 7,791 votes with a 17 per cent swing. That was far behind Labour but ahead of the Tories, Plaid Cymru and the Lib Dems.

[ I AM TRYING TO CREATE A NARRATIVE HERE - ABOUT WALES HERE NOT ENGLAND OR SCOTLAND BY QUOTING IN FAIR USAGE HERE BUT WHEN YOU CUT & PASTE FROM FT IT AUTOMATICALLY ADDS " High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our Ts&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail. Email ftsales.support@ft.com to buy additional rights. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/38690658-0d5b-11e6-b41f-0beb7e589515.html#ixzz47Y04YFSV " - NOW THAT DOES NOT CHANGE THE LAW OF COPYRIGHT - BUT IT IS EITHER THIS ... OR NO FREE ADVERTISING - WHICH I DEEM TO BE FAIR COMPENSATION TO FT ETC.]


Studying the polls is rarely as reliable as studying the betting because the pollsters influence the results by the way that they publicly put the questions - whereas The People in The Betting Shops formulate their own questions and contemplate their answers to them in privacy and leisure ...

Ladbrokes today are offering bets on only three parties -

L&CP - over // under 27.5 seats = 5/6 // 5/6

PC - over // under 13.5 = 5/6 // 5/6

UKIP - over // under 6.5 = 5/6 // 5/6



L&CP - under 30 = 1/6 ... over 30 = 6/1 ... exactly 30 = 10/1

PC - over O/u = 5/6 ... under O/u = 5/6

UKIP - over O/u = 5/6 ... under O/u = 5/6


Paddy Power - does not give a toss ... mmm ... in order to save myself some time let me consult ...


No bets are being offered upon The Welsh Assembly Election 2016 by twenty four out of twenty six of the major bookmakers : either nobody cares ...

... or they all know that whenever you invest money in Wales - you lose it ... there is a bet offered on the following but it will be hard to cash in on -

- 1000/1 : The Irish vote to rejoin The United Kingdom upon condition that The English and The Scottish leave The European Community - but The Welsh insist upon staying in The European Community because otherwise The Welsh Assembly would be bankrupted and so thus we find ourselves finally thrown out of The United Kingdom - at last ! - and take Rockall with us ... ?
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Sent: 03 May 2016 16:31
Subject: Fw: Hi Gruff - have you heard Gwenno Saunders sing ?

Dear Gruff,

delighted to hear about your new project for a Democratic Republican party ... no - I do not agree with the policy : I think that we need to put an end to all sovereign states !

If you have time I wrote something about that just above where I will post this ( without email addresses ) here - http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?p=3355#3355

Our old new old project is to release the potential income from Repwblic's hundreds of thousands of viewers into a fund for redistributing any surpluses to other groups.


How do you feel about my choice for a new avatar for Repwblic that is prominent there - " The Angel of The Armistice" - taken from Wales' National War Memorial ?



Sent: 03 May 2016 13:44
Subject: Re: Hi Gruff - have you heard Gwenno Saunders sing ?

Yes, she's a cool chick!

In case you haven't seen it-here's a link to the new registered party Cymru Sovereign - fully registered as a party with the electoral commission and I'm standing in Newport west in the Welsh Assembly elections - trying to get through the message of sovereignty via a debt free Welsh pound currency , a central bank and getting the hell out of the EU and Wesminster...




Sent: 03 May 2016 03:45
Subject: Hi Gruff - have you heard Gwenno Saunders sing ?


Listen from about 13.15 - potential recording artist for you living in Riverside ? - Her mum sings with Red Choir !

Gwenno Saunders is a singer who writes and performs in the celtic languages of Welsh and Cornish. Her music has an electronic synth pop beat and her lyrics are inspired by science fiction, town planning and feminism.


Dear Gruff,

I thought that I would take a more in depth look at your new website - you know what I am like and you are a Republican not a Democrat in my terminology and therefore you can cope with a crit without wanting to jail me for differing from you ... well, I do hope so ...


“We have it in our power to begin the world over again.” ... WELL I APPROVE SO FAR ...

Westminster and the European Union are selling out Wales and Britain without us having any real say. Their disastrous economic planning, draconian laws and immoral foreign policies make them dangerous and morally bankrupt institutions that will ruin all of our futures. ... It doesn’t have to be this way. We the citizens of Wales can do far far better. ... I HAVE SIMILAR SENTIMENTS ... Welsh sovereignty from Westminster and the EU would mean that Wales can pay its own way in the world with its own debt free currency. ... WELL OF COURSE I HAVE TO DISAGREE WITH THAT ARGUMENT BECAUSE HOBBES INVENTED " SOVEREIGNTY " IN 1651 ... BUT IDEAS ABOUT HOW TO DIG WALES OUT OF BANKRUPTCY AFTER MORE THAN THIRTY YEARS I AM ALWAYS WILLING TO LISTEN TO ... Working with the other nations of Britain and elsewhere in friendship and trade, we can also pick the best and most common sense ideas from left and right politics and ensure future security and prosperity for all those that call Wales home. ... HIP-HOP-HURRAH !!! - PROPER REPUBLICAN POLITICS !!!! ... Whether you’re born and bred in Wales or have come here more recently, help us to build a prosperous and sovereign Wales for today and for future generations. ... I AM TOTALLY O.K. WITH THIS ... OH ... APART FROM THAT IMAGINARY CONCEPTION " SOVEREIGNTY " WHICH LEADS CERTAIN KINDS OF PEOPLE TO ARGUE THAT THEY ARE SET ABOVE " THE RULE OF LAW " ... BUT I AM HAPPY TO CONCEDE THAT YOU ARE AFTER ALL A VERY HONEST PERSON WHO WOULD PROBABLY NOT BE TEMPTED AS A CONSCIENTIOUSLY MINDED DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN.


A Ten Point Vision

In a sovereign Wales we would want:

1. A prosperous Wales for all that will pioneer via a publicly owned Cental Bank of Wales and the debt free creation of a Welsh pound currency to run alongside pound Sterling in Wales.

2. Yes to EU friendship and free trade. No to EU membership, TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) and the undemocratic, dangerous corporate take over of countries.

3. Tax free income up to £12,000. Above that, a simplified, low flat rate income tax rate for all which would include National Insurance contributions. VAT should also be reduced to 5% for all. Abolish business rates, inheritance tax, employers tax, tax on pensions and other unfair, meddling taxes.

4. Keep the Welsh NHS and education free. Scrap all higher education and university tuition fees as was the norm before 1998. Overhaul the postal service, railways, the steel industry and our plentiful Welsh energy resources and keep them in public ownership.

5. A common sense firm but fair points system for immigration in to Wales in line with our needs and capacity. Scrap the current disastrous local development housing plans and ensure that new and social housing are built to cater for local needs first and foremost.

6. A citizen income offered to all those unemployed or on low earnings which would replace most current welfare payments and encourage and help people to work rather than discourage them.

7. Yes to Welsh clean coal, tidal and hydro power and efficient solar and wind power meaning thousands of new jobs. No to dangerous and heavily subsidised nuclear power and fracking.

8. A constitution and bill of rights to protect every citizen in Wales regardless of creed, origin or race and a stop put on out of control snooping and surveillance powers.

9. A well funded, well trained Welsh Defence Force and Navy using our existing military bases and Welsh regiments – and Wales no longer dragged into illegal wars by a corrupt, morally bankrupt Westminster.

10. A big no to all GMO products and toxic herbicides such as Glyphosate and a ‘Fair trade for Wales’ plan with the setting up of a supermarket chain run and owned by Welsh producers and farmers, with set minimum pricing for their core products in existing supermarkets across Wales.

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One of my arguments is that both sides of The Public Conversation in Wales have collapsed - or have been suppressed - and that those who publicly advocate for Morality are sneered at and told that the separation between Religion and Politics determines that there can be no place for any discussions of Morality in The Public Conversation, that these are private concerns ... and that those who publicly advocate for Ethics are sneered at and denounced as " political extremists " - " Republicans " even ! ... The extremists of both " The Left " and " The Right " are those who want to obtain high offices of state and yet not be held accountable to The People in Wales - who will not even to tolerate us discussing their misbehaviour by holding The Public Conversation in Wales about their Morality and Ethics.

The savage attacks so often made by The Democrats in Wales upon those who even just mildly criticise them are something which has to be witnessed to be believed - and quite beside these there is their demand to not only agree with them that everything that they do is " Democratic " but to agree also that we will continue to accept their constantly changing definitions of what " Democracy " is. What passes for " Democracy " in The State in Wales is ( a ) nobody may refuse to subscribe to it : your name is automatically stolen from you by The Democrats in Wales and subscribed to The List of The People in Wales who agree with everything which we are told that we agree with - and if we want to protest about our names being stolen in this way we face summary convictions, fines and imprisonments ; ( b ) The Democrats in Wales also subscribe our names to The List of The People in Wales who have agreed that not only do we not own our own names but that we have agreed that we do not own our own bodies either and The Democrats in Wales can harvest from our broken and injured bodies whatever organs they please to sell to The People in England and The World : we are allowed to object to this but - like any other form of protest - that is allowed for the benefit of The Democrats in Wales not The People in Wales ... they designed this opt out in order to mop up any opposition ; ( c ) nor can The Republicans in Wales be confident of finally escaping from The Democrats in Wales through being re-assured that we are going to join The Great Architect in Heaven whilst they are surely going to join The General Contractor in Hell ... for in writing The Social Contract in Wales and stealing our names to subscribe to these and the innumerable other dubious clauses which they have added to it after consulting with their political advisors - Satan, Satan, Beelzibub & Kinnock - The Democrats in Wales have in fact succeeded in condemning The People in Wales for an indefinite number of eternities.

POST SCRIPT - For those who think that my concern about everything in our society being put through the Aristocratic mincer to emerge re-made in their own image - e.g. charities re-designed as companies with directors who demand six figure salaries and think that they are trading concerns etc - and that my perception that in a mere handful of years instead of being promoted to citizenship the subjects of The United Kingdom have been demoted back to their ancestors status as serfs, livestock, commodities which can be traded in and quoted on The Stock Exchange and sold to the highest bidder ... four hours after I wrote the above I turned to see the news posted after midnight - actually this was posted as I was writing that :


Google given access to London patient records for research - Jane Wakefield - Technology Reporter - 3 May 2016

Google has been given access to an estimated 1.6 million NHS patient records, it has been revealed. ...The data-sharing agreement, revealed by New Scientist, includes full names as well as patient histories. ... Sam Smith, a co-ordinator of patient data campaign group MedConfidential, said: " The big question is why they want it. This a very rich data set. If you are someone who went to the A&E department, why is your data in this ? "

Meanwhile The Democrats paid to represent the private interests of The United Kingdom - which is an Aristocracy which disguised itself in the 19c with voting - rush to play Robin Hood ( or rather Twm Sion Cati here in Wales ) by once more robbing The People in Wales to assist The People in The World Who Do Not Pay Taxes In Wales Or Anywhere ... notable I think that those asking obvious questions about how in what is supposed to be a " Democracy " are receiving no media attention when The Democrats in Wales - and what I mean by that are those in every party and none who keep on propping up this non-political system whose supporters insist upon asserting is a " Democracy " and call it " The United Kingdom " when it is in fact ripping our society apart and setting The People in Wales and England and Scotland and Northern Ireland at each others' throats to such a point that the only sane though lame political solution is to seek independence - yes ... these supposed " Democrats " in every country in which they have planted their non-political system have contrived to pretend that they are being elected to represent " The People in X " but in fact are selected by " The Aristocracy in X " to manage " The People in X " ... today The People in Wales are once more out protesting against a political decision which was in all likelyhood taken in secret months or even years before the pantomime of pretended political decision making took place - but are The Democrats in Wales rushing to learn what The People in Wales are protesting about ?


Here we are in the last few days of The Welsh Assembly Election 2016 and ... The Democrats in Wales are rushing to offer the money which they have taken from the poorest in Wales to the richest in The World : surely proof enough that the non-political system called by its supporters " The United Kingdom " is de facto an Aristocracy and not a Democracy.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-south-east-wales-36190208 - Hundreds protest at Ffos-y-Fran opencast mine in Merthyr

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2016-wales-36192401 - Tata Steel crisis: Parties back buyout plan


I thought that I might seek a little light relief but ... mmm ... I wonder what happened to this ? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCkGlGsmbII

Don't worry - Leon Rosselson did a version for the 2010 General Election ... but it is a bit quiet ... did he update this for 2016 ? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=at10ezDb0Ao

Leon Rosselson began his career in the 1960s contributing to " That was the week that was " - Where are the barricades ? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WG5pErHryZM

DOCUMENTARY ON TWTWTW ( TW3 ) - That Was The Week That Was ( 2006 ) : Comedy Connections ( Series 4 Episode 7 ) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymUtKA_X2F8

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A couple of emails which I do not think make an appearance above - ?


To: echo.newsdesk~wme.co.uk
Subject: Has the Western Mail / South Wales Echo asked any Liberal Democrats if they are actually refusing to take this pay rise
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2016 14:07:29 +0000

Dear Echo,

I am just watching last night's leaders' debate on BBC iplayer.

Kirsty was making a big thing of having voted against the 18% / £10,000 pay rise for AMs.

But have any Liberal Democrats actually declared that they are refusing to take this pay rise ?

Has the Western Mail / South Wales Echo asked any of them ?

I can not find the answer in any internet search - as yet : care to challenge their principled stand ?

David B. Lawrence


To: readers~walesonline.co.uk
Date: Tue, 3 May 2016 02:24:10 +0000

Dear Western Mail,

I have been relaxing with my usual political wreckreation this evening by writing on repwblic and I am despondent at the lack of interest in The Welsh Assembly Election 2016 by the bookmakers. It appears that only two of the twenty six are offering any bets at all and then only on UKIP, Plaid Cymru and The Labour & Cooperative Party. What underlines this lack of interest even more is that what coverage of the election exists is mostly in the London newspapers - even S4C seems to be uninterested ! If this level of disinterest is expressed in a further collapse in the numbers who can be bothered to vote the credibility of the political system resulting from "Devolution" will end.

[ +120 = 120 ]

I want to make a special request of The Western Mail : when you publish the results of this 2016 election please publish the number of votes that are available in each constituency as well as the number of votes that are actually cast : if the number of votes cast does not break 50% ( again ) then The Welsh Assembly's claim to " a democratic mandate " needs to be questioned.

[ +67 = 187 ]

As somebody who waited twenty years for the second opportunity for Wales to have a form of government which addresses our needs I have become intensely dissatisfied not only with the unnecessary constitutional mess that we are living in but the fact that this second opportunity was squandered. I sense that others instinctively share this dissatisfaction both without knowing that Republicanism is the remedy for it and without knowing that Republicanism in Wales was once a commonplace part of Wales' political discourse - and viewed simply as Common Sense.

[ +88 = 275 ]

Yours Sincerely,

David B Lawrence - Dai Saw - dai repwblic

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I know that I should be entertaining you all with my opinions about the Welsh Assembly Election but I have been attending to the pressing matters of 1871.

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" Wales is now in the hands of the gods ! "_No - we are not : we're in the hands of those sods -_The Democrats will be elected_& the Res Publica will be neglected_In favour of their nods to wads. = dai repwblic = Dai Saw = David B Lawrence : the author asserts his moral right - not to sue for copyright !

" Wales is now in the hands of the gods ! "_
No - we are not : we're in the hands of those sods -_
The Democrats will be elected_
& the Res Publica will be neglected_
In favour of their nods to wads.

= dai repwblic = Dai Saw = David B Lawrence : the author asserts his moral right - not to sue for copyright !

( That was my response to Gruff after he voted this morning - see above - whereas I will be protesting later about the removal of consent as the basis of politics by the Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013.)


So ... what can we learn at lunchtime from today's news webpages ...

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-36205839 - Voters head to polls across UK for 'Super Thursday' elections

Voters are heading to the polls in a series of elections across the UK on what has been dubbed "Super Thursday". ... Elections are taking place for the Scottish Parliament, National Assembly of Wales, the Northern Ireland Assembly and for 124 councils in England. ... Mayors will be elected in London, Bristol, Liverpool and Salford, with UK parliamentary by-elections held in Ogmore and Sheffield Brightside. ... Police and crime commissioners are also being elected in England and Wales. ... Polling stations across the length and breadth of the country opened at 07:00 BST, with voting allowed until 22:00 BST. ... Thursday's polls are the single largest test of political opinion before the next general election, which is scheduled for 2020 ...

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2016-wales-36202016 - Suspended Newport councillor denies anti-Semitism allegations

Oh dear ... more nonsense about anti-semitism ... the Guido Fawkes blog reported tweets from Miqdad Al-Nuaimi who is a councillor in Newport - " Jews in whose name #Israeli #Zionist regime commit war crimes should worry: its's same arrogant mentality as #Nazis " - which can of course be seen in terms sympathetic, that he knows that they are trying to hijack the Jewish identity and claim that Jews support their behavior, which is not true.


http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2016-wales-36202460 - Welsh assembly election polls open

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-36197153 - How the BBC reports polling day 2016

... Strict rules mean the BBC, like other broadcasters, isn't allowed to report details of campaigning while the polls are open. ...In all national elections, the BBC is required by electoral law to adopt a code of practice, ensuring fairness between candidates. ... the BBC (like other broadcasters, though they are covered by the Ofcom Code rather than a charter) doesn't report on any of the election campaigns from 00:30 BST until polls close at 22:00 BST on TV, radio or bbc.co.uk ... [ I.E. TODAY ] ... Coverage on the day is restricted to uncontroversial factual accounts, such as the appearance of politicians at polling stations or the weather. ... No opinion poll on any issue relating to politics or the election can be published until after the polls have closed. ... Whilst the polls are open, it is a criminal offence to publish anything about the way in which people have voted in that election. ...

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2016-wales-36206132 - Wales Election 2016 : Ogmore by-election candidates

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2016-wales-36198591 - Welsh election: Final push by parties before polling day

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election/2016/wales/results - Results

Elections to the National Assembly for Wales will take place on 5 May 2016. Results will be displayed on this page once declared.
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Oh dear ... once again I have perpetrated yet another shambles as a political action in the name of The Cardiff Illuminati ... we have always specialised in these ... as usual I had had this simmering on the back burner only to rush the job at the last minute ... am I mixing my metaphors in saying that my plan was a little half baked ?

The situation is this - in 2013 I was wondering as to what practical use my decision was to give up on Democracy altogether and to argue for what amounts to an archaic " Pure Republicanism " because of its emphasis upon politics being conducted solely upon the basis of facts and arguments ( which is of course how most of The People in Wales do politics anyway - only they are willingly duped by The Democrats in Wales and Westminster into believing that somehow politics is the preserve of their elected representatives, as if somehow The Democrats are at the centre of society gently guiding us instead of at the margins of our society coercing us with the apparatus of The State on behalf of their corporate sponsors.) Then The Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013 was passed and all because as clear as mud - because buried within it is a new principle or rather an old principle which keeps on being revived century by century in laws which are contested and repealed century by century. The Democrats in Wales and Westminster supposedly subscribe to " Democracy " but their definition of what that means has been constantly revised : it sounds good so The People in Wales feel that they must subscribe to the word and react with terror to anybody who objects to it ... but this is what those slavishly obedient to authority have agreed to in the name of what I have come to call " Demockery " ...

... The People in Wales have accepted the idea that they are the property of The United Kingdom and what this means so far is that they have agreed that The Democrats in Wales can sign the names of The People in Wales to whichever contracts they want. In the matter of our corpses - as our bodies swiftly become in the hands of The Democrats in Wales who have intimated to The National Health Service that some people's lives are less valuable than others i.e. those people who do not pay taxes are a burden upon the finances of The Democrats in Wales who want to spend our money on their friends leisure activities - our bodies can be dismembered and distributed not only to recipients in Wales but also mostly to recipients not in Wales and apparently we do not mean solely for the purposes of saving the lives of The People in The World but also for the purposes of commercial enterprises ... if The People in England ought to be worried about their medical records along with their personal details being commercialised - we must advise them not to holiday in Wales lest they wake up in University Hospital of Wales morgue possessed of rather less than they set off with ... the contents of their wallets for example ... and their sun tans ?

What it used to mean to be a subject in what became The United Kingdom was that - unlike in any other European country where the peasants had a little bit of land which qualified them for a little bit of power in The Medieval Catholic Church's political system known as " The Four Estates " - those in The Kingdom of England were mostly serfs i.e. basically slaves ... a funny thing just occurred to me as I wrote that : serfs had certain rights because there were two legal systems vying for control of them - arguably three ... the situation was pretty much the same in both Wales and England - The Common Law had its origins in customary practice and although these serfs generally only had one name they were inordinately proud of it : a man's honour was very much associated with his name and he allowed nobody to abuse it besides his wife ... The Canon Law was slightly less ancient but more sophisticated and since baptism was a sacrament in The Medieval Catholic Church the name given to you at that moment was more or less legally enforceable because The Parish Church was a sort of town hall with a holy bit stuck on one end where the precious relics were kept of which one use was for swearing the oaths upon which the contractual relationships in an illiterate society were founded : to give somebody else's name or to bear false witness about their intentions upon a relic was a crime in The Canon Law, punishable by unending sermons ...

... When William The Conqueror set out to invade England one of the first things he did was to obtain a sanction for his political protest under the international law of his day - The Canon Law of The Medieval Church - and he did so by arguing that Harold Godwinson had given his name to William being King of England whilst swearing his oath on two precious relics ... The Pope gave him a nice flag and a fancy scroll which declared that if William succeeded then The Pope would get a share in the loot and would no longer refer to him as a bastard ... Armed to the teeth with these William went to see his bank manager with a rather dodgy business plan pencilled in on the back of his scroll - but he waved his flag around a lot and got a massive overdraught ... which we now call The National Debt ... He recruited a large army by deploying a lot of IOUs - shrewdly calculating that he probably would not have to pay up to those who died fighting for his profit margins - and invaded, quite successfully at first, but then the lack of cash-flow forecasting began to tell : he had misunderestimated the size of England and his army was not big enough to occupy the northern half so he decided to torch it and explained to The Pope afterwards that he had done so on the basis that he suspected that there might be Muslims up there ...

... In order to control the Anglo-Saxons, who were rather too pious, The Pope ordered The Hierocrats sent out with William The B ... Conqueror to wage a form of psychological warfare to make them identify with their new Monocrat : every Anglo-Saxon child was to be baptised " William " and as a consequence names like Ermengard, Tracey, Britney and Man United did not re-appear for hundreds of years afterwards ... The Aristocracy had always made a principle of never being able to remember the names of those on low incomes and so this proved to be a great boon that all of their serfs could be addressed as " Billy " and indeed this also proved to be a popular policy amongst the Anglo-Saxon LGBT community with the exception of one Hereward The Wake who strongly objected on arriving home after an extended continental holiday - where for years he had been encountering exotic new civilisations and culturally interesting new people and had been having great fun with burning them to the ground and slaying them - to finding that somebody else's name had been entered into The Electoral Register as living at his home address, and swore that he would make it into The Domesday Book for those who had not respected his name ... In my own approach I am a trying to be a bit more civilised than Hereward The Wake ... but politically I too might be dubbed " The Wake " because what that basically means is " The Watchful." ... The Anglo-Saxon name " Here-ward " could be argued to mean " The Guard of The Army " or " The Armed Guard " and ... I thought of writing a bit here about the related name " Heriot " but I ... no, I will not - or ... oh yes - I will ...

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hereward_the_Wake ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heriot

... The name " Heriot " dimly recalls the serfdom of The People in The Danelaw which was built upon debt and grovelling faked gratitude to those who had seized control of all of the property there was to be had in there and then not only demanded that those descended from those Anglo-Saxons whom they had dispossessed should defend the very property which had been seized from their forefathers - and the mechanism by which they did this plunged their Anglo-Saxon serfs into lifetimes of debt which they could only bequeeth to their descendents as yet unborn ... If that sounds more like " Game of Thrones " and you wish that you had not started to read this - think : most of the property in Wales is mortgaged and therefore most of it is actually owned by the banks and through various financial instruments the banks are actually owned by The Aristocracy who are not merely that community of interest which wields the most coercive power within the non-political system which is not called by its supporters " The Dis-United Kingdom " i.e. many of the most powerful of The Ultraists in Britain are still in many cases the actual descendants of those who ruled using the debt system called " heriot " - only now they call it " mortgage " which is simply The Norman French name for the same thing : The Domesday Book records William's Bastards taking over the this system and extending it, seizing the property of Anglo-Saxon freemen and giving them a choice : become serfs in order to use what had been their own ploughs in their own fields - or choose freedom and starve ... which is basically still the same deal that we are being offered today in their non-political system - The United Kingdom ... like The People in The Danelaw, we have little choice but to submit to The United Kingdom ... but then again, like Hereward The Wake, we can refuse to endorse it with our names : The People in Slavery in The Confederate States of America may have sung in their chains but like sea they were ever restless - and always dreamed of freedom.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Truck_system ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Debt_bondage

... mmm ... I ought to strive to come to the point : I am campaigning for the right not to vote ... that may seem a little eccentric given that in the 1840s my ancestors in Monmouthshire were visiting their neighbours in the middle of the night in the company of a couple of hundred of their friends and family in order to explain the potential benefits of their not signing The Charter ... but the point is this : politics should be conducted on the basis of consent and in Republicanism nothing else is considered to the basis of any political system, however good or bad, Democratic or otherwise. True, the feeling of consent can be manufactured by the manipulation of people's consciousness - but there is no such thing as consent if it is not possible to say " NO ! " When Ultraists obtain control of a political system the thing which they always strive towards is criminalising any refusal of consent to do what they are doing : it is utterly necessary to maintain the argument that they have obtained the consent of the society which they are raping ... after all if she is moaning, sobbing and screaming " NO ! " that is her way of expressing her pleasure, satisfaction and contentment - is it not ? ... If you can understand that rapists will excuse themselves in this way, that they will give your name and lie under oath - even upon the precious relics left to us by The Republicans in Wales and The World such as the word " Democracy " - then you can understand what The Ultraists are now doing to The People in Wales and The World : The Rapists are The People Who Refuse To Take " NO ! " For An Answer.

Remember that email above - now below - ?


To: readers~walesonline.co.uk
Date: Tue, 3 May 2016 02:24:10 +0000

Dear Western Mail,

I have been relaxing with my usual political wreckreation this evening by writing on repwblic and I am despondent at the lack of interest in The Welsh Assembly Election 2016 by the bookmakers. It appears that only two of the twenty six are offering any bets at all and then only on UKIP, Plaid Cymru and The Labour & Cooperative Party. What underlines this lack of interest even more is that what coverage of the election exists is mostly in the London newspapers - even S4C seems to be uninterested ! If this level of disinterest is expressed in a further collapse in the numbers who can be bothered to vote the credibility of the political system resulting from "Devolution" will end.

[ +120 = 120 ]

I want to make a special request of The Western Mail : when you publish the results of this 2016 election please publish the number of votes that are available in each constituency as well as the number of votes that are actually cast : if the number of votes cast does not break 50% ( again ) then The Welsh Assembly's claim to " a democratic mandate " needs to be questioned.

[ +67 = 187 ]

As somebody who waited twenty years for the second opportunity for Wales to have a form of government which addresses our needs I have become intensely dissatisfied not only with the unnecessary constitutional mess that we are living in but the fact that this second opportunity was squandered. I sense that others instinctively share this dissatisfaction both without knowing that Republicanism is the remedy for it and without knowing that Republicanism in Wales was once a commonplace part of Wales' political discourse - and viewed simply as Common Sense.

[ +88 = 275 ]

Yours Sincerely,

David B Lawrence - Dai Saw - dai repwblic


The Labour and Cooperative Party obtained half of the seats in The Welsh Assembly in the last Welsh Assembly Election which took place in 2011 - and they did this on just 16.7% of the available votes : if all of the votes cast for all of the candidates in that election are added up they do not pass the 50% mark i.e. less than half of the electorate in Wales positively endorsed the political system being presented to them as a " Democracy." In a real political system this should be a cause for alarm and those of us who want to devise a political system which will be endorsed by The People in Wales ( and The World ) are seriously concerned about our politicians having failed to obtain The Consent of The People. It does not even matter what kind of a political system results - it does matter that we continue with this situation. In the fake political system called The United Kingdom this is also a cause for alarm but the main concern of The Democrats in Wales and Westminster is how to conceal from view the fact of The Lack of Consent of The People. In the first instance they opted to argue that provided that they had enough names to endorse their non-political system then the number of The People Who Vote does not matter.

The Democrats in Wales and Westminster immediately ran into their first problem : they did not have enough names ... The Electoral Registers in Wales and The World are seriously depleted because The People in Wales and The World know that they are being lied to - that Democracy is yet another non-political system, slightly worse than Hierocracy perhaps and slightly better than Aristocracy, better than Monocracy ... Very few of The People in Wales and The World possess enough knowledge of politics to understand that these are but different faces of the same thing - Ultraism. ... Very few of The People in Wales and The World are willing to do other than accept the idea of politics presented to them by Ultraists : that politics is the pursuit of self-interest and that all that The People in Wales and The World need to think about in making their choices within their non-political systems is their own interests. Republicans however reject this argument : the pursuit of our own interests belongs solely to our private lives - you can not build a political system upon the pursuit of individual private interests because by definition politics is the collective pursuit of The Public Interest - " De Re Publica."

In terms of a metaphor which anybody normally adjusted can understand : you can no more build a society upon the basis of Ultraism than than you can build a family upon the basis of lies, intimidation, greed and violence. But The Democrats in Wales and The World being Ultraists do not agree with that - and sneer at the Altruists that most of The People in Wales and The World are, who are not driven by the neuroses and psychoses of The Ultraists who in being out of control of themselves attempt control others through seizing control of The State. The values of Altruism - Truth, Love, Freedom and Peace - have been rediscovered in every generation and these are the same values which are found in every religion and which also underpin " Pure Republicanism " because unlike The Democratic Ideologies which are only partial explanations of society, being formulated to be used to argue for sectarian private interests and therefore the contests conducted in their name will always harm societies by constantly tending towards political extremism and lead ultimately to armed contests. The emphasis in Republicanism is always towards mutuality, reconciliation and solidarity through the development of The Common Sense, or rather in Republican terminology " The General Will," in order to replace voting as the means to determine political matters ... in other words, in order to be accounted a " Republicanism " a political analysis must explain both its own ideology and other ideologies : " Republicanisms are Meta-ideologies " - these are Altruistic political theories and they advise against coercion.


Republicans are supposed to not coerce The People in Wales to agree with us let alone use coercive methods to make them do as we want : but the implications of all Republicanisms are that we should resist coercion when used against us - and this can be interpreted to mean that Republicanism licences us to fight fire with fire, Lies with Lies, Hatred with Hatred, Slavery with Slavery, Violence with Violence, Death with Death ... but Republicans do not agree with that : you fight fire with water, Lies with Truth, Hatred with Love, Slavery with Freedom, War with Peace - and Death with Life ... and I know that can sound a bit hippy-dippy and I will leave that argument to another day ... But what follows shortly is an account of the messy business of trying to be a Republican in Wales. ... The Democrats in Wales and Westminster have been discussing a remedy for The People in Wales not giving them The Democratic Mandate which they need to assert their legitimacy : they are planning to make it illegal not to vote ... yes - I am not joking here : they want to make it a crime not to love and admire and vote for The Democrats in Wales and The World. ... This is because their first plan is not working : they argued that just because The People in Wales are not voting for them it does not matter - they will base their claim for the legitimacy of their non-political system ( not called by its supporters The Dis-United Kingdom ) upon The Electoral Register. The trouble was how many of The People in Wales were not registered to vote despite the existing threats of harrassment, fines and imprisonment for the individual householders who were supposed to fill in the paper forms.

So they introduced voter registration on-line and postal voting ... and then found that The Democrats in Wales and The World - i.e. they found themselves - registering voters who did not exist and using them to return postal votes for themselves ... and then they got impatient with The People in Wales and The World and passed the Electoral Registration and Administration Act in 2013 to put an end to being on the wrong side of the law when they were registering voters - by simply invoking the principle of " Sovereignty " in order to make it legal for themselves to use the names of The People in Wales and The World ... of course it is still a crime for The People of Wales and The World to do this because the true definition of " Democracy " is that of a non-political system founded upon coercing The People in Wales and The World using Lies and Hatred i.e. The Democrats reserve to themselves the right to change the definition of any word in order to use it to spite others - Democracy means " Screwing The People." So they started stealing names to stuff their Electoral Registers with - and that meant not only registering those who had emigrated and died but also those who might otherwise be making a political argument about refusing to register ... which was a decision which I was making independently of this fiasco because it is the logical consequence of rejecting Democracy ...

... So - bizarrely - I now found myself simultaneously protesting for the right not to vote ( having opted to be an advocate of Pure Republicanism ) and also defending the fundamental principle of Democracy - the necessity of obtaining a positive mandate by being endorsed through the ballot box. ... Hence, around 08.30 pm I set out to do my duty as a Republican in Wales clutching a haggis in my hand and one of those letters which I belt out at the last minute " because something must be done - and it is far better to do something badly than not at all " ... the haggis was not actually necessary - it was a gift that I was going to take over to Dafydd afterwards - and I was a trifle worried lest I might later be indicted for it as carrying an offensive weapon ... I was rehearsing in my mind how I was going to pull this stunt off this time, because last time I knew that my name was on the electoral register because they had refused to take it off ... this time I had not returned the form and when they sent somebody to harrass me I remained tight-lipped once they had announced their purpose and I shut the door in the face of the electoral registration officer - who was wearing a Wobblies T-shirt of all things : so much for Socialism !

Thankfully the Polling Station was empty : the whole point of a protest action such as this is not to allow it to become complicated but to focus it upon the political argument i.e. to be swift and decisive - and not be a prick ... well I managed two out of those three ... in these multiple ballot elections the table is set out with a polling station officer appointed to each task : recording the voter's attendance, issuing the constituency ballot, issuing the regional ( usually the Euro-constituency ) list ballot - and the guarding the ballot box with a large plastic ruler from The Republicans in Wales ... I took in the scene swiftly as I approached the table and quickly swapped the haggis with the letter - folded up small - which I concealed in my right hand ... The first officer asked for my address and then asked me for my name ... I asked him what name he had printed next to that address and it turned out that he had the wrong address ( after all, this is Cardiff City County Council I was dealing with here - you know, The People Who Are Never Wrong ... )

... The right address located in a flurry of paperwork, the other polling officers were already paying attention when I asked again what names were recorded for that address ... When he read out my name I swiftly pointed to the document and announced " That's illegal ! " and I decisively moved the two metres or so to The Ballot Box and - fortunately - beat the fourth polling officer to that narrow slot ... No - I have not a clue what would have happened if I had failed to get that letter into that narrow slot, which was worrying me because it was folded small and therefore it was thick ... An argument was immanent so I told them that I had a copy for them to examine if they wished to and then as I left I once more pointed at the document and repeated " - and THAT is illegal." ... I wish that I had walked out gracefully but I simply marched off : my feelings on the matter are that my protesting in a polling station should not amount to a disturbance of the peace and quiet which others have a right to expect when casting their ballots - I have the right not to believe in Democracy and to protest against being coerced into endorsing it but others equally have the right to believe in Democracy and to choose to endorse it : The People in Wales who have not been elected are not being paid to listen to my political opinions.

FROM - http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?p=3366#3366


11.00 am 06-05-16 - I am of course now knackered yet I have to get on with the day : I am planning to reflect some more upon the above action on the " Declining Democracy by Refusing Registration ? " thread, which is where discussion of the basis of it really belongs, but there are other accounts of the Republican principle of upholding all good laws and opposing all bad laws elsewhere e.g. in my " submission to the commission " which The Silk Commission censored and hid from public view - huh, so much for The Politics in Wales as The Public Discourse ...

http://repwblic.informe.com/viewtopic.php?p=1658#1658 - ( in ) Silk Commission & Taxation in Wales


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Assembly_for_Wales_election,_2016 - THE RESULTS : MY THANKS TO THOSE BUSY ALL NIGHT DOING THIS !

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2016-36215186 - Election 2016: Before-and-after and party strength maps ... BASICALLY ... NOTHING HAS CHANGED ?



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William of Normandy's invasion was designated by the Pope as an Holy Crusade and Pope gave William a Holy Flag.

Pope accused Anglican Church of two Heresies: Anglican Bishops were just in it for the Money AND the worst Heresy of all, Anglican Church didn't pay tax to Pope.

Likewise, when King Henry and Earl Strongbow invaded Ireland, Pope designated it as an Holy Crusade. Pope had just pulled the doctrine of Clerical celibacy out of his ass and Irishican Church was all WTF, where did that new doctrine come from?
Liberty - Equality - Fraternity : Aux armes, Citoyens !

War is Politics by other Methods - General von Clausewitz
Politics is War by other Methods - Some guy on the Internet
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Very Happy

I am beginning to think that perhaps the political strategy of The Republicans in Wales are logically this : since so many of us are mad for history, we should start sorting out our problems where they all began - when the first Homo sapiens arrived in Wales and started to oppress the indigenous population of Homo neanderthalensis ... you see : all of this shit actually began with yet another example of racism - and we will never be rid of it until we get rid of Homo sapiens and restore Wales back into the hands of ...

... now talking about racism : that election was very peculiar not only for the prominence of the allegations about The Labour & Cooperative Party being anti-semitic - which we heard a lot about in Wales, where such allegations might do that party the most harm - but also for the prominence of another set of allegations about The Labour & Cooperative Party being allied to radical Islam if not out-and-out Jihadi terrorists - which they heard a lot about in London where they were electing a mayor. Now something interesting turned up this weekend at the end of this particulary good example of why Democracy should be characterised as a crime against political society and why we at least need constitutional laws to defend The People in Wales against The Democrats in Wales by clipping their wings and hacking their heads off ( metaphorically speaking - by confronting their thoughtlessness with the facts and arguments about them : we have no intention of doing The Democrats in Wales any lethal harm, after all they already live out their lives without using their heads ... so they will not miss those useless appendages, and we will of course have this operation performed under a general aesthetic ... and if the National Health Service still exists at the time that we finally start to try to put Wales back in order then we will of course employ qualified medical staff to operate the guillotines ... and everybody will get a fair trial and be pardoned for their crimes afterwards.)

( My humour grew too gruesome after that so I decapitated that joke - as Republicans we can not make laws against killing yet except ourselves from them : we reject the pretended principle of " Sovereignty " by which The Democrats in Wales and Westminster place themselves beyond " The Rule of Law " which is the Republican principle which they invoke but pervert to argue that it neither applies to themselves by virtue of their being in control of The United Kingdom and nor does it protect those they choose to place outside of their corrupt version of " The Rule of Law " such as The People in The World who might be terrorists because they are funny foreigners ... hence their drone strikes upon the stand-up comedians in Pakistan ... )

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sadiq_Khan ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zac_Goldsmith


Forgive and forget Zac Goldsmith’s racist campaign ? No chance - Owen Jones

" ... Zac Goldsmith has lost, his reputation ruined, a political disgrace consigned to the history books. ... Goldsmith waged a campaign soaked in racism, in one of the most ethnically diverse cities on Earth, shamelessly exploiting anti-Muslim prejudices in an effort to secure a shameful victory. Khan was a candidate who “repeatedly legitimised those with extremist views”, he wrote in The Mail. London was offered a campaign of fear, smear and bigotry. And London overwhelmingly told it where to go. ... By attempting to link Khan with Islamist extremism, fundamentalism and terrorism, Goldsmith’s campaign rightly goes down in history along with the racist Tory campaign in Smethwick during the 1964 general election and the homophobic Liberal campaign in Bermondsey in 1983. ... "


There is actually a lot out there on this if you Gloggil " Zac Goldsmith racist " and his family have tried to limit the damage ... but unfortunately they are slightly Jewish ... ugh ... I really do not like this being centre stage : friends of mine tell me that all of the newspapers in France have been very excited by the election of Londonistan's first Muslim mayor ... but then the French think that The Princess of Wales' father was Zac's dad - who held a joint French / British bank account - oh, and nationality too ...


Sadiq Khan : « Londres a choisi l’espoir plutôt que la peur »

" ... En devenant maire de Londres, le député succède au conservateur Boris Johnson et devient le premier maire musulman d’une grande capitale occidentale. Ancien avocat des droits de l’homme, M. Khan a promis, lors de son discours au City Hall, l’hôtel de ville de la capitale, qui a suivi l’annonce officielle de son élection, d’être « le maire de tous les Londoniens ». ... M. Khan a promis une politique sociale : il veut construire davantage de logements abordables et geler les tarifs des transports pendant quatre ans. Mais il se dit aussi favorable au monde des affaires, et s’est engagé à défendre les intérêts de la City, en premier lieu en faisant campagne pour rester dans l’Union européenne. ... ... ... UH ? "

What is interesting there is that Le Monde seems to be playing up Sadiq Khan being a Muslim whereas he himself plays it down, and they are not so interested in the racist insinuations of Zac Goldsmith but remark - " Fils d’un immigré pakistanais conducteur d’autobus, M. Khan, 45 ans, a obtenu 1 310 143 voix, contre 994 614 voix pour son principal adversaire, le conservateur Zac Goldsmith, fils du milliardaire Jimmy Goldsmith."



" ... David Cameron and Zac Goldsmith are facing a bitter Tory backlash over 'dog whistle' tactics in the London Mayor battle - with even the candidate's sister condemning his behaviour. ... The Prime Minister joined the attacks on the Labour candidate in the House of Commons, insisting there were questions about whether he would do the best for Londoners. ... And a series of Tories broke ranks to complain that the approach had done serious damage to the party's reputation. ... "


Now on Friday - the day after the election - I was feeling pretty sick of it all, especially when David Cameron's government tried to quietly release an announcement which would have done The Conservative and Unionist Party some serious damage at the polls if they had not timed it until afterwards ( which is exactly what David Cameron did at the 2015 Westminster general election : he just happened to fail to mention that despite The House of Commons having explicitly passed a resolution not to get militarily involved in Syria - he had got us involved militarily involved in Syria ... and only admitted this after he had won the election.) It was put out so quietly I am having difficulty locating any links for the story : basically there is a upper threshold which is to be cut from £32,000 to £20,000, presumeably for tax-credits, which means that millions of families are going to be caught in the vice-like grip of a reduced income at the same time that the interest rates are raised which is anticipated to be later this year ... probably on Christmas Day when The People Who Are Paying Attention in Wales will wake up to an unwanted gift ... and not be able to return it ... this behaviour is inherent to Democracy - but not necessarily to politics : CHOOSE LIFE - CHOOSE REPUBLICANISM - CHOOSE CHRISTMAS ! - CHOOSE EID ! - CHOOSE DIVALI ! ... Anyhow I went for a picnic of sorts in the woodlands on the other side of Brynceiliog and over an idle couple of hours I built a sort of art installation which was my own tribute to the newly elected Welsh Assembly by heaping up a lot of dead wood ...

... The following day being a Saturday I looked up Dafydd and we went for a walk on Tremorfa's foreshore where they try to pump all of the shit out of the capital city of Wales - and fail - and told Dafydd about my political protest at the poll on Thursday ... he said something like " WOW ! You've really got them shaking in their boots ! " ... which I chose to accept as very supportive of my action ... and for a while we chose to walk down different sides of the channel until he found that having elected to take the left hand path he ran out of spit and had to cross over to my side ... which he chose to do by stepping over the channel at low-tide ... he really is an old stick in the mud you know - and I wish that I had taken a photograph now to be able to show you to what degree his positions are immovable ... but I was laughing so much and I had to quickly go and find some driftwood in order to give him the means to climb out of his predicament ... we parted ways soon afterwards and I had a walk along the cliff besides the heliport and took a picture of Cardiff's unique automated public transport project which so far has cost the taxpayers over ... well - who knows ? We are not able to assess Cardiff City County Council's accounts properly - but an awful lot ... and then there was this graffiti ... and I keep on wondering about the company which Zac keeps.

Well in the first photograph you will immediately notice that the skip not only has more utility than the Cardiff Rail Advanced Project but that it has been and will be used a lot more ... about the only thing going for the CRAP is that if they would finally up-end it and put it where it belongs it does by chance happen to be the right size and shape to fit into that skip ... but perhaps that is not a coincidence ... was this a plan for obsolescence once they had screwed the money out of The Democrats in Wales ? ... Still - not to worry : The NEW AND IMPROVED Democrats now elected to The Welsh Assembly will never buy into any mad schemes for monorails ever again - because it is going to cable-cars next time ... and they are already hinting to voters yet too young to be deceived ( because they do not have any money yet ) that in the future of Democraticised Wales every child will be flying to school using their very own personal jet-packs - which will be Guided by Google which will also be replacing the teachers and dinner ladies and janitors in all of Wales' schools ( but not the lollipop ladies because of the lawsuits involved.)

As to the montage of the photos which I took on the way home, the Magen / Star of David has obviously been there some time : it was carved into wet concrete and somebody later came along and tried to obliterate it with a bucket of mortar ... it was not photographing well and there is something written beside it which I could not make out so I left it out of the picture ; likewise with the slogan " F*** I**** " ( here I am trying to avoid this thread being automatically censored by machines which have no appreciation of Republicanism ) where somebody tried to remove the word ; the swastika sort of poses a problem as to whether there is truly a racist intention being expressed or whether the intention is to shock and upset ... I ought to explain this for our foreign audiences : Canton ( Treganna ) is on the other side of Cardiff, a small town which the city swallowed whole as it grew in the 19c ; fairly close by the centre of Canton is Cardiff City Football Club's modern stadium which stands on the opposite side of Sloper Road to where its old stadium stood ; a " crew " is generally taken to be a gang of football ( soccer ) hooligans but it is rather more than that.


Diary of the Real Soul Crew : The Complete Chronicles - by Annis Abraham - ISBN-10: 1906015538

What am doing with a book on the local history of football hooliganism ? I ... er ... to be honest it was tossed into a skip with a load of other CRAP ... but ! - I thought that I might learn something to shape a character in the novel which I intend to write ... er ... right after I have written " THE BOOK " ... any decade now ... Anyhow this book sort of illustrates what I was complaining about when criticising Johnathan Arkush but this is not about religious violence, which is merely a matter of life or death, but about football violence which as you might have guessed is a sort of sport and therefore is more important than life or death ... This book is about hundreds from various of the Cardiff crews united into one army as " The Soul Crew " who go parading around the " enemy's territory " dressed up to the nines in the latest fashion gear e.g. Pringle sweaters, glitter make-up and platform shoes ( do not ask me why - I know nothing about football ) who then turn a corner only to be confronted at the crossroads by thousands of Millwall fans ... which I suppose might not have been so bad had it not been for the Chelsea and Tottenham fans coming down the other two streets and behind them suddenly appearing the Birmingham, Wolves, Liverpool, Manchester ... ahem ... anyway - it is a very frank book about the innocent pleasures to be had when young men - high on adrenalin, testosterone and not much else besides a half of shandy bass - courteously invite each other to " HAVE A GO IF YOU THINK THAT YOU ARE HARD ENOUGH !!! "

Whilst going to a football match for a " crew " is about going to find an " enemy " defined by the sanction of them being supporters of the opposing team who are willing to have a fight i.e. a crew wearing a different colour, their time for the most part is spent in a sociable way - some even have tickets and go in to see the game ... the trouble for Republicans in Wales is that the constant propaganda by the supporters of The United Kingdom which depicts Republicans as being involved in violent conspiracies leads to those who might otherwise be peaceably engaged in football hooliganism wanting to join Republican groups - or at least demonstrations - in the hope that they are either going to be invited to do some violence or that they can invite some Republicans in Wales to get involved with the violence which they are planning ... thus we have seen " >|< " being displayed along with " C18 " and " SS " because after all, it is a black badge with a sort of white lightning zig-zag on it - and so it looks really cool when you get your mam to sew it onto your Pringles sweater ... duh ... Are you paying attention Zac ?

I will give you an example to repudiate the idea that Republicanism is some kind of political hooliganism - from Cilmeri in 2012. The Western Mail had published the opinions of Balchder Cymru beneath a photograph of me administering " Yr Ardystiad " to Leanne Wood in 2010 claiming that it was a treasonous oath in some kind of furtive ceremony ( no, no - it was a pop at The Treason Felony Act 1848 which should be off the statute book.) Somebody had shown Martin Shipton a video posted on Balchder Cymru's website by Russel, in which it is clear that this is not Balchder Cymru's work on show - they had refused to associate themselves with it but they did report it accurately and fairly, unlike The Western Mail. Besides the newspaper article which misrepresented " Yr Adystiad " and was both inaccurate and unfair several other things happened to indicate that Repwblic was being surreptitiously knocked around. By the time of Cilmeri 2012 I was furious and already moving towards re-severing Republicanism from Democracy for the first time since c1750 when I found the mound planted with pictures of the Free Wales Army's heroes and martyrs and very nearly ripped the whole lot up and dumped these, since we had had enough trouble already ... but you have to respect the right of others to express their opinions : Balchder Cymru and Repwblic are as different as Black and White - but antagonists but not enemies ... Republicans do not have " enemies " ... opponents maybe ...

Balchder Cymru at Cilmeri in 2012 made out that they were the injured party ... I became annoyed because they not only had their own opinions quoted verbatim but got a lot of free publicity into the bargain whereas I had been misquoted, Repwblic had not been named and explained, and " Yr Arystiad " was created by Repwblic ( and I mean - not just me ) - and now I was listening to them claim themselves that it was all about them ... So I asked Adam to give way and briefly and angrily put the record straight, challenging what they were arging and doing rather than condoning it by remaining silent ... Back off the mound I found myself besides Russel and we exchanged sharp words in the heat of the moment - now here is the point : in the argument which followed there was clearly at least one hanger on looking for a permission from an authority figure to start a fight with me ... Balchder Cymu people gave no such permission : they are not the political hooligans that others would portray them as, even if they hang on to and celebrate the legacy of the Free Wales Army etc ... The thing to understand is that what I term " The Black Faction ( i.e. militarists ) and " The White Faction " ( i.e. pacifists ) are the extremists, a handful of The People in Wales in each, whereas in between what I conceive of as The Outer Darkness of Chaos and The Inner Light of Order stands everybody else : some five or six hundred thousands of The People in Wales assert that they are Republicans, and each are bearing their own colours in more shades and tints than you can imagine ... rainbow flags are not adequate !

I hope that my readers are willing to accept the assertion of this Republican in Wales to the fact that at the centre of any Republican movement - ignore the idea of a " Republican State " please - there has to be a disciplined corps of pacifists because without their mediation between the various factions ( Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue as I label the Communist, Socialist, Anarchist, Liberal, Fascist, Conservative factions in " The Model " ) the movement would otherwise be waging a civil war within itself ... or rather - as is The Case in Wales - refusing to talk to itself ... It is when The People in Wales are drawn by The Republicans in Wales into political conversations with each other that the colours will begin to merge and " White " will emerge at the centre of society - this is not a process dependent upon The State : The United Kingdom is designed to frustrate this process and is essentially a non-political if not an anti-political system of government.

If you read a standard political text like " Government and Politics in Britain " ( by John Kingdom !!! ) you will find that academics discuss the use of violence by The Democrats in Westminster in a matter of fact way : they view it as a legitimate tool for use in politics. Republicans view the use of violence to pursue an objective as not political at all - but ... it does require peace in order to pursue political objectives : a Republican is expected to be an Altruist and therefore to resist all forms of Ultraism - Lies, Hatred, Enslavement and War must be opposed ... This leads to the arguments between The Pacifists and The Pacificators - those who want " to resolutely adhere " to Truth, Love, Freedom and Peace - and those who resolve " to resist appropriately " and fight fire with fire, in which case ultimately that means defensive - but not offensive - war ... At the present moment in Wales we only have to struggle against Lies and Hatred, plus a bit of Enslavement, because in our non-political system The Democrats in Wales have not as yet sent out gunmen to coerce us to sign their damned Electoral Register.

Anyway - do not worry : come the revolution it will be all White on the night ... but my way to it might require a lot of pleading.

No ... I have not forgotten you Zac ... but I want a cigarette first ... and a sensual massage by a ... all of these things will surely come to pass in The Republic in Wales - which is here and now and always was and will be : there is no tomorrow and no yesterday - there is only what we do today ... so where is my masseuse ? ... I want a sauna, scented candles, a light birching ... You know the difference between a Pacifist and a Pacificator ? ... Imagine the two versions of Republicanism to be just the difference between always facing towards The Inner Light of Order or always facing towards The Outer Darkness of Chaos - both unreal, because real people are always spinning like tops - but ... really the relationship between them is more or less the same as between a Masochist and a Sadist : Repwblic more or less pleads to have violence done to it - whereas Balchder Cymru intimates that it could be violent - if it wanted to ... but refuses to do what The United Kingdom wants it to ...

So what were Zac and others up to in these recent elections ? Their behaviour has the characteristics of the crime which I identify as Democracy : the use of Lies to get The People in Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland to hate The Democrats in The Labour and Cooperative Party - and they in turn both turned upon each other and on their opponents and produced their own Lies to create Hatred to divide and attack those they oppose ... and if The Conservative and Unionist Party had won in London they would never have questioned what Zac Goldsmith did - but they did not, so now they have turned upon each other ... If my little mantra sounds too simple to work as an analysis, understand it to be but a rule of thumb to keep Welsh Political Society in hand - The Open Hand : counting from your little fingers - The Right Hand Path of Dexterous Politics consists of Truth, Love, Freedom and Peace - which leads to Life ( give yourself the thumbs up for sticking to it ! ) ... whereas The Left Hand Path of Sinister Politics consists of Lies, Hatred, Enslavement and War - which leads to Death ( give them the thumbs down for sticking it to us ! ) ... Zac Goldman chose The Left Hand Path of Sinister Politics but The People in London chose The Right Hand Path of Dexterous Politics : you might equally well talk of " The Up Path " and " The Down Path " because " The Natural Law " - " The Nomos " - at the heart of Republicanism is the same which gives rise - and fall - to The Law of Gravity : you can not throw such shit up in the air but that it will not only rain back down upon you but also upon anybody else who is standing close to you ... Every action has a reaction : governments making laws which violate The Nomos will fail because working in any political system is like walking on a tight-rope - you can wobble but you can not wander off to The Left or The Right.

[ P.S. I may seem to contradict myself there : many do not understand that the origins of " Sinister " and " Dexter " were Latin for " Left " and " Right " - in Latin culture there was a prejudice against those who were left handed, probably because social convention decreed that you wiped your arse with The Left Hand - hence it became " Sinister " to offer a left hand to shake i.e. to smear shit on someone else : to act with an evil intent ... in contrast The Right Hand was used to eat with : The People in Rome and Britannia Prima ( = mostly modern Wales ) reclined on The Left Hand side ( to hide the shit stuck to their Sinister hands ) and picked up their food with The Right Hand - hence " Dexterous " came to have positive pleasant connotations e.g. sharing food creates a sense of community with others.]

When I tried to give that .jpg file the title " THE COMPANY ZAC GOLDSMITH KEEPS ? " the computer refused to allow me to use a " ? " As to the idea behind that montage ... well, Zac obviously does not keep the company of the " Canton Crew " ... perhaps they refused to have anything to do with him ? ... But the company that he does keep I deem to be bad : when I skimmed through Annis Abraham's " Diary of The Real Soul Crew " the one thing that I expected to find was mention of what I perceive to be a Neo-Nazi element within them, as indicated by swastika displayed in that graffiti ... I found none : it seems that The Football Hooligans in Wales are not like those elsewhere and are indifferent to race, religion and politics - and apparently also to the size and number of those in the other crews which they fight with ... on the other hand they do have one definite colour prejudice of a different sort - White ... damn ... well - you can not win them all, and whilst I quite like Swansea as a place to visit ... wonderful history ... OK - a confession : my dad used to play for Ton Thursday and he did do a trial to turn professional at The Vetch - but they turned him down, so am I safe ?


Down Tottenham High Road ran Jonathan Arkush_And this was the reason he was in a rush :_" Are you a Yud ? # " had asked a supporter of Spurs_And he replied that such words were all racial slurs -_And said " NO ! " - and then there was a hush ...

# Yud - use the Welsh " u " and you get the original " ii " sound, which is not the clipped " i " sound of the racial slur - and " Yud " may get past the censors' sensors which do not know the difference ... and probably neither does Johnathan Arkush who is the guy who was making shrill accusations of anti-semitism about trivial thoughtless remarks - which is like claiming that a frustrated parent snapping and shouting at a badly behaved child is " child abuse." Anti-semitism is a serious problem and it irresponsible for any persons of prominence to trivialise it in this casual way - and especially not The President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews ... leave it to scurrilously satirical scribblers like me !

Down Tottenham High Road ran Jonathan Arkush_
And this is was the reason he was all in a rush :_
" Are you a Yud ? " had asked a supporter of Spurs_
And he replied that such words were are all racial slurs -_
And said " NO ! " - and then ... there was a hush ...

dai repwblic - Dai Saw - David B Lawrence - the author asserts his moral right - not to sue for copyright !

Time to revisit those controversies about Spurs and Ajax perhaps ...



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJHeWhMIyfw ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLLbocbKK0M


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/[Yud] -

The word [Yud] (/ˈjiːd/; Yiddish: ייִד‎)[clarification needed] is a slang Jewish ethnonym of Yiddish origin. Its usage may be controversial in modern English language. It is not usually considered offensive when pronounced /ˈjiːd/ (rhyming with deed), the way Yiddish speakers say it, though some may deem the word offensive nonetheless. When pronounced /ˈjɪd/ (rhyming with did), some have perceived it as pejorative — and has been used as a derogatory epithet by antisemites along with, and as an alternative to, the English word 'Jew'.

Supporters of the English football club Tottenham Hotspur F.C. adopted the nickname "[Yud]" (or "[Yuddo]") and often identify as "[Yud] Army" - as a direct response to opposition fans originally using the word against them as a form of taunting and abuse. "[Yud]" is used as a badge of pride by the supporters of Tottenham Hotspur F.C., both those who are Jewish and non-Jewish. Such usage is controversial, and in 2013 has been addressed by the UK Society for Black Lawyers ( an equality lobby group,) as well as the British Prime Minister.

[ "[Yud]" triggers the censor sensors in Cardiff City County Council's computers - but then again I did a search recently for their planning department and sensors censored the council's own website on the council's own computers ... and yet they think that I am mad ... the reason to prefer " Yud " is that it is contraction of the original word - " Yehudi." ]


POSTSCRIPT - For those who might be thinking that I am advocating for football hooliganism : certainly not - you should not be reading this while drunk ... nor am I advocating for political hooliganism : my Dad would no more allow that than he would excuse me at two years old for my not understanding the off-side rule as he had already explained it to me so many times when he put me to bed whilst reminiscing about his childhood in Ton ... perhaps my Dad's bitter tragedy was that he was so competitive that he put me off sports and games of all sorts forever - but he really was a good sportsman ... how good ? ... As a student he was awarded the honour of being ( UW / UCC ) Sportsman of the Year in 1953-54 and part of his qualifying for that was being capped for Wales against England at basketball : I think that game was played at The Crystal Palace but the programme has disappeared along with the thick scrap book of all of the newspaper clippings of him also winning at games of football, hockey, cricket, snooker, marbles, catty and doggy, pitch and toss and endless card games in which he won other people's money and lost a number of friends ... I would swear that he had long ago since rigged the bagatelle board at Mamgu's - surely you just can not score top score again and again and again ... but no, he always observed The Rules of Games and simply practised, practised, practised - because he could not bear losing I suspect : this kind of preparation was what made him a good teacher and a formidable trade unionist ... My sister is very much like him - a right pain in the arse !

Anyhow - I thought that it would be nice to dig out some of the remnants of his sporting life that I do have to decorate the end of this thread with ... I hope that the medal is of interest to football officianados : R U 1949-50 / UPPER RHONDDA VAUGHAN CUP ... the actual cup is the copy presented of the original which he took me to see in UCC's gymnasium by Cathays Station - only to find that all that remained of the cabinet these cups were in was four screw holes left in the wall ... he was still rushing around sports pitches in his forties and so I have his referee's whistle from then ... My Dad never explicitly said it, but I think that he would approve of my comparing The Democrats in Wales and Westminster to football hooligans : knowing my Dad, if he ever found children fighting in the playground he would have marched them into the gym and taught them how to box properly and lectured them sternly on The Rules of Games and the ethos of Sportsmanship ... he was originally probably a bit short of ideas about Sportswomanship - but my sister sorted him out on that one as she grew up and started beating him into the ground on all fronts ... I think that he decided that winning could be quite ladylike, so long as she did not keep rubbing it in ... I ought to finish that cartoon which depicted " The Game of Republicanism : Altruist Wonderers V Ultraist ... ? "

Now ... as another parting comment - something a bit dodgy : I can not confirm to you that the lower picture is indeed David Lawrence who is not just my totem namesake but was the election agent for William Abraham ( Mabon ) ... David Lawrence was my great-grandfather James' elder brother and they migrated by different routes into the Rhondda and shared a house together with their wives, children and a lodger at No 12 Railway Terrace ... There is plenty around on the internet about William Abraham ( Mabon ) and virtually nothing about David Lawrence but they worked together as a team to overthrow The Liberal Party hegemony in what was then called Ystradyfodwg. It is an interesting and instructive story : Mabon went off to Westminster as arguably the first working class MP and David Lawrence remained behind to effectively become The President of The People's Republic of Ystradyfodwg, the two liaising together - but what was their political philosophy ? They were not Socialists and Marxist historians have sneered at them for their jealous protection of the unity of what became " The Fed " and represent them as merely acting with expediency ... but as the circumstances in which The Mabonites in Wales rose to power coincides exactly with that decade in which The Republicans in Wales are argued by establishment historians to have finally collapsed ... not so - they got fed up with the vile unrelenting prejudices which they had to deal with around the word " Republican " and started to call themselves " Radicals." The Radicals in Wales were the equivalent of the " Freethought " movement in France - and this is very much the disposition of my family politically : the books written by money-grubbing journalists who seize upon dramatic incidents and perpetrate the idea of Republicanism being a violent conspiracy seriously misrepresent the reality of The Republicans in Wales. The People in Wales do not know their own country's political history and so they still believe in those vile unrelenting prejudices against Republicanism and will not even pick up a proper book upon the subject : if you have the courage to read such a book - read the what has become the standard modern text upon it ... you can find its text on the internet or order it cheaply from Amazon, and it is published by those treasonous terrorists - the Oxford University Press. ... ( And finally - if you like local history - those graves are to be found in Treorchy cemetery.)

Republicanism : A Theory of Freedom and Government - Philip Pettit - Oxford University Press - ISBN-13: 978-0198296423


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Now this I did not expect ... I thought that such things only happened in Ireland and I was about to close this thread and retreat into The Surreality of The Repwblic in Wales - but now The Surreality of The Assembly in Wales has outdone that of Y Repwblic : I think that Plaid Cymru will lose a lot of their supporters if they do form The Welsh Government with The Conservative and Unionist Party and The United Kingdom Independence Party ...

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-36269820 - Welsh Assembly : Deadlock in vote for first minister

" ... Welsh Labour's Carwyn Jones was expected to be re-appointed following Thursday's election ... But Plaid Cymru nominated its leader Leanne Wood, and won the backing of the Tories and UKIP, while Mr Jones won the support of sole Welsh Lib Democrat Kirsty Williams and his own party. ... The vote was tied at 29-29 and the Senedd was adjourned for discussions. ... "

Personally I want to retreat : my apologies for such a lopisided account of this election - but I hope that I have raised a few smiles with this scribble.


As to the matter of promoting this simple catechism/mantra of a stripped-down Republicanism in Wales using the popular symbol " The Open Hand " I will write a bit more here ( in the thread " La Main Ouverte - The Open Hand - Y Llaw Agored " ) ...


... I have been walking over that mooral ... or is it a flooral ? ... for years without noticing that fish ... as for the surreal stuff discussed in Y Repwblic - there is surely something for everybody ... and you may write about and post links to whatever you please - excepting violence, pornography, sport and anything else which may result in the our host service ( informe.com ) deeming Y Repwblic to be unsuitable for minors i.e. to be attracting those whose ages are less than The Sacred Number of The Republicans in Wales and The World ... ( XIII ) ... and here is a surreal selection taken from The Books in Waterstones upon various subjects which we have mentioned so far -

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" Our political stances must now be more mellow_We will no longer greet that Repwblican fellow ! "_Thought Leanne at that Carpanini's table -_Her back to me as one unstable -_And " dai " thought " Yes - Plaid has turned yellow." = [ When we visited Treorchy on 23-03-16 ] = We do not accept that tomorrow their jam_Will be waiting there for us - for that's just a scam_Revolution within us we can do today_Whereas tomorrow is always yet another delay_So frankly : my dears - just don't give a damn ! = dai repwblic = Dai Saw = David B Lawrence - the author asserts the moral right - not to sue for copyright !

" Our political stances must now be more mellow_
We will no longer greet that Repwblican fellow ! "_
Thought Leanne at that Carpanini's table -_
Her back to me as one unstable -_
And " dai " thought " Yes - Plaid has turned yellow."

= [ When we visited Treorchy on 23-03-16 ] =

We do not accept that tomorrow their jam_
Will be waiting there for us - for that's just a scam_
Revolution within us we can do today_
Whereas tomorrow is always yet another delay_
So frankly : my dears - just don't give a damn !

= dai repwblic = Dai Saw = David B Lawrence - the author asserts the moral right - not to sue for copyright !


So ... what's occurring ... ?

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/uk-wales-politics-36257904 - AMs fail to elect new first minister - - this page automatically updates ? - " fail " ???

Welsh Assembly members fail to elect a first minister after a tied vote between Labour's Carwyn Jones and Plaid Cymru's Leanne Wood

" ... they'll return next week for another vote knowing that AMs have 28 days to decide on a first minister - that's 28 days from the day of the election, which would take us to 2 June.If there is no agreement the secretary of state for Wales can call a fresh election. " - Nick Servini, political editor BBC Wales

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-36268617 - Welsh First Minister: UKIP AM Gill to back Carwyn Jones

" ... Another UKIP AM, Mark Reckless, told BBC Wales the whole UKIP group could back Labour if it supported the scrapping of the Severn Bridge tolls. ... [ WELL I APPROVE OF THAT - IT IS YET ANOTHER POLL TAX.] ... Speaking to BBC Wales on Wednesday, Mr Reckless said: "I don't understand the prevalent assumption within media and political circles how Carwyn Jones was just going to come back unchallenged as first minister. ... [ EXACTLY : ANOTHER BUNCH WHO LACK POLITICAL EDUCATION ] ... Labour AM Alun Davies told the station his party had the "right and mandate to govern", ... [ EXACTLY : ANOTHER BUNCH WHO LACK POLITICAL EDUCATION ] ... but added: "I accept completely that we need to be more open. ... [ BULLSHIT - THIS HAS BEEN THE PROBLEM ALL ALONG AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE - ONLY THEY WILL TRY TO KEEP IT A SECRET ] ... "We need to be transparent. We need to be inclusive. We have to reach out. That isn't in question." [ IS THIS A CONFESSION ? WILL THEY REPENT ? NO ... OF COURSE NOT ! ] ... Tory AM Paul Davies told BBC Radio Cymru's Post Cyntaf programme: "What we wanted to show yesterday is that Labour doesn't have some divine right to govern. ... [ I.E. SOVEREIGNTY - YET WHEN WE POINT THIS OUT THEY ALL PROMPTLY ASSERT THAT THEIR OWN PARTY DESERVES TO TAKE POSSESSION OF IT.] ... "At the end of the day, Labour doesn't have a majority." ... "
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PostPosted: Tue May 17, 2016 4:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-36269820 - Welsh Assembly: Deadlock in vote for first minister ( 11-05-16 )

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-36278762 - Welsh Assembly: UKIP 'does not rule out' Labour deal ( 12-05-16 )

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-36314990 - Welsh Assembly Tories disappointed Plaid backs Labour ( 17-05-16 )

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-36307854 - First minister deadlock broken in Labour-Plaid Cymru deal ( 17-05-16 )

" ... Carwyn Jones is set to be re-elected first minister after Labour and Plaid Cymru AMs backed a deal to end the week-long deadlock over the post. ...The parties agreed to back the formation of a minority Labour Welsh Government. ... They said it followed "constructive and positive talks" about "shared priorities for the coming assembly, and future working arrangements". ... "The First Minister will set out tomorrow the next Government's intentions for the first 100 days, including a commitment to prioritise those areas that enjoy support from across most of the Assembly." ... There was no agreement between them on the contentious issue of the M4 relief road, but the sources said the parties had "agreed to progress what they could". ... Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies accused Plaid Cymru of "locking themselves away and doing a cosy deal with their old friends in the Labour Party". ... "Plaid Cymru have shown a distinct lack of appetite and ambition in exploring a new kind of collaborative politics," he said. ... "

WOW ... I find myself agreeing with Arty ? ... This happened less than ten minutes ago ... but that already seems to me to be like a lifetime ...
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